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5 In 10 returns for big prizes, including Metallica in Atlanta in July: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids. Can travel. And I. Really I. Thank god. That's intense and then send them into. About that it's excited. Blood pumping and I decided yeah. Or right side for the rise guys. Suntrust. Park the brand new brave stadium tests and a Metallica. Then seven fold involve eight. We'll take you down there. Or did CNN will bring you down you know let's go look it really care of you ma'am real good has supported us. You know. Channel prize for sing along boldly and in the words right what a day there will be. That's there is seen a man charged page may talent there no one A days that will be. Oh just you lose my business on the phone with Shannon accompaniment tinted so nominees in the map out how that happened. True. Loop coop who wants to go who wants to get on the bus Holler at us 180774. Double 093. If you don't get on the bus usually an all star he's potentially well we've got quiet the list normally when we played this game there's like one big prize and my results. Hey. It's painful and of course I'm referring to this game. Yeah. Okay. Again. And lesbian. Ellen DeGeneres told this game for me grass and came out with a plan to Maffetone stolen from the. Now remind them. Five and ten we need ten seconds on the clock you gotta give us five things were looking for now. In this addition of five and ten here's the prize list who ran a great camera we've got. Slew to pair of Tony loud music fest tickets to this weekend and Saturday man scream movie speedway. Via the means. Asia and environs. Black River levels you know as whereas this and that. The jet land there are going to be there was commit on the list him among them two days. We also have one pair of NASCAR all star race dig is with a three race top insurgency Justin Moore yeah. Courtesy of national hardware big believers in a little things and work harder hole almost. They servers and and man of course we had compared tickets on the rise has plenty Lan party that's in the town guy made seven followed Bo made suntrust Parnell and I. And of course. There's a lot of that dreaded envelope that was our thing powerful works is formed. At. Dissolved powered by a frat boys details including interviews there. Long. Old Blake Mitchell probably get that you wanna give blame Echelon Americans can't you never dresses her in a dining room these organs portends is where your opinion. I don't study detailed either. Assume example Jimmy and then. You are you on your domain are really keep our eye candy last time there yeah. Only five iron or worse with Ric Flair teller Blanchard Arn Anderson always Anderson and Paul Roemer. It's always remember Roma is the worst I. I use that as a example every time because anybody in the room would know it Jimmy Page right but nobody on the phone ever gets them from his home loan from. Who we're. Jeff is heading Minneapolis as we speak and I'm here to tell you that. 502. Things and is known as they solve that is zoned us are right and alright let's go. And crisis. Just familiar names on the phone and say. Hey let's go to PUN Travis barker like hey who traps. And singer president accomplished and aren't you just four and any tape that you want to any show that failure and your art or. It. Ten seconds on the clock. He won Travis barker that's what I have three and nine what five things would you like from Travis. Clancy. Name five members of Metallica go. Change Kurtz. Kurt. I. Tough one era and is tough. But again from Metallica tickets petition. They just can't seem to. And I can't even to president Harry Reid hey Al how good too but not three a safer place you want in on this. Breakfast tomorrow. But if we just do it now we can't bring mechanical and I have many people can do just only had I got a plethora says there are plenty Jeff what. Since 6 o'clock give us five did you get past or present he's saying that. Reason why there are meant to executives at fox. Members of your guys five members of Metalico. On long hours. And mocking me. I don't know. I'm just learning to resume a counter. Lars and I damn I don't know tomorrow I'll have more war I city get three a sensitive. Work here he only name one member Metallica not. Ask for now is just crazy. I have a jab are. Spell Aaron Rodgers last name. Are owed DG ER SO. I'm anxious and Medicare you go to the next couple of years of Packers didn't really barrel birds Serbia. Most people missed that David gesture and Jeff would never misses today outside there. One. You're. Pattern isn't one being and you words are to. Hattiesburg your first nation. We're there one day and ultimately yeah it went via Adam Adam ten seconds on Monday that since two. It's not favored. Adam tense seconds on the clock give me. Five. Things that you like about Jeff Lewis nailed out. This Boller had no it is not close this very certain anywhere. Any dental. Rule. So close ups. Every now let's take my categories are. There there have been out of five cents or about its well yeah. It's a lot lately with environment and well I'd. I have them and hardest to not so hard as we probably would win of course. We'll be able to win there. Let's go back in the phone 180774. Double 093 your friend in mind that he won Jeff thrilling career death row. Corridor. It is good. I have gift for units ten seconds signed what five things would you like from double arm itself gimme 59 these rappers got. And ours. I mean eyes could be an adult. All of these. Ordinary. It is very close a closer I felt pretty standard five together for a four round at a hearing says when a song well. Hello Cindy. 