Friday, April 13th

Fat Boy takes his last turn to complete The Dare Wall and it's not gonna be easy: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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The rise guys morning. 3.3 eight. Beltran and. Smoke weed you'd ever news. You know what's funny is that. Life is prophetic you know any real I said prophetic and apathetic. Prophetic because if this is my rejoin leak through and you know rejoined slow songs we play we come back and I chose this in his Good Friday song. But how. How odd is it that I just did the last day air. And now eyes landed on I have to be blind for a week. Which stone cold Steve Austin was an anti Tim called Hollywood blondes was her items. Ball straight years in theory Mandela affect everything from wow. By the way breaking news which again we have tickets to see the Foo Fighters next week on the show and I realize it's already been doing among the planet Sydell week yeah I realize that where you register your winnings so text and food. And I get that only meg win on the print side but Monday Monday we start to give away the actual tickets or you are in the play little games and stuff certain right here on the rise guys morning Sharon Monday we'll have repaired take issue where via. Okay so let's let's revisit today there long I've been making those nine had been installed crawl underneath all the bathroom stalls on the ground root Jeff had delayed the rail in the stairwell to hand rail from top to bottom was he did. That was where worsens go crawl content. I think. I got a thought about that compare. I had to teach you paint balls as chewing gum which I successfully did. Calm and fat boy landed on the slim Jimmy. Where he had to. Eat a big huge slim Jim with the person to his right which was paid so it goes to nine so he had to do that together. Then nine had to drink. Eight why inflation which is a white Russian made in the toilet tank of the tall what you flush it you take a toilet plunger in there he get a shot of it. It's a Y plus years. Just plain don't ask to ask where he had to put his bare rear end pressed against fat boy's bare ass and thus the name. Asked fast yes case. And then finally the last day or that we did I landed on this wonderful. All pages is France's L'Oreal Paris color re still bleach all over who is seriously how Diana and us not just outlined how we platinum blonde next week. The last season went planned to who does scare the out so it all ends right now. With far bog the Russian bottom there are very young producer fat boy the way to move the date yeah. Preferably make his way over to the bare wall who didn't. Switch. At this this season we went with pastel colors for the Evelyn. There is an Easter Clarence is a girl balloons I think we are very mr. clean up the way you trip to new word pistons have not (%expletive) people off the surprises people yesterday agent yeah Zurich he takes a picture of all these herbs are pink balloons all over his desk and says. Hey everybody it's a girl just JR are all. And that's not funny I was very elderly our party by himself and taping an email anti camera did you did you his sunglasses and it's I don't like you know I like the lens flare now a logo boots are cool night. Feel good about the court aren't hired around or doing different page in the corner Niigata. He got it painting her first term first conference again. As first. Everything look at all the stuff that's left and I know man. You know we catch these on this funny. There is a ten pound bag of Barbie sauce here. That setting on the that they would there's no not even a dare to guess along with that no there isn't an all our way I think that's part of tabloids Lutz. Everyone was the bag of Barbie sauce for there's no dare you realize that there's no dare associated with the RB solves. Joseph you own your store you want to compare her to roll back. This is what are being sent me in the mail I swear to god be sitting at ten pound bag Arkansas so yeah. About our results Wednesday and has been an officer for sex and the all I know. How does the bus don't dwell. I US there the last they're. I've seen this but he's seen it gently into that show it's all the viewers it. Sort of zero in now well that's say. This just again I. At all not okay that's America. And everything. And actually play you've all I gets four it was a lot easier than getting shared border are de escalated this try. This is hostility meatballs made with pork chicken and beef O. They've been basic three that yeah it's great double walk and then zones some limbs and I want you can't take that. Camera shot and it. Sounds as one person skiing that's a least two maybe three people on the shows dead skin off their feet. And you. Again our it. All he's pouring out the spaghetti and meatballs I know you're out like roller coasters mission there you know I'll say this man. If I had even if I ever become like real millionaire host delete shift word he's been giving me balls I -- it. I think it's I am looking only the label and I like it. Numero zoos and her