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Tuesday, December 12th

Emails, Taryn Daly is in to Sit & Spin with the 10 Richest Musicians in the World! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Plus comments on the way also ordering Intel switch the shot of the day speaking of just letting people. Or buying things for people want to wolf what would you say is the most expensive gear after. And the nicest thing in anyone's ever got you. But we talk about blowing money here I don't know system frivolous expense on whatever the hell as far as expense that I don't know how many people gotten things that means a lot to me but it is far too expensive goes one I think I think. It's easier to get the most expensive gift I thought short guy and about yourself. My base. That's probably most exposed they announced a guy for myself all right period lately for me it's got to be my on my scooter. Yeah he knows a few years old. It was still brand new as far as it had not been sold all of the lot that's a good sized head like three miles on the damn thing you know an Intel just. But it was brand new man and it's like it's really really nice I'd really like that and probably like the nicest thing I own I think some jackets. Yeah aren't going to be anything about it if you got a good Jackie you'd Wear my all weather whenever you Mikey I. Kind of shocked and I can't damage 300 Barnard I think here's here's the good news it lets you have a lot of friends according to a new survey almost half of people say they will not be buying gifts that cost more than fifty bucks this year. Luka and people of all income levels barrel Mac and on the same tip sari found the 44% of the wealthiest people the survey won't buy any gets over 100 dollars. So well why are we timing of the budgets of people behind the survey say quote most Americans didn't see a raise any time their future I was sitting down with my daughter did and I'm we're watching television. And day out Alexis commercial came on and was a big bow and Alexis. I turned my daughter and said hey man looked idea need to I want for Christmas and and a new one of those like does that happen though if you walk outside your. Holy cow Lexus you should thank god Alexis does this every year I know every year a white man. I'm sure it happens. But they treat these commercials like it's just a foregone conclusion and and it might write it into last minute dare drew Mars some and Alexis in a way that. That's why we're gonna have it all to his credit though it seems like every other car companies now Stewart are absolutely at Doral I get an hour like the other day we also should you watch a sporting event legislate. Since the pocket and cars for Christmas. Colleges like when you have a car it just seems to be like one of those things where. If you save up money in your car person and you've always wanted to carton if your dream car you can afford to buy that car you might buy that car. But most of the time like I've never known a car to beat. Like a gift it might be gifted to you your grandfather might give you his old car which Viagra or you're sixteen to eighteen years old actually Larry if you get it and it's not new but but it's not one of those. I'm on TMZ and Mike somebody got a brand new book Gotti was like eighteen years and whatever the hell it is and like I've never seen a car seemed like when the car breaks down you just have to get a new card and beyond repair there's been an accident. It's never like. Oh I got this far from myself my birthday the phrase you know mailing is never like a gift well you never heard of anybody getting a car for a gift who's now sixty Murray. You have like his mug this Robert Dennis autos and gabbana subtle orbit. Yep he's a single guy it's like 45 and works for NASA. Okay Aaron Barry Smith ranked it I knew it I know I have a hell I want more money if blank didn't happening for 4999. Know that the bill is the exception to the rule yet. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. And I thought I. He didn't. All right all right AM they would have never started it just proves. It just like OK details on remote just cruised. Absolutely. When they take off front. The first by a question that dug out that. I mean I met last year earlier this year. Diverse lot that I know our way into you and said it's his first. Well I actually got a I've done all that kind of slowdown all of us. Hours a week or so what happens on the tis Rizzo. Miley just cruise I get on the boat like more of the people surrounding me again and what can I expected. God. Some of the bigger just spend the entire world. Pretty country Robert Bennett. Ahmed nonstop from the but I did Bob actually nonstop on the dime yet I have me. Tell you get back to buy an okay. And how much is his calls for the package for one person. Our we didn't start the vehicle and evolving our. A thousand bucks just to get on the boat now you have to pay for everything on the mother Donna cruises the cruise. All in court every debate and bring some of the looters. I can't guard Greg you got baited breath there. On. I had going to be mad minivans and I'm so many questions. Always are the members of kiss on the crew Natalie yeah I get 500 tickets can I sneak ace freely on the the bulk. You know I'm sand and Bruno crashed this thing. Now I'm just thinking I'm UH. The man I groove like who care summit about the