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Matt was at The Well yesterday and Birthday Bash is gearing up to be a great one: Who's Dumber Than Jeff Lewis Neal: Headlines

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The rise guys morning. Beltran and. It's birthday bash week. View only and may try to is that. Odd cramping trying to figure these things this don't say. Is not mighty mighty milestones. Don't know this your guess. Reviewers say it rains that Israel stop. Off camera man that great Hong Mann is your destination. And I got to my got Mario Sarah. As. Back and change. Iran. Now and rise guys morning show. Bread is good morning tea. Yeah birthday bash coming up here in a moment we're still figuring out. Oh we know how we're gonna give those away but so. Exactly who will be playing who lose. A little balloon that's the big remaining question. So birthday bash is Friday. Again get your tickets at 933 to planet rocks dot com and they started slows 3950 policies. It's going to be entry contestant got smacked shined down asking Alexandria. We will be there will be hosting this festivities. It's always something goes down I camp on the clip I've scoured remote I know that clip your child I was thinking about it clipped the other day a slight. How is it that like. Do you think. Was his TV show he watched apple that's been on for several seasons other news a cosmetic. Let's say. I don't know. Old dorm. Let's say it's. Gas monkey you like gas Parker okay. You imagine this element of an episode when we did that thing all year we can't find it. Golf TV show that we can't find it it's like you know there's like 38 minutes of the moon landing pages can't find the tape. Only long it's the greatest it's the greatest achievement of mankind but we lost that detained this can't find it sorry. We can't it's always the same. Same piece of audio I'm thinking about what is it feature this band here that is yes. I was and so on this side when that was saved. So don't worry as well I was I was in the crowd when that moment happened I remember why I remembered that. Remember it like it was it was insensitive ill his birthday bash I was out on Malone. I was all alone. And see page it there this is later in the evening because I think got smacked headlined unharmed so as the last intro. And and there is page. Did you binge drinking that day honest and up. I have and link. Is it. And I drew I had like a bear bed and her sip of beer now I don't really it was hi and I Internet and he cannot that's when it strengthens and. During more drink liquor when it's cold beer and pot. And outside not a temperature. We have it was something for me and I see me leave it. So here I sit there on the along his birthday fashion sense and bill down there at the dance theater and all I hear you know hear it. Talking and stuff but then I hear that quote of all time in the greatest insight. Coming this stage. Freaking Dodson. Franken. What are you wanted to say the full F four and I handed it wouldn't say it was appropriate. Follow the consensus was is who was pretty blitzed. That's what we all fall that's what I thought that I care I can say you're anti I don't remember ever seeing or drink I just listened and snatch and why you're naturally intoxicated. Intoxicated. And cascading. Navy alcohol malice me out I am now. Yeah I just feel Bernanke is they always put on such a good shadow side try to get the crowd ready for. You know they really in a given up floor freaking I'm smack this is how you know. The measure begin band and for this need to go and I have this just gives you sacked four ended for those neither can on the fence this so maybe help. Pushed through right here. I have seen shined down play no less than I can tell you know lists and ten or twelve times in the ally. And and I love god smacked it and there really did I blow oxman. But. I aimed I'm sight to see shine down again maybe more so just because I've seen that I know we're gonna show they put on. It's like a restaurant eat you go to a restaurant you know what. Mills always good service is always good that's good service right there and and shine down services the audience. Plus yourself and our music you know every time museum. Something new plan. And and they say the hot and it says they've ever performed was the one that the handlebar remember how crazy that has that night sounds of madness I'd iris the heat and sweat and I did during that night but nobody. Right. This did his drunk just nursing pages as Smashing Pumpkins and actually. Hopefully we'll Kristen Whitman. And I gave her parents use that nine page and I are doing shots with Christian Slater of duke and trip that should say dream team. And I was on that 92. Dream team. We say they're doing shots with a guy. He's like seventy tall I mean I'm 62 bid and page who normally is just like to my shoulder is evens shorter. She had had on the heels but took them all she's standing there and the orange peel that back this like 110 grass side. She's barefoot. They were doing shots of like. Who wouldn't far flags and when he announces it was like perfect blank he's a thing. Original Christian later what a story to tell my kids. It's better than filing on my face walking on the streets of ash that was the plan as I mean after you plan to do that. I am planning and then intoxicated edges hats and ear and a bar and. Now he left with Christian and I did you not now and two he only had a better party negative. Mosque and. Well I'm isn't a mean it is a party it is. I just said