Diesel // Interview with Jeremy Spencer Five Finger Death Punch

Wednesday, March 14th

Diesel speaks with Jeremy Spencer, drummer of Five Finger Death Punch. We talk about his feelings on YouTube drum covers, crapping your pants on stage, the band's continued support of the US Military, their upcoming "And Justice For None" album release, and summer tour with Breaking Benjamin. (Recorded 3/14/18)

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It's diesel grateful have a chance to chat drummer of five finger death punch Jeremy Spencer to get into. Jerry hi Dylan. I'm good thank you are you I'm doing well I appreciate your roll with the punches a little bit let me call you we're going through a massive telephone system changeover and well I'm sure I don't tell you it doesn't feel normal it's not a complete. Show absolutely no well I think you and Ivan are the only two members have never talked to before so this is pretty cool I don't know if you are in the studio because by six years ago he has a plan a little venue here in Greenville Kolb handle bar. Matt snell was here and you guys are blasts and Alec exodus and testament to in the afternoon. Yet not let him around here to open and so that was several years area. Oh we're on with Jeremy Spencer drummer and sounding member of five finger death but are you listed as an official. Founding member of the band or is this that result and reminds you like I was here ten minutes before you is that is Steve and our situation. You know look I speak on some articles are so impressed I am listed on the co-founder and someone not at pocono is built there was definitely there before me because by inter did that but we've heard that. How do you feel about people on YouTube getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of hits drumming along to your songs are you into it do you ever seek out the videos like nine year old blasting out under and over and watch him. I would get a kick out of it yet sometimes we'll have a new album come out and whenever we'd record songs we would let me just make it up as we go. Other times that pre written or whatever but sometimes we're just creating in the studio and alternative forget how stuff goes because we debated up. And now the drummer and a covered that I'm like OK that's not likely that the. You realize you heard jazz drummer just improvising every single time I am like yeah yeah yeah. But the fact that. Probably my favorite thing about five figured out punches is how much you gotta support the US military if you got young guy is six the video for wrong side of heaven. You guys have gone overseas. At least once that I know of maybe several times to play for the troops why his allies doing that's so important you. Well you know they obviously sacrificed so much for everyone we wouldn't be able to do we do without and we have a lot of fans that are military guys and women. They've always been supportive of us and we always felt like whatever we got a chance to go play or. That we would do it to the great exchange we get along great and you know we can kind of relate because we're away from our families and our homes through. Obviously it's different conditions but were major supporters are real quick and we're real we tried to play with the military term we get a serious. Awesome well yeah I think I'm getting and hopefully getting my chance to do the same thing im actually in the beginning stages working on a project to start putting. Highly trained is working dogs into the hands of of injured. Veterans right here in the upstate South Carolina so hopefully I'm able to glean a little bit off to you guys in and takes an inspiration to some of that. Yesterday you guys announced your seventh. Studio album upcoming it'll be titled. And justice for non. You may eighteenth which is in everybody's gonna say it's clearly a spin on Metallica's and justice for all which famously had no base so we'll this album be. All base and with a lead single be called the brown notes. But a good idea maybe we could play and if well it's just a fun spin on that title people like you kind of re Metallica album we're. And I look delegates to be pretty cool soil. Of course you never know men that maybe some time but this is. The dark on little bit on that idol speaking of the brown note have you ever had a crack your pants onstage no book. I have noticed other remember that may or may not at that problem and I won't make you may have sucks. I'll come on you could mention is what was it rhymes list. I won't do that but this 11 guy Dick wrote because I crap. Look like oh good and would like Pittsburgh on regular human overdo it. Is that something you learned early you know IE you've sort of put your bowels on a schedule. We're going on stage at 9 o'clock so I know that I got to evacuate by 815 at the latest. I do always the padlock I guess let's. I've never had that problem what I saw the people have that problem I was like yeah I'm a market. American missile that. Well and justice for not be your seventh album in eleven years. Where the houses work ethic come from and. You know what honestly we'd like to make records and we like who are so it's very natural that does seem like a lot of work and it really at the lower but. It's great work its foreign workers now like. It could open drive where the burner or a good drive it that we're gonna work you know we. We look creating music and that's why we started doing that I don't know where the work ethic comes from both were still motivated to do it is on the there I don't see why we will do. Yeah SAL a time there are a lot worse things that I can be doing them playing Metallica and five finger death punch and telling and fart jokes on the radio every day so. No kitten and a rule help what do you say to people who tell you that you should slow things down just let things breathe. I don't know the page ever let them until now but I don't. I'm why not say get older. I'm getting older man that double date that they can get over body a little but but but we can totally do a lower record apart in the. Well we we we brought up a few minutes ago. What you wanna know what song you can be covering on and justice a lot of you want you to cover Africa from Togo. Damn what a cool track I would be drumming was I would like that we're borrowed that you. No no applicant that well I'll keep that much of an expert about. We don't want to give away the surprise you know attract what they go out there but that you can pick it up so that at well at what's the covers on the somebody's like yea we should cover this and everybody doesn't bands like that. We've got a wrote that song by a going to do in years ago. And we could make it sound like it's bigger than we put the boarded that Holbrooke the. At that law and justice for none is available now through pre orders through five finger death punch dot com it's available. In multiple CD and vinyl format some of which have bonus tracks and bonus artwork. And I think I read that if you pre order the album now you'll have special access to a concert ticket resale. That is true you're right you're due credit to pre order now you are special like you're very good about being closed lipped can give me anything. Of what's in this bonus content. We recorded look more songs than their work broom on the record so we decided to make it deluxe package. And had some more song gonna there's no reason to treatment of all so we just put him on the deluxe version. Okay and M with the announcement live for the new album yesterday it was also announced you guys are setting up a 32 date co headlining tour. With Breaking Benjamin special guest nothing more. And bad walls are you team you'll be playing August 9 here. And heritage park in Simpson bill of course of playing Carolina rebellion Saturday may fifth what are you Jeremy Spencer miss most. About being early on the bills on some of these big shows. You're done pretty early due to walk all the other bands that was sort of slipping to do but play in the long Indian headliner isn't necessarily a bad thing that we're pretty grateful for that. Special thanks to Jeremy Spencer five finger death constant new album and justice for none comes on May eighteenth. I'm diesel thanks for listening 93 point three planet rocks.