Wednesday, September 19th

WAR Re-Premiere: The Mail Sack

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The radio on. He's the addition new home on the rise guys morning he'll hunt you or phone. And he 3.3 the planet. It colored like creatures you can lose your lucky to the rise guys morning you know maybe 3.3 double. Right guys premier. Right so well look let's get to Cy Young lady back on the phone Sheila believes her boyfriend of are ready for months is cheating honor he still there. OK so listening to the show you know legally I have to ask you re sure the U wanna do this we're not making you do this this is you're on situation. You get the cell phone and yes. Yeah okay. Are we gonna call up your boyfriend. Don't say anything until I get a name actor Adam and because where I'm gonna ask him who he wants to take went into this experience and that's where. We're gonna need to hear what he says so you don't jump on until we you know we get some kind of name Adam Carey. About it all right anyway here we go here we go now are. It is war abortions. She pretty much sure he's cheating she read tax on his phone phone once. Laying there she thought it was her phone a lot of people don't believe that I can say I believe that this I think that someone's phone probably in the last month or two did the same thing. Mercury gone. Hello hey Jersey would grant. Earlier. Hayes is red. Yeah. No more breath. And I'm gonna take congratulations mark for and job. Very somewhat. For winning. This month's insufficient. Fine lovers' getaway package from bank can and Adam nearby myself this morning congratulations. You won the whole thing this is Barry won among column in the bank delay you know he won the insufficient fund lovers' getaway package. For editor. When you may what does this or. OK so be insufficient. Fine lovers' getaway is an overnight stay a glorious late Matthew where you're going to spend a night of your life while it. Like math here. I'll our heroine was their degree angle it's. Its side it is it's one of those new discovered islands and Greenland you heard about this than discovered and various islands and late since of late man's feet so it's it's beautiful. PSE and checking out. Oh are all right so look here's the deal you got the overnight stay at this will be for to you and as someone special you'll be able to stay at get chalet he'd. A private secluded lover chalet nestled. In privacy on the grand banks of late Matthews. So modern marvel I tell you win mirrors on every ceiling and floor including. The shower. Yeah I did chalet. Well I think yeah boy lawyer okay now humor here cream now right you do your credit card number grows its sales and the norms in my. That no they're nothing like that so it's through the main markets said you don't even have to register for this I think basically if you got an account look lonely your pre qualified. I'm mark yeah. All right so the whole thing is great I mean everything's taken care of the food the overnight stay these these sex chairs. That light up and swivel it's it is like a lazy since. And they get swings outside ol' boy this wings let me tell you ran it. Well I don't really well. There's swings you know harnesses in no way you know the ones the you know hanging outside didn't have a little fun in and then when you're done swing out to be different like Matthews it's it's a lover's retreat. You gonna allow this essentially free able needing any kind of credit card information nothing like that. That's it. You want all right Warren iron yeah OK get good. This is great get chalet isn't that a kind of a little funny name get challenge though of that I'm I'm not a freshman. All right so I just need to get the name of this lucky lover you wanna bring would you for this once in a lifetime lovers' getaway to like Matthew all courtesy of mark Hendricks traveled DBA get channel aid LLC. Is a prize package worth. A lifetime of memories. Why don't we are not know yet you want I do is I'll get the data your choice we can figure out anything really weeknight weekend just a moment. Another amenity those that we give you customize road cease things are left the 100% organic cotton fields really get on the neck and body. And it's customize. Because we also import your first name on the road so I imagine you want sources say period. Why are. You wanted to say lack of fox. Now I would say read what mark. Go to sly like fox. Regardless who what is and they OK so I guess you re an RED. Com I think at the San sign that were red fox regardless what's the name of that. The foxy lady you'll be. The beginning chalet where. Well look at our neighbors every IE BB block at all. And it should. Keep an ear open to god that I was brought about it. I would now. You have no idea what is even going on here deal. Are absorbed into the do about when in the get laid resort trips. Brad that's your girlfriend Shannon there is no there's no trip nothing like that this is the rise guys an entry country planning. That it was giving shadow might not be getting laid resort play. But regardless. That's your girlfriend Shannon Shannon who know you had let him know what's up. My daddy red. I mean what I I saw on your phone on Thursday. I saw you talk into the ivy derided Yahoo! that she was. So I looked your sound and I read the message is back in forest and clearly even she army. So this