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It's Nine's turn for the top five so here's his favorite grunge songs of all time: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids can travel. Android or iPhone to 7341. And we'll situated download late in the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning can interact with a rap as guys. Case in 93 point dream than plan that. I know is very mean. None no longer okay this amount. Your wrong. Now and me. Nerves earlier in the movie. Your grandma and soon all. So. New. Time in his Saturday he. Non Nina rose lawn and this mom. And I can move. Ran today and on. John I really use. Moon says today and our guys are and just mow me. News zone non. See now. I hate the rise guys morning show me more NCAA it is. Stopped a foot. But it's not a says. It's not a seventh. Top five. The top five playlist wait that's what we're doing announced Tuesday we had double up earlier I did my top fives songs that I love them embarrassed by written. Yeah everything's fair amount Molly to Britney. Is marriage browse to Harris comes at a I know what is what are the mathematician Harry stalls in there earlier all right. So what we've done is where each photo you don't have a day that said top five playlist Morris Jeff page there's a tablet Friday. I'll wind this theme of future easing is impossible to come up with your top five songs of all time yours so Deke your own theme. I'd chosen bears in songs not and you have chosen. Your top five grind songs of all time this my top five favorite grunts of all time. May I ask your question first here's. What is the definition of grunts T. Does it mean they have to Wear a flannel shirt. Absolutely not I don't listen to the shirt and never listened to anybody's shirt eat my shirt I'm going to name just there. His shirt is certainly is sound it's typically. It's a bit dark. Room for error involved and lock it. Hero wean it grammys dirty and that's what is your. Preference that's what I think your garage is yummy interest you know. There audiences yeah I guess he's known for being a big immigrants. Are you did little. Growth resuming it was the first robbery isn't really got into yeah or Roman those kids. I'm when grunt was ending our secure since I was a first round you're really getting injured and okay are these in any kind of older did notify after number one. Yeah numbers are very very very well yeah all right coach art. It is. Well being garageband. The big one. Nevada. Yes there is going to news Nirvana is the big one here this is not true and honest song. I like Tibet spokeswoman gone after some careful thought this is the federal warrant. Also the best video where we're on the Ed Sullivan Show. Now is it the words is it the float was wet wise this when I'm not turner part of this but I'm wondering why you chose this one. What about this murderer Ron sorry just now particularly ISIS'. Not territorial peasants. Once current real good thing this is this isn't favorable and and my first favorite one you wanted to look ten year old city. I was gonna Gurney covers of anybody else's our future. As David Bell south here I thought when he said this won't be okay and potential us allies. I know lists and now that that's what I didn't like about that if it has to establish this by just how one idea I would see his canned response. Not a on the board so the court the night before you regret and sorrow numbers for favored grind song of all time according to Jimmy Jack Jack. I don't recognize. All you know in a minute manager pace has already girl she doesn't. Really a Little Rock station my god we are doing is gonna say it. Now pays peek into her finger and in 06. It's only played on the show this year this calendar year award today and over the summer late in the spring mentoring when you know you can't. Raise kick him pretty. Our nominee would sing at all scared Nancy is an ounce and embarrass or. An artist this summer he's bounced our yes should get a boy like a minute into this Wendy's restaurant a lower intro was. What are favored red zones and how long reinsurer were judged put us are jamming out against. That's my fault nor has just died. Magazine other hints are just a seller. Why this went. My favorites are garden solve this song is just. Amid kicks mind. France now this song was my. There's the video man in this kind of freaky. It's like only message written semis little crawls and he's without his shirt on the desert well. Video is very important brochure owner invert buttoned shirt on and desert same light on all around. Okay. Think in that don't sound garden has called what Jesus Christ pose Jesus Christ does era I don't. And you can go in a very yeah well it did drop three. Get this year man is again it's it's also how clueless man everybody knows the man everybody loves it is a pretty short intro for