Monday, April 16th

A Dare Wall recap, who really had it the worst?: Fat Boy weighs in for the first time this month: Headlines


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Know this he fears about steep morning radio where I am I enjoying sap. If your going through. And a game. A. As does and it. We know we out. And I. It's it's nines rejoin week this week there is most. Died these guys I enjoy hamburger. I'm fine. They look creepy. Ally that I describe evil things are also ordinary people clowns and stuff. More you would hear him and you think yeah weird stuff you clowns scenarios again. People painted faces. Again you know my wrestling your roof falls drag race car maker Intel both. And it also sports tabloid and then nine missing years and you don't let what people making fold well guess what listen this enter today's the fifteenth anniversary of Michael Jordan's last game. Now or fifteen years today. Birdie Putt. Who. Oppose. There's there's a big gap. Old wives' tale that it's just not true. Maybe not play the bulls was not the bulls amends the bulls are say use the in the nets and bucks of the bobcats. Someone close enough it was wizards vs sixers what they lost. Jordan had thirteen points. There was a sign of things come. The Monday don't tell and I were soon pretty close. Well fifteen years ago today it would have been 2003. And Monica I'll pour over Turkey year yeah announcement. I'm all right so why here we are few days removed from Friday's big show the big bear law. It by feeling different. Feel any different you did this come my last Monday poll we did the bare wall at a you are still all right. Now and NN. It is that I am right then. That you would sign thank you I mean really if you look around the room I'm the only one with the any shrapnel. You know they lost friends or Lipitor or finger. Easing since I didn't hear you people of the weekend news or hear from a good many people like Bailey. Yeah I haven't heard from any people since I did throw lard thing I think it calls me friends. There is talking about. The agony and your Father's Day because of that I totally. I thought announced just some don't do that I am arrow that at a this is part of the deal we're doing a lost all my friends and in these key job. Well so. We we yelled. I thought it would definitely be in our best interest and everybody listen because you know the Darrell it's 8 o'clock hour on Friday mood so if you're. If you just catching up to that we didn't dare wall on Friday. It's just some of the highlights. You had like nine just mention with a total of nine had to make a wide selection which is a white Russian people that you pour into the hole it tank of the Tola. Flush it. Let the tallest fill up Wendell white Russian open take a plunger. Get a shot it's worth an injury. It's a white Fleischer and weirder where's that certain. While on the ninth tip just the tip staying in the bathroom nine outside the new bathroom crawl. From handicapped stall senior at all which. They're my hands and our brain where there ought to move for her grave Hal. Org now gray dirt I've never seen gray dirt I'd just been asked me guys didn't. PP am I imagine I may have seemed. I've seen brown dirt as seen red dirt and I've seen got a standing grounder I've seen dirt various shades of brown are already risen blackest Dirk. Thirty a blank nursing gray dirt are stood above the floor. Yes you do that. That was tough I had did chewed paint balls like they were chewing gum that wasn't that big a deal can be anonymous right is this or heard it tasted bad but it just swallow it here. So I just had to pop the paint balls my mouth hole that pain and air flow while Bubba and another and then spit it out when that man. I don't want your preconceived when your pop them and did they won't like you mentioned Friday that subway there's an old paint ball so they were not I can imagine being shot by those as they were made some manner. Yeah. Jess had delayed the hand rail in the stairwell. Missing from Annie get it from top I video that damn self I was standing. And that's the thing nobody ever said all. All the way bearing and he did a view is. Hong to rail from top to bottom they're. That is right on the video of it I slow it down at one point we can see he's tongs literally on the air at all times in order don't use it. Mouse. As I had access to the many LC must have a whole lot of fun when Falwell and asked about the no built our licensing for periodic there's the of nine fat boy do in the slim Jimmy where they had a extra long slim Jim and headed lady the transit. In the end. Who to boot who was telling us that they dare they had a touch but it's. Jack got it just got it had to learn a at a touch but so is fat boy while page contradictory today detective Baird but two or three seconds from the last two you know the funny thing was the people reforms dice is but you know only guys right. Let it no big deal much. What are they doing there were. He admitted that what are your parties like I. Your mama raise due. Attention but with