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Artificial Intelligence will be the end of us, Terminators are real evidently, LOOK OUT: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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You're listening to the rise guys morning. And these three boys freed up planet wrapped. This is sure. But glob lazy downstairs take notice but oh well. I don't know breeze job at San it. Rise guys morning show good morning TM is not a six is Valentine's Day. We get a second show will be doing this afternoon five to seven lives here on the planet. Will be Marianne a hundred plus people when numerous nuptial live from Rocky River plantation and Anderson. That's today today 5 PM right here on the radiator. Tabloid Gaddis tugs rather than trying it on display in the trunk of his car who tried opening act two millions. I mean different. If we drop lower here and so wrong luckily numeric. Over time your main wooden the end there's not there there's nothing in my hobby mine plus. Tuxedo back up his heart and don't drown are why they only had packing it back in the bag is possible. What do you do thirty whole minutes it doesn't fit. We're close and a bit right now OK but I imagine finding an a for years like this is an herb that they didn't we all send accurate measurement comes out and once. Accurate angry at measurements. We can let your pants everybody who's mind do their their self by coming and bury your jacket fits properly clear and I can't come on you combine that. Take you cancel some jacket who must have hit it where it's. This side of this sounds and is gonna this is very. I don't want them to engage yell scared or whatever to listen to this this article right here is. The spurs scare. Mention scary this per scare. Artificial intelligence will be billions of times smarter than humans. And man needs to merge wizard now to save the future. And Eden that's warrior I'm certain draw lines in the sand and not merging with the robots and computers. I'm merging page owner has been so I agree with the amount merging my brain well reputed among her chair and. John backing him now while it's it's not like I got. Yeah I mean like you. It's so. It's artificially tech intelligence can be billions of times smarter than humans and that we have to merge with computers we have to merge with compete with computers. Now I. Already have I seen transcendent. And and do I think that. They will figure out a way to upload our brains into another body eventually yeah I do I really feel like that's gonna be some area would do it. I mean probably eventually yeah probably so when they say emerge winds are they talking about this either book obviously any read full article however red highlight. And is talking about how that we have to merge go out what is this emerging how does one do that do we use DNA to do this or is that why what I just said. What did you say to register and mr. Rupert I get in them easy transcendence here from I was injured right if you Rhode Island amazing dad as your body not so much your your brain or you bring his dad but. In other words your existence can be uploaded into another new vessel. There's a bunch of different ways we can ultimately merge with artificial intelligence break. The merging itself is where it seems scary mayor and I mean this article how much tabloid either right now is this is sun CNBC yeah I mean this is a go around straight news oh it is it. I mean going to win it beat Mexico and it. Implanting weren't your networks to artificial intelligence inside your brain or possess the most obvious thing I see from it. At least how man merges with the artificial intelligence tonight you know what remains to have access to you have to at some kind of implantation in your brain. Now listen here's a quote overtime I think will probably see age close merger and biological intelligence and digital intelligence now who's said that some I'd never heard of no. Thanks Ilan mosque. Sneer. Yeah but that's experiencing get 3-D printing and how we have artificial hearts and who incite more work and on. Where may be a machine can help by humans live. This is where. I think when it talks about playing god I don't necessarily know that it means. You can't. You know get anew or again if you're you're you're dying or it doesn't make I don't even know that it doesn't mean you can't treaty print a leg if you need one. But I think there when you've played god that we deal with the sole or whatever whatever our existence says that's when you quote playing god your message will what's creator start. And just couldn't computers in your brain are opening day yeah and maybe creating super athletes every using a chance to make them perform better. Bloody feud die you can't bring a person's brain back to life for the machine yet but it's not yet then if they can then. You can change a person. And maybe you know if one person is. A certain way to turn a man to lead diabolical leaning. You and you get had their brain in a sense of the bigger isn't that bad direction and a terrorist can get our brains not to die off are offer me I'll die I was asleep mile long -- now there's no reason why you know still democratic same thing with a brain. I did that would be artificial intelligence and woody gets to that level that I worry about. Is it is not terrorist its sky net that I worry about it it's done right now. Hackers and. About hackers are worried about the artificial intelligence