Diesel // Improbable Ways You Started Dating Someone

Thursday, February 22nd

Listener letter says she started dating a guy after he left a note on her apartment door asking her to have louder sex. She broke up with her "boring boyfriend" and started dating him. Stories of how P1s, despite all the odds, got together with their significant others.


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Well yeah I'd probably not the best way to start a new relationship. But I got a message on FaceBook from the list there today say that. Left in notes on her apartment door asking her to have sex louder because he was. This book called himself well. What they glass held up against the wall she goes on to say that after she and her boring boyfriend broke up she gave it her neighbor for over six months. What's the most in. To see what was going on. As you know wasting six years of energy on that guy most improbable way you started dating someone I. Can't grow the size. I'm not there how are you aware TI used sort of together the united I had an industry old classical. How do you run a pleasure out of single I've Quaker. And he'd say that one dedicated employees out there and I had to turn punished obstacles in the second and John Hurt them. Tony that Monday after the competition. We get back to you look like passenger traffic on I don't think he'll Monty has been. He's just got screwed around and you fell in love. I didn't want to live picture both of you was one of those has the propeller on.