Thursday, July 12th

Who spent what? Who's wearing what? we find out in a bit as it's drag day on the show: Headlines: Sports

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Arrive this guy so I could. Typically it's. Morning show. Thursday July 12. 2000. What is GM more Matthews how you don't well random very well. Good about. Sell fine thank you wonderful. Fine. Fine time. Weather wise today we're looking at sun scattered clouds of possibility of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon high of 89 right now. It is mostly cloudy 73 career. A mile Mormon. Myself right now BR imagine you Fisher word I he I mean now. Necessary for the worse it gets a portion of that amendment you know we're dealing kin. My sign that you didn't old. Nolan or get him every day. Valid our guard. Promote longer barrier gesture around this crazy or this. There's sixties or so only stale though like he sees some might call blasphemous our show is a little girl. It's is set she was discharged turning blue and and growing and Sox is Nickerson. Say again the Snickers and now sixty war now man. Talent alliance. And like she apparently she's broken right the families are to go find me in her. Home and pretty good what was your what else was she really well and they didn't get any money magnate there's some kids. Well now but just like cute you know in sand here it's like if you heard like he's somebody you haven't seen since they were a kid that was a child star. Saw. They all deal worse now. You are ready for energy leaving Selig Ben Savage into paying everywhere counters are. All of them do between Netflix. And Zulu in in an empire state and all this and everybody and everybody can still work all the kids who step master may seem since the ninety's not a damn one of an embarrassing since there okay. I would say the middle daughter from her family matters virtually error. So let's say hey dad than than the middle daughter for this tournament now Leo she's. Or yeah she dead noon opens 2000 known or the other on that are marked elf special prayers here. Fearless you heard all the sudden you're oh wow she. Had a heart attack you might allow us some assertions eleven there but that was at 35 years ago or whatever yeah yeah and hope. This wild man. There I care. I don't know what I saw was out of step by step when I was a kid with Al it was a girl yeah there is. Alastair we should. It seller at 39 year old actress and I seen sits down. But if you heard. In general of Illinois had a issues and a diabetic coma and something. You do uncle my god it's okay well she's. Fifty now. Tore remembering and Allen Beck in my meter of cynics. They're all their brain that blossomed to talk to him can hide. Blossom herself isn't a huge star in the world here for years now. Serves you bankable again a Genzyme always nominal she's 41 hitter still looks good third. You know her last name are in the on the show. Earnest now Kansas right here is separation six Le Muir though there are six meter into the that's on. If the pensioners are to Parker's for from your burger result matters from Herbert was. It was sure seem to be for about forty years it never would go away nobody watched it. Mean to Parker's the parkers. Uh oh. Yes UST. Here now Stevie and again stringer front here I don't Memphis. So today's city had a big day. Days the big day in the second annual. Rise guys drag pets. I'm already dragon now. I am I did that way earlier today. It this is why. So why we and a love our women. And name hold them up high. In honor and gratitude because. Literally like. You know I'm ready made up yet at a said Gelman gimmicks together and you know. It adds so much time. Men had it settled especially bearded man. Yes very very easy he's got to take I mean they're great isn't it was a weekend. We don't it has to we got to shame her or anything like that we only have so wash it once a week. Amanda Beard you know couple times. When I thought that the. And you just the bad news is needed you know like. I. And he's so broke bread and make up and crap all Arabs that and this application. And all that yeah. Yet about makeup we have to buy stuff sometimes used to put stuff on one now and you gotta have. Not it is just lipstick is little irony here. Glor Susan bases and Tony you could six different things don't listen he's like 38 dollars and then things just if you regular ones are embarrassed. Yeah products and it's stupid if they show how much a month do you think he's been Omega I Wear a lot of make it so not a lot. Sound you know now like higher and make accent that's like thirty dollars. At stake. Perry got a sick and I don't carry with me can you don't want amount to Chanel. I'll show an error could see like. Eads bid. The only thing about the like the name brand makeup and stuff is like. Literally nobody knows that's the name brand if you Wear a shirt and carry a purse or whatever so all I like here you're in case her. But if