yesterday I was I was down at the whale actually I had mine and my launch would be owner of the swamp rabbit and hello I am I seriously do I am now I don't know what this means I am now a honorary member of the Greenville swapper let's wipe the owner of the team made me they gave me a Jersey woman named on all the major on the fifth line. I mean you know rabbit now. Lisa selfless. Tiny bit that matters. They pulled goalie I don't call and you don't know and had an ass and win it what does this mean you're honorary member I can't channel my skates. Save him Ngo learn how to skate and play in the game on its now to sing dole. Inaudible Matty Broder are now he told me says hey if you ever have any of these radio ideas and you need the certain Zamboni yourself let us know you can read about it. Out I think cost like 250000 dollars a Zamboni at the whale are glad he authored the book is you know we've. Which had some ideas or over the years this didn't have access to be artists. In all the old Louis and you know some books they don't want those frozen gimmicks that you get into the cryogenic paying oh yeah and and one of those two. Trying to you gotta get naked for a yeah I am I was close so much resorted brought here boots a restaurant at. Yet these free agent season starts in like two or three weeks and when I had net pay that season tickets yesterday they don't have a hop on down there all the time. 43 games a week man ocean having game in birthday bash at same time. Seven you don't ask important is god smacked plane during the hockey fight pummel our esteemed honor at the cellphone number now. We're friends. Her friendship with text that what anybody's there is business guardian says so. I'm an honorary member of the team. Start learn how to play hockey outmanned. And others. As you Myers apparently Myers which calls some games. You know you Martha film in that way swimming hole. I'll be the hot man a death there shoot the teacher of Dolly is just an accident. Why its cope. He street you'll see any medal to shoot at every year speed it close this is another thing and it will be going into the birthday bash is going to be literally a great party experience from Parker said if you if you go to the planet cents a gram at 933 to planet. You can seen video shot yesterday on the floor of the whale when is completely empty and they are getting ready. Build all the stuff for Friday night and I don't that he went patio. And so what are the other options when the annual party atmosphere things is going on is mark Hendricks is going to have some secret judges me secret judge you won't they or they will not be carrying in gavel anyway that you wouldn't compare me to. Whoever shows up at birthday bash with the most planet spirit. In other words wearing a T shirt. Where c.'s mark Hendricks are our balls her programmers is where pro you know bring your way to your planning gear. And then why have these mystery judges and whoever is showing the most now is like at a football game boomers were in the most Clinton staffer winner and whoever shows up and has the most planet provider whenever. Will be moved up to for a yeah I mean that through and loses seats. Now. Andrews is probably Obama's. My against the best seat in the house some on stage they're here isn't room terror war can be communal explain the on the catwalk yeah. My mother and turn. Under the three birds or I should tell us that will mark what we do we we've heard from. What if they don't have a place shirt he's like. Equal. Does so well at first them but bastard thing about the beating from wrestling who made their own charts and then it became a thing. We still got to sign some animated. So if you don't have rise guy shirt or planet shirt or hatter any of that stuff com. Make one. Do what I don't know but signs so my text and I don't know if they allow mat wrestling and I mean they gigs and there's a rise to assign it it's nightmare. I don't moment so. I would say try to bring the signs I can house since the Donner attacks in Athens. Easter and who the hell is this takes him. Argued in my car bombs thick but he didn't even though I doubt that you can adapt to the front row. And then again that he went patio right when the doors open and a will be opened outweighed her are wonderful beer rise guys. There's can be a kind of beer swagger two's yeah. Right guys that beer. Hats and T shirts. They put it on the ribbon that goes around the bond score one Australian they're also ribbon graphic and so will be can be good at some point birthday bash is gonna turn to a three day festival so a review so hammered on the first one. The next two gonna rural farm bill point 83. Just. Yes one not many think it's his first maybe those two record actually get your tickets at 933 the planet rocks dot com a start as low as 3950 plus fees. It is a party it is more than a concert let me assure you that. When the big announcement is made him when the surprise happens you gonna sit there and say let me Texas to myself because I'm remember this to mark. It's going to be a party like no other bird they've mashed 2000 ratings are birthday party. We've got smacked shined down asking Alexandria. Us you do rise guys. And we have a pair of tickets right now is now 180774. Double 09310774. Down below 93. When we return will be playing a spirited round of who's dumber. In Jeff Lewis Neil that's right get ready to play with ease and birthday bash tickets. Right after this year's match. Each and stabilize the rise guys morning show 93 point freedom plan and