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The Sex List returns, this time with Matt: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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Android or iPhone just simply to free 41 and we'll say to download link and a flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning can interact with the rest guys. This is 93 point dream than plan are. Van Halen. Rise guys morning show good morning to you it's freaking Thursday one more day of Friday. And that is just. It is good news here. We're ready Digisette square news. Six quiz series is you know Xoom tablet flyer who wears the boys fire fairly evenly into 100 dressed Josh and I know it's 77 earlier. Well I know they're turning around an area is sharing her mouth on the Internet so far. And now he's sharing your fat boy you'll really get served at point six club the city club long or any gun range snack bar in the upstate halls. You know none of that none on this hole flyer man's gotta go away loft the roost. Now cook there per nosedive burn. Policy guys or downtown. Yeah tall sliding into policy Austin okay. Estimated eight. Scenario similar to toss a little bit more room you know the Masood. And it and they wherever you're about that but the bad part may be not the emaciated are yours be open them fired from pop up at sod wall. I'm Liane card mojo I'm sure there won't now. As you get between a camera if you guys place not mature confront those states that are wrong. Not further strain take crusty and not. Do this senior editor hidden that that whole strip there. I eight hero Ichiro does it had any religion Peter house probably Noguchi grateful Burr got you referred is now. And also there's a all right smuggle snug as a as a class myself. Ice time for this sex squid it has. In the past time it's posted this but that today. The will respond is offered in many. There's some areas. When itself review. Well. Why why. Don't and his kind are idolize me how hard engaged basement cleaning. I mean I don't really know it's a one particular. Kind of vile woman you've go after. I've got to filler many years should probably mention a couple you know the usage you would economy Quito well. Now don't have an all too many throws curve ball old boy and how you Whitney now. My new doodle here I don't mind. You never know. How many and they don't get what I'm not us I'm more nervous in new martini neither. I'm gonna always honor reserved eat you've got this news and first off this village this this is not to. It's not kill you or star Indian. You know you basically I didn't eat met we Fisher grilled chicken number of things any number of places. Jargon apples sliced aboard a little mistake is big guts so reliable and you doing grass third base mirrors screwed. National. Plus ultimately. And slayings it was like Toledo a blt without the be all come home and learn much from Montreal or you get to eat fatty foods just very good fact. A tall and he really well. What there's this whole campaign. Euros million change somebody's tyrants or forums on Lou nobody old lady across the street also against the wall overboard world you should never stop meant. Think it's legal and a boy and now you and we waited out by this them. I'm interest in the you know finance unit six with him. High pressure zone. Jimmy mile. And a half and probably never mind you this I write down yes you know there and then you'll have to guess what I will say. Are right near you right now and your answer and everybody has students say what they think if you would say yes or no okay. Man I have to look at this first person because. That much about what they look like I'll. Are really honestly don't really I don't like is just an Daimler's in my eyes imply you this is somebody who's really really popular somebody I've heard mark Matt and fat boy talk about a good bit. I'm the last few months in particular somebody who's just really really really popular. Pardon me. I'm. Don't know Carty mile flight let me Google her. Blue resumed may have bad boy left party game please sit at the biz home we would meet with him before of Esther. Com. Okay. I will write down would I. Sleep with the rap superstar Carty being carting days with an eye for those giggling her for the first or let's bring that catch error. All right 25 year old rapper former stripper from the Bronx cart being our. So the most successful person ever from love and hip hop apparently when you're when you're writing down your answers remain you're writing down what you think I will say you are what you individually would say. We have to you know. Would you do it did I guess if you would object aren't so you have to guess if I would sleep with Carty day. Okay are found my answer for Laura what do you say. I say yes I think you would return yes you know. Nearest bridge. Ice and yes he ran. Yes for Carty BJ after tacit US's well Jeff stated yes. Jimmy year you're playing along as well as well as hosting. I don't wanna surges or not I don't know why does poorly different you don't know why now fat boy you guys you were first she said yes why. Armament I think Thomas you be in the they should not ugly Fermi L Ortiz is only unique human causes level. Or is loose Carolina. She says you know these are BS like he's in the says that I'm an infusion of stalking you. Yeah all right. Pretty nice same page why why cardiac team I like her she might be