10774. Double 093 we get all the prizes we got Metallica Arab League dad and then seven boldly and NASCAR all star race seriously at all. Are you. Are carried. Fair and Edmund ten seconds on the clock give me 51 ladies out. First Lady Hillary Clinton so far look our group Berkshire. And I think he's ready you know I had. All brand so plus zero gotta say though that bow out there that takes so much to even repeat the question. I tried this on a couple people yesterday. Nobody got past. Reagan nobody went past rate. Tax rate like before bringing our pride today sure yes yes yeah is I can do it it was urgent orders last name Jim. In June Carter. They don't. Johnny Cash is why if you can't you know before before reagans why if you could still get Reagan and then five after him he's a six. Potentially miraculously. Yeah. Hillary Berlin money there surrender her brood Burnham. We'll ask him. Six. One in the center as they keep them at Jeremy good old biblical mania in Marion said Jeremiah. I. Army oracle are you. Best I've ever been. Sure I'm not true that is it. I think you're good yeah. I think I and the best and movies go it alone. Ten seconds on the clock my turn to measure and delay of ten seconds on the watch him germ my gimme farm branches of the united states military. Navy army and Marines. Through. And. And I am. Forums easy you know what I'm orchard. Is dead dead yet. Okay Osmond and her registered. And now thousands have been. The right 1800 dollar I mean it took me saying that might have shot three and tan yeah this is it. We haven't had any luck played Ivan ten lately him Riordan nickname from colors and their hope they can name five people and soon. Are getting in this event. Let's go back. To the phones. I thought the homeless guy trying to give away money instead of a I'm. He won all cock is usually not at that at the Boca. More Plummer to the stars Harry. I'm doing well Lejeune. Impaired mental and ten seconds on the clock give me five places to get a milk shake out. Brady is very green Wendy's McDonald's Berkman. Prince has debris here now picking envelope one for inside you get. Opening shot. Let's go number two. Well I already have but here's hoping. Yeah I says this there are more all you have to Montel by the way you dance never their dad. So congratulations. To use earth. To ask you personal question. Yeah plans. Saturday. Yeah. Raised a concert by Justin moral you know do you congratulations who's your driver. So man I'm partial dog. Well you won't be at that was definitely in the right area now. Well the story of former augmented Parsons total mr. cock up your phone number and your fellow hold on an injured friend. You're like man yeah man Ned Breyer send. Cash envelopes 12. Our she's been 134 and fiber in me work 34 in front wheel glued to. Actually thought John said John. How are you. Cannot separate him. Also all. The man you know until May easy but hey this is it easier but Johnson's NASCAR ISL well read doesn't turn the page gave John. You know third yeah. Sure. Well. I'm most. I've not been a little longer would have though. Where I don't absolutely. Tablets and gives Democrats college I carried the only bad. I'm yours Jim there's very tense seconds on the clock surge in US won't give me five states on the gulf let's secure to woo hoo. Got this Arizona Mississippi Alabama Florida. They're about. The floor. There it. There Arizona not a little English guy's are usually good yeah. No later but I look around and Roman there was no reaction and negative in my will help me concerned he's like look at him there he forward and they say Arizona's renamed fox faces Arizona is that. It is landlocked. Yeah it's still she's just been told that. 180774. And a below 93 wood on the as fast as we had bunches is stuff left let's go to two men opened up that wend. It's why I think Estonia eyebrow and well you. In NASCAR all star race tickets are gone but I on your tape to count in one music testing which remain to pair and then also the Metallica. Ten seconds on the clock give me five dumb dog named Scott. Jeff paired blow my goal. They're very. Carter. Sir there's not one is exactly why some jest names. Estranged presidents turn our name adult jail after he couldn't I don't know my yes my energy named Jeff. All right envelopes 134. And five remains her what envelope he won't. Number warrant number one. I. Yeah well. Pickens speedway it's two days of the best local rock general you're seeing Roma trophy goes bulk. Figure that last play dissolved so bad. And I