a guy has bad news I didn't see an analyst Larry Mann act thank you pay Jiaka. Poem who has a lady who has an it's. Weird even sarcasm or not I can't tells us via. The dude techsters are reserved the wide flood soon learn to work. Word he's all. On video from getting rid I don't understand it easily every step of the process of getting them nor on any working with a. Your my dogs here are now from American arm time. I am who is Jimmy Ariana regulations can pretty serious. Machete at that email if you wanna see. Highlights of all the videos Louisiana law housed. On the one page on the planet side so he did in 933 the planet rocks dot com or text dare DEA are eat. There dire need a theory means that things are is 72341. And we'll link you back in you can see. How lessons videos. But now that every every mice consumed of the week ended thought about everything who really had that the worst because I said on Friday. That's college asked dead simply for the stairwell linking in the but that's it. Well but I have watched the videos now slab a different thought about it. As of now I must say you got it worse but isn't who got the worst start on Friday I don't know. Say hi my my thoughts on Friday it was that. Jeff was the worst but after watching the videos. I think Jimmy. I've led a very. International I think with the blonde hair Dario clearly and very your very your appeared as if he should keep that. A lot of melting from the top down sort of aside really heat miser Ahmed. Now I had I think nine crawling on the bathroom floor and then what once was people saying that you and your own video from beginning end doing no white flushing drugs troll American you know the damn troubles we just throw just trolling just massive amount. But in closing of one thought that I I think that everyone in here will agree when I hope and then also the there's got to be a major difference to anyone done different except next time I won't. There wall week now here's what we do we that though not the blue stay up all weeklong Bruton is five plus five band days of the week. You throw them alone that day. Do we get dispenses timely that would not running around like nut jobs trying to video everything in record everything and do a bit too. Then we do what every day. It's a whole weeklong. The deal yeah every every stupid thing we do gets a little more time to show it. A little more tattoos I mean these various things a lot I'm gone forever you know ended when they need the the attention they deserve the attention and also. Do we trust content. Yes some do wants days I would weeks long promotional things the last two way to get bigger whaling last month that we weren't Arab are ready to be wonderful text. Baird DJ RE 273. For one will link you back. Bill of the linked to CD highlight videos of the their law. And also. You can just go straight to 933 the planet rocks dot com. And get this as well. All right. It's time side. As there are have been brought and how we got we had our eyes are there are gonna. The sad voice scale has made an appearance into the stadium you know what that means the once a month away in fat boy on his journey. His Jerry I flat. It's Friday on his journey to losing 100 pounds we find out next how much he has lost. Right after this. Age then flying 93 pointer in the planet rob. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 730. Right now already humility it. I can't I can't believe it's a barrier there were out of town fast more hamburgers you you also blond hair. Riots it is to make in the day here faster overall had more fun. Wrong I knew blind as did the deer blinds co workers have more fun apparently didn't apparently so well. I did you did fuel will things I'm William go FaceBook allowed them. You won't tell you we can't. I figured that you. I'll have to tablet offers Tim nugget clearly learned here is a lock down. Now is movement and is listed in there Amanda gave Rosen. Now either I remember used to every Monday Allen always right now fab boys wait and now that we do in this once a month to establish trying to lose a hundred pounds and we rideau in this where we go away and every Monday. And hey you know Jenna got a point where he was I think you was. Not very motivating him to asked to weigh every Monday on the radio and 650000. People were listening and. Here now you gain a pound lose a pound gained two pounds lose a pound it was not the easiest thing known them tomorrow. OK. God bless one but I don't think it was 320 point six. As little as more always the researchers what do you record for victory and we're asserts that there was slightly above that. OK I can say this on. This is crazy. On February 12 he weighed. 