makeup and there was I haven't really good. But I can't imagine me trap on blue jeans and knock anything to do just this one's different how so we'll just isn't some of the cruises like. The people appear to be more fun. But the fans. Sure like really seeming Hagar had a Crusoe you know wants in on the way I'm like and how it all you're gonna need we didn't really all Jean Paul don't drink right now there isn't an all out people like rights of say like the jazz winds and itemize guy in the area to make your money regularly it just Letterman. Like some other bands like actually kind of fun putting thing to be the best crews. You've probably nowhere near as I had Arnold again isn't chicken foot Ernie can jam band just plays whatever the hell they want or somebody army grad I hate beaver but my got to be a recruit like what you are gonna have a bad time now and then I was so there's a crude. It's at a rate frank resentments and a huge party. So I some friends that go on and so it's only a story about a dude knocked on their door right and they opened it and he was like eight. A stage in this room last year can I check something they all right and he like moved to pick shared it's actually India like in some other things. Yeah. Yeah I thought I fail because it was my first question like you're in a rave crew slate there's got to be stuff there like I get at their their Limbaugh actually. But this on the pictures the guy hit it there and he was like yes it's still here. Dance. Think I think if you're going to take a group like lug he'll have plenty of time in your life think your crew is where you can just you know if you're 67 years old if you take a cruise. I just don't have any interest to you on right now the stage in my life of his lungs and academic among grounded at a checked other stuff out but on a rock crews like that. That would be more up my Alley to say you know what man up and it's apart is it's not like I'm with a bunch of people who are retired and drive a guy can still act my age which is stupid and you know there may be an idiot without offending anybody. I just I don't know man day cruises just don't feel like you one groups right. We might Heidi is edits his cruiser I congresses had you been that was the second crews have been out at and where did you go lord of the true destination both times they were they were Caribbean cruises when you don't mob doesn't Mel went to believes went to come blood coast in my and then on the last one I went to. Crud where residents Saint Augustine I think who has leveler. Now maybe it wasn't simply didn't have finally I always started in Florida but we need you any time and I Landry just on the Bollywood brave thing let me let you jump off for the day giving you gotta be back elbow right that's right he basically got a bum rush every country year end. And the way they have a set up as soon as you other cruise ship. They're like nine million people trying to sell you crap of course every quick hustle going on there from cab rides to everything else so free and kind of for an excursion. In that's the other thing the English version might not Laura nomad yeah. I barely left the boat you know I went out there onetime militia is big tourist area there's another but places to buy the same thing and every in every incident Mauricio. And like miles said there's lines of people just wait this illegal bunch of crap they you don't need it's also on the body can't buy liquor out there because then just got to put in your bag he can't bring it out on the bonds already know what I'm committed to grab my free drinks sit on the ball enjoy the view I failed it my boyfriend great surfer is at all. Oh I love how you made my crew might be all inclusive package right. So that's part of the option you can build a more that I don't like ala carte like look I wanna cruise and won't free booze and I wonder if you're correct in an email and I. Our crews as you can buy certain amounts to okay let's have another friend that's cruiser the issue he runs into whose egos in this family which none of them drink. He's a good trip but he's a drinker that could hurt so he's always like I wanna put like a thousand on the books so I haven't but he's afraid to tell us what eighth. Right isn't she season had a few drinks during the day it's not a big deal but if he was like amateur pre order a thousand dollars more than drinks. The look so hot yeah. I'd say one man AGU with the it is just do it country in the Caribbean that no excursions and they could use that as an advertising campaign. Played he had some big Russ to fired for Jamaica distilled their television me like. Listen. No excursions. We've taken all the day trips and we've thrown in the way you will not have to go anywhere just content to make it smoke some weed man knowing guy. Most urgent note you don't those unfit cruised through crappy. Freaky and fires spend bull crap I have I'm here I am at the end it this is all some. No circus delay crap in the middle of jungle no excursions I'd be like all man we gotta go maybe I am no excursion plus from a who went to the Caribbean shown his. I checked in the woman who was round the camera leashes on hotel which is what. Join us and a couple minutes for whatever it was a time shares and I know interest to go to the room. I just put on trunks my shirt I go and on the beach because that's the only reason I wanna be