your bit for me well. Man. Brought up. Guilty Celanese Linda jukebox and this horrible season for like two years in era era. Always played it can hit yeah this or are sleep while I don't shake it makes you hungry. There it is favorites don't don't pilots are all. After careful thought and some consideration my favorite there's a leak well. I don't know that I've ever heard this sort of purple Al yeah I mean you take it over wicked garden and a man. Dazzling. The gasoline and Clinton. A sour girl. Going you don't your username and stuff home on the former. My good solve a lot of polio which demonstrates all turtles their best album miles and miles of course you won't find it yeah. There's not YouTube okay. He hit somebody smaller than you yes senator in the oil. I hope you're meanwhile Stone Temple Pilots yeah. And I'm gonna give you number two now. Here and this is this also did research queues were talking about mile underground grand army and Rangers right teen spirit might. Register your domain to my. Send you a bad attitude some between Saddam said here with a bad attitude about your playlist. They're paying Big Ten minute mark a month long if you if you hair and you make any you know. I mean at some mom's just hearing or re familiar matter you know. We can command you re familiar right yeah this is there's going to be just pick a thing you know. We picked. As all the do when his Manhattan is one is my favorite and there's a plus is this. And disarm makes you punch in face are going to donate another reason. This is best played loud as hell. Like the sound or video a little bit in consumer. Zones are flaws rim this is indeed growing assault. Somebody need to do grunge song called we are younger Israel did. I'm a new one called a dime five minutes. After launch hit. They're gonna tell you in my favor valves and change as we die young. They're so many good when so many great ones great rescue of my top five favorite grounds are our until you. Unlike some sort. Yeah. A Hamas post and a branded non all right yeah. Indeed that's. I think it is what it is from here but I bet you bet. You you're you're mr. deep cuts are always have been Chris discretion beneath the surface he had he had made nine has never been mr. mainstream. Or. You know he always liked besides in B movies and so will be moved. South that's five spec sheet that's. Fine you don't really mainstream ST these are almost used it might surprise you. Really mainstream when one of their big singles sex type thing I am over plus server interstate love songs except I think ally different I really don't like that in fact they don't get to just do they deserve mayor clearly Great Britain purple and he said yeah Bryant album he skirt and a man. I mean you know drugs or drugs or drug that got screwed up. The number 100. Number one mile what is an all time favorite grunge so. Oz. So by the bus stop I think and a drawer. You don't consider the bottle surfers to bigger and I don't really. You know it is fun. To mayors like mother love bone you know that man thing and I admitted making a list either Grammy Trace totals certainly the bridge bitter grudge bearing wish I travel a little children murdered at all. In the play electric mandolin and sellers and stuff I'm Thelma so. The risk literally going here and we'll talk a little bit McCarty Dayton. Are religious all everybody loves. It's one of the greatest songs ever recorded ever in human history. You know ya yeah thumbs up from me error. And page page is Larry she's holding her heart and that's going to be in my movie. We are right movie. If a man claims this morning and tell IC daddy loves you. Better Meriden man I don't know today and police say it's actually an error is legal now yeah. Did this man this is this says this is the be asked her. This could have been playing with Helmand Lee drove off the cliff this could have been played at the roller. What does that diminish. Much good movies where they anyway. Everything everybody's like wore out got together and on the green nor. Balance find. Our way you have to put clever relic alliger. He and that era. So. It probably will arguing me and say this is a cop out paper bills this man's season I join you install and them are rated Sarah. It's. Is beauty it's a bunch of bands together as one man this is this is beautiful as a rock and roll song to me. We are black and I'm glad you print this on here as I realized I was gonna hate Oliver. Hours as a favor grammar favored grunge song and it's. Yeah it doesn't isn't typical browns all but now revert to save the contents the fact that Layne Staley singing about bad thing that makes anything grunge and do you Elaine Staley sing about some hers is a groundswell. My new movie about plane Staley. Who plan I don't know enough tonight and ornery. And I wanna learn enough. Oh what do learn more about