12-06-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Walks The Dog

Wednesday, December 6th

Mens Room Question: What is your pet story?


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You what you're about. Here is real. This radio program are soon. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This means. Other than secrecy. Thrill. Oh radio more. Times. And Jordan. So I go to the Arizona our 2729. Along with Steve the throw hill. Read Ted's been a problem. Math in my car. Yeah I had the men's a. In return a blue fox flash. It was a breaking story has the most searched more beer in each and every state. Get ready to play profile list plus a vitamins and other debris on the listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time would there flick drag. Period and there are really only had three nowhere drunk driver dances on as you'd be voted then steals against scooter to get away. We go to Ireland where a huge penis shaped weather front is getting ready to spray and done. They go back court as store owners to stop saying hello delta plane makes emergency landing in Montana for passengers that really needed to go. And they are now are making giant mattresses for families of all wanna sleep together. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All of that bed his good day to you and your desire is number one are familiar with Bob Broadway musical cats. Longest running I think every president had data Andrew Lloyd Webber be the goal would do you know about cats and whenever drama catch supposedly indoor well. Only really need to know in this case is that the actors are all dressed up. This gets enough part of the reason why it seems like a stupid idea to say I don't know bring your dog to a performance. But one woman did exactly that she broader service dogs cats and during the opening number so this thing has just started. The dog chased one of the actors awful the stage this thing popped up he's a giant two legged cat and its need time to chase was on. Cold toward the stage. Bad start to throw over dead so another words. Exactly what happened is exactly what any normal person would think we're back taking your ball the since he pats is finally taking your cat to a laser light show in a mile just expect things to be chaotic but if you have a pet or you've ever had a pet. You know the bad things can happen unexpectedly. Without you making it easy and that's what today's question live with the very simple want. What is your pet. Story this brother Joseph caught a four point 999 only you can like them intra month FaceBook falls onto her mints are my kids and those emails to the men's room and then Jim I've dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure yeah my. Phone Joseph pat O'Reilly oh commission on our 2007 Saturday to a night little. Area today. Big signing return of Yahoo! sucks less and judging Myron Mike Cox reaction to the three stories. Today should be fairly entertaining and of course we've got a thousand during story story coming up as well. As we have for you the most searched for Beers in each and every state. And as the popularity of the craft brews scene is pretty well taken off across the United States and I'll believe it or not that list is completely dominated by craft Beers rather brewed in each and every state itself that is coming up with a return. Of a positive drinking stored our question today what is your pet story we have to start here. A service dog for Gotti was at work and charge toward one of the characters during a recent performance of cats. The Broadway performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber musical which says he sees actors and actresses dressed up as cats. Was halted it when the service dog left out besides owner. And then sprinted toward the stage. At these people that Neil Simon theater told page six the dog get away from its owner and ran after the character. Bumble arena bumble arena. I am not sure I configured feel whales performed by actress MacKenzie Warren during the opening number called. Joseph cool cats. Luckily a fast moving. The patron there intervened and returned the dog too Smart why don't. This is MacKenzie Warren the cat that was attacked his narrative that is our growth that's at a spokesman confirmed the incident took place but added in the storied history of cats. This is the first time one of the actual capsule was involved with a incidents with a dog. Yeah I imagine that's the case account. On their please report though that no animals or humans were harmed in the dust up and the performance continued on without a hitch. But yes at the beginning of cats a service dog is sitting down in the seats. Jumps up and tries to attack one of the people dressed as a cat on stage do you think anyone said to disperse. Like hey I don't know dogs for bitches know this is cats like something's bound to go wrong. I have no I just I'd be calling security the ticket people all the people that anybody like you know mrs. Katz. Yeah it is a real cat and all of our real tense but the still dressed as canceling a hundred people. Yeah. My thing is. There's a fine line between the service dogged. And the not so service dog or the companion animal or what everyone Cullen like look and I'm I'm I'm not. Obviously there are people out there who use service dogs it. For the amazing animals are trained look here's the thing that does put a like this we know the people legitimately need service and yes. Because of all the frauds out there are now everyone looks bad and more suspicious about it is I guess another exactly what is literally the offensive whether you're on a plane. Whatever the deal is is like look. You know you might have a hard time flying go to the bar and factor for Bryant do what I see in line every time lemon lime waiting for a plane to deceive people popping pills like re only as an act yelling fairly rare air of an