there and I mean man as soon as I stepped foot on the beach. Mr. Pena due rollerblade jump out. You want to marijuana I'm like yeah had a leg yeah I'm in the that are bits is like you bugs and showed cricket coming down man and a I was like OK that's our missed about two buttons. Wife was read a book once on imported by artist is get her head down a silly we're like this pirate ship goes sailing by. All right is like a pirate ship and his bunch people on their partisan but she's not paying any attention it's this huge gasp boat has gone by and I am I look at it and Mike I was gonna say some of my. Hey look at that as a pirate ship that I realize Allison was like. That's an extortion thing that is incurred stay silence who flew the spoke. As for more pages slept on this chapter of the city crazy idea you can read and read read I think finally just I don't know what else. Is he all season and same thing. Just to avoid maybe had to be umpire should've minister who goes on now money he. Yet at times miserable likewise did I know I'd have held a lot more money if blank didn't happen 844999. Cola. At all lieutenant Harris welcome god dammit hello lieutenant Eric welcome to the men's room. All of our job. Wow. Our. Are. Hell yeah hell a lot more money cool and it's pretty early if you let go coat these cars. And faster women that worked out a grab votes where you years where I was pretty much made much money you want not demand. Hard to 130000. Dollars or three or more brutal travel we come back ashore. Fired yet coat buyout bunch of fast cars fast women do. Our election perhaps rock stars took the point where we're grab money it was got a bat out of both the. I'm gonna say did I last few other less than that money last you a whole year. I know we we. We part of your doctor Linda let me do it not been on our body at 63 convertible debt that costs about senator and I think actually that. Yeah yeah I Dodge Charger. Today you know I think he catches for his surroundings are and I fires. These other stars. I doubt I I got the challenger. Is important to me up forever until home poll you Ohio a blow at the time. I don't try to brush with concession speech he disgraced and what is going. Men's or blank question we asked I know I have a hell of a lot more money if blank didn't have and we get your emails coming up for the men's room. Edmonds or my back out you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Michael Jones I know I haven't held a love or money of flying didn't happen here come those emails elements are amendments in my back out. Double from today and let's just give on to divert their request is we have quite a few a gentlemen Obama in today's my son Logan renounce the law man's eleventh birthday. He would love to hear a big only. All right Jenkins and the big dummy daily double cats giving birth through young guy. He's a big fan of one day he says he wants to play big dummy had a birthday Logan love your dad thanks guys that from dog and. Move. And until that time there again my youngest annoys twelve years old today he loves the men's room getting get a little kids they say when you guys talking all over each other. Thanks from Tanya a very loyal listener. Snow is Hillary you're not completely you know so that you version I can learn and need I. Right now you know are now you have you don't really know doctor Kelly director of the blue blood relation very soon or I don't know well and then you're gonna like girls yeah actually. Everyone today is my son Peter Parker's birthday he would love to hear the birthday song as well as they suck it up cupcake. And anything else you throw their thanks a lot that from the lovely Stephanie well. Pitcher follows all of my good friend Ali's eyes turning seventeen today she loves him creepy Germans and the dinosaur god for miles. Don't worry Germans were in Illinois so she's legal. Stay beautiful. There are. They knew they do some cousins and show you my balls home and you shall we who. John this job and goes and I'm standing. It's happy birthday. Is I think it. So Illinois my son then you have a nineteen these great kid going to school emotional Montana loyal podcaster. I'm sure you would appreciate a little turtle wax overlaid with some you're penis is too small. That from his image her dad Rick. Guy has Molly's birthday have a triple Jolie just not and now hitting the window that would be awesome thanks guys and Iraq gone for Molly's. Yeah. Resulted as my good buddy burns joining Joe Brown the Sonny wasn't the show every day. It all he wants for his birthday as a little kid they sand wedge a European as is too small and some very dirty dirty Germans. Thanks guys appreciated. No hope is there on the corner you know something is I'm sure mind. Now an excellent job of religion and print side. I just I trust a DeVon story first Joe Brown the sun's been around here he's been he's becoming quite a man. And single father of two awesome little boys. Good to GeMS of journal lags with a bong rip in the middle. And maybe your penis is too small from your longtime listener Grover. Bert fish out of my brother in law Matty is 36 years old thanks for being so patient would be in taking me and when I had nowhere else to go I appreciated more than you'll ever know. Gonna get the dirty German throw an Ozzie Ted talking about football or beer thanks guys that from your brother in law Matthew. There