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Nine has another Family Feud question for the room: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Hello don't let me ask you. Set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show. 3.3 the planet back. Sorry but I'm Marilyn Manson kit man who's good it is how I get. I was listening and then the new one over the weekend. They knew Manson were rushed her albums and a bit. And then I was getting into lest we forget the greatest itself era. I kid wants to see man romancing concert we're at least on a blood ago Bulger who saw him before but the door again on Bethlehem W dishing drafted yeah I. Any track. Haggard should go to another act contrary can take me and I'll pull my hair and a mini concert you wanna go to her. As you know Muslim nine HA. Hosted the I liked this idea and I and I saw you at this morning in our asking some. They didn't know Irish who were there answers now you're just asking for Sean Garrett mailman to Cuba grants or lose too much on our program. The last human family feud when play was great. And not your started this thing when he goes and gets the answers to questions earlier. An ally this new way and that's tees announce what it. I do my goodness this is farm my glass or don't they like assuming you know family feud deserves answers your question more than good. Well let's get ready again live from studio for Tony and intercom Greeneville. This is the. You foods key. Is heavy. Well thanks thanks thanks it's there's a Georgia amateur does is regarded fairly few writers room. What is the one question is here everybody has to say about it I change I just thoroughly enjoyed. This last founded it in storage and Noel now what's question is this a fun exercise. Aren't the question this sermons there. What a way are we carrying end. Don't have didn't diagram all. There's no one card call RR well I don't pay you one of those are real dancers. Com what is Tina's steams. That might be one of the answers tell me something Amanda cannot do online. On social media on the Internet something a man cannot do it. Or disown the man should not do its work at that worsens or confusion. Things men should not do on line on the Internet on social media. Yeah. Figured owns and we can I don't know its way to take this I don't see is solid and got well that's a broad very cute is Gramm the mean there's some more obvious ones I guess. Things in minge. Not do on the own mind there to a Disco whenever you go at all pandora or every hour. I think you man cannot buy. Pennies for his daughter Oman and half a he preferred or in person and he weighs in coming to load them up. I mean if you're single bad pairing. It probably more it's probably easier Barrett. Children's underwear online that is in the story is little more. Boy this is this is this as you mentioned the board never say who agrees with the. We're we're required a lot of people. But at least two people very loose expose themselves I don't. Oh that's great treasury are shenandoah is itself we. Genital just to tell sell flyers are there ideas solicited pictures of reserve manager yeah. You're going that's a fair read about led not to do what you think I wanted to take itself to a parent are now. Firmer ground her own buyer panties for gene that remote G filter and make it look like do we both have lol. Tire as an entire especially this thing. Mean Jeff just did just that stiff Chad has a filter today. You have they'll make you when you do the filters and tens and make you look like your cat hair and all or something here you are wearing me marina brown former boulder today you had her ears. I mean it yeah that the end MS colts are honored you're here. Heard ears well Lou fascination with the loot food. Some of the Catholic area so that if you'll let me opposite art Kelly be the number one now artist in the rain and shareholder. Playing for rain. Yes so that's sick. That's also the flower. Is this thing cauliflower address say yeah that he had to people com each you NASA on the air when I must that one but I think makes my complexion look better. The most egregious that's 8%. Uses this is so that a lot of women they are now. But it is completely an interim government do when you put on a snap Chad filtered that changes your voice. And you. Do they hang on now you do video recap bitching about your day now men can't do that women can get away with that man can't do that you gave have argued that high pitched voice and funny years on. Just complain and our whole day for men and I have only women you know I regret. We can only annoying not the man yes spoke here. Pages is this a good question for you and I made this is the question is higher realized where more men in here we do women that is what mansion that is correct. Or is this what you should not do. This is what men should not under OK so page this is this should be easy for you to do yeah what do you see men do online they should never do it. Shia alliance. But and solicit prostitution. And crank the source of prostitution. I like this one guy Haitian rested it and person should not yeah like his ex girlfriends pictures. And okay that's that's Etsy Betsy did you know can't farm that you're saying that people probably agree with that so mom what about just lacking possessive thing now that you know we found out what the lesson they get in trouble for liking a pornographic photos. Arm can't my pit crews are right there one overall on site ladylike mail shows up. Yeah it's not deceive follow me all right who's he think he would be careful here you win draw minus also must. Okay so thing is guys should not do on line this is not as hard as we're making this. Our got to think there's there's a bunch of them. All are aware of our group analyst at. Audit I just in the