Tuesday, June 12th

5 In 10: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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You're listening to rise guys morning you know. And 83 point three Atlantic route. Yeah yeah. If you phones out and now this number right here. 1900. I'm getting though I don't know really if that's. 180774. Double 093. And here's why should do that. We impair birthday bash tickets. Cannot compare birthday bash it. Sean got struck him most corners are so apparently first win asking Alexander Eric an Irish. That's the same point OK. As the third pair of tickets to birthday I. I have a pair of tickets to see pop evil at the firmament certain in July 1 with the other bands descending not for the fourth. And men. I have another arm allowed inside of it exalt. It all wrong you know. Then so I'm gonna see put two and two together yet but we're getting ready to play gaming mag game is. Yes from the makers that stopped the chops and ask your ball. Mom's five intent but basketball. You may have heard us three and five made famous by the Ellen DeGeneres show she stole that from yeah. She stole that from Moscow we still wouldn't do it freaks out. Not and I have a list of things that were looking for Berger give me ten seconds to give us those five thinks. For instance not if I were to say you. All I'm going to the beach give me five things I need to go to CBS box. So our block briefed chair flip flops snack foods condoms yes. I'm excited. Don't want no more they don't you know try. You have ten seconds to do that if you do that they knew pick an envelope 12345. You'll need to bashed against poppy bowl tickets. Yes it did zone that they. Our lives Ritter contestants. Enough we'll go in opposite order will go down to Woodruff and talk to. Are you sir. It is good ten seconds on the clock Paul wall. Give me five. Amusement parks and. And you are universal most gardeners airway and they play. I'm IAE. Mailed it to you now in our big problem now 1234. Or five. And number pretty cool number three. And not a. And you. So anybody else who is weird jig is the property of the permit or birthday bash there was only ones talking now. I was in an envelope and her three Iowa all the good thing as I said Jim everybody that wins now will win something. We'll go now to Shelby North Carolina and speak wine SP two. Good morning earlier actually it is it's just useless to sweep Tuesday hash tag their own social media group. Demon king I have 310 seconds nine know what five things as we play five intend would you like from. He won demon king promises visitors and everything is on my list gimme five books of the Bible down. I Jeremiah Jonas. That new job. No bug Jonas serves now as wordy he hung out a whale so you're gonna go Jonah. Felt it jaw drop Jonah what he's a joke this hollow no that's the Brothers does Jonas is a wiz are so many missed John us. I had nothing to do with the well I. Let's go to. Taylor's as remain real lives and talk to people and family girl good morning. The more I don't go to UC may reach out Millen around in Taylor's. That look or be on the list you don't let the issue quickly and the Wal-Mart only there frequently I guess why the former. She's always trapped in what their hands on tending to she does like a very good driver. He had ten seconds on the clock nine give that famine girl. Okay she gets injured from the clock ten seconds on the clock give me five words that start with pot go. Up top. Happy. I hope I'm the words caught PNC stories afterwards Starwood paw got. Long putt. I'm Noah got a mom and. I don't know what the second one was William war. I know once and for George's grasp dry process fully read like. I don't know exactly what you're an island Maine make a resurgence here sure did cheering and cheer let's go now. To sparkle city it's the dome of chrome he went home dom good morning. Mario it is good happy to sweep Tuesday. Adult I have do you ten seconds nine what five things do you want from. Blue mountain are great. At Berlin. Judge this year or junior in February jurors are vulnerable daisies I'm sitting right here in always responses were urged the brains the mountains. As the light Kevin and good luck hope you all else random car. 180774. Down below 93 yell we have three pairs of birthday bash tickets. The show went on sale Friday at 10 AM. I don't Ticketmaster outlets going get yours or try to win them brought out through. Let's go to. Important it is good Jimmie would you I gave him ten seconds please. Ten seconds on the clock give me. Give me are you ready Disney live animals he would not eat out. Doll can't be. Horse and Sheikh. Okay hold on now I gotta go to the judges he named like you would usually make him. Are you don't and number pulled pulled no I don't pay out. Mean I don't. Yeah there. OK then asked to believe this canine the only married. Okay you only country is cowboy invader and ever talked to your journalism OK I won't have to believe in the cousin this situation or did an envelope 124 or five cents at cal the only major dollar finish so late there Al do you need to. You shoot. To check is to leave. All our future information if I see you we meet we take him back. You know we had to be present him in his mouth bids on June's iron again Arnold finally gave him literally ranchers whose girls like Matt Doherty