08-23-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Has an Announcement!

Wednesday, August 23rd

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! We have a special announcement about Redfestival! Plus the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. This room. Miles and spread. Look at return whose Sox last that we do have a very special announcement concerning the red festival including some of the bands it will be there for eight hours of outdoor dragon. And other dumb stuff part question what does a riskiest thing that you have ever done 844999. Cola. Let say how Moulton Jack welcome to the men's room. Follow up on. So. Little ferret Iowa that the time has servant a beautiful 1981 Ford Bronco. And our struggle medical tasks and all of our top it'll are behind me. And well. Like OK I can speed up it'll get through some twists and turns for the packets is looking at losing. That's pretty common to hear him. And so I goods and alerted on forty and and that funny and the wrote that I changed until it was a forty mile an hour and I expect up to eighty. Not. TI drive just look at the speed limit double. Not a cool aren't not after that. How halfway through the there's a slight turn and it didn't really look like and big deal honestly you know he had and it had a slowdown that a little bit. I'm not a big I'm. And such are gonna and I are losing control most of my truck. And insist on all over the place and and practice. And just before my church turned tightly as I can see the light. At all beyond. I do. Nobody. Oh yeah. We'll let. All the time. And time. A black guy hasn't been okayed just a bad oh my god only if the kids are very good parents who don't regularly go to Patrick TV he could and I go. That was his reaction I hated to I think that he was being very sync with what it was when you think it. You know. You can skip that part we know that's what you're thinking if your vehicle that her about the role as the app in my opinion these situations probably that would that would be a word to could be use of the story and that they display and also no word probably go through your head when you're about to get to and we we know that part. Hello Patrick welcome to the men's room. Or. Going to do well are you. Doing good yeah. Tool is the cameras using you've ever done. Law. When it got beer garden army and I was deployed to Somalia. It is in East Africa. Internet operation restore hope the whole black hawk down but he won't mind. No there and when we first got there we had news Deschanel and old Soviet air base. You'd have horses and tragedy. It was Taylor. They let the other guys they're all playing cards and everything he's mark. Yeah Purdue and can thank god everything they wanted but they left elbow land mines aerial bonds. Help there are idiots and and so the old Soviet airbase it was about our huge bunkers about. God Costco. Back to the brand where this might upset land mines aerial bombs. So we have about. Ten guys that we take all this I thought you know the desert. In set it off. Well I won't spend all we set off the like 120000. Pound. Explosions. In too much in cloud in advance. Because it is shock we've come across the desert mind. How party at the back up from that. We went back about it I'll be very important before it could. Until I'm the DOJ guys. It it was all or button it and it didn't go off. Look what got dragged down and around the end of self timer. Coolpix who's gonna drive down Marion you go down is like hey you ever get the shortest drugs I can't Amanda volunteering for the. While the mother and Richard Arnold they're just help it out they DOT guys. In this specialized. Job and military. Bought it bought just such massive explosions and channeling his old ordinance you know. You never know if so we're gonna go locker and it it was a it was pretty crazy. And very dangerous. Did you all of did you ever get a chance to media say the Somali pirates are blackbeard Captain Hook any of those guys. I'll let you all but that's gonna. Learn and what they're portrayed those guys that they did a really good job because. Those. Guys are just it was just straight out of. Beating well they hired actual Somalia and there and not our actors employed okay did you EPS up on the boat this Tom Hanks the thing. Yeah that's got lots art has lots and underage. What are you we're larger would you let me ask you this what's your take on. I really can't comment on that this is just a big hit as world we live in there were little. We're lucky to be Americans it is at the world is pretty violent. Dark places you know it pertains especially Africa. We're we're pilots in debt is commonplace. In it all when I was here and had a different piled the dead bodies. It was really really receipts in. And you know I'll I still bent over the opportunity because it made me out of there Pedroia on the eight snore. You know and Dick Welker everything rather than one. But yet there's this young man it was bill harrowing experience in the end got very somber and the seat deficit reduction in the map all this ballot combat. Burning right lets you know 130 degrees site. Yes and oddly enough to let that not all for that as one of the deal utterance. FF I came out more about you don't see combat now amount eight Democrats I think I'll orgasms a sporting an anomaly did you just have lazy like that's that's what I in my life it. When you saw when you so all this ordinance he says you guys back up about a mile of them shot went long visit date for the shock waves to cover them. I'll just got sector. It's it just ripped right across and coming to the the desert base yeah. How many times did you have to repeat that maneuver how much stuff on