is all live right now read everything's lab on the radio the call we've had would you just now everything. Boy I'm on the right here right now. There's a lot this now live radius or please don't costs. Yeah. What kind of courier ya I oil. Now I have. What about what you girlfriends asking of you members Thursday Williams slap on the couch he granted shower scheme they can't work. I do you know so cheaply that he thought I mean it was hers. And she read the tax assets from Andy the girl he just that you need to get as Sally who. I'm hanging. I guess I'm Bob really harsh on now. The UNC when he says that eating me. Yours are sick and I mean now. I mean I didn't mark I'll tell you I guess it is nonchalant about that like. Wall I you know he. Read an exclusive. You can we exclude that we are open then after as. That's true. That's what she said you're limited and after Christmas so I mean what how more exclusive taught me need to get. Evan you're Angry Birds. For the last couple weeks. I mean yeah a bit. Give me you couldn't talk to other people. What I had no matter in other people. Haven't paid you. Women here okay. You know I mean you had to have knowledge she thought that this would you so you're saying she's not your girlfriend was she your girlfriend at the consider. Who. We were Dayton but lack. The big I never said I love you Hersh never said she loves me so all my guess. Is that the from the test I mean that's that so in your mind and so he's taller girl you love her you can guess the other women. I mean let you know who event. Mean. Well I wish that I had known all these things that Gillick had been. Totally on the dark and I am a completely different page that means I mean we're going to be putting. Art items to get everyone is living under that same room I am so can see. He's been putting his items together and a lot of people sounds like back and I'm not trying to make a lot of them a year earlier upset right now. And even more die each is pissed that he DE got busted he's not pissed that he was doing it he's trying to. Out he didn't dump it on blared the other. I mean I just. I think they wouldn't be dealer might be moving together yet so what was. Problem. Sounds like Arnold's conceivably on and on moving morning you can have slept with another girl but until you actually moved in together. The that's not or. You know it's not a bad thing you're saying I am again trying to get on your your level read and figure out the way you think. I got a daughter and I and no sense that this is like camera outcasts office. Hey you may use a dialect like communication oh I'm not but he understood. I'm just I'm so embarrassed I mean apparently I'm in a relationship with them and yet even knows that there in a relationship. Channel I you know I'm sorry ever are. I mean they're very key hang up on the Marat. Our lands near red glam pack. Currently I'm a former Red Cross the baggage that didn't have the straw that broke the camel's nightmare I'm sorry that are breaker art and. So. We just know look around start crying and she don't cry Yang a priority now this is he there's you and crime and again. He's one of us now and a note. Have come on our. Oh man Robert Brown look this guy is out. Look at this we only you only invested four months in the business I mean you what if you moved in together and then found practice and that's a guy's gonna continue to do it even if you moved in again and probably. You rightly getting out. Now I know you are not feel bad for Abby she's inherit now this. Are you about anybody. I'll. Screw everybody. Our son does well don't don't hate all men. Don't pay the collar Reagan had. It's you know you'll see that your day today live in a room and you this a scumbag in his very immature. Well yeah yeah. And they are elected yes I was talking to the guy but get lake resort there. Yeah. Yeah it's hard to get you to laugh a little bit Manhattan's. I. Do you good. I'll all be okay yet you are not love them and so just remember that you were not in law. Maybe in love with the idea of moving in together and maybe one day you did you know getting married or whatever but. Ultimately a better to find out now than later. And just because I don't have to waste in Canada and has read yet Indy Toronto ace I think Craig did and I'm not does to your attorney you sound so much smarter than I am a configure to get a better guy. I mean you sound well read he sounded just like you know. A second cadence Pena right. In a ten pound yeah. I want to thank you guys are helping me get to this place is an analogy to know that. I Kim just move on and not think about the guy anymore and gives you about earlier I I am that didn't unlock. You are better than him a shot. Our young lady. Thousand text messages offering to do that he went dating game with the if he whenever you're settled down and in an arrest and that will certainly make that available to. In March our rights and good morning try to have good morning. I think he Haitian. Page that delay. He 93 point three the planet dry. The end. I cannot. Ghost. TR IG at 933 new planet rocks dot com that is the way to email us 24/7. At any point. Europe podcaster is the way to interact when this or if you. Does have a question as you listen you can't get through on the phone lines that is the way. That she can definitely get in touch with the us TRG at 