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Thursday, August 9th

Did some guy teach another guy how to block him on facebook? Sure did, in this edition of Facebook Fussin.

We will talk to Will and His Mom, who is a patient at GHS Childrens Hospital. Facebook Fussin: Headlines. 

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Rebel what's the word on there. On the reverb. Boy I believe the reaper as miss that margin is so cool bits of barges later but the reaper quick. You handle your buddies aren't they eroded. Nam so we are again live here GHS Children's Hospital radio talk radio Thon 2018 are Levitt in year out here doing this thing. And down. I believe. We are going to be talking guys in just a moment to a young man who is actually. Here now there. We're army rescue to death you know a different way this hand there he stands and looks better than I did ten years old. Ten years Toto boy I was a mess and they still am today have continued the tradition. Yeah I got to do the polite thing and I think the legal thing. Been there before I turn this iPad around any gas to my guess it's okay if we put remote place for plot. I'll is that okay guys if we don't taste alive he told them. OK here are excellent so that's Matthew hall you're ten years old correct yes this morning sir Harry. Good good and then your mom Elizabeth Elizabeth good morning good morning thanks for joining us today. You guys have what day in and adding your school going on five years I think that's right yes eyes tell us what happened in 2014. Bad. That crutches smiling face here. I had the. I. Was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And it was a grade one. Brain tumor and yes sir and bomb. I look we our whole family was scared. And it's. When I first got into the hospital. I was definitely really scared because I didn't know what it was well Liz. And I didn't know I I should do they took good care of us right you know we came when Matthew isn't kindergarten in the kindergarten. The have a some symptoms that were different and ended up on. He brought here's the degree or hospital home and use diagnosed here at the hospital we've been coming very great early ever sent senator. And indeed you've probably you know Matthew specially you hear doctor or hospital. Right you'd probably think the why walls why everything it's just like it's just it's a hospital right that they would need get a GHS Children's Hospital. I mean I heard a kid the other day sale while astronauts drinking is fun park a few hospital beds. I mean if they keep me entertained aired out there yeah dad's graves. Kind of video games and it just all kinds. The fish it every day just it's it's great what they do because. It's not taking your mind also what you're going through but then again kindness. It does not mean they can't take boy the diagnosis they get great job supporting you think you know he's spent fifteen months don't keep my hearing was there was in the day hospital but. He would always get to pick out of Libya Watson added a child life that does a great job supporting them and yet they do their best economy get as positive as experienced as you get so sprint us all the. Programs all the resources available to assault her playroom is video games it is. All sorts of things sir that it you don't just have to be constantly reminded that your sake if you sit. The enemy especially with you know the longer term Stuckey miss out on certain things as a kid and they get it Java come offered you some of that stuff you might not get. On the because your the hospital tonight they get great job. You lagging excited about football start up on me exhibition team Clemson. Redman yeah it's. Yeah I know the championship David yeah. He carried exclusively get every day even that he put down and now. He met the night before the day after the Clemson Allen Bailey in the first time and keep them that's how long music email which they won the next years and he got to come back to back him. Well first year you disappoint at the second here is excited but he had to meet any of their clubs and players surge gave me autographs or anything like that Matthew on. I have been in the locker room the iron. Well Clement kindness and stuff and they do a lot of support the kids here at the hospital they do like a special day in August every year what they do stuff. We was last year yeah I. Pat have both. Behind his son. On all of the players on the flip yeah well good you know who doesn't go to on the slide in the locker room now the only bit of confidence in the football. Well look it's. First ball you know. Something like this is it's it's devastating but it's like that decide how do you react to it and I tell you wears say they're looking at at ten year old kid. It is a very big name and what this smile like the Kennedy kids thought smile. Here is we have. I've we overs late our whole day has screwed up or if our TV show dictate who our hope we'll look at what he's been. It is not a get a few kids does stare off that they can't you know and now the sad when everything is a pretty gate agent K. That's who's happy is very people who've been who've been through some stuff Furl would they have their