Brent Smith of Shinedown - 9/2/16

Friday, September 2nd

Paige gets up close and personal with Brent Smith of Shinedown!  Don't forget to catch them at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville with Five Finger Death Punch, Sixx A.M. and As Lions on Monday, December 5th!


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Joining me any studio today is one of my favorites strap man from shined down Brent Smith Robert Trent getting here for you again. So the last time I had UN dairy in steadying hand use and that's you don't live the rock and house lifestyle and yeah as a fan my guys and kind of boring but look at the people you're gonna on tour with 6 AM five singer Beth plans I think here again I get ready to have one wild time. Well yeah I mean and that is battled it out for a year now or go to our our sport single on the record caught outage. But we've been in works with this tour with five finger death punch that we're going to be doing and this ball. For about eight months now we've been want to do a tour with them for quite awhile. As far as you know. That you can't have a mutual respect for each other but going into touring everybody scheduled off and everybody's out cycles were a little bit different but. You know what we're we're finally going to be able to put it together and and and go out this fall and were extremely excited about the fact that. In my opinion it. It's going to be the biggest arena tour of the fall I mean it's a massive production had us. And bopping your gut punch 6 AM and brandy bank of outline and and I think people you know there they're never gonna get their money's worth so what's changed would mean I mean we're we're still torn we're doing what we always do out actually think or. As boring. I think we've we've got a little cooler. Actually right now I mean I've got about a day I'd been not tomorrow. We're heading to Michigan to take care ratio but can we go to South America for the Berry burst by Brazil go to Brazil. And I believe. And it's Argentina. And then. Here we come back up and we got about three weeks off we're going to be working on new material ago. To Japan to play loud part for the very first time that we come back we got about or days off we go and cute dress rehearsals article headlines over five finger death aren't shifting him and outlined in battle starts on October 18. I am I'm trying to remember when we're going to be in your neck of the woods. So what is Greenville gonna see at the well. Well we just decided that we're going to just open the production up and and really do some things that we haven't done before really give a lot of special spec that the audiences. We just want their eyes to be really big and I would sort of put you know put their Java on the ground you know what I mean I didn't. It's it's that it's that good that show that we're doing. Is something that for me I look at it like you know I am forever in the third grade what I mean by that is of acute art and I remember being in the kidding going concert and when I start to see certain acts and certain bands really no way above and beyond when it came to production and of course the music was great I love the spot but they really took an emphasis in the production. Ended beta attack that wild back there and just paying that you weren't expecting to get and just in tent city. That's or bring in what is Charlemagne all of the I thought to be corny and cheeky would Zeljko or bring in all the bells whistles that's not exactly or it is there there's definitely a lot of really called special elements to this show but it's definitely not done before at a lot of interaction with the crowd. And it's just very over the topic water rock and roll show a true over the top rock and roll show should be at a great orbit because it really of the tour where rock and roll meat heavy metal because. PodZinger got a gonna bring it just as much as we do and you know the other two and built six amateur app which is the big package and I hope people are ready sport like I said before you're you're dead or don't get your money work. And you create the sound amendments. I knew I idea created and I do creators that is that your cracked. Eight year wanna my favorite lyricist is in and you always write songs that just. When I hear like and pro am butterfly it's not the interpretation that you probably. We you write about for me it was like when I first heard about songs like. I have my father died and I never got to say what I wanted to say so when I hear that that's his current polls in my heart strings and we nearly. Riding very endearing. This very sweeten its very endearing and that that song in particular crow and the butterfly. That is what it about it that out lied that was part of your MI that app arm. And you may have not gotten the chance to say everything that you wanted to skate but it really the essence of the song. It's about that person that has gone and you. You know beyond that and as you know no longer on the air anymore that that they understand what I meant and and they understand that you love a man and that everything go Eric. That it's apparent things song that that that hole. Everything about that song came to me. And dream and who is very unique but yet that that's all of the special quite. And somebody told me when someone passes are gonna get a signal that it's okay and my grandmother loved butterflies and she died. I was out in the mountains and I sought to. On monarch butterflies come. It's flying together wrapped into the sky and act on it as a sign. That she's okay I I would rank. I would 100%. Stated that with a sign that says that the beautiful store yet there is you know there is big distance that we have on the circuit the