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Friday, August 10th

We are out here for Day 2 of Radiothon at The GHS Childrens Hospital to raise alot of money for local kids. How should you act or react while at work? Paige lets you know in a recent study in Rise Guys Headlines. And a female WWE announcer going to commentate an entire episode of RAW? Fatboy lets you know in Rise Guys Sports.

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Rise guys morning good morning to you it is 603. Friday August 08. 2008 taint. How balance what you get instead of deal and a school. Bill. In the calendar bail from Karl cowgirls Kurt tells wearing them a lot better people do. We'll see what what's my rhythm off a good deal more more twist in the risk managers are funny when people do what we're counting those they sound fine. Thank cal doesn't know if I. I think in Korea deserved their walk and put it eat it if we you know are excited a week ago. I gotta get together. That was a much better track and external fuel Bill Frist is yeah. Well I look at this the gotta make a face when you do some news is that there doesn't work about the foods they're very pleased or might do things out that's because our contention. I noticed that yesterday Perez. They have little luncheon type situation and any time. The attention like let's say the person standing beside bad boys started to talk or walk or technical tour. Walk across the room and get away from the attention. Well the best horror watch it that way that things there was. Listen to what it was it worker it was a tour Children's Hospital that's a good transition period is sicker than we're aware of this were or are there on nature of the GHS. Down stairs but the bottom floor ground floor of the lobby so don't call it but very to radio we're back again but things February active toward the other thing is it. The groups get kind of flippant because it was a big group Stewart big tour and then. Basically be the first into a room and then. You'd be the last ones Battelle writes of fat boy kept having to. Navigate through the crowd of people to make sure he stayed at the back. Because he'd be at the back we leave room in the next thing you know he's supposed to be at the fronts that he's got Lago. Try to hide it seems to have them hateful and down down the hall let jailers had closely divided noticed that he has size fourteen Nike sticking out from under Kirk help. While I wait on it right has so he could sneak back to the back of the pack because he has to be at the back and got to maneuver man only be an affront but US and maneuver so hard to get him back to brag draw attention to yourself. For really through me and Matt Leslie I lack Pastrana hang loose man I don't like to be up front and asked them to be in the back but. I try to hang loose I keep people prone now like people on. So in turn shooter who are half what gentlemanly or for obvious. It affects the current so yet they too radio's time I ths Children's Hospital. We're out here again. It's that stages there's no date three this is it it's it runs through today so. Today kids today come of course. She HS Children's Hospital. If you if you are new analyst Terry missed yesterday's show or whatever. It is a branch. If ths. And it's Children's Hospital basically that means not. No child AA and their family would be turned away no matter what their insurance situation is or whatever your ability to pay. In your dad any case because order take your energy is there's Children's Hospital he had an industry it is that kids and it stayed either western North Carolina. Northeast Georgia pretty much literally like our. Art Ers fan coverage as far as her. Our antenna nets if you can hear those laws are kids in your area come here to this hospital if they need help I tried. Pretty much passed away there and you know it's it's. This is you know way apparent likely has to miss some time from work some may help him who would that financially they keep the kids. Entertained as much as possible through you know gains and all these different characters they have here and stuff. Yeah and even the health care experience is different GH a showed woods hospital this entire health care experience. Geared towards kids of all ages excerpt they have this specialized. Emergency room at Children's Hospital are specialized. Surgical sort of surged army operating rooms repairs are there they're doctors had to come in there where we're sort of warlords are. Dow yesterday toward the end of the show we met Caitlin who is the the fact ability or the facility dog handlers it takes different animals and dogs and that's sweet. Talk about here pats are evil. And that goes in and and you know uses that as a way to you know keep the kids minds off where they are. Yeah exactly that's a big part of greater it. Blows me away help. They have managed to tailor the entire health care experience to these kids as much as they have as far as. Where we're sitting here talking there to rescue yesterday you the other way. Appreciate you just sort of tossed a lot looming yea like will you he's ten break. I mean it's just light up when you talk about Children's Hospital they talk about the doctors and nurses and staff they just line up and start grew all over themselves league is so happy. Here's the people of bill government must take care of. Well and in you know that's that thing is I've only got