here particularly pillows nominee and me. I don't know I just. Not did you shouldn't be able to travel with your dog if you want your dog to accompany you if you have enough space beneath the seat in front of you. You don't don't I'd just you just don't buy it. Imagine what animal is like look some service dog you can tell who truly services where they act my home right. Some more it seems a lot like my dog with a vast Russian army life but using the picture of the companion Turkey see that's where my question what are. I don't want to brighten your personal business but I got to know what goes wrong that they give you Turkey yet and I do don't read about your David have you dog legged cat sure. They did get Turkey man like yeah what were you diagnosed with. Because they gave you companion Turkey did it start with a mini horse. There was a companion dogs and in so many got a mini horse riding horses of that sure the Philly needed a mini horse of the floodgates of turkeys and everything but I Turkey. I'm surprised that it's a Turkey guy doesn't even come Campbell there's. There's certain animals that are that are domesticated pets I'm sure you can do obviously actually turkeys are very intelligent you can domesticated them I don't know what I understand it I've this is yours it would be like finding your animal to note I had a friend growing up and he had a a Turkey named Guber and Guber got huge if I mean I'm. It was one of the biggest things are ingrained in them a little then some assured it to scale right now on an adult but still the same point in time. I could not believe public district wasn't Hannah forever and remember he took today off. Because as Turkey died and need to he couldn't take. Like it was his best friend so I know for a fact like it would mean regulars as close or you don't have charted a new here's frozen targeted him. Ali wasn't the Turkey dying probably seventh grade six grade makes sense. I think when your kid. If I knew an adult it was closer to a Turkey than any other human America and it's pretty yeah it was like to add to keep our Albany have how long they have the answer it seem like most of his life I don't know how long turkeys can live I'm telling you this thing was so big it was I could not believe it was Turkey a guy actually this is. As far as past the dye and a couple weeks go ahead put my dog now because sort of as far as kids know the dogs always been alive so let's just fast forward a little bit. Get deployed around there the cloud think that would put in my shoes stuff like that. And walked down the both of those devilish look under patiently dad because Christmas is coming from. We think we found a gift from at and I'm certain my brain like. I'm talking about the episode where like in my closet so okay. The maggots in the box and a white bag I like guys that's not a gift that your ball. I'm gonna say the smile disappeared all alone with screaming oh what do you they know not know that and the reason I tried to talk that way assume that he didn't think it was again we do with. The wealthy now I don't know I don't know either because I've got to commit a red two dogs in a closet. Are you billions when he read the ashes of what dog park I know with yeah. Why they why I'd like like he. You know like you know the thing I assume like a good idea at the time on the duke blue within an hour I'm like well well you got a much smaller Dorgan MacArthur mayor and I've freaked my kids out in front of the god gift now they also add up to that. They won't I think didn't Morton shocked about really I knew would went with a Mike Boettcher would you open it and looking and if they want to Rosa still in the body now is still a threat though. Poker there's an open David Villa Betty I don't we made him I don't think about dogs will be evident though that hey you know and it's all said and done. Put your right there in the old master closet you know I mean and you'll see here's the thing. My some issues I think that's it honestly does I think that's good for dog what to be by the Shubert you know finally to a farm. Yeah a bit in rattle. I mean I don't know but I feel like I should do something more liquid at the time they ask you you're emotional and threat. Yeah of course I want to get straight. And many did yeah it's isn't quite almighty god I have a box full of dog after I really like oh what I wanna do is I think I am a bit I'm gonna have to rewrite my well I'm definitely be cremated. But I think and what it changes to I just one spot had to remain a lot of Wear one in my ashes to be dumb coaches hike. The to take in West Virginia and that is a clip of their race goes kid and I figured if nothing more. So I've got take god damn I can see some that this really cool natural beauty whether they want to or not now I'm thinking like this maybe essay like look. Obama ashes spread on the corner in Reno noting that one if there's one place and then like I'll find four or five other locations. Williams a West Virginia where l.'s board which is a complete and total units of limited weren't good no that's the whole point. Gotta spread my ashes for the as grim over the worst places I've been you know name so only the hell holes and he'd absolute hell who's doing this I'm my family I hope. He. If you can't think for me. I don't want last. How to be great Montpelier Ohio and Gary India if you keep you you if it definitely yeah if you over the worst places I've ever like this likely to wind just took my own and I may be like I'll find an intersection of Baltimore you don't mean. That it's just one of those seed out like gay kids Dini you can pay go there. Or else is that is that important that you spread the ethically given to one place they are not out of there. Some say some of those Niagara Falls okay. I haven't burned. Door to open earn a dog god that's horrible hole got no nobody judges dump the you can't let you