do look I'm I'm I'm I'm playing in this now on the move again are 34 and I'd left Metallica tickets are in one of those you know. And bus passes and resolve and results. Go back the phones and talk to Stacy and Limbaugh off the low Norris he's in good morning. Harry stakes. Under our continued except all ten seconds and had to give. There are taking gently now I it is there's a ten cents on Jimmy what he won't. Stacy name five people on this show. Oh lord I industrial blank you hurt the when there's bad page. He's she shouldn't adorable I should go but yeah. Intimacy can make you feel good page when we did that. As always pays for us and Jeff first furlough yeah Jeff Jeff I urge you she's solid Susan's did you first now. Those glued to. Good morning Matt ten seconds or you know revenge editor at ten seconds something like nine. Minutes. There you know I'm win again now you use your eyes or your turn you tense seconds on the clock and give me five celebrities you think you're stupid. I joined. Received. And I'm I'll let up. All right our small. Unable freshly intense segment. Yeah hateful person and apparently was still on the planet started with the upstate ready is seen and you've really got nothing tweets. Scale back to follow 1877. Ford below 93 headers in Boone hey Heather. And gives stuff away here you'll winner. Yeah and I want you Metallica ticket brother. All right okay ten seconds on the clock. Give me five. Brands of condoms. Out. Currently. The drug and magna. I. Now. Does this say magna first there was for a long. That this phone. Page. Hello Betty. Here we go ahead and try and make easy. You an easy question. He went to have a tango and Hickory good morning. Hey good morning yes he yeah. I'm okay I'm ready. We get three envelopes remaining Metallica tickets inside the bus tickets inside and canning line tickets and is all you know ten seconds on the clock non what would you like. The mission man. Can you name five Metallica albums though. Now I. It's got closer and can't there yeah Goodling gave slow and bloated. He's. I've been yeah. We'll really get enough play against the clock for real problem area we're even today we would accept as an answer there cunning stunts. Without question government borrowing the dollar try to say Arabs Turkmen men and I've practiced a bunch of mess that went in the yeah in the past. We we really have to hurried because assembly says he has re knit ski coming on the phone here in the next senate and also a lot of them. Let's go to the Morgan tenant topic Caleb hey Kayla. Perry and carry the good against you ten seconds stimulus wants and can you can't say hey can we found Metallica albums got. We can't I don't think you're at at the Arab blood I want to get. But well I got the. Why doesn't talk about I don't lose and you know and the members Cano now who's in hand you know what they do we don't know that how loans. Is the first and play 37 time to order home. No that's why don't match hockey fans like to arrive what do they like to rise death a lot and you go. There wasn't perfect and why didn't hey ask K page and Metallica kids want to kill. The mall. There. And fat boy what. Well the answer is going to be black but the question what if you donated so why Millard are the ice and fire are. Let's go back to the phones yet his heart rate Jamie's long access. That's my knee drain and through extra. The UN regular season national Craig who has good morning. Are you doing doing well there are gonna give you some stuff ten seconds on the clock I would love for you to give me five porn stars ago. Old held Jim hood chambers saying the next. I'm Donald what gas and it's. Jeno James usually Campbell JAMA is actually a black a black right now oddly enough. Some standard here. The way we're just muscular moralist or don't I don't let mark through white basketball players including god I'm originally LE ON. It still isn't liberty Philip morning served. It is good ten seconds on the clock. There's. Bowels. Here. Oh my eyes bigger problem three. Horror. Are horrified a number for more info or forbid. A mourn them. Hit it. We didn't. Not only grew. He's all. I don't let a winner and they get resolved. Only his dogs. And I prize dissolved. I am asking all isn't it silly yeah. Three Democrats and Metallica tickets are more so of course I was in Rhode Island these restaurants and viewing Doug you know simply not good morning to. You serve against. It is yeah. It is good ten seconds on the clock give me five things you must prayer of find buried in grandma's backyard. Tune will change. Or much. Can't. The purpose. Ramallah today. So little cynical. Moonshine I mean and the good lord man thinks all right well we try and we continue on the news to you and hit man angering people oh boy hit man good morning. Sorry I am sorry my enthusiasm is whining bed this is drew damn ridiculous. A government report. Thomas. I. Do we get out there and really he's good at this. Ten seconds on the clock. He isn't he yeah I mean I didn't do these are big murder regardless of the loans. Senator who has just. The clock amateur riders was a burger