fear is Palin's I am in need some can write something from France generally something there for a while because I have no skin color. Just Flacco. Just lack lack of white. Well palm. Fat boy you. Obviously you're you're here first. But. Your year who. You're not even I don't even see any baggage or anything is everything out of the car. By there's nothing that you like when I came I was a look wrestler by had earlier whatever yours is well hidden. Yes and in the office wells are rethinking the whole thing when I got out yesterday and stirs shop and the look I had mine change leads him. And it was you know it's all nine was not able to happen and I in. I was in one story that should have taken ten minutes as an aerial act over an hour. And it. I know what you're saying and again back to the women imagine you have a hard date this week giving you all into the stores and walk around aimlessly looking for that perfect. And it guys was ball cap amendment where. It's well it's hard to be anti T and at times because I only in the mornings what was first like a lot. I'm bar or restaurant I barred attack seen anywhere today but it didn't fit me because all legs were in the pants for way too short no blank and then act the jacket was that the here in the insurer was too small I don't know what kind of person it and then there. Something about a lot of ladies clothes from my experiences look at Adam and stuff when you my pants now what I can't what I was it's measured back. How big around the waist this and how long the leg is also hard part. When you're a woman you don't want them to see if delay does right did you have no way they don't it. If there's varies from one pair to the next few that law shortly you don't ever know Barbara. Hardly a chick and you know and see if I was sat here with the shirt it wouldn't have button on the way it could that's OK stick and I admit it but to address. Well I'm sorry I. I have no choice especially this year them and and I will today hear visited me me. Taken all fat boy taken on Jay asked. Hosted by Jim any link it. A cage Jimmy. Jamie scared her Gemini let kids these drag character. Brought in more bags and I did this morning. It's also it was parents eyeball from ourselves burger where certain tumor. While gambit like. Let me just ask that IRS is an editor and the reigning queen and you are. Putting them putting all into. Figures should put a little bit there's really gives you don't put a lot of effort here. At least I know about the scrabble in Matagorda and the jets and do with a bit. You guys Britain and good bid efforts are shortages. Or just the same wrinkled dress last year hi all odds and today. There are an outage yes. Yes the address is from a whole wardrobe. And our minds seasonal and I crap off. That's why. You wardrobe in India and Asia we login here when the same thing third. Grader and a man. Pretty much a guarantee your your options it's just going to what did you dresses or little irritated and easy to find Warren now. It is our. By the way you know I can say here's ovals that you council guess what I'm still plus it's definitely perhaps they'll always on us argue six to. 10 yeah giving it broad shouldered six to Europe plus our all wasted also heard the tape urged leaders and that child bearing hips. And yeah. Yeah no. I was. I don't know if this all unfold obviously and 8 o'clock powered tablet talk about putting too much thought into it that was me. I I literally was thinking way overboard now is keep it simple stupid. Enough to get everything. Yet that's Kundun confined. Had a look at mine. You can publisher does not as some money luckily gave me a wigs who do ritual when. Are relic of air it's not us. But unstoppable you know kept seasonal. Mine and mine that can be viewed as seasonal as well but regardless. I'm Jimmie as Jeff and answered it in response Nissan and. Ask a resident you'll be entered in evidence yeah I did okay do you wanna. Anything USA. We have male and out ball address yesterday. And I got shoes. And so morning today by. Beautiful fiancee is make up so some of it she doesn't use right here on the same shape though. A little bit different saying she's it's in your lights but to. Can make it work. Where better to make it work you better work. You're given the the tips of how to make it looked good today then. Nice. Possibly find it in Kennedy pretty it's it's going to be asking is going to be riots this I think is to me freaked him whole areas. And it yen may have put much thought into it but who cares it's going to be fine. There is injunction is Thomas creek and have there. Hey it's Christmas in July party this Saturday guess slowing to a Halloween in July party at this morning the center yes. Don't care how fair and regardless of grabbed her and her in the can be really renders our versions are pretty well. Yeah. And maybe page has some Chanel usable at you know I don't think I was. Still doing here. I've. I was