10-17-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Pops a Squat

Tuesday, October 17th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Songs to Poop To! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. He's thrilled. I'm Kumar has what scientists have determined to be the funniest word in the English language our question today. What happen to someone else that made you say damn 844999. Hello hello Tom welcome to the men's room. To see what we are all the time. What's your story. So the public involved. Or really I don't know now arm. You probably won't lose love. And the other leaders we all night. I lose in my kids who collect it weekly. No the guilt without Don got caught in a bad. Land my wife come and they're screaming. And Eddie rabbit Diane. Got a guy you had a mere. But I come out side and really Hewlett smoking on the back porch and he went to open the backdoor. But don't come back and there's all learn why don't went straight and we know. Liked him from elbow armpit. And right across the grip. Who mostly use open up pretty good and he had a major arteries. Oh yeah yeah I lived there was blood everywhere in the current their. I've I did that myself Matt sent very drunk went through the ball when normal door but caught my left arm and hit an artery in the thing you're remember most about I don't have a ton of memories but. It didn't hurt but your hand instinctively took a right handed covered covered overly wound was and then I peaked and I've never seen blood shoot little. And are and where I live to the time is thirteen foot ceilings old brownstone in Baltimore in that comes from Williams I've. I move my hand and not only didn't reach the suit and hit it was such force and I thought maybe the ceiling was twenty feet high so. There are members slowly so I'll prove wondered too cold to run hard. Crowds are always go up to amend the house but it is really need to know about the hospital Oakland they made they got Marbury back together I have full function my arm to want to give all the feeling back. I had never experienced a catheter and before. And I was unaware. Your unaware that there is one inside to view and but a wake up at some point my parents are very unpopular mom finals kind of thing and file I get some alone time and I just wanna go to the back the American field and it's coming on. I pull back cover and there's two. In my Davis and this is this is not okay with a because YouTube is much wider than we you receive your real threat to beat a guerrilla group it is old. Yet so. It's. The tapper so far with the width of this no way yet and it's a slightly later appeared be like and NG two sides knew doesn't. Neutered and her new car now what I did notes tapered. I just savored and so making did it in there but when you look down all you see in regards Jose yeah edge so I'm both an American male. Yes mr. know I was like hey man I was like this this is not a Mac idol. I don't care about my arm I can't have this I can't have like three dimensions like blood did basically as a rule. 44 hours after surgery keeping them to get straight go to bath and fun and so. She pulls it out little bit of a statement I'm not thankful that the things out of me and this is the first time I get to use the bathroom. For myself so she's kind of waiting in the room and have a little bathroom connect to. This is what I did not realize about capital and let's love Erin. In a moment you touch your penis repeal the smarts and I don't nobody knew my penis is ever fart so when I go to aimlessly. So again teach. Teach teach nurse comes and I'm white and I'm freaking out my Hank. Hey man I don't know who did. There's every senator mark the news started as she's like some I found out my parents and party apart and and I have my dogs came out Nike like coconut and every time we both. If you grandparents are well lose you you could previously do. Listen to me. Pump out 24 hours does that all go and among those three you know the real story behind that whole thing around and be left out completely doesn't really matter who's on the cares about as the speed of Barack Obama guy named you know authority so in the middle of all this stuff is knocked the hell they knock him out all right. In the midst of all this before they resold his artery together the doctors were having a conversation about cutting his arm off. They're gonna add some left there my car and on the left there and we're gonna cut his arm ball they assumed that I was right to go 80% of the population is. I know we called business and I did leave that out play out so I guess I Alco as the doctor explained it to me wolf first the nurses you know won't or they're considering invitational mug and its reach even though you know we didn't the preacher I went why hadn't. So the doctor comes in and is again that was our own efforts choice for the was really really bad lost a lot of blood. And it's like when I said this out loud to the other doctors but your eyes popped open in new grabbed me by my count. Like you want to kill me and so I'm at things left hand. In the you're back down again there's. And the that you came out of no where around. Thought you pulled me face to face a local referring to the real story isn't that has been as part of the real star doesn't blow it out of a dead the economy in my gassed out komen adult again because armagh. I think that's Bay Area. How we nobody what is left and former duplicate my forty feet so connects with one avenue to someone else that makes a damaged or 4999. Nolan. Hello Kevin welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Yeah. So a couple of years ago I used to work at a hospital in Bremerton. And MER I saw Jack impatiently came in an annual state. Forget Doug could probably talk your for an hour the gossip or dementia Jambo want to limit particular. All this like 65 year old lady comes and our chests covered up. Tiger checked in or whatever to come back the shelters story she she had. A change from a change all. Star in her stern. Pool the let's just came off the chain saw him slip back and record then departmental shakedown chi chi used sort of crabbing boat. All backwards shoot and her younger years and now also issued just a culture brought its chief. Went up a tree about sixty feet with a chainsaw. 