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A brand new game from the Mind of Maffew, The Thirty SecSpert: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids can travel. Listen to the rise guys morning snowboard many time. I'm just download the weather that we're instant access to the latest rise guys like gangsta rap as guys. Page is very excited about stone cold. We Austin. Stone cold we'd Austan good morning it's a rise guys is not as six. And it is good let me give you catch you up on what's happened on the show so far. First of all it it was decided have ways to bears tomorrow would be won the chop. Across the chest. From my professional wrestler. World champion tag team champion. James Drake. You'll have met Jeff. We'd like to immensely girls are gonna see your share those war. While. There's rumors you so much higher than. I use today is a hairy chest and I write apple does is all right in new bids senator I got a dollar. A number Reynolds here yeah you do your banking firm orders is more concentrated burnout literally only have migrant. Redmond read between them when he said Burt Reynolds hair my chest is I mean it was like into may go all over I delegate Jay Leno stone to them. There are diplomatic shirt collar down in the French are you all Manchester. How does someone can only faced a lot of them are is your online video this morning and asked if you're going for the David Letterman didn't. All the garbage you should play now. He says sorry sir you you should be a Santa Claus this year for real that thing that you don't even I mean like some issues here and you're. Arafat or Mel Gibson now and are they grows they sweet. Girls are white beard and a member of course that's why I'm on anti America that's you know I was going to be usually right. Columns. So better be going down as well as the eating of AP gold paid testicle. Tab will be doing that more video way. Now we've also got it set that we can see both parts of the bare wall video wise all you need to do this text bear DEA ARE. 272341. Was senior Matt most links and a good. Then we read it really sad he marrow and then we talk about fat boy's mom. Not getting along with other women and then we get into women in general not liking other women in. And and here we are now. We said earlier that we're gonna do we had a new game idea. The new game idea. Shouldn't we just do it for the first time to win the prize on the blindly we get to a couple listeners on their plane and we've never even done the game for. I thought is that we still beta test run through if you we'll. I thought I tore her fall caught her and quicker they'll end. Gains on the radio we few we all wet towel off power too sweet to be how. Top Hogan not made it. Swear that's what the great dusty roads have risen zero illusionist or four. So this is a run through of a brand new game called V thirty east expert the thirties expert. Does anything to do with six no gives you mind that the gutter. The pattern at all aides say combination word it's the 32 expert. At thirty sex for you know. What a fun little W those double entendre a double. As they gobble. It's double price or here's the waiting game is played we'll have two people play then there will be three judges. Because. He wants tough you know that's why god did it that way with a father and son and host air is safe they have are you know some are. A photo on it you know. You never voted against daughter. You know can we do an example real quick sure offer when completely analysts feel we are in normal Turkey. And yet. Fat boys talked for an expert like thirty seconds on the Clemson Alabama championship football game. Those gray game gray drop by Clinton this is sort of the end they were down you know I didn't sit. Roy says look you don't try to do it is Alabama defense less than two minutes. By god they did with a couple timeouts but are protocol the game winning touchdown all of played it wasn't pick. I can tell you those completely legal and damn if Intel's if Vick is a whiny bitch. And data national championship there's really perfect Sais. A did it that was not an asset that they either like you nanos come out well well done. Honoring cruise jokes I was scared he's gonna try to may have gone on to it me or they did not make him only through a score and Karina. And that's far prefer for a boat and I said I is that who would you like to see beaded two folks have play and then three judges. You want you wanna be a judge Allan you'll be doing your your term when January 1. Judge fat weight and annual bill all the judges Eddie Jones. I think it's. But they nines and you just pleased as Jimmy RA history books search each GMT plus has games grandma we'll Houseman envious of anything different surgeons are sure. Two years in house. I say the other judges. What did you manage to be just slightly trees and still the fact candy I dodged the right yeah. Slam usually