it dark times it yet to blow that stalled. There it was set up at least five or 66 giant. Explosions. Took office or ordinance and a lot of it didn't explode in the initial. Off he won't you don't you don't have you done yet did you hear rockets whizzing overhead and it and I've yet to get down a little bit. What happens of the heard runs and that shockwave is a knock it out of the sky. I think I think the first spot they'd they are not too many no doubt there but it snakes and scorpions. Oh great all up almost sign up for. I'm very Barbara got to make Somalia comes for the scorpion this guy for the snake sky for the virus dam on the Somalia. Our question what's the rescue is saying that you've ever done a four Ford 9990. So if you're someone who knows whine your sommelier. They Somalia means like. Nice one. So it gets too close of the I've not heard a good thing of Somalia have never seen a good thing about and that the limited window I get to seize Somalia month. That is not a place that long ago and I think. I wanna think I just saw something elected BBC or take any. It's not great but it's getting somewhat that she well. Yep that was one like how relative is that right so you're OK things are getting better and Somalis. From our perspective what Weaver museum well. Things couldn't get worse. I guess you're a dirty hit rock bottom and what I think they're getting better like they can get eight and Erick OK that's for so long you just you couldn't have eight in the air generational. Don't warlords like legit warlords from Uganda from everybody I area what is the riskiest thing that you ever done hello Tom welcome to the Madrid. Yes oh hi hello Lola. Lola. Well. Yeah it was back in media. Facility there was a time when the San Juan islands were infested wood and rabbits. ST. Insert it in and out. But still end up by about a guy who had to pick up trucks if we we'll see you want to know rabbit at night. We it. With blood. Spotlight is pitched yet. I'll cool white early February vigorous and killed my avalanche photo. Did you do that chance. Amidst that cervical only break it up now and I don't know hokey all the revenue would come back with aren't gonna so NC a rabbit hunting and act. Yeah this is confront it is not. What we would do before I went and we go we talk the farmers get permission to land it and two then we go to the bar. And or during kid. And doesn't drop little ass it. Home EC. And interact he's eight now. Sit and that is in the blast because you get good liquor and then go back out in the field and at night when he got to spotlight. On a rabbit their eyes is glow in the dark. Or are you on massive crack it it. So like it's not a blog if you had been. Part of it but I'll pay wet. They were there because we've we get plenty of what we do you go. You go in the field China lights. In just go to war or not there where the rabbits are in you bill out of the back of the truck that the cabinet. And you get to the curious who. A sounds odd and sort as the rest bush where is the risk involved here. Well it might be that. You know you with some crazy. Well I can't use that word. Let yeah I worked. My crazy friends and Laura crises field at 3540 miles our players are drunk on acid and it's got it and your bailed out. You know they got Ali got a bit spotlight here in got a guy that's on the rabbits you don't know what's on the ground and bill Riddick a couple of minor injuries but you know that's. Can deliver on password and it infield. So how many out and Travis did you exterminate which says. Well became bad with about a 120 rip he's OK now you're down a rabbit in the middle of the Puget Sound of the rabbits went. Well you know what did stick around for their belt they way what we do is we get like that. 810 rabbit in Indonesia bringing back the lives of his skin about it and that's what we live done. It's a rabbit you are there haven't always now a big gonna do it the only the you've always gotten him rabbits don't. And amp mentally process like rabbits. And what does a rescue is saying that you have ever done would take a break come back and read your emails in the men's room at men's or my back now. You are listening to the midterm radio networks and pitches you. It's true. What is being rescued as saying that you have ever done and here come those emails in the men's room at. Men's or live dot com yeah. Guys rescue is moments and high school girl the live down the street from me conned me into having sex with her at her house said the debt was gone dead were for Homeland Security. But not that night apparently. So I get to the window to her room got naked got nervous and took too long to slip on the condom. Once we got to action and how's Barry and go there mom walked in the door saw me yelled for husband said. There's the guy in our daughter's room. The day long committee hearing gun cocked down the hallway with heavy step side that would most sixteen year olds do. I held my naked ass back out that window and grant to neighborhood I am one block west in my house late to Busch negative thirty minutes while he was looking in ever found me but my dad's fisted the next day when I got home from school. My parents are divorced which means my dad had to drive an hour to come be my as a public have been guiana for being that done. That from Ian. Chris is thing I've ever done. Standing on the diving board half dome at Yosemite Dan and there's a picture included in that I czar or that was but yet it's. I would never do that looks awesome and frightening you out I could never mind on the frightening part. You know you could never give me enough money to do. Now you have to put a video game. As a move across country from California