933. The planet rocks dot com. This could end of this is in his there's a whole lot here aren't. We'll start. This one. Russ guys I'm going in my first real concert this week. At 28 years old yes I'm talking about the bird they match what else. I got my clear first it taken so long that all mad I guess I'm wondering. Do I need to Wear earplugs. Here's why ask my boyfriend's really at arc it's a life or death situation but. I don't really get made fun of all night even if I can hear people making fun on the I was sink in maybe it's just that my boyfriend's very jealous. Is that the sort of thing a guy would do to keep other men from talking to his girlfriend. So the girls that work tell me. Well fold while I didn't name was his idea not mine. You must be built well Ford tough charity I hope that's not the case that would be Arcadia and majors for Aaliyah. I mean that is a controlled relationship if you even think. That that's why or the fact that your co workers say. He just an innocent people with cognitive guys will party than they are aware. I think. You might need to. That being your own person perhaps in which you want me to this her first concert may be saying you know hey. It's going to be real loud you know. The pyro. In this kind of the Malibu and Malibu and all that stuff plus. We're actually going to drop Jaffna sailing at one point Sega again via so brained a punch out. For when his body hits the ground beef. LS that happened at the old he'll Greenville memorial auditorium a guy felt from the ceiling gearing kiss concert. Literally. The Greenville is. The next day. And I am remembering this based on just my memories alone says the Google says otherwise from the rim of the Greenland is saying. You know was this planned or was this part of the show whose work. In them when I guess it was fanned out on this guy really died at all it wasn't partnership dude was the stage hand. It's up in the ceiling work on lights order failed to his death he and his sponsor in office officer. I don't ever my cousin Brian was there are fast camp that was his this is big stories that kinship. This this earlier is not gonna have any fun she's got a whole list of heavy Johnson to millions of Washington's. Alia PS he also says I have to look down at the ground every time I walk somewhere. No I didn't say an agent man and I wouldn't be surprised us was gonna get through. If you think that your boyfriend is doing that. Then there is a prop they if you would even be a question he's doing this other men talked. And you my act right in my reading too much in the left. Is this your first concert as well. He doesn't litigant why would you wanna remember that way. Your plugs into an accomplice like go at all I'm going to go to a museum today but I'm bloodlines all right you know actively you're hearing in the atmosphere the next that's right now. It'll walk senator and it's wearing it now. You might have one eyeball hanging out regular committee crazy that 28 years old never been to a concert. Did you get through life. An honor and a comment but we look forward to seeing as can before nobody far from Siemens I was. Demanding them. Mad man just curious about something that listen it's URG for close to five years now maybe I missed it. What do you say fab always say missed seriously what is this based owner is isn't an inside joke I don't get it it's funny as CEO Friday night. Clarksville Georgia. Where is that. American employees at all phones if you know it's going to be going towards a win I mean they're Cornelia via task or your wonderfully. Wander. It's prom. OK so the group real quick story about me joke in that that was a sign this is now did you do it. You know Amato loves because of the circle blow. They just always tabloid put up. It may have been his love life and needed to put up with notably years ago there was a photo put up a fab which front doors their Christmas and it showed a Christmas wreath on the front door. That was in the shape of a program with the Holly's in the Mary's in made. And we put on social media or is like yet as a program and that's definitely better. Yeah I knew that we clearly on my side of this is a joke and joking but fat boy does not deny it. And does it deny lace said a man I think you're saying is that it won't. I mean there's fun in the mr. Peace victory from the ground gets hard pretty quick. What she couple that was his his. Lord his mom's goat disappeared that time was it a sacrifice. What happened again. Again you know do there are certain things you just cannot discuss. Last week things he sacrificed six magnet he did. And Lisa you know apportioned among its own bubble was soldier kissed again our real long and can be or longs for and marked a sneaky snake. Are speak in -- you will be Satan zoo keeper because you have to lead ten's all these animals that have been sacrificed. Years payment. I can talk about arrangements that have ever have not been worked out. Or previous lives. On July 4 fat boy put circles around all the stars on the US flag. It is good. And did you quit investigating the rest. For the web yet that's all does not grants. Neighbor ahead. And don't want as the mascot for once in my applicable for my school for one year. And that means. It's. Slim and sometimes your chosen sometimes being plus six plus six plus six is eighteen he was eighteen years old at