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Friday, December 8th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. It's. No standing by collar candidate for far 999 a little flavor profile that's coming up in minutes. After headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out on a new survey found that the average person thinks a third of their coworkers are bad at their jobs. As I'm all right and 35% of us have to cover for someone else's mistake. Hello. And wow. Good good then I think that the act act smug and expect that much shaped and you. We'll look at it. So I'm gonna personal money I don't know I don't know whether you're delivering news information young makes those old Dubai open. I'm just three and a headline tonight is the wave that you really like we've said this before it used in the summer hey man I had kids on the go all about did you go school. If you say so my dad kids in the go. It's it's entirely their you know maybe some practical highlighted that an undecided the if we don't you work hard man yeah error on my house is right here. Yeah that was the gad 35% of the covered for you this. You regional first person no okay. So I guess those of us if it doesn't ads and these your hand written note for you grieving for believing that if but I can't confirm or deny it and drums. To say and as my news now employs 35% of us have a house and had to cover the result went out. Yeah well I thought about around here you know maybe your life guarding double people don't appreciate you enough and then they seem to instantly just went. Didn't fix that you can make a mistake they made a mistake and in the threw you under the bus for saving their heads as a means that fans. Exactly he 3535%. Think they're co workers are working it at the scene late to me it's finally Friday. Everybody thinks of when. Then either agree year old or a driver or agreed to draw horrible but you still have to co exist but I know the bad drivers phobia but they've written about a Bruno. Finally put the stats I'm so close to the road it will not be you'd hit it but more viewer to see. Damn thing and at every faster everything's every slow drivers a bad driver and vice Versa and the fast nighttime driver. Like death when you drive by someone with a low drivers like a whole different animal radio but he definitely they just can't seem to back oh yeah. He's alive and you have to parameter of a brother Mike and we're gonna end of the world politics. First of its slow jerky. Still listening man. Little inflating what you're not bad thing my breakup of wrongful edits there and I'll blame I think Panama multi don't care about flame out. Where he killed. Good what to follow Central Park throughout the hi I heard that annoying that they're gonna take time out of there they can follow those where we're going to just the punches I hate that person because there have been paranoid and got a thrown into. Now only if they lights on top of the car each. The cats are generally the only time I worry about what's he want. The panda tone color institute just named ultra violet the color of the year for 2017. We wanted to out of the competition worth putting your color of I don't know there's got to be just committee of people that are vote Mandela Keller army air are you all. My legs and you and. Well I'm pretty sure it's orange. It's yeah I mean they could honestly yeah right I mean let's be honest there ultraviolet is so in this is your color of the year's orange is that just a weird all purple. It says that doesn't mean UV rays it's actually shade of purple kind of like shake prince used to. Okay you wore old combat. Funny is he kept on purpose would go figure is may eighth nonviolent notre about it main ultra bad it's ready it's like a more purple purple. Because it's like if you layered purple and you get a class of over if it's really purple we don't throw to purple. The call it ultra violent events say damn that's purple that's ultraviolet to Jim and Barney and some more perfect fits right the old provide any. I've been in a bid to match like that brave and I'm Bernard James Graham went on her collar if we could have saved RT you know ravens your PC if you didn't solve our problems off or follow a story start in that uniform stopping close to let go of lavender. You. The mayor of Davenport Florida was arrested this week for using the handicapped parking permits of dead people the adults. But yet their defense. City Hall he doesn't have a little party tomorrow mayor the mayor he doesn't have a though bargains but at City Hall. And he usually dead and yes ma'am. But Wesley Miller says it is in Florida Davenport Florida cheesy everybody's dead. My god knows Yankee bobbled the dead people that secretary at a graveyard is getting mean impairments every day at the implicitly the mayor should have a spot youth and I. Thank you rake in all hair out soon if you're looking for a used Cadillac there's only one stage and specifically if it's that serious you like 101000 miles on a Cadillac from like 2007. You can find it in Florida. Who is the garage guest. So that being said even the white house of the presidential pardons. Not against rod strength now is that never again I donated that you know by the threat. And his I would like that view of just. A parking spot but I don't bad all by itself right by the front to our aluminum unvarnished minutiae of what the helicopter lands like a man you don't like the east lawn but I think Chris you left out the truth parking spot. Beautiful but if you look closely. And again today about bush otherwise I'd definitely in the golf history just the ticket saying for speak to and I'm down to some milk. I think that's the best perk European president the barrel down there so