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Wednesday, August 23rd

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This is dumb men's room. Vick. You are listening to. His room was miles and threat there are so good so good standing by for another edition a profile that's going on right now a 44999. A little play profile this coming up in minutes. Paralyzed on the way one hour from now but first a quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right Starbucks is testing a new were real sushi hybrid at select locations. It's called the chicken at MacKey rolled. You know what I might try it right the first film like come on guys that we get a lot of absolute front wheel quakes like ever read up. I'm all relates well he just the blue regal reckon it's close it's right there yeah they do with like on the Colorado as salon throw there is a place that does fusion Mexican sushi by my house and it's just weirdly different and its. But isn't a good well I I get that but everything in my. I don't know it's like it was a really have to do with a read I've seen chicken wrap that some people. And yeah. And yet it's brought ticket. The wreckage if I'm wrong about it. Someone at an airport and Ireland recently left behind the tombstone it said quote. You will never be forgotten to pick at all. Well I. But I am and I that's. That's a fair that the person is probably not forgotten that this but the tombstone on whether it's the keystone is. But. What's that thing we need for at least when it is. Damn man. The president was come forward with that yet that the airport just sat there alone amounted to actually have a story released about it and nobody is politically and they're accused of it's it's you'll never be forgotten. Heyman my my on in DC we're for the DC metro forever. And she said any time it rains did go to lost and found describe Ambrose because people we've bros but he's double quick time she went down there's a prosthetic way. Blew like how do you not know you don't have your today. When you stood up and get off the subway we knew crashed into the door and people started calling to be looked like that would be a sign maybe you forgot to Hamlet beat. Yet. Or a fencing and oversee the phantom images there go to my I visit my grandfather's a great center when I go back to West Virginia. You realize you're at the wrong one now and a walk around looking for a it's always a difficult time there's always these families and all together yet and you know they go back. You know hundred years or whatever and in the modern you know ones they think the police kept getting smaller assorted others just when this is job. Which is it doesn't like black at all it doesn't just a small. Late this genre for president saying like I don't know this like John was stillborn or Giles and that's all spelled out the does Johnson profited directly on Mosul alive long enough to have like a day on that there. I don't know it's as if it left me with some of the question commitment commitment with the time I don't know John I do. It's just jot it twenty year old carjacker in Albuquerque picked the wrong car. Afternoon there was three amateur football players and that is inside of it and the beating he took was so bad. Folded his eyes were swollen shut in his mug shot. I looked at the picture the thing I read is that they beat him so bad as face looks like in a mode. Who really all we get older you don't want. You don't blessing you do is mess with a nineteen year old you can bench press 400 now groups recchi and both physically good shape you can be in at any age in here you are like super human strength that probably a dumb idea amounts of anybody's. On that level. I'm breadth. Because we haven't seen his face you know I have not Susan I'm not working on he hasn't seen it either his eyes have been opened true he doesn't want to Miami he doesn't know how bad is injurious. No doubt now that the fact that it's in this as it definitely. Yeah man who defended and top of his head is bigger than the bottom part of dissent really college kids are high school kids. I'm sure. Just that. Amateur football amateur football yeah probably college against pivotal scene he's one of those guys they cannot say good studio. Tenet and you're dumb enough to be playing amateur football as an adult man here you gotta be pretty tough dude yeah I Hillary totally. A bunch of parents are trying to pick up the kids at school in Orlando and a 33 year old dead it was blocking their way refused to move his car. So of course a copper resident manager not but he was on probation. So he might actually go to jail chiefs. But I would crippling job on probation variable Warren needs of the people make it seem to me that is the more annoying cop called an elegant as a think really you can't just get out of the way. I have to be called down here to come and handle this because you're acting like a child for don't you think you would get some sense of satisfaction realized. Cool your observation that goes under normal Americans maybe I site view I get to figure out today exactly now I actually do get a hole you daddy here. Thank you grab your own bond. It hit my putting a lot of that job just the knowing stuff like that yeah. Yeah we got to think you were like you're seen to be robots are fighting in the conflict there is we don't do it don't do it don't