surveyed. I'm sure doesn't Portland's great big slap. Even worse than now now only number sausage it's all we know yeah and yeah. Have been redneck lady now have been yeah again oh is Burberry are seeking any maintenance. Mad at the Abu. Let's see who will we get to next nine. Let's go to Jonathan and would ruff hey Jonathan. More until Jonathan good morning he were playing five and ten would birthday bash tickets up for grabs three pair in fact we don't have let me give you ten seconds dirt and how well I'd give me five businesses that no longer exists doubt. Ten are win Dickey. You are wasn't horrible America right there's a pair of hard work. There's still an artist but still around more and mauled in Ramallah hospital and rainbow. You know it's a bad mix these all over Florida when I roses replaces the K mark. Yes I never laid hands and I thought yeah this side is that William rarest thing in my. You know I would be sent to Toys 'R' Us are pro folks the sky six Circuit City city bunches and bunches and Randall's bush of going away Alexander's it was a natural wonders and small little wave I don't think Kansas exists and you just go to the mall don't Simpson for all of them options. Yes. Brian JBY. Milan or limited. Sayers prince and Bob Bennett song by the central. It's hurry this scenario. Parents. Let's go to. There's an ally sane is named Sutton Miette shapes Mitch is up and Ralston and meets. I had gone yeah easily and yeah. All right snitch William made this season right Jimmy review in ten seconds would you like from your garden. Rosen I learned a lesson and I then I'll do this when then Mitch give me five things he can pickle out. The gun owners the my. Egg beaten. The ancient. So close worry Terry you've heard his name five things for me it's hard. It's hard when you put on the spot a political thing bright Keith Richards she yeah. Got a phone content. The devils a creeping in again Jim there is let's go to. Torre in Spartanburg. Hi Tori. Torre were point five intend to birthday bash tickets are 31 Siena that whole lineup the most is shutting down or. That's Matt or asking doesn't. It's kinda got annoyed and shined them almost got confused as ever gonna have WW we shine down tickets later and got smack on the appearing would smackdown and am eager. God's right down I ten seconds on the clock nine below July from Torre of Spartanburg. I'm people who were famous in the seventies out. Be loose. On. Could play in. And indeed it. And I am sorely miss read about it and yes. But I don't think that was our own. I'm getting easier and last but let's keep the only guy we have plenty of prizes and our people and dragons up in our down MP mark dragon 2 morning. It is gets her we're gonna make this really simple for you can is I got to go to the bathroom if you are truth. Besides church QE five place you can get married got. The kitchen and slightly charred front door. So it's America. Well he's only been married four times and he knows it and I did an envelope now won four or five. Well. Any better nobody. Guys like shined down and asking guides Andrea demonstrable wanna Serena should take is they are all Ticketmaster. Outlets. Paul element we'll get your information. I wore me out Guzman couldn't warm as looking at a female maybe what happens today we just like more. I. This is the excitement gives you real we have makes you can get to Imation are asking anymore that's what avenues excited. The double scared and Adam and things from her we get to pair ago I feel that we're only gonna have room for for May be one more but let's try. Let's go to there's an old favorite is. It is good sir ten seconds on the clock this good as only smarter pitcher turned Jamie. Get me. There are beautiful McGinley up people you never want to see neck it out. Donald Trump Pamela Anderson thank you Richard. Danny Davis junior he and being grumpy. You may have to realize they're Dan is far and it okay I mean what he eloquent last trip euros in the state of New Jersey apparently innocent are there any are saying that the I don't know what to beat the other hand bag now Holler because the American ET there's only weren't glued to our zone we're calling it a lot. Are you gonna usually if you receive regular season record is Paris objective all right. Our guest is handing over tickets now and he's sitting there isn't any that don't don't Ollie did you are there. Page emotionally did. You said. You don't wanna see the he doesn't wanna see her naked breasts or did we never want to see nick. Maybe just one ever seen Hank and say give. Okay we're wary of it on our it doesn't matter which I'm allowed just 38 games Sega won't work for. Oh it's is oh god no I never. Cop are yes god smacked and shine down and asking Alexandria. Give you tickets at all Ticketmaster outlets it's the planet's birthday bash. Hold on mortgage your information did my masters moments tickets. Yeah mad general there he is operable lovable for him but it must northerners like all these good rosary American rock brands foreign rock brands. Looks of the Marmol I don't know look I mean we have time for another pair of do our due and awareness month we're we'll go to sweet Caroline and Anderson online to the airline good morning. And we got one envelope left and again birthday message gets in and so if you get through you gonna get this you