are what's for a little bit bulletproof through his remark referred rag and unless you and I am I Jamie's I think that. I use all of its USDs all of the dad's skin is spaghetti and dead skin so he has to resist confident that news room. Paul Italy's gonna go to war than the booster can kick your ass because you're a white yeah you're sort of proves. Them. Okay go blue toenails in the dance in Oslo and look at the terrorists Eric got. Like I didn't grandma's toenail. And crude armed push what does that went off subtle whoever cut that off their foot nose and that wasn't all my foot I had just say very little testing people. You weren't aggressive people line and a your making him Dina are you going to do okay. Yes you are he did this himself can he get firm. Okay. Homeless. Man I think that was it within one. Just some people are face murder saying that they think this is cheese we smelled a dead skin of their cited is stinky if that's hanging lie cap or. Somebody said Dennis went to this kind of hit it. OK. A lot of what he was shot that's not cheese. It is is all. I can't believe that this is my job. I don't know you lose win lose now he may never do it again. Yeah just takes a dead skin windy everywhere you go in there when you see some you want me to sprinkle it on there and you won't do him everywhere you go out. Take my includes time I'll darling that won't let them. Smile no that's a big chunk had blue man Lewis that is how I grew as. But then again I'm glad he's doing his world we ordered. I'll tease us fits easily easily hit an early due to paint there at the moment you'll bring balls. Thought he Gary hale and pales there was vodka and total war room tomorrow. That's true that owed anything less time the sterilization and here's the big shock dear old lady vol does that. Try to divisions to McKinney the whole. I think he'll every spaghetti again after today dude why do we cause spaghetti and see balls she easily solved as did foot stand is she convinced. Sergey do you keep all this you're always cereal meat balls next time as a big piece man in the call. That movement she vomit paying oh my god I can't you know now I'm from yeah. Name. Look at look at home pollute. It's (%expletive) yeah I need you share with me the they rescued this you know trying to clean up we're certain reserve posthumous error we can do her Greg Italian sausage and onions. I found that. Sausage and onions that was it that was another big piece I felt silverback had a Ralph as word filter scratch me going now yeah. Well here's a Little League ball was got a little piece skin's own soil. 800 calories there and now spaghetti and Tebow has any ideas probably know I'm Tyler. But all of these. He's girl Russ Russ Astaro at eight. He's done cute he's done out here. I'll be here now all kids can now bill laundries in between my teeth in the other room back home. Because of the big ones man this all Colin. Out there Janine and all be doing a whole can hear more. But you read Jeff I don't think people aren't journalists and I was able. Okay thankful. It was a little less than this let's get. All of ourselves around in the fall. I guess. Arrogant price or the worst. Let's talk about that so. Nine had just to crawl on bathroom floor underneath the stalls and he had did drink the white flush and which is the white Russian down the toilet tank. And then of course we remind you that he also had to do the slim Jimmy wood fat boy yeah. Jeff had delayed the rail in the stairwell and also go asked to pass a weds Babylon. I had 22. Paint balls. Like chewing gum and then I also will be platinum blonde for a week next week courtesy of car these doubts from the Oreo. It's a wonderful maybe I am born when it maybe is mentally at the territorial. The employee health and don't don't go amusement cook right one's head of the others there. In the end tabloid as we just heard eight the ESP getting in feet balls the spaghetti and dads in order view and call it and on top of that had to. I do these slim Jamie. Width not junior who blonde hair to Beirut and asked as for your page as someone who is just sitting here enjoying all this madness. Who had its artist I have the same fat born feet again there is always seem to whores want. I'm meg oh mine's face just got a cold as some have type of career and now my ass. I am looking at from which wind is going to be the most bothersome now you think it's going to be the blond hair I got. Tang and nearly sees who I mean I got issues when it but the one that I think could possibly stage. When that person the longest. Is Jeff and he. Handrail Ariane there are true there that is. That is quite brutal game again it analyze the flu viruses and everything I can't tell the slide down I think we're in a pain it. Has perked up the piece this new salty. Our vitriolic during kind of poorly you'll be sinners and that was following the worst form and why don't do it well. I honestly it was grass sworn got us thinking that Jimmy but you kind of taught yourself out of the when you say what had Bob Ken Hamlin was sterilized and yes I