gotta just dump the ashes in their plan dumping human. Ashes in the water I don't actually are sort of guard and that's what they as they filter other states with the first look I know you did don't they ashes and you don't need VR. Now yeah very narrow our little you all right let me can we just won't let him thing maybe I would yeah you know let a guy out there may McChrystal for him October bridge I would do like they have to elect a monster truck race. You know something like that. You if you are beautiful swimming pool if he can you in this red directly on the man like a live picture instantly your family now drive and on the road Rolen and Orlando. Ashe's live performance of Barney you know I have Barney or came back around one of those things you know I would do that went for you don't have I would do that. There's final order you don't know these places we're gonna spread this to offer in the area and start from the top here at Disney on ice. Our question is I'll what is your pet story 844999. Cola. We terrible people guess where he's still spread among grass like sports fields present over some salt turf I mean. I it's gonna go right down in their power bill that is is that they feel you're if you ask permission know what you can do. All the fields or visit ground up tires the national cathedral in Washington DC grandpa. These massive thing you'll be able to meet buried there like cardinals are so insure the one of the guys working on a back in the day was like hey my wife passed away. I like to barrier here in the right. Can't do it. The only for cardinals with a neck the cut the guy has likely made putter in the country. All right okay now bearing up the good for you death at any great Satan but I have worked. Hello Jian Lee welcome to the men's room. Orbital all it. You know and I CIA is not a guy and that I had my dog in the car that was on my way to. Take care of business and I asked my dog. And so is at a stoplight and I would lean over to to find whatever he does look good or. And I ask a kid went well the break just enough. I thought this little. This little bump. And I looked up and I was in the rear end of a cop car. Okay. I. You get distracted driving ticket to that. No this is like public over thirteen years ago also they called the Sargent there was no damage there let me go out and Debra. And those who was that a get out of jail free so. Well there's a did you did you don't doors stun the worst story that I I had heard it was of a you know I still like don't don't drive with your pet on your lap or whatever GR and the reason being obviously is it's distraction of course do we have to explain that we don't have do we have to lose when when bush an independent guy but okay so that's not enough for people and idealism of that that's not good enough. The picture of this dog. They got blown up by air bags into its owners neck and did you guys see that no. Oh yeah blew the dog back basically somehow the owners survive with our fractured neck but. Completely exploded the dog on the field. The dog was like blew the door blew the dog is. Premiere ball and then through that dog and smacked it into its own that will teach you yes do not have your dollar and eyebrow would do better under lab they might explode and our families are right but I'm guilty of it but they'll it was only six pound dog back and help and over here yeah you were driving now. Yeah. Yeah quick and it doesn't matter male video look out the window. Now he would just sit there and kind of look at the past received yamana there Teddy to the Julie gets in the backseat rolls down the windows as you can figure had a my nose out around the as federal judge Carol Mecca PX that the full featured in a wood to push okay good that she hasn't figured out much out of that that's her for associates in the cars with windows today and singers. It's Russia's jumped out to imagine what delegates you jumped out would you go back into the I don't know you're talking about the dog jumped out. What does your bad story for 4999. Cola you end up with a closet with a brother and sister. Do you do with that. This dog that a bad dogs don't you direct path of the. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. All of us are. The gun got a men one of congress are you are you all right I have literally yards where can you. They can put out and ate yogurt. So I anyway. My pet stories that I picked up the kitten when I was down in Wyoming. Oh directly. She would. Let's check. And a daughter home and it after her troubled little rescue cat the rescue cats. You lose weight and eat a little out of the cow bell on army cal belt so yeah. It. Particular tiger on the corners that it's you hide behind door adopt and the rest period and any on its debt incurred in blocked by he would dive bomb plot extended. So. Does its share. That she loved nobody can say that but Mya. I had a friend of mine who got caught in the button one too many times. And I think got on the bus about the third or fourth time. That the cat down lipped out at dawn and pee all over. Go after being dominated in that sort of way she mellowed ride out never had another problem there again. L.'s all she needed was just to get. Yeah yeah. Let I try that I've got to Erekat and home right now is going to be our line appeal overnight to go out there Gomez of the moon and back I don't know what your thought that nephew. Then back that was evil. Sit in on Coke can around connect what you're saying that it is in our mostly men will be Canada. They did it did because then it would technically like they know how. Animals mark their territory lost he would marked. The arms to get him but she lived until she would like ten years old. And actually actually recently counseling cancer patient with a good adaptation of the peed on. Easy as it's. A guy you aren't too chilled out eventually after this hour. You know get a shower