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Thursday, August 9th

Throwing knives at somebody when they eat your food will definitely get you a spot on Rise Guys Headlines.

We kick off day One from Radiothon to raise alot of money for some great local kids. Headlines: Sports. 

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Arise guys suck it. The good guys. Guys 2000. Very got very lucky as man's speech affect him or her phone she's today. I consider myself down. There is also every time we do a live show we just expect that Barack cares man. I think you aired on the radio but we hear cover bad we're also write that speech. Tonight we're here it's like my ears are listening slower than that. At what guys as it winds that slow it down you're talking a partner. That hangs today I'll try and tell you that today we're look at. There's thunderstorms. Highs near ninety right now though little band. 68 dreams hey Maria it's well. It is Thursday. I eleven. Ths children. Absolutely that's where we are we're in the atrium so people were caught a lot of people are appropriately it is an atrium. His picture of your ridiculous. Stop right now payroll deduction Lewis film music. February's rodent with mystery in the balls very narrow finally. Well. Well look I'm on there there did. Did you say seven to engineering but that's the active I took our heads are all expert to Robert for okay. Excellent well that's already we as I said where I live eight ths Children's Hospital he said it. Children's Hospital where it is it. Yeah men were hanging out with didn't read waxy radio thought is under way. We're already looking for sleeper sofas for parents because they spent a lot of lights out here GH a short hospital. We've learned that together today and we we came back here to to me with some of the folks here it. You know just he would be the day to day operations is definitely. You know we we come here to talk about it and down. How would it be well purchase debt and we don't understand. Absolutely grant and a bit but there's a lot of media here played they had this information for how many kids are actually here at the hospital right now yeah. They're the emergency servicing 74 patients in the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours they're serving for serve there's. The 65 in the name cute 56 the total pediatric census and then her. There's what ten inches eight preschoolers. Sweaty kids between six and twelve and an eighteen teenagers are there. Rural. CS thing you never know what this kind of situation and you might not have. Finances in place to the deal living at this time from work and whose gonna foot the bill they do not turn any families away no kids are turned away here at. Eight ths Children's Hospital is our eleventh year doing this thing. And two. It's it's a pleasure to do it every. It really is it's it's a lot of fun to come out here and there well lucky ones are out here Herman is. He area very Terry Everett is cupcakes at some point we know we got that coming. But it's a lot of fun to get out here and it's been a bunch of people and see what goes on. Well yeah. It mattered fact it what would it wouldn't wouldn't say the hour the hour changes at 7 AM that when the big shift changes here seriously impairing okay. So if you if you're a the hospital. Basically peel memorial here because back today. Do come by and sale of so that's where available. If you're arguing in on your way out if you work here you are employed by GHS Syracuse is visiting here. If you just in the area and you wanna drop by at donation may accept cash donations right out. Here at the house it is an issue here is that the senate that they have it is caught in a miracle maker it's only fifteen bucks a month it eight. It's fifty cents today rapidly depending on what month it is and what that does is that guarantees them. Let me take a look I put it down to brass tax like this they can have a little bit of the budget to work with the estate you know wait till radio on this two day event that we do every year. In just say okay when we're gonna have the rest of the year. And look at it this way. You subscription services you boxes that you get every month whatever but here quickly found thirty about early every fifteen dollars a month is what you traders stream that's what it's just round. Yeah so what that you're gonna be. I'm not say it get rid of Netflix how this happened think about you can fly fifty bucks in my. Chicken utterly original wish fixing those most Catholic think about. Wow. Really a lot of us I mean not not not everybody but when he Everest could easily. So bring together fifteen dollars Merck we just did. Two as dumb things behind in the course of months after the not even taped sometimes they weren't stupid things and hundreds of dollars I ask you. And I must tractor presidential look like dad's jobs no problem. He pledged to do it being news you know it's it's you know stressed that mean yeah it's what those things it's like a week. You won't even remember here and look at you just you know got some very big way tax checkered quarterly business owner taxes are no except that fifteen dollars a month in one lump ceremony parents. Yeah yeah. So it can if you look at the end miracle maker that is donating. The fifteen dollars a month where a candidate to be drafted you have to worry about it like Jimmy said right now. When we try to give you like