itself because. Once smarter than us you know hackers can't miss what it is smarter than total at a certain point the only thing that believed he had to be scared of then is it you know. Well horrible Madonna cloth and never seemed like you know how people solve screw you apple you know new phone comes out and remain ill when slower but that's kind of what. God dim their bodies you know the older we get slower starts to run and I guarantee you is a yeah is when he kids you know just like Ali you turn five now I need the new model and you don't have another major. The old model. This is kind of wind in his arm if you could you do your life like Benjamin button Merrill how would normal peak he'd wanna go back and if I knew what I Newt now go back and he can't get you nuclear Rivera cousin ever wow man. Yeah no I am. It scares me man front orchard. I don't want to merge this two quick artificial intelligence I don't or a big part computer now BT's bing you're not yourself. Let them let takes over what using strong arm. BC is going to be the artificial intelligence and you listen to this man man there's a new lab coat a substantial fee where you can literally have a conversation within AI computer. At this Alexa that right hand man based dog smarter child or his messenger old term or are there what does that. Isn't it a bot on AOL instant messenger like warriors are very liberal smarter child need to send messages and asking questions he's tough. She's. It's a forty man naked liberals and turn it after probably a former sports robber armed with several years just means harder job thunderstorms are actually playback when he does some extra energy trying to cussing and stuff I never responded to your instant messages. You did Britain's virgin records and isn't as his two wrestlers they are murdered now. Instant dreaded finder screen names on line on AOL back in the ninety's the waves of protects against this according Ilan mosque is that. We have to linked AI to our brains so do we have the same IQ as the computers were using. When you are that's who remain red. That makes sense to my computer is down a little bit just don't these kind I was there I that we got enough stuff where it hates everything's got to be sued for this maggot that mad at tracks super track server computers I don't need iTunes in my head. I don't need like Google search in my head this way have these fast flying fingers man. Try go go fingers as per year. I got sick of ai is going to be so far advanced who's gonna program that methane blow up and I mean is there going to be a supreme being sensing controller now. At a certain point artificial intelligence. It's once it has surpassed us we can offer written nothing in the way program and eventually it will know everything we know. And then it'll continue to learn things we don't know. That's how I know it's confusing to even think about but that's what ultimately eventually. Would happen on manages twenty best know it's do you what is best reality of these progression that's how Oprah yeah. Think as we pick a time traveler on the phone Jeff from earlier do you think that in the future. We won't come together as a world and fight the robots like will that be in a guy hereditary or terminator on our Reagan that time said I've I would be interesting to see if the world would come together if there was some kind of forced from outside this world. You know I don't know you everybody under the same flag under the same language currency in the and we thought the robots well which a robust really the CIA. Think who's going to be working. I mean as far cars can mean self driving transformer guitars we don't worry about it right now Stubbs I mean I ever seen one of the San Andreas with the rock yet to see that. There's the world is falling apart bridges are falling buildings fallen but then there's a guy driving the bus trying. Is the world's Henry county work and help out people who win any cop you would mean EMTs. Unless they were single well that's what they've been about cops want. They are costs and pay our doctors and AI surges helps round call or she may are surges are gonna sneeze well as stranded at transplant hard. But he is there any feelings people have to eat they don't have to eat. Yes they invade bathing they have no emotion humans will become extinct. It would make as obsolete certainly but that's what people think that's there's fun story. 00. Are you are and that's what started stars with pleasure. As always starts with the announced. Well become sterile because we're doing it and machine don't drink to go and stumble and fall down in front and removing cars and stuff they do it to get that bunt. Just remember that science fiction has always been prophetic and what has been in the science fiction of our lifetime. The matrix and terminator yes it's our favorite science mission has been prophetic for all time and just look at the science fiction has come out in your lifetime. And it will have some degree of truth as to what the future roles and I always asked. Each home we know too much more about him. If OK if it's just going to be sentiments NN may get itself out of their being and how would it's disconnect kind of Blake. Split like cells like Adams are gonna disagree and and west you know how how are always going to be born if you're if it's a mixture and a human and I. Pitchers. I don't know. I don't know I rating on the east text messages from people they're telling me things like