makers for our every five bridge the American military. Army air force Marine Corps navy Coast Guard. Yeah. Here is an important part. It envelopes three or five. He does something you go to big number five you let you know your winner of some kind right there. We'll open it right after this I'm sure all of Iraq and I. Was is Yemen a few ornament pew and hit man congratulations sir you what is. So just aren't that I've got this let's not get in their second hole involving assault part of the planets may Allah guns yeah relations. Are there way maybe. I'm driving the bus right Fiji's military and aren't congratulations thank you for Clinton that two in he's been in force god bless you hold on the entrance. Could tell me why would you and a calorie that is burned I feel like a kid I don't know several I am just. I need a moment and I get a moment zero of I'm gonna take a moment a lot out of us to do that gave us stressful now. Honestly it bad what do some headlines when paints the queen mine here's the yeah. The idea right guys running the show 93 point three the planet. We'll drop. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who lives. Right get headlines locked in a game that's how that comment estate guy. Chris Cornell. Died at the age of 52 you. And the authorities released a statement from the Detroit police department at our group currently investigating the death as a possible suicide it's too early to determine how the singer died. That's when units arrived on the. Mean they found. Mr. Cornell laying in the bathroom unresponsive. So they're waiting for the medical examiner to do their job and determine the cause and manner of his death. And we keep Q a today attacked. And you had a bad time about the preformed today and the free form will be doing some live songs from sound garden and I'll be taking your phone calls and minding your preacher impact on how much human tear. Page you want their input today I tip of the day. Do you set to. Two. Song requests that once we now towards double and play yeah today Alcan in Tripoli then why our work. Are you will Forbes released a list of America's richest self made women. And you'll be surprised to find out that one person in the street may have made this woman. Are maybe a couple of us Mohandas made this morning very wealthy holiday and now or neverland. Net worth five point one billion dollars is Marianne mileage. She is the owner of little Caesars I'll fail. Yeah okay I am I there's going to be additional split. What does that tell us temper on the staff and have her husband I question gathered around the tigers. This is she's not sell my aide. She inherited her husband's business it's very the last little Caesars it was. Ball around well summer is from a co founded the business. Says she ends this is gonna hear my five dollars and forty censored government. And again DNA yesterday. Every four. And why this they have their own affairs and was remodeling is that he called Souter of first years and choose prefer coming Syria and then this is very beginning and our secure air quotes and he said comes I mean during her cramped and there. Are you really is she's legit and owner of the tigers are red wings and co-founder of little seasons Rowan and actors the pistons again little Caesars agreement. And the red wings Newton don't know. A figure. Like grits we may people buy the food that we eat. Oprah. She managed to third place tour. Just to clarify the wealthiest woman in in the world. And America okay it's okay nor does it magazine the wealthiest woman in America. Has more money that you feel older America. Berger is. People who don't have a lot of money have to feed their friend. Yep she's 84. Wow did they serve little Caesars at those games I would imagine I. Thanks senator but that they're not five dollars fare home now supplies men's lives receive little Caesars is pretty big deal open operas says is looking to ideals is is that all of these sort. And what do you mean about numbers says that the football stadium and all of that saying there ray ray ray of what the arena and the most say Annika pound assurance. I'll do Bob Jones or an NBA season. Because of the war of scorn on the front points and Apple's next day I did it didn't end game I. I'm not really did exist it's his call faster trivia tidbit that I and it is true faults fast food facts for you fat do you know them all or not is a used to be scandal lost touch with the American today sort of daily game where people were. Where we were thorough. I a restaurant and a number from the menu and I'll have to identify and a combo and I could have done it five years ago I knew all years ago we played a game with nine and it was it was no slider pandering to your real. I would say and number on our own does snack machine and he could tell me what smack was in that slot like be too would be a Snickers or where I would now. Inside now chartered auto mall now. And then. And yet that's what led the mind the about the what do we do with festive menus you say like. Wendy's number six in a new Arnold does spicy chicken used to be I don't know facilities