links to town and such talent beat LA and San hearsay you know Scotland who ruined that you and you know. Abed and I'm thinking well if I didn't say anything about. Chris Cornell is sound hard that's meat as two different things. Two more years escrow are in lane Staley were more. Senator Edward is bigger problems data and their brains Dan they didn't know and that. Extra one when Al and pace car while it was say he planned his day around drugs now. Nero I mean there and he played a round folks earlier wow just they just didn't. Feel all right to get I mean did you all does that. Mental. Health and I think. I'm. Is it's two different things and its us. Elaine Staley it's what might have been through with Scott while and its high she headed and then it was gone to sink and a beautiful is Christmas album is beautiful. Why aren't that he had the whole thing here and like the Fiat tricks he had. The the look the yeah yeah Trixie had the boys she had everything it took him to baby is a great frontman now. This is same my pain. My pain. I leave it hanging. Still to move her. It's beautiful beautiful image you want me ever weighed number one golfer and I did Aaron and I. I hate to jurors fourth through. Two or five through to where you'll meet well we can't everybody's I know I like you just can't I can't say it's. Not bad shore favorite I like you plow olive oil and we put together the playlist to putted out on social absolutely matter a year. Wonderful tomorrow. Is Jess playlist yeah I had the senior. My same. Play is just my favorite songs of all time OK we know what that yes there are a lot of Sharon now is still look at it they're all alike at church who -- today thank you thank you my nephew river has the same ones all. Yeah I love Superman don't listen to me page listen headlines next I'm not I am right. Rise guys morning. I thought he 93 playing freedom. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're big golden. North Koreans. Believe that their leader Kim Jong-un. As a superhero. Beacons headlines recently popped up that reported that their leader recently scaled. 89000. Foot mountain which is an active volcano. Wearing flannel she used. Really and has come volcano is another matter much Ashley hit it through. And it's clad in formal attire shiny black leather products broad list. And just a jacket US and you know he didn't isn't what has long like the long Peco that he wears yeah sewers. It it didn't catch anything to scale where if there's any mountain climbing shoes or anything like you know master question Diem and travel. There is is not plowing entire law. Assumes on the mound this is why I'm just won't amount Werner Berger. Hezbollah. So that does Seth Rogen movie the James Franco movie all that bullets that really. Wasn't any thing or was it just we've. PR particulars. Can lead to a thing where they were just may get a silly movie. And now they're like man. And we should have thought about that more there. Our. Assault hello I mean I know the Sony had really happened global ramifications of that stupid comedy writer can. I is my Harry's gonna get down math Matic. Your remark on the perfect. These skin down any necessary galleries were in every wants he can control the weather page ads is that part of history that he can control whether I have yet to now he had heart needs us. He's a professor X man he just controlling storm actually controls whether his mind. Balled her Alaska you're desert storm. I want to us is our business. I don't Thurmond. All and nerve you've always in the spill is now all the formed Thurmond Cuban newspaper column storm moves moves south is perfect. I'm Laurie David Blair calling fundamentals. And she doesn't. If you act I am. I'm disabled these. Flown recently based bank's former vice presidents go before Stanford's graduate school of business. And the saying is that he has tremendous guilt about face back. He says quote shoot it. I think we created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric. Of how society more. All on the news this sort of the creators of first ask save face voters ripping apart the fabric of society yes right before stand. So the youth that are going to be graduate students are listening Timmons and thinking. Wow what have we done to America surgery and the good morning guys who created FaceBook. I've been firm graduate students at Stanford university in San FaceBook isn't tearing apart the fabric of society not just America says it like you're crackpot at a community college this is a legitimate guy at Stanford yes OK not about. Russia adds. This is a global problem. There musical bad virus from the idea all them would go balls twins. Try a solid I'm glad someone in there this guy can step back and concealing the false grow from it. Give it. They designed it FaceBook yet but we the people are the ones he made it