to Massachusetts without a job car or permanent place to live to be closer to my girlfriend. Moved three months ago started a great job about three weeks ago and found a good place to live about a week ago that wrist turned out pretty good I'd say thanks guys. And I know a guy who lost his virginity in Thailand to four hookers of once without a condom in sight no diseases as far as we've ever found out craziest thing that I've ever heard of we have some comments as well. More for it wants and no comical or do. All named Jeremiah. Riskiest thing I've ever done I once went in demanded my money back. For my meth dealer drugs are bad and great as they have ever done joined the navy as an explosive ordnance disposal technician and he possible ramseys. Bonds it cleared IDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Disguised as risky thing I've done a draw of the entire road hump the unpaved part in the dark and it should be spark dodging callers can cows. In the jokes on you could that actually very boring thing oh no no he's what he's talking about is he is talking about. The south. Eastern part of that road if you continue on that road on which of the government and delegates on gravelly and weird out over Kabul lava flows was interesting because the the road itself is just bubbled weird look at is still kind of boring it is you think payable don't get around the corner Manning gets crazy. Yeah out of foul play like I'm bored yet at Gillick or an imminent danger all the ones like I should have an adrenaline rush but I'm just. On board and we're gonna die a board and then finally says what the rescue thing I've ever done. I was a kid in grade school there's a place called suicide hill I went down about a shopping cart. Demo the side of the hill to a bunch of jumping tactics not bunt spent three powerful immigrant stand. Whatever if you extreme out here for the men's room amends or live dot jobs. Only does my son James Silas near show every day today the amazing young man future rock star turns fifteen. He would love to hear an original faced sandwich and Alan take a look out to launch this epic celebration thanks for all the laughs guys at from listener John and James. Well look out goodies and happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend Carl. He introduced meteor show a couple of years ago and were both big fans get a big guy get a get a big old LeRoy Jenkins. Thanks guys that from the lovely Michelle. Yeah. There is today a quarter century all I want for my birthday is the dirty is German you can give me thanks guys from Alex. I'd look to sort of took up the training to be an astronaut want to be the first post visit children. Yeah you can't count. On tournaments America as a legal trust him when passion. Belligerent while. That was my daughter is array a very happy to Monica birthday today she graduated from PT school and is now a doctor of physical fell therapy. Stella Shelby and I could not be prouder. All the dirty as Germans get bread dirty birthday wish and maybe a little wedding puke at the end that from the proud dad known as Tim. Yachts and I don't want to sort of possibly serve of some sunny. Not an incident that piece of me asking why so vinegar and now that's legitimate data center. Yet if you Foreman. And in depth. Regulatory seventh trip around the sun those initial drive and a big bus thank you guys for all the laughs gonna get dirty Germans and an Australian Ted thanks guys from John the awesome bus driver. Yeah they called the hunt him. But not for the reasons you think I can have a toolbox I want to show you my finger so. And it did it and have it. You know speaking of boxes. They get back get into a box jelly fish that is dangerous Iran. If those guys via IDs and boyfriend Brad 31 birthday and I'm hoping he gets internal sex to get him in the mood for dinner. And it's leather thanks in cheers guys that from the lovely Julie. Guys my house only AKA the bird man 33 birthday any lessons do you guys every day can get a second up cupcake into dirty Australian talk thank you guys from flight via. Oh. That said here from television and now look a little bit like a quality. Enough and I'll give you some great thought they get in the great game eight. If you seen amounts you know how big it is yet again. Allard said Stephen is turning 33 years old he loves losing you guys did you make them laugh for his bird take any please get a barbershop quartet fish sandwich. This will make his birthday spectacular. Thank you guys you rock purist early Gabrielle Alyssa and Augustine. Is it sooner people around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. Oh yeah Stanley is he's still around is she in the morning. And. As judge my wonderful wife Geron arrives with Sarah opera downs too big team the could you get a LeRoy Jenkins into dirty German talk to celebrate her latest trip around the sun thanks guys that from top. Yeah. Yeah. Up above where we're going to have some. Moistened your buns with my man. And everybody was the Irish seats and we love him to mashed potatoes with whom they had. Hello miles controlled the man very. Today as I technically think today that our dad Larry pops our rob his birthday is. Again according to historical documents 82 or 83 years young gonna please get a LeRoy Jenkins and a second up cupcake. Thanks again peace and love that from John oh yeah. Mean. Actually from Shane OI guys here you go. I'm behind. Yeah the other. Yeah everybody that they. They UK UK do that again and I we have a very special announcement coming up concerning men's room read festival in the if you are suggestions be journalism I keep hearing about the men's room festival. Red style the more I wanna