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Tuesday, July 10th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. So let's say about six 98449990. Look like profile list in minutes. You have your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. Right according to a new study your broad could be giving you headaches outdoors somewhere and might Nan media where those that tied. You brawl yesterday that tied today's a brawl in the front thing some boring type things we've. You're one of the 70% of women in the world wearing the wrong size brawl I can add stress you shelters that can lead headaches flows back and neck pain. How is rob don't have any why is this year or horror for women to buys. The right brawls into the barrel of this light all the doubly fifteen years of an end to what's. Must I think we over under estimate ourselves so I for the wrong side streets. Why I mean did you guess wrong Mike you clearly underestimated. What was happening below the don't culpable legitimately the estimate my underwear my bloody murder. And I mean it's one of those it's like. It's it's like so many things in life you don't know how bad you feel until you think it rally around and I'd just like if you for the wrong shoe size and finally tried bigger size okay women. To Baghdad and propping him how much bigger answers to say this and promote. Six addiction is now officially recognizes a mental disorder according to the world health logo organization. Sex and sex addiction I don't I don't think that Charlie Sheen had. Yeah that was my problem it's a mental disorder her like people just keep banging everybody and short rest of trouble with the diction isn't. Think these were you go to these rehab then they come out go only like two or three times a week. You come out drug rehab and you only get high once a week yet Europe of something like it anything of that addictive and has good stuff. I'm a hundred young man right more to wanna Goldman disorder but you have more a mental thing than an addiction. Disorders can do addition you marry. I goes a long way around the only only sex addicts or marriage. Whoever else to blame the bad guys single dude like outing and let you might trigger recap. Ever but if you get caught in get in trouble so I'll look at it yeah I mean help. Right Tiger Woods hit it on the Jeter ran. I think that's the truth Jeter's genius. A man brilliant at it I think there's a started that's come up with a new way for doctors to give you shots. He swallowed capsule with a teeny needle inside and it opens it gives you the does and your intestines where you don't have to pay interceptors. Are. Even that doesn't seem like a good idea is getting shocked that this gets a shot at filling buried in your address. It's sometimes they call that diver to delighted so we reach that part paralyzed we can't take a little bit of pain and make ourselves better. Now as it counts aren't in people and have a problem. I mean look glamorous on brings out needles it doesn't like it again studios to do with the doctor if you got there way as I can grab allied demo phones and god damn needles understood. You notice you're at the hospital. You're seeing a doctor not a lot of like really good things are happening here you're going to be uncomfortable find a way to deal. I still likes politics. Give the shot for clean needles yet Jay Wright says that he meantime the needle. Tonight you know me not to do that as a kid but again I get this feeling like I shouldn't slow O'Neill as an adult. Solid point are the paint chips you know it's great no one really told me but I was pieced it together. Someone's French Bulldog was suffering from low oxygen and a jetBlue flight last Thursday and it's tongue turn blue both jetBlue. We got to do flight attendants have about two and oxygen tank and might have saved it's life. A bit for them and see the photo no no organized fish. It's pretty good yes isn't what oxygen mask over you know it's a little harder. And since our yellow dog deal along at WW OK you know realize when you give CPR the same way basically as a loyal and all that stuff for a while I don't mouth to mouth open. It mouth to mouth on your blog. I think it's now they're resuming upload snap. Scope unsolicited cold nose you mean director mouth around the opening get intensive. Is that I don't think he's supposed to miles biggest plus just over the whole thing. You blow greatly and I. Pretty sure you've covered at all snappy coverage and nobody is like globe yeah now so as to cover this now on to blow down amount tell you just none out basically is now and I try so close them out. And I looked down and into wet moist knows if that's going in your back. And blow through and did you blow through bugs and both of the blondes not get a list of the size distract. A new study delegates outside someone's rich news. When MI can't rightfully have an iPhone test. Yes everyone knows he's what was more assets and I know you weren't working on the story but the last the last when they references from 1992. And at that point in time it was like if you ridge if you had a so mania televisions and. There a couple other weird Grey's coupon great coupon rate coupon mustard in those idle rich. It's not like get thinks that they did the commercial and Rolls Royce but it's. This is not Rolls Royce monster do you following is a little weird but it's not now but I never knew. Anybody that uses pattern for the first time I saw family use and it was a call accounting items of that great far. Thanks to meet with us I never