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HeadBandZ for Carolina Rebellion tickets: A brand new Candid Phone Scam from Jeff Lewis Neal: Headlines


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Android or iPhone just simply to free 41 and we'll say to a download link in the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and and interact with the rats gags ninetieth street calling dream than plan that. No sign is very easy. None a little longer and your songs yeah and me. Movies then. You're you're a man soon oh. It's. New. Giant is Saturday. Non Rolando Cruz mom. Yeah and I can move here. Am. And the John moving news says today where guys are and just load. This. More than everybody. Morning morning morning morning. When Stevie. Is December 62017. Idea. Yeah this is lieutenant Chris is music music where you were. Clearly clearly drinking yeah or emerged Rochus on nearly always tastes just I can't. RS don't taste good but I have to listen to jazz because is expensive right. You play better route around Ralph burn Newton has served all right. Do we need to say hello to that we can may be quickly say hello to everyone he's playing minutes. I was first goatee Shelby and told to rock kill brocail good morning. Aren't you you're paired with each. Y and rock Joseph you wanna go to airliner 1002018. I would imagine. No I don't go home on man. Stress on May waste my kids and make Smart and I would. Yeah rock I tell us how how. Can you do if you middleweight big bracelet. Beatles rock jail time I thought I hold on right. And when he stated. Let's go to tailors and talked to. Nor are you. I'm more worried about trial Dylan wail you wanna go to rebellion not imagine. I know there are utilized the only definite need these thugs pictured you place and they picked I see you take frat boy. Well all right. I mean yeah Dover I don't know leftovers are and regardless how strange. This training centers because it not root for her. Yes she needs vacationers who are actually as she does take her own tour they are if you start Partridge Family man. Chris is in shelty Chris good morning. Board I don't Dylan well sir you and your rebellion yes. All right and you and you chose Jeff Lewis now. How can get later I can't thank our hold. This game is in just wheel house feel inflation get out. Com thanks to consider partridge rarely since they're from North Carolina now Tuesday address and like I think probably cartridge in the same chartered this early out. All good. How are you. The cartridge and so let them valid analogy and I don't call them I and then nine you are paired with great court stereo and actually had actually. Thank you. Did we go to lag would not say he's doing these tickets and have. I'm not a bad guy and I can't debate all week after getting back to bottom out at seven yeah. I don't know that I am but they are gonna get. You out. Broke her arm bridge or gang of it I'm actually here nine national. This isn't it a dead three year old enters your two year old niece she served. I mean look up they are tough for me are paid to win their guest now. Odd pounds via all veterans and my cartridge and all right so the way we play and I had to headbands don't you ask okay I think you're so this moves I made up all they had dancer Christmas characters. Com. How how would just what judges should I don't come around and placed among heads snap there. As put it. Cards are sent a man who stood up innings walking him or her rounds out his plans. I struck him out in this spot. I mean I certainly don't. Know saying guys don't let them win or okay yeah. Yeah just a moment and former aged yeah. Stop. Stop. Right. The page is an advantage and makes me feel our Allan ray scanners now I don't know though me Lindsay stopped stopped. And their lives of her well once completely attention you know anybody where. I understand that it. May exist stop. Stop. He got that I'll stop whatever at ease this problem stuff. I. I don't know he's all right I don't know decided look we can't deny ever got a lot of elderly and seem to stop stop. Knowing happy birthday to where's Kelly as they were lucky charms tenure. At birthday rusty. Aren't well well well I don't generally guards all India. This is weird I know what everybody else has but I don't know what I'm yeah. Can't see what you are right so. I'll tell you that you all have follow your heart jump. And they all say. A desk and you eat there that everybody knows all the different characters are. You just start with questions and the first person making give it will win Carolina rebellion tickets for. As if he won their match with produce arts for a place fat boys first is that we get the first question. In my character from the Bible. You know my page. MI a man or woman. A man. Yeah tomato. On your question. In my real person her fictional character. Fictional character. Yeah drink of about that same name collection is that your question yes yes. Bluntly from the North Pole. He. Now now. Pace. We're playing Christmas head bands they have characters on their head bands they don't know they don't know who they have only what everybody else. Paired with a and my cartoon character news. MI male female or under. You were female. And there. And in what feels the jets are eight. In my from a big tell her small town. I think that's small. I think it was I don't know I don't know I don't. Screens are here. And aside I don't know who in my also cartoon character. Yes. Page. Thank you head for earlier you turned down zero I have many relationship to Sana clocks. Judges I mean I I don't hear the