65 years old are. The change our kick back and Starker square in the chest she mentioned you lose ourselves. Are you doing that ourselves she climbed down on the streets. Took a chain also the chainsaw. So porridge called I'm a lot of winter and it's. Damn man while a like heard it yet Richard yeah. I. Was absolutely put government saw emerged. But it all they really don't got to change such future. I demand let me ask you if you worked in an end and that kind of environment in a good resume what have a major say damn. I do feel that it's unlikely that this guy is like we rolled over a motorcycle accident victim is peanuts was gone I mean I'm very gradual like Darrow. You don't just gonna accidentally belt and LA are only adds. Oh there that definitely Munich and then you would stay back. She had. I strict and stoking are still make. All issues should not came in bed sheet pulled downloadable strong what do you mean she hopes on the courage god just like angle of the light texted him the ropes. If you can't believe deck just able. Who has spent much of my kid was when my kid was younger she did the committee extends those days and then various hospitals for different stuff and our university of medical amid Maryland medical center in Baltimore. University of Maryland medical systems Holmes is all right Deb roses it was kinda near Lexington market now and on Friday and Saturday nights man it was the equivalent of a bar. I really wants it was identical to a bar is Laura as what was going on so. You go borrow Monday night couple regulars in there that's about it. Tuesday night same deal maybe they got some special like karaoke uniter trivia they bring in a couple more threat Wednesday Thursday gets a little bit more lively than Friday night men are packed. He was the same way it DER like you oh yeah and work and where I would go out to smoke. Was based there right outside the emergency room which was the main entrance to the hospital where that with a hospital wasn't a corner. They need to get people in their quickly. Is a bad news I'm like he's like Heatley the emergency room at the entrance you based legal do you mind going there. Just that by some flour for Grambling really urged Lebanon to walking under some white three guns I mean right to make sense next in Europe there's there's like there's like and EMT on top of like the Gurney. Graduate like impressions on the Chester there's Richard I didn't get the information that I play and you know what mark has been like there's like there's one duties just hold his head like with a dragon blood isn't driven down his face enters. Absolutely nobody new gets top priority unless they are on the cusp of dying at this point then select you lost to the ER and sometimes there's just like some witty they're the cough like Monday night. She didn't sound good and then Friday night just turned into an aunt show. And they're like be one helicopter that's waiting to land the other console that I was just like you know what I hell's happening here on Friday night man had to be the worship Friday and Saturday in the hospital so close to over the Orioles play. Demeanor like a three hour game or Friday or Saturday night and fortunately you see that helicopter landing take off Pol Pot and are going to pick up. The guy who lost his penis in Hagerstown on motorcycle when they're going to pick up all these other people like and that's what they land they bring the helicopter went when I departing Beatles I exiled by helicopter him and he will you and you stand outside and you smoke a cigarette all the scraps go around you think yourself. I can see this McDonald's in this McDonald's is like a hundred yards away. And I can do it but everybody tells me don't know that McDonald's you're gonna die if I go to confession stand to look at the golden arches every night spoke to figure I think it'll lock prostrate here 2 o'clock in the morning. It's going to be last year burger every if you go to that McDonald's you will return to the hospital in excess it's fun and the patient that. One out and as someone else or made you say damn it 449990. Look hello John welcome to the men's room. How they don't yet. Yeah. Eight sort of previous caller Kevin I want type school then China Mobile which has turned around him. Yeah so I he actually knows it too deep and about that too. Told a story about. So. Doubts are a few years ago or so. Now we're at an apartment party in Bremerton are on my friendships my friend great. And mentoring great estrangement precious girl all night it's so he decides that it would be a good idea that you. Why don't onto the second story balcony and jumped up to their. Well. When he jumps to the thirty grabs a little one by one wouldn't slaps. Actress teaching kids get their just nailed it. All down the three stories. Wait until the cinder block directly on. Dean and my. And it steamers that top half top. It is it's all right Ben turned into cheap belt size and its torso. Maybe exaggerating a