ever give up hope wound may iPhone just up in America he had. Half the crowd in Europe. A new survey asked people for the number one reason why did leave their job. They don't like it felt like ball side to the other options that I don't have a great job on eighth eggs and he asked for more money. Almost on board times as fast as the runner averages for they let for a company with a better mission. And I don't feel appreciated if you can change for our company we better with a very mission. Now word about that now round which hit right you don't get a job because I'm this is gonna start people on a sales I'm not home for the summer book my belief is. Most people work as I have to make my correct. So if you're doing your job someone offered you more money and do the same thing that seems awfully reasonable that they might go ahead and do that. Why do they even as vague question. Because they had to do the survey American. So some of these jobs can accident happens at a Wal-Mart revealed the most uniquely popular today shipping item in all fifty states. If you don't want anyone. It's mostly snacks and drinks yes definitely why they do that. I guess I don't organized but I know you but you wanna know the marketing spend why Darryl and organize an economical thing okay. By Muslim countries and totally gotta to be with the Amazon are losing their asses so they're doing now smarting the fact that they delivered to your door. They're asking this question we prematurely because most people do not actually. Deliver things from Wal-Mart does that help their gnome they're trying to change her image so by doing this full of people talking about like us they're trying to have the perception that they do do. So never do you think that they do and then they go by. The reason is a popular item to live in west Virginia's team West Virginia don't orders sub minimum realized that Wal-Mart delivers now they know right right that's really it. I didn't have. Yes and you're not that they're the most popular substitute no we didn't hear a lot of those leads in the McDonald's that I don't. They weren't Smart yes total. Why spend all that money back it's like I hop. Exactly I hope I hope I hope with all this the marketing. Like to women and Indiana are facing charges for awarding their kid by giving him marijuana us. Sounds and then when he was bad they take it away. These 35 years old. Is done that I think if it. Osgood reporting Guthrie a little later smoked all his own. A former teacher in Utah who went to jail for sleeping with a student is back behind bars after violating her probation by selling meth out of her car all hail the had a file. Yeah blown away are you thoughts are you gentlemen you know god and saying stuff it's our courts and a third frame it their crimes as of this weird. Let's say remember the serve last week some ladies would seed for the woman on the plane the live tweeted a love connection between the woman and the man yet creepy as border drift yet others Vanessa huge backlash online because of their people think that she violated her privacy between them. The fifth. I mean worlds he did she death c'mon man that's covered other phases and stuff. And it. I I still an issue with like. Just because you're on a plane or public transit like I don't know why QB to keep the film and take pictures of Brad and don't mess up because sometimes they're funny look at. I think there's like human remains is on the show that we can't read about it babies don't have a month but look I am every time usually an ugly baby you'll always remember that baby because look like one out of a mode where does look ugly kid I've ever cinema than I did it but I didn't post does that make me and ash. Show I don't I don't know because I'm not just a million of you wanna show for an average of luggage maybe if no I get a picture of a priest and a train with a Victoria's Secret fashion. I saw actually got serious I I tennis not the picture of those like here's us do right. And run a train what he's got a victory seeger bag that's weird subtle as airlines is discontinuing a policy that has been with the airlines says it's found it. What is that as well bottle and are now. Thank you might not paralyzed on the way one hour from now to oppose the David and street sense. Drove him to please everyone how profile this is playing a short and mild with a simple game where we share with you real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth. And I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Alas you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Derek welcome to the men's room at all. Our guy. Derrick you understand on this here game was played. I didn't tonight fantastic here is restored not a ton of information because in fact the police are still looking for those guys. But police are back looking for a man who they said broke into a mature apartment complex. It happened happy are you ready Tinker Bell apartments. After exercise and Tinker Bell park. After earning alarm went off the property manager found a man with a prosthetic leg in leasing office. I don't know if they did was on purpose but as the story goes the suspect took off on foot. And fled the scene and a white Toyota four runner that appeared to have three chrome rims and despair we. And on to describe the guys being someone's thirties or forties. But the police said he broke into the laundry. Laundry room using some sort of tool he was also seen leaving with a black bag. You believe that the won't like Amanda broken QBT Condo apartments