Monday, August 13th

We get a winner in the Smack Down Front Row Ticket Lottery: The Mail Sack

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Drink really. Is you know if you think all man rich lawyers really went to EDM route no. I don't as his daughter Charlotte players theme song. And in just a minute somebody's gonna win the chance to not only meet her. On our show tomorrow morning hates it on grass and all that. He also sits front row at WW lease mag there is through free your for a literally you will be all over television on not I've been lucky enough to set on front row before and there is a episode of legal smack down years ago where you see me and lord Steven regal states. Calling him a bad word. Kurt remember that generally in America mark Hendricks let's remind me of that. Whereas here. You see there isn't time until I can say that story that it can potentially get somebody in trouble who works for them. Really hip by the time our guys brigade say yeah reserves as reseller now by the reproduce and they're talking to us and based Edison. Well I don't think that would get him in trouble but regardless let's not take that chance this sitting ringside is. The built like it is awesome the is it all right when a thousand dollars Tex had a 72881. Are here we get as did that are in the last since I don't know amber. So far we had a tune. 983. And the million barrel while it. 2931293. Errors if this if we are about to say years Sitka in your urban aged eighteen. Get ready. To win WWE smack down front row and the opportunity to commit studio tomorrow morning and eight great players daughter of the queen of wrestling. Charlotte slayer to learn. Three war and I personally excited about this car owner I like her or treat to watch it out. And do we get all kinds of stuff to talk about our eyes. Jimmy immediate job. 29. Three. Why is it nerves you have an in your hand blood drawn number also. Priced. 29. Home boy to do 93. Y. It's mixed it's it's two or three once a while to. I want six as opposed to 029316336. Saint Mary here are at 180774. Double 093180774. De below 93. If that is your zip code Durbin ages eighteen. Call mail calendar. Zero. This whole situation they are right they have to an end in. Jeff has the opportunities he's OK so. We have to verify in fact that that is here. Your mailing address error ruler. Let's go to the phones. Yeah well after receiving text messaging photo or something of that. All right is ordered to interfere for OK Jeff is talking is talking to the first person I guess these analysts say their name it has a lot of times in the caller ID. It would not be that person's name in my beat whoever got the phone in their name or wherever you work for company and our camera we know a lot of you know or much when you work as we see it and the work I am now. I Jeff is going to verify. Through a photo of a driver's license or current. Beatle build mobile. If that user's zip code and they'll win this great opportunity again Jimmy pointed out almost a thousand dollar value just in the tickets along. We're not even talking about. What is it whom would you tell me who and why is there a value to meet Charlotte player. Priceless it is priced did you attach a value to meeting Charlotte where us finesse that's a good night's it is I do too watered down spare. I think simplicity makes it wide open and makes it word you know people they really wanna win of had to listen for teased. And they truly are. This. Course you know if anybody ever askew. What it morning show you listen to ease in the rise guys in the sale four hours is well known you listen all four hours I don't care if you lie I'm. All right man you bet I know that personal lines forceful trap. El Paso El Paso, Texas. Law must just moved. Let's just move through here the Google. Bomb unit Adam or not dabble in a Jimmy Jackson who don't make him one. It's late for me. A little ways ago and Larry curry that entered Tina farther out and Jimmie isn't paying much ado got to get up early shoots and stuff. Via. Now you are not got a guy what are you talking gaga would gym when his pretty much it's. Bayern Nolan is there text. From here picture to much box is newborn baby and I have a techs and someone else I'd edited. Well congratulations to the staggering he's everything you say your name match city and it's finger hovering dissent as their friends Chicago. Mets' single arena where he's Chicago baby let hi this is our first verification. Should I say the name. Are we condemning her. Are there isn't even in areas deserved better deserved got to look at it over driver's license was issued April 1 2016. Are. So we don't know if that's. We don't know lose on the phone now I just found some road so don't let's go to line two. In this net let's make sure we don't Crossair an error anything. Lying to is that forcing you to edit text from yes absolutely and I wanna give away the tigers around the same area code in the same phone number that is the thinking get more. And you just can't get more so we stroke here illustrated this is bad