Charlotte. Now. Now. One of these only Buddhist. And what unanimous settlement Buddhist. There's when you look and a. Oh lord needed. Okay they're voicing perplexed it reminds him gore also that big jets seemed to gated after hourly. I'm glad city. My old or young young men there. In my cartoon character. You have been. But there's also been live action characters of years. Dance. Efficient cared even displayed both place kicker both circuit and sir Lancelot had passed tell me in my famous sound drop you like to play on your little gimmick or over there. Now him. Pace is my first name and then he's there are hardly have to look not even close. To me jag jag gauge. Christensen advance. Very animated or live action. I think that to listen in does. My yes say yes I as silly now that absolutely. And both. Then I can I can do it real quick but I think it's growth. Look at affords them or I can do. Yeah. Moon among the course today has been both those he's been both as well and staff. Can you some brandy right now. And I've been in peace. There's been movies that your character's been and certainly absolutely still official cared or both cartoon and live action. I'm gonna have to stars give in some damn clues my head's dress okay. Are gonna guess summer 00 well you two extra barrel on the money branch. Hey there grants. Page in my hand elderly person. No hidden. Yeah. Now. Did you have a guess she said gas absolutely he's still in the game of course that anybody in this single group. I'm nine. Yeah all of them into. Mail has been a lot of action and the latest Hollywood they don't. There was no Santa here. While I can't. I think there's nine who was playing with her actually migrate toward an early. Look alienation just got out. Do. You. Are and what is Turkey. Thank you know it through congress even more Nellis and institutional yeah. Congratulations. Tell her right before the. Patients hold on national. Now Celtic is these kids now savvy way and pages partners is still lasted either one of you wanna go. Taking gas and that maybe we get some kind of give her if the end if you get it right we are very aggressive suited. OK so you can go and look we're gonna hurt her okay. Breath for a jets' first known that some of these okay then page is minor and Clark aren't like cowboys. Are Rudolph now. Let's go rapid fire real quick. For our tactics. Is there is TV unit remain anatomy many of the are more than anybody else have different your wife or will be the will to win the premier passes to the last Jeddah this Star Wars December 15 Hollywood twenty. I think among the questions off of my cousin Eddie now. No not. You are your impressions and my same neck. Now. Almeida Mark Martin yes he's already asked that they are did their influence it right now what you asked Nicholas I wrote down notes okay. I'll tell you a clue on yours nanny tell major clue and hers okay are. Fat boy. Year old. You're not number one and number two. Page. You're the reason for the season. They're going to guess whenever in my doesn't. Your building her own as a Hamilton and I Jesus pages. More than your mr. hanky. Your Christmas present. Only moments. Well let's once again. Regulations page you have Jesus is Jesus have you. Every single minute every. Hi Def jam he may get less jet ride tickets after the premiere medal goes to. Rock Hill around Kelly Diaz seventy has. There aren't perfect also we'll take a break come right. Okay. You've ever wondered if decision not to. H fastball away 93 pointer in Atlanta and cry. Rise guys morning show good morning GA it is. 730. By the way we did not point out Jeff was mrs. Claus yeah. Chip business calls fat boy who was mr. hanky page was Jesus and nine was. The work. Yes you were there when consumers simulates true here. Pat what did you not know loosen you lose we're all trying to confuse me and harassing the the start pursues front the grid graphs a scratch after her. The size to a monster right yeah there weren't and now now. Boy that's a game that he can do is not have to buy and make your home aren't. Yeah yeah I mean literally waiting we growth index cards down and we did she is the actual head bands from the game that helped. He got a ball okay. Era where backwards with a snap back Derrick or you're durable and just cut the top ball so he's got a brand of hat yes. Just got the thing that makes you when Matt Williams real sample. Real simple and local home. As well I'll goes on and you bet that'd be a that's a fun game to play at a Christmas party earlier by each team now curtail his sword and I think it might be good to now. And you will get the impression that gave us hours later more. Jeffrey yeah they're branded phone scam I do Christmas orient you. Senator when when I swear to god and our heart don't have a clue what does that really really down well. You know it's Christmas seasons there's deals going around everywhere. And I decided to call my. Grandfather. And offer him some deals for the Christmas season and can mostly would take him up on the offers. It's our eyes it's a review or we just gonna exhibit this thing. Going to a new review. Fuhrman we dig dirt I think anything we do the show is up for review to some extent I usually right OK here is brand new jets lose they'll Christmas candid phones can't. Oh I Tom hazard on Merrill crest Thursday. Prior to Turkish how thank you thank you so much out my name's John and I'm Gaal was sent a special shops you got yourself beyond light the G Dayton's Tom. You know you don't have a young like any you know are we do not bear fruit Hogan was our night. All the what's