get out the morning. Despite ourselves. Hi this is a pretty determined to stay this is easily MPs there was corner. So we judge fat boy judge Jimmy jet sexy a campaign that means or two contestants were his words and dissect how well a major hit two contestants are paging jet shock. That's a fact answer Toews soccer and chess all right so you remember now. Two contestants we have bad this page in GF three judges judge fab would you Jimmy judge may and then three rounds out cash. So. Pagelet your first. Sarah should check it thirty seconds you guys that thirty's expert you got to speak as an expert. We wanna be an expert but just Buchanan coach Tom map kind of thing fat boy what. There was like you know man on the street think has great this is okay. Paid a New York first round. That you get to speak. And again I can no trauma to thirty seconds is. Concussions in football go. Well it's didn't talk to now with dense forest with two children that are going to school many parents do not want their kids to play football. And a lot of B pro athletes are deciding to retire because of the problems with concussions. Many of them are giving up careers because face it it's not worth the cost of losing. Here alone if overcame passion. This page with concussions all of you your fair. She wins nineteen sec I'll second social work halls okay since nineteen seconds it's hard to get along he's tall I thought and whenever I'm sorry. There's one and I'm behind that means ninety. Our nine. Give jabbed his first round. Is that thirty sex bird brand new game beta test Jeff Burton and your first category you have to speak like an expert for thirty seconds. Sort of global warming in her case. Well global warming. I don't Jesus Christ global warming up through but I can vote format and I. And he had no idea about global warming. Check the full got a whole earth. It's wrestle mania you vs global warming me vs global warming and hurricanes. Why now that the kids get tired from the two together it. And I'm drawing a blank for connecting miss it crippled today. I'm Jim and I phones do as good as senate with fireworks tonight he was a seven seconds since. So long one what we do is we add oppose Iran last night he sent a major killing. Of round two page therapies expert. For thirty seconds. Speak like you know you know which talking about when it comes to North Korea's threat of war against America. Well North Korea some folks say that's. Jim John and his posture and that he will eventually. Reached an agreement with South Korea and maybe negotiations are in the works with China. But because our president Dante trumpet and Kim John Boehner are both using them at the press TU. Escalate this this. Nuclear threat that many of the countries like Japan China even Germany or stepped in and hope to negotiate. They went full thirty seconds. But there was there or did this some kind of the some kind of a folk Paul mayor that was made our service or his first serves in Kim Jong-Il to his choice it can join hundreds. It's funny because it's fun did you seek a dog and I don't now are. And I served those keeping score right now pages winning 49. To seven very powerful Morgan hook. One way you have to play Japanese say the smoke this weekend. Williamson or everybody's I'd be tomorrow and your red came through drugs that are coming home. It did early issue tonight yes yes round suit. Yours. Jeff speak like an expert at thirty seconds on the iPhone next the iPhone X well he able. Gadgets they come out yet you have your android's you have you have your Samsung yep everything that comes out but on the side phone telling you what. One of the one of the things is really good about it is your face time via facetime iPhone iPhone not only that but if you're this. The speed of this thing is just so so incredible life you know for the way it downloads pictures easily the way you can download apps easily the way you can see like you know just different albums they've come out you know from wherever he goes so you know. I mean this is skewered in the beta test is Jeff did get the full 32. He did but he didn't tell me they are can't go on our home furry. Yeah I've placed I'm saying that. I. They get big thing that there's a lack on ads is that you can. Charge it wirelessly. Mean but he's just delay donor base there that. Connected digitally on base he hid his Nobel within your pocket around Pamela charges itself miraculously it does to us facial recognition verses in the fingerprint. We didn't. I don't judge set then what do we give it. Well I. I think there's a story evolves slowly just that China does that mean I think he's Bob Green Bay and go to thirty seconds about any show you can go for the full dongle that was says stop. So they're they're asked immediate escort involved like. I vote next in particular is proud herds of your hard drive geez this year. And the price point for our opponents obviously