little bit Dutch you know. Really they can test. We proceed to try to call an ambulance Jimmie Johnson. We're not going to be able to get and they are faster not so we took we then. Notes most sober person we can find. What you are certain to be too. Grab my friend jet struck and ride much to the hospital which is right there are destruction death harassment gospel was there aren't. Yes you. The only thing that's chocolate she other Jamaica trip cruise plans with the jets. He couldn't end it yet. No mom I'm okay I. Literally just instead the real question is was the girl impressed because that's very impressed that I already had never met anyone that stupid when and is someone else made you say damn it get your emails Illinois laments are mad men's or live dot com also still to come drug charge Ryan castle be in the since then we've got tense on the food do. That is all coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. Our question what happened to someone else to make you think damn and here come those emails in the men's room amendments or live dot com. Gonzalez is a soccer game I was a goal keeper of the girl on the other team was coming MA. She hated me and gave him he's so fast I stuffed the ball and she fell over me breaking her femur. It was such a loud crack the noise echoed over the entire state the coach best that from Ashley and son. A bitches around Italy firstar by assuring you this story does not involving one cutting their Joseph bag opened one of my damn stories instead involves a middle school football team practiced. Finishing of the warm ups the jog around the field roller rounding the far goal post and I heard it. The telltale plastic on hollow metal ring compare bowl 2 o'clock bell call. One of the guys had at full speed slandered the goal post and was flat on his back by the time we look back. Now anyone standing by probably could have thought we were all just an oddly and informed. A flash mob because everyone had simultaneously fallen oval laughter disguised expense. After a lot of well deserved laughter we will see if he was okay and he was although. In pads it and in a word. He couldn't protect his pride and yes he earned a number of nicknames. And as they used the word of the bunch volunteer firefighters and a Mondays they always a great stories this is my favorite. Got a call from a panic wife got to the house she opens the door enrolled and leads them to the bedroom more husband is in the fetal position screaming in pain on the bed. And something is coming out of his backside Boone took him awhile to get what happened but turns outs in an attempt to spice of their love life the wife had stuck a cue ball. Guess you all and then it got stuck. So being very bright she decided Fisher now with a soup ladle the both commercial up there and they handle them into the ambulance with a ladle handles sticking out. If you look it's simply load. They all have the next few boy did it again when his times to pull those pat Gillick did design and demand are. I don't usually even they are not the largest if you fall over and got grange this flu barely comments today area you can out of. And fifth. I feel molded and assume that eight ball corner god that was on the inside it was by granting stuff we're doing. And there it was amended the state is there. Well listen we talk about real tight Tupperware league in hits it beautiful just the these are you start with some small organized QB grown up like tiger Tupperware. Let's do his best show of the year guys there's reed episode did you guys play when you take the day off when remember when we think that they were all this is the show you'll hear that again we continue. I thought it get you into the slip for a partner to the a solid guy completely cover rises as shocked at all because he wants the bottle rocket we all know hold off half the bush. Oh no no my oh man what well did that start you know it was there when let's stuff is perfectly practical. Shooting out of balance the and eighties I was on the club watching some hair metal band perform on stage. The singer with a wireless microphone he decides to head out onto the floor entertainment people weapon tables. Well he made the mistake of standing up on school. Right below ceiling fan it quickly realized his mistake which could lose their wits when I always thought meals is they in my body and I rolled on the floor laughing. And then finally. I did witness a body when one million dollars and scratch off ticket a couple years ago. Day and there we go. Spent time or if you extreme out here for the men's room at men's or my doctor job. Guys as my son Korman citing birthday he's celebrating at EW you can you give Majoli chestnuts. And an Ozzie dead cool thanks guys that from Steve. I. Back dead to manage it. Headed to very opinion how much distinctive TB has come on let's have some fun we all know it's cheap night where you can. Opponents although I do is my beautiful golfer and a heavy Tony for his birthday. Did you get it it's time to take off the leash Joey chestnut and some dirty Germans thanks Roy you guys do listening from College Station, Texas. Admiral Texas Aggie Chris this kind of signaled its. I don't feel good to close but they want thinkable to have to think those women handle the one thing you know we went through and so in his. Yeah and if you lose almost endless correctly I'm Ruth what you're taking some. Don't know the drug goes onto my little sister Cynthia Tony to today she's been begging me for weeks to make sure I get these shout out on your shelves so please. To shut her up and you get a little kids they Stanley Jenny suck it up