Diesel // Real History of Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 7th

Diesel gets into the real bloody history of Valentine's Day and we answer the question: How long after you start dating someone are you obligated to buy them a Valentine's Day gift?


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Big opportunity for guys screw things up with a girlfriend as little lives doubted that we have that opportunity every single day I'm doing every single. Allen died today next Wednesday here's what we're talking about man. If you're if you're new in a new relationship you just start date and some girl played the last couple weeks. Going gone out a handful of times. Are you supposed to find her guess we're talking about that here the minutes of your thoughts on that. 107740093. Go ahead again on the phone lines until I was you know. There's a dark. That's money it is a dark day start date now for men everywhere plus. He's not found out that's the biggest. Back to the day the ancient right. Celebrate the feast. Of the loop for Cali. In between February 13 and fifteenth. While making. Roman Mitt would sacrifice a goat and a dog. And wouldn't quit women with the hides of the animals that stayed slain. Minister warned that. The lineup for this round. Free state thought it would be give them make a vertical they thought might. What went part of getting slapped with a dog's skin. Says no doubt in my downstairs mix up things are gonna happen for me all is gonna be right my world. Am I got three dogs might try that. Doolittle is Mandy got so media as dark where we we took a wrong turn him in the festival also included. Imagine making lottery where men would reach and it was clay jar take out the name of woman and they will be matched up with that woman. For the duration of the festival it was a three day festival went along affect something pretty but it rewards they get married that was a cool thing. And then later on Shakespeare and Chaucer or go on to romanticize the idea. In their work and they actually began the exchange of handmade. Paper cards and it became the norm. In the Middle Ages happy we'll finally had time on hand there are trying to dodge all the flea infested rats not people play. It's time that comes from cars rolled out some sweet nothings on a card and sent it over this hallmark had started at fit. Skin. I just threw it to. Women first before they realize only got a scan at first I heard you guys are mad in the hallway extorting from different ways kind of confidence and get out of talked and the only thing I pitched. Think yeah. Like how did great commercial like did your husband beat you with a goat as a whole Robin nearing a personal injury hot water. Religious guy on TV always knocks down what he's jacket I imagine is just like that you get a baby yeah every block not over Obama. I guess I. I guess I mean guys are real people volley slot and in the forehead I guess I misheard and I saw they use base through an entire goat it's somebody years so he's had a good skin it I'm sure there first. You know until it learns this the skin on the whole scandal is viewers it was a it was the last guy was right about it and get ya burners I can't. Think it's time out on for good skated his his cousins of their right now man now grandma my weave through negotiated my wife. And it totally worth a look at it now hi may become I hear command us on our you. Meanwhile the baby comes down nine months later and it was just like his best friend point. Think it was you at least seem to wrap debating goats can full circle bones are livestock or paying out so we're talking about Valentine's Day tonight. How long and when things are ushered. He's beat up I think yeah. Sounds like we're talking about a moment and Marilyn Manson's brain. We're earnings miss. So you're dating somebody for how long before you actually have to buy them. A Valentine's Day out. As you and I wish you'd been with your girl from along flowers and serious I was six years and you know mayor into area now it's coming up soon I don't sellers. I didn't should clearly and 93000 lives says she's gonna find that out and being in this part of the nuptial new show whatever you guys not sure that's yeah. I'll acknowledge some light eyes or your Dayton a new girl and as matter of fact I am. Good congratulations congratulations though it's a shocker she aren't she is good yeah I know right as we know she's always she's always in online well. Does it would only got a couple of times in less than five times so has Brandon. Brand spanking or should I feel obligated to get her. A gift even the tiny little something you know. Well no matter is he's getting kids and stuff that I saw let's just start in Europe why did operator and got ready to go. You're already gives you givers going to be a tiny little bit long when you define dating a guy has laid exclusive boyfriend girlfriend out not what I area or not there yet we are. A couple of times to prison officials seem not always a period not FaceBook Daschle now just have gone out just gone out a couple of times. So we are saying is I'm gonna clear I cannot ask him personally wish questions for our rock station I couldn't do this again 93 point seven hasn't seen my Ding Dong yet okay. I was a day you don't have to get a present round I don't think he'd do I think in fact if you did. It will creep her out be a little weird yet coming onto strong there's a fine line out he's he's winning you know beer guy's guy Indian creek. As has proved my movement has totally mess this up you can't call goes and you can't do it you gotta trust them. The little girls like that you know. I think you guys term misinterpreting hash tag meets here you're just hanging out there not been well he doesn't hang on here ready is he says sorry story and I don't want that I haven't made the as a voluntarily hanging out. In Alley chain her to your angles aren't you. Bezos is entered a not put my fingers are about the so you've been out are having gone. Seeming to three months three months you got to get her death right three months of being official. Get a little something a little some I would say when she may get exclusive it's cliche I know it's FaceBook official all my crap I needed to. I would say. That if it's like an official thing like we at the station and better you're like hey this is blue you know Ed we have mine girlfriend. Can you Gordon 95 year old receptionist from about six years ago she died by the way on must work. I would say if it's official like that yes if he has in his kicking it out daunted dates now now three rows and a topic. And I got he won Johnny Fallon I got stories from B 93 point seven an air hanging out an out in the range. We what's his name peel and Johnny found. Can they looked very much like Jimmy Fallon for awhile and in and Daniel has asked here throw out. He looks handsome funny yeah I joked I didn't say it was a handsome there tonight man yeah and Elton John but still anyway. I don't in the Braylon Edwards all talked about Aziz ansari and annals story and that's that old so we're not gonna get into that. But it's. For Valentine's Day since we're talking about love which you are your. Your very masculine laceration. Had to bring this up you guys that there is now. And asked. Called legal things with a company is called legal things to Dutch company that is. Creating the first quote blocked chain based app to verify explicit consent. Before having sex. My arm that nowadays man talk about a ponytail you're you're right there ready to go your way hang on let me get out my phone. Open up this legally binding document and do your phone credit before. We just carry on hey I don't know if there's any other kind of friend era before you put your finger that you need to put shall sing it's a finger here a month. I also don't know why do satellite delays man's mess announce our own home is that what you're on I was trying to go a little bit of that. I was at my girlfriend Stacy issuance this year as. You sound like action Jackson. As soon Jacksonville and all the time O year groom her her. Well I got a text messages 72341. That says you should only do something for your girl on Valentine's Day if you want to. If you do fine if not fine it's all of you that's that's actually not true it's not all of to me it's up to the woman with good. Good question is is Valentine's Day overrated. Ed I on both sexes like do females really expect like hundred dollar flowers are gonna die in two days as they do RG and as our spotter relayed a message left. Oh or or you know is going to elect should poll laying. OK he's I'm a friend of mine executives pulling on Wednesday as soon fancy I'm a friend a mile who would they met at should poll lane now Zune thing. And so he takes in poll every year and (%expletive) like that yes. Yeah that makes sense you know what if what it's like what if you met a girl on the main stage at platinum plus pauses or go there every year nice systems as primary there yeah. Don't like steroids 55 you're celebrating your thirtieth anniversary baby I know that this isn't exactly what we wanted but. It's our anniversaries we are as wanted to make a special night Joan Miro Kenya's you don't have a whole lot of Arlen you don't name your fake stage name here makes us all squeak.