one somewhat significant hospital experience as a child here and it was. It was awful I mean just because it was the eighties in this all this was thought about in out years here. Back in my day I got a cut my foot storm or right yeah I wound up in the regular emergency room when big people. And they were stitching her foot up yeah. Without enough local anesthetics are filled every single stitch only mow the level of care they do it jeeves as soon as Australia have people and they do a great job and they know how to treat these kids. Minus because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding here but the funny thing is it was sad very green poll. Sprinkle general hospital which they're obviously no longer think and my little stupid people mine thought that I was on. The soap opera general hospital yeah I was looking around for like Alan quarter Maine and all the different stars of that. Bob that my mama whites they realised what Hussein has tested the air force Luke steep hill we're slogans are. So what do we know what all that said we we have all full no. Not awful but does not do the best memories of hospitals but these is like this have they talk about these kids out very lit out. Smiling about it. And so that'll carry out through their adult lives they want it bad memories of all this you know trauma there they have to do it. They have a teacher or stare BJ just sort of Austin we had to meet her here today. I knew they did stuff like that but it really actually had a classroom and the teacher on staff at the hospital to help out with the kids. Serve or not. As far behind when they get back to school. Evelyn ABCs she can get decent credits into budget through and get that. That degree doing get it done when it's been going on 1012 years now you're restarted because talking about doctors reminded me how bad mom worked. But they're going tear down there through the 31 got busted for Tocqueville or enter the entire us. RO GA says Children's Hospital doing good things are superstars or phone line is open 877719543. Sir. This right 8777195437. Or you can text your donation. Just text GH NS. To 515. Look at her commanders it's only fifteen dollars or fifty cents a day yeah they're behind those point 20 yeah. Certain that those things. I wish I had one right now is how we do is barbershop right and if you get good service had a good barber shop when we go to the middle just carpets is that. That hot wet. I had hand towel out Brett Soviets I targeted as unfair part that's the best many others feel sure these are revenue and had her arm and Elvis forget your big muscular tattooed bearded guerra the dog better version may. A and if I take it different staff may be here that's what wouldn't let my hair. I'd like reformers are penalized. It looks kind of like certain might seahawk cultural and edit a gas station but it it is you have shelves that it looks like so you might also not sure Waziristan but. It's designed specifically to warm up blanket server. These kids get a nice warm blanket because. It's usually chilly in the hospital bill. They get helps state cleaner it's chillier here is that right here so they give you a nice warm blanket they're trying to buy us more of those sort every kid every baby always gets a warm blanket at the hospital. Yeah and in recent policy warmer here as well using less fortunately enough yesterday I don't know. Sounds exciting regularly scheduled to rapidly. He today is going to be it's going to be foggy early which guardians of be careful with that situation partly cloudy afternoon showers the usual high of 88 little colder. Right now I it's partly cloudy and 68 degrees. Angrier. You know we'll continue with the show of course we watched it definitely donate if you can't if you're eight ths employee. Get health worker going into work or whatever we'd love to meet you between commercial breaks too absolutely reward ton. Kind of he warrants yesterday. Yeah absolutely reward if you went to that concert last night Europe sick as to whether cost you couple bands or whatever happened would that. YouTube energy generated did you just Children's Hospital this sort Dara you really would plus plus. Look we know the showed it starred a late thirty you'll save a lot of money on beer ya got some Delray I. You wouldn't do what you serve and it either until. Couple hours then why does it because of lightning and thunderstorm and flash what steps they have been evacuated into theater around six. And they say it shows your start up around 830. Exactly what went on a patent would share I think Briton Richard Pryor figured out to play about opening up more battles played since the last. That's that's some custom solution on right there there sir brick anyway if you live and it rained or Iraq. And you got evacuated out again you save money on beer says at least nine to eighteen dollars and that you could go to. Ninety dollars or your quarter to. And you drink three or four kimono my heart out you're certain. So kids we we would love to it to make it here in the area obviously we're here till 10 o'clock this morning and we're national little rise guys find. As we usually try to do were ads whereas guys almost you're social media attention boards he can Texas 72341. Asked Carolina very from a dot com. Text line. Paige what are you working on the play. Now my house summit talk about mole hills are causing a crisis in the razor