this are happening and I don't know probably would amount or whoever dessert by the we have robot soldiers I mean I know that they tried our current Arab you know mess around with a but I don't think we really have robot soldiers like that we just on the whole steroids where they're human lean mean I know we got the what did. Owns the charm us drones trap me you know the sinks luckily this isn't quite right around the corner because I was sitting in my house yesterday and I looked on the Google app on my phone. And it's it was seven minutes home for more around in my living room. So luckily luckily they hang all the way there yet well berg it will biggest we just keep blow do we just keep programming in loaded full everything we know. Due to area fifty one's not aliens this armored guys and at the New Orleans December weather made the terminator is our. Am so we got on. I you know is usually the one thing you would tell by like hacking and all of us at here's what I would truly be worried about is is drones. Now the kids you know there's things are loaded ready to go. And if somebody had Ben Tillman to started dropping bombs were they wanted to I mean that's that's the real. You know you talk about the physical infrastructure in the financial world now that that really. Fire from above holy Moly adjourn on more content class hero I mean if. Larry is all possible. I noticed but you never now while these drinks like when as a kid I never really thought there gloomy flying cars. I never really thought there would be a U aid Robocop or terminator situation I broke her five got hot. Shrill and if artificial intelligence were in charge them if artificial intelligence were in charge politically. Socially economically. You would there be war. We're artificial intelligence ever go to war itself now I don't think you would I think it as far as like a silver lining. Don't think we're ever real world war because logic and reason and right what went out and there'd be no egos are more there'll be no religion. There would be no currency because it they don't need to heat they don't main tent. John learned he just I am to where Amy displayed them live now I mean how events yeah he's just plug mantra. Yeah. Plus is that's a scary time and effort. Kids say ages if we listening today gig let's not be so much on this computer stuff we you know what I'm saying it. It is though I'm not comfortable with and I don't wanna have them meet a world where I have to look at somebody sideways and try to forgot their real our robot it's a router right proper glasses while black. Now. Was imminent. They live Astra. I say I watch out for Allen Iverson today and be careful. We'll take a little break page of this that did the not the last headlines of the day. Nearly one of those disaster millionaire next to last right after this headline. Guys morning show it's. Thought he. He 93 point freedom. Right guys headlines with the eight. And you're Beagle who. Well let's talk Valentine's. Day since it is an opponent volleying well there's a chef in California and that has some tips for you borrowings. And I certainly tips I have no I mean why you shouldn't eat and I wrote. On Valentine's Day you know her home. Listen. As today when you should eat out you know why should eat out she's had a tough. Time now. And out. She doesn't want cook. Right. Our ears or lose that's how many both money out you know yeah. There you Elsa she works in. Sheen is set back and to let somebody else do all the work paying you know. Now he's on our now. Well there's a chef in California adds Chez penny. By the name and Jim Johnson. Say pennies there's an urgency and angst. And the according to Jay and he says. In my wanted to stay home and have our romantic dinner. Because at restaurants they take advantage of the day by hiking up prices and often lowering the quantity and quality. It's always over priced. You have. That's not always true that's just not always turn isn't any dirty restaurants in this town I wish they give me blistered sometimes. Our series mask I'm never says Shirley are you sorry I don't want to take home more that I just ate some reason I can think of a couple places the foods are eight. Mayor and they just power only are they are right. All I know the when you're talking about precision here. Coroner released here and if I can rise faster you need to. Are there have been there are really their remote lesson well are found boy I still want don't outright say you're having to think that factory you know you'll get locked it yes. And that you sorry that and the world I'll install and they give you seven pounds of food don't play I've always been there. Lower your highest together as 400 'cause I can't wait sort of beauty want. Well now the fact he also it's never our man take BK is every restaurant is crowded and around. 