go on the disable cement from original read some men's room gold cements her original sausage and of course hang out and meet all of you. Is it possible that you guys could find some way to get appeared Appleton Wisconsin and bring me down to the party. What would we would be even better if want an fox become a better chariot of whisk me away a thank you that from blind call up in Abbott Alaska. I would you know Humana. And I'm Paul. Good call yeah here's the question is he blind all the same way that really large people who are tiny. Often but he could see related got point one have been robbed the color blind well. Paula just adding to the barrage of red festival email suggestions he would be kickass to see woodshed play if your looking for a solid sideshow act check out the reckless freaks. Looking forward to the outdoor drinking and shenanigans this year that from autumn I've read recently seen the reckless for the recklessly also hookah what do they do. I wasn't freaking there's legit beard a woman. OK okay I saw cinder block and the man's genitals he crushed and home rule. There's some stuff with rebar. People sing an opera staff and I'm glad I admit it's pretty interest and sounds and things. Does not read festival. What about you guys throws a rock and death metal karaoke and there that would be fun to see drug Peebles to number stumble over lyrics. Evening gentlemen I got a couple of attractive Barber's hair and have a man's caving Booth for the waist up check chest back facial hair sculpting that would be a great idea. Or men's room read festival. Let's see here all of our worst that would be bad obviously it was just farmers but yeah when it appeared on the back drunk dated him on its. Guys haven't Salt Lake City you to all it's a thirteen hour drive to get to read festival my girlfriend found out it's part of the men's room and now she doesn't believe it's going to be worth it. What can I do to convince her anything out to bring out the but it's going to be any help would be appreciated. Just gonna be eight hours of its stand April 15 bucks outdoor drinking and other dumb stuff we've got some announcements coming up considering concerning band and now other. Interrupting the former goal. We does that announced on the that analogy is the talk to us now and what you living you to all believe me it'll be worth the drive okay amicable extra emails we got to all of a jealous. I hate to be that guy but here we ago. Who the F is Joey chestnut. I know I'm late in the game but just thought I'd ask thanks for the laughs guys we'll be doing well that from Adam zVue until Joey chestnut. Joey chestnut is the current in rain mean a a maybe it's hot dog eating contest the champion of the world I really that record for that he's a competitive eater. Right but he's the Michael Jordan. Right at the biggest competitive eating event every year is in the top dog. The antidote aerials of those in the podcast hearing about how peanut butter and hamburgers amazing I was on a mission. My husband grills the best burgers around so I requested to have a murder a peanut butter and aid to the egg up. To be home. Here's but today directly but this is tippy tippy the earthquakes in as discussing I told him I keep hearing you guys talk about it and I must drive let me just say it was the bomb real I made my husband son tried they could believe how good it was thanks gentlemen for the suggestion. On the burger lovers of this is another one of my face it will be throwing in the mix from time to time. From Katie Sanders I still have not right. And now an analyst at the three I just haven't done it's often. Jack here's a complaint pasta all I love you all but there's only so much that I can take place for the love of problem. Stop perpetrating the myth the Marco Polo brought pasta back from China it has been repeatedly proven that it giants were eating at long before he went on his expedition that China. Here's a link to a list that could probably use it for meat and potatoes which is six food creation miss you should not believe. You guys are better than this OK maybe not obviously weren't at least up and anyway that from the Harry trucker whose literary charter he should commitment to rent vessel you know that they're taking up his body could just be determined Harry Is it being a truckers Mary track area at that it's hard. I don't have we have a very special announcement concerning red festival but are urged. Now. Men's room wants to know. Yeah. Yeah. A collaborative Sox lefty to throw you bring us three stories from the headlines it's up to us to determine which of these three stories of police now. If you already like the men's room on the FaceBook the debate is already underway on who Sox last time we're gonna we have some pig farmers from England at. That will be taking nominee. The Bobby Dodd institute located Georgia and then taking on ESP ads of that. This week it's a little lighter Mike I think you agreed that the that you don't want to laugh but inevitably find yourself giggling about some of the stories. Let's just start and England were a litter of piglets whose page it was say that the story read from a bonfire. Was served up with dinner to firefighters rescued around the country. The eighteenth piglets to south did survive the pirates will shine in February which saw sixty tons of a catch on fire. And controversial move our manager Rachel rivers she think the fire team by giving them soft edges. Animals they were given the stakes won't stay of execution what they were rescued a farm. But having that been reared for meets. The ribbon slaughtered in the liberty sausages to the fire station team which barbecue. And the black firefighters is