325. Men in the next week he gained two pounds so that was 327. And then that was that was. As the last one and 327 I don't circuit so 327. And I don't even know I'm. Why I have and keep up with the history of your dot residual. You're into some allies had volunteered in regards to the first two way and he weighed 328. Point 638. Point six. And then the last was 327 Serbs so far we know he's down a one point six pounds this year. Was the whole year yeah 320 point six which start off and we don't FaceBook we are and FaceBook live. A FaceBook dot com slash rise gas. Slash tries guys watch it all happened on his watch is lot of washed out or weigh is whose green plaid boxer shorts right. And there been any recent splurge is that boy. I know they'll leave we talk about the history of that having. I mean there was a birthday we can all that stuff from this past week I don't know man wasn't as great. As I had to move. And then legs and upheld all I did could Afghan helpers. Now houses does dormant. Yeah it's Oscar a lot of heavy stuff canals in need and he continues now wait ahead of time he literally had no clue which way it's been one month since you've graced the scale with your mask. He's so confident. I don't know your confidence slowly dawned I don't know I don't know what's. We were way Ian but I tell you I got a pain right now second listen later. Proven. Track temp companies that you leaning thing at this morning wait you're not having Nina. I'm trying to do things before you know Peter combines their seizure for a little also reported in the month the one meal would make a big difference. S church pleasant shades. His beard off he's eight rare case hair. I totally he totally get naked in here impatient look away nurse's care race anyway I'd rather have you does turn and her look out and look up what it. Ever makes you feel more comfortable there. All right Jeff you are welcome there and get a lot of yellows. I'm on the video. Our fab was weighing the previous weight when we started this was 328 point six earlier slides all the way out Jeff currency don't really hear the last Dwyane was 327. Pounds mas looking as Jason black out care curtains. I'd like if or how about the rods out bodyguards. TC nothing in here the aren't delaying and is happening right now. Maybe I have to wonder page that. Spaghetti and see balls AEA on Friday during the Daria. I wonder if I load. Did that add to do it did that add to the way how long does that human flash stay in the system. As he was eating dead beat ski and on a spaghetti and meatballs part of the their law. Our think we have an issue. Of course I think the scale that we views. Eight times and have left in the office and haven't touched for a month. Is having an issue with the battery power. Yeah we've used to have does not tired and it's been since still untouched unused for calendar month. But some know so well does anybody else use it in there. Mean is I don't want to know we get that we and it was working broke every senate maiming OK good to the batteries out put him back and inside those things take like huge watch batteries don't they just regular double a.s or anything. I think we have a name went into and delete and hoping you know what's crazy is people are right now I can tell their heads apart. I really cannot read it tab we thank you shared boxers end. When I shaving your arms real quick good shape here our usual Clinton during his Brevard and I've read today some at a large. Do you know would like it as tough a thumb our a big toe that's got to be probably a pound could offer insurance yeah easy and stand up straight. Previously it was 327. That's where he was down one point six pounds. The current weight. Of Jeremy. Lawrence Allen bird enormous fat no commitments they made to move far Bob the Russian bottom bear. Was a new and again candidate Jimmy he's an Elvis in his tabloid name man I can't remember an Arab man I can't remember right now president and her. All right tabloid goes and is completely dressed before he won't just a brigades and no I think you should hear from the horse's mouth. He's got to Tug and has sun belt underneath every season delaying saying it and Jonas say here. Well why do we know that. Easy doing it because it's really bad or he just wants to incitement Austin drawn out so everybody let me get the applause sound effect Bradley Manning and it still works compound my. Let's severity yes. I previously three what does that inept. Today is way just now just now he weigh. 329 point two. You know. So that means she's done that vessel that's some. So as some gains also having. Also have in a week ago I try to three day military that. On if you ever heard of that. I don't work ever. Walk forgot the way afterwards followed it for three days and got away in the truck I don't two or three more days because of soulful that attempted. Yes that's all matters most to lose ten pounds in three matches here ran a marathon it Bedford avenue and SSI that's what I wanted to toy got a comes auto mall to Atlanta now seeing gained 2.2 pounds and so did the boy don't scale was one now again. Virtually non points or had a meeting horizon moving was and Evers said down the use a piece of mills Graham wanna ever. Sometimes I would do was just couple meals in the nothing else now. They wind so during the fastened to come back on the fast now for as always I'm happy music this is it's demoralizing