do it right they don't the guy ruin my day. Yeah. A 32 year old man in the UK recently got sentenced to sixteen months in jail after he beat up a man from owning him through windows but you can see I really thought the mooing was just something that was kind of funny on all. But I it was a real offensive. I'm gonna move this is Ralph I'm one of the eighteen to twenty loonie was the things that no one ever really got mad you know you know if I can remember driving down the spring break we just fast cars RS is being done. And then like you know like couple miles down the row that that Carl come flying by and there's there at the C there's that it. That's just part of the fun out which. Leunen was a whole thing and a lot of elderly anybody really Mikey to remove any Bono. A lot of things that dropped all outraged over what we don't have to the president and had a good read on the glass hanging out and went the other way. September 9 ready and I thought I'm not after dialogue you know I moved by Mike the whole food bowl crowd so long. You should view the idea freedom. Tall. Man some comments about you dude it's in my backyard dude I probably know due. Fewest I don't know if you're not. Easy connection. If you go back dog you've been doing it. Has an affable and I thought I was thinking if I see it back. I could be in my body wallet battles as the we were hanging out one night and I had on jeans shorts and a hole in the crotch food. And I was. I was wearing underwear I simply can't take it pictures relate just a little. The brain hanging out there have a ball out is that this. Everybody kept reply reflect why the red but it felt I call off the elephant whatever you ask monkeys in the red 100 at all. Men and England were. Think of a thirteen year old son ignoring his tax so he created an app called reply asap that forces him to respond. When he could detect an alarm will go off even at this phone is on silent then you can either respond or his dad is notified that he it's cancel. Needs to rise just take back your dad. The big kid probably doesn't want a text back the debt does your daughter going down on all this good job dad go make that some love. You asked. But at same time it's like you don't have to answer anybody else finds his. So where you are or just say hey I live journal on Mike you're right I just feel like for some reason this is just annoying dad and text align. That's still if you take your kid I ever Libya are now on how much you I think that the I left five minutes ago and vitally US city is about to create a new law about texting thing in detecting and Jack. Tale about a when are they are your headlines are coming up one hour from now that first the loan. And presents. Seem to throw hug to police to everyone now profile this is played at short and mild it's a simple game where we share with you re elect new story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Our. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make less you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello lieutenant Paris welcome to the men were. So on top RI and do an interest in others are games played. All yet on what I've meant that I figured the story a suspected car thief. Who climbed up a seventy story loading grain to abate the police yet he plummeted 160 feet to his death. Last week ending an hours long standoff. Commanders not been identified baseman Albert spur some edge of loading grain over the port of Los Angeles, California. While crisis negotiators and swat team tried to approach. Then he did when I swear everyone doesn't facing law enforcement. Stripped off all the close it could be seen stretching dancing doing hand stands on the crane. Before it fell to his death and landed on the ship below. Now with the threat to car thief who climbed loaded grain to waive fallacy is proud that a theme remains unclear whether he jumped or fell. Now the cells which led police on a case about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and an SUV that was stolen from a car dealer. Farm state without or still have a tracking device in it that's why isn't easy for the police to catch up with them but he decided yet making it gets silly and narrow he got dead. You believe that this genius is black white Maxi or each. Luke. What Roy Roy you guys pick a candidate who wore black. I'm little lean in light of adding our reason is is because any time ever watch crazy videos about. Guys climate atop a building like whether it's the Russian kids are doing. Or its allies don't know. Rock climbers in general if you have Outside Magazine. Eager climbing or scaling anything that the president got out somehow it just seems that your wives didn't know the whole floor like go look at the rock wall the gym look who's on that. White people. Go look at Miller bugler rock climbing white people when people climb towers and fix I don't know sell stuff on. Seems to me like it's always white people and if you climb up it seems that you just the wipers. I was trying to think of a black rock climber now. In miles you know some moves gonna I go Google but the design and Emeka generally. When you see pictures of people sitting on a drop ever gonna. I don't know I'm glad you are in a black guy do a hands in public for no reason that he was like a male cheerleader well yeah NFC the seem okay. Because to me that every event