there'll. Anybody talk to rob terrorist anymore aren't sure I'll hear about it ever. I can't sing everything. I can't think of anything minted young and a textainer call 180774. Double 093 ram and a tough time with this. What about selling candles commands into. Where else yeah. Let me ask you know. I don't get any day now you know and it seems on his degree zones since seat and a low low -- oh yeah highly when that song girls what happens there. Yeah it's selling sex toys Dora Dora body wraps until what only ordered or I was doing party and pleasure stories that's a woman thing is bankrolled by no thank you 330 towns away. Enough. Some high interest that he's not interested in there there are the rants there have been great if you're assuming Jews cleanse it only women can do better things you know middle out. Carl's all all want pyramid schemes are only winning okay are you what I'm good when there. What should men not do own mind. He is going to be a hard time. I mean Jimmy he had no this is your question about what do Demi smearing answers I am are really make this work it. Mission are asked for relationship remarks okay. You shouldn't make you make your FaceBook post asking for relationship advice. I think that's a good work. I don't think anybody should do that none. No Mozee is. All these how manners cover I don't care. Sometimes it helps me best to express my mood live. A volcano erupting well I was told them you are you know horrible isn't. These older female moose juice or admit emergency nervous are of them is they gambled on how CNN gambled and and and kinda. And similar amendment thing Alden well when the other women gamble online. Not as much as Meehan Noah only women do at all now. I saw a stat like well phew we see as said that I don't know where they can what is that said more women cheat on line amended. And I know I don't know how they Camilla. Has the statistics that I read it now something that is in my journal. The dealer takes it and everything's very poolside sell trees and done glib self be hard yeah certainly sell seasons and I don't wanna offend any my friend I knew swimming drugs are sure it was self reasonably assured trainers Summers word red. Nobody in this room seven to Jeff it. Can tell you that because. What it what does it look like give me or frat boy or man man has talent some dude don't take your shirt was so he's you guy with a six pack we can't really say that. You know it just looks bad if what do must says that. Don't do that turned as I suppose you know I don't worry about it Najaf you don't take shirtless self he has I don't seem posted a bunch I don't so you don't think it's overdue to do that if he's in shape. I just think it shows. What is it. Its the word it's a fun game it's grown up with pride no not pride and I didn't just want attention. You shows a detention war. Yeah I bodies are disagree and may hit the attention has only time anybody says whores when they're talking about tension play so many hammer and attention had days it is to remain in this imitation there's very broad picture very. Although the whole psychology behind it isn't desire for lax you're it's it's for attention oh that's a funny old thing at this lot of let me throw it out on Twitter emperor. And that's the worst man are here these big seven real brilliant. Here are put upon Twitter and I don't like Lou Piniella too lax on Vietnam. Want her salon comes a botched. Interest rates or extend Sergi three foreign Carolina paper mills are sorry don't sort of cheer Lawrence had taught the what I was brave and I open the door for a lot of people would steroids I mean hemorrhoids Adair with the terror is there right now. It's gonna keys in hand after she has something that you should not mentioned don't Moammar Mickey's. Hey. Dave definition get married on our. Yeah he did you do that. Now so I bet kind location there at a each. It should not be a law degree and me each about like don't do the ceremony on line or don't meets in my own mind marrying him over the Internet. I meant somebody who Internet. Yeah hey you know what the keys I think to step further don't have sex will move in that era. You know. Shouldn't he's gone and I bet you if you want yeah well yeah good point thank you Keith wells said archer our relationship with. Right. Mostly common girls' pictures. Arnold girls' pictures Sony meant to be you know girlfriend whatever the girl's picture. Any or many Arab Loma too much that seems creepy Europe have been put up like a big trip at the gym and they're like you know Wyatt. Work and I think that little light might give them a little love and inspiration. You know I'm not I won't mention their their well earned the you know the buy pants the pants. What if you select turn around boots out a little more detail. I'm happy I didn't know boomerang them like printing and puts everybody is a rare yeah. She's you praised her critique them fat or eat all of his life he'd eat him on the. IRS comment good future as hard as you're out here as these people these questions they get visas and all of wall answers you know. That is the bomb off the wall. This is not as hard as I'm not making house Versa let me. This team does it ultimately isn't any different than for women I mean what is a big guys who what should people not do on the Internet. You're starting instead thanks text your pace setter asked for sexual advice because men or women should do on. Aren't women know and neither is it guys do it they're just at their balls busted in girls do it there's gonna get their DMZ just. Chock full of weirdos behind him and others is still originating so women that are always working around pose some big summit where there won't go I got tense and you're there here's the everybody's gonna agree with me and pat me on the back mom and