industry as the un shaven look loses his bad reputation I hope it's not armpit hair leg here. Well maybe I do. If like it here just freedom. When we're talking about perhaps are very much able words you know are we talking about men and women find out next nice guys and minds. Loud it's shot quadrupled. He's Ciara artist cheers her her amid. What do Woodbury led so Lanny Davis as a female maligning those are male millennial so it's all of the millennial sat feel right so I think it's going to be. I think is can be so but predicts mentored or neighborhoods were reported earlier here. River gorge shaved her braces reporter herb beard that's what are you at warped tour I saw several girls with big old. Delaware and bush he hits there are he's a thing downtown Morris they were Smart we're Pomeranian it's. At bats. Ash made it's boy. Over I will let you will continue live here from the GHS Children's Hospital it's radio's on the eleventh annual us the rise guys will be actually get what. Us. All right so let me know I'm shaving winds. Hello good morning. I'm gonna stick. Your foot in mouth the you mouth I'm hand I. That's coming back again as I guess I've 120 years cycles those very rarely heard I DC and stuff for mayor herb that's from America around. The animals they did. I don't well despite Wednesday's it was just swerved you know it's feared that. And so let did a study and the average number of times mentioning per month this little over three times over the past. Decade. And it's causing real actual problems or the razor industry in sales are falling. And 5% so. By June 2018. It was down 5% from last year twenty to seventeen itself. People are buying razors or Gillette is concerned about their profits obviously and they did this study. Well. Well you know obviously I look around the the stage here and three had three men off that we shapes part of this base he's got to guarantee them plus there's this girl is a good travels. Technically it's been back. Prince Bandar come out on that Jeff apocryphal that right prosecutors say. Like it veered over months is too great. I'm not there yet this vanity thing but they did this thing page mentioned earlier though about how it used to be like looked down upon or you were you know someone who was and can't physically at a beard or. Like any business you know. Never sold dudes in business. With the anything more than maybe in the stop. Sure there's still information or around their I have been a beard and be in sales to its limits you up to 30% yeah. They're Berkshire did urge your ability to sell significantly noticeably if you have beards they'll. Thank you as of a couple of years ago. So at Gillette and tried to stage for the called an intervention. And they were slashing prices then that they AM. They were pushing facial hair maintenance tools like appear turns dead and their raisers as their product to sell because of all these people that are growing beards. I think job. If there's a weighted toll combat that and I'm not gonna give them that very profitable information from he got to start with the women. Through the women have to want that shape. Yeah you do that you've put in and Cosmo. Bed. You know some girl husband had like therapeutic class and is feared herself her math and you watch it would eat you don't go down there and lets you shape up here. He's got a thing. His parents start pushing their army can't towards women that they don't like men with beards and then that's that's what were. It's exactly what works is that we're we're talking about some birdies advertising campaign yesterday wrap this thing it's a place that you would think would advertise towards men because men were built there. I thought I'd donated a Smart thing going for women because women. Tillman word though yeah yeah via the NBA advertisements were for help. Aha. At the very you have today he got their fourth. It did as I was trying backs. The sand that it's not gonna last forever and that this trend of growing beards as people are gonna wanna be clean shaven instruct. In and the man month going to be gone in short hair me. Pakistan yeah it has temperature connect to me before I was Ruder Turkey dates and well good long hair I mean that this is just facial hair their right now neglecting air okay. There but I'm just talking about trans nothing's changing. It go back to something else different again like you said. You know something's gonna make you're really not hot maybe beard lines. Okay that was being facetious about that I've that I'd I think it's it's well put it right now. Yeah I think it we're going to be good with the Beers. So man I don't want it to be completely uncool kid I don't care if it's not lets you know. Care armaments thirties America or care throat cooler if anybody thinks or what good are not right I don't really don't matter to me there's only one person you should care about. And I think you look. I knew it was sheer. Oh. Yeah an argument to. Well if this statement describes GO. If you say this every day I Kevin too early I stayed here late and worked too hard and I can hear too much sense you need to stop it keeps up to Jeff. Speaking is working hard. It's bad for your career. That there is dead Seattle a London and that zone found that it's bad for your career because you're not impressed near bronze why BT's. You're trying so hard your work. Is that at its best. Is chart super. So had a they