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Thursday, August 9th

If your co-worker doesnt wash their hands, the you should avoid them. Nine needs to learn how to do that. 

You might have one of the most hated apps in America in your phone according to this list: Nine got touched by a co-worker who doesnt wash his hands: The boys Will and Thomas from Thomas Creek Brewery stop by with a little gift.  

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Rise guys morning yeah your fellow IE. On my son and so like Ellis and then the readiness when I'm there. Sure looked into the rallies guys. Rise guys morning show good morning to we're live from the eleventh day. Annual GHS children's. Hospital. Radios are. We're out here live at C. We're in the atrium right here in the the lobby there this particular hour looking at 513. Hot pants. Did you move on towards art has Brad and open up the pediatric intensive care unit got all kind of big soft core radio farmers. You're looking about thirteen. Has just to give the kids something to do while they're here OJ just so. This hospital yet so if you can donate called the skies on phone line it's 18777195437. Or you can text. GHS. 2515. Five. We have 5155. Fax six GHS will miracle makers it's fifteen dollars month fifty cents today. The sort of wears out you actually write thirteen iPad to look at those are about 500 bucks apiece so what is that 234. Some lot of money 6500 bucks do that's what they're looking forward it's our pads but the exists in the emergency room mr. Sosa before. Kids in the children's Merck's sykora. Actually currently imagined carnivals or anything that you can donate. It is a very very very very worthwhile calls all the money stays here and it stayed. Indeed did not turn anybody away everybody's taking care of their heart broke the American record. How could you billionaire by donating fifteen dollars a month when you and I could save fifteen dollars are now quick look at this is greater because their ads are the best. We became involved. Prisoner ends ads are the best gear as far as like stuff I want I that they get the best answer I just quote I'd leave that off my phone that I probably say fifty dollar. They work together to because I was looking at something. On a totally different web site and I was using Google Chrome on my phone there and what I was looking at. And Ed popped up on interest you Graham group or that much I know that at. Amazon and know the wake cookies work and stuff like that like if you put something here. You know you use your wish list terror in your basket whatever. It's gonna put the general reminder like hey you want this I. How does it blow from at two browser like headed and they share the cookies through that timeline you know things I'm in a light on minimum both. Yeah because the happens basically just a portal to their web sorry essentially serve has the same information as there were sort it out here. Do you don't work we're told that people generally hate them us. I have a list that's wire is your question or live on collapse people do not like people hate him. So it surprised me because I've it's one that I like them. In their calls for murder. Amazon now. This program Bezos or rather ads on it though it has to supplant. Apparently it is a Graham is the add everybody wants to delete but they can't bring themselves you know. And figure out why is this is pretty pictures what's wrong with pretty pictures are Barry is not my intent. Her sir I don't get why but it's at as a top of the legislature is ahead of FaceBook and later on the F I wish I could get rid of. Would you say wish like I mean obviously ten buddies like you know I've obviously Madden and reinstall and I did feel about it. Hum. I'm here and see which ones that would get a gift should be censored and. Did want our. I had the top eight. I go ahead number eight is pandora for its infancy or. And it had that there are lagging behind everywhere else. Numbers. Room. Chrome trim middle school grolier I don't remember or aren't pretend if you hear a lot. Yeah I mean not yet. I deleted safari when errors got my phone I think safaris being sought on that I don't yeah I guess I deleted that aren't that easy. Yeah never easier to not be in the way out. Apple isn't much change is sending its it automatically let you have been something on the new wind it'll it open and safari for every Jirga I don't know why it's far in his brand loyal to chrome. Seer and it actually is his future people. Now that's what I can see why they have an issue where physics is that the U. Did you you don't like it because it wastes your time. Hey you can't quit wasting our time on it it's probably you to. So just watch one don't thing after another for like six hours never get anywhere and you wonder what even do it with your life I've done it before. That cook. I'm. Gonna do while we're on the air now because I've thought about deleting in the past am I need that again but I am now going to delete Craig's list. I'm Liane I don't need it anymore I want to peruse that every once in awhile or when I first before I'm. Looking for. Various things I. Down from Craig's list is out. Joy yet they can do VM for him anymore smug we'll take it off his shirt but that's gone and they sent back OK so why bother. Homogenous drafts you. Okay. Trevor YouTube. After this the only game that made the list apparently people still love play poker Marco what did they don't actually like to play they just won't stop playing now. We're glad that ointment that lady helped pump Mong pulled. Alone. After that is waits. Yeah people don't like the way eastern Africa and I think what here and tell tomorrow tragedy. Our blog on military regrets or they're that is a Twitter FaceBook mr. Bert knows that jet apparently everybody