was trying to talk reserve has a shot of vodka in a gallon water. Big deal I do agree there is every week who put the one point two run. I it's so important to leaders for floors so I think Jeff would have to gold medal for the worst. The silver medal. I give all the damn metals grains homo moreover we're very crowded. Mean it's almost the worst yeah. He did I think moms I think it's nine. I think it is time for non voted best for him for pointers that what informally. I think that right now. I'll do the right if you were nice to see the toll the I think anything nine I think probably I had the least worst now I have got my hair blonde yet. Yeah all the way to the other random stairs twice he think he got to the worst is based on the act. Bush I'll just fire right now and crew gloves ageless not due until. Squared off into true crawling on the ground I mean he kind of a double whammy him germs from crawling in the bathroom and then ingesting his body you know the journal now if you are getting the slim Jimmie after I drink out of the toilet he absolutely ordered out of the workers. All the all what you know Monday we did. Big planes we might have a slim Germany pressed. This sure embryos are. I'd leave him are still human hairs and animal mineral total has amassed more fun. It's a good crab you guys Stephan Bonner tomorrow night tomorrow and Estonia burger shivering slightly you're my. Their handlers let him go ahead fastest that's not a good and I hate god. Don't put Joseph heard McNamee didn't. No guests don't Estonia against Sonia and try hours few high school all right very good Paula I Jeff Lewis nail the the gold medal champion of today's scare wall here and see in my get. Get some of that asset Stephan Bonner. Bouncing. Real quick do you like Jeff had the worst because the hair rail but also workers then the paper didn't say ignored anybody ever tell him to let the whole thing. You just did Denzel went you up from bottom to how this just touched down at this time Florida home. If you're here is seen is on FaceBook got personal Jimmy's or get it downloaded from her Glavine on YouTube and all the other social media probably by. Hopefully lunchtime so orchestrated out they are free to go and see Gail we really did all that crap just now in her bid are you're watching rare birdie until Monday we did a family way in I'll be blonde headed. And endeavor by B and hostile to just like that until not death while the lesson month I would take a break and come back right after this right. You're. Guys aren't. Thought he 93 point freedom clay. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're being gol Lou. Our kids are athletes first CEL Mark Zuckerberg from my face stuck. And of course all the controversy with the Cambridge and I America. Data debate. So now there's a study this they really sent face Turkey is now the least trusted tech company by far. And many people are starting to jump on me. Delete face spec. How hard Arizona are an answer so why is it a set before long you're really the big problem. But why is nobody going after the the other company that took. Analytical. And they are asked parent company and nobody did you know. I don't get when you download and hamper share anybody can only do this and I just yeah limit. I adjusted I just assume sort of did they have access to these my information related to that app. I think nothing else right. While it appeared in the if you want panda pop as the we are talking about something that this yesterday and she snapped and said that. There's a web site. And she said in Ireland that there's a website eager to if you have a Google drive her Gmail or something you put in your Gmail name. And they will the website has all the different audio files that Google has recorded you talking. They keeps all of that. He can go and listen to yourself talking when you realize you're getting. And even Zuckerberg sent his own information was compromised any sentence caption. Hit the technology is not perfect and they're working on making sure that things will not be laid down but it's at this point. And the people that have deleted face back from their phone 11% saying they they've taken off their devices because they're afraid of information getting out. And say 09%. Have deleted their accounts completely after the scandal. Some people don't know about. Google is a used to be history are who Broadcom announced my activity not to count anybody with a Google account and log in NC or your stuff. So that's a solid about a search for 133 things today put so much chrome web users is and search image search and maps. You'll see where where all the web sites have been to all. And I saw the news. Or observer it looked at my bank. All the work stuff what is need spin. See that's just good you know. Well any shows on a metal yeah that aren't are who would kill and that scared him but you can you can access all orders are hard the audio files arm. Mean it was a lot. On distance and it came out. Rating if you want to find out at work you work with that deleted FaceBook. There are the ones that are working that's how you can find out who delete on FaceBook they're working for us they're underdogs for things today. They're talking it better. They're not watching dead TV and owns FaceBook at the same time. The shortage and 2:30 am word. Early and another candidate. Evidently the itself so among the new leaks on this study that was connected and it's like our players do. Since then nine who among go higher late. T dozens embarrassed NET US adults this is what they came up with their findings. 