ready. Ten seconds on the clock give me five things that people school east. Though I'm boring. Already. Are we gonna give her food don't know the elements to it. Where she said dude. She said buds and do. My season but spoons oranges lemons tomatoes. Do and that's five things. What are they bashed us my shadow and asking Alexandria. All the hole eight the Bonser grow. Arena graduation Hussein's our nation are bigger ass right Carolina hold on a minute and go get your formation. Jeff put her little closer to state emergency share very touched you when you when the tickets. If you get really really sad indeed you'd tickets might be better tickets and if you are punishment. Post or thirteen article 32 year you only meet. Yeah if you seem like you won't tickets right then we're rural argue better yeah. I tried for anger in you might be all night commercials we sell given way to give you your. Who normally nine and I'd have to say those it would have any ready for the promise. Recurrent thing you're tired intends hard game but it it is a hard game I the minute they can't get this all of them to get emirates or you do me one how do you want and then we'll go to break all right all right Matt Howard I'm. Do you want the that I haven't used yet gimme five movies featuring Jason forties. 513 try at thirteenth warned French thirteenth two freight thirteen three francs thirteen for Jason does suspects. At right you are foreign vision goes space I don't know brings a bigger space is Jason next Barack argued during they must because Jason to suspend our Jason Collins while then got. Now he was and he was kinda in the first round or third thing I guess they call them animal I know I'm besides wrestling to me five things Jessica that got. The. We got it right after this and this is the rise guys morning show. Thought he ninety's during my freedom my. Right guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. Come nobody is above the law. And Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider CNN be behind bars in the next few days. Tends to also all got him again now the tense. Required and a pace style also supports use his estranged wife Elmira. But he didn't do Nazi media. Multiple Mayo US senate attendance. Just three days in the LA county jail for not making good on his alimony and nine he was given a march deadline to pay more than a 150000 dollars. Roscoe sir happy. Thanks in Maine get on that now have to do to honor forty hours of community service. I wonder if it's he doesn't have the money or if it's just like she's taken him for everything any site does eventual whether it. Inter's kids are grown I don't know that but I mean he's going to be missed duties. There of course I don't mean nothing. Two or three hours two minutes. Just how many days would let me. Oh boy. They have to give it to me and 240 hours 240. Or. So until he's thinking. Well so it two weeks or about two weeks and that's community sir I am and then three days engine and ten days specifically but about two weeks. Now that when certain. Always honored Jeffrey all right. Now courtroom our Weiner and here let's say that you have blow is in the declined yeah in California okay. So then Luke. And daisy got to go bust does that sound so old and I'm Don well why don't blow brat who is now holes 66. And mirror Catherine Bach who is now 64 L man for your investors as well. Wail yeah and plus web tutor lives in Dalembert now. Now these museum. Theft at. And plus that there is a car in case and I'm bill and what I mean you'll get that helped Eric current earnings it's built the building around. Oh this is that a kid but he's dead to Denver pop. No relation Gama. Although he was on the and eager to shift. It is mr. darling omens are people gonna end ozawa Jesse the owner James vests. Birth name. You're attributing now but I know he was say accomplished pain in his later years. Yeah he died in the Hickory, North Carolina back in 201588. Years old and his given name his birth name. Jules Franklin guy. His first and Jules Jules jewels JW. EL while Julia loves his music there pickets saying. At some else. Also obvious dead give us your serve very compiled balls hard and James investor or did it. From Denver to. Actually any announcements generally rent so. Yeah there's bombshell but it there's a number arm or murmur and some of them do. All right well it's a big day in South Carolina and the South Carolina primary election to decide some big seeds. First stuff and the attorney general saint. I attorney gen home. Alan Wilson has two people that are imminent and the primary. I am. Says those people are taught app water or from Lexington and then attorney William her line of green down. This singular vision Herrmann her along her longer will let us say organs of form. We heard we've reserves are. Personal thing is we could with us and we did al-Qaeda who are grown warmer or yeah. He says gimme equal time mournful and I'll start coughing on the ones I'm gonna vote for some are how can senators reload or those guys again. Time Atwater from Lexington and then a her long from the did you like him to monitor. Love him hate these are. Said the other seats up for grabs eight candidates. Are vying for the began an RC. That's proof and held by Harry and amassed a. Zero absolutely. And who else I know lives snake lady. Tumbled