going to come on 0:9 and I am. And where like a piece necklace and go is Yoko and isn't that as light that's too hard to explain and we're not a TV show you. I really was ever taken a whole lot of them. But. It'll all come down this morning at 8 o'clock the entire 8 o'clock are probably. I heard fat boy was considering. Getting in some way it will resume might be totaled 1980s are probing get it it is going to be a good Zuma. They don't toss play and gimmicks. I think about that. Good that the assailant to tattoos and blue we're going to be new margin. Thank you and I I swear to god I am not cracking jokes. Agnelli loves his wife and heterosexual a tale but Cheney is into this so much. Honoring. Them I mean like I did that make up in everything which is why did I mean I'm not saying anything other than you've really earned that. You can't compete. And I think he could know and that's the reason to compete is because there. Matt came ordeals. I can only Wear flats. I can't compete thinking we're searching. You walk in heels worth of them when you say compete usual monotone ru Paul show yet to win yields on the you know Evers is back surgery can't really stand on the tip toes. I walked around a lot better regularly settlement does no active Wear heels kick competed real drag queens I only Wear flats now. That's what that's. Farrah I'm sorry sorry I haven't seen that there is American disabilities drag racer that I can get all their flats should have an argument to make. You knew that. Yes. It conflicts. And all he'll become flat to the war plus sure. Especially your understanding on on the ground you know. So married she yard fourth fifth. My mom had a neighborhood where they inspire something or walk on there related to golf course as they order with a G is that you. I never realized that. From. So also fell on top of all of that we have a brand new FaceBook fuss in this morning chip. I heard it is a huge program second annual rise guys dragged Padgett FaceBook less than. Libretto he she will they act classic TVT this morning it is also writes is that I've completely forgot about. Neighbor greater hot glue guns. Com. Well with the hot glue and desperation are two of the key elements to be any good drag queen of been told by a drag queens really hard glue and desperation. And that I don't get it. Just a gluten crap together including crap are they so it stays hot is hot glue while none of that from me there LL homers none of that here. Big so I mean they they all out like blank shape and body sculpt them all well as ordered mission to bring had a hard Lugar and we're going to be burned. Hello broker now but I did get a body racquets. Yet it seemed earlier. A leader in the scheme out of pocket or. If you wonder you. Yeah that's the deal he passed and I don't I've got to from a good for you I'll share later on Twitter. Also we have more tickets to see bush two we'll have those this morning as well so. It's going to be a hell of a program and this is the most effort that we put in a long time. This is different prisons that are all American I think centered that's what I was thinking about yesterday though going in segment receipts. I'm still afraid because at any point 10774. Double 09310774. Double a 93. Carolina they've mil dot com tax line is 72341. And were at the rise guys most of your social media touch points. Page what's up in the plaque. Someone stole a famous person's credit card and went on a 169000. Dollar shopping spree I'll tell you whose article as next in your ranks thanks month. To use it was. Did you yeah you're right years your birthday is it a. All right Adam. Who could be. A lot of people's it wasn't. Dario Demps for one's always giant bet certain regards Ed desolate not I will give the answers to that and much much more in your rise guys headlines morning. Region centralize the rise guys morning show 93 point three the plan and we'll drop. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Well good morning everyone. Well a criminal by the name and that the David Matthew reed came up with a brilliant plan. He's stoned to mean more us credit card. And ran up at a 169000. Dollars in charges at some fancy department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue. And Norstrom. So I was shocked Laney. And it was only a matter of time before he got cod and Jimmy's assistant. Allard and annex. About the charges and authorities were able to attract the kind downtrend surveillance footage spent. It's amazing that he was able to get a hold of her car and when he Dan is he reported missing. And they need intercepted the new and went in Iran and he had a FedEx. So he was busted bank luckily he didn't. Now in worst damage it still I'm just curious how he. Got the card and didn't have a Social Security number to activate. You know what I don't think he has to I think UB US have access to you receive that. Ten coat. Because I just recent credit card the other today. Yeah