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The Atlanta gym controversy: Open Phones


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. They're nice guys doing chest. Three points really. I'm compelled to sing but I don't wanna mess it up. Thank you Georgia for the most part. I really did pay no offense bowl dolls not a fan. Your own ground guard her. As well and all that you go down to ask and answer as an opposing team's failure car will be your annualized. Of seed scratched ran into the same thing it they don't if you let out all around if you're lucky if you are lucky in a message here braves' rookie in the shower yours. Rise guys morning showed more NCAA it's seven ascendant. That right there is. As a reminder to use that. He won blind lot blind Josh will be an in approximately one hour Lou yeah. That's the thing is Ray Charles is blind here and now. There's regionals I was really aware they blind demand cap is only weren't there when Jamie fox inform me. Now I can not paying even though I thought it was a happy little looking around for some pitchers he always Wear sunglasses indoors. Also this Bennett did this MBA is also Ed two birds one stone kind of thing rejoin minds because. Jeff have you ever heard of day east Atlanta bar male club. No we never have cared so because there's more built close all around. Is that every franchise or is that just the style gym where they don't use machines just bar males did more than just a style or home. There's some places it just have you know regular Joe's book Barbara clubs it's better future. I sat around this big easel alana bardo club. Cause us alama. Well here here's the reason I bring it up aides say SA GM and Milan obviously because of the name is slow and embargo club. They are. There is some hot water down in the community and this is going to if it's not went nationwide give boy it sure will. As a matter of fact there it is on New York Post are. It's a jam and Atlanta that has say as as is Jess said it it has kind of been niche. Right casino's summer. I you know jam their niches some commerce station Jan three different station to station now the winds are. You know I don't believe in machines they do is use. Heavy equipment you know things. That is our on this bridge freeways and like dude beard and Jeff Horry here's our. And then wait drop in real horror on the floor yeah to sex noises there are it was our. They advertise yourself as a radically align left friendly jam and community. The owner of the IGM whose name is champ car I am. Jim chambers said that he has many members you're gay lesbian transgender. Or a partisan minority groups are now which is why he has made the role. No cops no military and my jam and sent it into Haiti and in fact. He has as sign I doubt it's still up but it was a day ago. The roles of the gym do whatever the blank you won't correctly except. Cross fit. And no testing cop. They took assigned numbers is still stands. The rules still status there are costs and drew an active members and record no way he says he's okay would vets but the reason for that is that he does not. Support. Our overseas work as far as though wartime and things like that. I he also says that he's been a part of a community where. There are a lot of minorities who don't trust the cops he says he does not trust the cops in fact. He would not call the cops for any kind of emergency ever he says. He also. Went on the say that. Yeah as a city does not support. Are our wars abroad and therefore. No active military no active cops certain the former cops. And veterans are. Hey hey you do your corner and if he has to calm I'm on more and I was gonna say you better call for pizza because they're not going to be helping them out to match that rob one of the questions this or grass fight anybody gonna do when he's like I don't call the cops for any emergency. And the and the reason he's he's doing this easy says. In a minority. Community. Folks there don't trust cops and they don't feel like they would be. You what they want to work out at a place where people are they're that they don't trust. Actually any jail and it and hey I just most people everywhere now. One scene cops at gyms our men and before I didn't know it was homicide was Arnie and new York and I rise and walk in any uniform alma. Most animated role of the police cruiser anyway. You really know what was then my hours Sunday with her high and tight haircut. I don't assume that's a police officer were active duty military is just some dudes around here. It also seems like it you know people work out together go to the same gym while. Obviously it is awaiting Kara bridge so there's gaps right now. No the guy owns a home business. But cool how's that only discrimination. In his minorities or sex. By this isn't discrimination I Gaza legal. It is a way it is discriminate yeah of course it is a discount stores policy here is is it's kinda like you know the debate cream shop where that was Ohio I think we're gonna Indiana. Indiana and a couple gay couple wanted to wedding K cast said he wouldn't do it he had not only the suit like civilly but he also. Had a pair had 20300000. Dollar fine because he wanted to make a way to get. I had to answer the question now they are sweating okay I'm David you don't. This is it is is discriminatory policy according to the definition of the word of course it isn't. Necessarily infringing upon anybody's civil rights it just it it bans all props and active duty military. Regardless of their race their gender their sexual orientation their religious beliefs or anything else it would be covered under civil rights now to say is discriminatory by nine. Not because many of those things. Says groups who work out here. Only get to correct. Great to work out here I'm comfortable with the presidents of law enforcement agencies and your right Jimmy Ike. You know I hell and over the