a couple of items an hour that. You know he's fight donate money donate money but if we tell you allocate this money this hour's point of this fight for instance as you said. Those sleeper so there's there's 3200 dollars each. And you probably say and hey guys expensive you know what you wanted to laughs yeah and you want to be comfortable just there haven't tried the worst time of their lives. And you think about being in clinical environment it has to be made a certain materials so it can be sanitary all the time. Has to be against Saito out Jenny has to be something you can have a hospital by age you've ever spent the night Haas earlier overseeing those. Shares in the hospital harassment. This do you go to sleep and a lot of times understand the house rules somebody BJ just shorter hospital and make sure of their best not to let that ever happened and. And it's along nicely and on sentiments not. Meant to sleep I'm in now. Gloria when your heart about child and and it's partisan hack you know bread salute have been tried as they'd edit. Sleep however when that I have heard at least slip on a live writer of the entire and that my back it never felt better than Europe. Ads related here is that pizza. Here's video Ray Davies was there page. If you would like to be a miracle. Maker or perhaps you just wanted to donate X amount of dollars 187771954. 57. Exactly 187771954. Or five separate. Or you can text America you. Yet Egypt takes ths 251555. As a sign of the times being taxed it now I did. Who had them last year. Everything we do birds and Russia is ready to say irreverent protects an option that's cool tiger and I are I. I don't like talking to people perfect on extra donation text GA justify its 1555. Yes absolutely easy to do my mother and I were talking Claymores test. The area or her family. For a broad block learn I can add back. And actually. But it's it's it's it's imported guys hopefully it it'll be important to you again. Good fifteen dollars month that's just kind of opportunity time today saying they've they've folks here laid out but. Even if if that ten bucks one time. Whatever that dollar miners. I promise you it all stays right here you know how. I mean Jamie are back charities an assortment. You know some album and a month and don't embarrass on the secret list here outside of that. You know this is it all stays right here in the statement by turn to a bit sorry. His findings sleeper sofa silicon for two more sleep surface in the first hour this radio chart out and let her sit here say they don't beat you up your sleep sometime quick. I mean if you live here long enough you'll know somebody who spends some nights appeared ths Children's Hospital you know somebody. Who has a kid appear and then you just got to think about those people lose their immunity dull moment she. But we've put it to somebody you know which legacy it hits home a little orbit. They have talked all these doctors and professionals they get all this heavy information about what's going on what their their child and you know they think they're better get a little bit arrest in order to retain that order to know what's going on they would do what they had to do his parents. You're absolutely right I aimed and that's why we we ask you do to give and how about you which came into. But to make that pledge to keep this going. Nina. Yeah we've been here eleven years. People or show up in droves every year were variations but we don't want this to be here we slack off the ball around roams around. Let me ask you something this information right here on this big wall is that and current fingers and not been messed with the I don't want to say. I have no idea orders not to save the outward the rumor comes out again. It whatever you can do. Please call off and donate. At two essentially disguise on phone line 187771954371877. Seven maligned. Nine kids in your spell that out it's probably easier 719 kids that these yeah. So we're going to do while we're at it hopefully talk to a whole lot of DA GHS employee and you get off here shortly. Come by and see it's in between breaks we'd love to. On this would be perfect for the mission to take a picture of every people on bestseller it knocked out several today here are handling ethical backdrop futures are flat ran a red carpet event. Believe could take a picture with fatter us over there or cool backdrop for Revere their death for those fares are very where it's we've fatter and it fell from a pitcher evidence. Not overlook those storms. That tend to pumps and little states my stance and yeah. The dirty diesel relief at Pomona I don't know let's say that it had to do that where heavy metal staff. You spots on. So we're yes funny that we're we're you know we're we're gonna do rise guys' radio out here and that is just that in a lot in high. Firemen and we're whereas you need help badly GHS Children's Hospital. So. Fun will be had I L today again went 877719. Kids disguise on phone line. To help out with radio. Presented by Greenhill pharmacies thinks those curves are opener with a huge radio firm again in 2000 maintained yeah we met this guy has last year did. The real core of your anger towards our forks yeah. Superb chairman you can always of course I continue to Texas 7341. That's Carolina paper mill dot com Tex signed whereas the rise guys on busters social media touch points. And of course any questions what 8077. Board. Double