that the focus groups were quote highly recommended in to think the former for generosity. They added quote. We can tell no Ortiz the sausages were fantastic. Spokesman said. However the wire services since removed pictures of the impromptu barbecue from FaceBook page and a spokesman said he would not comment for our panel in the back. But elected as they've paid us. The picture opens up note go to Georgia war woman is suing her former employer after he's that you could fire fighter because of QQ do you leafs. Alicia Nicole she's being represented by the ACLU and Georgia she filed a lawsuit last week against the Bobby Dodd institute and employment agency. But in the final detailed two occasions we're repealing it leaked in humans allegedly given a disciplinary right up. And fired now he was told she was being fired because she didn't quote practice the high standards of personal hygiene and maintain the clean it up parents while on duty. Firstly cap and Doctor Who August 2050 you know Coleman's officer of here's a report at the state to supervisor who dismissed perform work into clothing I later told her if she would be fired ever for the and other care. From the sudden I'm so ultimately damage was so well and didn't want to second what he's sixteen she leaked menstrual fluid needing blood. On the carpet on the waiting to the map in a cleaning the spot of bleach it this inspected. A man for the old site supervisor supplier. If you look back fired only four days away. The Bobby got its due to get to release a statement in did not immediately return a request for top. And how we go to ESPN we understand race to an all time high right now I'm not quite sure they should or should not do what. Overreacting probably is not the thing to do and in this case ESPN broadcast the Robert Lee. He will not war the university of Virginia's season opener because of recent violence in Charlotte. Because that violence from Charlottesville with sparked by the decision to remove the statue of confederate general Robert. Now a spokesperson for ESP atmosphere that may have been moved to the Youngstown State game at Pittsburgh and ACC network network says the decision was made. The tragic events and throat go rumpled and simply because. Of the coincidence it was night. They said the decision to put him on another game to make collectively. It also says that the machine this is even a topic of conversation once I know which we need to know about Robert B it's an Asian. Bumper to assure people not gonna connect many bouts but. Anyway ESPN because of these mean he's not been broadcast so again maybe because he's a minority in shouldn't be in Charlottesville for fear violence. Who brings a bait and right. That's good little Villa litany that I didn't use pay flag and it makes we'll say about it until about eight to put that we don't we after the Jewish. Contingency got the most seats in terms. I am well we we interviewed a guy from the plane before and it was amazing is years ago we talked to him we were always under the bleachers just why previously. Yeah we don't would like like black people but we hate you app I was blown away. No and on him I would say Woody's been sexually. Honestly I think it's ridiculous ESPN thing yet but I think it's up. I can't think that's the least all right that's the exact release okay they're big they're supposed to be sausage. I hope they realized that he if you like the men's rooms FaceBook page mostly people believe exactly what you're saying no well says farmers sucks the least. I Jordan's and a farmer Sox released. Let's see here are there was a farmer does and the Robert Lee guy all's gonna save ESPN did talk to him store and they switched into another broadcast and I think it's ridiculous but at least like there's no real hard. He's fine we're fine we're ESP went wrong I honestly believe this is once they said no way. Oh really a robber look to remove then it's game here's wanna go whatever you do not. Only once they leave the statement like what Jesus Christ it was only because it got leaked. He's been one to see somebody. On social media going off as the name like humans are month FaceBook as the debate continues on who sucks less art we have a very special announcement concerning red. That's come out and Matthew are listening to the man drove radio network. Smiles. I heard Eliot I drink it tells go to the show today is moments away now time to talk a little men's room rent festival as the date is set you know it's going to be Saturday September the ninth. At the in law expose inner what do we know we're going to be doing a whole lot of outdoor drink in this space is bigger than a good deal more bands men's or read festival this year is a festival which means we've got all kinds of carnival games. So here's what we nailed down so far just to give you an idea of some of the things that you will be seeing Edmonds drew read. That's. As it is bigger. Hunger and we've lowered the price you'll see belly dancers you'll see still Walker's fire breather and even an area that you can serve you drinks. Well I'd go to carnival games and. Good times all going down Saturday September the ninth not only that but we have a few bands or are you ready for window pane. Jar of fly case the famous Alice in Chains tribute band clover Jane also on stage outshine. These sound garden tribute banks not only that. You'll see super backed up. Dead rebel saints in the guy's not shined and of course the new original bat drag all taking the stage just a few of the acts will be Edmonds or read festival. Keep in mind this is eight hours fifteen bucks the man's window pane jar of flies clover Jane outshine new original super fact that. And dead rebel