Dan Donegan of Disturbed

Thursday, August 16th

Paige recently caught up with Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan to discuss how the band chose their new single "Are You Ready" and the upcoming release of their seventh full-length album, Evolution due out October 19th. Dan also revealed that a live track of the song "The Sound of Silence" with Myles Kennedy will be on the deluxe edition of the album and has some exciting news about a huge Disturbed U.S. tour in 2019.​

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Hey guys this case in joining us in studio is when he your favorite guitar players Dan done again from disturbed. He's Zealand while come. I'm doing amazing obviously exciting. Hold exciting things coming up for us this year. Our right now we gotta talk about evolution and and then and then you single are you ready so you're asking the fans to help you pick the next single. Tell us about this new process. Oh well we just just talking as we were finishing up this album lenders quite suited their range of of just told the terms of we've taken and the Solomon not. No we always but I had a close connection with our fans and and we just wanted to get a little feedback from them and and we always been open in and they've been opened Thompson. Clearly. Over the years they've obviously accepted. Everything we've gonna happen and we just one of the kind of put it out there and just to see what their opinions were. But the albums already been done so we're sort of make those choices of what we feel as fast representing. But and this time around Andyaat. Hoosiers look the whole writing process in what was another great experience it was so this time we started out. Would for many years we've been talking about trying to do. It's happened that some acoustic ideas there and just get that out there and wood and every time in the past it was always jumping into. While it's plugged in such so we were I was back burner the acoustic ideas. And this summer probably started with the acoustic ideas to get the ball rolling merry and everything must turn out really great and we got excited about where that was going. And and as we had enough material on that and we decided that okay let's get let's get back to. Good blues roots of the band and let's get plugged in and starts have been sparring each other without direction as well also limited just. Really get deep evolved I mean absurd part of the reason call on that evolution. Our men just the evolution most of the battle in all over the past couple decades well. I just was really coming together really good we're excited about the material in and you know we were excited that we could even talk about it right now so I'll just anticipating. To. The songs being out and in seeing what the fans think. The fans had to decide if they wanted to have Nissan or ballads songs than the first track on evolution is are you ready and that's the single crack. Yes that's the first official single and that's such. The heavier track it's it's kind of back to the the basics of disturbed and and surprisingly. It was a song that I wrote musically. Back in 2004. I hope I I had the idea out did I just never completed it and I can have presented it. Back and shoot David in the guys but I we are you were far along in writing for the 101000 says double backed plan. Inside just kind of back burner the idea and while we started. Getting back into writing this time around I was just trying to go into the dark sides of some old riffs and ideas and I came across that one and didn't think. You know I was gonna do any thing more what that the time because like it Saturday there was already. Fourteen years old musically you're thirteen you're so. And I just kind of threw out there and David have forgotten about one point lead and it was the first thing you gravitated toward side. I didn't really remind him that I had that Rick for so long bomb but immediately like something new came to camp there in a lot of we end. I just survived and delicious undeniable and it's so it's kind of funny that we can text because on resurrected after that many years and and really feel like it's still relevant. Today. Well you did does and what made you think they're recording the sound of silence David to recording of an old Simon and Garfunkel science. Is just beautiful it was even used in the Olympics. It creates crazy what do what that song has done for us on many levels and so many people have. It is taking any and created their own videos order that like you said the use sort of the Olympics they may suck the effect of post as an astronaut is those of Santa Larsen wanted to use. On something made that they were reduced video montage of they were using. I was the hum Dancing With The Stars you prefer one of their grand finale shows for the championship so solid and so many people have picked up on a bombed but at the time when we talked about dealing with some of silence. We kind of saved it towards the end of that recording session and what we're addressing that I just didn't musically I wanted to go somewhere different without wanted to try to push David to go somewhere different vocal USS. And I thought the best way for us to do that is just. Create that better than music it would. Allow him to really have to step up. Hopefully it will pay and trying to get the ball goes to have to carry that they saw Marcelo in the without. Being if you look you know plugin or bombastic with the music. I wanted to just create an an ponting and and dark vibe to it to keep it to Serbs. But really makes you have to step up his game and it locally and you would we Murray's heard David. Offstage in what he can do with other things and we believe you know we've always wanted to try to. Pushing down that road so that our fan base can also see that there's other elements