93 she ate out more when you're single or married man absolutely you know Mora single real hip it was I mean I Freetown today then Austria. Can't the. Also. It's funny your Cattrall. IQ make the Dayton wanna show up at a particular time hopefully can get an and I have to wait even their you have reservations. Are you. I try to find a hotel room and eclipse day heating up find nothing good news anywhere I eat out of a crowd broker I I don't and I avoid it he demands on the crowd I will go to dinner bank at noon on Sunday. I avoid the crowd I won't go kind of that way 7 o'clock on a Friday or Saturday either our board crushed him. I don't know I'm just in a timer day that they had ethnicity of the food doesn't matter disliking them. If you like to do around the older crowd earlier in the afternoon. Against. You know hope hope when you're hungry and you you want and now down and you have to wait twenty minutes I know it's their way to the news is. It at the several dozen valentines day facts now let's go back to this as a single woman now hey Alison you eat out. I and is off design cancer I don't have to cook at home defeat Pittsburgh on mine and 34 Clark you now a few gray innings you have a way. What I like teeth out but the problem with eating out issue over eat you know. Otto you're ready to march now and then eating at home we have left overs that you never eat and then against two waste precious. Nice sound. And I am pretty sure did as hard in Manning a semi truck federal downhill for her is basically. Back to the facts are around times. Well is it the most popular holiday for Valentine's Day cards are greeting currents and I don't. Finished his first training aren't they. Christmas is more popular. Some people get more Valentine's cards on the fourth of July and then today he's saying you know more people send a greeting cards on Valentine's Day than any gas. I'd save them and say it's Christmas and others that are it is the second most popular holiday what is number. Christmas hung because you get these and the more multiple people. And usually get up for deeply forgot your friends whether hedge address there. There but I notice number would tell me Christmas is first because most people. But then. More people got Mamas and Valentine's I think Mamas get more cards and calendars baby's momma is not prepared memorable moment anti gay cars for everybody or just and one enough. Should be just and whining man or a rash of Allentown national Debbie Debbie Valentine's Day carts and how well nominee. It's not like that there I hear my hopefully not IDs come out phony. Why am I locked your brain is our parents are nostalgia. One car cited it's it's for more on plane and as currency swing. And I am I got to thawing. Or is it phoning there I guess what is changing. She isn't a single. Charlie Rose to stretch an ambulance and she likes it when she's in there about crazier is imagine as a mom mom listings in your watch. True she listens. Quite often yeah. On an all new model listens. Sarah needs more bath bomb through listening and it's more than about our lumps and obviously an issue locally now. Well its three week stint they candy. Via London hunt them on message on them especially their dirty ones life is sweet ones and optimal chalky nasty when telling. They ran outside wall within. Eight minutes about what they say don't and then leave him anyway yeah. Roughly ten nice messages and they taste and they've been around for over a 150. Years it tastes like. Today yeah. What I don't like I don't like now that people especially women you women this new thing that all the I'm single. And what in my and I don't trickle my girl's is gallon times day. You since you're loading is as happy gallon Valentine is. It's going to go to gals. Have fun you'll notice I'm sober happy Valentine's Day we didn't hear him. Loral's Valentine's Day valentines. In front runner for us under name Howland had having Valentine's now whenever Williams about alcohol and today I am I'm back another artist rendering fairly. Well this very little sweetheart things were made bag company that makes Nikko wafers. Owns Goosen Carlos did you pick eagle and I'm happy Valentine's bare all hello. Don't need going beef from deals have large ones. Show and talented group. That they are invented 1866. Cents. 150 tears again try to log time ago. And they are now printed and then a 188. Different languages. I thought it was weird armories runner commercials and Spanish. Hey was it real yeah Iraqi scene earlier while the first I've just always the onion started off it was real or is it was on the onion. Madonna keeps saying don't differ website sales have more. And who is supposedly right it was a tweet. I was so there was a screen shot or what I would do the onion it popped up this Spanish language ad for the united states army so at first I thought it was as an onion joke. So it's nice to Hamas the trio earlier this press are desperate in this sport it would make sense. Since they would advertise to all you know so it's not true it's not trend on a 188 different languages arming and Spanish. I'll just say gee imagine getting my one that said some Muslim. Or through Syria official language cholera barometers for his Valentine's Day or about Arabian. Is it cause more pregnancies due people buy gas pregnancies guess since March yes yes how hot it's the biggest surge is near the end of march which makes sense now or six weeks from now when you financing and my turn now in six months. You know I am I then yeah. Asian probably at least you know could have imagined or real party behind us you know there's tremors especially where army air. There were soon. It says something I don't even know what it says and that's it two years and you're linguists something tomorrow and expand business sum up tomorrow in Spanish hey Jerry coming Lingus every day. And I believe the model verses make a difference. Al yeah. When the. Orange juice and Valentine stay are actually kind of dark on discernment to kiss you may think because they're real saint Valentine was brutally executed. Yet I don't know how else. Around 2270. ADQ. Is beaten to death and he hadn't far marrying people and secret. Appears headed torn in 270 AD GA came aboard your. Expect him half a cent 270 soggy chilly old. Are you wanna kiss rashes or maybe I think that's a I'm glad that I'm willing to think well this may be effective for you in Yunnan and on the stay below finishes if you love. Watching a Chevy Q print half sacks performing an archery street well last year then. In the norm because according. It tips you drink to you that porn ties porn and they found that cupid corn jumps. 