Diesel // Superbowl 52 - Kevin Hart, Halftime Show, Commercials, and Other Randoms From The Night

Monday, February 5th

Diesel and Tyler Butler from the 'Enough of the BS Podcast' talk Superbowl 52; including Kevin Hart's drunken attempt to get on winners' podium, the half time show, the commercials, and Brandon Cooks' ill-fated attempt to hurdle Rodney McLeod.


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93 point three the planet Roxy is diesel is tonight's show. Talking about the big game last night the Super Bowl I eventually say now. These kids say and less. You're just reporting on the you can't say. Roger Goodell gonna come smack you down. Not not physically because he is not an imposing man battle field come as you have. We'll take everything you loan. Diesel joined tonight in the studio by Tyler Butler of the enough of the S podcast available on. We're here for you dot com. They go they'll find it is Monday he helps out overall ESP and upstate all the time blog for the site. He's a good man who knows a good man got his finger on the pulse when it comes to upstate sports and all sports in general especially NBA that's your. That's your thing. About last night the big game the Super Bowl. Visit to the Eagles win the game ordered the patriots lose the game make an assessment also won a game they outsmarted New England. Meeting that they own game sort of speak. And then they had no rush in the first half Eagles had no rush on Tom Brady got offensive line for New England was play lights out the first half. In the end it was corner they changed it around they did a lot of people's opinion of him doing who have wanted to work defense rare in the NFL they got exit polls last night. They don't what do you think did New England lose the game or did Philly win the game we're gonna put up on the pole on. He 933 the planet rocks Twitter page. What I wanna talk about. But abroad should talk about. I spotted his right at the very end of the game I'm man Kevin Hart. For the call itself lost little body long face Kansas was totally. House. On the sidelines. I mean. In a pony keg in his guts of something. Being done and he was trying to get on his stage. As some of what goes Kevin arguing on the side first always he's doing down on the field. We have three more important for a second of all he's being held down by this giant of a man. Like Jenin are needed three Danes to konduz been stalking me was a large felt. She can really yeah I used by hate better security Jim Russell Westbrook got it has brought. Advances came right on his right on the court and got Brian Westbrook space man this dude was on him. Would not make Kevin Hart on the stage. After the game and hard posted this. On his program. Went out cause this is truly do dumb stuff blue shirt and go. Age with the trophy. Ayers. Chips in the world can kiss my. I guess that's them. My wife was the first one is that they don't go the extra mile wide. She got to be a diplomat city. Available at yeah. You can then that is. Is trying to hit him I don't know you are behavior we had failed by. I want to wall people and they're much as you do with the and Eagles I angles out. Oh yeah bounce over under one to ten drinks in her system when they over over said. If you wanna call it's all back Kevin Arnold designed and oh by the way he did get on the NFL network upgrades. Play it how drunk he was dropped an F bomb. And Deion Sanders had taken off days during a great round clip. Tyler I'm sure you know this. If you're an NFL running back probably not a good idea to trying to hurdle a due to its five foot 11180 pounds thinner right honey. Didn't work out well from this group as right branding coach doing the patriots. Front golf and over Roddy MacLeod. Kennedy is Batiste bombed. I mean somebody's just slid it. A table out there right underneath the yeah I mean I'm already way down how. That dude had a rough night there. My number removed. Called. I'm sure they are Washington raised the grass stains and nobody had any of those commercials said don't need to Todd pots not one great night. Actually doing a weed I only have we lost our balls that much is society that can't street and Todd finds he can't make a joke about it during the Super Bowl. If you like my kid died week it was stupid. That do need data tied but if you don't know. The video of I'm an Eagles fans celebrating in downtown Philly last night stuck his face into a pile of manure. Came up with a mouthful there from. You're like that do come back to the future three you know in the horse manure falls on a day is over and over. Months long I. Do you wanna be remembered by. He's probably got a girlfriend lived fifty K okay thanks for yes sleep and a hallway because it's over. Now let's talk about a half time show last night Justin Timberlake. I mean clearly it was just it was a nostalgia flight to bring an end. And they didn't bring in Janet Jackson and always I thought it was a bad move they didn't bring initially at our program. Now we were trying to figure out he has Timberlake wanted to hologram French people shouted down through going to be disrespectful and I'm still a hologram you got free from sheik Don appreciate. There are USA send bad play until his dad was convinced of deep between Justin Timberlake and friends and I'm not. I'm not a huge Timberlake fan I can respect the guy forget he's done a lot for music any sold a hell lot more rounds and I will. It was because what France before prince. Massive definitely Timberlake shares on the buffer excellent track what mail of Toronto in the end and I Grammy Award he dropped my trying to make it short joke about French. And then Barry was. Happy about that whatsoever. Please pick a winner and went off I'm coming to America would be those words are Atlanta. If you're not for me it just goes to invest Twitter. I didn't you know through Nashville around the bail was so he came to ha. Okay I'm happy that. Favorite maybe of the night with C and seeing machine. It was Dave Chappelle show off as Dave Chappelle. As friends game blouses reverse dunk he would call you would call to talk about the Super Bowl and halftime shows by the way. I thought Timberlake was weak. This show was weak. I mean in parts of what we're cooped I think that you have bad foot mobile suns. If you can hear daddy didn't care. Gonna adjust and fire your sound guy. Leave them leave them there Minnesota they are not they're Nicole. Maybe referrals. Right in negative tone and yeah I. It was like to do from the shining at the end result frozen out with a look on his eyes. In studio tonight Tyler Butler of the enough of the BS podcasts. Again available on cheaper conduct a go go find it you can also find his work on ESPN upstate dot com. You gotta go find this guy Manny is a knowledgeable. Knowledgeable duty when it comes to upstate supports talks if you want somebody local talk to you about sports. Alamos may appreciate it yes stereo surface of the game last night was it was a big game you know I was trying to figure out a kid to have. Analysts. I felt being with Justin Timberlake look like a plan I was cynical bit of a simple do. I thought man has got to be good Dell's grandson. Possibly got knows somebody who wanted to go straight to that kid can develop our. Our brain cell phone. I don't know opponent nine years old. Was discovered my first Boehner life is good if your city going to the Super Bowl wireless phones and get himself he's. They gave us Lars you from distracted with the new canals and why Seattle. Leagues branch. And they will distract about as ugly as fans dozens of right now. Like a moment there and of the woods gal okay. Village gardens apartment a home. The close Justin Timberlake has ever been. Being in the woods but to do is still a mega star I thought did you run some people out you know him by himself didn't have been rounded tops. Yeah me drive you didn't from Janet Jackson share and down. How to get mr. hologram print that was shot down hologram that's also that is a creepy thing. Holograms are crazy idea anyway and those two blocks hologram or go shuttle's main street. Really home will really get rid of the world was it Rick come on and you know I let him die. And I did I hate it. It's our fault it's our fault as listeners and our motto is an industry because man nobody really cares about these up and coming artists anymore. There and I as I got to see the only you know. Ronnie James deal. If I want to go see him do a Holler got no. He's gone now with a on this there I missed it stimulate.