if he's your birthday today where would you hear from want to get a free mail. I'm probably gonna win this as number one they give free meals on Obama oh and I think he knows maybe ask crab a game that I think alternatives to Metallica was two dollars and affidavits to refine Oprah made it to her play. Two point nine billion dollars of questioning a mining offer TV show and is another. Mary lucrative business sense who else made money with the harp. Meet each other so she wasn't it was her production company I realize I'm saying. I'm scenes who's the is the puppet master admin. He's a Stafford has been a or beard they recall that when it's for women who had you know it's it's cannot write. No I. Yeah I know gang that is it is strange I don't know who the other big names that made money off Oprah. They're nobody really. That's her best friend I don't actually serve business partner that. Wish she would beat us like a worldwide pants situation and ligament you know may have contributing TUR number six place woman remained. Billions of dollars on Tuesday. 2.5 billion dollars. Meg Whitman. Founder of either. Of us. Elderly eBay was pierce and I wish things are more one founder. So I'm finding Elton. Now her answer. Existing. There bruise. And this choosing to know how much money Jay-Z Amy aren't they are worth together now. All men and I hear word from birth river billion dollars between them. While he tempted mr. but still together puts him over the top so I am not share it. She is out. 46 and she remained 350 million dollars or combined net worth with Jaycee is one point sixteen billion dollars. There she says she brings about 350 million that the table by herself and what are. If senior solid. I don't know a lot. Folks who Miller's quote three other people behind or program nobody famous al-Qaeda yet the best thing that there richest people in the world you've never heard enough. They're never in the list new richest people. You tell me there's not some pharmaceutical woman in America that's made more than that. You know when they we talk about them fight it out Pfizer was the wind it was this facet. No it was his family that was behind. Certain pill in America may own the rights to and they were gazillion years that you never heard them before an owner. The rock Charles like people now Canon stumbling upon Matt but there Eric. There's at least eleven album. Eleventh and often. And yes fear in the Trilateral Commission pebble. And go to birds into a track. Well if you don't get enough sleep. There expression saying that I need my beauty sleep is very true according to some research and king. They found researchers in Sweden concluded that they took pictures of people. 01 with people that had good night's sleep and the others that only slept for four hours and then he had strangers rank how attractive they were and the different pictures. And the pictures were people Wickham were well rested got better scores. So they concluded that. A bad score either way before after nearing. That they greeted people that. Especially for attractive healthier and friendly hair looking in the finance. And the people that were liking and wait while. And legislate. YTV. News if it's it's I use the old analogy of computer you can't leave at all holiday you got to shut it down let it be France victory charts. Campaign tonight is your eyes and you'll. Written word I 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. Rise guys morning Chad good morning hello it is time to time when a program what program built in London. Got a phone right now Terry Bradshaw good morning. Singles and now widely deep. They're very cordial tomorrow morning 830 really talking Antonio Freeman Brad. It's an event Verizon Jordy available here we have gone to a more she knows my innocence and you know there have been an interview here at the UN on his hot tub ones standing. March murder I don't know how to beat us all. One things your way called FaceBook and we did this man and it's Matt and all those things tomorrow is Friday. We have a brand new segment at at the last getting years 864241. 43288642414328. And also lady's inner urge get ready for the with. I've got to lower us drug act. Right here now can we do anymore winning debate features yes. Body feels so once. No but there are a year. All girl egg Carolina rebel alliance concerns raised bugs us in this morning. What man when she showed a blank he's terrorists are all that trouble Jewish owner blank he's still what band at Carolina Carolina rebel line. Text that is your your Carolina paper mill tax sign that number 72341. That seven series 341. Big nanny. They're correct answer wins we appreciate you as hinting at today's podcast go to the rise Skype dot com iTunes or text podcaster 72341. Page Iraqi work today. To get that special Chris Cornell tribute coming up at noon today an issue here for that fat boy and if I. Rising every lab will go live six distinction Lisbon have a blessed day into the league has caused the. In his three minute run flat just locked and loaded into it is easy. You re going to resolve more than an hour and.