watch us. Among margarine sugar everybody should not be that snow tires he's in no way should be this apparent. All oh wow put on something no one should jeweler. Yeah. Oh no oh no no no say in some of you know what should you Oman and it was great to just had to sneeze and take my mind also announcing an. Yep min Campos snake it patients and their children and the bathtub two pieces if I was innocent. And a or nobody knew anymore I mean it's more trouble for a mom auditors for daddy did there are no longer my turn now. I still you know I just. I know what it was and it was brilliant so good thereby I was gonna love me and here it is now more. Man or woman don't post on social media saying you're going to get a tattoo today what should you do you know I'm now. He get out of here I'll blocked you on me you I'll. Yeah I don't go to a tattoo shop with no idea what the failure and yet here as you're not a real. A guest but we are among his music in my name when your answer is yes SL lazy answer fat boy's name and your hand. Spears remember on the first line. Asked FaceBook question you can get an answer from grew easier and faster hey a lot of questions you ask you need as Google did the answer right there. That's perfect when you put it so and so dot dot dot and go there you go blue and I want to do your work for you there. And the best restaurant and looked and then once specifically for man. Three Starbucks cup. All right so. Every line Nene yeah. You called used to do I always watch that when I don't say name and they know my name and put it on the air I think asks Elijah and a million bucks why. The can't do the same pleasures is lemon oh yeah it is not fair should be up and enjoyment and the like a bad judgment. That's true previewed early and then the only got a call me is dead voters during good. Blacked out bad taste bad cost 39 cent for the couple okay. I lack a normal Marciano Vinci thank you that's my team that's my Jan given the de iced fingers are in the mouth appeared dude taking a picture like women do log Newt's. Q you called me who. Plus the guys to never say T even if you get a. OK I won't have to accept me as say no well T media TV buried and they usually you know Hillary. He and that taxes are around my ignorance armored car business dignity he's criticized most proud. I hardly are racing and patience say he's in that I see page now page news and headlines for a snack as a thank you percent. Is. The rise guys morning. Thought he 93 point freedom. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle who. Fred K headlines launch and then came back to imagine stain honoring really did today. A story earlier some instance there are people and right now you can't stay safe when you're traveling. By purchasing what I am this is according to. Yuck cousteau's grandson who's an explorer and and environmentalists. Is name is they need to stone. He's constantly traveling around the world and he says his best tips for staying safe when you're overseas is wearing a eight. Are convertible. It. This anywhere in the world met this is universal anywhere in the world would get very many know our purpose. In this day page. But anywhere in the whole world here there anywhere around her are you aware what do you shoes this we'll keep you safe anywhere on earth. Many vote elects a Rolla. They keep you safe this is why he says that no matter where you are everybody knows. Relaxes. And that is that there are expensive absolutely robbed them and that makes it currency say you can hold handed over someone like pirates. And it's gonna ship them maybe they won't kill you figured Burgess Kurt your arm off a gash dummy here as analysts. This is even as I have ever heard my life there's really no credit to other. Had a chance on the hood anywhere you jordans and he'd say yeah we're not establish his job I don't I didn't say hi nice things cats have full territory doesn't know why does that keep you safe you know Brazil. Now. This still you righteous kill easily Canton emerge and then ask for your wallet bank and they think yeah money this show off did you actually that's not just watched I don't know why. I know I know somebody once Sunday when they get their engage in Paris and I know this is because small bones and Joyce Gordon and he said that the eighteen made that he made this. Very large. Wedding ring and then they asked him to make an exact copy of it he's in cubic zirconium. It's so when they went on vacation she feel safe about when you've now got a why would she have anything you feel safe everywhere. I mean that's that's the nuts to me they sure have some like very good jail where Arriaga where you have it pan down just like the diamond ring thing have to get. The photo diamonds because you're afraid that I listen Iraq if you wanna give forum find Brunette and the mound now depends on how much they make a month right. Your serve term here three terms there but that's silly as silly you know that I do remember Dick Tracy watts record called the cops. I don't mix and not aligned our air our our our. Well how about this there's learn a place in New Jersey and the team not my children inning at their restaurant alone without. And company met by parents and their curbing match. But some folks aren't too happy about that. This same Cadillac a tell he tees enough and haven't that this is today it's called the Wayne hills diner in New Jersey. And what they're doing as are adding an 18% gratuity to the bills and children who go there without their parents. So one at eleven year old girl named their out their parent and a while. It. Okay go it amazes eleven and she went to get amount shaken she knows that there was a ninety's and tipped. M is at and added to her milk shake bill that security that said okay. Because she's under a Houston wasn't