right now you're going negative samurai are narrower that's that that's fine. So so twelve they affairs installment. So but this thing to remember here is that you are now. Bigger than ever. By your point six pounds bigger than you were when this started confess and then. The highest Sunday's 335. At some point last year. So you do better when you re not crap. Then you do when you're trying to eat well and don't diet has about the way you don't. You wanna know do that I missed doing ms. Clinton having. I'm go back to doing that and where evans' absence examined tell us are waiting like two months you lies have been good for decades. Amiss Amanda's thrown away it's around bowl cannot. That's going to wrecked there with I was doing though Carty you know and nothing else scored your only if not the party leave nodding. I saw great teacher the other day said some these girls need less Carty BM more Carty out arrow. Let's look at its only real player and that's enemy right enemy. I so I mean you know. What do we do what do we get from here this is still like to do once a month and then yeah. That's a pretty surely you know mile. Lou's way but I'm Margot like obsessive Riverdale was. You know stronger lift ball cal where Arantxa it's so. If you will Aaliyah okay. I can't give any kind of advice I don't I don't know when you give me I mean when I don't I don't know that your fiscally. Capable of losing weight and we haven't cut off point where we should just say President Obama. I think buzz legs would be enough I yeah I can't Ackerman here weighs just eight I have both are so we can push button. Every now. Would say and all I know a little more money and he's right where he started regarded now would be doing who can help you here. Let me tell me really don't know new haircut. My heart regardless I guess now it's kind of weird. On the so do we do we keep it that the hundred pound. Like is that still the goal that we need our arena. Is it a one year goal or is this. Isn't too lofty unions Schuessel is there a month by month or I don't know counsel mark unaudited may come as a matter at all. There are very much trying to lose weight and you're not getting anywhere. I'm trying to be mean or say they're really trying to just just to lose weight you senator brown rolled it. You're trying just to get started on losing some weight and you got Megan you gotta tread water. Maybe isn't may dismantle may know more than two months big picture sacraments and to tell you shave your legs. Man may say things Allman and literally meal by meal day by day. Storm may hang in the air. A mile stretch with three counts where the body are going on there and my agenda of and luckily enough. All manner boosts well maybe your ride you know maybe and maybe small. And ordered the seven million write some mean there's no was no excuses. For whatever reason somebody writes them. We knew very well as I'd day you lose weight I dare you that's one thing among women and I double dog dare you lose weight. Or you don't bear or is slim shoot and some some canned spaghetti with some brass candidates I don't know how much have skin finished now. House are out questions faster and Eric Morris assault if true and our our yeah yeah there was some flu moment he loves scan a Mexican senate could act. The sabres. Admitted that he got a noisy here inserted that. Cares forgave me balls and have slim Jim's responsible for him as that would be correct. Now. You're not you're not just Morgan diving right by you coming here if you eat really well. Yes and we will work and if they were died may leaving go home and his Eli car and then herdsman there occurs a member of law. Analysts are slippery slope the peace party. I don't know whether you are these the culmination must of been in accelerated. Maybe diver runner. And I don't know. Trying to figure out where you are wrong and just trying to help you I don't think it's you know only one right here anywhere what yes. I know it can't be built like what is Steve singer Robbie said the chairman GAAP. These are properties are their big guy he's the boss he's had gotten narrow as the building and Jimmy if you don't lose under powers were fired and by if you didn't lose it by December 30 from wood that motivates you to. I know it can happen in real world they would that be the motivated well the first some Barca may wish aquarium for you when defense. It was probably. Is Salter approach now and learn them. I got a few Europe's. Our government order and I was harder tabloid to lose one pound of weight or Geoff to say another man's hand some. Boy don't did you ten minutes is in no man's hands and went into your question summer assumed a more she is right. Travel to lose awaits further info scams. Oh my god wow. Wait a minute I try to one of those front. Jeff has done one phone scam more then it. One town you've lost this year is shown saying there's no more want. This will be today will be his second. Phone scam him. Root for the year mirror two for the year they need not even lost one total canyon for the