2%. And the population in this study do not trust Amazon. As well as fast trumped your price talking to 2% apple. 2% snap. 3% Twitter. 3% ever 5%. Google. And a big whopping 56%. Of these people don't trust FaceBook now. Don't let. We're losing his means slab like 3%. Now they are giving you any reason not trust him boring have they given you to trust them. Corporation goes and they haven't given you reason to trust them why would you. Again I just assume that it's all the end shared I just isn't that. And American corporation you just assume did their of this stuff to foreign always had no business telling isn't okay. And you know we behind. Things online Jesus they convenience of it and we're so raise heat to get our credit cards out on sites that. You know you think it should be trusted but they can be compromised staff. I just wonder how much information is really out there and around way longer relevant part of food cash. You might get around pocketbooks. They just acts like it takes. A major change for Eads is like Elvis people 51% or whatever they'll all be back on FaceBook will be back but it's an iceberg they're there today you know got to do a gender reveal or something they'll be back producers are criminal trial space program people actually quit using its light. The documentary what the hell fat boy and I both watched in it did not change the way we. Metadata that doesn't what what I you know I don't people complain about other TV provider but don't get a different or there's probably differ when you can yeah thing. I used to playing on what I watched their commercials and they show a more updated interface and I am now I imagine everybody complains brother TV provider and then if you go to the other one it's. Comparable service and availability so that is. Yeah and grand marquis yell we we're a nation has complainer is and not doers well I'd say that about self now and I think all of us. A lot of the utilities and service oriented things I don't have the list of in the top priorities and what we like I always the bottom on the tear is. Your cell provider year power company. Or and then somewhere in the middle we don't like airlines anymore. Schoen darling is a way to treat dolls. And then the top tier companies and the only reason why they're the top tier is probably because. People tell you it's great service and you know we trust. Certain companies. I'm shocked that any of that FaceBook can regenerate itself as shocking. His work a few years removed from all the WikiLeaks stuff coming abound and I know the daily talk about the NSA talking. Half that opened my eyes but they've been opened sense site there's not shocking. But people are god this is crazy and the me forget all about and then some similar oh my god I. No sorry haven't a couple of times that you've seen in the last decades you've got about him. So it's a pattern now it. We're actually caring we actually care who actually care what the other times we don't actually hear this stuff. The web page is saying their I kind of agree with you because. Where does this FaceBook mass hysteria come from. This than being scared where does that come from. The media brain. And say that's how it's it's you know are insane here but we're told that won't stray spoke late that's the only one I might we talk about them what about all the other ones then well that's your Alexa. And then REI Jack's team you're gonna like anything where saying like some political thing and then you're getting on these people and her friend's frontier you're gonna lie more and the political information which is when this. I Cambridge and America stuff where have where it started. But the thing is with Americans are worse so the worst so ready to just click on any thing in handled things where. I'm tree near what I'm on the look like in ten years we've all done not in now on faced and we've given a lot of information out and visit and the usually what you look like continues to blow either font face them and madness things where you keep you know that. I'm just using them for iron and an example look at the apps that you down on and on your phone that you trust and other causes sayers though the label and now. We have known for all our time. I'm as young as they used to be an amendment third round 33 year low almost 33 and a half for a long time I imagine it. Anybody younger than me should know this I anybody 33 years of age and below. Should know better than to click on any of those links of the sort pages just I don't know him but I've done an answer is certainly anybody