area actually mellowed out a lot and I would have never. Never guess now some people hire trainers there you know earning go to an animal specialist fairly New Orleans and others at the other animal on the kind of close the deal they call with a cat whisperer and now you know why would you do UP on him to think about the into the phone call Welch who died recently of cancer Richards agree cab after she was beaten them. That's how we eulogy. My dad just bites my jag and hold my nose man it would let go hang it from my face and look at mine like on my got a camera doesn't shock. Well yeah your calves through until yeah George has got his African teeth around my why I. We will do the out that I do Liberia as that I do with it but my thing. What's your rescue rescue can you not return you know they need to rescue return they really do. Billy Mueller again until I like but Nordstrom enemy no questions asked I didn't get it to go in there explain you know that it doesn't it that a war once secretly and in need to know that of the deal they know. Now what do you do and our government you'd they do the vice. Op the autumn yeah I depends on the level of of I agree that happens like if he takes all my face again yeah I'll feel OK and this is evil works with the depth. No results like here and it's just it's gonna lose the what is your up that story 844999. Cola. Doctor government he's a great camp. Hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. All bitches are job. Well first of all. Forty years dealer edit I wish you guys let this week it yeah mental ones who needed to do appreciate your party and Alex let play in Baltimore a lesson I hated it must litigate belies your players I don't live in Cincinnati for the most part that's a that's a dangerous place to play out completely unbelievable that was a good. So my attached storage it is. It's not likely to town blackjack toggle Kramer. I'm humble and yet he was a beast and so we initialize it so watch and cheating one way to sit there casually on the couch. And also in favor terms future across the road. But bill pulled himself across the road doing the best huge by Israel are there and can't do that and a dog run community dog just like dog would worst challenge do. MM undermine inches and you know opposable thumbs and that is. You do not there are now. Did don't think terror watch list so I made it to the other side of the characters. It says in the typical male I should you know woman go check that out. They're that is so she knows that also gives the double all into the kitchen and they go into the kitchen together and about ten seconds later I started here all the GH TE. And oh my god. And JC. It would every word that brought to it got a little higher. And I'm just literally scout salute them. Short judge you're listening to all of this obviously some things escalated you might. They were an escalating in the kitchen hugely procedure walking down the hallway and she's got connections in December. She's got day slid forward a thirty inch piece of red ribbon. Had eaten all the Christmas tree. She said Alicia got a kitchen it was about a quarter to happen to have read sticking out of it but she started as people lit. And it's then that's that's how my history and clowns Carolinians. They asked that I really sad and I think Jack doing a little blow little. I'll Mandan that they tend to have a that's a little mostly below goes well we're told this story for a long. Hair beavers seem like it looks like get deterred is just suspended in mid air against the magic trick isn't like a ha long hair that is attached to you know and and I hanging out you can't really see first I'm ever saw that I'm I packed my dog is David Blaine I don't plan it's the optical illusion column levitating Jared. It'll funniest ones I'm a dog will walk backwards. But they put the damn well ought to do my praise him like please can you thought about but I think number white until then. Then maybe now matter and we definitely need what is your pet story 844999. All Lamar calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is you. True. A closet very story as the most searched veer from each and every state that's coming up ironically right before during and those who shot the dates they were talking about animals in the story that I caught our eye this morning was this one. As a service dog in the audience adds I cats chased actresses. Up on stage the very opening of the place him on brings in her. Supports animal service dog whatever and one of the actors comes out dressed up like a cat well that was another that that dog left out of his seeds. And started firing up and get ready go onstage before another audience member could kind of contain the dog and keep it there are so under. We go to Cape Coral, Florida an iguana attack in Florida's and pet owner to the hospital with serious facial injuries Amanda grade has been looking after her pet iguana big Mo. Since it first catch near. Her home in Cape Coral there is a corral. Can't around local girl coral crowd we usually equally there right now sorry is it brown or core base pearl. Coral is going to core I 34 or Karl coral like the reef corals like Hillary so it's probably chorale. She's like my baby you know she used to sleep in my brawl when she was little. Asia although it's now four foot long I don't know style and has attacked twice in two months yes dog she says and I didn't. You know that she slipped a member gray has the most recent attack Gavin when she was feeding a mile. The iguana slash grace faceless nails closed arise required Grady gets stitches she came to me like a spider monkey knows how much like an iguana. Doctor Gary Nelson at the veterinary hospitals and a wild animal's behavior can changeover time because a wide open is the wild animal he's at home hormones could be because of the international rules are a little wild wild animal. It's