is black and white Maxi or Asian. School now on him. Teases them that yes we don't know where this happened. Oklahoma and could. Oklahoma. But go beyond my guys. Three wheeled car you want life. Gets away with. You can see anybody but I you know I don't Oklahoma thumb is he's the car I was at fort. It's a Toyota Ford and Toyota 43 girlfriends and once they're real. Now. You know programs and that can be round pitch. Yeah stick why get. Currently Mexican. Would you want a white finally answered their yeah I'm gonna stick with the white you know I'm gonna find out abused black why. Next generation next that was fatigued you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. True. What about those days Oklahoma summaries and they a man who had a prosthetic leg broke into an apartment building that got him in the leasing agency office. Abram in the I was in the Tinker Bell apartments and from Mary takes off running on his leg and that gets away in his free wheeled car. And some other goddamn Bynum be viewed as one to three with rims and in one spare tire. That is correct and their way if you did you believe this guy was black white makes your Asian and first he said man you know if you believe this is ridiculous. Yeah and Oklahoma and you're like why it. Dead man dead and I'll save my wife Obama got to be white. Our. The one legged man in a three wheel car. I would just play the bar with friend and decent man and a break him somewhere I'd have been the guy does it do I really I. I don't think you put up those kind of life I could be wrong there is some cause for what he did now abroad David is not data data TV damaging. Did countless hours in front of a talking box again in the mid drew presents. A lot of people probably knew this right now but if you're into Star Wars. One of their original characters is coming back for the new movies. That would drag this thing later Calvert. I don't calories to let you say that we have confidence I don't know. I know how resilient of all the way of those viewed don't know must not general that is the nickname of my opinions that really loves the actual nickname movement in the middle of the commando covers Ted does never seen Star Wars movies so just based on China's. Pronounce the name digital no. Susan little telly. To Billy. And he wasn't it now as a movie just about solo hands up but lay endo is like his best friends who he was Salo and land down so now what land out rank. Welcome down to move all poses a solo Orlando. At. Clearly trapped for hours and how so it's been announced Billy. And frankly I was gonna take in the past him wonder if you've ever been as cool as is Billy. There's two rules remember you and have a good time early local one never run out of hopefully five rule number two was never forget rule number one. The wrong. Always keep playing COLT 45. You never know when prince was Joseph. Low grade and have a better time to go forward without it. What does pinch us. All smooth metal higher order thought this video goes up in the engine room outbreaks of page go watch a video did you did you Miami. I guess he's cracked it and he's kind of like passing them out yeah that would advantages the beautiful woman since next on. And it's just an impressive on people like what I was a kid like I didn't Babin who he was he had never seen the Star Wars rest I had the naming he'd been. Obviously didn't drink cold 45 I think but I remember there was an area like I think in Baltimore where there is a guy. They called. Or file and Maria order. Oh yes yes I mean ever as a kid just because of those commercials like a court orders are all these I don't man and it's it's crazy to me I'm at the age where SARS also hours and and barged right smack comes out okay Billy. Our member when he showed up on screen like there was some kind of emotion for my mother which I believe our front pieced together an hour but I'd never see you brother before I sued to meet Billy. About Lebanese plan the coverage that other stuff to tell me is nonsense did you not see the brother nick thank Alec Guinness was a very very popular stage actor I know nobody wants him as of the same thing right so what we saw stalwart a lot of the actors George Lucas you were nobody's of the time mark Hammel morally. Harrison flat on a few things were known. Carrie Fisher she's part of Hollywood royalty but I don't know what act and so. You're launching this movie so the people he paid a lot of monitor sir Alec Guinness to Peter to question. We find right Peter crushing crushing cushion Kushinka. We found a crater that these guys were storied actors and wanna wards did serious stuff normally. Don't want to note Ingram off target in coming and they also they did don't care Billy. I should say. Dragon and crabs that I. I had some few years GAAP. Just as bad remembered. Vince this mall whatever and ever tell you don't Marla out. Don't get real excited you're like you know a man portrait symbolic and he makes us are all key and I'll tell you go to manned space if you watch he makes it seem like this. This is cool classy. What Purdue it's the best face and if you want an accurate person today vocal fortified give an indication of taste it's not really do it right into a friend Dresser. Grandkids now don't call them that's kind of which you're informed Mickey's big mouth at all Flickr all he would. Nothing like a little thunder birds are washed down days and even sat. If I'm used to it Steelers. Yet when you're getting added Greg park you know damn well whenever gender identity and brushed