who's like. In their twenties now should know better than that but I was reading something last week that a lot of people followed for the scams arm liberals are gonna grew up. This and they had made. They still fall for them as much as old people do but they should know letter. And if someone hasn't helped your leg not gonna get that out. Don't know where it came from. Yeah I was gonna download something now the other dated some pick converter for video or whatever among phone and then I look at the permissions and it said. This app will be able to go and like and unlike and sir Graham pictures for Eaton. Enlightened. That seems like a little bit too much for permission. Zero I don't know how much Hotmail a lot of weird stuff they all of them did back door commission at the apple phones went to summon the terrorists back and then it. Sam earning Nina case I think in theory have that technology need to get into our phones obviously them. That's why men do and anything. This TV is such write down on paper right out in Vegas I. Found him passed not a suspect it. Well there isn't a kind of useless holiday tomorrow and I hope John never collier acts on the stay its national X. Spouse day. Which. I don't know if you're gonna get a bunch friends together and celebrate that here. You have the next bouncer how you would do you mean you're not gonna cognac spouses say. Additional ex spouse day. It's not a data exists it is. So you're favored big we don't like it doesn't make large Evan Davis don't feel or think about now I can see celebrating your divorce today. But expect house Saturday am well my. Who's behind like yesterday I got that was boxes national broach these days that paying that that Mel association might get that. So what was it in kimbo this and devious person and works. Brands and car manufacturing kind of forced to turn. I don't know. Well. Here's a list of emails Jim Bernard is sort of this you know here's a battery it is national scrabble man Ramon get the Abbie and our CO. While I'm at my house a good day they uninsured letter and win. So budget divorced people work surveyed and they are hashed into names eminent toppings and annoyed them and now there previous partners. So. According to this. That in light the way there X aborted household chores. Onion right here it gimme a break and wait wait until the commercial. Announce that I usually started doing and like I tell does gonna do it. And also. They are financially irresponsible. That happens than a Mary restrain let's say it right they blew all their money that I dress it up like financially here's our here's the actual responses. That. Our glared at my bank account to go drinking or they rob me blind they stole all my money they. Money. If financially irresponsible as the heavy set fat. The abortion are your mind say could only hear what the actual angry exes or certain well you have to go to that party tomorrow Aaron IR. They or control freak. Our dear Max is going to be forming there and timing can be justice trawling enhancements and because both ways. We had a lot of people are control of terminator actually there as well. I can try and control issues there one of the main problems I see an American mountain stars people go to my main daylight this. I mean people struggle for control over themselves or anything alignment lords over the money as the almighty controller. Says he would ex eagle Don Felder money compared to only exes will be there it is just better. Then getting to the top of the list of annoying things a nexus have done. And every soup. Snoring. And do it and so this annoys us more than they spend all the money. Or yeah if he can't sleep at night it's annoying that I love my husband's snoring and I missed him when he nine. And luckily for mad dogs are so not so lonely steady gags had to cancel man. Well White House yeah still that's still there. So here's the number one answer that is really bugs people about what they're actually dale. And the number one answer is selective hearing meaning they ignored them or pretend enough to hear or something if they didn't like it. Am Lynn. A record here's a question I take from all that is there a double edged pornography you always hear my xxx porn but wizard it zagged go from a double what they're about what single ex. I think this is playing I don't and I am now hearing showgirls is single ex was like reform system and go to work of I think triple goes to completion double disk ran into that thing where they're having each other and cuddly. Why they would do on my skin IMAX plant. Really just the and it may not get there. Didn't they don't you know image and never show. This it was always. Did they go Chester Taylor Hicks OPEC quadruple that. I mean I was going to be on the iPhone acts aren't that Israel investigated quadruple ex foreign donor lists. And a. Well Charlize thereon is on the news. And not only is she a good actress she happens to be a pretty good mom and who's honest. Is she is in the news because two days in the valleys on Amazon prime streaming as she's neck irrelevant