course of these many years up by working out every GM and have stayed in Vienna at the moment around love death. End. I I've. I mean may. I I I don't look like you said Jim. If I knew they were cop out recognize him as the comets are not in mayors they're wearing shorts and running things shorten teacher whatever. Yeah I mean there aren't in there might lift in ways weird guy and a taser on a belt. And typically. That's illegal yes it is dangerous as well irresponsible. Yeah on the other hand kind that can you save it out his guys business. And really show in the dubious story the way people complain about it when he judges do we will see you just go somewhere else. Well it's it's it's his story because it's. You know it. It's a story but can his knee and these are people who for the most part with the exception against minorities or is he speaking for as a white man I'll point out. Gym owner. Right hey do you have it painted in your head that this is a minority is well they don't cities alike dude you can. Describes himself as somewhere between a Marxist NA Lennon esque. Yes I have not read the words leninist in years I didn't know that was still thing but I haven't even heard about it and leninist. And act now. I aided its so what it is he's going against the big grain and that's why it's such a big thing because these are groups that are easily. Held high and they in the community. Most community. It's a mayor. This whole Jim Pate and it's a hole in the wall Jim has in Milan Tennessee Ernie members' pictures our profits are likely would be down the doors like the entire police departments trying to join I don't know. Any police officer ever has joined somebody saw a sign in the window yeah and it became a huge news story that you actually comes down to. I mean the we have to Briggs say okay everybody can can do business with everybody. Or wages have to say no you only got to do business with him we won't do business with and we just need to decide across the board which one it is. Which one it is its path. I men arrested zen though and a lot of costs a lot of military guys form her whenever current column I would love to hear what you what you think earlier I don't want it term political leader this is not political this is about human beings is not a particular party affiliation. Yeah I mean this is strictly about warily and you let people work out of real lift weights where you got waste on the list yeah. Yeah I mean we are totally any you know it's his right disapprove of any of our interventions abroad beds. Is set there and say. No you can't. I mean just it's bass sack chords man. Wherein you're telling me anything any better now hop in the inning. He makes it worse I am dead end user does. How we do your calls about it 180774. Double 093180774. Double 093 at the rise Geisel social media your calls right after this on Friday. Agent that flying 93 point three the planet dry. Rise guys morning show good morning GA it is 726. Is Friday it's good. Or is now it is it is it is standard. It is. Damn good you know. We're talking about the the club. AG said this too is a hole in the wall my lord as I saw pictures of what the actual. East Atlanta bar bill club looks like. I feel kind of bad now offer our. First there's another gem down there in the same neighborhood kids getting a lot of angry phone calls and stuff because people when you Google. And the east Atlanta Barbara club is that the general my village fitness pops up when they're getting a lot of angry people think and they don't cops come here and SY. Happens when you by competitors name on Google ad says it's there it's it's as and people hours salient. Ago you do that when you look at have a particular brand or whatever and that you see that it's a Google and click on it as an Oscar Acosta money yeah yeah definitely. As I've stated the main Arab state bird count this guy who is why by the way. It does not allow. Military. Current military or current police officers to become members of his GM. Is he says that most of the members of his GM are minorities and a don't trust cops he doesn't wanna marry here you. He's a self professed Marxist slash who leninist which of course is after Lennon of nine Jon Jon Wood and Vladimir. Yeah. Celestial the phones I mean obviously this is one of those things where I feel like everybody's gonna kind of being unison insane it's substances. Bob. You never. Let's go to anonymous from parts unknown. Good morning. You don't like her. Why. Is it. Well yeah yeah. As did pay someone. 125 dollars an hour to listen to me record industry you know it's odd for a better. Well what's your what's your take on all this I imagine I can now understand what you are insane. Like yeah I'll actually double barrel are getting younger brother. He takes any publicly say. Database and captured eight open Norton Ed Norton and they. Look like aggregation and particulate. You're saying that guy that's interesting here is so your your little brother who is. Mixed I am I'm imagining why in the lack is that what you're saying that. Okay he's saying that people who are members there should disagree with it as well because all it does is is its cars are absolutely. Has so you're absolutely right. He had laid out got all the light a lot of or years you know and as far as all military they go to the patient really probably don't they it was going to be a whole lot of active military people disagree applause colorectal it. Healing tendon that's you're not kitten I ideally I'd. I I know a guy came back from out there whenever there. For one thing came back said all I did Liz. Guard at poppy fields like twelve weeks it's crazy thank you anonymous good morning sir. Yes I think he wrestled him before thanks so. Part doesn't. Parts of gutters strong as soon as Valerie in Charlotte. Valerie morning. And I had to reuse. OK I yeah I. I don't know I'm looking at it from a different