are lucky to exclude only use blow to his bicycle. Death Ted if Melvin flail kinds of different but thought ended but just remember. He was your good thrust up the middle and Wear well on full inches. Dogs dogs football it. Those are very very important I've heard today. In my girlfriend's right and just let boss man were bred she listens every day and especially today he's he's on the shelf. And given originals they sandwich into rule Powell's hitting the window thanks guys appreciate it sandwich. Oh. Oh. Polish those wanna waste Daniel pronounce big deal miles personal appliance repairman happy birthday. Would you have rob them wish him Ellsbury moved zone Gruber staggered. And some journal makes an area from Volvo and the Dow Jones guy yeah well as students of the bush sat in journalists am. He. We didn't. I overlook God's. Joseph Biden give myself a birthday shot that is today marks my 26 trip around the sun ever since I got you guys on this August on 989 in Kansas City. The Iraq Kevin mr. showed the dates and I regret not trying to get what you guys sooner. Now they have a gamer nerd who has never had a girlfriend gonna you know LeRoy. BR pianist is too small and he had done some dirty German talk. Our thanks guys and PS those thieves in Olazabal who gave up chicken wings out of there damn mind. That from Tyler. Movie. No DVR and also do more if they wanted this food and drug soup when your foreign. Now and updating him on time this a moment you don't need percent of crowd. Yeah there's water by your attorney German Mickey Mouse from day at a time seen for miles and a Spartan from thrilled for my dad came spirals. Who is 82 years old he lives in Greece he get a kick out of hearing number they shot out form smoke how big is that thanks from John in university place. And Mickey Mouse germ. And he. The upgrade to 2 PM welcome. No person who posted. More possible today blue dog is stuck. High teens girls. Your memory chips Clooney jewelry. We'll see yeah I wish I could tell you something that you have been you have every single tennis bracelet we sound. And they are very happy birthday to my lovely daughter who is so I asked him how happy birthday it's great yeah time goes by this hour here on behalf are you. Oh yeah I'll just do that still. God that it does go to things. Yeah object broke its. It's here and so that's why Obama's. You know what nothing's measure moved through. You know more than. All of this state to hold the number. Our guys do you know. Happy happy happy about it it's. Hey. Happy and happy time. Hey I can say they're great go. Mid day old young did you Germans brought. Available through news and world sings a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Am trying to apply. Lose lose. Our guys I've seen the coyotes on Chicago. I was a light on Webster and clay born and a coyote walked through the intersection liken owns the place. Getting to stop of the red light blew my mind I announcing the coyotes since my boy scout days. That from maxim podcaster. Listening in Chicago Illinois coyotes hygiene is any of those animals are very good attackers Taylor wrote it hyenas do yeah yeah he's freak me out. Guys as to who else when I was five or six my parents and islands and a mobile home as far as your worst neighbors one night the mobile home next who has burned down on the neighbors meth lab exploded she don't do drugs kids. That drummer now just don't make drugs come off two more. Guys doctors are not required to render aid in case a medical emergency this is as far as requesting a doctor on an airplane I needed to act. If the doctor does start Blackburn and you lose they become liable if something goes wrong additionally most the doctors I know are gonna be drinking before or during a flight which means. They're screwed if they go to court. So do not expect a stampede of doctors if someone needs help on a plane. And finally love the show here in love labels Giulio. I found just a long truly don't. Now as a podcast and sometimes directly to your show. You all remind me of all I know about West Virginia and Baltimore and I'm sure you'll think comedian Virginia. Yes because your right I have a vanity plate of course you do I drove all around the world Germany and Austria included as a teenager we used to fill up eight boots a beer. With highly carbonated beer injuring get through a straw. The wonder burnt first bought the next round content that Germans loved this block on Greg joked. That from a Ed is SPS all your local Wesco scholars have to be stoned and yes we are all envious he. It and yet it's tragic peer through a straw would make a lot of our staff. A lot of work coming on the program will dragon tells us out today is on the way and the word has some secret medical slang but first. Yes friends it's time once again and often Hume six and spending. I don't know how many old radio and listen to some sweat. How lovely and refreshing to have the lovely there and alien says that scumbag right. How far less beard hairs. In the studio juvenile Cassel does before we get there there are exceptionally low ball they aren't in the it's weird when you see one float around my god they Amanda doesn't look right knew when we get to the business at hand here how're you life doing well house almost complete area. Also believe. You know I'm going to bathroom indoors at the big deal for me when did you start doing. Joseph