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Thursday, August 9th

If you have ever wanted to know how tyo make a teddy bear out of raw chicken, then this headlines is for you. 

Headlines: Matt tells a great story about secretly eating fast food: Wrap-up. 

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Man they've got some updates for you Superman star Marco hitter. The corner release its report yesterday and Raytheon that she died and self inflicted drug and alcohol overdose. And other persons who committed suicide is unclear according to the corner much intent meant to her daughter says quote. It's a big relieved that the truth is out there it's important to be open and honest says there's not a cloud of shame in dealing with this. This is very unique sort of grief and pain knowing how many families go through this I wish that I can reach out to each one of them. Mark Jones a sixteen I. Is there any. Responsibility. To the people task they announce the cause of death. It sort of thing right why it is. I mean I I'm not attacking her daughter certainly back in kind of the language as we owe it to the people they're trying to say this but it's like she's dead and you know it is not any any kind of you know the pilot debilitating disease but there again maybe there's a stories tonight needs to hear about Pearson and it'll save. A lot of people. Could very and I agree with you I think it should be just because your public figure does that mean your whole life has to be in the media. And it should be up to the family to release that information. Plank. You know the cranberries singer Dolores we don't know what went to the cause of her death pleasant. I don't think for her children safe and aviation never be released so I agree with you have a point. Am I entails some happens it was. Taxes some of the dolphins would have us too much applied slot along do with the moves that have been. You know you can rewrite its end however he wants. And leave a note if you're gonna do something for your family and I had that yet living well could read my mind I thought about over the weekend as site. If you wanted to do 88 video. Did stop crimes just to and knocked him down the runway at. Shave it off. Yeah you said I'll save it on my computer home. How would somebody find it would you'd like you'd have to put it. On a it's a drive. But some kind that would be noon will venture too many people's hands in the pot yeah yeah like it's complicated is too late sniping at VHS tape. And you're right off that I mean most people thought the worst thing as the day of the senile someone passes and everybody's argue for the things. If you have everything itemize on what everybody's getting did you have a wealth. And have a statement on saying via that you loved him and everything will be a lot easier for the family death knell mine would be calling out people it would give me. I take it down when you shoot you shoot memorial issued interview that it but I. The word safe as it paid search casket rig blew it all 43 aren't as you go beat headed off out of. Give me everything they don't. Ask that we can be a little a little bit of women Thomas cricket runner before all right let's. Try searching you can edit and carry out. You know. In the past years people are afraid of losing their jobs but now the job market hasn't approved collects unemployment. And people are actually using their vacation days now. Yeah finally in the job market they're starting up soon according to a new study and their kids use an average of seventeen point two vacation days last year. That's up since twenty tenths of more people are going and people in Colorado Virginia and Arizona. Though the people that take more days off than anybody else. And the people and Montana and Delaware Rhode Island to the fewest. It makes sense when you go into a month and it all starts Glacier National Park and a half and walk around Xerox. We'll do some fun spin Glacier National Park pretty. His stuff right horses don't Llosa monthly board to blow up do you think you'll you can go to Montana I would like that but doesn't your girl walk around all they never see anybody. You love that that would be fun and Simpson I'm Josh. Please look at. Plus a car you are. Yeah you know I guess think the answer is don't be afraid of taking some time off because people are doing it anyway and say nice plays it if you got there right there corporate. Afraid to take time on the stories credit in the news before putting it turns are there they're afraid third term home page the first two years of the show they think today let's take a day. You know. You can't some jobs may indeed you do you do is nobody else they're here you can do it like other places army did at the time all that you know you're a list. Figure one of these habits all time tickers. My opinion page just loved being around us and I'm. Love you guys it is a vacation. Check it it well it actually is accused in town you know I love you guys to let my family. We can't afford to take off hours think Trevor fires yet not down I did you know and it's good to get a break in the impact and rejuvenate your. Your size your mind and have a different life on on everything Sam. Can't take that vacation fun kind of friend of the boat now wasn't just -- charge. They're gonna find a friend who lived a place that socialist. My thoughts into the anger iPod guy. At a beachfront about the Grand Canyon and let's not fishing house that they had to go and I think he. Think I'll need to get lumbered ran and then you know you can't hold down it became the microwave tickets on mall I'm not sure those things there'll. You will all the cons everything that set up right