the dirt out of theater certain. You like if you can you know and I've worn socks two months and Demi Moore led the shoes you'd like to drink your products still in the bag. Our rights that you might hurt a little bit about this I Miss America. Basically. The chairwoman Gretchen Carlson. Last month that hey. What the hell was sent. I don't know do you go over her dead and we like a frog or somebody stuck it doesn't believe more honorable. That's those that are frankly I don't know no other way around. Everybody I was earlier without my agent called pork fat I think I think once we have already problematic weather and admitted the good birdie leaders don't won't more important. Commando turned and a beer and a woman there. So they said they were taken away the swimsuit competition yet now is. You know it's Miss America says is that a hot topic now populate talking about it. Megyn Kelly on her show she had a roundtable and you know me for once I kind of agree with her she's in the camp of like let's keep the swimsuit. Everything these Tyndall we hop. Well why wasn't I let us beauty pageants are integrated women are people should be valued for what's inside of their brain come on yeah. But nobody is obituary says they had great that's the reality is. No one is going to want to watch the pageants with the managing I think what they can choose what they want to Wear evening Alex what is going to be like to grant a month. And I just get there and yet but there for you looking at the smartest woman in America you should be at MIT bribes. Miss America when congress that's like what does the pageant. Among the other pieces of it but not to get a dissertation. I would agree with the idea of a nightgown be more antiquated than anything else. I don't know anyone do you have your bid dated dated than it even junior I'm down grandma I mean my grandmother might awarding a nice a guy in the bag Dana my grandmother wait are we just Ireland go out like down Ehrlich got broke I I think the entire idea of a nightgown is an article where you go to sleep and wonder Lauren what they took all the night gown competition but go right at Nordstrom's Mason and look at night gallons and that's not what they really have. For sales really pivotal in my cans anymore honestly are teenagers for prop. I think it goes McNeal OK that's right so like I got the best that there might down track illicit but some but I mean like. I'm I mean I'm racking my brain outside of a prom or homecoming with a girl I can't I can remember going out like human go to weddings are only people Wear down as much this. Well think what this whole thing it's like why why does anyone care they do it right I would probably but the thing is. I would leave it in the pageant is based on that no one has to do quite well and she's in women are those the Mac and all of that is very true and under your group of women that choose to pursue this. So look the Brazilian don't have thank you chancellor but it's like as a guy I'm more than just someone dared to be brutally beaten but if I choose to be a boxer or MMA fighter. Known as the problem did you have to do it but it lets you people that want to do so due to brings no harm to let him do it. If you're gonna be mr. universe based on which her body looks like in your muscles that's up to you. Now as far as they obviously holding our natural beauty pageant now if you wanna say beauty is on the outside of the inside you can do both. But if you're looking for someone you know who as the commoners and has voted on MIT versatility over the the smartest person all the land plunge all the let it go on total money on you to new face everybody it's about your brain and is it your insight. But look you're all attractive physically that's why you're there that's why they're more parity of this thing is based on the fact of yeah we're gonna find out something about who you are as a person what your interest are your inner beauty but you're there because of how you look external well I like percent I think downs regularly see women dressing like that of course outside women on the beach high heels of the whole competent editor and editor of make believe any hello my house and there for women because he is internally beautiful may be heroes but I think it does exactly what did initially they're physically attracted to man. I don't like I don't know anything about him I just know he's beautiful red and all the way around Susan brings imperative thorough and realized this evil is the complete package. This well I don't know. He's just for me if I am hanging. With regards them a job with the dead it's a at its. Let's see there's new game show how there. That or reward just how basically if you win they'll pay off your college tuition some of jesus' empathetic. It is not not the the idea paid off their their loans OK okay and miles your right eye is when a personal thing this is ridiculous Bobble polite way. It's better than a real thing I think about it if you let our broken arm that hosted it. This is his quote. It's an upsurge show to match your absurd crisis that didn't show feels really. App because it's the state of things right now. I give their opinion and various bills downloads have gotten ridiculously people gaining in data you are obviously university art in law really emotional they are absolutely out of control they're absolutely walls for an according the Washington Post. Student debt debt. Affects 44 million Americans. But the average student now carrying 37000 dollars in loans. Total amount the US