652%. On Valentine's Day god bless the mark and team and how important how they're so good this sliding yen to and I would say. The best that it is there like a holiday. Orange and DNA can watch 'cause I'm missing out on something yes aiming for everything you can think if you and I like Koch has taken that day on Monday. We'll miss saying you know. Really good. Or destruction cupid I don't see anything that fits the theme he's not beating Arnold sealed there's this I don't. They remembered the day after the election we said that more are people search for Donald Trump porn then they did Hillary Clinton poor's lurching in credit to. Nerves from La. And angry about incest students all instead of course all the live America wow. For the fab would do little anger I don't know I was I almost. Did wrong and thus and then the good Oedipus in the Electra is meant everything is. Step son step mom stepped sister what the blank my friend's mom quit yeah it can act as if you spend that for cupid porn and chairman porn take realty in our one element trailer park and you don't know if you break realtors is that. They're afraid Broder did sent from fake stepsister and fake step mum that's getting to be weird now. This afraid now fussy Harley drops out on the floor should stand up and move away from the table I've seen these are movies. Almost an extra not a real place. It's not but it is on the Internet. Four world and it is so incensed join me. Get that what that is I mean I really don't I didn't grow Panetta no but canola. What is it called when you bring two famous again what is it called last panel where. You know it is added to translation errors in Arlington jetBlue Apollo rarer slim that you reunion blended family. He he had always think well what is there's some guys that things for his stepsister and I don't like that. And I never had a when I step sister I don't think I've gatherers and return on my its. But do his stepsister and Laurie can. She's younger to me your fake radio Naimi stole from your staff says you know I was given my fake radio and anal kept my step sisters I'm playing. I don't really know exactly how much understands that she hasn't considerably younger yet chant hare made a snake she says it now. I I don't know much about her. You're a senator from part of the world has a different mother and that means neither tear Vaughn got along icing. Well I does so by the important thing now. Willis is important. For that was planted people like Bill Allen I got people like looking at Chevy guys. Even though is an heiress with an IQ could you punitive women should decent there but I really do it on Harvard. Into. What kind of what kind of things would they be doing and then this video as fat boring Cuba upon. I they just going and making people follow news and Arizona each other as you certainly wouldn't want Cuban didn't have sex and the people most inaccurate. Now he shot a way this change. So I hear I don't think people follow a man with a marinara. Only Washington is like simmering cupid it's funny how you know you want your split we around the younger probably still today you know you see the chairs where they would need he may be be a girl and he knows she's in a blown liked him in the it would shooter went down arrow and suddenly seized are smiling and to. (%expletive) arrows are rooted love potion number nine now that's no cause we have their brand and you know there's a difference between getting shot by Cuba's Errol you and you fall in love when the guy or he give your rupiah and you wake up 48 hours later learned that he drew I don't think you I'd like you love when you're on consciousness so. There is a semi naked man I don't know. Just going around people at random people on a porno and he went shoot him with a marinara and then they have sex and he's Disco he's not actually participating Babel I don't want certainly now that my NBA you know this cartoon. Pebble he just did for the wedding and it didn't say more really obese cupid roster. Since then it can I can reveal what's she gonna surprise everybody with today. Sure cowboys know where Fedora at the wedding on Saturday. Got to somehow have a big feathers sticking out of it. And you want Aisha by his Turk normally don't wanna see the boy ever again not wearing a hat on and head out to labor you will not. Our usual code you argued he went to court we're the like man that I do regular not go out married NRA and come bare headed. Fred there's a mystery on why. What happens to the other Dora. Somebody sent. Imposter and there can be someone knocked around look at Nike today on this these 325 pounds and has agreed bearden the little things have been named Mary had a good. We have Robert on ladies day. A year for here for civil war reenactment their hero win and rarely do the most good morning Jim Jones. Then I haven't had to tap that. Well you gonna. I am Bache has learned. And ahead at what do