now we'll stay because. If people look thank you very much for that. I think that's what I needed was ignoring eaten their child's parents and a well beautiful body. I would have done. Turner is the word we're left and the. Or break event that aren't an ice they were eager for Israel for it if not exciting isn't Dennis well below. There isn't a woman in Louisiana and that Amherst of dissent viral for selling Teddy bears made that Iran chicken. C hours trying to save you were cut this especially. Remember relentless Santa for a break if somebody dropped off the that in man bruiser Teddy bears record we'll check. And like that that follow it. Never crossed my mind anyway start to make it Teddy bear raw chicken. Now the average mean that there as well as sites and circus Adelaide vessel walls shift and stuff any. Tunnel after warm on bumpy skid where the feathers used to be it's lovely round but she can kick it. So this woman is named Maggie mystery from Louisiana and she's selling these speakers on face back. And seal literally stitches for raw chicken parts in the shape of a Teddy bear and you can cricket and hated the bears panelists might get them off or film. I'm not sure at the eyes are made out of that they're kinda bloc countries. Now something. They should be made of food certainly are now kidney beans and a good idea something that you can say this our ground. I think that it is kind of bizarre. And the price is reasonable. 35 dollars or 25 dollars if you provide the chickens have to give her success is it created Teddy bear Korea that's always nice idea do you. Like how's that legal yeah I mean this is obviously contaminated step down. Yeah. Immediately got to keep you gotta keep your read about that as you gotta keep chickens killed otherwise you can get some kind of. Yeah you beat the heck approved make birthday cakes for people are you doing so raw chicken Teddy bears. Yeah we have to edit your house when UA LI big cells can do I mean is it law. Hard to do being actual business in that realm well you should pay his bout which were sort of regular. It has to CNN yeah CI certified kitchen and they checked it tonight he can't do it in your own. If you're gonna feed people you better make sure that you new week it's your ingredients found in their their checked in France snow. A little Leo rebels global sleuth clearly the only thing about that is that it may be kind of cute if you're having a party you served as play. Thrilled to getting gifts that did. People aren't really ticking really is made up all chickens so I mean you could cook at bake it in service on your table but still it. I guess is. If you're have been like the pig roast we have Netscape by that if you're going to have. Is that are put it this arena in effect I don't know what every inning there. But them. Really I kind of agree with the rest of the world it. God bless there's people literally starving and number here we have so what does chicken they were making and defense one time stuffed animals out of. Durham I mean it. Listen to make a bit more out of it in the cookie mania that's fine the food we waste of America we should be in jail over it and finally I'd. I disagree the last four behind me. It's pure fruit we throw away is it all points aren't saying hey do you wonder how many chickens if you've ever goes simmering hearing a lot of greens how many tickets per sacrificed at the party that you just served alarm I don't know if they'll fall when we waist to thirty to 40% of our fruit America. We waste almost have to boot what does NASA. We're just in terms not eat it throw it away that's meant like it by a 100% of the discovered through about 40% now. We are different partners are about 40% of it goes and transparent. I'm not study for you tomorrow yeah there's some positive. I had corn the last three days I'm just get a note I know I've been eaten at that. I don't know they're afraid of worry on that corner yeah but I. Rested that's part of the problem Jesus Christ that's an 88 Ozzy Osborne has taught them how. I would sort where just what bloggers say more you don't process there. And lastly someone actually did a study on this issue gift. He hit your colleagues kids extra cash. There's that 15% chance they're gonna put on this but if if he could college here your parents giving money for not buying books. Generally goes to face any. Not my college storage tapes not mine went by and purchase Chinese apples and that. My is the right parties and we all put an Armani whatever we have left over theme parties whenever so basically if you have a kid in college age children to get a job in the need donate that slaves you just took its hospitals. Absolutely. Prepare and I'm always felt as the phrase your parents gave you money by about her daughter not discuss. Until I was aimed in the back amen to that. I hope you don't drag it marked find out. I didn't have as good as apple did just. Guess my dear treat all of my peers did a good job of packaging up. Generic. Bottom of the barrel and Mickey and fill like you were up there I mean that's not a bad thing for me. Special athlete can make things special yeah but but I thought my whole I thought my whole life as a kid is always special this special back and I get older not find out now. No here. That was then put the spin on what has also taken things there are especially making those special that then that leads to trouble down the road as you've made. Special what what's those speeds mesh well. Still out of the perspective just a thousand kids in recent grants. They said that they spend their parents' money one can seven say they mostly sit on their part time. Yeah sound young girls. Munger hello 