during his wife's book climbing climbs pretty boy. What are what we always get meeting and you see a guy out stripping down they did in addition you ever been done. It's easy black and there. Well what well like today and a bright but there but Nagin goes white to. But he did climb up there and he makes the point in and started shaking him. Yeah basically to get away from the cops you went up to the cream he was up there for a few hours. Vinny took office clothes and when he was naked he decided to do is dance routines and all the rest did you got a strong point is it wasn't like he was just out for a leisurely. Klein Michael White purse. If Jack he's got a press wondered why climate. Went to what do you think there. I was still a little black final answer. Well all right we'll find out of this guy who likes to climb was black white to make the or Asian next that with the team you're listening to the men's or radio network. Skis yeah. My. Puff out of Texas California and cart fees. Though unfortunately didn't get too far because I guess they have the LoJack the GPS and I think northern Iowa to new car was in when they get there he obviously is strip disclose and decided that he was going to climb to the top of the brain where he started to dance in that he did and stamp many fell. 160. Feet to his death. Miles I going to pick media rejecting. That he did not give Nicky declined to tough climb to the top and a few Baja. Then he got hands today and they need and has big news day but it's an heir to ask you you thought I was black my next year Asian. And that you went black level and yet here even erase the consultants that should go way. Lol I'm sorry man. Exe now. Are on the Z. And I see that onkyo. Yeah him. Now relative youth vote out of time TV time a day. Because you're pathetic life. Inclined to countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. Obviously we all know one downside of being huge celebrities that when you go through a divorce or whatnot people are gonna. I know all that your business I think it goes just to say that everybody knows it eat your famous or not like Jerry laced argument. Yeah quite a bit different things that aren't about the world right think that there's not there's an article diaries and out they are divorced it's I yeah I quit at that thing when you're afraid you're right. I mean now people should know when you're getting divorced and but right it obviously for those for these people when he divorced I mean do you magical and anybody ever got to go to Woodruff restore. But imagine that your relationship for Andy you're looking at the tablet it's already I mean in our authority exceptionally emotion these things are intensely personal view chances are getting divorced and also. It also lets everyone know that you're available now you heard it it. Everywhere you go we needed rebound you got it. Gotta be careful how quickly start iron animal to have the trust me it was now Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gets separated or whatever there are about fifty people from eats. I'm like oh yeah I'm an the caller of the houses I would call of duty though there was gonna pay the Eagles aren't heard then it silica. So Mel BE. Whose city musician actress different things that most famous for being in the spice. She was scary spice. Mel B is very attractive woman lose belly got commitment Gerri because she's black. So quote a she is going through a terrible divorce if you know to read or she was married to substitute. Saddam cute I he doesn't it's a much bigger deal in England. In your assure you they probably know who he has from somewhere else heated mirrors and Joe Schmo off the street right but it's been it's been a nasty divorce there's talks of you know her cheating him cheating. Either way it's been pretty epic how bad this divorce has bit. Now she's on America's Got Talent Simon Cowell is still on there so. He makes a comment she gets real excited throws water on them. You'd be the judge V think she was right to get fired up. I'm sure you've experienced things before alive crazy stuff happening how how does this make you so right now I'm about I think this would be like Mel b.s went ignites a lot of pats. Howell a fair enough that's likely to give it just clicked sign in the why would you go down that route with her because that's how he. He has and reply is the root of the reaction. Was easily like I agree with view. But it's Simon's doing that he walked out of there smiling you know exactly it is to. I don't think he cares but I guess we're just don't think he's I agree I don't think that he cares but I also beat the lake. I don't think you plan that out exactly. But he just had a hole to. Maybe without question we are talking about it at no point am I gonna start watching that show them though because he got water spill proof Bret Bret you an idea I think that's a different kind of thing. Yes I did I mean I I do agree he doesn't care I think each is that even able that is the right so let's go this. On this why would it could be an overreaction regatta with Mel B. You bring that he had girls that are like I've even ought llamas and nearly Oden never changes diapers and posted them like this is the count. A vigorous actions but I mean if you have a kid he you know that there's nothing about that kid that you wouldn't do for that care and