Diesel // Shady Things You've Seen At Work

Monday, February 5th

From inter-office hookups to shoddy electrical work Diesel talks about the below the belt things we've seen at work.


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It's Friday I hope everybody in the room had a great day at work at it this was going to be three bros and a topic now he got four browser topic thanks from us announcing a matter let's for the ladies thanks. We got that we got Brandon and the room Rossi Els in the room to you on if you will as well as girls on the mound you want Johnny found yeah. And is day one pitch from westerners DOT one name I don't. Tell everybody you are. I'm Blake I blaze boys birthday and so if you wanna text and a 7341. I give a hard time but doesn't the topic we're gonna talk about tonight is. Shady stuff that you see it work. Yeah season series should we suffer our family we all had jobs where where you know it's a menial things you hate it as semis is kind of messing around man. All my situation. I sworn to destroy us from Simpson though. And our boss he always is a bad moon nearly every day until the delivery driver from DHL sorry did you. Would come around. And then they'll go to the office for about ten minutes give or take. All the sudden army engineer will be to have UCL Maris you know same can't say nice things complementing people with the particularly energetic. Sweating a lot to this morning. And it turns out here a little bit of a white shirt here now. Op is gone back and urban voters showed you know and they go and eight million borrowers with cigarettes aren't well. How did that the wind didn't blow up when you were there did you see what went to I did I. I'd left a little bit before it blew over about trail it was pretty ugly as Saudi camera footage. Yes I mean you realize an arrest Soledad there are cameras everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere and I mean I I've witnessed. A few shady things in my day I saw one thing happen in this very building. Where it was it was a business resume and analyze some things that happen in the studio. But it you know I I I heard the sounds. Of love and coming out of an office. Downstairs bouncy to when no one and I. It was more up. Now is kind of sound and I was here as some might well let us he's. I guess I doubt that coming at as number two car literally three cars in the parking lot mind. And the two others and news cars there or the canals like hall and these two these two can't be hooking up can't be Darlington. I'll get around as they exist for them I guess but that was the shady thing that I saw if you got things that you might as CNET time at a job you had the past. That was shady call us up and tell us what it was I give us a rundown of what went down now how you were involved it was if it was any blowback we won't know those things 807740093. It's Ugly Kid Joe. Everything about you chili peppers next. Three rows and a topic shady things that you're seeing go along where you work. So we got a caller on the line his name is Adam Adam are you there. Yes here I Adams so. It. You dropped a bombshell on us. A few minutes ago. On sea air and we have to have you on to talk about to us tell me what's going on where what kind of business you do in the shady things you saw. First preview RC cola company and and who actually did as we get punished Archie. Got it all the other arm out three ethnic tools and deadlines. And letters are part whoever's. We will see certain things in order just to make. How these discussions. So Cutler is straight liners children at least part. And it's a way to or whatever or call it frustration duke look Gary. Sit in an extremely good. And why are terrible team. So much respect their country and ask them it's. And it's. You look at that they'll look at what we've done it edit it together you're right the letter sent to and that person. Possibly coming there. And took it. As each speaker. Quicker urgent because there there's more ways can it which until much. It's so what we're trying to figure out is our. You put in like sub standard wiring is that what you bosses have you do. This is when it comes to standards. Which takes work from Petraeus homer into the you're usually. That sort of let it hurt your overturned call sir Colin Allred well it's our old. Yeah. That is certainly is Smart ridicule. Here in. North that's. It's pretty. It bloggers here are good when it comes less. Wiggle her next service. It or it is actually our standard in your locker and an eight under. But I would be cheaper to just do the right way the first time around concerned then. Do it and rip it all I'll do it again. Yet another. We actually support it's Burger King early here and there weren't here. It's. Since. Yeah assistant there in our leader we'll underneath. Yeah. Very good and burns down dozens wiring and then. It's a piece orchestra as always get it. So there's. Mr. Lewis's design changes since. His order literally desk electrical. Just cannot meet the architectural. Like engineers. It got here and they get approved. Motorola's Allen. Honestly what you're saying is that you put in good wiring for when they come in and inspect it then to them when they leave you pull out put NC wiring and save money. Really. Connected to an example. Did you go on March wired education. Center it make almost. Whatever tenth that it. But we that region and in a slower or are super around and I'll put Ron. Obviously and it will still yet the amount of power that it's those two Terry but it's not a Muslim and then very nicely. I can. These subjects shut it down upon or look completed. It and record you know it could come within a little while you're never goes to print so it looks awfully good doing it just looks what are you looking there. A consistent. There's serious released a. Our eyes what kind of buildings within the these don't win what have always build. If you think strong commercial living stellar NBA like let's have a post him up saying we are doing. And the entire. Development in the latter that's Soviet dictator. Retail stores. And we didn't have public again because he need to yeah that might be a tender box about it now. I mean what are go to alleged little. Wish you know it just yeah that's right sitting so well earlier hitting a record high. Year emerged yet sorry yeah yeah I don't want to beyoncé quote. I have resisted the phone Colin thanks for stare in the living hell out of homes yet.