a freak in the sheets made money moving in the streets okay. All right load so only nine said that my so called best friend you know I said he's saying now about act act. The reason you see note. Are you allowed same on their idea maybe those were weren't. Artist who also. Well I here's the thing that. Jimmy Wright and here's while not playing let me explain. That I wouldn't be able to do anything for her. I just don't think I'd be able to do anything for. What what I what I attempted. May be but. I don't think I would do anything for her. These other issues. She's she's she's up. She's too too much woman for me. I really couldn't get past security news ticker and probably non owner group. She's. You know she says she's the boss Mitch and guide these is bloody she's you know she's she even plays I don't Oregon aha yeah. Yeah and then you know she issue rolls made us. Aussies good. Eight years younger than me a woman. Sitting there really harder than Maine and my element out of my league here and see your expiration Fleming concerns here. Yes. So now is someone tag she's no longer with me goes she's now with Tommy g.s and you know it is Tommy geez. Now so why not it's correct the best friend do. These so called hot spring in their hot. Arts arts and nines in the lead now with more than half I thought our roundtable and finance universities and you clear that it. I'm just kidding no more just like that aren't amount now thinking. All right so Jimmie you're in the lead right Minneapolis got his part former Eddie. Former guest of the sheriff. Who rebuffed. Auriemma so afraid she's only one name she's Oprah famous Reba. She may mean headline same is that next day after we interview to talk about the litter box and said she didn't think people should be able to it's all right so remain on assault rifles or Reba. All right are moderate rebels are ready room man you're doing your answer for Reba yes OK page. Page says Matt would not have sex with Reba. Yes I said yes Jeff said yes that's more. Said no big mound Brett Morse said no I'm going to agree would just say yes. You say yes I say here assembly why he's saying now. I think is seen and has some big legend the kind of don't tell until after Michael nervous out. That would be some I'm so nervous unsure on her part as well amendment. On the I rip down yes and here's why are. Take and here's why it would be part fan boy because I do love Reba I do. But it would also be a little bit of a grudge too because she made me mad when we interviewed Newton in pulses like Irving's son bill and show you bush got new groups the B two brawl. Him right he shares in Abuja. They are effective plan that didn't get my share of attention he's in the weekly girl. Meaning you know SN now because the smile didn't read this my kids in general just ma oh. Why. I think that Qaeda as tired eyes again and is afraid you'd be afraid did not some kind of you know I national politics ready for. Yeah like I said he couldn't handle the smile the cause blogger news at all. Wow oh my gosh why do my own are now yeah. You're surrendered or so. The best Fran remains in the lead with two. To Jeff's one. Yeah. Two pages zero. Scramble and zero. Are only a gesture of the one he's got only don't only take you all give it to me tomorrow. Confident what does that ms. once you field a bit oh yeah what you brought one back do you it's one of my favorites now. Yeah and told my. That is not the moon and I think given up its mind. You're. Paying more asks you know make him or his anger reserves twice today and yeah. All you are acting ability of buddy's girlfriend that's fine she gave us a bag clothes she didn't would you Wear anymore inducements to get a mile away today it's my sure that in the roles he's given one he's our gas from here. Well you're third name a third name the sex quiz. We will go from Maria. They're not Jack's. Since national wrestler. I had Jack Sara remind Eva Lotta David don't you dance partner female wrestler she is a woman right yours Darren Hitler. How will I got there and guided my head broke him. I I. Pencils down we ready you know we are ready Jeff we'll start here. I think bit. In this case it's a way for him to get closer to the rocks almost say yes Karen. Who go then too fat Rory. Said no man or worse had no apparent which not. I'm kind of offense I think I'm gonna say no because I think she's too masculine. You didn't pay scale through caring. Didn't. And Jimmy Jack Jackie. Koppel and boy do I agree with you yes I had regular Matt complementing her attractiveness several times recently. And also what Jeff sent them up seriously what Jeff said. Well. They may send them your brazen to isn't it s.'s I watched total beavers last night actually was a new episode and she had a blind date. And as you really like this got there and then at the end of the night breed valor Nikki bella Google him and he's a porn star throw the so later that said and I Jack's cousin of Dwayne the rock Johnson yeah site they did biggest female pro wrestler they've ever had I think. And sheer size and I'm not saying I mean she drew big lady just she's. She's there's some big woman yeah yeah I would think I mean she's now largely passed six foot tall. This man Jack. You know but here's the answer is only one or two inches here. Are two answers or occasionally issues here too much rumors here and there are either or and boy. Give him the golden