that the phone numbers match the person on line two is the person. Who says the driver's license aren't we now know they are organ donors so thank lying thank you for your your heart or whatever it is let's go to lines do and say hello to move. You're all alone. Now. Yeah. Three point six. And his tenure hail or owner or you're. Yes you are an organ donor. Well coma let's not. Show Whitney zip code of 293. All of very nice but he will point out Alston 36. Two or 36 today. I think that blame will congratulations let's get Steve Moore never hear the market on Steve est. These strange. Steve Martin and to. Think Martina does tasting Martin Martin assured that you get mantra of the brain that may very well. Graduation airlines baggage you're in WW smackdown why I. Wait ourselves. At the time now have you and we've ever to be here tomorrow morning to meet clean. Yes yes you make it happen I remember when we look okay you're like he is a bigger. Now he's Juli is just one decade. Now I'm. Yeah yeah anyway. Yeah I of course you leave him alone all on Jeff's got to get all your information that went well that really went well. This hole I zip code lottery I really like that because it opens it up budgets and Jamie today literally everybody over the age of eighteen. Yeah. Did that mean anybody live that it would be a mailing address. Well I was just thinking oh let's make sure that those are the same one gives you mentioned earlier than they would only be when taken and edited together here. Our congratulations. It's fewer shenanigans. From bolt springs South Carolina 29316. Is zip code. Tomorrow morning. Probably around the same time Charlotte slayer will be right here in this series studio the issue rules make sure we clean it up a little bit as the queen do it tomorrow morning looming presence or role to just only way earliest we will Lily come but no I got up there adults back of email and on your questions will be answered. Right as. Earlier. She's now back to match now angry. Rescue has morning you know ninety recalling during. The end. So yeah. I cannot. Know Zach. Yes sir DRG it 933 to planet rocks dot com you can email us at any points. CE RG and 933. The planet rocks dot com. And I got a bunch of let's get right into them first of all member told the story the other day about how. We'd happily retire my dropping out of school. Oh yeah and I talk about the professor agreeable tacked that was the professor of marketing Don Wally. So we're gonna try to talk me out of I'd drop now and August. Again not 1718 people send his obituary. He died December snow and a died in December but you get this you know what year he retired. The same year that I dropped out and just wondering did he say you know what I just lost the next great marketer. Screw this I'm here I'm going to hug or retire on a golf course somewhere which is what he did what it sounds like he retires so. Rest in peace the great Don Wally yes marketing professor in the tent and kind of told him that it. And everybody I'm glad he didn't has. I would've gotten a job but the marketing degree from Tenet coming on fast start the next. Good morning TO RG yes I know it's 2 AM but that's when I'm bored at work in that is when. I email you guys. I'm wrestling fan and I understand and understand how a lot of people get mad when you talk about my friends who don't like wrestling are the same way they'd rather talk about literally anything else. Even tragedy and death and all kind of awful stuff just as long as they don't have to hear or see or do anything in the world related arrests. Some people wait wrestling really hate wrestling bid to people who league baseball feel the same way you guys hate mail from people who hate basketball he talked about basketball. To people who ate the Walking Dead said they'll never listen again. If you do a story about the Walking Dead. This anything else get that kind of hatred I'm curious about this I think I can think of his NASCAR. So I guess it's some kind of anti redneck anchor whatever. Oh well I'm not a redneck almond nerdy engineer like most people who buy 500 dollar ringside seats to wrestling must be. They are coming from the trailer park for 500 dollars apiece so why do people still I. I liked it I guess I just still a reasonably hated on for liking wrestling. Thanks guys. Boy and people are varied people that are anti rests in your variant virus NASCAR is solid number two either he's absolutely right as far as. People just Haiti also. That they don't like these. You do it does not like it and not watching you actively dislike it is wrestler and a NASCAR yeah. People actively debate. I don't really care about bowling or bass masters term it's no I don't dislike him I just don't care don't I don't like that I think it's more about it but I don't hate don't hand well just choose not to. I don't know. Tom I mean right early aero and Alice talking about going to the yin Yang twins concert apparently some people don't like hip hop Daria. And speak very vocally against. Okay yes when you get kind of music genres