one time in his life. A very. There how are you in new. To get your GD fat boy. Couldn't agree when you get your GDP team you know six plus 66 out there. Details about. Write book. I'm just saying you don't ask questions you want answers to this world you can commit for a he pulls for the Mets the bossa Mets back. He kept saying after watching how the sale to debt poster was also told us live after aware that went he sure and I'm like. It sure is Roman reigns as the dabble and brawn stroman as as the guy ahead the botnet. But we won't in. You know we're Shaun Michaels and all why when we need him. You can stare at is like stare at the thing in the paper on Sunday and listen to search on Michael's in the Gaza majors hurt I think that's what's happened this Michael obviously and answer the mayor eyes or whatever that's in the newspaper. TRG and 933 to planet rock star com here's this one. I was actually surprised. And Jeff Lewis deal's announcement that he's going to be a father saying I wasn't surprised at the fact he's going to be a father but more so surprised at the fact that he revealed on the show. I was taken aback I mean Jeff is usually a pretty reserved private guy right. I'm curious to know what made him decide to revealed this to such a large audience loved the show. Anthony and cutter elm. Taylor band and that's and you force down. I had no choice to put up cues that help us now. I am kidding. Not religious but I felt like I should share. Not just. With everybody here in the room but also the audience now are thinking do you have some people that found out there was like family members. Close friends. The found out my hearing and yes some family members found out who but we're not on on a speaking basis. OK so. Iron shot management found out via our FaceBook Liberia. So called close friend could possibly be Chris Emery just found out just now it is. I did not told she'll like I don't know if you knew what the first ones to limit them when you had lunch Michelle met him in the day of smack down there today he told them. Yet he knew before us now. People think this must. You gotta get a push as I said in the beginning jets loyalty is to wrestling not to radio button exactly. I don't know proof that in all I can trust it to go out over the years the time. Trust what does that mean. Yeah or whatever. And why wouldn't he tell me like. For small. I don't know where they hold Jeff is a private guy comes from he tells you every Friday Breslin that we get the fact that the evaluation of me you know. No mystery there it was that something that like amongst the that's. I mean that's a big black moment it is. I was shocked when I heard it but I didn't hear from Jeff. I got sickening infamous road or multiple stab at at at a I mean Heidi and Tony. I know so I knew Jeff was would still show and shielding did you gifts now just gonna get a push gift maybe you'll use something shell and its. You better and that's not nice the gold standard. The hang man and a page told me. That's how I found out for Jesse told me personally I don't know him now and bullet club the progress. I don't buy another matter if I happen to. What will be posted to get another good email about Jeff. And it's important. TRG and 933 to planet rock star com. As great forensic. The latest so are we getting duty now by Jeff and some more. With the there's it is a Vista more brash or questions more about the the flash and mom we got all that food more of the sag pledged. Chris Jericho be a once in about 45 minutes YTJ himself the Ayatollah. Of rock and roll is the rise guys will be back in just sec hold up. Word I 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show many things going through. What a way to describe can. You know and losing Osama and I had to order a. We've gone. Rise guys morning show more NCA it is 850 Chris Jericho deal with this and about. I don't know fifteen ish eighteen ish around there. Beat Chris Turco YTJ. He'll be on was back in the sack. TRG and 933 to planet rocks dot com this and says what's up and this was this as what's up the rise gas. Congrats on the new big year. Now we have a beard to use in that beer chugging contests are veterans. I put my money on the Marines if the beer tastes like windows and crayons who but I digress. Any word on when that contest going down. Let us know. And and I know they got things that chatty he's he's in Coke call again and oriented you know it's funny. And actually run the bigs from a fairway. Well so I. I obviously he had no recollection of what this is referring to appreciate the kind words on rise guys. I don't knows this because station promotion we don't know about Abu. I mean like. Probate let us know what that's referring to maybe that's something that's going on here in the upstate like. Armed services and beer chugging contest sort of VFW message board this is a popular dorm room when they do it on Pearl Harbor day I don't know. Only. That's passed right. Missed it give back to us on that that come there I'm all for contests and especially those of chugging for a cancer fund. But second AT RG I think I realized something. What I meant I definitely realized something but I think I might not be right about here Garros I Millicent and the rise guys for a long long time well over ten years. And I think ever remember I don't know if this is in the spelling are