and other sites that span. I hear there's a lot of version featuring miles Kennedy on locals on the soundness. You know that it is that accidentally happened it is while we were. I'm sure we took them on tour bus with Alter Bridge it was looked awesome and Breaking Benjamin. And Dana Sonia. And one nights I believe it was in Houston it was a really bad storm that neither admitted they'd. Delayed the show and there are so you know just under storm lightning. And you know we word to push back and this was probably one of the first times we had to wait so long before we could hit the stage is clear that we received this storm had passed through and we ask miles earlier in the day to if you would be into the idea of coming up in. Just harmonizing that's some without so. He came out it didn't we get quick sound check at may be in middle of the afternoon just so to make sure that nobody can cure reach other good singing up against each other and we do it one pass that it became laden indicated that night and he just killed that I mean you know miles as it is one of my favorite singers he's phenomenal yeah well yeah ought to have the both of them to have David miles harmonizing like that with a very little rehearsal time other than one pass that was just. It shows what true professionals who they both are due in Tel two vocalist to be a Villa. Harmonize like that so we're like yeah we're talking about doing that deluxe version and then that's it it's gonna come out on the deluxe version of the double. Not a regular version but. We just saw what woo why do we wanna put on this album besides there's a beside tracked him. And if I just felt bad version that I heard and I and YouTube from. Some fans that are posted so far they're just so luckily we were recording that night to do so. We have one of our engineers recording this show so we're able to get Dario afford Serbia look. Mix a song down but yet it is just became a killer and I thought the fans would really appreciate that. I can't wait to hear it and I know this CD drops Friday October 19 evolution. Any two. More coming not after any rumors you can tell me and Americans brand. To my listeners. Oh what we do plan to. We might have a handful of shows we are doing the Austin city limits in October. And that we will be playing with. Metallica. Can you know obviously a huge opportunity for us we can't really plan on doing much. Torn this year but when that opportunity came up of course that's undeniable there I think we instantly except of course where we would love to do that. So we might. Looking to potentially. Building if you shows around. The release states in Iraq Iran match show. Column but a majority of the soaring I think we're little we're trying to finalize routing now. And will be sitting in the row pretty hard and at the beginning of the year and will probably be a majority of lecture will probably be all the territories that we are usually head. On throughout the US Canada Australia New Zealand Japan and Europe coming Russia. Hmmm we're gonna try to squeeze in as much as we can and and all of 2019. And and we'll see if it takes us into the following year or where we're at one make sure. And it's. I can't wait to hear evolution what is your favorite track and that's CD when is someone that you lied. I had to do it's it's so hard I know we just. That every album and it really is so hard because there are so personal to us I mean everything we write in the you know I think. And we we have some kind of personal connection where some. But I think you know this is probably one of the first times I will say one of the front runner for me which I normally don't say because I look at the track listing. And I'd just like I have it's like taking your favorite child I know for a while my children and say you are my favorite. The one that really stand out if need be because of real personal issues and I think a lot of fans will connect with his son called the recent fight and that it back and no problem. It was just part that I had an acoustic guitar that was. Playing for awhile and I wasn't gonna do much with it yet because that wasn't. Complete either which is an idea and I was playing it in the studio decides some doubt downtime. And David heard me playing and he's so quick second just keep playing and I just keep looping now part and he starred ad hominem melody to it and was coming together and there was some really emotional any genocide as soon. See it through and finishing it and it also lyrically there's the connection is. It's just anybody that's followed any kind of addiction and their allies whether wish you were her family member friend I mean I think we've all. Known people on paralyzed and a bad Obie being on drugs or alcohol or any kind of addiction. And we are we shot and spend some kind of positive hope on the side so. In this case for me a personal level you know I've I've had close. People in my life that has struggled with with all the drugs and alcohol and you know you kind of year. You're kind of beat down needed the whole family feels destroyed this could be field. Deflated but you still wanna give them some kind of hope they're not giving up no don't you booked a flight because there's. You know your children that our viewers you're in your husband or wife for your family members are your friends and so and we always would get these dark subject matters that are relatable. It's awesome fans but. Also try to spend that kind of hope on its suit never give up that site. Perfect well abolitionist Tom Hanks. Are you ready I and I think I'm ready you ready ready to play you're saying all sent thank you so much for taking time and anti continuous. Dan Don again heading our player from Darren thank you so much and I can't wait to see with Metallica that's going to be a killer tore. I thanks you guys don't.