stakes. And of course no originals put keep in my part of the reason that the new riddles and play I'm I'm making this up. Is because 95% of Amanda is in all those open right now back and essentially Ted and I have to be there Cassel will be there to throw it wind it's going to be one giant jam session now eight hours of insanity for only fifteen bucks you can also pick up premium experience passes to upgrade your day. Visit meant to live dot com. Get those tickets and look at all the package options it's gonna be incredible that's what we're just touching the service here on some of the things that are gonna be there but trust whom we say this'll be a complete carnival atmosphere as far as the food as far as the brews are concerned now in previous red fess we had at men's room original read and minster wrangled a private fast does a few years there were offered this year we've invited more breweries there will be more beer you'll be able to sample all the breweries in the area so you'll be able to drink out ordering in any kind of buried lie just celebrate that is exactly what we're going to celebrating yet be about or drink it. The music I'm excited about part of valuable player and I love doing that but that's part I did not know 27 so. I'd heard rumors of an error realist I. I'm like okay cool back and serve you drinks. See that's a game changer because and it's want like put this way sir isolate you one thing would be different if you sit down and asserts Lee's aboard. Turk and they drop down of the ceiling and hand you'd drink it like more bad as the game changed just poured beer. I don't know supported directly and homely things are so many games. I don't oh we should get back horrible game right so. You know sometimes you fired the the warmer gone into clowns we get your guns you parliament today we are gonna have those type of carnival games and only that we'll have carnival food. Solar had a couple suggestions on making a men's room corn dog might be available tablet that's an idealist over the will be carnival games will be corn hole will be all these great. Circus type acts going on around in between the band's window pane jar of flies clover Jane outshine him more. New originals on stage super factor. Dead rebel saints and of course all the beer that you can during this year it's eight hours to get to this 21 and over events are on sale now. Edmonds or live dot com and we really want to make it something where. Everybody can get there and everybody can afford to get in. And as far as that goes we we asked coordinate delivered and the lower priced on a fifteen bucks everybody can get in and have a good to some of the guys immune to all emailed us and said man. It's a thirteen hour road trip he is more than willing to do however his girlfriend who initially I think was all land. Found out that that our show has something to do with it clearly this is this is my good. Listen man. Tell her what miles just told you. I don't I don't know your girlfriend but you can't be that horrible person like look you don't have to like our show that it would probably like three but in the end she can still get all the beer humans in the food and it realists are few drinks and sorry. Yet she can't be that miserable figured that each of these bands you're paying under two dollars to see. Just the way they love it right exactly yeah that's fifteen bucks for eight hours without your dragon and other dumb stuff and some of the best man's man we can get window pane jar of flies over Jane outshine new original two perfect. Dead rebel saints' all taking the stage tickets on sale now at men's or live back out right there you go heavily managed to break attack. So bloody day. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. You're the toast of hour. As usual ahead to the very best against even thrown a find out your tells him he has indeed today we chose an unidentified. 42 year old woman. Near Sydney Australia. Not everyone has problems we've no doubt about it but today's honoree. Has to specific problem one of them that domain. The other problem is that you get such an adrenaline rush while she's stealing. That you put yourself. Every time you can make so so. She's done it. Four times recently including one at a grocery store with a security camera caught whooping and refrigeration you all know now a judge decided not the standard jail actually gave her probation so she could see a therapist and get some help they're a frozen Snickers and couldn't fit fit but instead. She stole a drill. And prove herself that broke into a model home specifically because she knew there be a toilet to use while she stole stuff. She hasn't been caught and she's now facing actual jail time. As hell would come. I'm glad to maniac but Edwards got to give such a driven road improvements I've ever dharma Steele as troubled strolling down and up. I mean that she's serious problem if you steal well which problem was works. Clipped the mania it's gonna lead to jail getting an adrenaline rush of proving yourself. I would try to avoid adrenaline rush you Devin and leave a trail. To recoup. Look hypocritical. Right they did sports and give credit where it nerve issue well before the game tablet he pulled actors he's done. Like keep moved when she gets to was right you like that just took off lockers are speculating on what some don't fret that their diary I was during. With more of those boos him a drink this booze because we think it yelling out bag over the tongue and down the world to party. In our Tommy's down now ho about it John. Good to go or not online right now we'll profile that they 449990. Line. The show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.