perspective and they always understand what a lot of people don't get. Yeah it does with his perspective yeah and active all day long. We'll listen. Each knows he tells Charlie daddy that we is standing here to see him. But it's it's pleasure to meet you Matthews I'm glad that you came down and talk with us this morning even though you Clemson fan this doesn't let me. Lives have now become and Elizabeth as well picture for coming down at hand is. You've been through it you probably don't wanna talk about your game. Anymore and I don't need stranded by Aaron rounded you know your yard because you realize that none of this would be possible without. Real giving the community that we as around us right now gals. I didn't know much about it until we experienced it you wanna let people know is a good place that they take care of their family is in the doctors are excellent. This people haven't experienced it they can trust this hospital get a different job actually writes I. Man's view I want to see you back here next year just combined and and now little that console you on the laws that. Consul gave it appears as OK okay did. That's kept that idea all right speaking of a lot of sugar workers restaurant this. Located maybe that's why you and you open and that's what. A thank you absolutely take you live as well for joining us this morning that was Matthew hold seniors oldest mom Elizabeth. Been in and out of here. Four. A little while now but. Survive. It's you know absolutely man survivors not just survivors but warriors right here's warriors who you who are doing well through at all it. And l.'s best time we had to say 18777195437. That's how you donate on my phone to the GA shares Children's Hospital radio talk. Oh I I didn't know that it would be had taken in and a bad player not bad that reminded me of ten year old me. Cause I see that weird to see it I mean literally what they'll do the way he smiled reminded me of me early in my. Some kind of time continue on right now girls are. It's such assuring to restrict your right looking in a clear and passed it was ever have the right every time I look at him and like you know. This kinda you know you can smile at your eyes or. It's just our smile it's the kid you smile or rhetoric and tags GA says the 51555. To donate that way we're from we're carmakers. That's fifteen dollars a month that's a combined annual gift of a 180 dollars they'll take it all the more looks on death but did you sense today you will forget about that you know you will I I I feel like you will but here's a thing if that's too much for you right now. You call up and didn't get any amount of money you want to or as Jimmy pointed out you can text which is super simple. Each in of course just. Text ride along in the and not even have to talk about it you said marrying your listen to a certain undercard let's turn it down also money. You can text yes reels. Mayor collected donations good everything from crayons to cancer research sir that goes to everything up here. They have it's well that just in our smut is equivalent to a large pizza two burritos from chipotle. One little movie ticket but not the kind of adult movies prep. The mayor of the good the leaderboard don't have those anymore. There were theaters like that and America Ers on the people we have the will look at those losses. Sunnis fear. Any yet if you are a eight ths. Employee came here switching shared sir you're in the building and did breaker whatever we'd love to hate you so wise swing on down here in the eight atrium Jamie's at Georgie years earlier. Did it can't be eight years does it look good to see here Skyler there's always Hollywood stuck to the sailor here to order yes hope there it is. This beautiful. Yes so as swing by and Estella to us we're gonna be here till 10 o'clock today again. Give whatever he can't help 18777195457. Don't have some fun lock on FaceBook live right now as we go to break. Will allow wall start clapping and then and make everybody else start clapping thrown his phone because it works everybody else we'll start clapping. But groupware to phone number all our borders were all. It's fun for three service here we sit Favre were afraid it says that that's what it says a look at Arabic and look around at all. All the other boards and the paper mails they are fortress allow was to deliver more of that. Plus I'll hop here at the ring and it gave themselves to come. By okay so little start clapping Gator by SRI this absolutely ready 123. Current collegial and that's good. They get that we can't do it for 56 years were found in the quarter were also you know we're here for you that's as I've villains. A lot of people we worker if you don't trust. I I've to rise guys morning show live from radio Thon continues right after this. Can you believe it FaceBook arguments. Screen shot by you the CNN anonymously of course we would never ever share of anybody who says what can. Names changed to protect the innocent. Many guilty. And stupid this. Is FaceBook files from. It's seen as winds. Playing the role of crew. We'll be Jimmy Jack Jackie yeah yeah playing the role of Tina. We freaking me. Playing the role of Danny will be Jeff who has real