perspective and I see. I think now attic cap when military and you know kind of free pass and bowl you know they'd. Military that it is our freedom while I get hit that game owners I know it won't create and they respect here at them. And alma and my mom said you know in a lot of people are not there at the soldiers as they didn't get court. A lot of current war. Are you about I noted there was a lot of protests and stuff Darren the Vietnam War bad they didn't board their soldiers actually end turndown service because Nevada. And that's what eight machine count me a lot about that and growing that I'll ask. The army here. Devil's advocate or do you really like he'd like you really feel that way. Why do you say what do you think tops in military get a free pass all the time. The talent time and I'm I think casket increase copy all the timer. And they require aliens you'd think Atlanta can't make it right there an acute out at cocky black senators and it's. In military I didn't move and non that plane and you know the front of the plane and added. Apparently never completely get everybody kind of blanket like. Hey kid get whatever they want it and I had something better I felt. Well. Emulated. I Jack can be a hypocrite that because that's your right to feel that way I can't say here and jump on you and say that bed that's wrong but I feel like. As Phil I'd say that. Cops that I did it is spent enough of these calls and the military especially. Like EL UD's have a right history remembered like. Did ticker tape praises when the guys would come home there'd be parades. And then we kind of. Pushed it to mobile will add community will get together and be at the airport when they come back and then Matt stop and then the news kept. Stop reporting to win you know big groups of our our men and women were coming home. They quit report net so down unless you're a friend referendum referring you're not even aware a lot of times it folks are coming back. And there's no. Who've been all inform and I think there are good where Summers Arabs aggression tellingly as a room from Vietnam and they weren't and they need a leading in the World War II hero's welcome it. There were riots come back from from Vietnam growing now me come back into it. It's hard to get a job everybody thinks you're gonna have a ETS is the I think issues where you can't be around people too much everybody's like nervous walking on eggshells around June. Are these guys are okay. I'd say he's she's decimate degrees whether she says yeah it was like two or three weeks ago didn't they albeit free pancakes Jesus. Yeah but that was say that's the other thing it was that business whoever was his right to offer free breakfast to military and cops. So he week is we got to be more mindful of. Put the shoe on the other foot and the thing I think here I think. For other jobs too if you did free pancakes for nurses OK I support that. Not doctors don't make too much damn that is so yours Yost should be on free I think I ask for your nurses if there's nurses get free pancakes the doctors they work force should be the ones buying the pancakes out and they don't like the pancake place two giveaway pancakes to nurses is on the doctors to bottom for the nurses right. This can't do things for these people that are. Are running him and the rest of the population. Is running away you know. I don't hear dry air about him when you need him for something and they're always there that I would run. Right from the military I did I would not I could not I could not attend if I was drafted. Ol' boy. Oh boy how Purdue did the whole nine hi there it possesses not me I can't do it and and I think America appreciates my candor and my honesty right now I couldn't yes you do it. This stuff makes you want to vomit in them. That you're innocent Assad please open and you're missing on these people that are only there's sermon attacked him. Out take. Recall that Valerie I forgot you're they are bad guys thank you and we you know it's your right to feel that way. Certainly. Yeah I mean I cannot get out there like everybody. I'm not a man of the county people are good people. Now in that they had I think everyone eat it at a bad dire need of permanent mean your good at Kerr and and a lot of people that trapped. And you know trying to and I think and we need to be. Maybe I'll brag a little bit back and and maybe very little bit more story well and. Our balance and have a good morning. There are things. You have to make money. Okay this guys tell me about it by his establishment he doesn't really like is in the financial position to be you know in the snow days and spiritual being bohemian type. And did quite the opposite side I started that did she had a vote. Yeah he's covered in we've got cover reason a lot of tattoos someone else face Gerald about a lightening bolt tattooed on his cheek where I noticed an okay. Sarah I lose little further make sure that it says sliding well here's a burger white supremacist. Long long. And pars and a here's Paula this race card. I here's your quote for some seminars governors are did you eradicated in Pittsburgh curses of our ancestors and Borough on this days for her own sake and for justice's sake. Any literally the next paragraph mentioned white supremacy are the two words. Wow I mean yeah I mean these days are white supremacists are eager. Well. That's weird so it's so what is he trying to do to stir the hornets Nast says to get it all the owner what they're doing Macedo what usually is done with that it. You know Ana. I feel as though he was semi we're worse and they're paying for the sins of our fathers and I think what it says in the Bible like key for generations spirit descends in your crotch I thought that might have thought about that before too like. You know. We always talk about what happened years and years ago and none of us per year for. But in the Bible says