30% of them admitted that they lied to the parents on their spending spending habits there are so yeah I. Obviously stood. But mineralized corridor just think girls do spend money to party because if they have worn a party and not just get relentlessly hit on they have spent money numbers very yeah. There's always wanna just be relentlessly hit on by every student parent I don't think it. Of them do it here in college and today there are certain communities well no I am I thought that it now. If there's other parties that you go to that if if a guy's throwing it it's gonna get out of hand and instead girls' lives. Generally want to provide the entertainment and the parties if you don't want it to get out of hand. If I was a college girl amount if those cars are only drink out of my own bottles of liquor so argued Hillary Clinton's well. Man and a little. Let me like I would take my drink to the bathroom at me I led by I would never accepted drinks from anybody. I have Saran wrap it up whatever the top of mind and see if they would much food you. I would not leave any food on the table American aid on our program during that Pacifica with a padlock on it. Literal life can help. Thomas yeah. It simply says 70% claim that they get their extra money from their mom and dad does help them better in school but I mean yeah. It's from their mom and again my mom my semester cast mom's gonna give him and not ask questions going just didn't trust them opposite complete chaos really. Danny was the best friend may revisit disciplinarian who would give you monument they're keeping secrets for you that I had it both ways. A strike Danny's hand so when mama's hands page thorough way I gotcha that's right front page and has your has had his hands full of monies given. That's what it is all right we're to take break and come back more from the GHS Children's Hospital radio bomb. We got into a very down. As funny as hell conversation about is about three different things really all in one it was about. Fast food. Funny stories. It was drive throughs funny stories and then it was. Food delivery funny stories yeah yeah I still can't or what that was predicated on. We just got in to talk about it and I don't remember what started that I don't exactly what began this. The fast food conversation or certain family. Tell us why you grab initiatives. Are up in the last week your way into the drive through an average of money out our drew homered for American imaginative you're in France has an impatient. Right at and in fat boy you when he used it written in Baghdad the guy's hand by accident or not he closes hormel to bad culture our growth for instance. Kicker here is your manager Brian I don't. Aren't simple and it. Let's just don't stop doing it then that is holed it out I never and that dead lucky and the way to managerial. At least six seconds now. That was good end I just got so many different interactions are like you have tweets and no snaps and stuff about people talk about me had tears in their eyes listening to our funny showed store's hours are funny things are bad the charges in the many ordering a bunch of food and protect the people they are attending other people there are any and all along. I told some stories along those lines before red never opened it up and as far as I did yesterday as far as Maurice to go to Google employees in Spartanburg and get a wanted to she's taken a one of the heroes our order broached. And then order the water or what how. Medium and instead I say veteran players somebody else writes the largest only the media does somebody is it else. And do you do you think they really took them as far into it. Right. Down nice and here's how and better. I think just around. Idea is it is shows that the psychological problem. I'm all right okay so when I am eating in the car keys he can be you know. To insulate us through the drive through our like senator symbol lacking kind borrow my image in my life group. If I if I'm meeting going on there a magic to a red light who bears down. Yeah absolutely man video let me add this. It's a hole was something good shot at I have to go to my hand yeah I have my right hand on the wheel is brutal bit in my left and it will be right. Against the doors and no one can see it. Yeah green does it just Mingo it also means he began yeah. I haven't traffic gets spread out and no flotation because like in ads you know at my heaviest. I was really concerned about that still eighty pounds lighter I don't. Eat at a red light because in my mind somebody on other side merely had a shadow mayor whatever. He's gonna have a phone out. And they're gonna have that that when that that's next hour filter risk. Don't manage zooms in only here's the bad guys and their money you know much option he said you know. And granola bar I still. Would think this is going to be somebody. May give some kind of thing where I'm Shannon's mom well yeah Christian Horner and you can't always didn't really good when big cup Nat to Nat. JC's general Margaret know why. Why was it before there was they had checked. Before there were camera phones everywhere we still it won't eat red lights are in my life you know or obtain your shirt off at the poll yeah. And what are this graduate didn't exist we shouldn't eat in front of people read life isn't most damaged is in your hand yeah. This is all in their own head and not having enough time to consume themselves on what's in yours either pay attention ordered. Which they're not order on her phone not paying attention to you and I didn't think no I don't like the guys that he can't stop stuffing his thanks holly just generally you don't let it. If you. In your head we're very. Make