never Dravid. Our great man and so the winner of the bush and hanging out on against some older some rent whatever and I did. I would wild pitch in underneath the White House the Lebanon and I'm talking now thank you enough. Is that the president walked right out and don't get driven all the least you can never drive rescue I don't think and it's also I just call would do the drives and they were going to go over any unit heard vice president elect Joseph I don't want a helicopter and I'm going to get. It felt good to see bush right now erratic and Alfonzo picking me up and a Prius. Very good second did you meet your performance all right what wants to keep turnaround there or you don't think he got hung up and the colts. And it's going to movers car just been around back to him access. To the super frustrating why did spend. Because that is what about the left field found Zuma and what happened down and gulls and gave my god my immigrants. We're gonna Applebee's. Earlier than it did it. At police. They got a ball kind of mask he's well on the Palin could hear about our brother she couldn't neighborhood. A fountain you'd be back to have you with our own president can't draft. You're gonna get driving or don't really like having your trying to. And I wouldn't do you think the. There are a little bit on the ship to see if it's a competitive advantage and that's. I read says as. As the human race peaked a new study argues we've had our maximum height and age for a little get any better at sports and could even start to back slide a little sweet. Max looked over the bring women have been already started as well I think as far as like height 80 and wait no well the women's ability to wage definitely gone up. Yeah we're winning now about getting reform that brought maybe not go high go man we got that we get besides filling up well. Food and that's always a lack we call a woman Linda Hamilton. Good news the grocery store chain in the UK has started selling a special type of mileage out of that doesn't have a seat and it. So hopefully won't keep growing that's one of the few easy I don't mind that she's the pop out moving around you don't accidentally swallow yeah. Now it's in the second unit you've dealt if you don't have a lot Connolly and study finds I perform better dressed as bat man. Well that perform better than what I have no idea and are not only dog wasn't as bad man they will perform an adult perform better than men do it's like almost all blame overall. I'm bad match. Palm's always super man that's a thing amend. Most of what a column on why the latest candidate that may pass into the means to be able to hit a baseball good confidence maybe he will zed double competent don't know they have the power Batman some of these land on gays. Yeah and and understand to one details Saturday night. Hardly the sort of led by parents are strong enough now to boot. Minute halftime why haven't orange slices. To actual police. What time as a recess viewers of my Capri sun. And finally we'll have to try to destroy my juice box. Awful awful awful different. And finally what was supposed to be a funny brain turned into an emergency knows that assail that when are now than you might knock semis on Roy one hour from now the first the good news off. True precepts. Since throwing over to police tell everyone how profile this is playing a short ten miles a possible game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here and women are. Or. And it it was a good story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make less humid it is you think places story a story hello Geovany. Are not all of the idea Bonnie you understand how does your game play. I fantastic here is the story about a way no matter what your opinion of Florida's stand your ground law pretty short this is not intended purpose. A thirty year old also already loaded it would have to give up thirty year old tennis instructor Miami he was arrested last year. For hitting a five year old student with a hint of threat. Apparently didn't give acting up and swinging his racquet around near the other kids under the video that shows instructor rabbit out of his hands. And hit a what. I did ended up with a bruise on arm ball promise had an instructor got arrested for child abuse but now was more later decided the states. Stand your ground law says the kid. Was quote the initial aggressor and he wants the charges dropped. Because yes he's arguing that his client had to stand his ground. They use the five year old who the temp right now to be fair instructor claims that he would stay in the new ground to protect the other kids from getting hurt. He's never been trouble blob of foreign claims that he hit him with a racket accidentally. And video does kind of look like he. What's my Iannetta but it's hard to tell anyways due back in court early next year the question is do you believe that this tennis instructor in Miami is black and white Maxi or eight. Lug so why. He's right number look I I'm really get. I mean tennis coach obviously you're gonna think why right away and. Well. The reason I'm thinking why is because I've seen a lot of white people think kids. And then I went to debate or. I have to answer the picking up an analogue. Why do across America do rejoice when we do this assessment of what you abused kids they've been denied. Oh yeah. As we begin to touch second that the kids are now. In January a white final answer. Why aren't gonna find out of the tennis instructor as black white meg C or Asian next. Fat fatigued you're listening to the men's or radio networks. I don't say this is the Grayson a Florida and a man who was to use in the standard ground laws defense he was a teaching a group of kids out like Tennessee was tennis