cash and play in Roland diary will be fat boy. All right okay and yeah. Passion. Owes him OGU overhead. Follow my in my OG a watered down. It shows you Debbie. JF captain currently. Big version Malaysia's thirteen dollars and werder and bills. But for real. What meg garlic junior a money share. I blow hard here about the news the bad news. If you're not wanna pick up this might be Gainer equipment no short commute back up for sale but you my. God man. Money's better as I don't have no knowledge bills not mock drills are. We have burro drive if you're. After lunch man who want love all right but it. They're you know putting your business on FaceBook again you'll forever be a little loser of the boy crazy. You didn't teach you going to give in now day don't. She's a baby no. Are rather very ever run a hundred. Could miss three may get tired adding I'll bet he's so cool. He's talking about this for years. They current. Just that you broke the yards has given way alligators are an a plus your friends ask you about the wage garnish and believe you totally breezed past that I want. Yeah they are also heard eight dollars a year earlier. The term I have thirty days his own well are we but I didn't. That soon. New book not pay your bills but maybe get a bye baby alligators are not pay corporate tradition this image. Hey mayor its first off. Not Michelob personal lives and enjoy that rattled the gore okay. They're big celebration NC yeah she saw a black man no say so as you know our amendment ELR. This. Familiar Dylan did no dream still use that's between third seemed okay. But I wonder when they come for your car because of the missed payments are repossess that are just gonna go ahead and CJ alligator all the screaming yellow. We now know when they took my butt and they named Thompson may I got home from work went down hard to take a score come up the home turn the TV all looked out the window at his talent and why. Surname. You guys to start a support group for size Susan dead beats you to be team credit risk patty do you listen here you don't know things. I do not know who you are. But as far as I'm concerned you can choke on one and got. Okay each Ewing Walt in the issues but he's. So what she wants sure mouth this cardinals a bitch I said animal is a bitch crude. That's also with the whistles candidate aren't carrying very Smart are you serious so much throughout page. Post some Sergio stops aren't still hear it. Reserve block OK so here reload this save mr. block me. Want your resume your normal daughter modernize and I appreciate that I think that was probably the right thing to do. I love you signed earlier. In Syria. Oh man. Change yeah. Playing the role of Paula. We'll be sweet baby Jane street. We're all of Lonnie. Freaking me. Playing the role of Vinny will be fat boy. Pension. Pros mainly of tropic thunder Kasten Vietnam retire. This Stiller Robert Downey junior Jack Black Brandon Jackson any young looking do at home and rob bulls with a jumbled backdrop. So our lessons or shoot you like this and shares surge or break your own soldiers. So let's say how many locks and shares they give that. Hash tag war is hell. Also tonight as is true American hero thank you for your service but why I don't know embarrassing certainly OJ deserves our respect our brother. Lonny does not just like the post he does that thing where you can hot. Holocaust. Turns flurries. Hey here's today's huge sell well yeah but then I read the comments I realize you don't know what to tell you just posted. One memory of war is funny yeah you guys say you can tell oil FaceBook and they also work. And yet what I don't say they signed up to five so I can click stuff on FaceBook but that's just besides the point because well that's a movie. It does better is a vote are you imagine you learn better. No no I'm not detonator those guys in fact that's Iron Man skunk fu panda and Ben Stiller. Doesn't matter who it is a brain should know from. For more uniform they're. Seriously while I don't know how many women served in Vietnam that I know that's a comedy movie about a bunch of spoiled actors making a movie about Vietnam it's actually a movie about a movie and it couldn't possibly be any less about Vietnam unless they were making a stupid film. About stupid baseball instead. Urged French military. Nourishment for America's pastime. Pro and paint your all around you sold girl. Suppose to be mobile merged and strives poignancy camera in the caption I'm the usual complaint. Things are our Brothers in arms is that it. Come on the blame Tomei and that's bill blink in Murray I mean delay should Israel is surging. And not know. Bill Murray is it. I was too is they're fighting issue I marine history books and Paula the smuggled ball in from Long Island. He served shed the ninety's mostly Pauly Shore and and you do it for me in the army now. Little money Don't Ask Don't Tell songs on your own basket down. That's all right then that's great in the national main itself designed into the paint. All shortening. What is please cut off their critiques ads. So called on the army. Yeah cry war is hard man wore his heart attack us. Last and final say it's dangerous soon. Playing the role of