cupcake thanks guys that from end. Oh. Until then before you are zero actual attempts and finally reaching out to the men's room to wish my husband Matt to happy birthday every year I'll say I'll do it every year I forget. But this year he deserves it's a please give me happy birthday song and tell him a old river thank you guys that from a lovely Chelsea. Friends just like it was a remain Sharkey have it 31 today I know she would like nothing more than you guys to talk over each other along with some Joey chestnut sprinkled in thank you so much happy birthday Iraq gone. That from trainer. There is another planet are you wrote Jerry how are probably hungry thinking about that now my little Vasily and monkeys handles enemies anywhere you know I really has to red lobster. Tony friends let's say here. Today is my dad Steve's birthday can get analysis flattering against the window please. Paula Jones my Solis ginger friend Nicky is turning 26 and a spending and in Disneyland. Could you put the cherry on her birthday cake by playing some turtle wax followed by Sarah Palin suck it up cupcake. Thanks guys that from the lovely Caitlin and. Holed a ten mile throw round and my guess my birthday today can I get a here comes the dope pusher followed by a big old bum rap. Thank you guys I'll be listening got from Chris yeah. Guys I ever had shot my son charities 35 to be great if throw to give my five and sixty Shannon sharp birthday wish is only thrill can do. Maybe eight faced sandwich barbershop quartet style love mom. Is it do movie Laura peace and wins. G.'s daughter on this. Cody Stanley is he's still really gays in the morning and had noon at noon and and not. Are we do more of their route won't affect the only good news broke my broad. Allegedly plays wish nick had a birthday we love you guys are probably would love to hear a little Ozzie tendons and dirty German from thrill. Thanks for all the laughs guys that from other lovely Jessica and Orange County California IA and. And Dan gives me health and Ganassi just on the unity times. She's a thorny little demo. You broke down the two there was only five of my independence. Plus they have ever did to the best mom in the world portends the op. She gave me that don't take an S Colombian attitude and you get some love from the dirty German's with the wedding puke at the end it from your absentee signed the march. Are you say the Colombians that it is finishes with a white school. I'm not good Germans battles depression itself the lukewarm. Maybe good luck hi guys Jerry go home. Yeah I mean OK. Have you had to be about the day there's caveat exactly god. I got a good I currently don't. Mid day doesn't did you Germans brought. Also available through news world sings on things like dot com another sign retailers. That I am trying to fly. Double lectures there are guys why are nervous still and a California and he is buried in a veteran cemetery in Coleman just south of San Francisco. Did not know that. Because we are buried mean which state you're from. No unleaded from where you stay I was lucky enough guys as far as your grandparents story to meeting its no my great grandfather on his death that a priest was brought into the quote let him and they haven't. He responded with why what I wanna do that I wouldn't know anyone there at the could drag you down. I was a grandparent guy the basis for the question I never knew them but from these stories I heard they were as thrill said full of racist rhetoric. My great uncle is proud to great granddad was a grand wizard you can't take your family to give the stories like that I think I won state weird. That from John double mark my dad was a bastard so his dad was still. My dad tried to run me over with a pickup Graham fought tied my dad of two his bumper and dragged him down the road. As bad asses they were grandma didn't tolerate no gruff. When visiting the elders in Minneapolis my dad was being his usual abuse of self toward us kids grandpa passed away prior to this trip my grandma has stated she may. While ago two Horry go in and my dad fires off the phonetic correction to this nasty dumb but to my amazement grandma said. Don't correct me if you're not perfect yourself stunned I was my dad just faded into the background my little frail granny became my hero. I was thirteen or fourteen at the time I don't drink a toast with a job today the first and run a charge in the house of candidate time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again off. Six and is now and then let's gather around me on the radio and listen to some as well. No one all woke up and I said all right guys talking about proofs on yesterday we should do that. I don't want to look man one of the things we discovered yesterday in the news in Sweden. There's a politician who's actively lobbying that schools there play music in the kids' bathrooms right to make the kids more culpable they pulled and we had just like that was the whole story and we decided my enemy what song would you play. And you heard old mold into this is our bathroom in America that has its own special playlist adjust for that specific nature. I hit it at the hard rock in Las Vegas do you think that's really do all of those songs are about cocaine okay yeah yeah exactly and that's what you're doing invaders and so coincidentally makes you put enough thing to blow in a bunch of suggestions people Sonoma comments on the on tunes that they were electing here I need that were close to being on the bubble so to speak but it out there there were there were a few there were a few we it is we I think the list we ended up with so I started working nine