no matter what's at two out of diapers knows divers like OK you're at your okay you're that panic. Yes you. Know he's wearing. And it's black beat nobody gonna supplement. You know we are talking about Michael we feel like he. Still wears that all the time that if Iraq I do think I'm Calvin very Smart. A guy that knows what he's doing everything like that case but I know it's always that plane on the basis in Vienna. Peaking in it and and about era I think at that moment that joke hit a when he is where does it. Exactly. By the way a magician was trying to perform a trick. He kinda screwed it up. So that's why. They asked him a bigger disaster what do you what do you think you've been a part of the bad things whatever and then exit the minds of Bell's wedding. Our civil and the last season of the bachelor okay. There's a guy named Peter. Now he was released close to win if you pay attention on social media a lot of women were crushed and men that Peter did not. Now Peter's big giant flaw here was that he was on the bachelorette when I had used logic. Basically he gets to the end of it jeeves they can't be I wanna pick Q we got to get married and Peters like I like you. I'm not sure I wanna get there from which is logical. Except Victor on the bachelor. Thing. So. Now generally when you are the runner up on the bachelorette you become the next batch. So at this for a quick would you knowing that a lot of these people better just for the TV angle I think the which you would you fight to be the winner would you try to fight to be the runner up because now in open runner up. Then I'm on next season next year's whatever and it is not like Amylin and on the farm in Kansas and ordered. It's probably there is try to be runner up but later Pedroia about the TV if I'm run up and I basically I got two seasons and my belt on TV yeah Abu. When you're the bachelor and like if you actually go through with it like there's there's only a couple of them that aspect for next year. Or year and a half after you're you're the couple you're everywhere right right I mean they charge up everything right it could also sports games. The out first pitches were not. Does not too much different the real I mean everybody you've dated probably dated 1020 people enemy but all the same time I expect that really generally when I'm making the decision though to get married we eat we party. Establish a were pretty exclusive. Yet hopefully. Person bachelorette you never know. So this guy Peter Wright you think automatically he'd be the new bachelor and not so fast. Basically how the bachelor boss this a Mike flex guy. He said we really want a bachelor who as a ready to settle down with a woman he loves him now with a bachelor's all of bow. A fair amount but enough. It's called the bachelor which means that he's a single man and technically his goals should still be to be a bachelor just it was called a married man. On to all right Google to get married here but the name of the show is the bachelor I just it's just the weird conversation Mike is it's like. It seems weird to me that the people who run the backs are like oh he can't do that exactly use logic. But then also like at all the other side of like mature at the end of being on the bachelor. But the idea use logic was kind of gone you agreed to be a match equities the contract UN I mean even if somebody came up to me today that day. You got six months to meet the woman you're gonna marry a putback seems harder off Ryan Miller and pull that off the things you do you. Because it is yet exactly. Right depressant. Get to them wintertime or whatever whenever those back fifth month. Maybe we are. Through the fifth tomorrow she's in front of the dudes left and right to see if you are the once she wants to be. To make it a little more comparable to know that like leadership in house we'll all these other dudes every dude it's picture of the most roommate you've ever had. All of them or stick in a year ago. Article and I always draw on all these people are having sex Leo I had an is that the American the first couple account don't think that we don't know that they all are but definitely you're the bachelor the bachelorette your hooking up with people. I would hope that you could test drive the car before you bought over protester. Yet articulate guy everything else chose Oregon under the hood that that that's a huge part of as far as chemistry goes and you connect a trustee dude beat these. Cars are like. You're buying an awful lot the data from a rental dealership. He wanted to kind of blew Bolivia no hitter David Castro bent lingerie and those like you bundle enterprise guards at 30000 miles mean. Some Obama more now now now at a miles Catholic put up with those with what was my famous quote the body like an all end up with a banged up all banged out party check. But these things happen. Like her levels start to go down mine's getting fat. It hasn't worked. Aim for the stars it did OK yeah. That's a problem when you young the last time I got a little guy that I got older Catholic couple order idiotic it this year. In get in there. Be you know those cars are great and they still run they look really nice. Another company. I always enjoyed mr. Fallon as they units a year ago. Think he fixes and let me on vacation. For being the political version trying to make your ex jealous and answer