your home. They're ready to let you know. He I had had to lose weight they just don't eat the hammer to our myself. Differently arguing. And why should it matter whether Jim murder at a red light do you want beaten ledger afraid to eat is arguing that imaginative person in your mind. So when I when I still lived at home I got when I talk to console to know anyone had a bag full combo burritos I'm coming down. I'll tell exactly it came down can anyone cut down behind Bank of America pie no driving then go down her asked. Home page to read lie wrecked their restaurant growth and there's train track and I got there there is a train. But did you Tulane train so to mindset and not some don't eat professor. In this and this is before I had any kind of does spinning capabilities are ahead ten went to so what I didn't I laid deceit that. Thank you print out and shout but yeah. Shot at eight damn hurry. Good place. Meanwhile all of a sudden hole call all the trains however and I said they're finished three Tom debris this thing years thinking what is your sense. And I need you leading a nice a guy can weigh in to get home easy orders a meal eat in the car and really getting it does me no and he said. Yeah I imam did I am driven on back before and food and. All of the main highlights in peace okay yeah. Charged. It was really really really fat my. 400 odd pounds sat yeah I don't go to a drive through friends and parents. Should protect that place is well yes but I. I didn't moral I don't to a second drive during got a bag of food signals aren't you may imply that. Any more liberal went out of the drive and they smell I have fresh fruit and here's a shot in front. And I go get food and it drives through it. Car and go to second drive to observe that fattened danced in disgust me car I can't yeah. Shooters I. Actually he's a kid yourself no extra talent hard as far as they know that their review and it's hard. He says adds. Yeah you do are less. Some some. Is tied colleagues. And I remember a man. Yeah right yeah our yeah. Yeah like hanging upside down and not fully but laid back enough to empower citizens houses and then England yeah. And Gabler blowing a horn behind. Dear Hank and labor. That is utterly brilliant if you order a small it every year. They are not forgotten there's big time. When I'm at it all went to drive through many years ago and OK I'll tell you Wendy's and I would always get a not making it but the you did. The lesser bacon cheeseburger generic no please don't break there may be just the L also wanna get. Harrison also don't judge David and also wanna get a couple of junior bacon cheeseburgers and fry so if I would go through I just yourself I don't care who asked him to double bag are not double bag the bag separately from taking it back to someone at the office. Death and wasting paper. I was wasting. Running the environmental wasting trees because in my own self consciousness and. But that he had a worse if you're hoarding things in your charms you've got either put it in a bag and it's like a big bag. I your bags and one bag because you don't you're neighbors to see you holing honesty from nags. From different for good strides in your house. Yeah this usually shop and better for both. And drink from one of the stroller especially she's trying to drink trade change walking and I like your license kind of drunk girl stage following all over the place yeah. Tons of mass the Pope and it would really backfired and Reggie mentioned that yeah go to place in Spartanburg and I get the cucumbers and two drinks and do it didn't turn. They know myself all my neighbors you know there. Obama is something no one else's here so why carry a bag of food and drink trader two drinks are PGA national retail yeah. Ever saved so this Ayers Wright at a certain comedians are related but don't celebrate their spirit of that and. Full color always under the front doors close. Yeah there's that's fine last confession. So at one point I lived in at home Linda woods would find bodies in it right there is you know they did their replies to you what they're reading and I. I would go to a drive through and it typically is there Fries related to be a combos. I would go into the bag and have a fry in May not realize especially if they were waffle Fries said well that's a large shot gone so I would take from another one. Indian before I always say they're trying to figure out and make them. Well and yeah. I drop it already went yeah I had seen. I was just and social media the fans always headlines box it's. Pocket monsters yeah. Months. There and I was dancing lightening up the heat wind from these Friday evening included note are. Eight. Yeah now that's Iowa did need somebody who obviously is betting against you losing that 100 patent there about you as a friend bet on him. The shooting some leave all these animals was somewhat the boy Susan take them homes. Apathy which kids of these days pumping bullets off at 8 o'clock to Bosnia. Obviously all morning long we've been here eight ths Children's Hospital the eleventh day. Radio Thon. Then we ask you do continue to support. This is an interesting kind of way you know when you talk to folks at the hospital what is it. Source doctor or is it the family dog handler out. For the child life specialist there are not specialists can Wear many hats came and what is your. Caitlin is at low. Went back. Can do it is it leaguer now lighting there like a lot of care costs Christian do. Like yeah great not bad. So you're official job title eight what what is sick I had two different went to your child life specialists facility dog handler yeah I spoke with us. Yes taking advantage as things. And says it's