exceeds one point three trillion but also how point three trillion trillion dollar. And think about that handles things together and united gonna go on deck on a childhood that is understood but. The calls delivering never matches and inflation as soon if you make which are filed a major making less of him did you buy fewer things but you're also more debt than he was because you got the student loan Brett. And Linda Reynolds a big ask out of their own. Most of them are land grant institutions they get certain tax breaks it'll have to pay certain property taxes depending on the institution are a lot of the times you. Hell man I mean they they hired their own police force they may throw police force to police the people that are paying to go to their university they have no official sanctioning body giving the NCAA isn't charging NCAA that you understand how stuff works Bennett they're policing themselves that's like us saying. How much you know I don't know what I figured out there every race we want him to back in counseling whatever we want we can make of our own rules and we can charge whatever I want the show. It's amazing if it is got a crazy. I'm sifford that but I did play eighty games. I was like NCAA college football I forgot that game doesn't exist if more they would pay the guys of their damage rated E. A. SPORTS is like god look we gotta pay and we got a payment conflict. Now mu loan no we just want our own moment. So. You know it's funny you Indy you can go to your local government you could propose tonight he has. How Jimmy Kimmel hears talk about a guy made Arafat. Lawrence Kansas and he's got an idea he would propose in the City Council. This from a meeting of this city commission in Lawrence Kansas where a gentleman whose name is Chris flowers on involved in local government to make. What turned out to be a fascinating proposal across. Licensed prostitutes then have to deal was tense and potential sex slaves. Slacker cousin is the city allows for license from the rescuers to get genital massages. Wi Lan. Prod colleges spend your game minutes again I think that there. And wants to yank it guys' eyes. Our next Supreme Court justice not. And I mean resident these guys out for home. I have to imagine he's had a bad experience with a pimp or prostitute it sounds that oil and unlike those great times you have a delegates out of them want to but I wasn't a good level but it was a good person out of our. I'm just say and make that. I don't know I think. He's what it's it is the world's oldest. Profession profession right but it's the truth right Lake Elsinore gotten paid for sex or an area like I've done it down about it but. You don't like nobody wants to pay for sex slave for get involved or go to. And you don't meet somebody that she eighty rooms a dude in there with the economy that. You said man if you go to the club a good chance people on the prowl on both right right you're open OW immediately when arrogant and that's fine because people do it that's what they do. This eliminates all. Yeah for a relatively soon if you regulate Domenica bad disease you start to kill some of essentially important people are sex why do you care. Widens anyway to have the civil of that sect Al Gore sure looked like the parent. Life miserable Ursula and I think people look at video if it I don't know that I smaller movies ever found out how old. Lost half the stuff for us hey don't go all mobile live with a cellular got a happy in the lead and then a positive I see his correlation to their profit colleges. You can write to him on some of these they well look they're up they're all day I anyhow why can't but yet she. It's please roll the dice and am I would just stuck with you know what there's less diseases are happy with pimps and dark day in anger about it. Why can't we have certainly. OK for a basket is for this one big man slower just little little love there. You know I leave you with us this is just a nice little note let it for net. Play down LA huge plays for Mike's of course very little gentler jaguars now. But basically somebody on campus and use to help him was having trouble paying their college tuitions and gave back. I know resolute. She's much or email us you've visited him when I needed massages. Is the mood day visit that nobody in you know she's from my hometown and I mean why not look give back to front. I mean good player but he's intense. They wanted to play. Political and Honolulu Julie and I didn't have her entire life parole lower back I had the army and Hollywood's go to give her marriage gap that she was an athletic Israeli air at the I'm sorry I'm sorry I think I got a couple but I like I had when I don't grab the ball flew back you know if you're still good little flaws. He has nothing to do with the kids aren't. Thank you very rivers I'm like good headlines got a very minute you're listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real world are here to go to New York Giants tackle very excited when TSA agents whose mom's ashes all over his bags. You all Florida man is pulled over and hammered it only way to stop signs or Sony brass it's. One proposes boyfriend by putting a ring and a happy place. A ninety one year old man walking in California told a throwback to Mexico before he is in the face with a cinder block. And I helped thanks to pro free advertising is D'Andrea headlines. It's time it's. Yeah it's bidders might call. John dory double. West airlines is putting an annual falsely that has been in place since they were founded back in the sixties