them they. Sure native lives. Global swarming. Celebrities sometimes do when Dancing With The Stars has no. Being moved in and among email chain for make me feel like a detective trying to solve what the hell this emails actually back. OK. Okay. Thank you. For pulling your movies from Netflix and lunch here on streaming service instead. Explains vice president is now called Disney in June. Outfit. Thank you the White House for six in the air conditioning in the west wing. Then one that was like it was never a lot cool and I'll learn. Oh. Good man a woman. Now you got to mr. Obama oppression I'd like to hear much anymore I like the Phillies them. The gunman slipped into I really want these side Burris I don't smoke cigarettes until it looked. That's Ohio Ara highlight a headline of the day that said. Barack and Michelle dropped daughter off the couch tears and what every parent private you don't beat up you know it's gonna have endo. About a good wrote a little different sects percent Akamai brokers and regular oh my god what happened. But I haven't in the three months who is this yeah bags under us and mountain. Epithet against a really bad then nickel you top marks in college. Alia did you smoke tough in the current don't wanna hear him if he and kids report. Ike to earlier talk a little bit about the bachelor. Finding love this and that now with the struggle a lot of a lot of people go through. They find love to get married but some people have trouble with the with the step of haven't tried. Art. So basically we have all kind of different reality shows out there right fox had a bunch of who wants to marry a multimillionaire. Temptation island. Married by America my big fat obnoxious the next month. Now I have a show called labor of law uh oh it'll follow professional women in their thirties and forties who decide it's time to have a baby. Oca is that basically don't have a choice between giving love and commitment one more shot. Are finding themselves the spur of the Boehner and going it alone. You know. I think that's I think that's a realistic yeah I think that's more real than it is made out. In other words I know a lot of people out there who are single in the thirty's or late thirties early forties is that not a boys on the kid. I have not with anybody but if I don't do this right now I'm never going to be able to duke is as age goes on things get more complicated so I double dog now. And on TV ads via I know a lot of people are Metairie but the amount on the bachelor once you go there. These otherwise a realistic situation turned a BS yeah. Me right but there's not a show based on and I mean I've met many people a big fat obnoxious fiance he's. Didn't ever played all of this stuff withdrew have a TV show up right once you put it on TV the BS records ghost in the room so it's like the scenarios are true want what's on TV ago campuses where no longer dealing with three out. Yeah TV children doesn't have the best history when you look it with it. Kate Jon Gosselin that adult children right right we see how that kind of turned out like Oliver on the Brady Bunch ruin the whole guy named so. Yet at all times greatly agencies that shows with kids and I am agreement throw on the swelling doesn't work. This just seems so personal it is it's so damn weird like follow me is that either try to find somebody I love to start a family with all right just do what on my mail. And by the way that guy who thinks he's marrying someone who really loves them is just a vehicle to get to where. Peppers and committee imam backstroke events that's not a good way to like the deal is we'll get married have a kid immediately went that's maybe maybe we should just kind of find out of where you know and mean. Able to go have a tape able to enjoy each of those times been a little time together before we make that Layton well it's that crazy rightly that I have some friends that are like my agent stuff and they. Eight purposely went to meet a woman to start a family stuff. Looks like in that case I kind of go quietly your bow down at them like this interpret if you're both like hey let's get married in six month and have a kid that I like article the implant right jab and may. You're both in. Everybody goes idol watchers rated late ninety's if you just go out of Eid is locked down the moment up about a baby for me. Like him are really lover might just trying to get a baby whose would have orbited in Banja that would also be very weird. But yet here Ted traffic growth and have a baby's there was talk about at a baby non that would be the reality show and watch yet watch this weird I did I don't go with a chicken (%expletive) a cute dog. But yeah for Peyton. That and your daughter you okay. What are they have against the eighty people with children and thinking like. If anything I feel like it. Now must be going down we are passed okay Iraq is like jumping off I'd just like dock adaptor that same. Kind of a shocker. Some of the talk about from the ratings. And CIS even though was a repeat. It fell out of the top ten point oh. I think John Oliver finally address which you've been saying for years about in CIS which is how and I held as a shield keep the final I don't we and only. Oca. If you look at the right behind that twelve and a BI at. Not act passed. I had I don't watch that John I'll respect there that that show yet