Cynthia is qualified in what way exactly somebody tell me please. Republican and Kevin Bryant incumbent Ken Yancey McGill. And Republicans. Catherine Templeton strength training and men Republican candidate John Warren Republican Phil Noble Democrat James Smith and Democrat Marguerite Wallace yeah. And half of them do you don't matter prayer at the elements spend money on them bill silence. Anglican Democrats this year isn't there are currently I'm away I would say who the candidate was that not and I yesterday Saul it's a certain. Wrote in town where somebody went through in core and have somebody signs. And it tore my and he was never quite literally been torn in half but they blame. If you ever are agreeable man insurers as is very Columbia Charleston and many other places Anderson Spartanburg all over the state. The signs for a couple you people running for office. The son transferred don't know what appears ready for congress' upper and Bremer today. Is running for congress in new driver and big pickup truck towing around billboard when you face on it yeah and you have a thousand signs on every street corn green ball. I mean you've cleared the city you glitter all over Greenville county glitter all over the entire state. Some tough love you don't see some how old Madison city after all it is that they pick a mile from the storm than a normal way. The caller can discomfort mark. There was any signs C for at least for congress to be a fun. Somebody's gift and for having too many signs should be athlete congress say you mentioned the congressional scene Terry Downey announced that he will not be. Burning in the prime and the election he's vacating so. Now there are interest just got back from they can hit this set up. There are thirteen Republican candidates and four democratic candidates in the selection for the fourth conduct congressional district. Yeah that will be vacated by frank Downey need a lot of people on the ballot also had a third congressional district up for grabs him. And Jeff Duncan as is seeking reelection. You know I don't like trig yeah I think if I can in support of monopoly game credit for. Not one assumes they're between years and collect check. Out he wanted to do and seeds is left. I'm asking is that we'll be the guy who knows this. When hanky Mac. Was lieutenant governor okay and then Nikki Haley last to go work for truck. Did hindering the masters say he did not want that job they may try to turn it down. I'm thinks I'm a DREAM Act I swear remember that consumers like. We may need in you know in the the thought was well you can be lieutenant governor. Multiple times heavily. But governor you can only run twice like president right now same ticket like running mates are governor lieutenant governor there. So but does so we have a choice. I think he wanted to take it you ought to be elected this time. Okay well. Among go in there and his mama get all of whom you're not always a good guy forget who to vote for. Thanks for you can either ministry take an hour. I'm not. Sound and I see you outside then boosting call from the ones I should have remind me who I'm gonna go for. Herman announced our eyes and just remember rule Lotus I you Mac it's just thank you smack them targets go to the middle school Barack if he's anybody in your voting. Hello I mean I'm going to have more things all Republican right. Now owns him so rise. It is to decide. Which purple which will be enough party there are a lot of people around and this is like sweet sixteen of America's Got Talent we're not unlike next to last weekend this is look so easy. There were frozen and hammered pretty low turnout today of course always very much bigger than less we're voting for the president of the United States the guy we expect to fix everything more American Idol. Or American Idol men never we have low turnout but these are the elections are really important that these laws that are really important Reid really make a difference we can really make sure. Let you know you you bishop and down about. One medical marijuana in South Carolina if if that's your thing we'll go out there and vote for the tumor three people who might help that happen there because there. Many home who supported all right they many. And let's see my name I don't really solo. I'm gonna notice straight podtech. If you are writing and may read wanna for governor if there's things you hear a great run for those things trying to and I am sure there are year round. If you wanna read up. On everything there's a lot on W hardee's web site he can look at you know with their they have with the candidate is very one sided. But it's there and should baseless motion for a that is the yeah Ari and. This plus Gonzales and I don't do it all right this is yes and actually learn more solid. Well how about this let's talk about workplace etiquette and things that you can do to get promoted and things that you can do that your boss isn't really an alike. So there's a study that found that 65% of managers say being courteous and respectful and working greatly. And fur beards it's your chances of getting a promotion. They're being nicely asked. So that's the overall thing that there aren't sent some things that will cost you for instance gossiping team I secure the one that does that. Insane and it's one of the worst. Workplace etiquette