instructor. One of the kids gun ruling and the instructor basically used the racquets do. Discipline the kids are put a bruise on his arm and banged up his head or whatever but he's using the stand your ground offense based on the fact that he was. He says that he was protecting and the other children. From this kids attack so the question was he black whites make seaport. And well the about me in the end it's why do beginning meet in the middle is and why this is quite demoralizing Getz arguably good ones. One. And that's why stand your ground and you know what I'm not about half nominates Obama I'm happy I he I think he okay. But Iraq's commands a five year old kid who thirty your vote needed to contend for a few good rounds indirect though it gets yes he did. Now relative is on attack and attack her TV tablet game. Countless hours in front of a talking again. Presents. It's. TV show. You sound. You all know it's. Used so little points. So we have major show Frontline plus hi our logo in my own. That's funny you brought up ticker marquee. Burning the greedy Bernanke you know you brought him up really that's like sales cycle might have had a good run it front line prevent PBS on the mind. I have they may ask how my mind. I've heard a lot of marry whites. Stuff lately. Watch shows about guys living cabins had discussions about psychedelic drugs and buyers. That is very white it is I didn't realize it's also walking away and in the he's not very quiet he's very well this guy did in my embody those walking away is pretty wait. Photo workers who have most of that is really like I'm moving weapons what are you people who have served of the whole lot of things down there and I man. Like Dennis can always crazy white people got involved is gonna come out here and throw figure out strong of their life is great is like being in Tora Stratton. Some of those places honestly biggest single all the Americans there acts. No that's other down probably still has is what's it you know it and get out as warm all the right there's there's there's one in Africa. I've gained something and I wanna say one of the Kardashian and actually is he went over there who's the real pretty guy. Real pro Scott did sick yet he like went over there and try to do letter went somewhere like supposed. Some of those drugs or medicine I do believe work chart but you got to commit to him as well hmm. So yes there's there's different but I did a lot of people like if you live in the jungle somewhere and UCL these white people coming to town to drink that stuff that you know wooded tail boom it's like oh my god these people have prop things trying to figure it out. You can clearly ahead. It's a it's like you know are raising the hard drive. Write them. Yeah yeah sometimes that happens sometimes dust. All right we all like football and yeah yeah. The head coach of the New England Patriots is mean. Simple question. Would be moved its. Drill. Though it shake things. Aren't valid ballots checked right that's so we'll set it right that's not everybody would say if it turns out there's a new movie about bill bell Jack in heat. Says what his dad's famous. My dad's name is Stephen Nicholas blitzer. Below check bludgeon religion makes more sense. The lunatic when I look feel and Oregon. My dad is Stephen Nicholas blitzer. Militant bullets which makes oil more so what is alike sounds like Russian or eastern bloc and bullets it. Yeah you're right I thought once you say it looks like I'm never gonna call let bought them but it does make a lot more sounds like a privilege it. Or is he just pull an athlete who needs a relevant here long enough now famous yes because he's treasury is the ego driven in Harlem. And government. Puff Belichick now. Nobody ever best players sometimes after a few years will be like. Actually this type of guys amendment I think after seven Super Bowl appearances and five victories he's like. You call the guy named sugar lips if you want brother I mean you know but if you if you want and also Belichick. I think of EE cared he would probably brought a lot before Regis doesn't seem like the guy yeah like I'm not even bother I don't care who doesn't know never had a redden as I press conference. Susan I don't want to talk to you anyway yeah. How do you feel about guys sleek. Elect Jack. Don't think Belichick coach Belichick Belichick or week 800 oh what's think Kevin Kevin Garnett and rights and now he is on. TNT he does stuff with the NBA cities in the media. But what do you think about those guys that lake when they're in sports story when I talked to the media but the may get out and joint. The investment. By a basis for news because of us like we're doing nothing inherently wrong with a medium and as a reporter we US on the question to ask him a stupid question or. Normal the people of piles on it and it doesn't. Matter what profession are talking to at some point they want to stop talking to Kansas is the same crap over and over and over but that said. The media can do so many other things so sometimes I think as an athlete you get out and say look man I can. In the behind even among camera behind the scenes I can help you guys ask better questions I can prep you yet for better things than that in and imagine if we walked out the studio Merrill like those tracks charts. Yeah. Do you guys have the best out why the phones didn't work. We we finished and for a bit of duke fifteen. Could work and until three twice and then after that. And in miles we're question for you you didn't remember a movie from earlier this year we are talking about the make I've just got our homework and only just killing you just talk of go I go home regularly by the by the way is by the way US improve on this CNN they like even now I think tiger