wages yes. Not me I defected murmur on FaceBook. Burger Iranian mariners someone who could pull plug they're just wouldn't exist and we need tell somebody you're now face what may look at you like. Would you do our earlier. Golf yeah as I just volunteered. This specifically in his speech she was talking about it incidentally went seven innocent men and India were lynched after a hoax about kidnappings. Spread. Now he says ask what words Dili went and imagine. Taking that Sadiq strain where bad actors can now manipulate large swathes of people to just say he wants its extra. It's just a really really bad state of affairs staff they're sharp work. You know who wants song Parker a former. San Antonio Spurs know I think Sean Elliott who still wants there Charlie and Tony Parker. There are some workers used to run there pacer and answer he's he created her Nasser but he also was in her Xena kid they'll allow letting his Metallica. Yeah he was the master creator and then he was the president faced a one point. He says FaceBook was designed to be a big cheers. There is a social validation feedback loop that exploits weaknesses in your brain. That's how they program and that's how is design. And I'll smarter and I'm not on anymore. Now I diabolical Aybar obviously you can use anything forbade any big yeah for bad by everywhere but I. I don't think that they stop we're gonna open again and this thing that's connected to is completely changed society where. You know everybody has to have some kind of ego gratification everyday to get life or is. Or you come to that and they made them and they may dream come back. That once you come back and you know nobody is better off because of the now. Can now look kids you can't you know yesterday all. So good from Twitter and then what does FaceBook do next tagged as among senate Mamas and terrified pitched them. And Maria. Is anybody better off because. People have found my. Organ donations this stuff because things. And let's say and I'm like that's our look doesn't like kidneys and I mean it's I don't think that's that's happened just. Had been David Dave Dan. Now it seems that Al way to good. So what that guy wears named team as well he'd take all the money made from FaceBook and try to heal the world animal now. Through a hole now analysts have that is why Daschle or worker I know it's like Jaycee zooming in songs about making crack it I don't feel a billionaire he had done about it. There are so Parker's version two point six million dollars or us. He's our mid irons are the bird is 73 in town. Still cashing checks. Go by Alabama. And that's what I don't understand. How so many hate groups or. You know terrorist organizations. Are and they're allowed to perpetuate their hate. But on what platforms. You know we do we take free speech away. For the good of the community. I've started some call race book is just for races. I mean I'm so far someone will follow Satan and and you know join up behind. I think they're going after that I YouTube and and face that but I mean once that this shut down there's going to be another one and lap right. You want to trade thrashed six and 7341. The old Carolina they've familiar context line. Come on the people really think Silicon Valley creates this blank out of goodwill. And the nerds. In South Pole absolutely hated it's Arab Mark Zuckerberg wasn't cool so he is trading at you know. They they created a party that everybody wanted to get into. Because they're so why you can you don't FaceBook lecturing college or anybody you. Yeah absolutely this is revenge of the nerd is like and Gmail used to be yet to have an invite to have Gmail remember that people pay for guys to Gmail. Themselves and and MySpace has offered to purchase haystack but they turned it down. And spank when it would be if they expected. Well Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace in that steel. Worries me. He's Jamal login I don't. You're assured us was available could not think you need your proud major 2003 yeah it's just. Some heavy stretch on Mars for Iran and nothing did try. It this way did I think and then eventually got to buyback your password from Rupert Murdoch. So you make sure there's not a sexist or racist you want to miss people lobbying to be your top five. They wrap up today. For their for Alaska all. That's how they deeply at your top whatever regulatory authorities are now figured out how to write Matthew Engel there. Yeah let's all of age are they still gets back hander. Well with the same name and social it. Their action or. How the story back. Espionage just love that what China. Is easing linked him to spy on German politicians benefit officials today. That's a tough act. Air and gathering intelligence. Personal information not German officials and politicians. What they're cheering as there being you know recruiters