deleted after the update. Yeah what's that yet there was it do what. What was yet they are the update that was months ago would have but obviously it cost millions and millions users when they updated software failed came back embodied lift just because of that little thing right. I don't use any views that it before you better. Claudia. This euphoria they act. 30% more views I think it cost about 30% of their people say yeah. People might change manually change I've only facetime. Twice ever I'd never faced aren't so I don't know ideally yeah. I don't know I don't pleaded either I think MI or use it one day I'll play. My knowledge of the end fortunately a lot of apple at you can't delete it. Wedge well Craigslist is officially done. You can easily facetime and camp and Pritzker the changeover to worse now. I mean it's just a little shaken jittery X beside dark on there there you'll get the instant feedback was negative and people will pose the stuff to you but there's no point oh there's some funny you did hear something funny that it. Talk about what I do you want to see you wanna get a message does that chat some more harm animals funny pop. Not a reply back for the load onto the same thing. They're gonna save your conversation with the phone know that that that yeah that is a pain but not most people are Arpaio talking the less than a dozen people. First heard. This trip back to go in but I'd change people's names of slant chats are remembered the conversation. They're members drag people's summer. Our lives forever I talked to double dictatorship back and hit name weren't there anymore so now. And don't miss our. I think you like you probably just elaborate Stoner when your horse and it kind of reaffirming. You know like him it's gonna kills my him on there. I tape one that I would love to just absolutely right now and announce that I am never miss the back on there but I'm verified on Twitter. I hate to at home and I I find note that Twitter is pushing out information. And kidney that was circulation sales up I told you the other days in my eye and wallet because every thing they post it was about. Come see me here by this T shirt blah blah blah as like. And that's some bite personal stuff her EU's blessing and a sunny South Bend of the new general interest. But twittered there's no. Personal touch to really. It's I can't. It's supreme designed light from very very very influential very very very famous people out it isn't designed for the likes of us of the likes of anybody other than the rock. Oh you're right. It's designed to people who write legitimate worldwide rock star famous everywhere they ever there. We have verified on there and does or did helps with what you just said that I. I don't like if I can get against a Graham bear vacation I'm out of Twitter yeah absolutely. But it pretend that they protect that is a verification they won't give it to the likes of us but I agree with the Twitter contest three final than negatives that. To begin a campaign. Just check out last I deleted FaceBook you know I guess that negativity of this volume no matter where you got it's sort of go about drag queens arrests and it's all about which you at all. Follow on and I don't follow people out all the topics down purely at our people bit. Basically everybody coach where early tweets about what things are followed publicly about drag queens and wrestling and then that's it so it's all about baton. Nothing really hateful and exceptional comedians talk about politics and nausea of a timing and. Such an easy thing to hear that boy girl what let me see your your phone's screen I am curious to see what your big gaps. I tell ya I can't I can't draw tournament as this moment poor old Aaron Rodgers. A at this moment. Mutation or richter over what is. OK so I see that Obama Maria stricter object is to grant date and are going that order to it has to be in that order got a lot of notifications are sent Jason log in finished ahead. Way to nutrition car insurance have to do them a little mom a little fancier mud most need for the car insurance act like what what's the need for the actual act. Is that how you pay Internet landmines now. Monthly draft order. Not a puppet Carter for a quick someone you Caesar and excessive I'll have a couple Zuma phone which I'm sure we'll start doing soon invent search it out. He would part of that ensures correlate to take functional talked pit. This a year ago but so was is there any other ones on there that are of note. That's the entire list is out those eight yeah in other bills on the list. That is the only ones that a lot of people use are actually actively don't like one thing you'll like it don't use it. I I don't know. I don't like the home icon on I noticed for the right set of I can delete that it's particularly to stop when now. They get off can't I mean that when will come up I'll do it right now I salute you don't believe that point 933 more reform social media. Well this thing I tell you and I am all levers that chat at a map you can try to check me out there I'd be glad to. Responds yeah. Yeah stories that a lot 22 yards he also on there quite often still out. So the state are you Irish have a few few words have been don't think I'd love to do you have that information now you do yes you have to look at that portal here some Angel though lease occurs. I know from social media storm unedited yeah absolutely I know the names she donated in person or say she works here for a fun trying to pump. Big Q what Robert Honecker I Jennifer melt but that's name recognized and absolutely. Big big he want Paul brake field donated in person hospital this morning then they're the col Bryant as well. Really built. Wow that's wonderful. That's wonderful folder shares authorized as an orange you're always appreciate that yet when you call and make your donation that's they tell me what I'd do it. Yeah what you're listening the rise guys that stood there are just takes it in the GH yes they do there. 