remind. I don't know you don't know orchard girlfriends and I may ask. All okay well that no matter because we got some deals for you Tom and I'm going to tell you exactly what they are you can actually surprise your girl. If you won't too because this is it this is the season to be jolly indie ranch stomped so what's gonna happen is we don't give these deals are you ready for days. Give me some older less drag Cindy Olson and eagle eagle have some of the best deals in the world or Tommy raise the base. Don't know. What you tell them I got mail Soria. Why aren't they don't well that's trauma me about tell he'd relax a little bit Tom normal savior little miss some not guys now here's a guy. On missile we got bigger and Roger OK guys that's a that some for you out there slick sick licks it all right have you ever heard that. Okay and then there's the rock. That's another one. You heard those Tom. OK I dual laser actually. What Lazar called his Bob raiders and idea they go reversible so he can watch. Yeah Bob Wright are. Out. Had went out. And. 00 my god where I don't get past twenty seconds. That loom. And the holy Moly. I think she's that came out of nowhere Dennis is not intended for eight. And doing their Merry Christmas and now you but the use ask him earthly thought that I did say bills yeah there's Reynolds I don't know mayoral. I think with the that. All of a lot of regular fueled it does is cut in here and systems are our goals here now. The real one of the big driving here from Dallas engineer took what. The only answer and so we know we have less okay well I don't remember lawyers how can act. All right so what is he still and Evelyn. That I don't know because it threw me off you're. And the so I don't know if he's bouncing back and forth between Evelyn and seen the her what I don't while Mike and sisters. Oh caught scandal the one that is going to pull yes. Oh it was an assistant aren't let's let's check him live but the scam series at an Earl if you'll enter because this is it this is the season. Be jolly indeed branch stomped so what's gonna happen is we don't give you some bailed you ready for days. Give me some old Annette Strauss and they also an eagle eagle have some of the best deals in the world or Tommy Brady's place. Don't know. What you talk about I got mail Soria. Why aren't they don't well that's trauma me about Mattel he'd relax a little bit Tom -- mostly be a little bit of some not guys. Now here's a guy. On missile we got bigger and Roger okay thanks that's it that some for you spread their slick sick licks it all right have you heard that. Okay and then there's the rock. That's another one you heard those top. Okay dual laser actually. What Lazar called his Bob raiders and idea they go reversible so he can watch. And a bottom right here. I had quite an op in. The. Yeah yeah. And on and the whole world. I don't say every single week and every single one out here are easier followed many you know man. I you know does this. Not recognize you when Matt. I sit there and listen that I'm sad and think it like I wonder if he realize that you and I says why are talking to you without saying these talk and you. No this does he'll call me like a letter on the day it is asking me you. And you never reference to calls and I'm no never will the baby you you know London no counts that it's gonna stir some. We'll get an update on avalanche and the denial about the man gets together. And I did to senator Thad Allen's great yeah. I'm gonna grow larger and I'm like did you couples will get it Mozilla's not too long it was perfect and that. What do when meg is up on the podcast Levy editor now. Gotta do what you heard here. My plutonium to be well after. Our job Jeff thank you kinda it was done we. Tell you people text and tweet everything saying good job all right well I'm glad motive for the negativity and ain't there isn't headlines on page right after this. In this into the rest guys and your mobile. This saviors of upstate morning radio on the net. And agents enjoy the rise jags are under any free points freedoms. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're big blue. I happen and Honolulu live. I got stabbed Israel made for not bringing tears to his party. This a 61 your own guy named John little from Honolulu he isn't a party on Sunday. And Israel may came home to join and but that was a big party found because he didn't have any beer. Saddam was so upset that he stabbed his roommate in many. Oh wow how Iowa's mumps spot back in the day. Bid. Same guy would have the remains to say guys step in Naples plus out plus Germany and it didn't say I stab his German computer. They're from our country this guy was hospitalized with a twelve and stab wound on his legs are Helen is having in the name also saying. They get a big nanny if you Stanley in the me it is it's well why don't you stab me more than the made as many bad days now. So Don was arrested for attempted murder and I have been and a manifesto roommates and friends that's coming not you know. Miss you get Christmas present this year it's yeah that's one of the girls ever marry. Right and happens. Definitely. Pizza Hut is that got a new delivery item that people may love this holiday season. You know I'm stiff competition and the pizza facts right. Yeah yeah. And pizza husband are always looking for ways to get over on the other person that in the market that they're competing against him and I Domino's Domino's Papa John's. Just think he general what happened to. Peace and deliveries brokers are the big thing is debate what you're seeing