people. Hate rap people who I hate country you have people college anything rapid in the same. Thing a country. She I'll I that's what makes it hard for me is Kazaa lite. All of that aren't Somalia and I'll go from one week to be an all like goal here now may listen to some. Ninety's country in the the next week. You know here I don't know what he even example when I'm all over the board. Really it's certain. Is pretty much just. Just slid NASCAR. Country music. Rap music and politics. So people we were social all of them are polar fans don't need. Politics. That's trying to. Now where where he goes I'll have my lunch even religion like when we bring a religion I don't hear from like. Agnostic sir anything's gonna quit talking about that you eat you don't hear from that when you everything you might hear it heavily passing notes to quit talking about it. Everybody he's getting in waves if you are about wrestling or NASCAR. Yeah as a good point and I. I try to do when we're talking about wrestling and anyway I look at the tax and if I see a whole bunch O my no okay we've been talking about two longer. Ultimately we want people to be. Into what we're talking about the mainstream wise. The people who hate wrestler hated so much they're going to be mad at us right there Oprah talking about even though we're not. About people right. You know you just save the world. The movies slash RRN and Iraq. Axl I am you. Should hit. They're restless and the longer it goes yeah. Well I breast Earl. Let's listen life's. I'll sleep syndrome and a CEO but for those hate wrestling. Tomorrow morning thank. Charlotte flare Libyan studio and who I talked very little wrestling whether initially. Freddie says don't Holler and here this is at the way the world is I naked and another woman gets everybody's attention. And removed. Hello saviors of morning radio I'm a loyal. Who also the air Cust is the most who has the filthy is now fifty RG take like guys. Negative future rent and season. Mary pages see where a guy that adverse. Daddy mail offers yet go. Think man and boy might say more bad words at a higher volume than me but they don't have words offended by ours I do not. There is absolutely not one word in the language I'm not willing to save three. But I think all right same regular knowledgeable then me. Yeah he's he's brought remains got a point there are also what do we know each other's word billion targets on the this is mark who yeah. There. Just generally means or is not acceptable at all quarter and it was going to be you aren't going around your neck but I. As far as other words that. You can say and not get like. You know beat down force somewhere. I'd say all those ones right. Carter I mean again. I like the combination cuss word. Horse Blakey so much labor wants right it's like a mash them together dissimilar comes you know it's fun. I just sometimes analyze cuss words and and wonder like light with the password for instance like this basis and you don't believe it's bull or horse bin. Earning up. There are eggs or so you and yet so much cat blank at six. A bunch of Jonah blank coming out of your mouth biting Paris does is actually I know is dull. That's what incentives are a horse at royal bank interest I say it that's all ya know you don't anarchy Nia cowboy I think. You smell like cowboy but never you know is burying words that the integration all those locked. All of us a look at. Yes that's right a lot of things atop between chablis. And as we're we're all all of us on the same conference call. And it was not a good then do on the other is wishing he would never said that one word he said because it is at least eight or pretend I took. I three times and since Obama are still people out like it they dropped the first cuss word in a business adding that opens the door to see how many we can say for we make it all right that's enough he did say that I know but you've probably you could get to that point I'm not anyone's that is as soon as he said he we started in mainland Osama guys yeah. It's called we're okay that he did we started an extra double and triple. Wow well I didn't know call what was expected Pedro is pitching a new idea that and it's it's town homes. Fur for girls only only one ladies' home. But hey they were studies have been name was apparently idea wanna know it was a base of the idea was great it was the name. Wouldn't you like to live it feminine pads now whenever the coolest place in the world there. All lady housing. That's a darn. Now like it did hurt or game to another one here are rumored. OK. Oh boy and two while hey guys are literally never miss an edit the RG sometimes it was an older shows on iTunes when I get bored through athletics. I'm bored well I do was an old rise yet. I hear a mad man called nine all these funny nickname sweet Baby James is my faith. Matt be have a favorite Knick team to call 99 do you have a favorite nickname for yourself. Posner borrows. My favorite when the call him is. Jimmy jacket or Jimmy jet Jackie like. What I'm talking to deal there I'll always call