to now. Now it's the quote that she she put out there. She says as a mother of two kids. She's cannot with some real. Realizations. That millions of parents have before her and she says that children can be quote. Little angles. And it's tramples caucus. Having a kid before I can tell me there as the former child yell yeah. Earlier I ask quote after six years of having my you know against. There's not a day when I wish I hadn't done nest. So sort of morphed. Even know how hard it is and how when little jerks they can be she doesn't regret ever became a mom because I'm not listening Els at this article 30 and our. Let's name it. Welcome one nugget. I'm not gonna order illness known as I was delivered here which you can an excellent. Even thinner places where your kid has been a tall launcher in either an arrest Connor. It's just happened that he still love amen just not this is an elephant be an apparent. And we put him in bed at night you're just plain and some managers need Clinton invented and that I should ascertain as a senior at 6 PM when he's out of. They're hiring their every night and once Jaaber had a job herds spent a lot of time until they come they'd be able to admit the same thing truthfully Aaliyah just. We know I'm 33 are still at times. I'm them. I know peeling gray sweat log in this morning for the first time and I scream that vicinity a slam a phonograph I don't know there. Paterson technical difficulties if your travel is they're still in all the term. Even then there's a lot of tension between the team. But soon you know you won't slide here right not only a stable relationship. A break down early work. But even now with all of the world on how to be a parent nobody can tell you how to be apparent here kid. Became it's always different in every situation we hear ingrained in us let me ask your kid is so different than any other town. Yeah very much so I won't mean knock on wood though mine hasn't given me a lot of those issues. And I don't want that happened. So far she's great she's a three point nine GPA. It figured out this minister has tried a vision he's when he three may I got to find out who's kidding who has I had to. I don't know if I was what support golds only three me out gosh mailing for the president my little tired but that are about a real space jam so. Woman walked in Alsace jam. Good to see him I definitely fired greater name for Brit please if you've heard the mayor reserves are larger group cartoons are aware of now. I wait for sex Toy Story now all of a lot bigger sort of real way known as his 1990 tired is this nation is boo boos and so my mom who is about pleasant birdies at. Always how are ya inning and a message got into this it's not fall. IRA as a very say we gotta don't mean them are in her delegates I'm gonna say very handsome man to start an enemy this weekend just disagree don't. And out of Iraq a page not Rampage a strong things happening on your planet did you think. Iraq is just it's. 341 it's the right next morning she 3.3. Rock. But I hated today it's an honest. But. In I'm not trying to be sentimental here as long as people essentially what I don't sports at all. Truth. It may realize there was prevail like and they seem who loved it may share your check in our YouTube channel and social media throughout the afternoon what have the full. Video of bare wall 2018. And then Monday the song toward Monday's you'd like here's sure Monday is a huge show because we have the return of fat boys way end. That clearly there are about six weeks now. You might know Friday. God I mean on Monday rather Bosnia and so expenses dads has been a while so we'll do that also I'll be blind. On Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. All week for the their Walton and Stephen wonder boy Thompson Ambien when this on Monday as well we'll talk UNC will Todd Connor McGrath got. We'll talk about being a model in New York City. Satellite to go from. The small town assists in those South Carolina to working for a modeling agency in New York all the while being a US cease fire New York's largest insured often girls don't do. What is that like Stephen. We're gonna get that and much much more all the answers from Stevens on Monday but right now everybody's tickets are and those fighters say is thank you jam us tickets on the brain as we get 311 calls free tickets right now. Follow. Don this feels so why should go but there are a year. What was one of the day here's how we talk about that no one had to do today. One than bears we discussed you heard on the show this morning but nobody actually had to do it Willy did like six album so. Text one of those to the Carolina big real dot Comtex crime but number 7341. Again 72341. Ranked third correct. Answer win it's HEK so worsen the rise guys tomorrow morning six until ten and then will be back Monday as we said. Tabloids 5 AM rise treasury one we'll go live to six page Iraqi or next. Thanks for a list and be careful this weekend have a blessed day tickling dads do. Just a new wow. He's free points radio I'm glad that. And you.