Harry. Will be bad boy yeah. I'll play in the role of giant will be just Lucy LP IAEA playing the role Becky. Obviously will be nine. In Poland I assume that this is the nickname and not some kind of an international name. I will be playing the role stoop why I. Hand. Action potential all consider this obviously if you will if your grandparents. Nurture renters still alive that is cool it takes a long look to make this board it's their birthday then by all means celebrate with a but whatever you do do not post Fisher bit more FaceBook for almost torn fortunately C please thank you that is all. And my and stuff. You just not a preacher guy yes you'll Saudi mammy and I'm sings some people's really use some common sense before posting some. Well let's just say unflattering pics of her grandparents on here. It's. OK I can't even delay but I'm great are you serious when they ask. Did serious things a large age gracefully. Some of these old mill ransom laser scan corn farmers should have the pigs blasted out public sprawled asleep. Okay coming from the same person just put pacing himself with his grandma few days ago. She got dealer mayans. Yes oil money managers had a birthday what do you think may be taken as opposed dummy. Only postseason people if they are cool with it and eyelids and Syria before posting besides money and it takes care of herself doesn't smoke socially drinks uses a lot of lows. More than I saved some old people here. Man I. Honestly allegory a main dam I was hoping somebody would say some eventually and I'm glad it wasn't made it honestly I sit here say the bank in the same damn thing LOL. I don't know man tocchet minute. I was sick and tired of people posting pics of her grandparents' home here knowing they didn't check the first to see feels cool. And knowing some of the grandparents scanned with like dried up his or cracks. Way to say happy birthday Nana and embarrass you in the FaceBook photo now for all of the other states. Guess what data below and maybe some people just sort of celebrate happy mobile their lobster share announced don't want their grandparents also yeah. And certain age there. Bert I don't have less every one minutes don't. Look I don't delta York. All I'm saying is don't post a pig when you know good dale well it's gonna turn everybody's stomach when they click it. Had a birthday dear grandpa but it looks like Freddy Krueger the core cup pods sticking out. And I don't need to see him. I'll play like you to raise them up FaceBook is sort of coordinate activity don't even think proposed settlement. Plays in fact you're probably right now don't post pics of your program all of our skins sag like tea bags and we will have a problem is yeah. I had never heard that before I can't additional. My fellow man that is the that is how fast it runs through the weekend that the best fight I remember. You can send us this. Your facial fuss and screens you can screen shot and what everyone it is. Send them to NT ERG eight at 933. The planet rocks dot com. Names changed to protect the innocent to guilty first thoroughbred vat. Was. Fake profiles. Guys here. Well a group of angry and out of assisted with the arrests talked about a pop sales. Angry half first they could Correll McCarthy. This is a story out of Orlando woman near Orlando tried to get away from the comes on Monday by running into an open field. But she couldn't get far. And eventually she got arrested after being chased around by a bunch of angry. Pet person. Said that she crashed an SUV into a ditch the sit room. And sued them in the. Ayatollah predicts soup server as super room well. And two of them got their server we don't know what the issue view us. They're at at and she crash this A Bruins did did yeah. Yeah yeah it's tough server OK. Good good this has made a server. Now never Toyota makes it go to another issue crashed at the bottom. They'll soon. SUV and Dixon to the people McCarthy got arrested but a passenger named Jennifer Kaufman try to get away on its. And ran into a huge field nearby and that's where she ran her around. Because CNN that there is a bunch of angry cows with cash in the C on the ice are they freaked out and started chasing her around and then they could are out there meantime a police helicopter. The whole thing on video you can tear running with about twenty to house us on our heels simpler for Cal's. Gary. I'm an emotional roller. And in the one takes off after elect her and her. Think about cows being in intimidating or aggressive effort there earlier external things here is like US. In their space so at one point on his birth Berkshire. One of Cal's got really closer and a a cup in the helicopter. Even send and it looked like she might get attacked but it likely for her it didn't happen and they asked he sticks that kids are held her held by my count that's very early. If you server remembered as a great at cal bit. After her true man of man donor it'll happen all that and I never think by getting bit by cal tech virus to order. Felt my shin. Could clone wars Evans wanted you have to go read the rules are rules but it gets better after the count thing. She tried they chased her to defend him when she got past it