load 93. We're gonna have some. As a radio I'm here today yeah we're gonna review where thousand dollars or our. I mean it is somewhere scorer ransom to put it. There are two donated users sort of hospital but were still give it away twelve grand today so. And that means quicker quicker taken more than there here's my play its island view and pay off I would donated to radio absolutely I mean she can't win the I'm eligible but if I. He knows my life he does whenever I would try to talk invented a lot of guilt trip renter for an overall I mean mama got made nationals there. If there southern. There alternatives some articles sort of mama yet you ground rules where it. Aren't yet I find so that's might give away and hopefully a lot broader trivia kids here at the GHS Children's Hospital patient what are you working on it. Well we're gonna find out what happened with the woman named Michelle wins eight heard Chinese leftovers you would do such a thing we get into that story next in your eyes guys and minds. I have roommate that would amount. Make it roommate. May via videocast. Did you parents you want and some more it was gone through. Seriously we're assuming Richard Lawless thing that. I will find out all about that next year rise guys headlines morning everybody good morning. Again money every time. But then any. Would make a woman get so violence. That she was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon without intent to jail. It's a much greater Chinese news peg that. That alone you remembered rest remembered their day they news winner winner take what was the question there. Well I was games that now but he says the bigger question what would make a woman. Do all that in any city eating Simmons Chinese dinner and he said that. He's cementing who's our first because they eating Chinese theatre earlier. Than originally requested there. Then the question doesn't it what would make her so angry and then you answered it forming which is a good thing you know he taught me the answer five minutes ago I look a little bit DS at its easy is on for a they're. They're they recur. And in essence it says it said that so when ate her Chinese fans this is day 56 woman. Name shall we still glad I callers liner. She lives in north more. Florida and lastly she hasn't Chinese food leftovers in the fridge which mysteriously. Disappeared and she had only one suspect. We're not sure about her relationship with the damage that was her roommate or where there a couple or not. She insists things that he cater feared he denies it. And when he got home she started accusing him of eating the Chinese duties Torre didn't do it but it wasn't good enough for her since she threw a nice fat out. Oh out do you do we know what kind of night for what he Ater any of those things about stores it didn't mention that. Say it was some low Maine because what remains pretty good. I love Maine is good even if it kind of felt like at their refrigerator not like cold but not didn't have to be totally warmed up here. Yes I am a dissenting kitchen knives or give me any kind of tactics you pick that you know I'm gonna decide if it was like yeah. You know make the biggest night far pairing I turning butcher. Yeah I mean it just use your imagination but she missed the and she told unquote if I want to hit CEO I would have. So he called the cops honor and she was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. She's a confident customer forget to remind somebody came guarantee it will probably would hit them I just don't provide it with a handler who's that by the bloody. I've only had a with the handle it it was just days. If it was. Chinese are bitching here. Noon I know Lou Diamond Phillips into it it was nice to be so get it goes I used it to I visit the Anderson jockey like not tell mama no yeah you can't you can't tell she's about stuff like Darren helps cancer. You merely stored down Bergen would mall that a boxer you know. Throwing stars samurai swords yeah right they're. Is it plays above the pack this hefty price was still on the adaptability. Opinions look in the window that big arm twist in the Kathy hello is that some relation to the Ernest Tubb record store. Small man because they're not. Most of records to Vegas and as you left Dalembert and I across to the pigeon forge their you worked your cup record store us out of my hands and lady has led an addict. Write downs and that lol oh yeah right there in that laws circular lawyer area yet it has been that that's where they had the F baby doll dress place and they rely on the heels again. It's weird fluffy baby don't dress yeah. A big gap amber yeah it every few times there are. Recruiter museum oh boy I have a trial to the ribbon ceremony Millwood is you're better Dalembert Reggie like the economy is Aybar the concert museum burger. Thank you I believe and am I had a chance yet probably Computer Museum really there other than I thought the prices recede through what it was there. I didn't wage user friendly computer music already had. I've had that little white shirt since they started sound and Spencer PA did he. Well she was arrested and on I 5000 dollar bond sound. I don't know she's gonna go back home and trying to get them to pay for some more fair but and it's yeah. Well you always chasing people out of your league well if you're hired off the only one and you study that online dinners go after. People to 45%. More