you brought me a list. There were a few ideas that that became a little bit later I think we listeners when he's in honesty and we and we will go down to ten it was tough Tony honorable mentions that they didn't make the now that I brought in here with Muller Mancow Cat Power so today I have like ten songs the Pope to according to Ryan castle. Movie from these groups perspective. So we. This lives in this week's Bob hey. Man we've heard you're did you fears of what it was for I think they're really they're just talk develop require us and you know what I appreciate is that you took her from the blue one of the right they don't north of the north this has been due mostly kept the user doesn't have to say you know what well with a political outlet with the movement's executive nobody ever talks about what the Pope needs to just wants out. Didn't dogs the Pope to go on since van. Good thing you know I. I don't think so okay. People brown eyes throwing things around my brown are all right I get everybody to our wrote this earlier so that's singular. You know I did not know that was with a song was about I welcome the bid gate slipping inside that's when you know what he's into now geez do yoga without worrying defense. These are ten songs that you can boob tube on Tuesday. There's that. Then last week. About doing drugs or maybe drinking and driving now. On the lower east Abu somebody put on the box yeah. Yeah you know you long. And you moved on I think everyone rule. I'll do my program. I don't instead Gelbard spoke very little you can do almost everything on tour buses one local folks who bought what you can have sex until the guys are used to do all the drugs through left him. On the bus. Does dogs of voodoo on things man. Tonight. What is your really not listened to hard court particularly those guys like. Whooping it up outdoors industries. If you put the barrel. Thank you need your foot feels like spring this is this only goes through bettors mind we're moving in the world here. Does he keep wondering what if people keep asking this don't quest for the the regular flu. Lieutenant Johnson who do on Thursday. I'm very sick. You feel good for the third. When you likelihood here right now like he really slow motion I always grew good morning everybody sees the light and easy somebody at all. I don't know the right it's like the guy defends the cliff like we're gonna jump into the right. Cause you're the guy you think of mr. hanky in slow motion decrepit you know. It's positive for everybody you without you want him out. Wizards and suns who have different. You need ACC's. Mad. I know. I. I mean now. It's. Life on the ground I didn't. An eagle on it and it's a good news brown not blue it's a number on that best fits all there's another Obama. Number Beckett to having a rough morning she's yeah. It is that in every person that I rough is dead days enthusiasm in the rose that is a crystal Gayle Christopher things or does he amendments. After show you why after she sent me this lesson don't it make my brown eyes yeah tens dogs have moved to. They're fall in the PM tonight we have the most trusted by his. Yeah Condit he sure he's just talk about his car markets like it's more if I just how the this new topic it's. It's let's all remind me a lot of people. Who would've hoped he knew I do you hate him yeah you'll know that theory into the Connecticut and. Smith dropping like atop the job that life is not an app pool looters off and well definitely there's gonna go by blue dog was inside he goes yeah. Jerry songs don't move to Wisconsin today. They need us this whole motivation which is like Schilling was spinning classic play a song about right the vice. So likable. I feel like I'm proven right about now and then he. There was a lot of movies for guys who always does go bowl I'm always nice quote board approved the person does I don't turns on the book Philly man number. I'm 110. This say the I'm coming up. Diana Ross. I've done that. And the last one is pretty self explanatory. Well. Big long. I don't know the songs. It's. Definitely proven in the river later in the back. Big long we thought okay we'll be it's. All about they love friends principal moment. We had a double wide because you've got another think coming back and I'd rather you're just an hour who's going to do. From just a juice of half its. Return and I think guys are writing about Bruce was on the list his fitness to strong. A couple they'll build the bodies that amounts to what the hell was that the are running movie. Jerry the players are tired I don't. On yet and we can do this again any kind of how we sell through theme tough luck this figure has tell me why I'm wrong and I cut car. Calibrated those militia out today also the word as what this scientists have determined to be the funniest word of English language thing right it's all coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. He's really. Want good health gunshot they have small plane reverse. Hard and got a couple of things where today pulling. Words they're out there that we don't have similar words for an English language. I may have given him and scientists have determined the funniest word in the world. Believe it or not the University of Warwick in England. Just release the results of this study. To find the funniest words in the world and he guesses. The words and armaments obviously that's the woman got the mine I would say come Kwon. Come harder than I did want to come glut is a very good about syphilis. Simple a simple malaria Robin yeah that was wrong with you Manson seminoles never home had Mississippi and Larry it's just look at