cannot let this thing and they collected it for more than 50000 subjects spent 36 European countries. Our European February donators are here. Through. A they tell our alliances and taking drinking or can all the stuff neurosurgeons you're more vacation time to market it right. Maternity and paternity leave and stuff like very few out there and they are they already don't work nearly as hard to make him. They're working too aren't they don't work as our leader can't. That they analyze the effects of overtime more or content to let me. And the amount of effort that's put into use someone's job to Aspen and measured their well being stressed to take it job satisfaction with their job. And what they found. That. When you worked you hard. He wound up with more stress them more fatigued and you worked suffered. Because you learn about things. I can see that and I was told and I've said this is zillion times and it bugs that pissed that it may. I was told what time that I care too much about my job it was by someone. Who lives in management and I was like I. Didn't get it didn't labor I can't or is the line. You don't stand like how can you cared too much about something that you. Just naturally care about you. It's very gifted. I guess they're not going to give you a line because they want you to work as much as you can but they also are I think what you do. Establish your own boundary of how far you're willing to bear. Well but healthy boundaries for yourself exhibit unhealthy about it I guess what we call it well. Do took two of the men sit here and I imagine pages will have all been guilty of work in order ours too much more than we should probably at some point in some drop. Read our we bury me how many times we've been mired trying to do radio show is like 10 PM. Giggle every Sunday. The few good years right for you. Years go above and beyond I don't know which experts. View your balls to give you put a good. Some reform panel back into war though it's to me though it's like. As soon as my about this the other day. I'm not in any kind of industry. Like this at all and they said the reason why you care more is because it's the ownership of it like your name not that I owned it but like. The rise guys like my name is on it and then the faces are Gaza so I have a sense of ownership. Even maybe more so than. Management does dia says that's my baby since day one. Yeah yeah but. Let me do but did the Jersey dealership business value if we did wrong or to blow us out but you're the guys aren't authorized hasn't. Particularly. And I let him make their lives living hell yeah absolutely hear you talk target controlled little. Well and so may have been the residents. Any kid could look at spent our. Whatever you gays in the across the sides are working too hard. Israel by the fact your results I'm Beckett became eastern. You know you're just wait distressed debt may be now focused on March 6 in a much our role emergence of different voice heard him just be heroes. I mean I mean there's and finally. Just try sucking up your boss and makes yours it's your job you though. I don't know that any of us are guilty of that notes. Boy you agree Donald I don't walk down the home in little balls at predictor initiative non. Funds brown nose or acidic. It hero spate. Buyer great market bear these this at the surplus. If I can talk terminate their inner clock for a gets in his veins sometimes it saves me a meet later for Ali knew. With them amenable to talk to me yeah. Yeah that's just not you but this is gonna say the ball just doesn't that you wasted time. And that anger in it's it's because you've. It's because you air approach care too much of her because you were. Or kissing kissing some buying it either way they don't want you to waste their time because we don't want that either so why can't they respect that would bust open. Well I don't know whose day job professionally sort of waste her time out I mean their job is corporate America's job is to meet. Is that before bait their job as have meaning. But then again there's church or meetings that have a point you made just to me to say that you had a meeting there's Ares I have a meeting you're gonna ones we are them. Plus I'm saying the stress of productivity helps you like your job better that's when it comes down to UCL a distressed. They don't need to register planets triple as good as good enough sparing my aunt Kate Snow is your fans have on the. Well coming up we got there are red sports that lately but they're followed by the. It's a radio on 2008 change. It was my. Dishes the last night we had a slew of pre season games now look. People say it was producers hope to put more was football because you bigamy to throw a touchdown let's try to look pretty good death it was against the Hutus who will it. I used to be drama around here Panthers 120 victory. When we roll this they went to buffalo the confrontation. That they'll view one another school playoffs. Well. There at midfield pregame warm unskilled have been given to the bills. And once it was Thomas Davis of war between first OK I was wondering who is there. That set it up it was a setup. But if fox if I heard like some might have picked up a little bit a loosely Thomas Davis walked over to him and he was smiling you know is like about Foley's that the Kelvin. A phone we were cool fall we were cool thank you know if he was kind of living room. Kim