crowned as Jeff Lewis Neil is only the money. You imagine tiger's fascinating night Jackson getting got a family reunions and see the rock where. And then eventually leave her for him. Burrow into the can work out. I saw the rock is wed now. You know here's the thing maybe I'm just jealous I don't know but I don't the case of me to get way better AK get like hey batter. Or loses she's beautiful she's pretty I mean you know she's. You know she's a hard eight all right I can say that but the rock man the rock should be with Latin gal guy who are just like you know that desperate. Yeah that wouldn't work brokers are both two alias you know remain they ask you both can't be. That admitted never wore you guys somebody's gotta be. I sure he's got to be grounded in reality him policy pitches and sees a hump doubted our car possibly here. To like you know Israeli special forces but not a Jack so I mean she she did that would be a mountain to climb six foot 27 neighbor White House plus a no policy too big I thought she'd be too much Andrea ranges strong and Nintendo a month to less man for her. You know I know she's. Nice find good all right you're no fun I got one yeah we got two more again what's the score. I had like three Jeff has two frat boy Rampage have nothing I don't know yeah. Apparently had two games left on the list we will go next to Julia Roberts. The brighter room Woodstock Georgia I'm not Smyrna Smyrna that's it answer you. Now I am about. One that was mailed us she's a males males. Is no such as its more than one halves. Among accuses the mouse is a few more for your computer not what are you know little horn what do you put mills are melts and Ludwick and journalists were. Being. Because that adds would be on and moan so it's will be mills' debt is yeah mom's ally he has not moms allied to blanks here today here Ericsson. Merits of his middle. All right. There by you yeah. Julia Roberts the one time pretty warm here Broward and we'll still Pryor would struggle getting you well remember him in coral. The massive star Arum are not massive and the mass stranger that most are currently used for. Page says you know Julia Roberts what her from her fat hey. I had an initial reactions and write downs enough. Among changes softly yes yes Jeff sick. And I said yes caring fan boys that drag me Amy's Julia Roberts at and a few realize and owners as human now and say. I shed. No don't call him and I tell you lies and now. You're going to now have which. I was a little. I should have now they wanted to say no more this year is of course you're gonna say no on all the well the only reason my bite you say no skis you don't like her southern accent and made decent human and knowing you and you can continue on and she is talking Ernie I'll page duct tape I'll introduce you let it let a she did as as the thank you I remembering I don't analyze your sex life and I apologize for about a cover thinking. Him on the fat boy he said yes. You know thousands inept and said I said yes in nine said nah no orange order Roberts and bring you her mama tell you something. As far as I know change how much the body has begun its course I've got too much of one's behalf. So. That one time I never forget this when she filmed a movie in the south she just talked so much crap about the south. Even as she's from Georgia talked so much crap about south and if she was wanting me I would tell her Helm once yes rock solid colored. About the ego would view pocono lewd you know when most famous movie stars all time. Would be enough that you overlook actor ever to people that my daddy. Banned from ever going supporting and it was hurt and John Forsythe for what they said about fat people who thought she made she taught about fat people from south and you talk about fat people in general so my my daddy hated most of them let's assume do Forsythe in honor of my dad's father and Chad people around the world and our love it. And allow Levitt. Say now to our. Did earlier Roberts now it's my strategy god I would Booker. What's already hearing you say no that's what we're taking embattled Jeff our quality level anywhere near where certain. We have one named Garrett. Just war and our final name the six clear is so it's a big number fired another legendary figure this sort of valid part. You know there's some follow up there. A it is the single most important question how they asked all our Matt has written his answer down. They're very nerve where everybody here and I am Barack everybody's trying their answers down to get a copy and died this tabloid flyer just text yes beat his 7341. We'll send their rights he can print it out and put it everywhere suit assaults of there's six F eight the Carolina paper real dot com to explore yes it easy easy. Everybody seems really be Sharma valid pardon our lord didn't say I say yes. You would not say why is it just yet urges thank you like dollar. Page. Oh god this is the only Dolly that I have to visit Asia this is the hard decision because I was thinking he can not over thinking that you would say no because. Her hair is Graham on she's real Petit you may think that you need her him or her. But then I thought well and full world don't you foreign. Selig probably wanna say yes because you can tell everybody that you've seen her breasts and never even seen him because she's never dies news. Bryant so yes I said yeah okay. It. You know listening mode it