and unfortunately it makes complete sense. Since they're beginning you could always get a complimentary peanuts on your flight with southwest but they are beginning to transition away from the complimentary snacks. The reason being is obvious they want the most comfortable experience for all their passengers including those with peanut allergy season. All yell with your and a black cyst. How that my problem it wouldn't be an analogy becomes and to make things good and I understand if you have one bad things that I got that what I'm saying it was when I was growing up or compliment or he knows this could you walk up in the morning. But in front everywhere you went anywhere you went there were there when I look for guys don't we coal. Anybody even in school did you wouldn't like I've electrical anyone's. Ever had to be severe period pin and Elin is no one heard about this level. Fifteen years anyone Allen through school there was no you know they still says sold those peanut butter cookies you know letter at the snack. Area over there you can still bring your PB and it seems like a recent thing where it becomes even more so reactive but I'm quite. Are that many more people suffering severe because I don't know I guess. I mean you look like you said you know with the reaction is I mean it's short of cargo deadly when it happens no doubt about it and that is one strategy to avoid any and all possible. Action horse farm and telling us snack mix. From the food got a little bit and don't do that then we'll get better than our bureau this center with a look like if our living with a sesame sticks and that you know and I government and so again. There's still penis and frank I know they can eliminate you like I don't know definitely about the sesame sticks they can help dampen the specialist with IR cash under the in other news the woman we dug about her during the shot of the day a woman wanted to probe both doorman on leap day and you make the play might have made a mistake whether execution. She came up with a brilliant idea behind the ring inside of the tender Aegon stuffs at dinner egg into her vagina. This plane went horribly wrong in the Gatorade rotated inside of her vagina and launched itself sideways. It and a bad enough that the pair needed to go to the hospital doctors gently remove the object in the bride and boyfriend a pair of gloves and allowed him to open his prize. He did accept the low proposal and they are making wedding arrangements. Yeah I'm thinking about this right so you the boyfriend he might she's not telling him what what is trapped inside ever done that he does not enough. Right and remove it the doctors than hand you his slimy ass I went over and enough. I've just like what did you see what's inside and I just feel a little less enthusiastic about talk about it how likely. Well I mean here we're in the hospital Ted openness. Yeah I mean it's that's an ideal way and I like her after like if he won't elaborate security really love the tender age since he's would have put it really facility and health. Lodged a piece of pizza some plants and pick. And they're librarians that means clip art and our I knew I had a vitamin I I Moneyline this wasn't the best they feel but I was. You know my two loves pizza and you I'd really like pizza rolls of the foreign my Canon. Lies instead of a piece of finance and a Pez dispenser but now. Now huh. Is don't Microsoft's. That manner. In Florida man without the suspicion of drunk driving when officers approached the car the man reeked of alcohol or does words in his eyes were reading glossy. Funny denied drinking and driving. Now he used the clever loophole where you only drink from his bottle burba and when the car was stopped at lights and stuff side he's the driving. As right as a diluted then another kind of ran through the card newpark I think it's a stop at that point shocking latest was not a good enough excuse for the officer and he was arrested. Because the long ball real flaws real big on loopholes are fell nice note man. SATA play gamma who like to cal Dooley but I. I have this come out and reveal that they think their whole we're changing our name campaign and saying no it was a joke the whole time we were never gonna sell burgers. Do we believe that we but I did yes. Are they not sort of a game or this let's round I. I can't remember I think it's Denny's confuses me because they do have a dinner and burger menu price I could resume if I win and if it dinnertime unharmed whatever burger amendment is the basic I said earlier today nine. I don't know notably at all do you think that I don't silent if you don't have but I don't put one on there. Right good people lead. If you like Hamburg I'm just saying I think they've tested out this all we're gonna do burden we're gonna drop pancakes in the when they got that huge negative backlash that all. It's just out of clothes aren't a letter rag over go to McDonald's men in the morning for breakfast and you get a sandwich every look over the guy got the pancakes exact all the great call yeah thank Nancy they should prefer I don't buy of the brutal murder. Both the more pancake bonds with a leg in the middle. Okay. So bad in fact gave birth event. I'm a grandmother that might not be I appreciate it within a template turner who sacks last Florida's back profiled as and we will bring Intel's once again with a shot of the day yes indeed that is all true but in the meantime we need me all about it on track. So until next time please would you do backs and or leave the city. You.