knew. Thousand dollars a year of growth but it did this they would be each pixel has its own light source and and it keeps your battery going forever and are now. Aren't so. What would you do is go head to head random error page when the first round page 16 era. Yes. Thank service went full because he's always done just what we're doing beta tester. Thoroughbred purity. Saturday around three categories. Our. Page now is the third round this is what sort Gasol for. I don't know what we're not playing for anything but this has continued job or maligned can't really lets you get paid what I know I'll give it up and found his speaking. The beta test of the 36 bird speak. And an expert level like you know it's so much for thirty seconds about. Scientology's. We'll Scientology's a faith that people are really believe and and and it's Democrats recently that's. And their members are. Forced to stay there and held without their well. And many families are trying to break them out of Scientology's. And they're famous people like Tom Cruise that's still. Practice Scientology's on a regular basis but there are others that say that Tom Cruise is crime scene because he's still practicing Scientology's. There's been many. Documentary going on about Scientology's where they've gone an and investigated. Dad and the complaints of people in Maine. Am practicing them and about forty fast things you do it after OK okay. All right. Says she went thirty seconds. But I did do is it that was an on an expert level action as is Tom Taylor here like L Ron Harbour. Dynamics. Zee news or is Kansas watches. Now yet know when it's seniors it's a big party and I am OK I'm not aliens at all. Aren't nothing about the judges ultimately took sentences. Clearly the new round 39 years and thirty cents per. Jackpot. Round three category. Thirty settings via expert. On salt movies. Saw movies well the first hole is very unique as far as like the different. The different realms of of killings that happened during that the way that they can set it up to where they were basically killing themselves without actual killer himself killing the people but then when you go and assault to a lot more innovative. Innovative killings as far as it goes like with a pit of of needles that somebody fell into. And then salt three even more so even more so than the story continues to go with salt himself dying of cancer so when you get into the realm of that. His legacy continues to go on and on the leading into the new jigsaw maybe it's going to be coming out here soon so the legacy will still continue over and over. I'm thirty seconds on our. Viewing they have 44 gee I don't wanna stop his role there. Are glad I didn't get so. So far pages won round one page one round to them. Pamela did he first he's the best at expert level page about signed Todd your jet about Salma at least. More big days suggested even stay in line is it tag lines and I am Dick. Looked like 90. Mergers or corporation oil salt and story because these are few things about this all movies. The I had forgotten about fighting the pins and needles if I was just asked trivia question our thought it was all very yeah. But it was Salter Elizabeth sworn porting their words. So one of Maryland one of the best sequels out there. Well. Page she did the Scientologist thing until she watched a woman that Lee a remedy. Documentary or whatever. Her name to say let's sit ups and then I saw some of that too I gave him a take some away from Jennifer is saying jig saws name assault. And let me be as close friends column that but I think that you have to say is and it was jigsaw. Beyoncé Jay settled out of hockey mask you're involved in adjacent moment Trace fifteen and a very nice and Tracy boring so. By proxy I have to say that GS did win that round but aren't champion. She. Bills for all love. Los Angeles California highway or do for Saturday. Because after a lot of. From California my way of Beaufort South Carolina the queen a new laws and the first winner ever of so expert. Ladies and gentlemen. It's yeah. This is sexy and I. I'm not hit some drives and congratulations. Every UAW. Admit defeat do you think our show and I was also I admit defeat. As a tough thing to do a little and they are beginning payments only place I do. Spirit to improve. And actually BI that yes it texting and 7341. What you thought what we need to change about eggs I really like to game a whole lot but I know there's some kinks we got to. You know not tolerate 88 firms selling things we need to be figured out so it was a fun game was far the other way it will will play against and but they champion. Will be able to hold court next issue delivers the news of the day it's headlines and page read today. The rise guys morning shall. Thought he ninety's during my freedom my. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle who. Right guys and minds of lots and anybody Jimenez stayed armory my here's exciting news from new iPhone. Unlocks buy it. Recognizing your face and I just just tell me you must get a let me finish a sentence. Saying. I just didn't payment then. Other pages and mad men noted that I didn't unlock your facial recognition Jeff didn't tell you there is employed. And you read text file is not in here. Physicals and an invitation just read poor and he slam they're crying out these mean that sounds texting and. Whereas yesterday. The spicy exciting news it's. Apple held their annual presentation. Today it's been big for many years and where they unveiled a new I found so you know. Millions of people can't wait to see you at the new features are going to be and Hotmail and this year as they iPhone acts which has that screen that covers the entire face and found as wireless charging him. Price point is a thousand bucks. But the killer feature of the new I've found is that it doesn't unlocked with the passcode or with Europe some friend is his facial recognition to. I'm locked for you putts. When Apple's senior vice president of software engineering. Trying to show off that feature on stage yesterday I didn't. So he's onstage lives at harm. Demonstrating their iPhone addicts in did this is not only for the consumers this is for their shareholders high gas reserves where it all out all. Now Larry is gonna respond. And in the in the big faux pas happened. I was having a faux paws well. His first one was his nicknames for par so far grandpa came up Marmara where look MS to amass play it now. Maybe is embargoed now. And analog out match him I'll mother. There well. Maybe. They'll fix that glitch again and so inane if they do another presentation and a more tricky match and the nerves. You're getting up there or this or beg my Mac and it doesn't mark. Here is iPhone ten now unlocking it is is easy is looking at it. And swiping up and you know it's true that again. Ho ho ho. Let's. Go to back up here. And get right in so here we are and you see this expansive. Display them. If his facial recognition and known through girls are gonna log among them. And Harry I was Buchanan and the Kingston markets as fast as I can be. Oh yeah that you don't want it happened when you're introduced and I know your world program and millions of people are gonna pay a thousand dollars when it comes out October 20 salmon this Steve Jobs would have been so embarrassed who would have pulled his turtleneck all the way and her is when asked how he would just like an endless hour and standing out there or left them did they have a new option where it will keep your life it's porno tweets away from your story. That I had Cruz is asking the man I was asked and there's got to be in your fake Twitter you do you're out of the states would be your surgery fate triggered Carol by the way is selling is a thousand in America 15100. Dollars elsewhere who. Where shouldn't everywhere from China anyway. I'd ever if they drop shipments from China and not Saddam here it may be cheaper there than they are here for. Closer clustered it's kind of like market soon to be a lot more. Well what's happening tell the men and the job market and the labor market. It's the OBI crisis. People. Take in men out of the labor market that's according to you know bank study that was done and fortune. They found that some. The labor force struck three percentage points between 19992014. I want economists blame it on a drug culture among men ranked among men hackers. So a mobile Lloyd is not a red headed model that had been wrong for an hour there's no orders not a Playboy you have. So there. The country is her right this has son 33000 Americans. Who passed away and 2015. So president. Declared it an academic this. Sir I didn't about a declaration the man I think armor all Ronnie Reagan made the same one back in eighty. Yeah he AA did an about all the drugs and our duo and specifically. The OP Lloyd's in the LP has been. Aaron is. Actually do any thing and not just I don't see anybody actually doing any merit. While I news talks about a law and they pick up the pills to drop a mall. Yeah a bit more. What's actually be instead exhibit this island in dark matter a little bit and nobody's really doing anything proactive about it well they're not just advertising. OS. Some verbal declaration. But no official paperwork has been drawn. And no new policies or enacted. If they had a few carries around here that you'll drop offs. Waiting on Saturday evening EU's first any medication or not easing or is outdated they'll help you properly hear them they got into it it's kind of the most. But then also what happened storm earlier. Their problem waves to properly dispose of that stuff like. All right don't turn here you're unused prescriptions down your drain is not good to duke because I had my training front. Well you're the one out please take the bottle if you want to just don't put it back