where he kind of breaks it. Broke with it yet he's like look everyone's obviously watching the show buddies that you eat just that what you dancing for years as president and that for years. Really there's not to show is not good. But there's just enough of each character re ego. Past screw it I'll watch too late I think the premise I'll watch a little bit yes the premise of it is is that North Korea doesn't get a lot of outside media. But they're sneaking in copies of in CIS for real and you say well what good does active. With the idea that it remark carbon you stumbled is that even though it's all crap. Does the cops who arresting people on television are giving them the benefit of the doubt. There handcuffing him the reading rights all these things that North Korea aren't on any priority as far as the judicial system goes whether it's in the court of law it's a fair trial all these things they've heard. That have been lies about the United States. The watching these shows and all like all what's going on here now we learn with that he just tell them poetry was right what do votes. We don't have that and that that that's a thing in CIS is doing good. For the people who are watching it in North Korea it's explaining life which is just buying blowing Mark Harmon. I'm now the guy from summer school editor Colin L permanently kill. Yes smuggling in and I asked anything like this show that seems so weird what you work for the actual and TI asked if that's the real thing. It is yanked and you got you were smuggle in something like again I gotta think yeah I did time in North Korea for smuggling in episodes of and CI it was a repeat Carmen every indeed it now so what I whether he feels about that. I sneak a man coverages Hedo Mark Harmon he's been on TV for years there putting goes on once they he won like I was paid to reduces that should and he is Roland. What the crazier weather phenomenon is the polar. Total solar eclipse yes it was gonna combined total solar there to lower a little polar clips. You know so people like yet. And we can get some people emotional let's go to WGN. Chicago and there weatherman Tom skilling. We've been told people start sobbing. If this summit's just a life changing event and we may start doing it too. Say brown out of the I'll get my act together. Beep bacteria. Some guys back this Chicago story about the apparently if you live in Chicago wouldn't know him he gets very emotional kind of working gets an excitable weathermen okay yeah any themes I mean when he's crying like. Then I watched a video clip what he's not be yes that they just. Though my but I don't even know these genetic yet. That's wrong with the idea that the idea that he might and the love of the community that surrounded me enters. It's still it's the turbulent portraits. They do a president or get your headlines coming up with my god you are listening to the reds are radio network. Timely and Swiss smiles and no let's see what's happening in the real. Arterial president of tells the crowd that we've been to the war on beautiful clean coal that taking uncle they're going to clean. You all base jumper leads from a canyon wall then hits the canyon wall and get stuck there for a bit. British firemen rescue eighteen pigs from fire six months later that day the sausage was fantastic. He walks out of woods after eleven days as the situation was beginning to look drastic and it's not a kid is arrested after dancing to the macarena and it's time for a headline. It's time to hit. Is Mike caught that I Jack started a city of Stamford Connecticut has decided that it has seen enough people walking while distracted and are taking a stand. They're proposing a lot of will find people thirty whole dollars for walking and texting at same time. Yes yeah that'll teach him this in the main reason for the lies due to the 11% spike in pedestrian fatalities last year which rises and told to nearly 6000 people. It's more than just walk. Yeah half drive and block it. I just wanted to get corrected. Right but it. Our phones are ubiquitous images to part of everyone was even able. Chargers thirty but I don't think people think about elect long giving her murder I think people think I'm on the street I've nothing to do I'm going to read books on mindful. Gas. I mean like look I get it I don't think it's a great idea and sent away people's brains don't like what you write work to get on the bus you walk down the street. The product that you can't legislate common sense is the problem it you know what can the white. Well what about like. Pokemon. Pokemon go yeah yen not a bad plan and there have been people that a goal for the because they're people that have died playing that game. No doubt about it most dangerous letting the thing about it is that you don't have to be staring at your phone the entire time. Yeah if something comes up his knowledge you have to run to catch it or you have to stand and an exact spot yeah. Like you can get out of the way you can people guess what you can get out of the way when you're doing that it if it. Start giving government a people and I mean. That's my issue is I don't care if you're texting while walking and you're just slow on the sidewalk. When you're going across the crosswalk and I'm trying to turn and then you just don't care used carrying on conversation on Google phone. And Dick in toes