there at their parents okay. Fed discrimination. Yeah is that how this was all uncovered though this is how wildcat here our reason is pressure for cougars. And they distinct that people should be there at their parents. And they say that manages menace their reserves the right to add the 18% gratuity thinks they're accused him. How can really answer your groups are torn and dirty kid show and abstain for a couple hours not leaving tips there's going to be a problem of our business and our. Ladies and these two get offended as a Stanley they would and sometimes trying to charge just for those six or mortar table and it was only four of our earnings. Everybody's family that. Think even twenty or thirty kids that show up after score that still business and that's kind of a community thing and I imagine they don't think that their babysitters for kids. Exactly that's where it turns into your babysitting or people's kids if they hang out for two hours and in port. The American milk shake her couple bucks and you hang on for two hours the only good tip when you occupy half the restaurant for two I mean that's a problem for a business owner it is. Gaffe I guess all the game went taco Costello has an high school you are ordering a drink and then send them both for two hours yeah meanwhile in early can't turn over customers cruises says mayor drink of water and it's not fair now to the waiters and waitresses that aren't getting their points are point we say we're not only here until we sure how to win a football game yes. If adults really instills I know yeah. What if it and dole and did the same thing when they're bright and their softball team and sat there for the same manner timings and had the same don't drink the. They've already been drinking as assault I'm guessing as far as the ball to him or drug all the time I make plays down now. Hayes says that home roll love if you have a business you can make that decision or you just got to deal with. Although you know kind of the gay cake make great thank you sir. Imported guns loitering there in the in the united you can hang out here but we're gonna end tack on to your tip because. Apparently a bigger group of Torre grown men are prone to do this in this garner but it happens a lot with the right teenagers and cared little Mark Bruener or an almost folks yeah you're one of the Coke weight on his wallet just didn't refills preferring. What they have been. Hello Louis knows. Wine with a bat and only then when it Mara and his girlfriend order when they're on the day it was the moment had to bring their wallet. Home. They're just moving her career woman is this she's she's honest I don't own national Momo and I don't rhetoric you Myers has everything times it's not Chicago for my own and do what they ordered branch. A phenomenon now you have low blows at the same time 123. Are worse off. Our poorest man not for something more permanent more votes then grandmother yeah. Lone grand Cayman grabbed that little pepper band until and stuff whenever and hostile. My fifty homes best movie ever sent from feature dancing or huge. Well there's that you mentioned a socialist. A Data Co. that measures the buzz around TV shows and has released a list of the most popular TV shows and America paid yeah. I. Just went so well off. Some of your favorite shows are waiting and less care. So at number ten or bill. What is ahead. Assists set off Arlen soon you're never heard and heard it this brand there was a start triggered it is tomorrow I'm. Rich and Marty people love that she buried her my Jersey Atlanta. A bottles one and a richer and more of them reaching forward and. And number eight the Ellen DeGeneres show which. I watched it on Tom and I used to love. Number two and then the Big Bang theory great chance of it. I'll do number six mine hunter rich people and it just like that yes he's been coming around one rainy years now. Member of five preacher used to like I haven't watched an episode. And I know I have. Happened to that was it not as good is a kiss. Boy leave now until it nine was this is really best show ever and then in this one is good trying to distribute fresh however and Sox first tape may say that's good he really did I. I was excited for a I didn't say it would be really good I was excited to see if it was good or not because obviously not having seen I didn't know for certain who would be good. But I was excited for it it is it's there every time she mentioned something you said the some I didn't say yes our current. That's a guy isn't it didn't translate well from the current bucks Chris. Being in comic book form can be any thing you wanted to be a lot easier how hard to make a gallon when the ball face. Are hard to make a lot of things that happen in the term plus salt and although I did the hard core. Sacrilege in symbolism and circle bar graph I Don tanner is comic books. Thank you Carol how manmade love to a fish on TV but she came to comic book OK I suspect. I can understand the concept of the you know even the comic I will Isabel as they try to explain and show you only enough for the first several issues are common mirror and you know what it's about. It's about then divorcing guy yeah. Make an Elvis how it's what what is the voice of god what is that. This is a preacher in Texas. It is very generous this thing mergers would Jessica against targets finally free to come arguments Lawson and slowly forcing died he found. Bill it can be interpretation now or could be different Texas tornadoes everywhere in the sand on the MH pages set interpretation and we get. Number four Star Trek discovery. I'm never washed it CBS all access so are you ready for the tough very. Most popular show there is the most popular shows is okay and earlier Monday night brawl not honor at all movies you don't