in the water supply now yeah that's said Terry that's why give up on shrimp you're supposed to throw this crap why am curious in the water supply outlook is. I'm we metabolize it out in our waste it. Guys really Brad to dump near unused pills down grain it's really bad bad irresponsible bad thing to do it you don't from the mark to market. Wow that does not saying its raised you know as just had this epiphany. I bet you if you could find the stats with the drug problems specifically Obie awards in America and parallel that with the economy here's what happens. Let's say. Page goes in there hurt her back in May they gave her Arafat hydrant coat off my back has said that any of my bears tied atop her. So here that you go in there and they say here's here's his hydropower or an orca fusion orca page in in secretly or why can't take these yeah my stomach or whatever. And they paid we're gonna be add three month supply she get an idea on. Many here tell works my sake he listings were thought about space to Dulles is being dvds in North America earth that are none of the they're worth not just eighteen and for even free. And you get 450 dollars in your pocket. When times get tough I meet debt and tell. Payment yeah. When you credit shall live paint he stands at take care of no problem loan most MA a hard time. Then that's fact remains did. If it's worth. Money for you to sell there and they neared the partnership not a given to in the first place is evidently used I don't just some power and all presents we have taken anyway and a LA you have more common sense if you make 500 dollars and I think 3000 dollars for a liar if you get arrested is worth it. No matter she's expressed a reader double drugs can coroner here. She knows how to build them. It may either of the other side of that and I know where are ready behind it. Eat a big story it is kind of broke is in Hawaii now they're marijuana dispensaries are no longer accept cash here. All in an attempt and recurrence he thinks he's gone yeah until I guess. I think it's anything you wanna do golf courses minor mode credit card yes it didn't they know what you hi how much. All its peers what the taxes are certainly. I imported but they say is to regulate the cash flow would do that we'll. This is yeah regulate net cash flow mirrors there's FDIC probably use in the banks. Facilitation of transactions involving marijuana in states where it's legal or so candidates like that. So I don't why he's doing is they made it legal now trying to make it harder to do so Mary made legal certain people why they exist is our roads and these images are offers now. Panasonic and money laundering business and I'll go back to step onto the senate dispensaries. The government's allowed longer all the money they want to nine. Did you imagine me or cut genuine got a big old Baghdad he spent your last dollar he had nothing to roll up. Did you talk all the border I imagine you would find a shot. And. Put it that way she she just yeah. I like your generator you have party elder LSI wrestler from eighties trying to open up by his nose with key once he. He didn't do anything in the kitchen. The current IE I didn't watches hate and that's right right now the battle and I turned and I don't know me or else the. And Warner Bros. are banned CU 900 million dollars unless they can trip that goes surgery on. They're being considered far AD conjuring franchise pace. When and now okay go conjuring is the one word is is back in May as victorians hammer people or do and say losses and Ali's does demos and spears came. Was about some people living in a house and it was harnisch sort of names sheik flies off her clothes line is that the show I know is that when I saw that trailer much betrayal of women in America. If our memorize. And divorce court if you accuse somebody of cheating usually one person corroborate that they assault. So maybe that's what it is here they pay somebody one person is say a coaster real and then they get off your ought to play. Isn't going to be there expert who's gonna be Greg Blue still need to ask you does congress. So slippery that it is suing his name is Gerald. And now you heard his name is Gerald Brit Brit on he says that they and friends on his 1980 buck the demon knowledge is. Which he he'd tell stories about paranormal investigation and he had an exclusive deal with that Warren's admiring. Isn't conjuring his belt yeah her story and that's where. Warner Bros. They have to say that this was a true story and they have to prove that warrants and one thing came up with an annualized organized. Their response to this which is now a franchise you know Olmert the conjuring an animal's franchise now. There's Parse this was it no no this is we didn't plagiarize his Booker anything to that effect. This is based on historical fact now. Wish then again I mean are right if this is based first oracle flag and Warner Bros. movie