we'll drop. Rise guys morning show good morning to you it is 733. Birthday bash hash tag 9330 for real. If you are going hash tag 933 birthday bash in just send it out on social media zone a click on the C lost down. It's going to be good pictures through during. Yes yes yeah when you're mayor deftly. Hash tag 933 birthday bash. Let's get ready to give voice and think he's right now you ought to. Everybody's it's a fun game. It really it's it's it's. Along the lines of he's smarter than a fifth grader. Did I was a huge show rooms home. Viable one too right. That it is smarter than a Christian teenagers that was well I think it was the same concept with Bible verses and civil your greatest Jewish almost kill them. I really would. I'm and do all the apostles and. Also on all of Genesis exodus of that it gets numbers Iran may Joshua judges Ruth for second to second Samuel first kings and kings and go on and off. You most or all opinions all the matches I had to. I was a boy scout of god. I had entire night citing it patches. I got perfect attendance Sunday school kids at. An eighteen straight years. Eighteen years. I was gonna ask when I. That's like giving a purple heart and they meiji. And like you like it relates you've going to war you'd go in with you what two or not you're going into it didn't get the purple heart. Yeah your Pratt and if you go to church Matthews. He got owned. I don't care how old you are we don't have god comes back Elaine here in bed while we sure look here MF for you don't turn out right there before you. All right here's the way we're gonna play who's dumber than Jeff Lewis and Jeff you're playing you obviously yes you. But fat fat boy will be taking on castle it's food all right family feels as though he is smarter than Jeff Lewis Neil. Might be close. But he graduated our school you can do it and can also lose weight better than it's east ally poverty having act like he's on a lot and that. Yeah me a mama big quiz person yes like quiz now owes me maybe that's not the sucks more times you hearing ghastly. All right. Pared to win Jeff Lewis nailed the surname of this game it will be. She won the real BAC. Good morning. You sir. A little page ever met there will be HT. The guy has blue hair. Now LG. Yeah I had met him then and since in jail managed five cents emea hundreds of people have you remember that he had blue hair. That's how are a member and chairman. Art I've VCU. Will be paired with Jeff and fat boy. You are paired with gas needs theory on. Warm water. And impending lousy get under your belt so I'm so much ground. Are meant to. You can then go look this is not yet but it's hard it broke all models. I see it nobody gives up like the hundred mile per hour the million mile club anymore with truckers. And. I'm curious from a not very big sloppy go to those are you over. Now better Cuba over the log book but it yeah me now are your old order murdered. On the try to win this where he stated a personal friends with a lot lizards. Most certainly can't answer that men are on. All right we'll throw you both on hold here's the waiting game is played. Jeff will now leave the room. Jeff. Get me. Let me India welcome you. And he's going to accomplish and please don't. Don't hasn't even been known to recall a couple of times. You have to bottle. I was ending that was in relationships we're talking about. Where it's I'll get them out that. It just isn't cheap but went around the listen to this that jet does she was in this clip just this faces on the dime Rosenfeld. Which dealers and an. Just this faces on the. I'm prison for Rosenfeld. Ever remembers. FDR president Rosenfeld. Who in the moment but it did and pop in the other room are. And just realized something that we'll also have leave the room I'm just hit it you're now only. So I have. At seven questions here. You answer them as fast as you can and you can pass and come back to it but it's also time. So in other words if we do have a tie we won't be like Packers in black and it's. We will look at that time and seeded at the fast a parent and I'll keep time also occurred. On exciting fares with pages per day bested its finances in disguise and tan. Time will begin on when I start asking the question again if you don't know it past come back to it or will move on are you ready fat boy let's go play for birthday bash tickets question number. One. Debuting way back in 1964 the star of this in BC TV show wasn't dolphin. Oh god. I don't. Past everyone knows biggie smalls was married to Faith Evans but he cheated on her would this pint sized female rapper woke him. Richard Harris was the first man to settle skis Richard Ayers was the first white man to settle in Greenville, South Carolina. What upstate landmark is named after him. Paris round bears only one letter that doesn't appear in any EU as state name name that letter. X a Texas man was once hospitalized when a bullet he shot at this animal with a bullet proof shale ricocheted off the and one shot in the Nadal armed rebel. A draft has four legs how many legs does an octopus had eight. How many Atlanta. How many letters are and Jeff Lewis Neil. Three. Arguing about the when you know debuting way back in 1960 for the start this NB CTV show was a dolphin. And I don't know. Jordan I've never heard of are you call time gag order our time our pals awful but I don't think you'll Germans that are. I agree with you that your tripped up one poster art will reviewed the questions and the time and in just more page would you you know bug hasn't here you