1877719. Kids make any donation you wanna make. And helps us eleventh year in the eleventh annual ths Children's Hospital radio thought rely about here. In the atrium of the hospital right now to him. Yes or call a beginner takes GA just a five point 55 fighting near miracle maker fifteen dollars a month it serves rise guys will be back right after this. I'm back. You want something is not sanitize it was only able to you buddy error. Yeah in my shoulder. Well my right shoulder and felt that and change shirts have to push ourselves we're OK why. You know I well yeah. And everything greater meaning. And I won't you know we have a running list of about a half dozen people who work here who go to the bathroom in the wash their hands. Yeah it Kazaa a now and a certain meeting was really full we were on the hallway and kind of observing right after an hour. Those diseases these deserved break. Issued demonstrate how to wash my hands up and cigars I hardly anything since her murder. I'm walking your him at this point your non I'm standing there. And -- hallway and he is in the bathroom down the hall turned the corner and you go to the conference certainly no way I know well so I'm standing on the hallway by the side door looking in Washington meeting that players because it's really full marriage. And what a pleasure back. Two toward the need to poster. My back is basically to mark installment has offices something you can really see who's come the act and it's it directly to my rights woman's Christian. So I feel this big slap on the show. Yeah. Slap and the rub it did. And who is it but one and all the list of not washing hands. Only one I'm talking about view of the Alabama this list somebody has seen in the air almost every day you I'd never see wash ever now. Heritage is our Ronald shortening for at least what happened pattern that nice rob do you ride on my shoulder man anonymous and scrap paper. All good luck to Jean you'll get three yeses and the president erection you know the person they just left the bathroom can't say they're yeah. He's nicer gauges to render. For him to go to meetings or it was kind of the bathroom directly to the meeting Grammy cameras on your didn't know was that this person ritual. Yes. Hi guys who lives. This is my LJ is backhand just slap. Giving you the real problem is already here is that. It does seem to have that you'll have the guess here is that to tell you what happened you Susie did come in and he does that you miss the Alina all yeah he yeah. And he takes a world phones do not respond. Yeah and it didn't simply too outlandish what does aren't they embarrassed us sewers like I just got shot they are trying to knows. Man local and Jimmy's face was priceless yes sir Sicily and it is like a minute movie in slow motion hundreds got shot in the arm action movies kind of race. All levels. What does Jean when he managed just I just say I'm an ounce you know say hey man I know you don't question you wash your hands and he didn't he say out of like these she walked. A walk and all I her husband in the back and yeah. My job how would it try to trip him up for that anyway yeah same is that extra. Now here's the hole a good. They parted and they're. Time. And how strong. He was before you were. Oh my irony rivers are going to be bad restaurants arms in cookies and that's where aids not churn out the winner in order ready for our. Their asylum yeah. Like oh man oh man on. I mean look it's it's. Hill to try to remember who's on this list. And it's and I shake their hands on. He's talking dispersant doesn't wash gonna have limited interaction. I think they'd be like you know. If you work your place for you touch food like that they can make better role. I don't know lights and a corporate tie for like a war we are here where it's offices in south I don't know that they can make it in eating that you have to wash your hands when you go to the bathroom but I say this but we don't handle through her. But it's there's the evidence say like that I was always a fan that was laid out I. I know I know this isn't good service so you can eat food dirty girl I. There's no signs up for the customers buffet restaurants in May have to wash their hands. If you got his most of the time they walk in right out of work truck don't visit the bathroom and just start pulling food off the buffs around who play. The good bite they've been import Johnson's last summit wash your hands. If you work in HRS. History human resources if you work NHR you would have known that Iraq or you worked in a place where this is problematic features this is now reached new levels for us I mean he really hasn't nine its shoulder hasn't felt the same sense. Not boy as I still I can just imagine like did you just feel like to have your body just felt bad like this. All of us yeah. How does that slow motion because my head just kept my my my right shoulder retest of the left shoulder my right shoulder went up towards my ear and my head put it that way. Please and call us 180774. Double 093180774. Double on 93 and tell us how. How you handle it how should be handled. Because. We had a vote on some of those semi deserted save some somebody. He can really do about someplace to have him. See someone and it's gross man and that is like so gross and I mean like. More telling number two's better fight I've never seen that person do anything other net. Set on number one seeing growth but it did. For prostate cancer that is to have the never never washing are never one time or reversing. The hands washed name. That's words I don't know what you can do or anything you can