were style dorm bathroom experience over the time where you did not have the plumbing jet to give up like at 3 o'clock in the morning heater hitting the. Like that but that when I remember how we had some snow in this area LA now the first weekend in November yeah that was brutal I was the second weekend he had been living in the trailer. And going out to end. Neither is the restaurant at 3 AM and it's snowing was not play do you guys have a Porta potty would you have only little camping toilet I think you've interest. And thought another five gallon bucket. DNA NA an if only had not yet and it at a pool a pool only no yeah you bet. You look look I don't bug it was cool wonderful cat litter caller's involves a did you for the calendar on top of the groups like you couldn't see your boyfriend who later or like Canada work well we try federally just handled ally but without the other one haven't yet I just don't care and Judeo Agilent and I look at all of and then you can elemental power. That we non etc. those are well what I frisbee you go girl. It's OK okay it's nothing was that that was good you how you injure him I have been missing nine years of what you guys have digital video did you try to write your name. I haven't yet come out and I feel like to do that okay so there is no it was amazing. I go skiing calling it Obama and how long did you be standing up. A couple of never a couple weeks there had to be liberating dude we can't ask. News reports I'm delighted I'm gonna. I need semi bratwurst and I was really where I'm like there's no an appeal over a few good but yeah I gobble up real excited about it long and have the F indoor plumbing at an early. As the new year. You got to experience being stand out Manny deserves its old liberal world and even get a go girl you'll love it on the event outlook. Side these musicians did you bring us today probably don't have to be outside now. I don't know portable and our own totals now are in fact know what the ten highest paid musicians in the world to wacky news they've ever sat and didn't ever sat on a new rule and drop it to Peter. Now for ever not around it and isn't this list is from four doubles and try again this is a this is the big money players. I mean. He's got to give us a while back I didn't see them for the first time this summer and it was so sensational and I would pay top dollar put together. You know very good show and where they make their money or more drinks point five million dollars. You got in you release an album with those districts or you know over the income and I would I. Early so that won't know whether there was a earlier. We'll see how my lawyer you know you're right you're a hard wired Barnhart president and once instead and a monster tour. So the other went out and made a whole lot now where do you visited Sendai many musicians in the world. They're now. Now how many. I still love everything Dylan Metallica is there's four guys five guys in the jargon there's one there's one person gets paid with a down note and Shaheen got paid sixteen and a million. No wonder she turned out a million dollar debut addiction wanna does like am I doing there am I gonna fly to the middle of nowhere and then into a private party for a million bucks I don't need to make the same time exactly yeah and they go again. This of the ten highest paid musicians in the world on. Enjoy a number of Michael. It shows you get three hours and today. Minimum hot at a minimum we and that door they never plays his songs more. We'll never know we have heard nothing to prove everything. I'm Metallica played the phone when he. Yeah after under the. I was always seen you there for three hours three dozen players on what you are not these are super Springsteen fans know the entire camera on the inside and out of that's a different like these guys know everything. All I'm really Grateful Dead fans are on hard courts what is wrong it brings Steelers. Yes he can help him achieve Seve five million dollars Hussein tonight's big musicians in the world on. Moves. An updated beavers are. If you want me almost lure him and I don't I might hit flesh. Itself. Will be noted that at Justin Bieber I've got his tour short. Yeah so you can make more money he decided he wanted to basically just say they held an amount finishing restate some of those a lot of days left on the tour. Can we also talk about the fact that I went to Costco with my mother today and she was like look at my notebook and it was a just indeed turn out but they. Literally this morning MI who are and you another regional believer she is this the giants paid musicians. Mercedes. Twenty days in Europe. It was the first time around and you would think that they'll just keep going. And hit all the spots they have an idea. And and this is another one of another when I got to check out this summer for the first time I've never seen DR Barbara totally worth the price would Guns 'N Roses and 884. Million dollars a different. Between them and everyone else. Is that why all these other bands have been making money throughout the years Metallica has been Torrington on Guns 'N Roses really has not. Had this kind of payday since 1992 is. How long time to get them all on the same page they could blow they looked a lot of money on the table for numbers here so I'm Letterman for that and some of the bag now. Visit the ten highest paid musicians