Diesel // Cheap or Free Valentine's Ideas

Tuesday, February 13th

Don't spend money on her. Use one of these free ideas so romantic they're guaranteed to shut her up.


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Then she. Now. I have not been the whipping girl on Valentine's Day. Since the last I can remember I never have a girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Well it's good stuff indicating that okay well there's that's it but you know a little bit more about having a girlfriend on I'll. As a what you should do to make him happy that's right and you don't you know I'm noticing out recently that I'm awesome and you're not. Wall now according the last Friday's poll you're completely wrong I don't know anything about women but I'm noticing that more and more women. Are starting to understand. Valentine's Day is this massive capital as holiday and they had taken a step back like you don't have. Asked to do all these things you don't have to spend dollars money he ought to buy all these things. And it's refreshing I'm telling you ladies I'm giving you props I have I don't know which winning news holds on in this vote them out continue across the aisle. To do everybody a favor and by the way if you have some ideas some cheap or free Valentine's date ideas Texan and the planet at 7234 I wanted to meet call. 80774009. Everybody ready for. This list that I found of the best. Eight free or cheaper Valentine's dates. I'm ready and excited by the way. Oh by the way handwritten. Sex coupon books are not in here. All right and so she can't be taken out you know here's here's a check for but stuff we do that tonight blood stuff yeah about none of that web pages blog stuff on the obviously is toward the rear of the book. Isn't it does because if you wanna do something nice. And cheap or free for your girlfriend or boyfriend give them an act of service something they do around the house garbage dishes laundry something like that is that four or bust up. You do that as well I knows tunneling. Yeah businesses trying to get their own food Syrians are. Like this actually not bad at all I think Israel is a pretty good idea dates the notes that 24 when you turn off. All technological devices for 24 hours they say it's just people are so addicted to their phones and their media feeds they never. Give anybody there and divided attention on Valentine's bases shut it off for 24 hours and then chess. Stare at each other and that that's the quick. The virus we have no idea how to talk to each other anymore so we just. It always is funny it's the message somebody who's sitting a foot and a half away from you send him pictures of since I did okay I'll send my kid. The Stacey I was text each other like you know she finds a link. She'll text me Arian Mona island. But I think if you do the like you they additional thing we break up yeah I mean to what you have is still talked about it. Know what he's like you connect it all day and every day anyway to once you get home you have nothing to say which. So that's. I guess that's not a bad idea this one here. It says instead of get them flowers get them a pot plant. Like now by trying to track that has potted plant. 08 potted plant a plant they can survive that you could water that you can keep alive for like however. Knowing knowing the planet audience I'm pretty sure you've got your boyfriend or girlfriend a pot plant they love you more. Let's hear it. Is nothing. Add your calcium ease sublime smoke two joints and this pot plant just to show you I love you all around all. Or activities sorting what are some freak things you can do on Valentine's Day to show your significant other that you love them CI. Changes to the flowers and card and chocolate kisses the search for a split. But Phil H should the swimming kind desertion and other than like say a book. You're providing insulating main visual brilliance is the dog like you wanna do you have heard and then you just let her choose what she wants that Hayley from four cities on the line what you do. For your for your man on Valentine's. I am I'd take her at the airport than they did. OK I like my car and they went it as I and our rights pretty eat. I one day. And then all you do for him on his special day. I'll let him saying you know let him do the other three innocence or say that he and I. Either I don't really like I'm amazed that has not felt that you know I added the galaxy I I diet. Yeah I don't think diesel Simon yeah tying him sing and dance however on the lines of doing things there. And there are weird things you let him do on Valentine's. Coupon and are you I leave act and and everything else. Should. Take. A evening diet you know I YouTube and pick actor on your air like ally and I Matt. Why not why not let it up they get our. But anyway we'll just. I had things for the caller really does this collapse and others was the last thing I want to get to resist. Dollar store bag O Bullard nothing says romance like a dollar store bag no balloons that. It was an apostrophe it's as. You get all but some balloons you hanging from the ceiling in the U dropped them on her all at once smiley question is if your shower her balloons can LB golden. Does that. As good as well as I did in a balloon boy it was not. On the Indian balloons hold on so not that kind of showers of snow comes she comes home he's had a long day right opens the door balloon. He's got her own face is got some elaborate Rube Goldberg machine right to set up with a string tied to the door as soon as she pulls the door it releases the balloons and they showered down on potter and this is not happens making and the violence and a half and we stand there and he's like. Anti Valentine's thing and maybe and they goes back to watching sports center Dan when in reality she's got some sort of like a latex allergy and then boom Scott pock marks all over face as she's never gonna see you again got a text message from anyone's battle appears as guides these ged classes at the jail. So my husband's gift is a week of free nice to himself. As I spend Valentine's with a dozen guys in jumpsuits that sounds like the starts are really really. Really important that I house race. And now I'm not I'm not I trust him Obama. I'll look like. She starts the video looks like she's enjoying herself when it's over she looks like she hates life and says you know what maybe I should have been nicer to my parents are at a Tyson as a share of 7341. Cheaper freeze Allen sides did says I got flowers. Well that's original oil is wrong of flowers though I have everything is wrong with flowers you know that the prices of flowers are inflated like 300%. Who came around Valentine's Day so here's a remedy for that is. Here's what this list of things you can do received for Valentine's Day says he ought to do. It says you wanna bulk buys flowers. With friends so like you don't. And three other guys I'm I'm just imagine a scenario doubt in my in my Pickens or cal pens write me. And Bubba. And and time means we get down in the local florist. And you know we never met jewels and our bronze is on the way. And then we'd all go together and get our flowers for our lady friends on the same time that's what they say because they'll give you both discounts if you buy in bulk seniors we don't understand because he socket they relationships. And you've never been in a relationship on Valentine's Day sir I haven't is CR understand villages that little thing flower. Hours society here are getting and dying tree AZ that's why you get your pot plant UA. Potted plant that's not what it says on the sheet it says Gharib pot plant because it'll last for a long time in Denver. And relationship on Valentine's Day or use the light and I Phillies some men like skip over the unaccountably break up with their. Polite by march we die together then I can save that 36 dollars for getting out. On purpose on our Philippine one saddle up thanks expeditors is bad 7341. Tell us what you think about the idea of giving someone a pot plant for Valentine's Day.