do about it because. And I think we just start teaching people better going forward hey we have so clean water everywhere we ever go. What do we did we see him in there one of us has to expand their budget is and one of the guys read candidate strip club bathroom Cologne also. So Johnson mentality doesn't water challenged president advisor on many lazy. Ambassador to I don't make enough things Perez's. You washing hands yeah defense you don't get out from underneath the fingernails are Gregorio and poured onto armed congratulations awesome it was given his reformed sex about. We're over analyze and hand washing. So how many other people think like there. If this guy work series takes the most. He's cool nobody washing their hands that is coming don't I was shaking hands of people are stopped for their roles in the gym about being a trainer in Washington and yes I cabinet so I have to say it's your pension but. It's it's one of those things where Jaime was like it he didn't Google wasn't first and then he's being nice. And he's like okay into exile and he's technically didn't wanna tell the slap look to see if that was lady Jennifer frat boy is there their marker story as they were brands do. I was right by they're all sitting there look at it and that figure walking away. Head towards the cookies which I think really good word actually chocolate chip. This morning show. 846 to a life of me ths Children's Hospital radios. On our eleventh year doing this. Trying to help out the folks who. No one has turned away here and it all stays right here in the upstate. They're absolutely great take care of all kind of gets firmer. Not just upstate South Carolina the west North Carolina and Ortiz Georgia and there. They get down towards them commitments toward South Carolina kids come up this way for a lot of services they offer GH resources Austral. Did think about it is they think the probably that you realizes people I don't think about is like win a I think about a child having to go to the hospital. Usually one of the kids in this and we'll work through having this stay here then you have did the thought set a K a kid at a hospital room. All day long and you have driven when your child on vacation. But I'm in the backseat for a half hours on the way to beat his book is someone else putting flowers and a hospital room. I'm saying you gotta have you gotta keep them out. Entertained innocence he had to keep their attention elsewhere there's a lot of bells and whistles that go along with that. He has to give him some to do that did it all back here from everything from there. The video games to the therapy dogs German and sugar camp courage open northern wrinkle carrying a highway eleven affair God's country yup they're up. Alternatives to get a look at proud that's right now to look at rare carmakers. To help them acquire thirteen new ipads for some of the kids have there's achieve just over hospital. Right you are Jimmy so lasted less to do that now have missed how to donate provision. I did I tell you just said that no. Out I didn't get there you go to disguise a phone give this morning 8777195437. It 8777195437. Or you can text and we made it real easy. Yet he can detect ths 25155. Guys who were at 933 the planet rock star com you can donate on there as well yes there's linkage everywhere. It's getting busier. Stuck to his people all over the place stars as some of our friends come by to join us it is free candy it's OK so let's talk about. Yes BR DC names used they all that is that named after a creek or is that named after somebody really named Obama's. What does Diaz who was bound could be both is it both. I don't know the answer to that let's fast Ahmad Thomas creek breweries good morning Tom good morning how are you get an audience has question that we're doing fine radio stuff here if this comes great. Named after on the street is named after my father and turned my first name is Thomas his middle name is Thomas yeah the preakness came out and choose. The graphics are cool refreshing. Drinkable water out so. And we deserve due to bring it into the logo. Like I like you know an ally like you beer for a highlight the stories like you daddy because he looks like Santa Claus for yeah. I I Julie at this would you wise at the brewery just I enjoy the whole cars that wells located. I joy and it cousin Adam he's a friend ally him. How about a great local. Business here in the state that is blurs in that it's something and it is nice to say. Twenty years correct when you took well twenty years or so from mom we're prepared review. Really from long. It's hard to just exploited really as somebody asked me the other day is ahead on your shirt there like with what your favorite at black. Well I manage change and data that. How I got great. Poster here while I. Needs gets more of them but but the desert not in my grocers freezer we. Hurt beer for it. We need to need to make dad look we are live near the perimeter gave me some toppled bar where it needs it. You know what is really just a hop skip and a jump away from the GHS to a hospital because I don't ever there after this real close I don't know. Thank you guys who you support width they would radios on today you guys really stepped up. Big time for bad. It is when things that I like about golf is that. Plate would we need have you parties at every debris. It's not just your typical kind of question is you don't know you don't tell people they can't bring your kids it's a family oriented event. I had to brewery as strange as it ended up everybody does it. Against you know white rights warrior they do it everyday business enjoy the taste of the beer and I don't know I'd still very much home over. At Thomas creek brewery. First visit I was there are six hours. I mean that's that she'd rather