in the world. They sell out everything and yeah round when he's not cold line he vows for the show. Was it better than the MRI now they've played all them out there now strapped. I did not feel trapped for they don't ask it was I mean it's the sound was solid they were on their game the whole time most seamless very intuitive and it was a good show all hit it still raises its and I made musicians in the world. It's. Yeah. I'd like Ted is gonna be for the passports I just getting diet drug today. How much money. Yeah we get on the weekend. Not only two million in the crayons he does not work Monday through Friday a lot of we will not let them do all the money goes in Saturday night shows yeah. The weekend reporter the mania but I like Holliday threw for this Thursday gave them. Until Tuesday then went on Tuesday and I didn't make any money make enough money to finally get that we Erica. Kicks right to change his hair okay. Do they got ten highest paid musicians. It was just nice soft. I'm like oh yeah this is Dreyfus and and he did in 94 million. 94. Million guy 400 million Canadian then now highest may have been well. I'm Jim. You get the number one anybody I would never forget Ali I really didn't know I don't think it. Well. How much fun. 130 million birdies but even in our city won't tell you discover you can put out now a 130 million for a do not get. I like to gone public. I dare row we Immersion is very. Doughnuts and highest paid musicians in the world on since Ben Stiller come ordered a drink it tells with a shot of the day. And the return of the word is coming up next with secrets medical slang acronyms and lingo you are listening to the men's or radio network. My. Coming up we will drag and tells the shot of the day is up next month burn. Just play it on board today. These have been mostly collected from around England and the USA. In some instances you'll only find a few of them used in any single establishment. Some of them are acronyms some regions specifically either way. Here are some doctors slang nurse slang and medical acronyms that I have and continually are used in the medical field. And most of them are stuff did you put on the charts. Just to get real good idea to only give you guys some of the chart information you see if you can determine what they were trying to relay are about the patient. Okay Hamanaka to feel. This person needs a three H in a month. Three HMM. That is an Emma that as high hot and I held a lot repeatedly given to patients who gives doubt a very hard time back. Eat and Emma. What about dull this one here that's the three piece. The three p.s that would be pill permissiveness and promiscuity relates to a female patients who come in the where they sexually transmitted disease disease and can't again we continue on. NEA LFD. What does any AE LFD Maine. I don't. I don't know a whole thing back another asks looking for drugs. What is acute lead poisoning. Got stuck in my heart yet that's not very good ALS. Well LS absolute loss of sanity there would be you're dealing with a nut case Helen ABT FR EEN. Don't don't apply pillow to face repeat as necessary cardinal and paste this. What does who has a baby catcher in the hospital. Baby catcher Carlos nerve the following obstetrician. It was a banana. Venus the patient would John this. How little Brussels sprouts. Rentals for over awful sprouts. Prostitute as general awards and bugs in the rug what is bugs in the road grant there you go there goes some medical slant we around done wrong is during 2000. Bloody they're just Sears if you read. Men's room knows jazz. Kind of tennis usually adds is entering desk and stevens' trial find out nortel's that yes indeed and today we toast 45 year old James dead men. Of Tampa Florida. Here's his story. Last week he was that a state can shake YouTube and mostly which I have not ever and a lot of good things about the amber knock people like them. Down while he was that a state can shake its orbit before midnight and that apparently he was starting to doze off in the Booth. That he was sitting while while when he wakes up he stands up billions of suspense exposes genitals and the millions urinating on the floor and a dining area of the restaurant. In full view all of the other customers. When he was premise. He zipped up and we're back to sleep in Booth deputies say approximately thirty customer witnessed the incidents. And he created a health hazard endangered the safety of other customers and inevitably he was arrested and charged whiff. Indecent exposure from being from which is most worse than a public urination gave the old Steak N Shake. I was sad shake of types of. That is an Easter. Got the imprudent to have a great time stands I haven't grown immensely he was a little intoxicated had to be hammered trying to get. Some burgers at the end of the night just kind of woke up batters and Aaron Perez and there is this day Barack asked. We've all been there and I am I eight appearances and the third screen window upon a plan that hotel and it's always halfway through not only if asked to play I'm a fast ruthless. Ivins is. There for a lose lose imagery does lose because we think it's yeah May Day so all the talk him down the world to party in our tummies. Now not a whole lot better job. Dick Heller not align right now you be playing profiled as a 44999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.