Diesel // Interview with Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves 031518

Thursday, March 15th


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A lot of your promo photos and Samir onstage performances recently even rocket that black denim vest and it is clearly devoid. Of a back patch you can't put five finger death punch on the you can't put Breaking Benjamin on American you're going on tour with those guys who's gonna get that coveted piece of real estate on the back. I don't know I haven't even thought that I just sort of backed peace yeah my whole architecture into jury Walton doing their revolt or two more years. So when it's on a one or 28 picture that Eric bloom and my efforts here and it turns into a cartoon this sort of towards saint Pete on their own Christian be armories. Don't embarrass. Our relative fair very cool you've been around for for quite awhile you know you're going to said he did that. Divine heresy thing. You had your own band backs that lasted for a little while so so you're kind of about rock and metal. OG and bad wolves is brand new they are exploding. With the sun zombie and and you got a new album coming out on May eighteenth. Explain to people who don't know you guys. Really what is bad wolves because I've heard the very melodic stuff on the zombie cover and then you had some very public key in some Jeanty and some. More melodic stuff and other tracks what is what is bad wolves is is zombie going to be indicative. Of the sound that you guys are going to be pumping out the future. The record disobey is it's gonna do a lot of our favorite records of don't. John was in double driver dark with regard for its currency and there is dead he can't even in this moment could score a martyr. I do what you massacre Gibson are they did to foreigners see or so and pervert so. All of us have been friends are over Turkey near dark. Closer to twenty years. All these little kids we get to work with people were all together and none of culturally or limitations so I'll record ads. All of our favorite elements so you know or be on turbine from Kucera Q rage against the machines turn a first album tunes. On remote from tool seen nothing from the sugar. It can run again you know I don't much like bands like death zones where you know they have song plates if you go back to classical records liked around her work you know what really really old songs like are clean but also like head up featuring Marc Carroll where it's so we'll point out all the stops there's going to be songs that are in a similar vein the whole record eased utilizes the same totality it's going to be an emotional journey we believe that making a great record means making you feel. All the different motion that we can make you feel through the course of one album. That's crazy that you mention that that doc is a part of this project because not two days ago. I was just randomly you have iPod on shuffle and it all added olds. God forbid song came up on and I posted it up. On our station FaceBook page I'm like what bands were you into back in the day that have now. You know all gone their separate ways he's still listening to so that's crazy I'd just post or edit the video for. For their anti hero. There are Red Hot Chili Peppers crowds so sews called it you know sort of size small world at that sort happened so. All you guys are veterans of the industry in you know. I always say my favorite album from most bands. Is their first album especially because. You know they say you get your lifetime. To write your first album you have eighteen months. To write your second winnings he sort of go from being he's just emotional animals. Teenagers. To. To actually having to come songwriter every single one of you has been in your own bands you've already seen these things is teenager now that your little bit older you know how does that affect the way you guys right. In the very beginning it was embarrassing really interesting because. You have predominantly. Docked on and myself are Albanian leaders so literally it was lights. It was almost like peeking. Basketball players on putting him on an all star team and then we learned. How to win big game and give away. We really learned how to turn the creative process and to a true democracy. Everyone's wearing something different to the people you know and so it was much. Different than in previous projects where sometimes you kind of have to be like OK mart for you got all the sort of this don't currently get the banjo and but in this situation all by members who are very creative partly productive self motivated tokens are so big turnout seems like we progressed rapidly but it's hard that we have been jamming together. But I think it's because. Everyone's a veteran and we know the game. Where you guys that before. Zombie broke you've been working you've been Cha chugging out a new record. A lot of great things are happening and then you know unfortunately it did take the untimely passing of Delores are reared in the sort of catapult you guys where where did you think you would be at this point because and I think the song is is strong enough. That it would have become a hit on its own. Where we border would that was the last piece of the puzzle like we'd it'll be recorded. And so on and I've recorded all the locals. And we had a chetniks done inserts Dolores we are waiting to hear what she wanted to do beekeeper rewarding obviously she wrote this song you know and it's it's a masterful composition. That song credit and a generation. Going into an armed terror or I'd be curious. When every covers somebody else's work you have to question your own capabilities and if it's gonna be good having her love this song so much he wanted to sing on it. In all operatives and Arnett was that validation that our clinical care and grow onto something here obviously. Nobody had any idea that we would like knocked to recall that correspondent Kelly Clarkson the number one most are you to supplement our actions in the markers. The songs shorty I mean as far as charting an hour orca it's been insane. It's sort of reminds you that time I remember when I was a kid I'm 33 I don't know how old you are but there was a time. On you know you come home from school he watched total request live and then there was a brief period of may be about a year when when rock and metal was as dominating. Tiara was when it was went corn was it was breaking of when the biscuit was huge and all these rock bands really. We're doing it right then at that time it is that little bubble but that's awesome to hear you are rock song. Top of the charts was zombie Assange you guys had planned to cover and it was just something you guys work. Kind of kicking around there was something that the label came to US and said you know I think he has to knock this out of the park. In the band's early inception originally. Gamble in 2016. And the lyrics or 2016. Do around the turn. R&R O writing and battles was still some projects and our zone living in their natural born here and are trying to have courtesy to protect routine so late. You know I'll wake up go to the same coffee shop at breakfast. Write lyrics to that to the instrumental. And go to the gym and go to the recording studio and recorded demos during this time I was sitting in a garbage Arkansas came on the radio and it was right around the presidential election. And public while this is really the town's really heavy. And that I did my research and I learn more about what Dolores is talking about them and the references to 1960. And Easter rising in the army and Warrington. But are areas where those two boys were killed and and I'd wager that they handled that Italy or to reduce. In Adidas goes to show that life is cyclical we all know that things come back around and if the song is powerful it just remains timeless. You guys are on the road this summer with Breaking Benjamin five finger death punch and nothing more I'd leave your playing the show here and Simpson bell South Carolina. On August 9 that's gonna be awesome when you come by if you've got time. 'cause I know you're a big dude and you talk about hit the gym we need it we need to jump in the gym together what do you bench press nowadays only. Loosen adjourning eagle so I don't know. That. Blood shot I don't know how I'd love to work or Garrett. About 55 or six Turkey week on its war really precedent Jews and only are these days you know I'm in my thirties or use our needs quality is more important like chancellor right. It encompasses both bodies streak he's almost every single mostly brought in the squad. Where I lift his it's kind of across the gym but it's more about lifting gym so it's been squat at least you know that's the big. Chunk of what we do so you know if you guys coming to town you're in early anyone you wanna bring the guy's body that would be super awesome. Yeah look to the super great you real meal at path. I know the guys and nothing more work in an. Tommy thanks for your time and look forward to seeing hopefully we'll listen face to face time he has come to town absolutely precede it so much supported us and are looking forward to meeting again in person and outsourcing some of.