you that is either I never call you rarely do I call you nine. Sometimes I do you just for purposes on the air as you drive your Jimmie it's ours as far as China. As a good for the little song for. What made for years ago here yes. Ally Alan I assume he's earned it. Oh sweet baby. 9 PM a favorite nickname for yourself better we call you. Maybe and color are animal or animal equally I can't think Wednesday is out Jackie Jackie did. CNU. It's. A music. My. We needed there close to seeing that level of energy to. There is clearly one of the it's when he eight hours. And do here Sergei best ever did as a minor question now. None project do you ever think the benefit you and for or nine treble was home on I'm talking about and other people awesome yeah. Yet when for example from a friend Jimmy. Yeah yeah I hate that when it first and yeah. Nine and a half that was your first name the fairway isn't there Mercury news the legend Jimmie there's another one who do have a lock. You might have did not list knows certainly wears away more pebble is more. You have chosen more because your real name is James in the and they converse to Jimmy or GM or Jack or Jacki yeah givers are things he's basically everything from our box to football fans Lawrie took the face blue. Voice he club that played again electric slide going boy. And he's electric credit yeah. He remembered flew briefly Ruth Lou was due burden Dahlberg fat but there fat by it. Baseball's Jerry Larry off yet Jerry Lance is name's Jeremy Lawrence O term Jerry Larry germ you know. He wanted his first radio name to be that. I don't remember. Going to be Fed Chairman and there. Then I don't know what it is radio name to be Dahlberg because he sounds like doll looks from TV's kind of sad that they know that today's. So I don't remember blogs and the Patrick starfish ecology for many many weeks they have a reasonable of the USE your son because remember there GG GG. College that mom contest and it's a great mayor. Yeah well as one of farm odd. Our blog the Russian American armada is apparently the talk maybe Libya later on though wolves will do and Monty businessmen and so a seed is we're take a break we come back more sacked TO RG 933 the planet rocks dot com. Iraq and words a 93 minute press. Begins at 10 this morning an hour more of the rise guys morning shows that 83 points. My next morning show good morning GA. 847. We're gonna go back into the Sacramento. Whole bunch of them here for me TR IG at 933 the planet rocks dot com. A story that Alan I love the questions were there just like. Why they would that would this pig as she won the low key low here and never emailed you before the travesty that question. I've always watched a lot of mob movies in crime documentaries and stuff my dad. Some and I guess from my daddy I guess anyway I was watching an old episode reminds me nicely this week owned el Rey. Because I'm so laser can find anything else to do with my well my wife comes in in realized. Our skis name my wife comes in and they're talking about money laundering says she asked me what exactly that is in that moment. I realized I don't exactly know what it is or how people do it you guys know enough to explain it if not I'm sure there's. Who's done time for her may be rob fine area can explain it since he's a lawyer and they all do it out little hope. And owners went. PS yes I know argued Google it but why should I look it up when you have nine diverted from. The first service in memorial farmer. First of all rock miners and rob one area probably knows everything about that never has they'll ever make badge. You have to my knowledge he's never engaging thing but it's no. But yes sure he can tell you all about how it works surprise watching how these crime docs and stuff you don't know. I don't fair about how irks. Nothing personal starts. Early Redman it was a criminal learn. And now I realized it was a criminal level and then. Yeah I mean it Susan movies really lay out T how they do it. I think seemed to me like maybe American hustle lay out money laundering pretty good as far as explaining ways to actually go about doing it. You know page ozark. Other conservative assault following an earlier come out and down by just it's going out of us own money on this on Netflix into. Who. Certainly in the money mania and as long as it business. Every clear is like you know what is what is. I do see people get misled on what clean no money even means. Communal books meant. Fuel car wash and the you know is almost calls forty instead of one exit calls twenties and give an extra twenty books in this brutal. Based though of taste smell of a bar in the states it was raining twelve minute summary here. There was there. Anybody at this bark was at a candy bar not I never anybody. At this bar but the bar was there for years and years and years you know business they can't we make any money there for years and years and years. I think you'd ever see part of there was a fuel bikes problem. Yeah. The result flood downtown years ago allegedly. Was thrown from and