know my. They key areas standing tall pertaining to text. Jeff I know you can see from three miles away with those eyes are you do you have super sensitive hearing as well. Just this faces on the dime Rosenfeld. I need you to look that way too easy answer questions we'll be looking right massacring. Its ears during this papers in the way them. And just this faces on the dime Rosenfeld. He's known not to cheat. Here we get Jeff this is also time so if you don't know it pass you come back to feed don't know what you can say I don't know and will move on okay. Question number one. Debuting way back in 1964 the storm this NB CTV show was a dolphin. Wasn't Olson was a dolphin Rican pass and come back pass. Everyone knows biggie smalls was married to Faith Evans but he cheated on her when this pint sized female rapper Lil Kim. Richard Paris was the first white man to settle in Greenville, South Carolina what upstate landmark is named after him pairs around. There's only one letter that doesn't appear in any US state name name that letter. All man. Z. A Texas man was once hospitalized when a bullet he shot at this animal with a bulletproof shale it ricocheted off the animal and shot him in the draw. Repeat that question in Texas man was less hospitalized when a bullet he shot at this animal with a bulletproof shale ricocheted off the animal and shot the man in the drawl. A Bayer. A giraffe has four legs how many legs does a nod to the sat. Non. How many letters are in Jeff Lewis Neil. Thirteen. You worry about the first question debut its way back in 1960 for the start this NB CTV show was a dolphin. I don't know why aren't wood in the time on that island all right. So let's review your. Sure page IG Dave playing a longer did I know quite well our I'd write and think you know. I think animal. I don't know I got a mom right. Let's review what you mean assuming you know was you tell me afterwards the funeral but we don't building. I understand it get out of here. The first question debut on the way back in 1960 for the stars this NB CTV show was a dolphin fat boy said. I don't know. Jeff said about it I don't know page the answer let her yes. Udoka three slipper. Just autos no points rewarded on that all the movies or work. Question number two everybody knows biggie smalls is made of Faith Evans but he cheated on her when this pot signs female rapper. Jeff you said little Kim Campbell you said okay rampaging I was looking and yes he sold at toys can't RI on the board would once have four. The ending. Question number three Richard pierce was the first white man to settle in Greeneville South Carolina what state landmark is named after him. Fat boy you said bears mountain Jack you said the same page Jeanette Harris math wasn't there are are even though. Richard paris' name was spelled PE a our parents now under trigger its old date prayers are going as. The next question there's only one letter doesn't appear in any US state named name that letter fat boy used sat. Ex Jeff you said Sid Z just never heard of Arizona Alia. Page acts. You'll find it easy in Arizona AJ in New Jersey even to x.s and Texas and New Mexico and what he said. FedEx. The current dancer cute there's can do in any US statement. Must amend Melbourne and I got that's when I I would've known if I thought about it. A Texas man was once hospitalized when the when a bullet he shot at this animal with a bulletproof shale ricocheted off the Angel animal. And shot him in the draw that that was good Jesse as a first Jack says I exit the animal would they bulletproof shell says president. Greater than that a okay. Fat boy you said armadillo who Craig is not pillow saying that there imagine them. Shoot an armored gala almost left me severe and it bounces back. That's awful. Us along with a hole in it but you goes and won't shoot out on the mound as well John Paul lost design from not. He shot arm an island outside lawyer to go well in Atlanta. The last the next question draft has four legs. How many legs does an octopus that. It. Fat boy. Wasn't thinking in I know your good for one of these all the damn time gives you love them I say at eight years said hey. Jeff you said no and not this has Nolan and the back page use how many do in Beijing Libyans. Nine cases and I have arms and I think pebble again remind these. A city it's great dancer true. Age I am yes octopus had six arms into life post six. Wasn't originally I did not. I love does interesting facts that you know you don't know bit. I did not know that not the only has two legs and six aren't. And they don't have tentacles. Some niche in enemy hands as I don't have Jeff. Right in the last and final question was how many letters are and Jeff Lewis meal. Fat boy said I sit three. Jeff you said there team. If you count each layer in Jeff Lewis nailed not the acronym in jail and by Jeff Lewis nailed the greatness is thirteen glad. I passed out we got tired. We have the top. We don't have the and you sure about that are you both missed the first when you look at low can we both got pairs mountain. Fat boy did not know number four or so that means right now. One to. And I. The winner. Of who's dumber then Jeff Lewis Neil. This is ironic. Is just there. 