accounts are right there waiting on the other side stamp. She and a driver about facing charges for trespassing. Theft drug possession and resisting arrest. While I'm sure they Cassidy signed legislation to get the ball. Maybe the drugs rim tells. Us what's what is now the Israel's use up going. To merely says drug else. Authorities and drug mules that they'll use the cal with the window that was bill now that I. That's. 53 foot on stats of the video clips count. How many people take years in jail. They don't have and having the opposite dad now has been thirty years that I do what he'd do would that have burned. These little hole your sons was scientific data they're. The whole lit it or do whatever and it was this it was clear he can see into it can we do want. All at bat never actually when it comes out about. Well yesterday we're talking about the hall Angelina Jolie thing she says that Brad Pitt's a deadbeat dad he's not paying his child support. Well it's always he said she's dead and a divorce situation don't you think especially with it was tested in there is a gay marriage well it's true and even then it's. He said he said it. Our she says she sent a Brad Pitt's lawyers. Aren't mincing words they say that Angelina is a master manipulator and even a liar. She's claiming that he's attended that grabbed a deadbeat dad BK is. They say he spoke forked over nine million dollars of the last. Two years. And shelled out more than one point three million dollars in child support so. Angelina. Fired back in saying that that the nine million it was a loan and then she's paid him back with interest since he's still as her child support. Columbus for the. House. Down. What she's such a pain in the ass. It is tomorrow is always so fake. Always trying to come off like you know that the you're the editor of the Earth's royalty here rich kid from Beverly Hills. And as far to be something else people are sort of her daddy was organized manner to. Let's say in the main city the Chrysler compared. Yes. It it was on bullets or or a Jon Voight and this time bud Kilmer. And this guy MacDonald there and. And so he then made that such. He's keeping her of constantly trying to increase conflict between them men and manipulate the media coverage to make her look at him make him look really bad and he's having trouble having relationships between seasons and manipulator and spreads lies about him. Sound. She said that says the loan. Is alone not support. And that she's paying him back with interest and he's simply not paying. To have a big expenses for the children. She's earned her sixty million dollars or stick alone from her toes for this. If you're him when you know look we got kids okay I'll take care of the mostly grown somewhat. I'll tell you truthfully the hell alone and I'll go back to be bred through the ninety's rom slain and let the right I got no care in the world fishy went down he will be back payments and. He's he was with that by MIT professor at bat broke up with them he thinks that it's because of the accident. She went out of courage your guy. Honey you'll hear really the case they were a with a young I'm not like our buffet. Now I don't know the name of the Khyber her name is experiencing an MIT professor. Isn't that must talk about. Yeah meaning they ran in different circles I imagine you know grandstand these MIT he doesn't. She's scientists again. I mean he can still pull 30000 flow problem with. Penalty he's gonna be didn't like you know twenty or 2526. Years to be shocked now I guess I will ask Robert Mueller there. I guess we know we knew us you know you don't think Janet or do you you don't think Brad Pitt pit. Go out. With girls and the rich warnings absolutely they're very I think what was saying he didn't think they it all you have read it absolutely. I think the crowd that young would have to have a fresher because it is when he was running one on. It was a good comic how does these ruff says the earlier you know that this generation has more daddy issues and anyone pre. So it's gonna get a car beat his thing and her finance team released a statement. Think typically a father. That means would pay these expenses voluntarily without the means for request of or court order we are hopeful that this can be dissolved without any further delay or posturing. Is oh see what happens. This vision for a berth in December Toby 49. And this and a half are no excuse me. Fifteenth. No vested gotten out god that test I didn't record I was looking at I don't know Markel didn't have a pet at a it is nearly fifty per hour. They have apparently and a big is it to your quick December closer cryptic I always pay you. Oklahoma broke disparate films are bad guy. Think how Dell leading man thank can still probably get findings serve triple loves it got so much. We're very clear their clothes off for I just don't I don't think he would mainly ghetto he got to reset kind of you know with him who he was. And bad I mean that they're hosting next crazy. Yeah and just think of the last movie daddy Kane and mean is he making great movies anymore. It is an event that war movie whatever it was called for FP if he can't cook and plus page measure and test them.