having fun here I think ever remember when far boy. Started coming in every day instead of just here and there anyway this weight loss thing. The eight point six weight gain worries how I mean for some reason I'm not really rooting for the guys say here's what I'm thinking. Thanks fat boy he seems to hate positive attention not that he loves negative attention are being told he's a piece of crap or anything that. Maybe does not really sure on the island I know that he hates a pat on the back. And the occasional good job about the way most people hate it kicked to the blank that's obvious from listened to show. So here's what I think. I think he sabotage is own weight loss not intentionally or anything he really wants to lose the weight. Maybe the on air accountability is backfiring. Maybe take it off the air for a while see what happens is obviously not working. There's literally nothing to lose except now. 100 in 1010. American regional. American. Regional. No no ways no some merit in original. I mean there's definitely some scale manipulation. Where you tried to you don't lose weight consistently. A try to do too much too close to via two way eons. Of elect a week before and embarked Owen. Dropped ten pounds this week. Never happens you know this is not consistent. But you don't work well was positive reinforcement or or even a compliment. Like you and Johnny with a G I know I see those on your face I mention that Johnny would NG to me is your greatest. Phone scam carriage or or or care trinity you've made from scratch. And in its so over a way that he wants but you won't do it because it's almost like. I'm scared that I'm gonna make my last will not be as. Utters them. Just don't give him and I think duels. First all tools think is a deal page on active perpetuating. This to work visits. Second while the littlest page our attorney with the there aren't right. It's a fun little care to it was a song in this started off kind of half Aniston. I kind of feel like Johnny would you do you feel like with serving when you do the Jonas I did that one time I know that sob filled out this well for some reason it took a lot of its own. I was Amanda had in my time this is before TLC had all their fat people shouldn't suck I called chick filet when they started doing delivering a in out of some of places and I call does is 600 pound man. And I asked him to deliberate in my house in the nice that I needed him to bring it to the window month and your own mind as I can get out and god took my address and was like. Indeed it was not funny because he was so accommodating. Is that Al breeder your windows you'll be able to open the windows rally opened stinks and her. X is you'll you still asleep on a whopper settle wanna remember a push my face to dress their Warner talked Chris helped put a page it. I needed number two. Were peppered jet coach. Serrano worry a Christian organization to south of Lincoln bedroom. A and it's not only army off the last home was of it was a fallen probably the most fun I've had to limit the DNA scam. He goes from here yeah well I don't I don't know resort password but tended to the point though you. Like. You don't do well with compliments it depends whom. Who was coming from. You know put much stock in if somebody. In the building or you know in the management's like Hale's do those who do bitter and you does you know right is recognize the bit those cute yeah. But if somebody randomly messages Meehan say hey I get to hear their rules and while Els Farley. Mike well I mean you don't what kind of stock below Clinton. All of them every day and I just. They don't do it for us I mean that sounds so cliche we don't do referrals we don't feel I mean we get a job in job we paid everything delete literally if you listening don't like it or laughter enjoy it then. That's the test. I don't know minutes like one of those things you gotta kind of entertain yourself like you gotta make yourself laugh mineral picketers over I just don't that much they care. But you know there's owns the truck team. I guess maybe are you working on any other when she made a B sooner. I mean I got some ideas for some offers scam ideas that are kind of like doing them as me. Ol old Zaman Coen yeah well done Jamie and trying to do a little bit hold germs and calling in target as Eddie now. All right well. You don't like positive amendments and only saying this I mean look. Dan Marino's tells Aaron Rodgers is great quarterback I'm sure means more than if I say it's a one on Twitter than he does ignore it and as a reader. Who is who is the goat quarterback wise fable is there an odd shots probably and Montana well Brady. There Brady the Montana Sid Rogers Brady argument is like pure talent like natural raw talent. He would say Aaron Rodgers but Brady's got more rings. What do you do you which is better looking. I mean come home and com. The sort of pick the. I figured out a bear Enron had there been out for days with the ball ISI poll may end up. Some sleet pal. Tomlinson and speed of goats greatest of all time this our next guest has been called that by many publications other legendary wrestlers and and it. Hell I mean it's hard to argue that he's not like he's he is one of the greatest of all time. Christopher Jericho Y two. The rise guys morning SNL V three good web blogs all day freak Enron's man. 3.3. Thanks.