how my specialist I teach children in a hospital in their family and my job is to kind of help make this place is normal as possible. When any kids I think that my job is to make sure they have no surprises while they're here it adds that there's no secret. And that we have all of their questions and Derek yeah and they developmentally appropriate way that they that we. And then at that facility got him I have my pap Cali he's my dog. And and she works with me alongside CG does all of those things with me records are secure Israel's terror yes you raise my native frank I'm forty hours a week. And then leading special event outside despite his mouth okay. So she's with you every day as she secured or she lives with the U pleasantly we are literally together 21 that it never part flag. So. That people you know if you not a dog person or whatever you he may not think about like. How important that is you know we mentioned earlier I. Kids going to the hospital their first thought is you know this white room where everything just Sox right pending going to the doctor Ellison. But here even if the video games and you've got to all the. Yeah like she portable water slide what is. Here forget I don't think anything we have. Sammy three uncanny and that and indeed things that as they have a team a victory junction. Half and they all the things didn't eat I see you name it will make it happen and yeah they're good dogs currency gives you to yeah. And for full time jobs weren't went back burner here on the past three it is not to imagine how they specialist and one is not swing went and the medical director at I supported gay teens are pediatric birth here and instead they are off for a full time they aisles are separate areas and one is down to reality with our talent specialist and caesar's and patiently means and we have about 84 that's. Friends that she's very busy I. And then we have one that is an arm and wouldn't that because he Clint and their little bet my house had at the hospital bed earlier on in the eyes and settings. And then and we got to have while others predict your team and they are icons all. It's good is that there's Richards Sam stagnant. She can do anything with Mimi can teach kids about what it going in the hospital can't talk about god is not even their bodies. And ending C can provide that comfort and lab that Amy that they may not be getting hot in here. And end game and helping me get normal while they're here and she can also be apart at any procedure with me as long as it's not scare all know it's crazy to think about. Cats they're evil. The perfect man. Report from people bring. Up right yeah yeah we ask you anticipate that the service cat has no money now and stand at. They're lethal but yeah I don't want any part any inaccurate or help your dogs go to heaven we don't have to say were I don't know. Margaret just can't delete them across the street and how. It's actually a dutrow Big Apple still ahead whenever there we see Latin. I'm really that's awesome that you bet that not only is that that's offered to beg you live Betsy what is service I mean really. Think CEO it's special anti gay special bus apart that you don't think about that is needed. Moreover it has kids in that that dogs and they just give them hell why do I get down rolled around with their dog and fascinating again. Hundreds they're learning it's turned three expert kids aren't problems are I think it's great thing in the they have four of them is incredible. Yes it really is quote can thank you for joining us as well. For all that they'll work you do hear elephants and now company yet you sound like so many different people that I know it's so weird like in my in my. I right now save forty when a different price should. Say that women aware and I can no doubt as may see women have pretty after franks hot and so while I. I craziness so while. I Taylor thank you again for all of a hardware you do here and I think it's very joining us this morning we're gonna have to ratchet up here for you being in just a moment that has. They want and further write this guys is in in the books and helped her with Obama she's a yeah. In the books we will be these shifting get Everett page issue that if thousand dollars again though with the. Doesn't stop is because we're out you're doing radio content nor red text those keywords and you might 1000 dollars in the keyword payoff. But we want you donations raunchy donating to GHS children's hospital and all the great things they do for kids all of the upstate west North Carolina northeast Georgia. Dead whatever you can do again if he can't be a miracle maker you know with the fifteen dollars a month I get that I do wanna say special I shout out to the do I don't know whether a whole bunch of money is but. I was his pain at past and oh by the death in that same that there are big he wants and they dropped off a whole bunch of money. I'm sure they permit probably trying to buy some of those I've had seen that we've been looking for yes look at prisoner court is that if you can't do fifteen dollars and looking at fifteen dollars went back you can give five dollars went on whatever you can do. Goes a long way towards hall of fame does that make this experience as easy as possible for all the kids. Says it all goes along way and again we're gonna get out of your pages garner rocky over the next at bat thousand dollars. It is for you did I don't remember don't. Well Adam again I can't go to many times there 877719. Skid since 877715437. Or 651555. Text GA just to that number 51555. Donate whatever you can't all the money stays here in the upstate. Fictional list and have a blessed day tick more guys it is good.