are. Fake profiles of businesses right and looking out your personal stuff said the messages don't print image. I'm linked and Ur face backer or any other social platform. Because somebody can hack and get into it and find out too much information you're where you live we're gonna make Haitian. We're going there really Smart about it because. They've whose Linkedin a lot of good. Parents older businesspeople. Who were less and Ernie who are more likely get fished for password is my life in Adelaide golf swing dance. Oh yeah you can't know Laura I remember Jeff was its first Twitter guy and there are. Years years a year you're the first guy ever new person got layoff twit and Argyle sweater before I was born and everything's okay Matt and things in my house with a. Know that they're finding habits hobbies. Where you're going. You're going grant him they are associating it. So it's and nine months research project and they found more than 101000 German citizens have been in contact on Linkedin. With these fake profiles. So it is dangerously princess played care free beer and so again. In his eyes there's no privacy anymore. And if you put too much information out you can. Can not only be hacked. Somebody can username and set up that fake profile and not just do. Bring your reputation. But and spicy. A low credit score. Billionaires they're looking through and they cease in my in the fives and him. On certain divorce and I am away I let it being able Mumbai style as Portugal. And I keep think and I need to change my mind and has spends profile down. Because. In town. And might be the right thing to do but the family wants me to keep and a and a. I mean I don't know it an anti keep it for Hurwitz. And do you have any said the units of the letter that you wanted to hear it's mean it's. Not that somebody's gonna take its identity and its credit or anything like apple team to give NASCAR it's harder to geared more oriented messages are affected and at at. There it's just sit and just sit don't Irina that is up to you that they don't people can have opinions. And that's a key and not anybody else are you empower me clear on the environment father Reza do you not anybody else in general I must say spoke maybe you give me yes. I can happen and we. Just played Britney Spears Oliver I just think that maybe there's needs to be something where he could to seize stern I don't. Might be the perfect thing mindlessly diseased hey Stewart said mine are Olivier is. Are there people that I have on my friends list on FaceBook to her passed away. I don't necessarily know that. Some of them are I don't know. I didn't know Matt well I didn't know what happened to that something happened but. The storm of my friends lists him they're no longer life cleared that's weird and and I send messages people's ask them. He's so loose in Clark. I don't get mentally for hours we just random right fashion. Oh yeah a friend to friend otherwise that's the way to do it well have you fit on your Christmas shopping. News of her. Record are right I have some information for you and that was. We'll study that was done by 24/7 while street and they found. That Amazon. Stella says cheapest place to buy pretty much everything. So they elective prices. Or 52000 products and a bunch stores and web site web sites between June and August. So what they're saying is Amazon dominates across the board their prices were average down 11% lower and other sellers. Kingsbury. Is usually the 10% area that means. Highly competitive it's gotten more competitive and it's been out when there's some hustlers on Amazon there are there by that I mean let's say fat boy is Celadon. You know blood. We'll be sure. It would blow it okay. He's selling for 9990. I can come in and and save all subways in the market leader in my money not how haven't and I managed him. It is so I don't know how old moves up to the top end bills sent into about pennies. Something else is happening in Jimmie and I thought about the softly. People sell things they don't have. Be much pressure of any thing and I'd like. Luckily Arizona's easy until they do and cramping not and not fall for all their drop shipping stuff to jail ordering it after you bought and then shipped from wherever they ordered it from and there are of the middleman you air surges may again slid my heart and stately American thing this is a distinctly American problem. Everybody is trying to make money for literally not doing anything I I want to cash check. And then have some drop ship to your house for a couple of hours profit. Not sustainable. He's mega economy has lost I'll come over I don't know I'm not running anybody I know in particular. I am Fleming and million dollar home but it it I it's. We can't be Imation middleman somebody asked actually Dan do something otherwise you don't have anything sustainable