seemed to recent lecture question. So I say it only detest only RO IDS are rare in salute Accenture. We knew that gap legal panel. I had two answers to this but I normally I don't. My last one here if first I was gonna suggest you know wish Obama explain yeah. You know ourselves because they know. Because my day is different however. Given the fact that would be paid among Dolly Parton. A guy when we yes yes very merry way he's. All right I. I said. No I. Yeah. Yeah there let me explain myself. If you've ever seen that woman emperor and I've seen her for it was rows by fifty yards away from she is so tiny feet youth right imagine if I killed Dolly Parton unlike the you could you know I don't stop foot tall. She's very tiny like her wig weighs like fifty pound yes CNN wade would have thrown off by now I yeah so it would have been a great. Feather in my cap. That it's a chance and I would've killed her usually elect termer. I. But it would would that be and something nice to be able to say I know. Life that I killed Dolly Parton had nobody and I slept with an immigrant I get free Dolly wood for life and probably non Arab and from I would say no because. You know I've always put it Dolly Parton is like. Grandmother type I've never look at her and a sexual way really like even nine F five I don't remember it. I was like I was every check and allied Jane Fonda missile or Austin, Texas. You know life lessons mound never seen that Foreman yeah I never saw the full movie. Mean she's very try to rental amount we're talking here knocking about 84 and Bagger you know. Archer and well. I'd be one I'd be nine years old and he just didn't live at our dad pagelet isn't headlines next yet either credit this. The rise guys morning show a quick let me. Thought he. He 93 point freedom. Rides guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who. Yeah the canons I'm ready in my dinner night. And Dolly Parton is in the news this week because there is no longer any Dixie stampede. Dinner she. Well now we know now about all my oh my boo mugs sorry it's now on the Dolly Parton stamping. The reason why well to avoid controversy. Has been. Hi this is franchised big seat means. Rebels' flag I sat there I never use the. For a DP stampede dot com and I'd glance and how. It's. A book on anybody's watching some kind of value via hot and screaming. Yeah it is selling has completed his sex or. Dolly pardon you want to do see this as a big Russ does liner Rory. I there are urged to do it. Did all of your corner this game handles and chicken dinner. And you hold shaking forks. I think an extra hundred C don't. Kid lol oh man on the among the large EP stampede and Gary handles on it. Yeah pretty aggressive. Branson does she say our show is currently are get a fire and work with went for an Air Canada of course some examples I spent came pounds adventures. Or that Dixie stampede insanity recognizing attitude changed on the air streamlining. The names of the shadows. And norm in many can feed our concerns and on the show as there will help efforts to expand continue our cities. So and got embalming. And asked grow with the times. But at this same thing if it's there in the Dixie stampede and they're not change in the chateau. Not doing just because there's. Pressure well. This is stampede ain't called Dixie and all long ago. The big beast to be about a dozen arm and now they've lost ten that has underwear they're they're trying to figure line they've lost ten locations wherever. Oregon and Exxon posted on FaceBook yesterday we did I think it changed their name and Dixie sugar because that. Dixon is just crystal. Hello I see it'll in April I can't wait till it playland Islamic land ally on labor health council. What about Blakey Carter remember designing women era. There. It's easy cops man cut us now. Yeah thank god they went out of business or was it out anyway that's 18. They went out of business cousins beer is still in Alabama there are Florida two elements that run it well to be win. Am new in Orlando where Roebuck to land a blanked even he's you know Dixie Dixie well. And then think about Vichy restaurants to love and sorely Mary and I don't change the name of that and probably not the high school and do Wesley at all while DC high school. Solutions him around. We say there's things about the south that you just cannot change what about addiction insider or the ad battlestar guy is gonna change any of your still had that. Name addictions OK I have that Dixie and doesn't. Dixie two means like India at home that stuff and warheads and go to the warning great Wilshire cash. How many could mean Brad connotation when I think in the land in Dixie at bank of my grandma cooking. Am now butter and delicious thing. Chicken and Spain and Japan. Any better. Harrington is Dixon cider is add anything to do with laces and still junior with the Don residences while it is basically grown apples. Let them off well yesterday Maris. A little story that kind of went viral. Or should be careful when you read hem line. Because some guy. It was said that he attacked. Harvey Weinstein and a restaurant and an Arizona. There is a video on T Nancy but it's really not the case there's always teams signed turner and his channel. Whereas there was hardly during the game did indeed these families yeah. Yeah I did a restaurant and Scottsdale. On Tuesday night. But. Went to I was accused Darren is a