thirty minutes or its free ear our urged prayers sermon and are ordered pizza man it took like two hours to get their house you know there's no more team I let it takes for ever read it I mean. Unless you're too drunk to draw I you should just go get it and save a lot of time. All of my tip here's a question and free agent Gary Brent. Well yeah. I mean should I can. Did not get a chance I mean pieces 'cause I don't wanna go anywhere yeah I mean you really play our head like Malibu Sunday into our. I never know I had far ahead that that I'm going to be under. Yes sir seniority and for ninety minutes you just pace around getting angrier and angrier as you get progressively more hungry ya that again that might just be that man problems I. I'm sitting salad bar and just pull up a chair. You stayed far. Well also what is a great plan that pizza hands pizza that happens they're going to deliver beer to your house. Yeah he started to do and your delivery service in Phoenix. And you can now order six packs along wait your pizza. Yeah not so so no extra charge anything but you're gonna have to pay for the beer and. Don't think it is reason out there and then most the Dave Morin delivered pizzas at this point are drinking. Effort and they release to offer them delivered Vero Beach is one of the few foods that I like to drink beer way yeah its church home I have a lot of sense now why why do you fight against a calendar and clear whether. Did you get a drink milk pizza. Hi all I drink. My daddy wouldn't during a couple whole milk with Pete sick anyways the weirdest thing are urged to me. But every time he ate pizza which wasn't often but every Jeremy ABC Brigham big glass of milk when they did this it was weird to me. I don't know for sure and and an old southern man thing your niece is only guy whoever did then grossed me out man I can't despite CNET. Gotta have some wings with a beer here. Can I follow would you drink sank when when we get a fish camps and she's like crap coffee any fish and also. Could this could have and I am I. Since some of the worst number twos Manama this. It was an buttermilk urges plain milk with a pizza this brick home so all your boys my grand dollars and one buttermilk and they. Kind of the corn bread and group in the glass and onions import all have a whole lot of redneck know say yeah I read it I. I don't cormorant not a million down ask. It shows you some. On amateur that is glossary with onions and the nice amount serrated takes a deli where Jeff was saying to prepare harbor yeah that's my daddy did and it is you know. There's an entire now if there. While they're gonna expand and other markets sense them you have to go anywhere which is again thing on a scale. Now light would Wal-Mart delivery will they deliver beer also. I mean it'll be the guy he's the grocery a couple times or our trainer Jerry dampening if you beginning of wall martyr anybody. Groceries delivered. The same as you can drive the house. We don't have to leave anymore ever I charge you remotely in downtown San that's probably and they didn't. If you lose you still have to go get it you have to leave home. Usually when I'm walking distance yeah. Wolf tonight voters are launching a new feature and they're doing this because they wanted to cut down on distracted driving. So what they're launching as a new feature in their cars where you can shop. For items length and components. Gas stations. That they touch screen on your dashboard. Original less distracting is there scroll around look at where I wanna eat well maybe it's better than people looking on their towns if it's on and dashboards. And funny units at a touch point I. Just look around and pick something you see. Wrong to say and then if you're out driving about town near hungry just look around. And pick something you see. And here amendment does drab green yeah. If you know what you thought just look around or draw I'm doing prize is an adventure features you're you're in somebody would give her restaurant. I'm relaxed answer a simple it is hit the button there. So it's not like Kerry immunity scroll to the right and left to find what you're looking for either restaurants are you shopping. Areas are in gas stations. I you know people look at them all like the road and stay or edit and scroll and one more screen in your life in this Darren is still high traffic. What do you need to head that it's actually heard this knee pad but it's a screen so wanna send there. I know you as well Yemeni there as early in the phone any luck or you know ladies need to get your phone screen projector you windshield. IPhone have their pay my guys that way then that's they had your mile per hour it would reflect on to the do the windshield and they took it away exits and it was entered you know and distracted people open. So GM they admitted that they created it because the stores are ups and that you don't be too young to spending hours. In traffic so this will issue to them faster story. This stores are upset that you cannot shop while you're driving. So does the retailers are trying to make it so you can shop while you drive out that's the goal isn't to make your life any easier way to make anybody any savior safer. This is because. Paul size and we're not selling enough food to people who were driving about we have to have been shopping all the time mom. Okay this stuff. We'll look Mooney and they're saying that occasion can be staring at your fountain Bobby stone distracted. I don't ask us. All this Clinton an up on your dash camera here essentially because the way it displays in the