have 98 list now. A game number three. Damon grounds HBO. Out love it ever seen it violence and Kennedy ran Phillies she Condoleezza unharmed on the lazy rice note. Second place the Walking Dead and ANC great champ. Instant you do YouTube won't let go you don't like it is much you don't talk about it nobody talks about his mines is silent people the more likelihood that dynasty guess life. Hey Jack there's over there does just all right now says each I mean now I'm like yes I wanna find now. Yeah I received a letter and characters is a city OK the ratings it may crappy crap we currently are and number one show on America. Easy easy stranger things TI Netflix. They know best. Ed thing is not a stranger things take its second season. They are you convinced ordained by the imagery when it comes our strange things to Friday is a publisher network accurate I sat. Again there. Glad we're TV Jesus or Asia Susan there. Maybe I'll finish up Luke cage before punish your hips and watch iron fist and flash and Jessica Jones and the defender stared at. Too much TV wants more so now a horrible I don't know or whatever. Morals just yet Netflix marvel Sherlund Luke cage and flash are foods Jessica Jones a defender isn't really rebel associated with Archie comics stories here is OK it's like a TV fourteen Archie comic when it's all like to CW were something gap is how much is pissed off like that I'm tailor your. Mean Boston take I think and it was did the movie in there that. Emo MTV show. There is a big user wrote great great river Delaware where our chief foreign birdies yeah. Yeah it's Mubarak did just like American horror there as a whole. So there is sued movies at debuted at the box office murder on the orient express and daddy's hands to but they're still on number one movie in the country that would be door. Rag Barack. Salt four man. Jury awards he's already in Iraq was really really good. And last holes all football right now to do it. You can't candidate there's no you can't congressman of flash sermon daredevil in reference or zero. There was flashes are showing the seat of your new peers from. WB position actually. This bit of his blessing on Netflix threw up into separate. But it is or is UP intercede cedar be sure to help him I have anymore. CW CW series are still isn't aren't you mark or UPN still come old used to come on channel seven in the mid ninety's. That was the flies Jim Joyce well brought in ours or diagnosis murder and thank you may read in the movies this afternoon talk finally. I'm not here this weekend in she's third removing bad mom Christa did and it's on. In my like I know what went through a that you see it is yeah she's sisters introduce characters for another month I'll admit there's literally no plot. Is it is it dirty but we don't man this can be summed. I don't take it may read is Steve that I met diner it's funny in if you have an overbearing mother her. Ain't so. Then you might think is company that. Yeah isn't the kind of what about your mom is the kind of found mom that would turn the channel if there and their bullish owner they say GD. You can relate to make your head cut off hostile act. She says the Nichols says so or odd how solid Greinke as medicines. Is there. And run and 56 point six million dollars as sub in its second week or release said 211 point six million dollars. Looks and we as a fan killer it's good did you not like. I'm not crazy about superior amenities come on even a cat was tootsie don't have to know the lineage of all those guys. Not to broaden lost couple of interspersed I've seen a couple of and you begin with but the down links and Isabella rag in Iraq. But what does that mean what is drag and drop. Always say all this spells and then everything you do frag Iraq. Brad and do it a rocket here's where American heroes god led the he's trying to go about our own mythology. Anger on the or -- there near the door on north South Carolina tackle its pioneering deserve where you're aren't a whole things is single fact or context and Mayo entered college here each engine. Have further I don't know what it's about. And what we can't all the movies read we can't spoke Gloria makes you're gonna sit down Iran and Iraq and a granddaughter and face all the new lease on my orders he. That's fallen for MI where logic and assays as they and final yeah and I'm I'm I'm saying seventy grand old loser you. You sound the same odds. And that is your right guys nine. Gotta do is like the right guys if these little. Thank you. Thank you thank you everybody that called and emailed and snap and FaceBook and tweeted yeah. Is to grant. All the same Syria. It is a lot of fun. Tomorrow is Tuesday keep that in mind. And who. Keep that in mind it's just wait Jersey tomorrow strike Wednesday. That's a Jenny. Not all volunteers so floors. No but there are a year. What did mad men share with us that he learned this weekend he learns something you shared that but that's what did he share text that is due to the Carolina -- real dot com text line. The number 72341. Again 72341. Thing in 93 correct answer to be a big don't winner. They were I'll give that made Elliott may really come onto Mara and now you have revealed a mama of the movie plays and mom Chris please please I've seen what are seeing similar views is I don't want her are just not right now. Our daughter announced may be will she stay in the theater the whole movie that's the best development permanent. Give today's podcast at the rise guys dot com iTunes now on Google play is well. Or just thanks podcast to 72341. In 93 minute rock block gonna kick it all off Mets Pedro the new mortgage that. Tellabs six thank you so much let's remember as they dig it adds. Fewer humor to show us the next three minutes. Between me and here it is next. A lot of us remember.