Diesel // Are Emotional Support Animals BS?

Tuesday, June 5th


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Looks like it. We're psychological. In addition. You've reported. Wherever you. Off TL AK he won Johnny found. It's emotional support animals. Bull crap work. Are there real high. There are some people who actually need emotional support and it's just the way. If they can't separate. Which is far and let him. On the second ship and we're bringing support dunks. That worked only if you got somebody who's who's allergic to dogs. Yeah you have the federally. Protected right to bring your dog. On an airplane. Don't you have a federally protected right to not get. And collecting shop Nadal on an airplane. Yeah I saw a guy in the band of fever 333 Carolina rebellion within emotional support on backstage. I was at the farmer's market on Saturday has saw somebody with an emotional support dog would it do. Little fast on behind one of the boots and a light that dog's dander is getting all over my food and title like get. What the hell's going on when you can have a federally protected right to bring your pet wherever you wanted to. Well it's like this culture right is that the coach relive and is this if you think you need something and then screw everybody else because you don't wanna add your own obviously want everyone else. To adapt to your needs you know I'll probably get an emotional support stripper that goes with me everywhere I go ever supportive. On this sounding. 807740093. A liberal snow played reasonably your head wherever you go. At time emotional support dogs are not federally protected. That is actually not true because according again to US dog registry dot org they are. Federally protected dogs however. Federally protected supportive. But. Restaurants sewers and still. At their discretion deny you entry into the restaurant the other reason why you can't bring dogs at a restaurant. You guys are very good dogs are filthy animals they roll around and they eat their own. Feces and they're still. About dogs clean no he's not. Not to say humans are equally. Bunch of filthy animals. Decency to a certain extent he's right and you run a good point in the break you said imagine. Crap storm. They'll what is true. Is if you tell somebody they can't bring their dog into a Starbucks comment like Johnny goes on YouTube and an almighty god 6000 snowflakes the beanie is on safe. Comments there would us shut this restaurant down because they discriminate against people with emotional disabilities and then summer seminars sensitivity training towards dog. Gotta set yeah yeah play. I'd get that people love their pets. But people are. While not as visible and none of their pets a minute. If the people who have live video streams in their living rooms for the third dog can walk up to this camera. And see your face in the middle of the day no. Harris that's not I mean you're addicted. And I showed up and down people's throats exact unless you must see from the week Gandhi. Emotional support animals are they a real thing are they bull grabbed 807740093. Cents a planet 7341. Filthy animals plus. Text messages as possible. Filthy animal. And as Americans taking everything from. We're making a distinction between service dogs. Emotional support songs there's those are two. Very good. Emotional support. But if you're scared of flying. Airplane you're suffering military PT SD he might have real strength that is a service dog. On an emotional support dog hears again on the US dogs registered this as an emotional support dogs assist with conditions such as things. Depression bipolar disorder and panic attacks fears and phobias and other psychological. And emotional condition whoever wins we. Still technically illegal. Medical prescription card from. All you have to do is go find some hippie doctors say man I'm stressed that he does he go here's your card I got to do is find a doctor. Anxiety I needed emotional support dog and the point is. Again we're not talking about service dogs. An emotional support animals that you can take you to a restaurant. And I'm sitting next to somebody with an emotional support don't think gets up and shake his gun and if so what dogs do. They switch and they shake and then prove there's a cloud of standard and I'm somebody who's got a legitimate. Restaurant. You can't fly. List put out here you know emotional support penguins. Life support. Getting your own game. It's a touchy subject you know way in his. We're squarely.