almost develop heart but the difference is also then the adults will be tomorrow and like. Did you ever figure out what happened to rattle him and told news broke you know we've been together phones stakes it's not really my thing. And it's a much Groban who broke the show on schedule we've Goodrich who flew over the moon. Who's good news is gonna start characters and pilgrim and all went down like anything and the will work as a team and you don't believe memories fight can we fought to the end Namibia and good Gilligan mountain and offered him so. You know we did the show and die you know on the Tonight Show man I think that people should do I think I have. We've answered yeah well yeah I was I was doing happy attitudes like you know just a mistake. Mike spoke out of turn he doesn't really think we don't do nothing he was simply read the headline. All I. No doubt turmoil in here of radio man it's radioed the martian. You know my records are meant to feel like you though that won't work in order and in need spoke may have a man you guys may get a big deal out of Amanda exact you don't want to make a big bailout we hear it hit shouted out that what he had to say all right I'll look shall we talked about a like grown men at the end of the show and you know tomorrow Mallorca I was demon would you do. Mike I just can't do is my guess I get my guess miles Montgomery CN we talk your brother in law he says you're never Alatas target. That's his decision. They like there are other ways this pocket CF who make on the maybe I heard brother malls would do eat but you have to remember. Then they check. The military is he really only does care about that I mean like he says an arrogant or just were asked for on our program has like he really only does care about the knicks games all these other questions are just distractions and granted he's got to get their. I think he'd be asked so. Because a couple weeks ago Mike Tomlin gave an interview. To Tony Dungy. Now her members that right ridden him well the thing was though because he would he worked with Tony Dungy and he respects him or so Tomlin please leave. They asked him about matching up with the pats later in the year usually you we think about it. I don't care who you are like Ray Lewis I saw him on something he was late. Yes mimic I we said it was about the next game easily. Go clear your skin you know would turn out of the playoffs absolutely so I think though it. Belichick whatever Belichick coaching. He says that but I believe there's any way to back I made this point he does have its team is he's looking for a little terror. That they ever think you'd like arm so looking forward to rescue basket about stupid and another but it is the next game because yet have you. Something for everybody look as far as you guys and you can only answer why you if you ask me and wobbly legs and his behalf appeals are good enough record where you might as well believe it. I would like to do a press covered so before just regular people jobs people who are not in the spotlight like playing professional football you have three pints of golfing public the only ones for you you have to be getting tired of ordering Sheila soy latte here this someone overheard you saying it's not for me are you embarrassed. Ordering for Sheila. Or just Karen you're got to you got eight hours today at target it's the holiday season. What are you looking out for today. Only room. Have a break at noon and that Pakistan mansion and like Eric. Yeah probably more entertaining than half of the coaches in the NFL speak I think because they would want to to yeah I don't talk don't want to vote this is not the third round entertain people live won't talk to you could begin masses did request the US the cast your targets like hell didn't tell you about my day. It's not mop all the dudes. Given the wrong goddamn price. So that was a man when he came in here not about brother in law assaulted him. The kid peed on mile for the buck up RX. I. The American Film Institute I. They put out a list every year like the best movies the best shows right there a list is very serious. As the American Film Institute F five as some people don't. Sunny. Just keep in mind they they're dating this very serious and similar shows they said her best of the year obviously game thrown me union there. Stranger things to. A couple of these are very positive about insecure. And made stale. Yeah no they love the shows right also got a highly touted special award to the Vietnam War. Obviously Ken Burns that Ken burns' documentary did a great job the show yes right rewrite my dad grandma doing or why it's not the person who cuts is there. Think that the ticket that says that the rights and I would think this seriously strike that the American Film Institute. Now I like this one and says this just I tune that is just basically the top shows that you've watched okay depth. It's not shocking game throws make it makes it in the air as well of course and then you have the Walking Dead the Big Bang theory. Ricky Moore he which sometimes and it by American morning fans don't do that anymore. They're out to the the that they hide man they get Hillary divert more people. The Americans body like that show suits. Paul patrol drove you watch Papa Charles I've seen Pope all right I have the hate. Pop idol I know. Cartoons and cartoons showed an idea that OK okay David brigadier don't tell you why did they get the if you need help just yelled for some crap like hell I don't know old pop until probably killed Yankee game day and then and Medicare so leg the Bulldog I don't know look man it's got no business to do that with people. At the top dog who construction dog there well kind of be as the bulldozer right. It's always you know riders