and we came in the mail I had to. Go on the website and put in the code is that this tiny and and the Alamo I mean. I would imagine one that has a 200000 dollar plus credit limit would have a few more. I was situations and pledged to remain an hour. What carried. It had worked at credit limits are right her. Worth well over a hundred million dollars. Has our American Express our I'm very curious at what he let lie yeah. I don't know I had that I don't understand why people well I don't or are you still there American Express of offering you don't call. Yeah mean you gonna get called keys important ones are never easy more than one conservative or start stealing and then ever actually the last ones try to get it right. They're the ones are the most and that's where he'll get call them. Well according. In the an arrest documents he had an accomplish you work for the guy by the name of mark Ian highly. Classes are and aren't tremendous accomplishment and countless. Mark in highly. Says they rented a storage unit and they have to start going into this kind of her racquet that. Tea. They've been together for forcing rivers goods never married to the flea market this Cha a horror on sores sores here either program. So good thing manner her assistant was paying attention and it wasn't worse than when it can have been paying. We have to say good. Mean as a drummer bonded to her really right I mean all things it's a lot of money but it. I wish she noticed that necessarily. An assistant yeah yeah I mean they give. If somebody stop its kinks in it your card to buy something that you you already you know and what is your card you not notice that. I'm Paris and thanks. What are encouraged shocks me what journey that spins in weeks are apparently being that big deal is now. A lot of bones alias to. It. Vice president of recruitment of. Well here's a terrifying story can you imagine being in nearer in your home and apartment. And I six boa constrictor phone in Atlanta. And. Striker your license. And stricter turnaround is just as he thinks anymore. Oh. Yeah. Is this talk is currently building a Bank of America does. And character and that doesn't assuming. And Lannan on the guy and known saying he column I in my mind luckily for hand the snake was not aggressive Sammy wasn't her. They're usually quite docile down I think it just that it was traveling around and wait can sport and sank in L through. In sixteen months pretty big first nine era and Yemen. Are. As a red tail boa. All my gone all does the word from the DNA Nina and one of reserves it's fair to say to me that's woke up. Witten. In front of the darker wood leisure the state advocate bridges. It's some of the hot topic I think you know I'd be scared there. Are no question it. That I don't know one thing. The bridges are sure had them and. VGJ I mean how we just lock the snakes to the room Kelly and trying to do anything with it at that point. You have to do let me just hasn't. All outlined by the first. It was a major is exactly at all from a body yeah and don't get into a lot I don't. And it probably grabbed the shot or so it's handy just to keep distance this negotiate about it. Keep it bank right you know he's just got to recognize any this thing was on the Maryland twelve gauge. You're gonna always lived through the rants against the wall and Virginia long it was part of a good handle that probably just trying to wrangle it against them and then calls Marie Miller Lesnar python from Africa or South America and how. I would DA go out of the room and closed the door and burnt house there are no go now back an hour call somebody I sure I wouldn't I wouldn't get a gun stressed or she did and how I know has you know. I just know how that would. Don't have Leslie oak or arms okay you're okay that's balloons. And it's coming on manhunt Ian engine around you never know in the end it's slow and way bigger thing is don't need it doesn't want you for injuries and a so Maybelline to the first an island a bomb on on Sherron and that person retrieved his beloved snake that's not count somehow LSE a I think people have free room and sanction announcement came in India if there. Large balance they are open lids and a. And I don't want ideas that says it interest in question though about people have really big snakes. Like did they ever just league bowlers. Oh and your purely rational phone yeah aggression and let's not hugely and is unbeaten Smart and race car and drive and I guess fans. I am ready DN many feet did your tech keeps growing out of its aquarium and planning and response. And it you know how the hell room a little different roads aren't all and this maker and is very Everglades Lola so there was. Is Allen they're kinda happens it has entered day. The snippets released an outline ounces like the alligators and luckily yeah. They've released our arms around here gets cold must it kills them so they can be in light bearer of Florida