tiered economy world as middleman and stuff. Gift cards. You know I said yesterday after automatic the a gift cards gift cards gift cards that you're each if you give cash and as we just remembered. We are you thought enough to go buy a metal kiosks aired them front registers at Wal-Mart and decide how from tour same name wasn't blizzard let's putting five dollars per. Yeah they are you they are gonna give him fifty dollars in cash you might use it for drugs or bruises some may. Urging him fifty dollars or drugstore in reverend regard the grocery story music for the same style often in his crowd all there and just just somebody cash or you're not telling them where to go shopping a good idea what sizes are digital. Large and and that they try is your thinking how many get them faster CN extra minutes on prime shipments to you want to pay that extra fee even maybe cheaper. I never buy anything they think I'm now and I hear and if I pay for prime I sort of Mombasa is barred from John anymore. You know this is not prompt resort. Three is also there are. You have no rest shipping universal's I'm proud to bar high towards change they're torn luxury beauty the other day and ten dollars off for her. But I know yours is more comparative you Stearns sailor. It's worth doing some price comparisons were flagged Wal-Mart and target members are Starker you never know what you want my M best price at any given moment. I went to the real quick when the mall on Sunday YouTube to buys some then I saw there are so white and I do I loaded up on Amazon and eBay last day in his store. Seventeen dollar difference wow how ordered in the store are ordered it. Standing firm or women and this is seventeen dollars seventy dollars it's a big difference on most things. Asked if you're trying to save money. It is only only one marker broads on threw three more comes by images of the store and like I I refused to take full retail. I refused to. It's why it's if enlisted some though there's no other option but I. Always look at retail me not neither am I gotta buy music. I look for an hour ago coupon these sort of put in coach and I don't work. Our Guzman his fortunes of the yeah yeah course. Tire. Or is he portrays port Perry he's still got abortions aren't earmarks and I'm kind of smile and as your damn mind. Wrap written word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. Mayor might cause FaceBook and it's grand and snapped and all those things they it was a whole Lotta fine. Tomorrow we will do suggest top ten playlist of all time home run at all. Also we've got to. Does that assure that movie bees definitely have an MR definitely gonna happen more aria okay I'm told ms. swear to god he said he would. Oh wow I so well what have they. Boy in a PGA they don't make your finger gesture other. Before we do not just a question of the day it's after twelve days of madness and this one's hard today because. It's hard every native didn't think who is the MVP in the shadow side to me who ousted me. And out. Lil was I don't know not if you're thinking would you take. Let me look mackerel who are currency we are about technology being scary and then you're thinking I can't give yourself. I'm album for. Rent per year and you are extremely what I was getting some are given you. All right he unity self winning today's. Whatever day of madness it is something it's not aged. Page barely spoke they'll show posts suggesting sir what can do she said that yeah she did not know. I yeah. Leading. And you are now. I just down the tape of the beautiful that it look at it I'm gonna blow the wind. Jeff and you know why I'm gonna take I don't know that I and why clock. What a battle. It's true. Biases ovals like okay. Okay domains by proxy that way when today is only twelve days man Jeff was like today I can't overall family congratulations among make your day you've got. Christmas vacation don't blue. I feel I. Betty yeah I do not. But I do now all re gifted I don't have it crap all right you don't have a ball the digital copy you started okay. Well Henry is it even got to meet our returner policeman okay I'm I don't Jeff has your record I have it. All right now and I'm serious so question of the day Obama about the book. Not all. Lines fears over 100 no but there are mere. Extranet artists from mass top five songs list accidental war. Art is formats top five songs list Dexter or right now Carolina babe mil dot com text line the number 72341. That 72341. Night during correct this is gonna win tickets to that private screening of the last jet I'd this Friday in Hollywood one in green. How many high happy. I'm the days left till Christmas Bob. And not dreaming rock block is gonna kick off next page is gonna rock your words I wish I usually allow only allowed six. Thank you to listen I'm blessed day to put got to school. I'm glad she's.