around with a smile with a shook hands are but this though there was some. In. This court actuality if that's a word problem. We don't rove and Kim walked this came kind of got to pick him all she'd wait Toms Davis student when he was right then and like that that was what that was such a pair moves like a literal pit that enough or not and I. We enter this but he but when he when they came came up if that was Thomas Davis he he helped the senate sandwich Kelvin Benjamin. He got up on it too lucky with the lack. Like gang mentality. Vero. If you could really pick up with what they're seeing between can kill him but. Till the drug walkway Campbell and after living can't discount you know walk away for good after that I don't know this and post game eventually go touchdown and he jumped into the stands. So we're coming. If you're new and you can't a city take universally decision not angry at active directory but it does not do things like who fits coming along. They have any say he can't currency. Becomes an overweight nature fastening wanna be wrong but does that register me dorms partner that turner. But I wonder like if it was a setup. Fight. This that would in the main event like puts Thomas Davis down a notch offensive that was. I thought on phone users frustrated I think it was our fingers won't do too many chances. I don't closer to what he'll sort of tone in it but those who came here ready right you know it. Walter and beat him Ballard of the Internet but no way he shooed away Thomas Davis defensive alliance was it was homicide not got his own. This he gave me but it goes to move him there is he's he's that do you know he's heard it revered he's. He's here and I like that I did I can't. It would back it up to care. Well see that's the other part that would he would if that was arranged what he thought the opponent had Thomas Davis not then they exactly if you don't have that kind of swagger tree you've got to have served you best be slinging touchdowns left and right you best think throw the ball around library assortment. India is as more proof they're now. Not listening to anything in the air but your end to get a conversation with a guy and earbuds Randall you know it's not just it struck screw listener of that's not. The story here's interest single couple fronts. One. A figure they room and remind him his story not lights too was Tony was new Japan which I'm sure we'll remind him of when tell you it's. The new Japan brass if you will management because you're trying to break into the North American market to more shows here. They got some shows booked here to try to get more on TV or two from there so you're saying that's. Believe I got some new downed lines against new fans. No more. Swearing. Or bird flipping. There in minutes is in the ring. No well as one of the best parts and this is for those reasons I'm out start cussing us or written overmatched Sicily where there. Luke gallows and Carl Anderson is too wrestler regularly by staff when he's very rare face paint. It wasn't there's little gallows being in the ring and he just yells my call mere mother bleaker now. I'll have to be able. Some critics believe it is I mean the couple what axis writer Steve that one of those dads are very cute Fuzzy WEE eventually in the brand off to have a knotted at traded but a adult version may be in the end because I saw. I think promoting. Debbie Debbie Smith to fox bruised and had some of the superstars standing there. It it'll look they look like superheroes. Like you know like our. Song where they had down the street right yeah. Yes yeah and it was very like marvel universe asking us like this is generated. A push toward kids now they could if they wanted to. They need to different universe Debbie Debbie universe for adults and once for kids you don't want time to watch both shows you. Attention Singh is there anybody who is kid friendly on NXT get yanked up to broader spectrum. In extreme is not that it it's it isn't like PG thirteen or. TV PG Pronger brick. They crowded the Unix Team shares is always more grown up not nearly as many kids their summaries. I'm gonna ask Charlotte. Fire was in here on Tuesday if so drop a cuss word foresaw in the strike down just grows wildly we will now that she goes to that trust salute here. It's her choice anyway. When she won't have no official miss good thing you mentioned that you could you even made the announcement. There and a young beautiful woman to book called an episode role. Always win out there that's not even Americans don't know what was going to be at when the day it is but it's but some groundbreaking stuff I assume a good transition her to Selma. Understood me August Cole women's tournaments maybe. Well I mean considering that they employers. So our coach from your commentary can Michael cold literally says the same thing week in week after fifteen years their commentary is not that good Irish. Diamond watches to prop the product they don't he has no idea what's going on and Shatner I'm not sure Michael Colbert because. You could just take a track of him and play every Monday night it's the exact same thing beginning to hit down. Isn't the only every Bustamante and uncle cold and Lisa Leslie album art I don't I don't remains wrong move they Europe yeah. A thousand bucks come and a few good when you 2000 bucks richer today you wanna pay off fat boy Brady ever done let's get drug transports.