desirable. Than themselves. If you're they'd ideally duration of current and can't why would you not try to do it better or you know what I'm saying I never dated in my league ever as coach yeah I. I don't even know that you're laying in fact it fairly I've. The big flatly I. I did Arnold can use a player's double play ball right my dog do you have about pressure to maintain the I don't know I think about that some might. Updated you married your high school sweetheart he'd stayed in the same person I think it you know if you data nearly. You gotta maintain run if say your leg up from the minors to all stars that's that's precedent it if you are okay. This is only for guys at Edwards and wait didn't hear a guy and you dating so called adding your league HTC against Chile's Wen date you would you Barrow ready. These are ready if this is a whole hierarchy that she majorities that damn cute really in the bush. Don't have to be Mike Trout he'd be good utility player and be in the major leagues and a trouser snake from real belly yards a major leaguer he's not Mickey Mantle but he was major leaguer and a was it to look him in the movie Humana. That was ugly baseball team ever aboard your files smartly get around familiar. Otis Nixon was not hop artist next. Look like attractive yet about a little over racquet ugly. Ari. So here you guys are yelling and a new study out of the university in Michigan looked at data from 487000. People. Does that use online dating asked to figure out. Good thing rescinding messages here and the researchers found too surprising things first online gators are almost always going after people who are 25%. Know our desire on them themselves. And they are at second my. It's like you think Simmons out merely go longer then the longer it the message you write to them and try to win them over the better your chances are. So I guess you know. He can work harder if you're not you know an all star but it. Had you looked OK so I understand dating at your league but I can't say oh I'm dating 25% at a Miley. Or her life measured bats. Like Ed and. Once he gets me man is it. We work with him he's a great guy but he always AME once a week he comes up to me and tells me at kick coverage. And impression you're doing a hand somewhat debit not really gazette in my headphones and our fault for a bit of all the way. But it tells me about kick coverage there might. Man I think the reason you think that is because you go on base where football uniform off. Clinton won it what she's ugly you supplemental personnel. Well what we'll keep an addict yeah I did get me. Technique could not during the anthem voters I noticed that she I can't productive. That. I aegis saying that women arm. Mark accepting a man than they are women did this because if a woman thinks. You pretty I mean the kid I would think that. Anybody that I mean dating manly as to when he 5% followed me so there's literally are. Or remain could reflect for intentional grounding. We say I know he's out of my. I hate me but I like ten became his team's it is why I mean it doesn't make. Any sense I'm pretty sure war one of my girlfriend's got a taxpayer through the Pentagon. It off the Internet and lose their subsidiary. I find RA. Her first bring their picture these data if it yeah. Here this post well. You Kim and tell me your probabilities aren't buying this response say gay and perhaps there hovering around 10% when your messaging them. So I'm here not batting zero but in no way. If you like so and they respond may be your personality wins ever so looks aren't everything his. Interest in little lazy to do all these polls here's what they ought to do. What statistically like when you show opener of a so called blind date of first day like he'd seen her profile pictures forty seen terrorist program. We know is is specifically with women they only put their best stuff out so that's when they look their best so I wonder how many times you go along. A date when you've seen the pictures never met in person. Who looks worse she understand like. Do that the women put it on harder and their profile pictures or this week we always say it's the women but I know some guys it. I'm knows somebody whose profile picture is eight years old. I don't know I got dressed too little boat people in his dating profile picture perfect again. Looking for whether these pictures eight years old. And like he looks significantly. Younger yeah years ago all of minute OP Orlando I've talked about Goldberg from muddy ducks. During. Our whole. Problem Syria. Is not in this hearing here you know carry out there won't. Turns people ordered his dating profile pictures right. If for no more than awarded to know about him because it had been right his is his boxer briefs. I didn't I mean I get voted no dude at that let's go don't oh on song mocking her and oh yeah I mean it's a billboard to come get them that's all that's. Well why why all the plumber is Linda and out pays me good plumbers union court. He's in town or is he false advertising that's an island Ina. And say I didn't ask if it was socks or how MySpace page it gave the home. I salute resort and it may have I don't know no way of editing video on social meeting with president did today. The there are a lot of maintenance your eyes at him and I. Wimbley combat we've got rise guy's sports coming up also the people in pay off come up at 7 AM. When you hear they keyword. From