little different because it's down I think I just came out and backhanded him but that's not the case is your audio and there's a video of it. Liane accents or not he hands me no so why is she was leaving a restaurant and guy named Steve approached him and gave them to light backhanded slaps to the face. NATO can't. Get that Arafat here. Therapies at camp and or you know play Q and then you can say dated ABC Pope. But he's eighty S where you can't say the F four and they say prove afterwards. It's not undo it or mentions of Eric. As soon as this Steve characters some panic as some kind of data is defending women now hardly army. First set down for his mailman Steve Winamp and start and guessing about what a Fannie hasn't asked for our sulfate ask why and it. And that's when Harvey declined the picture because of course he does on a beanie any pictures right now. And that. But still perfectly polite. But this conversation at this guy Steve nasty told TMZ that Harvey was rude and belligerent. There's also audio different that he was lying. If that as well as Max he does think it's a left handed right. Like bat on the cheek and a bag in what can I am the way the headlines. In and his come up and slap some unharmed across face it was even any thing they. I'm making my stomach and rarely ever hear Harvey Weinstein. Historian there's no lacking involved a stretch it's worse than you know sort of ponson somebody but you gotta set up taking a picture with them to get a shot in. Now soulful. Just she did that in a wrestling match pull out your phone trying to figure something out and when they look elbow to the guy they go all must now cut a 23. Honestly is set up so his. Brand went down Montana's slapped an undefeated really sat on car and in this was kind of like they had a conversation before and many elements kind of ridiculous right. I think so. I think certain. I have some controversy. And Hollywood is full of it right. Mark Wahlberg humane. One point five million dollars to reshape the may be. All the money in the world you know I had to be redone because Kevin Spacey was out after he is. Conspiracy with. And sexual conduct with that young man you know so. This is a problem Michelle Williams made 1000 dollars for her appreciate. Him so of course when. If a cop when and that there really sad but director Ridley Scott said Ronnie actors here I come back did it for free. How keep the cost down but then people found out that it light. All pluses or movie. Former. It took over Tim spaces or okay. Things a bit once. I don't have a list of Christopher Plummer step he has Lincoln for them but I don't have so she get a thousand dollars in the latest and anything less graphic now he got one point five million dollars and she got a thousand dollars so it all it's I mean even in an okay word and then you should pay another at least you know close to a million dollars. Good thing is it released assay everybody came I can do it for free there apparently Mark Wahlberg didn't American doing yeah Rodriguez one point five million dollars. And there a thousand are sure Michelle Williams was to cover expenses toward her travel monarch is for expenses. There. So Hollywood lost it's mind over and people like Jessica chest dame Judd Apatow now and amber tam and their among a certain celebrities they called it and justice. It's not official sources say an issue of you know forego salary to cement the movie. He's in eighty list movie store. You were gonna go watch his movies because he's an. She's good she's ruined she's been handed down these cars are red and Golden Globe winning actress. Sort of castings here but that's like you know she's Hollywood A list. Mainstream you know America and no one is gonna spend money to she's in a movie she can't command same salary that he does not gender issue. Stanford is the same salary just nine compensation 1500. Times different yeah Hussein isn't with the U gender issues. Kind of end the small. She's not a big star's news and it's also like. OK given agent is gonna negotiate better terms for you may be just an irrigation well then I'm not one that said you know. I don't know why still it's it's whoever. For manager ready for everybody CAA now ranked Hollywood big stars everybody's nice write all of MR ING and there's only went to Brazil for more. A William Morse endeavors have been won't say there's like three agencies in this for a thing that's been one hour Emanuel merged with them but you know it's. If there were a male star who's in the same amount money you know when being an issue. This is because of penal coast or in the amount of money out. And he says who has more poll because gaga Dan says she's not gonna come back and certain people are directing films and as she makes a lot of money. So. If you get paid equal across the board there's no point building charisma doing government. And there's no you listeners in storage or any. Why you upload equal to listen and about the same amount of money just not a thousand dollars for wanted to million from the other and nobody should equal that's not eat. Although when they're re shooting that's not the first contract that was that's not in your contract. Is it. But the regular salmon should be cool and they shouldn't be on the money scale. And that's the story is that is the edit. It I mean she shouldn't be closely them. It is not a big stores he has. I can't comment if I knew how