longer. That's I mean Bob Barr is. I think they did in goodfellas is basically Yuri mob movies any other businesses they ran from dry cleaners to. They're good players aren't Asian restaurants waste and they need you want something it. Ideally you have a business it takes a lot of cash into retail kind of thing that does a lot of cash business because you don't know how many tattoos you've given necessarily true you can just. Due to do is fill up for corporate world opinion no longer in your money where real easy on my tattoos or drinks are. Haircut sure absolutely fab or you doubt all would that would. Absolutely. Yes strip clubs and Ari were any any business it does a lot of cash is a great way to launder money. Members for a missile or not that we're telling you to and it's just now answering a question. Or they'll find a family member that failed to have you know certain amount of let's say is a million dollars you know one family member might get a hundred grand in my put another hundred grand in your LOC a month put in the Cayman Islands. All kinds of places to put it I've heard. Here is estimated look legitimate right yes yesterday. It's ultimate. We kind of concealing the source in and tuned the source of not as much as the destination of the source a word came from subscribe to the magazine here. It's very clear via rob text he says there. Think breaking bad in the car wash when Yemen they wanted the car wash to launder money because Karl wash is great. Never seen it it's easier through in the mob and you kick and a and he changes to one or mob and so popular among those. Guys Clemens iPad and it's great that we get to see Facebook's fuss and in headlines but why is it in the studio everyday I guess would be. Too hard to film everything on every show that may be like how like per day or something like that. It doesn't have the lives really sometimes the live quality of your video sucked but I know you guys have to go live to be viral video a day would be cool just ball. Finney in Greenville south. What do you. Here. Part of that is that today it's it's tough to there's no way to send up and hear these horses running it like right now where would we put the camera. Did is deeper problem you've never seen the studio or you don't know how it's laid out its socks there is no good. Dirt line of sight for Cameron and I'm looking right now I can see 12345678. Nine computer monitors for more uncertain right now. So let them hang in solo homer taller than others some of roller countertop. But there's no good place to do video. That wouldn't be right melted in the corner like a surveillance tape. Where you could see like the racquets and you get by a mob ball spotter mats one of the other. That's my headphones or own a position to cover the bald spots and didn't awhile. Aware that here since April yeah. And I. There you get your pods I get where my head headphones lets you convert prevalent thing about it and they may just to hide the bald spot alone Chanel Italian born in little black box is from a foreign policy that's. Want to can I go with a number one there roku it. Plan to do that when and on the last to leave in. The ritual we are similar from. Hey man man did you get your other DNA test results back yet I'm thinking about doing that myself. This is good all my ancestors were farmers and that's my last name so I often wonder if that's how we got our last name. Like when they were doing a census and native knows their name or they were illiterate they just wrote down they were farmers and it just dot. You agree what that is that a possibility. It is good. That makes sense powerless when people get to be named farmer. I mean that's where all our graves came from and so warrior and hundreds well not all of my a lot of them my grandma's and a maiden name was Betty baseball player and a lot of people don't know that. Our fifth it was not true. Berger was ready softball and I don't into the car and pebble and what your ancestors did. You don't at mine were farmers but I'm Harris. Our revenues spitz and funneled to do so obviously did you know distraught from that I mean the thing about care assigns them off in earnest prayers people. Victorious bears coastline yeah. Yeah just showed us some images came out a year after world war two and they drop the stains in the berg and we don't we changed the way we spelled parents because. We all people to realize we were gonna harass them here you remember Conrad harassment right now. Absolutely changed it would I said hey you know people full comfortable around. Yeah murder. Yeah a million dollars his anger toward sort of Donald basically some of Donald mathematics and yes Owens translate to golden arches here much he. It done cigars and using when there's 12%. I am god blesses. Are flawed take a break. Keeping them honest TRG at 933 the planet rocks dot com TE RG at 933 planet rocks dot com. And within the you're listening to the right. That's morning show tickets. It's for another extremist wrapped latched opened 83 minutes dragged. Three point range planning.