on kick the can fly zones is that hired duty cop is there a navy dude. There is maybe dog there's no navy dog but the guy because of course it's a kid who leads the poppies but he'll be closed like a military guy do the. Runs the operation all right. There's object flies does nothing says helps on the way I look and don't want to play if I'm in your competence and I was not dog doesn't physically fly flies flights. C'mon do. That's why do I why would you think a dog to fly obviously she's flying and piloting a plane that did you correct my friend signals in the far right background. You cannot any pilot a plane. This is awesome and a lot of little of that show modern family this in Grey's Anatomy rounds and out. I don't really know about this is out there make cries about it. It has some really good show yeah I do I'm with you and you know there's there's there's a big Gilmore Girls type of showing us. This is just yet we be this. Each other well I think this is not only he'll be OK I'm allowed but what if you've only got like Gilmore Girls alright it's. Multiple stories from one family all tied together and made flashback to give you that come on their backs story. Of Hattig Robin it's actually very well written hedges if you don't seem as Steve Milligan means not like it's gone but I'm yeah hunch is it's it's pretty did dials on ovaries sold that's the difference of census. Opposing defense of this is that I'm over resented Jong yet. Beckett could see a lot of dudes posted about it as well on yeah. And sometimes like on for me it's Twitter rightly that that's my favorite social medium to such as I'll see people tweeting a lot about a show. And I get real fired up but I'll realize like I like this athletes are like this talk show hosts like Paula they're chasing shadows now shore up through. Now there's certain people you trust for different things and right exactly know who to go today asked for dinner for TB from movies for all that and it basically someone is on the parallel Europe another medium or right or wrong it's as would you like. Right also people. Each could be friends with somebody write that I have plenty of friends that love movies. I rarely go watch a movie. Unless it's something I've seen already a hundred times that I watch I'm Jennifer Newell who hadn't any any marvel movie that comes out it's all do it might be a game that isn't gonna read the review that. Most of the people who were in the superhero movies think this is the worst one ever. So like I don't mind that superhero movie unlike any in the late so good to be in the comic turn that into have been wronged of those my perfect white voters a better chance the people like you wouldn't you want to just exactly. I don't know that this was not thrown a shoe hey right. Just like everyone says the same thing in movies never get is about yet exactly and it's never going to be so why does Iran still has felt a final stupid he's a new favorite don't read. Think consumers not rental brought Zach who come I don't oh plus also books that your reading. Of the 5600 pages. If they can you give more yeah I know that it was his idea everywhere and her two hour movie like any get everything in an extra weight you can't be surprised that that's the case and affect the people been saying this since book movies and books have co existed right. Why do you think it would be differently why you bitching about something leisure I really don't know much you have letters to our book price. I mean look I got a good. The cat in the hat the movie. Not even as good as the book I hate that booked in the movie so bad it's not as good as Americans whose book Billy. I really have weird things and plus I haven't read enough books that have been made in the movies and compare I'm ready netbooks in general. But like I did read the godfather one summer. And like the only Utley the movies or great. They just filling out so you think Sonny doesn't get enough credit again the book Sony is the main yeah and he's very prolific with the lately each. His characters built up more words like you watching movies and I pocket yet but it's killed early. Greg good though it's important to note she's. Well off role should fly the helicopter and nurse the firefighter and a dog that goes on the water than it did wanna underdog can fly bitches. I think find dogs and four Democrats all make believe follow patrol with document here and there is mighty mouse he's small if you are also there are still flew into red cape. If that's what it takes generate debuted with lives dislike soy Superman source of my and emerald. You know the red team doesn't fly too well. Many miles underdog who doesn't fly red red tape doesn't fly. Mean you think it's almost like a thing when you view of a blue cape you don't fly you read KP do. That's how we relate bat man when he wears his gray have been as a blue K prohibited and fly. Now without help. Correct grammar and all night maybe a wife ably so I applied as it right is it do he can't fly right red tapes I think signify flying flights aren't. Not agree that's a great fear I just give up with a try to prove a broad look at the so don't say they expect. This. I. You know what I don't know if you heard Mark Zuckerberg is talking about maybe leaving FaceBook whatever Jimmy Fallon had some good thoughts and. Mark Zuckerberg announced that he's taking a leave from FaceBook to spend more time with the starters. Whatever and says they're leaving FaceBook welcome back every hour to see how many like Susan now. You guys don't have Facebook's that you understand but it's slow down over the last couple years. But like four or five years and that was at a major statement Iran's gonna come down yet I'm done this and that always FaceBook and yet