Berry magical it has been very. You know everyone I think should really take the emphasis to be grateful for the get go golfing event by being able to be on the circuit it really is an extraordinary place can be chaotic I can also be very extraordinary there's always signs and symbols. You know all around us you know that's that's the beauty of life than not and that's part of living you know eventually. One day we're all gonna passing all of our next journey but while we're here you know you gotta make of it. I just wanted to tell you that when I found that I mean I listen tie your stuff is I know you you wave back ram and you guys are just out of your little banner around and and let's see now. And each end so. In riding and I know there's a lot of political stuff going on and you know Dunlap Zacks said that. The last land threat to serve I was little angry air in what interaction do you think your writings going to be dying for the next CDT think you're going to be angrier heavy chains have fun and loving it. You you know a cute and it does it depend on are you reading about world events are just personal experience. I have to write about a bit get on the main lyricist in the band I have to write about what I know what I've been what I am going back time. I can actually open that a billionaire mom. It has become from the very real place with me because that's the way I've always end. I've always said this guy I write in I. I write lyrics and I write songs because it's cheaper than therapy. I. A lot of times Armenia at I'm frustrated about something or I need beacon base something I'll ride it out and output and saw the way I've always done it on those aren't like connects. Album that we put out you know. Like I said we're gonna go and South America and they were gonna come back we've got about three weeks candidate that we had that three weeks. Off and we decided we were gonna count ago and then and see you are ahead where and see what we came up where so. I'll kind of figure out what we're going to be in. This first round of of writing that we're doing and hear about two weeks but. You know I I just have to convey. Pure emotion and I have to convey passion and you know look at this song where I am frustrated or I'm upset about something and I need to convey that I think that that's well convey a bit more about a positive message or it's more about it are the government situation that I have encountered and that makes it can't just make up. And you're not right about you read about anybody in your life day you wouldn't wanna tell them that that song is it took them. And I Taylor stood. Like. I think of them put for the majority that the people. That have come and in my mind that. If I've written a song specifically about them that they they know it. They they know that it's about them yeah these are you know prayer partner you know beer for batter or in different. Yeah I've always kind of been honest about you know it's interesting. And I think back to what Adele went through on her lap record not just Karl but the last one. When. That whole record was about potentially a break up. And the gentleman that she was deriding it about I mean he was trying to. Get as much money is returned out of our country would like I taught in writing a song that always saw Europe balcony. Hey sand I actually don't know what what happened with that but I know she did build works with that because I mean that record sold I think it data on fifteen million record demeanor current ones. Integrated B I diamond which is ten million but yet those type of thing it's interesting in the industry are when you write a song about someone lit. Yeah isn't it it's not a nice songs sort of thing you can't look at a map. Asia or marry. It or you're just our seniors and I I like the tribute that you did to Scott while and I know that you toured with them and and don't take this the wrong way. And I just want to ask you this question because I thought about this myself going to us you know aren't. What it's. You want people to say about you when you passed Heidi want your legacy to be remembered. I want people to. I want you to celebrate. Who I was then you know what I what I gave society and the legacy left behind because I'm not perfect by any means. And I never will be an idol wannabe. But I wanna be remembered as a good man and a good father. And our good friend the and also somebody that gave back to the human spirit and to go civil will that we all have a human being live everyday like it's our last. And to enjoy life as you've been given net. So that's what I don't wanna be remembered orbit and it I mean I don't arbatov morbid question her our I would take every ball past potentially. But it's what you do here on earth why you're here that that's what's important. I just fun people they know how hard I work for them how much I cared about them. And how much I tried to make things matter and everybody's life. Yeah absolutely I mean you have to reflect sometimes on yourself before you're gonna be able you know show the rest of the world you know who you are mean that's the way outlook. I don't understand widget spam but. It's good to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you're you know it cured living a life that you. You wanna live you know it's good to it it does nothing wrong with wanting to leave. An amazing legacy you know that that there's not there are at all. Thank you Britain's man and real rosy December 5 add bonds a core wellness arena with 500 asked times and 6 AM. My absolute pleasure and again thank you so much for all the support it never goes unnoticed and will you got very great and bogeyed your show the lack our thanks so much per iChat that. Thanks you by Brent.