you do you think Clinton you know like Korean air's and well. And Ayers and the. Marvin Harrison. I can't wait and dad yeah. Nina in the fiesta resort regardless of adopt distancing Yemen and the Brodeur journalism and Sarah they were the Lamar and red European mirror on the sides were grown out make some subsidy. So right here yeah. Yes that's okay they already looking like it's hard losing half your own camera and tell you learned. A liar sunset. Not and and lastly scientists have figure out why we don't like new music once we get older one is his worst dust keep it to say edged. They've found that the average volume you musical taste is locked in between the ages of eleven to fourteen. And the average demands tastes are finalized between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. And then we have another quick period of things we like around me click here it's in the best case. Higher ground and okay got to do the van Buren and welcome to a it's like now they make a little nuts. Maarten van Buren and tell us it doesn't look like old Jeff. All man made and beer and confident that the old Jeff Barton emir who is an older Nokia would Miss America and no your honor and I had. Well I'm. I liked the hair and a technical but I think that's the reason why I don't hear the is weren't made it is my age is the only reason I don't get territory were dragons. There's the only thing the only reason it doesn't speak to me is I don't know yeah okay. It's the only reason they had a virus didn't just double dragon master and very good doesn't spring to me is I yeah. Am I the only reason it on dates back. Everyone pilot sit imagine dragons and they won't Asian and all these lands they are facing the same to me because I don't what age I am in no other reason. Now it's weird to apps at. Least the senate. Haven't January I think and maybe again. And your memories and being young and that's when you listen to music and managed also leads EL when you're younger and you hear also and so is the new hit song or what are you kind of thing all I should like the activities you're older you're more sure of yourself and your hey gotta you've followed the trend some detail I am. How are you listen to assign our sweat pants today obviously. And it life and he'll tear Mamie I can you know back and and and daisies on May Eli Manning and yeah. And I can't get too pumped all on the set for the last out pretty much horrible has seen you you've liked that music animation film getting the lyrics mean something to you I. I can identify with the Hana. I mean. Yeah. Ever add him but admission but it's it's the finger of keeping up you know it's like. Old women they all get older they cut their hair short list are wearing polyester is just the thing to do you kingdom. Have been that thing where you have in a longer once I've been the other way as an older woman I can't do that. It's got to be sure he can have long hair or it can have all you go kooky layered look at order. At least that in the backfield lady. A big old men are great example take a look at the whole redeem literally the exact same blue jeans the exact same shirts and they don't hearty early in the morning every day. Like coffee for all our doors and otherwise sometimes you still see the little limited last trade on the tables even go to the thirty I was I was glad I. There a cat. It or hold him up fasting. And passes in his shiny stars yeah. That's really did Barry who smokes indoors on Goldman's right. Yeah I mean really aren't there. Around downtown the other day when we did see on seven I kept every ten foot there's an ashtray. CRA smokey yeah. Is our readers are is a pain have to cannot stand on street and yeah I think there's water that I'm back. All its fanning out and rational and wanted to on the power Batman and who's been noticing a warm firms. Lance can't untainted measure and allied van. Plus I'm John RI raids and Eric yeah. Yeah. Barack written word I 93 minute grab begins at 10 this morning. More of the rise guys morning show okay. Act passed. Easily I'm excited to get ready to go home so yeah. Hello I'm tired then there'll don't worry the cruel existence why I saw us coming home not you know. Hello we thank you are right called FaceBook and an end to Graham and snapped and all that stuff yeah. You'll hear more emphasis afternoon will go live at 5 o'clock o'clock this afternoon live from the Rocky River plantation for numerous nuptials 2000 maintained. Vinci CNN today and bail is not going to be boring I know you think also wedding that trust me we're gonna have a whole lot of free can find them there and lots of surprises there's so Maria good turn on holy playing up to those people at the wedding will be plane that do you listening so. I make she listened to us this afternoon. Someone in my Matthew lock. Not all these lies he has no one. No but there hey you. Very glad to see you wanted to or not. One food did the guy would be no PP take issue with his girlfriend to eating. He's all about 7 o'clock had issuing 31 thing. What one thing does he hate that girl eight text the answer Carolina paper mill dot com text line that number is 72341. Again 7234193. Correct answer win. Page Iraqi org today make sure you call her and say page we B nine. Right page and certainly you'll go out with caller thirteen and the problem now in this subways. We're gonna go out six things Phyllis they had before he can Valentine's Day I love you all except I'm. Controlling play no.