Richard Breeden in the wild well yeah. But then their cross breeding with them rock python in the regular python than their more aggressive. There's about a across trust a thing. Such a big. So it is so darn hot out there you know as a reading a story yesterday that sound. They're people that wants though warped tour. Act up on days ago and there is 200 people that had some kind of heat. It's to them situation she. My standard and it was so hot he dove through the drum kit kicked off that thing to Afghan people are finishing them off film fans more torque is a destroyed their own drum kit. Well what happened the also attitude fans whenever there. He didn't for murderers deserve is a little bit rocker girl kicked off the tour for yeah. You know don't be errors in three years in a provisional. That is when that happened as the winner Charlize not to later in the month of Iran in order router kicked off the tour by a stupid thing. Yeah how wonderful line restore opera some of these other. At the moment there will. And some aren't conducted a study to find and this was in Harvard and a heat. And half of the people on the study and air conditioning and the other people didn't have air conditioning went and found that. When it gets hotter outside and makes us dumber. I agree that adds especially on the driving. You're here especially with the driving pairing has to be an over firmer storm of me bright sunny warm summer he would be majority in the stuff now. But games oh god you know and it's so hard only America. Man that's should be eighty do you shouldn't go after that gift that air condition. You live in South Carolina there you you can not get that new iPhone or not get that switch or twitch or whatever the hell. Did Jack and his. Yeah and there's this there's a story locally and a woman passed away because her power is cut off and nobody went to check on him. Imagine if you don't have continued you don't have things are the latest iPhone and stuff ranked. Oh yeah you know people have their crap backwards I just maybe yours. And I'm sure figure out. A year taught as blank I know. Let's RC house has given us a lot of trouble over the years now and hot days. It gives a damn near as hot in the house is it is outside the house are Howard the Blue Hill can stand it. And I'm out. Be glad there there are priorities and where he'll be 94 outside I mean I've seen 87 degrees in the house and people living there and you do it down. I couldn't handle commencement. As snow and and is sweltering out sighing he can't think straight and when it's really really high your heart's working faster and a try to coolly off and you know you're just overwhelmed by the heat ninety and maybe that's when people stroke out. He can't breathe right can't. Your hearts now working crackling. Aren't just haven't about our. Guests a lot stroke doubts and usually they say yeah see too many places where here we're. Somebody up on just the right tiller down in just the right hollered doesn't need AC Argo towards mountain rest somewhere maybe but it. Hey you're up there it's hotter hell yeah. Same thing I think anywhere this entire state you need air conditioned they're ready some places in North Carolina and real Ohio where you might not need to try. But even then it's rare as I was wearing a remote rock is way up her. You know totaling a solo bewildered on maintenance and guys fast. Guys mornings now. 3.3 Atlantic route. On science proves our all star all for the cope with sports entertainment pieces if you will. We like to call it real wrestle. Not fixed just doing high school history. Says here if you and I would throw this in the clown I don't know one person ever in the world that would give a flying blank. That this is gonna happen. But Caitlin is gonna return to WWB. In the next may young class. A surgery follow her on mister minister. I mean this. You I'm not when you fill up to a call with many young classic in a better make sure she's wearing four Borough. Well those below. Are more or Florida environment given don't know there's been released her husband. Just. Immigrant and I dividend fuel cells Fazio filler. Listen licences. And inducement to bring our sister malcontent nobody likes and but he says it's his would it be his ex sister in ball artists are still mayor norm or die. His wife. Together via. Eighteen million dollar settlement with the WW rubio on our situation is at war by the way. Is she. She's nice and she's still a sister in law because they didn't divorce he died and they're married so it's not an addict person. Does that if you worry if Bret Hart was introducing her duties inside or he wouldn't to a locker where Gavin as his sister in law. He's saying it is she's trying to erase all ours memory from a wrestling duo clarkin is talking about it really and Tara oh horizontal fame. A lot of people trying to suppress is that I existence and business. Let it. Hall of Famer is now less. Yeah unfortunately