it was spotted at a ball anniversary for the anniversary party you guys do great stuff all the time and down. And he just did bock beer hated us that. Dirt good turnout yeah it was written turner. We got funnel cake little shaken beer coming of this Monday we we tried started that last week to degrade three dollar pints out. And the kids lonely disease through beer like liberals on today. So we maker earlier on a college in every some we do a torrent of Berea and at some is Texas with a male is to root beer. This good this very sure that that's most of there's wonderful excellent group include. We'll game I ever tell you kid be Lego Batman cape. I don't know dominant you have the say freeze right now choker. Threes are now Joker yeah it's yeah. Aren't at their watches. It's by Kevin and that's great from Appalachia. I was gonna ask these guys processing things again undertake important jitters sort of just a radio talk. So what brings you radio talk with us we're we're. Shimon radio well basically we we try to involve a lot of local charities whenever we do events. We do a lot as a safe harbor and also the Greenland may society. Soon to beard doing this this kind of fits. You know the Thomas creek family plan which is when I'm calling China. You know yeah a lot of respect for Tom and his families. And it's her all the debris every day. So not only does that work there his wife's there and and his book the skins were there dogs were there any at all calls fairness. So you know it is a family business and is this is kind of fits the mold and and something that's important communion and we want to be a part of this year. Yeah why I'm glad to. Glad date obviously that you guys here today and so important as it's it's just great to see an a plus in this for omitted that elect. You know he does born here. Twenty years success we're born here we've been on the air fifteen years like this nice because you don't ride down some streets and some smaller towns in the upstate. The ghost town like your mom and pop psych. He asked Melinda what a mom and pop is in many. You know that paints her parents I would say mom and pop that's what our public affairs. So it's nice to see locals still works and I know that's a train dean being in the hash tags and all that bit. The brass tax local local local. Were born here you guys local businesses flourish all the money for GHS Children's Hospital stays right here. We're cool with all the other states that stuff but we learn this well. Eat locally you can drink locally you'll be better off if you do those two things local six more we know we're also big supporters you guys went and use your role in the Marie in the Morton. You know early. We have nurses and author soon to come in there and doctors and I mean I'm talking tendon in his twelve people looked at the bar some towns and yeah the brewers sermon on the and we got the runs Gaza meridia and that's. That's a daily occurrence on any notice. Some mutual support there Ellison. Boys we appreciate currently facing them really do it says it's always good to see off and down we'll see ought to bash I guess we'll have had. Have you on the bash and down. We're we're this age immersed as part of real sincere and what's coming up soon what is the most as part of what is it details that can have with a beard BL OK guys. It's like yeah actually its roots on beards. Bozos are part of our mustache has broad terms so there's again. And I didn't sound schematic settlements. You have your five cents Mongolia far. I have a broad tied at one to save my neck but this August as can be August 28. From sixth day in his national boots on day. So we'll have been a food truck. Love Cameron cigar shop out there will cigars. And then. The beard the blues beard is a company that makes beard grooming supply house like three or creams and yeah brushes and stuff. Of the the dampers sand clapper as the name of the Greenville votes I company so. Always Gaza be there is can be fun of course love bearden and here we won't let a few Beers yeah. And of course while reviewer for the kids they don't hear it. Is is absolute blast and we just say here's what we should do to get evidence start tasted some stuff in and I mean I don't know. Is there were stunned to hear out of the question I mean my lord. Let's talk about this isn't it also in the room I. Parents I mean aspect that we literally and clearly it's bills like import routes like beer and I had a very savvy talent. Hi my ex I think. You name should be. He won beer was spurred the fearless love and a change months UP one beer pusher man. We're push rim which is on mother's car to let senator peer pressure man that that'd be something with a leg or back anything I mean yeah I mean he can over the Beers got to make it. Oh man this guy can definitely durable he can taste beer until you listen and understand is it would be fun there are down this. I'm able to happen broker correctly it was these boys down on the what do you got and then amber Atlantis mill and a pocket somewhere yeah. Lot of soccer is written here on a Brooke Cooke's bring it does not scream moment plus it's like there's there's little cups are hospitalized remotely close to that it would that was. You tell us as the rockets enterprise. I. It's it's comets will Thomas creek brewery. How can we find your social media. Facebook's of those women we do a lot of social FaceBook. You know we're also a minus room and I mean yeah that Thomas creek with beer yeah this program but at that right now. Time to sink the status quo. All right big boys coming in today thinking for sporting ths radiates on your Children's Hospital we'll get it taking a break we're gonna come back. Ever gonna clean about your fat boy do radio thawing continue to GA says Children's Hospital we'll be right.