already it tells Jack they show back up. And then of course I mean it happens on any social medium but that is kinda thing like the post something or whatever like us no big deal but when you gotta you gotta check it right. Look man just except Facebook's like cigarettes. You quit for a little while. When they go and it's no gum may. Then got a pad from braised bode well vote just like cocaine and never doing a dead. For for from that and I think I'll never get out but I. I don't know if yeah I mean those things happened that I guess via FaceBook is very hard for you to quit yet that died down but I mean also Lisa pervert. Writes it's got to come back he's got to go back then you deadlier version of get your head. Lines on the way and my cock got eleven minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real. You're a good news as the Labor Department says that the economy is candidate quarter million jobs in the last month. Meanwhile Amanda writing arrived can find a real word that rhymes with month from. Two medals LA officially recognizes making pizza has an arts. The Internet goes after a man who saved rather than fire proving it has no hard. In a prankster cements his head inside a microwave turns out I'm Bonnie and time your headlines. It's time. Here's my car I had our top story in England a group of dumb masses were pulling what they called a prank that involved putting one of their friends heads into a plastic bag. Selling it into the microwave and then filling said microwave but they fast hardening product. YE. A mile go boy. Do you think that's a good idea to digest. How much time goes by and for you realize it's really bad idea. Well this of course led the man getting his head Conn created inside the microwave so I would say then. When he says guys I can't get my head out of the microwave. And stuck in Iraq but ultimately. If you do have your head cemented the inside of a microwave. Then one. Frank is pretty okay so let's let's say you've done and then you've done it successfully to the point is. Right that's how how he wanted to cold at a frank Blake in the front of the police find holes from the microwave in the cement that is Harden around right at any Camry either so. Exactly he couldn't movie couldn't breathe his friends had to force a tube into the mold in order for him to breathe they called firefighters who did a couple hours to carefully freed a man. Yeah it's no laughing matter guys people that fall into like bats of concrete they need surgery because it's like concrete walls slowly eats. Eat your skin. They do did you hear about the guy in I believe go somewhere in Europe who drowned in a back of eight. Yeah no lol oh yeah he's an railroads in the pen is mightier than the sword that was it can just like I mean here's an like pin thinking like thinking that you would put intends right in this huge pool of them right. Just talk sent a worker falls it no he drowned. Apparently it's kind of like a quicksand deals so Daly went when I go out buoyant for whatever I don't know never slam and think wolf. But apparently all they could not get him out of you can't swim in ink weird. Good health I know goes swimming and again I don't know you can our composer drove back to the participants. Around the world we remain in England where 33 year old woman has just gotten engaged to her ninety year old companion. I'm guessing he's loaded. She first found love the love for life namely me arrow well in Germany and and said that she quotes. Couldn't stop thinking about her and how beautiful she was she has such a beautiful shape and I could feel really amazing energy coming from her shades. So she bought the nine year old chandelier at auction another two are said to be married. And leaner shape his exact CNN live. It's got to be. Sag. Negotiator and knots. The shape it's not it's. That's very shiny that's that's not take care mental health let's just let people merry chandeliers and yeah blowing out the Naples where history has been mayor. Recently added as part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Pizza has finally been recognized as an art form do you hear that quote unquote partisan mountain not achievement OK if you can't make ground know that might that we released. Is is is that pizza traditionally from. Italy as we know what's. In other words is this the reverse art form from what I understand that the traditional pizza that we know is made in the United States and trying to give you a credit that I don't care where. America's based on what an Olympic amendments the same principle they like to see how things look at business to give away doing it doing there. It's not really I mean we did you different toppings but it's not an art it's cookie. Yes I mean no offense and I know some people but I'm saying pizza look if all cookies and our insurer to. But pizza in and among themselves about our. I get the feeling that so many of these new AG pizza joint from the crappy coaching can't throw straight no. Yeah I feel like it's not like backlash to them like hey you know for people that actually can make pizza. This is an. Isn't that kind of like dude that's art. I think so I'm still don't know what I know I'm like what's may now be our product just how would you miles there is an art it's a country. There's a she'll. It's yet what they should get an artist dale most people. The battle mountain argument here that's ever and I'm gonna find out about things are finished down the random question question your guess is as good as mine as the men's or men another round a profile this yes indeed all of that is true or at least some assume because I did not listen to the Mac. However until we meet again please do what you do best and poorly this thing. Stay and beautiful.