he died in during his great what would have been great because he was just killing at that point man blue blazer and he was doing the nugget stuff I mean he was on five. Great. Note. Lisa finger really bothers me that the fans that love alone so much didn't get a chance to remember. These are kind of things from people or your have to remember that. If we've got Boller are all very resolute or are all things in a car Maryland tag team championships. I as Churchill man I don't know at a dot com each. Of these. Come on this office and the Al hall of fame and Jersey than most people should certainly elite work. I mean whose the whose train in the whole thing to death leave them out now these resigned here. There. I feel like shark week shacks gonna posted this. Over this commercial may not how I love him I know that guy is just he is superb he site. Since everybody. And boosting check week when the shark week I'm not interested. This bar is palaces like it is great. He's like Charles Barkley and it would mean do we know assassin attitude. Newt even if you don't like the MBA. Just wash the pregame and halftime show and he retaining earnings in Charles Barkley. Hold on again it's like raw watch the highlights on muted and I gagged I saw him the other night swim under the CGI's stage we've seen Allan. Don't the stage is CGI so he I think he swims underneath the stage and it looks like Shaq is swimming through water underneath the state enemies does it exactly. It's it's a hokey hope these stupid but it's funny. And that's OK Aaron Rodgers don't know matters and swim was short excellent case. According to this science degree in post that they put the story got here he swim resources Medicaid's you'll see that. If they care visor cap where ended. Go to that restaurant Gaffney. Few years ago there. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson going to a do an exhibition. Shoot out. It was going to be Selleck is skins game what this ten million dollar ten. Just Easton. What does that mean what it. What is that just to show off saying our is it those two guys CA really is the best between us head to head. My own man because. And the situation where there always are compared to return to determine its like back when that congress tried to sponsor this one on one exhibition magic vs bird. And I forget who wouldn't do it magic or bird wouldn't do it and it's like. That's not the game we play will play one on one and so to. Subject us to back kind of game is. There's a used to better player Arab and as a player. I think this is good and I think he did on TV networks aren't the Golf Channel especially Kazaa think you'd have people would be. If you just watching two guys play back and forth. That's I think more in thrall in the wash and iron 44 dudes hit balls around in the opening round of any term. Our got so he's not officially bush did against Providence. I know our home run derby TV show. There is a homeowner is in class race wants big ours has also. Guess that's just on my bed yeah yeah but these two guys predict these are doing this on their own right obviously they'll be sponsors and all there. Decide when Mohammed Ali. Box Superman. Amid a beautiful province on who's gonna win which golf course is gonna take place at. Stuff like this is not a has been hashed out this Uga team if they Julia or care. Our people can see the memory tests are eager country club. But I just wrote that Karl hooker. Golf is fun if you if you didn't balls and talk golf for somewhere enrollment course walk around him but you're watching it's absolutely golf. It's fun when your blowing the horn when you drive by ground and took one week. You can't say golf is fun at the driving ranges but I just liked baseball always fun because the bat contagious toward the main. Decaying let me back hey you. They've been really got to stand in right field Arcsight is due vacations yo I wanna driving range I haven't played golf the game and like eight or nine years I love to go to drowning them but I hate. Did other parts in between. Yeah I'm drinking in the rotten on the golf cart but the other part of sort of ferret or skaters that I have the basketball shoe and I'll do that their barrel ever to the park and play with the underdog to a trade. A lawyer at. Maybe okay and an Asian American amusement park on his friend and elbowed teeth little taller than. No and careless try to do that thing and that land bridge into it to crawl across yet you don't flip upside down. I can't slipped how YCH a video had a package it fairly don't work for 242 pound assets. So today. Just feel my way social wrongs going melodies on the contrary and there was a pretty nice murals modicum of ability. But this student alliances lakers fans. Can't defacing the mural. A Wallace fans face a mural is clippers has probably probably is gone now the artist in a newsroom good repayment of so what can go belly mural is no more people are saying conspiracy theory. Is going to retire from things coming up was third here the season black on the day. Saying the gonna retire for your tomb player LeBron. Come back to the lakers. Don't tarnish your legacy Cody. The world and that's get a new number both his numbers are retired. In the toy for paying him back. And and but what LeBron should be 23 in yet for the lakers moved slightly three should be like Jackie Robinson's. This retired the number of through the league. Each share amounts to me how LeBron and future what do you wanna be anything but when he three. What was her Rory starters their thirties as. 32 or thirty there is always 23. 