town looks like when you put your phone drive mood he's one of those things for yeah it is almost like bad period can simple kind of streamlined. But it's there. Is. I don't run out of marriage any even Wii shop all time. Even on your GPS it says not to do while you're driving and you some common sense do before and paying attention. Even in traffic. Now we have to bear ordered bird we can't. Sit and figure out where to go away after removing and figure out where to narrow where could be on the way there while we figure out where we're growing. Soledad. If you ignore it you don't really yet. Yeah. Iran's I don't you have to find out they can hang around and asking just candidate touch screen easier. At your mind again if you're traveling and. Finally let me put it own. At swim Biden and maps and things like that France is a finally put the hood miles per hour on the air yeah I'm always sought that should be on the air in Abkhazia have been summer driving the hell out of how fastest speed limited certain. You know when you when you dial up something on there and Google Maps or any album and it tells you how long thank you get there yeah Ali as you speak like how to get there. But they're always been they know people forever but if you just calculated. Play it I don't know it tells me is like eighteen minutes to work in the morning. So that means I have to be speaking like hell to get here or at least. Going well and stayed limit the whole way in order to get here now amount of time. Yeah ever accidentally hit walking like Augusta I think seventeen hours to get worked out couple. Can jump guards and there is amazing how fast you grab my places and asked him. And you know. Didn't mention. The. Plus there's accidentally hit a bicycle thing on the masses see how long it take it right here well not nearly yeah yeah they can do from downtown grand iron TR. In the swamp rabbit there towards I want it at the stupid well items and there's certain parts flour I've that he paddle faster. As the fuel parents but camera. Well there is a new study done about Christmas skimming by over 2000 adults and eight down you ready for an estimated he is on other worst president gamers at Christmas and we have a list. And the worst Christmas presents you think it. Number one. Well. So borrow against that. You're ever receive so runnerup. The want to Murrow then I've never seen so borrowed in person in my life a camera every sound every your discussed it's about don't drop it to semi is gone in our last. A scarf is also a terrible. As it may be sending an anchor Bernard where you're ordered my neck is cold like a script and I don't grow our criminal British foreign and Hank Christians. I don't know infineon unique. You know every game players and for him aren't him pocket school trips. These things. It is error error that a certain RO wherever he's somebody says so Boehner wrote I always feared in John Boris Boris. So yes well Matt is our boys born is always here to match. Reynolds tells us and terrible gas case and also left candle to them I always want them. And that and then leave Marty seen my phenomenally that's been fraud and it sending gives you these important grades at. We bring you ice gives you a movie they know you like they got you candles Goodyear also let wet and also that you just being an integrate well. Also our T shirts with funny clever and spurn inspirational sayings on them people don't like about why analyst Jeff got Matt you are. I minister Geoff damning last year I like going to said I am a big piece of this case you're not I am the Blake and or certain world's greatest part of the world transformed and the ones says police nominated. On this. Sox are also terrible gaffes and shocks. Yes a little sun yeah if you don't ask you aren't sure terrible give you need to next time you get socks. Don't complain that some dude who's been in the military about get socks for president he'll set you straight national. So also bounds slopes. Or a bottle of bubble bath if I don't like and unlike anything found. Any yeah but to your female white candles and named bubble bath and enough to do snow is does that are sound and wanna get as a gift. Salts are easing of some of these bat bonds calls yes that's farms like ten dollars apiece so I've got my expert in your life. A. I don't I had about the body org there's dissolved and I can use that I don't have the body disagreed gift and making birdies over ten bucks animal snow and other. This terrible gift. It's surely a tree can't. But about 10% of account. I'm giving them the Manning care kits for a guy for instance I was around and I yeah our money and libraries I can't that fray campaign he liked that Dan really. Are pending deal and clipper things there. Mourners clipper whenever I still don't mortal males I think he does merit. And the worst president and you can receive is actually planning. But that's kind of add to you what's going. Is your mom's not gonna like the same thing that you're gonna like it's usually you can load you don't want people clouds and. Unless it's like your kids or something. Are you man Amadou assured Nora. Yeah I didn't T shirt for duties cold and it. Long as you get it right size so much favorite gifts are teachers and some of the best gifts I give people are teenagers or about a dude get another duel didn't jewelry. No now. And you know my. Relationship there towards OK okay aggressive and get you the same thing that Eminem Elton John. Really yeah. Lauren. Girls. I'll keep each other and I hope I'm like an odd thing isn't as your eyes and hope. 3.3. Thanks.