we'd pay for this sends her father for four generations Tarver fathers were slave owners. Crap we ran for now. As is ways away Aaron I read it yet so open to interpretation. All right athletic ET Jesus Soto on Monday what is it. Oslo commend those coming all right people's army and we understand to a break and come back what are you what he's saying you know it's a bridge fuel heart will break and come back right. Download a free planning ahead and listen to the rest guys and your mobile club I don't know this saviors of upstate morning radio match. Engage in central LA the rise jags I'm 93 point freedom plan. Rise guys morning show morning T it is 742. Boy flee then that mr. Bourne mass. You're gonna do give your calls about. The jamming Atlanta and that is now restricting membership to cops and military. Soldiers shows that's correct some they're was in the deposed Arab not really used to get into some trouble and stuff birdies during reform for every used to do he's a reformed supremacy he was supremacists upon further inspection but he used to get into some trouble. But no he describes himself as there. They've what a.'s Greg liberal lefty snowflake. Communist Marxist leninist carbon tax talk is exactly what he's there he's there now. I think those are referred to is dishes right page I think that's what I read in history class as you know learn by a dilution. You push let's go to. Ryan and Morgan's in North Carolina Iraq. Aren't you sir. Go what are you well thanks for asking. And I don't our assembly or united to better themselves. But for our freedom you've heard so again there are asked him and compliant about him didn't compare engagement shelf like path and I. And the com. Also you know edit it or pick up certain open jump into that geothermal. What Jim give Eric Cantor good old dollar credit did. Justice. And the United Airlines. Mainly people help protect it and take care votes mattered. I mean come socialize domain I get out there and register a lot of girls are. I couldn't say it better myself. In fact I could have but I'll let you own that they can run and good morning I'm a madman supremacist is at bat I I I I wanna be the best I can be. That bad is it bad to be an individual's supremacist. Segovia. Are melting I'm better than anybody willing or sprints is narcissistic. If I narcissistic mush ringtone and that. There's toy I don't think everybody's number into this place I mean it looks good but it's not a business. Yeah then hit a completely different and banks and if it's. Well I don't know I don't last week. And if anybody breaks and it's almost relative replaces sleep. Hollywood it has not bring him for working out every breaks into a gym to workout does a good point you know what repercussions this guy gonna suffer. As if you boycott among tea Worley is in the same shape his in laws he says he gets a death threat about Everyman and of every day. It works out whose is this and it's in my says Floyd is who have been any promotions. A promotion and how would this button there's not there's nothing to be gained from this crisis here this tiny hole in the wall place in Atlanta I mean it doesn't have room for more people it has a lot of members and its tiny. No it I think about it does that because it's got air by talking about it today and may be when you see soldier cop or fireman or EMTs. You know what. And it. SMS one house and I'm not cal talent page eight event. Even things can he tees and firemen don't forget them first responders all encompassing. In the youth is doing a lot of place in a lot of situations right. Randy is in ball in screens pay rent. Ward I he sir. Are your yet what was your comment. I'm a bit myself and my polo cup mullahs open caught. And I'm not all of our freedom rob Levy the constitution and not everybody has a tail on me. They're just kind of worked out well I think orwellian they're not new laws that actually drive but. I exam this you may use the term white and they just they're just trying to open Europe a million. Sales fell I understand you very passionate about it thank you Randy and good morning to ask him like. As a as a soldier in a dessert remember having this conversation about the burning of the flag and and you know military guy Collins says look. Get off as fast as his try to burn the flag and I give him I Pfeiffer is right to do analysts stuff. It still out as a mess we need a little bit I think I did to me it would. But I mean right here discuss really stupid what if someone has some kind of health problem menace to him. You have to come I'm on one and not necessarily the ambulance is gonna get there before the place he did talk rabbit hunting doesn't say you didn't talk crap about ENT or aren't any there does not get their to their place catches on fire some. My man on Lloyd here in union and are par mania he likes and obviously medical care Marty generally sprinkle with him let's have some knows what this is my grandma right. It's. Forty mile yeah I mean. That's great point as a real good point. Yeah give us the things I know I'm not like gees if you know if if you're invited to a a dinner party or something you know you're only about it because you know. So and so or this when you wanna go there and then found not wanted there. Do begins why they really get internal planning Minnesota's I was not really won't have to focus the united naive Adam I mean says lining. Or would you hold out if your customer so you went to a place you know it USO baker at aides why does have beards but is the only place that makes opinion regarding business. Thoughts on same view boycott or do you like okay whatever here's my money give me a little worn his service. Campaign you for something collapse of Lehman each other. It did say AEA is that it's now I and now. I would try to get it to it. I would avenue for club outlook for a glove for a any kind of service. Orient it kind of thing