it and figuring out and at Atlanta journal. Sure there who have done quite well I didn't scientists found out the funniest words in the English language here they are and out of the 5000. Words. The winner is. Booty boutique boo yeah moody is the funniest word according to the University of Warwick in England the funniest word in the English language node that looked. My kids and they hear the word booty it's Larry is the problem is there is that like apparently have popcorn weird stuff pirate's booty. Oh yeah people love pirates who I don't view boulevard gritty dramas of the kids as the pirate booty I don't know if there. If you're asking because they want a bag removed due bags and house but I don't know grass before that cordial they do once I get. Because all they do is laugh. Then laugh they think what I laugh now because you're black. And how they think it is far they'll like I've been corrupted by them it beat out words like movie. You have blue responding Cooder who is it for the long haul it off I've picked out if you keep it that the players who would you advise I don't. I when you tutor and a sentence. I love the freckles that looters who did this but that it seems like cooter is not going to Cingular get a nursing and obviously it's singular. Let me see your triple cooter and this is about world you want and don't go according to make a list that beat out booty the did not beat out booty. Movie Cooder nit wits. Twits want old. Tingle. Bebop in egghead. Researchers also found the younger people were much more likely to say words like goatee hunchback and fill their funny. While older people thought words like caddie swings and jingle. I thought. Did you did you do you Joseph yes we'll stay in England warnings rarely are currently dictionary believe it or not. There are at least 171000. Words in the English language but we don't have a word for everything. Here are a weird things and other countries have words war but we don't the first one is. Who topples who toppled and you'll love this who topples. I have to use the cents. You know what Nancy thank you good night do little hotel blew oh top is still losing. I'll tell pills. Triggered fierce yet but there's a specific place I'll journey know the Norwegians have a word for drinking and outside beer. Or what we call outdoor drank it OK all that's pretty impressive rep president I don't dial groups. Some race up solar mesa. That's a Spanish word that means over the table it's when you sit and keep talking after dinner result. Okay all right there's another warned a word out of India called big only. It's a term for food that someone's already taken a bite out. And including. Then there is Jimoh makes some old in the country of Georgia it's a word for when your full. We just keep we knew anyway OK so came out they also have a much shorter way of saying it day after tomorrow that word is simply zanger. Then we have the word. You might know this when Robin it is coomer stack cool worse back. Any idea what coomer spec is yes I do what is it. Of course spec isn't quite cute is making me when you're sad or something Melissa grief bacon green anyway and overeat but users add about something so you. I can't respect unfamiliar. Look at. I 'cause I'd like bacon and are in bad news. And then there's plenty in Ghana is the word when you bite into something really hot and have to move it around in your mouth so it doesn't burn the inside. That is golf LNG and there you go on the word I try to imagine Greg attack. The engine Cyrix a few rich. Men's room knows just. When news. Saturday and as usual we had to do during the Afghan Stephen throw vilify an outdoor toast yes indeed I would today we and so 64 year old Daniel rushing over Orlando Florida now. Daniels pulled over after driving 43 miles an hour and a thirty mile per hour zone and for failing to come to a complete stop so after a series of questions from the police best of legal search a vehicle and you wait absolutely. That's when the cops found a white substance. That they suspected might be methamphetamine now. Daniel on his part said man it's not meant very good and well they don't believe in because they actually pulled out a field testing kit ain't got what. They came back positive for methamphetamine financially. He's arrested. He's thrown in jail about two years ago. When are all the Orlando police are paying Daniel over 30000 dollars. After he revealed that the supposedly math bed did test positive for meth boulder field does to get. Was actually ways from crispy cream don't. If they don't just double track I mean yeah it in some his quotes are amazing. He's like I've never even smoked a cigarette. Like I get these Christy cream later with every Wednesday he was on his way taking some on back from a church group that he was apart he's yeah I do a good guys there saying that the math Andy Norris had just had three gal on the go Ameren are test. And they came back positive for meth. But keep in mind in Florida apparently. One out of every five times of the test positive for meth. It's not map there's another guy in Orlando heels pulled over same situation what's the white powdery substance did test positive for meth he goes through the wringer it comes back it's not math. There was drywall speeds of content they were crack team. Obvious most current report on his booze and we drink this booze because we think it's yeah. May your bags all the tongue and down the throat to party in our Tommy's down now all I've been Zotob. Still exist and live profile those we'll take color and I'm right now 844999. All love. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.