year he lost it and thinking that he did announce a one. He's point six pounds up or Margaret you return phone scams in the next remarks right. Ever tougher down. See it Tim Brown weight loss this time next month. We are fewer mistakes and then I think I can no longer since food items Christmas your birthday. Talking to you fat boy. All the maximum drastic to Syria. Might well lose all my curvature of quote me on this what led them. Well thank you chromium. It couldn't. Osama my hair the die ridiculous amounts are fairly straight ahead of him on merit based production of let's rise guys can release saying that to make up through their disappointment at the weight loss right all right. Well Willie will continue to follow this are once a month weigh in with frat boy let's see what kitchen back in May one day after Mother's Day do my are about mid may are other bloggers will. Well is big here is an apology and we'll get instant headlines with the queen who lost right after this multiply. Whereas guys mourn. Shelves anytime anywhere. Download the free here's match no major example. 3.3 don't plan as. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who god. Topping our news this morning as a story out of Lee County South Carolina where at least six emergency agency responded to in mass casualty incidents. At the league correctional institution in which resulted in seven inmate deaths and seventeen other inmates requiring medical attention. Authorities say that the incident involving molten metal multiple inmate on inmate alterations. Altercations. Or her image or. Well laziness. Take him up a little bit of form and a three housing unit said the prison began around 7:15 PM on Sunday and and it lasted just before three hand so the corrections department says that all responding officers are safe and accounted for us. And and snap my lasting more than seven hours. Well. As well as SS president arrived comes down while we had been a bad time. Him well. Talk about a bad Tonto woman went on a date and she got it employees from a guy from there day after she never texted him actually. Quit ghost NM. This is a woman named Amanda Burnett from Indianapolis she went out today with a guy earlier this month. I don't know his name. But she got Saddam and then he decided to email her an invoice. Which now plays for the full day it's okay if he charged her ten dollars foreign a cocktail on Moscow annual. Senators are here. Fourteen dollars and fifty cents foray pulled pork taco and non. Class a dollar 99 processing faint. Two dollars and 56 cents for attacks. And 47 cents for shipping and handling much cramming in stamp yeah. So around the grand total of the day that she goes to the man for 39 dollars and 52 cents growth. That now if you decide where they went. It's his fault they had four dollars worth the two drinks and fifteen dollars worth a couple of talk terrorist threat that's only if he decided to place. They need the easy you don't have a leg to stand or are you had two boys were Beers ten dollars and Moscow meals ten dollars in a couple of Tucker was probably frozen or fifteen dollar that's. Him yeah but I mean what if that happens all the time if you don't put out our. Send someone a tax dusty day somewhat innocent girls be found for banker yeah I think that's a pretty rough out there. Figured out on a daily thought they should send someone and voicestream just sketch or losses and forget about that. And it's kind of petty. Boy yeah like you know. Yeah they don't work well what is right down and resist it was a business made sure. Are ordered to a pet near term loss is that way heavier goes to some minor bingo instant on a date where do you describe my timing and somebody never responds to him by oath or is this a return essential topic. I'm just curious if that happens if it's a common thing beak he's usually asked I'm I'm dame people. Respond to me you know it's like it's never been so bad and Amy is maybe something. Thank you hookup from. I know some social. App or something now you know I know and a person. There are maps for president I have no idea. Not enough. Urinating every will likely goes to each other and talk and manages seems kind of heartless I guess that's just the way things are anything to do. No wasn't moss scale mule it's my favorite drink and it was a Moscow on the old ginger beer. Five get any better he's peaked stole. Because that's my favorite kind of vodka and knows national drawing people got Korea and its copier. And mad at me like I don't care. They're great at lower legs joined Milan look twisting me. Injure it so maybe that was really the only good thing about her her date Melissa the dinner and under huge balls on the verge of the contribution. But I now after the other copper cut mariners from Moscow rules whenever and it always called on it and. Well Tom Stanton as your eyes as ten month. Roots who does this morning show I'd just like everything about it. It's just really funny I would be a deadly turn of events seemed almost like. It's nice guys. Behind me planet.