32 Jacki. I get little piano players and I'm in your own you knew how many were in your own have been gradually over. Thirteen players. That hey all you you've got lucky is great news for huge wind their real DHC. How we are Ed yeah. I know relations. You will be joining us that are birthday party Friday night at the well with God's mag shine down asking Alexandria. We will see you there my friend. I'm excited thank you as you should be hold on you're your partner in crime Japanese pitcher for me. Let's say in those sons fizzled on him once in awhile or whatever. Got lucky sanctions since one of those. Policy turns them art would take about Jeff congratulations thank you you're not dumber than yourself. Thought that he had something to say yes he does family as we go to break before getting in the headlines something you'd like to say that he once I am. Some dumber than Jeff Lewis knew what you end. Say I'm fat boy and I'm dumber than Jeff Lewis and I'm fat boy you askew. I'm dumber than Jeff Lewis man. You know it's just. It's an inch screen for you want to you listen to the rise guys morning she had no right three point breather. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who. Would you be surprised by this and longtime Sesame Street writer says Bert and Ernie are gay truth. However Sesame Street they're deny not thing the writer and questioned his name is Marc Saltzman. He rep for the show for fifteen years from 1984 to 1998. And he said his. He can send them a gay couple. And the reason why he says that he can he based them on his own gay relationship. All he's his client that's what I had in my life. A Bert and Ernie relationship. How could it not permeate. The things that would tick off my boyfriend Ernie would be in and Ernie would be your things that would take off Bart so I mean natural progression if that's what it's affecting your life again and. So you think gives. I thought boomer was older than Ernie might I think Bert just based on the the felt on there. Heads. Right he was a little bit older. But he just isn't there were just roommates fight I didn't. Well you know. Talking about it. Being gay in alternative lifestyles stumble obviously when I was a kid was it anything anybody was really I mean it was hush hush talk for the longest talk. But it never liked. I never look at that thought out there anything more than just ruined it. So he says that sound. He's only saying man does the way he perceive their relationship and a lot of people have not only had that secret information from the show's producers showed. Israeli saying that as a gay man that I he identified with them yeah so the show itself Sesame Street says. There are deny inning and in their gonna deny the whole thing in the usual way because they they say Burt and Ernie are best friends to quote. Don't have a sexual orientation. There of their of their Muppets again there's no. Central in this Sergei or. Couple times and let's not on the show ethical showered together to solve it together broken there. What do which is the orange when he looks like beyond just that's that's Ernie and Bert as you Allah. Yeah journalists and less hair plugs and he's gonna I'll let me think every. Belmont for Scooby Doo clearly a lesbian. And you cookie monster ami was come home because a lot sorry they don't have sexual. People could do was the you know metaphor for something else. And also have ten and they had no orientation and they don't have jumped in and I felt I just talk and she's from street. And you know junk. Guns aren't it's. No TV so latex and a delay very tired that Harley Quinn from the comic books is bisexual now. Oh really now. School but right there's like a different. Versions of all let there's a gays firemen. Yeah seriously there is there's only tighter and to you have to have sexual orientation cavern and all. Genres now. Who cares. I don't carry you do in bed why would I care about anybody else. I make smoke could appear. But we don't pursue that. You know I would say well why did this Superman needless lane he's innately. I mean wide wild so it's romance and I I do it that it's just. It's romance for you know other folks. Got to meet him have demos depth. This fly around in the fight people let's all you can do you don't want to know what you would Bruce Wayne vote for. You know Dan I don't care you'll obviously trumpet style you'll have to develop every character. Now we don't know absolutely. Like I was thinking yesterday with Roseanne you know with them. Killing her off the show is though the oil addiction. So I mean it's. God why you have to make. The situation comedy with real life situations like when Arnold got touched by a bicycle shop different strokes Gordon jump right. I realize the reality dating show it but he was just assumed he'd touched in this. Since this is my favorite Cheryl why you why you show this to Mays is weird. It's mile west a year ago it was. Tony here. It was important that we look what's happened with us to be funny we don't need then the back story now. Have you protection and he man was day how come I'm in the mine and pointer support. Now that he won't do singer with a what does where. America is what's it giant fist back. And the hole is get a stop. On poisoning your eyes and I think he page count on my dismay she read page's sponsor Bob he's not gay people or tags are happy as when he gets excited during the museum is now as a Kamal. Why was it was in business amino sort of flew long Alia. But oh yeah oh yeah I'd like he's. I think you take we'll take a break and come back what are the sack is so important to get a whole bunch email to get into plus in a little more than an hour. The Ayatollah of rock and roll YTJ Chris Jericho will be on witnessed the rise GAAP. They've made me not falsely implied grant awards. She's real way. Let's sit at a desk all day long.