many lines and how much or did you put into an but I don't. I just chest pains or didn't saving America. The same amount of money she says she deserves more than 1% of that now does that mean I don't think anybody did she user one point five million dollars of that homered back. Maybe she gets have batter Tony represented that I don't know but I don't think anybody is pushing for equal. Hey I mean that's what they won't but I mean not that's like semantics that. Mrs. who has also name recognition I mean Michelle Williams I know the name and a lot of people do but. Michelle Williams are Smart Wahlberg and I felt thinner. Air did shoot a restoration of the movie and them only right. Is shinning in saints. Now rob Henry shot a hundred it was seemingly moved right to you moments ago after analysts. Encouraged Ridley Scott. Well OJ did isn't gone for a long time where in hands killing people. Some and not only is he ever did the murder me now he's never met. Now the society we cannot say how many Americans will move literally could sue the Blake Adams if we say he killed somebody and say killed nothing you just did. The Swiss police is actually a little. Well let's talk about the children he may have fathered allegedly allegedly all the detail and may have fathered. There's been rumors that's good and bad. He may be the father of Chloe card ash and that's been gone for a long time because you know his best friend was now or maybe not horror. I saw her yeah he's her father now store owner Jay says he's not Chloe cart dashing and father. And he was recently. Approached. And he congratulated her and her baby bag and then he says. The late Robert car dash and god bless his soul he's been his friend bent. It's not. He'd never had relations with anybody TV. RE card machines father. But he'll also be Kim Kardashian and father. Per say why not an unnecessary and now and I think you know. I mean I was historian appears to rely on whether absolutes that they wanted to take DNA tennis. They should do she is that why she's not as attractive as the others not just in the Winston and coaches begin. And they had that produced and as an average round gloves. Seeing our brightest this. And today register and don't know my daughter has left him pages of the card machines saw a picture Robert Kardashian. And it first daughter was David Schwimmer and their assault picture David Schwimmer play and Robert herta all in all areas. Of. OJ says congratulations to herb could trust me I had nothing to do it it. I'd be proud of it if I had anything to do it dead but I doubt. Ideas is known artists and in solid cardinals close. That he murdered Robert heard she's been dead for long enough now alluded OJ did he say that he tell the truth now. Yes he's had nothing to lose at this point yeah I mean the only reason you look at all the truth were big and certainly doing Robert cart ash candidate that has been dead for a decade in order real I think. Strange someone actually and the golf ask my feet have a paternity test done to prove it and you have no need to you I didn't do it. I have heard that before did you settle the irony is Jason Simpson the father of her. Alma. And into your room. I know he was there aren't disclosed that Robert Kardashian and once sent her father. He. Roger and I know I have stored in always were. Finger OJ Amir bar compromises on the care of the Internet just rumors she looks different from the rest of mountains to lie down. Yeah Marcus Allen. Yeah now bear. We're here and it Mineola and there are days but yesterday they said yeah validated me here. How Kelly there who made over a million dollars with the 900 number after the changed Ron Shipp can't. Sherman. Once in a commercial mortgage company. It or lose mark or are you can usually blowing guard unit is geared. And I thought Mike did you say that I didn't save face and he's Roberts. This I held out of her daddy legalese saudis have voice lessons here Irish took a disproportionate media critic I have. Awful last night. Your at all I can tell you see the flyers got an opinion on things and as your eyes guys and minds. In this into the rest guys and your mobile. This seniors about stays morning radio couldn't match. Pain in patients enjoy the rise jags and 83 point freedom. I think they're right called FaceBook email snapped into grand tags all those things. Remember if you did not see it or get your copy edit the fat boy flyer. Don't text text that avoiding persecution it takes to ask me an extra cash being taxed ass beaten to 73 for wind. Will sing the flyer put it anywhere food is sold. And help fab ways to achieve his goal of losing 100 brands. That's Mars Friday we got that bad the last line tomorrow. And the truth or consequences as well on a Friday the right now so he went into do. Colleen lies he has no more. No but there are a year. I cashed in the name of a restaurant fat boy eat. Has been banned from. All the name of the restaurant we said this border was gonna post is flyer out text in the name one of those restaurants the Carolina paper mill dot Comtex line. 17341. That's 72341. We'll take the 93 correct answer win. Give today's podcast categorize guys dot com iTunes Google play stitcher radio or text podcast is 72341. Page Iraqi war next fat boy and I. You are right guys rely only yo I'm six thanks much less and am blessed day and take like gas is good. Controller play only. My blood cheeks.