24. I don't know 824 in the N it's marriage. Jordan's 234. There yeah I mean toward Weaver's rookie cards there is ordered per mile with all Kobe do it commercial and but you know. Again when he retired my Broadcom was in the shadow anymore there's more an argument for LeBron be in the you know close things were incredibly. Like was there a next doctor. Because I ever remember any other sport where people said. He like I don't think it Myers said that's going to be the next bay Bruce. Alienated absolutely really absolutely the next babe or heard that all should times and old movies and stuff the next Babe Ruth and it's very brutal budget terms hope next he went. There. Jordan's look and it's an old time. It's it's it's stupid is what it is you say that because. The greatest rock and it's. Available on asteroid that was really should be going but he wasn't Jordan is currently. They're hungry and Jordan there may have first LeBron and then a first step curry. He's ugly man. Staff yes he. Look at look I'm I'm not God's gift to women but every the more I see him though older he gets ugly there swearing and Klay Thompson or ally it's bigger and HT. Nobody cares you get all the money in the world how quickly comparable outlook on. Up. We back in the news analyst doesn't sports news Pacman Jones. God bless America is not only team right now as freeagent. But yesterday he got into trouble field Marshal Jackson airport and land the got a fist fight we're an employee. Nobody knows Israel started the altercation. I was reported that an employee wearing an orange as consultants who the woman with Pacman. He took exception to it in the employee squares up to Pacman. And they perceive fights. I say in an Nvidia. While restoring his backtracked. To not air the audio video you. Don't think so I got to writers including with fuel and I mean. If eighty if you get clearance clan is fine. The custom video about it likely moves are you are watching here are currently there. And a singing nothing more 890 use your clips you view him coming. I got a couple other. I got other. Audio from Pacman become a refresh from back mandates Monday will be worst and men member of the time that. He's that intent of the casino. And in the took exception of people saying he got kicked at a casino. Now it's old people market business evidently got kicked out casino and hide somewhere. And he said that the reports were all all you really mauled. They've got to go tomorrow. Bugs you know that night out he's done this. And important. Yeah yeah yeah yeah American. And nobody. Tim city then all of them. I'll take some of that did this they've got from the airport they scored opponents by like 6465. To look like. Pac man and tell him on the ground and knew he was already his ass and the like carting me is whether it is. All wounds following him down the hall. Member of the big blow I think this is playoff game must Steelers and dangles. When Joey Porter ran onto the field staff coach for the still earlier this whole thing had this immediately after the game locker rooms is rightist and talking about the refs than. Who's going to. I. I. Love Baghdad and it was regularly did because there is does behind them they can walker has our. Is made news. That is the first turn but I rigor or resident orange reporter got shot in black and murderer or Boulder, Colorado. And her new academy your belt I don't know if a reporter was there to. I got shot that mr. game in the ravens rank in front of them after the game prevailing got on Bosnian and there's rumor was he was crying about it. Com. Payments falling you know he's a violent player this is but if you saw this random Paula and you knew it was peg man would you open jump the other guy. Million name email early. He's dropping as soon left the rise maestro and hold back he still slowing him as a girl idolized import non core duties he was given birth yesterday can look it isn't fast. For around in person they're very it's a yes. My son is NASA. There. Is 34 of these notes and adding much freeagent. Of Ebert isn't the order of six in Miami that's little wars in tribute to Eddie Jones off. And on the rings almost. You know it we'll do it again tomorrow. And remake of this when Iowa remake of torture us passport it. After. It's a ball back. Like please let me.