mistakes. Do we have a guy spur on Russia I had really I do I asked that unknowingly do the Euro in EMS things you really. How so. It was the last good volatility. About some bills and sources in general what not. I don't know anything under Zoran I don't need in this building like. I hear now is huge to me that a lot more people would smoke in the building I hear more stuff we'll go back talks people listen up now it's like I. I know you're I think. Probably more firm man fan boy I tell them. I know I what I hear from family. Going because sources anymore. Gossip about Somalia I don't like and who will be in trouble that's true the three machine the only one I know who has a source entered your. You have given this source that I have is not any kind of I mean it is a source that well. And maybe Disney unharmed but I'm not starting yet I'm disgusting it. Not just starter I think your real name's Oscar because you don't more around here. I like dressing in drag them some candy machines were in their panties are underdogs and Voyager craft this okay it audible. Yeah we get a loser funny at about nine I have certainly sense Arnold's. It until managers running late in not responding to emails fast enough as another thing that can hurt you. And then not sharing the credit for stuff if you wanna stay all the glory you're the one that's gonna keep yourself behind. Including Gloria hard climb ladders and plenty of places though layoff here. I don't know what goes on here enough to know brass including in my glory hounds throughout my alive but age is the balls to be done the Palmer hand and a yeah must building back in the David Merritt anytime recently. Yeah so serious phone calls and emails being so nice fallen on line effort someone else's job we'll help you get promoted because that means your practice. This glorious. Also. Not changing in your gym clothes in the office will help you get a promotion yeah I pray that it has a bar in starting this. The at this time boy's imaginary anymore I'll. Dual front manager you'd find that they are viewers ready root for John Jacob resort there if you're yesterday and low fuel and we're back and forth. I just stood there and change it law and order a chain risk more to board that no I didn't I was there this matter does that would add to it. And so great then my grateful that my office mate does not change in front of me because I'd be completely on board. Does anybody have an office may. Number I know him he's like on my best friends because it is also is that above the Passat image or me or you what is restaurants yes I think we talked a lot about stuff from how could have got. Yeah. Told a lot about stuff. I am for Alfred now on and a half for him. And here you can't just. Really bother me that I mean somebody's respectful under the sit there in his chair naked on things that I gave you then I don't do well. I urge my my top off did Wear pants wearing shorts because I had a sentiment share speak. You know hello Jared and I am not here I'll live and I've never seen page sitting at her desk there their personal. Because I don't usually use that asks I use it mainly for stores. And my back out. Had guns in the air and food in case I forget my fan I'm sure desk and office. I quit this you know certain drawers that's a sign me and I have a place Sparky my style yeah. I mean here for eight hours and on on who ran an hour strain and I'll play on the lunch hour. Yeah. In our spam and today. Yeah it hours a day or quit 1012 song an hour and live music being Placer. Lot of music right here for a lot of solve GE. Brazilian station where we guess music and talk about and try to answer. Well and last plane being distracted and meaning it's kind of rare again. People are noticing if you're checking your phone constantly when your meeting in your process from an Italian Seth are what immerse sugar I'm from Canada and they say if you wanna get promoted those attempts and just trying to copy the. We did you over the years where we're screwed where there's no promotions available I mean they're like landmark struggled. I don't path and I know I don't I'm that we that we did the glass ceiling here. From our position in this league you have to do it works choppers summary. I guess in that direction now replaced Garrett used cars good car lot salesman bear market. You think about it under two of I markets the glass ceiling and we're looking at him it's hairy chest. The mr. Anwar's elongated skull before orders were ever fired over the same positions can do in this incensed and as you know. Yeah any have you to be MR care so. While you're from going to market wrestling. If it marks a cage and as your eyes and semi. You've got to do is like the right guys if these little. Rise guys morning. So. You're right caught a sinner anyways today we sure do appreciate. Today's podcast and the rise guys dot com iTunes duke player ties podcast is having your 341. We'll be back tomorrow and more birthday investing it's more pop evil tickets and he missed today's TC will read premiered 42 morning. In bed tomorrow morning this morning I anywhere has and again he remains I'm page Iraqi work. Fat boy and I may rise as free why don't we come on six thank you for listening. Have you blessed day two at bats good. Fewer commercial. Believe he years and then next let me read one.