studio you have approved its pinnacle group law that goes exist. The people they eyes. It is said made a mosquito is loosely based on going to win. Loosely that loops cereal is very loosely packed and wet Butler here tomorrow afternoon. And senator in new home is where they advertising that the conjuring. Where that's where they're gonna have to true because that's where the claim is made an advertisement Anthony. An energy and warrants. So Warner Bros. there and not going public airing this dispute and they claim that sounds they're not subject to arbitration but. Plaintiff wants a jury trial. We're Warner Bros. listed prove that goes exists or coral all my bad I. Beautiful and or a movie about this well wannabe a wannabe owned a tormented jury ordered comedy about the town of the lonely out there. The movie studio went to court trying to prove ghosts exist or don't have Alan Gerry what mr. felt dreary here but I want Obama now more immediately to the Jerry Diddy is like Matt Thomas followed my mom's engagement. So this does not. Claiming copyright infringement trespassing on his work in conspiracy. And he. You have proof and writing. And then I guess the burden of the truth to defend it would be on the truth and the stories. Behind what happened when the country and your. Honor we'd like caller first expert. Doctor Peter Vincent and doctor Peter Benton new address a little more and more your early next army DiMarco nothing. If I'm sorry that a bit this is telling drifts. And now it's your honor we don't know how to. And how to approve does exist but we just made her clients when he 5000 dollars disappear yeah. And you know it's a country in the context hill and our late and a dollar color. I look when you do everything we talk about Jeff in his mind. Just like it's at the minute commercial for cars dot com. It shrapnel went red and then they'll start looking around good you mentioned judge he's having it. My cousin then yes okay. Cousin Fred when you are judged on five cents on the back. Audit truck driver is speeding when his dog in the front seat and told him and that you. Can promise. Now there congressman commander Matt holiday. So this summer as Jeff yesterday they talked about before our largest ever and Jeff this is the sort of promises yeah. In your response where Armenians any harmless at all I. And I've ever heard Jeff actually crack a joke I've just heard Jeff do very well timed. Lines from movies aren't a rat about fourteen. However Syngenta. That what you just did what Jack we'll slide Friday is in place of that. Elders are riding with a well placed movie limelight all the sound board yeah yeah and tonight it's it's Christmas it's firework. It's. A kid in the he probably did you all sit. The mail is sings me and trying to do India and a good compliment you had to do without phone yesterday why is flop we salute firework. I don't ask don't fly cloth and that's not yet this rescue stint in the navy. That was and they've been actually Clark I love writing ink on its parent and in this era. As guys on tour. 330. Leaks at the disks to rise guys morning show 93 point three of the planet just rocks and severe illness that chatting. I let them. Is rare that I'll give such as. It Baghdad fallen nine on. That's happened at. And I anything DRG and knew about the duly took off from the I'll be good. Well that's written nine is the originators worker broke Wednesday that's where you would your pointy act like you're gonna harass women on some money. And whom I was gonna stay flash Jeff and Iran in the law or not. Hello all sorry. Well I'll fix it high doesn't originals. But don't follow that goes on final snatch and wants to millions neutral fund will follow refuge there and play an undertaker who mourn. It was planned tiger has HMA at fifty did not knowing cares one more time. HM AM fifth in a year now the united NI NE from. Things are right on FaceBook and snapped finance degree and then now all the sayings have a whole lot of fun fat boy has just failed. Still was still sort. That's the worst Tamar. Tomorrow frat boys there will always special guest professional wrestler James Drake who will be giving fab weigh eight vicious vicious chop them and then the eating of BP golden pig testicle. As well as an on Tuesday's close plus it fussing. But right now. This. No idea of so once. I don't know but there are a year. What serve it was Jeff who's Neil a 32 expert on this morning and what should you didn't just win. 32 extra load of what did he know about the text answer Carolina bad mil dot Comtex lined up better numbers 7 June 341 Mets 72341. Many third correct answer wins. Obviously going in life all of them let them that the page or rob you work a nine. Two I help you along the way in his travel. The only thing that I'm AM rise as we llama go up six. Is very Thursdays Fridays both classic it is good how blessed they thank you. 3.3 numbers. Sit back.