whereas no valid repeat moments when I was gonna do this and he wants. As a conferred listeners doesn't for a few more fundamental movement he's got to most now that we're miles ahead man and deserves. If you surgeon Jan in Atlanta Georgia or grew. As I'm fourteen pages of results with warning Jim's piece own app there's plenty of there's two new teacher has just turned eighty gins in Atlanta. And schedule another anonymous who is 88 was in the military and is now a deputy good morning anonymous. What's so it's gee am I eat. Well how much will be looking for new German double local market but market there's security implement helps yeah. We don't look at on the control conference for eleven years in the navy in I don't wanna go all fortunate that it won't force recruit top forty years. Call me my opinion on the matter at all fortunate the truck and effect happen. That the establishment. Well for our response to go to Google that are attributable you know I mean that's what were their for the fourth. Toward the hole but it in the back of my hand I'm sure you know well. It doesn't go over very well the restore do the job what Kerry ought to do we have been the girl I think should expect and should be a maritime. Where. All the good good support you know all of a bit of nobody gonna support. I would I would drink nobody but there will be a lot of people who support. And you'll be able to develop quarterly payment let's. I happen is if this crap continues he's gonna get that maybe some protesters or he's gonna get you know more eyes and stuff on my club and I don't think people are wanted. People probably don't wanna go there even if they're minorities does and how crap being involved in this I was gonna get a work. I say yeah of course they don't change anything probably for the gym right now same people go in the other people won't and being in sixty days everybody in final forgot about this problem I would just Jesus Christ years. I'm not going anymore you know like my god yeah. I didn't Janet or Madonna doesn't get enough could become popular vote should go play professional ftp so far sort. OK okay and whom have a good Murray and me. Little kids run opens their next time says except everywhere even more races than you are my Al club. Why they have a swastika as well Larry everything we're we're not even nine kind of floated out there were being honest and you. All of them personal trainers all have a little Nazi uniforms as well that's the film and they just try and work cells and this would work out. And he says its enemies that they do now hey I have. As orderly we're gonna go right Cynthia. Armament. Is sick like that a lot of veterans are Colbert. SA there colds are growing murmur and Carlos do business center with a top senator Ted stand there aren't yet we shall do our job and go home but you know he becomes apparent on the way home I'm good yeah it bears her doing the job I've got their house and though not turn their sirens sound mr. Obama if you show love get a series Vegas Atlanta here is a cop work in city you don't necessarily live right you have around you know in thirty minutes to get there. How keenly aware are you responding to call it oh my god this is the gym they don't want me here expressions as they get is the signs out of the window now gas addition to a call or somebody got shot on the sidewalk outside and other bleeding on the floor bossa waits. Your mind this is the gym they don't want you to join you're not aware of it right. I plan evidence. I think every. Very top in Atlanta and that area and military in Atlanta and that area are very new way air it out FaceBook and I crap you know. I don't think they would not do their jobs well no thanks I say he would deathly cross in my own way in mind anyway. Once you always opposed don't FaceBook obviously there where they're posting pictures on dancing but the ones you don't use a lot of social media. And the ones who are always post in mind do you know I can assume that some cops on FaceBook who always post like police stuff on FaceBook all the time down under I don't you have calls to answer. We post and police made her I think. How would do one more horrible got food to. Mood John and Jones poll they John. I've met I don't know how much you. Are out of the old. I'm. How military veteran myself and AT and Murakami orderly strategy at Mallory that Taliban and Charlie what you felt about you know. We get free passes then. We got sick copy your debt load us up to the front applying some I guess. But that I would just common courtesy or some light at risk their life what they do agree with what they're fight or not. And I'm not the point the point is. Dared duel and they're willing to risk their life or use. Now Dem I don't question thank you. There's no question I'd I don't know how anybody argues otherwise but they do an eight and no the is the worst part and the rights and that's what Sox. I wish we have all the rights except to be racist. And accepted to turn down business based on the music and I wish we had all the rights except for that that should be free and illegal where we're fighting over the long par right now an idea. Bill but seriously though the years thank you thank you for your service. And things rolling so patiently held at times and we appreciated her. You are anymore. Boy I and it's why I'm not fit for either either one of those things is that an area over the phone calls from Germany's Alanna Barbara club. Okay aren't adult men around right ever there. You know there's. Hard hey guess for a minute Cabrera is soldiers you makes it did job description involves taking a higher road. Or do they at all times. Really what I say otherwise not in that sense and I don't erode even I don't wanna I don't always have to be the bigger man now well. I spend more and and we go under the and we that will be back right after this would have. 3.3 dogs.