stepped my toes stepped get out a way if you look at the word little bad for the bit in the streets there. If you're narrator they're just on the phone but when your under little phone Korea can be an all across anyway I'm not better parent. Parity around the world amana messages it's been arrested after attending to punch a police horse in the face at a street festival. Not surprisingly this happened outside of a bigger tent at the officer was responding to it and the man in question was drunk at the time of the incident. He has been charged with assault and battery on a police officer. So basically what happened is that these lobsters were called to do the beer tent there are standing on a row the guy tried to walk through the horses the cops stopped him. And so that he postured up into the swing at the horse would then jump backward in the heiress and it. That your body politic of course I yes yes eating at that kind of wrestle. He was on the cover of the post but cover the gap in his arms like cock that. He thought it was worse. That's awesome yeah that's what a perfect gap I think he got in trouble for it out but he's gonna happen today announced that on yet. Totally I'm pretty sure these horses have like badges and guns to they like official officers and with the dogs canine units mean then. Did I I saw the police horses once outside of the Dolly Lama. And I whenever I think I think the picture in the guise of the conflict shore and I stripped out the horse but it's an emotional. That are making our personal and asked him the keys to know who read this. I am right now orphan to do with the with dangers of these instant. I'm gonna pop off off off off off our gaps them all advocate I drive and police sources really fully stone along that Dallas public. A credit. And I think that it's all. Learn it again. Please an Orange County respondent look all the stolen vehicle and on their culprit in the parking lot of hardware store. Israelis and arrest him since he was distracted by the Hillary Clinton knows the officers approaching. It actually only stole the car to drive himself to the are restored to buy a welding mask and watch the event. They locked they drive into this hardware are part of on he just stared up at the sun. And you see income. Yemen and a double on a flight from Atlanta Vegas decided to get the party started early as they both join the mile high club. Las Vegas police department did meet them on the ground but no arrests were made nor will an investigation continues southwest or ever has come forward and assured. That it does not condone this behavior they don't condone but the flight was going to Vegas and like I say there's a different environment on everything like that going into Vegas as far. Look at the airport and arrivals and departures it's like two different worlds that your in the Vegas airport all rivals is on the mobile who have no five and you have is the president beaten bruised and getting on the plane right. Right beside ultimate thing is that the story change from here in the headlines a couple of selfless flight partake in sexual activity and think OK it's over join the mile high club. From Atlanta Las Vegas and went and as. That makes complete sense. Eaten in Vegas are going to court that kind of party Friday court twenty DeVito was asked him like ultimately. That's a woman a New Hampshire had to think quickly after the latter upper pool broke cracking her knee and trapping her inside the pool all. The woman didn't have the upper body strength to pull herself out of the pool and she was alone at the home there was nobody home she's of the none of the tenants were there there's nobody in the neighborhood she's all by yourself. So using appalled to drag her poolside chair she was able to grab her iPad out of the chair. And put on a FaceBook SOS message and she was rescued shortly after I hope they got through before she was to prune. Before he was too and yet you know amnesty and about them too long iron grip and uprooted woman you know pruning yeah I just she suffered pruning. Severe they found Saturday noon it okay. People can drown miles. Stuck in their pulls and it's hot outside. Net. Pruning is not the highest thing on their priority list of once you're rescued leaders if I thank god I'm alive look at me I look golf growing saturated in a pool in Vegas for four hours. We were just in the pool for four conquered now as you have an important right as you've got us that the worst place to be the afternoon. Howard I think for the Chillicothe seven year old lady and as it was that feeling it is also pulls to the place of polygamy trapped anywhere she was supports sixty year old woman that cracked turned meanwhile she couldn't walk yeah would have the winner of the sudden change now Susan she have a cold now hold until I border media. In her home pool or for apple it's every headlines that. Mike Hart allowed. If you're Brazil's Ian except for the return of big dummy know as Sherlock and hedge Jeb is back with dead meat and potatoes yes indeed it is all through we are out of yeah. But we are back tomorrow so until then please do what you do best and poorly this thing stale and beautiful. The men's room as they did before a lot of studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by the Manchester limited. Never presentation knows. The man through radio network.