in the war on how does that surprise you chose to have an iguanas and pet it and I mean if I look at. Man guy upstairs to me when I was growing up hurry you know 1920 years only he had a ferret. Now the fairway by two on the back of the legs and incidentally there are literally always dividend is not a story. Right unity you know and an innocent nostalgia is a story like you have an iguana. You stink up your face when you're feeling it and it's slash user base houses story toward your eyes right this is that this is what happens in the ER with the with the people who who do dumb things there is not a story. But it is stories somehow yes. Now we're talking about the fact that. My kids thought that they've found the Christmas gift that found the box in the closet it its third I don't. It's the ashes in the miles they do have two boxes of ashes there's ever doubted him. Don't censor the club and so some kind of a comments came menace as customer buried an animal in your backyard. Why agree made the animal save money look ma'am my yards just not big enough for me ridiculous and but there's more says planted tree with a dash of bittersweet. Mixed as Susan concrete and make stepping stones now see that sounds great that requires work. We took our dog's ashes and put them in separate stones and put them in my garden I know for first and experience that. Hoo boy this is it's a terrible play but it happens all the time. And only used to put down there's no doubt about it the family come in the drop the animal off the hospital. And open the door in the put the dog in or whatever it is and then stand around for a minute we'll sit down and then the walker hell out. I believe the dog. So they haven't checked and the don't have an employment decision in his drop the dollar has dropped about. Knowing at all yet are dale mess that is our that is a more popular movie and you'll be shocked to learn how many times a move is has pulled off had an idea that outspent us is that it it's you know the whole thing whatever it is is more than someone's willing to pay I don't know like 350 bucks or something like that. Yep for the whole thing I think ashes that an Abyssinian got a closet were a little bit more but. Those guys and 550 boxes of matches are the plays are based globe for bash. OK that's great man but I don't think it's employee. You need to go do that has now you're just collecting the ashes right so seems creepy fifteen the boxes of ashes. I don't Johnson I think you may decree natured pat Tilley today really are only talk about it Hosley. All right for the thing you know I mean Susie biologist I mean I pay for a pillar mouth and I registered to the vet and our boom Bada bing. You don't need to know like make it solves. All you want to know you go to the backroom on avenue we as welcome. I walk out you know you wouldn't go back there aren't and I did and it was the right thing to do what is in LA kids I don't knows I never had to do with I think you would go ahead. Does the dog is your new man round in the dark and trust really don't chill obviously. Well what really like to think that in my lap and I'm like I'm about to have a bad day than what you need a minute please. Yes I'd put it in an enemy is trying to aren't animal animals are dumb so they recognize just like we do walking into a Dennis office they know there at the vet. And it's never a fun experience forum litigating put under. Teeth clean shots and all that crap so they know we're strangers can poke they know that there are no negative environment and it's not a good environment there are many services out there that will come to your house and do that for you see your dog is not in distress in the last moments of its life so. If you wanna do little more humanely as far as if you care about the thought process between animal. That they say that's the best. I'm not trying to be ultimate amble over there I'm just trying to say. Dawn when they're available dogs urge you to baby birds to dogs are shaken owner in the area out of their lead cut to head off a bunny who's fairly close to the dog like no one's worried that your an overly I'll trust me. Actually maybe that'd be many job McClintock. But you got a dog you'll pay the whole thing. Called Ted. And likeable guys they show up all night. You'll see on dogs gone yet but here's the test result I don't know armed service that I you've been to dad's house he must have 73 got their dogs who came forward and there and a variety. I mean that I know you like that's what would have yes both the whack up well I don't know man I like these dogs isn't this what's gonna make it. Our question today what is your pet story 844. 999 and hello yeah that didn't really. Yeah let me tell us oh yeah hello one. I'll bet. My house that our. Camera in my dog will I don't know a sharp pay you above the month old. And though the party outside at a park my car that you picked me up. Anyway the money that you played it in a mother and the magic all thought how. I'm really yeah. I want. It would do exactly dog. Yeah. Where words what I did to the park. And might and might dark arts. Jesus leash pink. Drink and now. So so we stick our head about the wind all the parties although we call home DDoS and DOS which he goes to play. And make other called me about an hour later. And says man your dogs are they are might. You know about. I'll amend a multi that they used. It's important because let's let the and that was it and that's let's say. There that was pretty cool. Dog for a lot of roads guy. In the bullseye as well still ahead of the rest of bank smelled that feed the performances. Hey man to come near table next if you didn't happen or if I if there was no one's birthday. What is your bad story eight or four and 9990. Although I would letter states that the players of articles gonna segments. The show and many pins continue. On the men's room radio network.