fat boy yes a text it to 72881. And 1000 dollars surprise guys lied. Radiates RG HS Children's Hospital will be right back. Okay boys. When assessing for yeah. This NFL superstar. Little resistant gram cam video of course for the picture of himself on their. In the he catch in the picture. Mile all of these call me legend. Well. A pretty famous pop stores sold his caption. Is your reply back. I think the few other things to call you. Now the pop star. Is famous Australian rapper herself Iggy azalea. And the in this bill. Superstar. Who's she's now dating. Is none other than Daniel high school's home the Andrei new pillar Hopkins. Really remembered that now on. That's all yeah. They may. I guess through there. But externally scram what the supposedly she's slid that the unions allow may be slid in Herzl both feet in bounds of course and it's a yeah where. Is good for them usually news comes right here whose book read give away but it isn't busy the Summers who authorities there are considering no matter who's got me. The other big contract melted down. He's going to be extension. I don't know why I thought we probe you know tunnels because you know we'll. Bill Clinton are both think so he's day to get this league. So these shape let's see how do you consider financially he's appear above her. The Seattle now because like she was like really really famous and then like you'd hear about her. Ever again yet nothing is site once hardy became around. Is that what you didn't see her even like you know you show me anything I hear anything about it she fell off to block political. The day's best TI's girl right he not tonic. We've been there for years and no I mean like he discovered her one woman out. The amount for a better maybe scooter brawn Adobe pixel buddy over at the fist hit this silly player's corner on front. It's six bronze returned to Cleveland has leaker November the 21 through. Talk about expensive ticket I can imagine. Yeah they're government get prices if that I don't right here who care. But. It was safe to say I don't know if he gets a managed to get booed for a little bit is because he's on the other team. Let me come only Groce for championship you're gonna get plus if you you can't boo him. Investor needs that bought all the schools and bottled water all ranks until you are not. Hard knocks came home. With the Cleveland Browns. And the first full shots you get the guys work and all of the building turned down all brawn son which I'm used to grade audio this actresses of final slide that were written in half. Yeah it was a big deal. The so. The stories we've been up. Quite a ticket then they can do when he retires of but it alpaca. Oh absolutely right here and don't go. Don't love him they still lives reopen the school and Akron so they sell like the data just random or play for the lakers. They'll. Be even though that built in which all four Susan took at all tomorrow one puts on the back of their. Plus pre season games tonight you can check out the Panthers put bills. Stand the cardinals. Will sell they that is something pretty pretty big severe concessions mean you've paid giants. Burger with five pennies pump caught. This is only one murder. Five pennies font boggled by brought worst we slices of cheese eggs slices of bacon and HE contenders I hope it's forty slice cheese yet. If he's found the Starbucks you know. If you finish in under an hour to get a free Jersey call Sydney five books that you don't finish it and a trip to the hospital alive. This approximately 8000 calories but how high do it and the purchase. Bring it home. Room where cigarettes and bacon left there. If you're dressed I'm over the food they brought him this morning we can make her own but this must express real hamburgers or hot dog or brock's. The cheapest cavaliers lakers tickets. Upper levels section 202866. Dollars each man. The highest. I'll get you in just a moment and you courtside it's ridiculous coming to the penalty at the worst team in the league probably gonna get chipped up to two traveler books. Supports us here who believe gets hot. It is meant. By the 49ers aren't like Clark this year the QWERTY Kilmer helmet but. Cool thing you see this statue down slightly buzz stadium. Which you know is of the 49ers legends is that one play alone. Community futures that's your. Yeah he's a luncheon. If you aren't coming in the armor that people put out there Montana rice Craig. Clark the F centers all around play us. You don't want friend been out there you referenced that you'd. Army primers animal was her friend her 49ers can make statute. That collapsed there Charles Haley gallon. Lot allows laid yeah Kim Norton junior first Hanks has long day. I think you know Dana Stubblefield yes yes I actually should have won they have one of Ron Amadon yet. No additional loans analysts have you or you know what nor mrs. chances what he would turn to when the cowboys. Is not gonna get one now merton Hanks. Yeah I'm he works really now right these opponent does need to write an edict to put his own out there are JJ stokes Steve Allen. But the statue is gonna have the the closing adult face mask emergence of the 49ers quarterback before Joseph Montana. Now turner. It doesn't matter resident and I don't it don't really. Yet do we accomplish a chorus you think they do world or Rogers Paul Flynn wants. That's it boys withdraws does force thousand bush coming up your attic that.