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Wednesday, June 20th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. Pleasure so I think I'll take all 9844999. All play profiled as it is. Good headlines on the way one hour from now first we check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out I. Tony five year old man in Wisconsin didn't know the exact address of his friends party on Saturdays so we tried to quote follow the music to play in the apartment. Scaled someone else is balcony by mistake and got arrested for disorderly conduct he's killed a couple balcony. Didn't always yeah I don't know organ. Always knew it was going into an apartment building and not only that but the woman kind of freaked out because she had a a daughter Cameron he brought it on base to face with these twelve year old girl and in the mom came out a game so the mom. Pushed him off the mound and I won't know he fell into the grass he was okay but so the cops come who she called the cops obviously I have and the guy says he tells cops like both men yeah. I'm looking for that party. And I climbed up there that's for the music was coming from and that's why I thought the party was it she pushed me off the balcony but don't worry I don't want to press charges against her. Fans recognize that's what he told the god we don't hear that dialog to press charges for her pushing me off about him. Any just go inside and that's good the front obviously reality is that caddie at all there. I didn't Philadelphia just graduated from high school after never missing a single day of school his entire life. I am from pre K through twelfth grade he made it to school 2340. Days in a row. Now as teachers eastern gulf fun read page and raised 20000 dollars to send him to culinary school. Then in mentioned Ned Yost got into did sit with smallpox did you do Wednesday home. Forward did real battle movie golf right but he resisted I'm here this studio now rise above perfect attendance towards. I believe so it doesn't ever happen. Did you guys have done went and got a sticker or you know getting. And about 180 school days I missed 120. Of the merger due to give you an idea of my attendance records amazing little girl got one of no law that says I had yeah if I didn't go down the reward is chest hair hot or not top. I guess is I may ask women so I don't know what are like just turn one insurer did attack and nibble there everyone's well the stray loose on this and give us the good news like uncle. They like just can't they all like you only 28%. 00 yeah they'll lady yeah it's our don't have that says there than from the it's like they just don't know they like it to they get there that's running channel we have that terror. Yeah and jackets out and try luster to a instead you're men that I game of. Who all knew I had to. The people had Kellogg's just announced the building making pumpkin spice frosted flakes this year are. The Protestants like home when we're excited today Ted can. Pumpkin is just cinemanow with a when he when they think it does artificial level virtually not only make it's they'll say that they're gonna check they're gonna. Math suggests it's not just sentiment it's Saturday it's all spies are you don't know. So long ago Gergen and amp. Unconventional got Korea I really like pump displays while today's rally prompted twice a year I'm journal make a news. That positive outlook it well I like a remains the milk tastes good. Yeah you're wrong you're awesome place I'd tell your residence. A shift in Australia just created. Donuts. Still don't know you know those that know nugget is safe fried chicken nuggets shaped like a donut. That's flout our own athletes on both of you with a little chicken nuggets in cases that don't know until store. And America Dyson does vertigo. I didn't get in no way. You get the woman brief would that third chicken nuggets and Wendy's frosty bit I have no idea what do you haven't this is you decided your doughnuts that you don't have. Yeah like a little late doughnut hole I wasn't close to the dog to the chicken nugget in that frosty I thought that sounded pretty good myself. It's weird. A pizza company candidate doesn't end a pizza box that turns into a table. Yeah I seen that you can now are now working on show you preview you do in bed. And I lock your house. And also before you leave your college I guess in theory you could send the little table around. But the picture I felt I didn't read it or better as a bed table think it is like and it's like it's at WTV tray obviously the thing doesn't. Pulled out to have three you know three facilities and a table. It's like a little TV tray that you could put in your lap. Or that you can sit in your bed well look we may want a bit but obviously there were reasons that he looked like the habeas manulife. How would you not be you in games in better shape I. How manly and it seems like too far and I being beaten bad before. Now I don't do I don't know that I had. I feel good insight into business you can bet I Ernie feel guilty about eating a whole pizza itself. Oh yeah the Bruins don't think the toilet alternative even so now I know the mother repeated in bed I only got at least likes went out the living room by if your pizza I hope I do bats right now outside yeah I'll look at my god help from my nap need to deal with it. If you need to walk via a couple of times and all right well more like you gotta do that yet again slowly and painfully. A police officer and Indiana bad it's just played glut is given up. A police officer in Indiana pulled the woman over on Saturday for driving below the speed limit in no less. Aflame already I have traffic he got he got more. More re tweet some more exposure to that people. Feel absolutely love that villainous word on that like crazy absolutely gave her a ticket Florida and a consensus on social media is that the top as a hero and I do not disagree with and I sat out she in the fast lane yes. That's called impeding traffic hit my friend of browse my breath away. My low enough this July you know man and and and I wondered about that when I saw because they said like. Initially they said the story that goes he said there was like twenty cars behind curtain and couldn't guru in the left lane or whatever the deal was it was it was a significant significant number. And I'm wondering if he went up and when he talked to the woman who was driving the band. Did she even know that that was wrong but probably not the winner and that's the amazing part because I don't think people in the left Linden drive slowed do it to be able I really think they don't know which is why it's more religious and put that question on the written tests like twice. Make sure places you've got to know this man like you can't pass and let you know there's more. This is the one you've got to know right right. A splash park in DC has temporarily shut down after he had started Hugh looking after playing in the water yes they did turn up there was this there was sewage issue. Those dollars those craft. Delegate vote early to tell you that I read what we as the kids are due to value what got you there are good they're getting sprayed with third scoreless. DC. I don't know ten I'm now working on an IMR I thought I know you'll find the whole I don't know this relay. It's sad but I'm not from that play anywhere else they reprint of the article the late this city is good enough. What he's delivering easy you know they drop the may miss the old Tonys was marred what does a splash park. And a water park effort of a pool what does splashed crowd when your more tubes Buchanan just inevitable. Flaky scalp or you know they don't necessarily have eight who. It is like a giant playground the things that may or may not bring you get on day Oregon there's arrival of the rides you know with the the only things really go around the stuff okay you'll have one or two of those lives gaps mature adults don't wanna be good for their wives they're too. He just get rained on the feet right now I thought a splash park was late to think a pool would have liked you know like the giant mushroom brings water on yeah maybe that chemical thing has to avoid that sort of anymore I would love him as Brent crude was us who are. And urban Vancouver pretended to sell on filtered hot dog water as a new Quito diet health drink over the weekend Tom did they say it was. Dissidents in salt water order than they did and people but because this than it does help banks decide it was like a jar with a hot dog inside and it. Hot dog water and they said that the benefits it was just a stunt to promote critical thinking actually. So were they successful or not I don't know of North Carolina and it did people actually buy this crap like this and I'm filter. As if people do like a waiting game is it's filtered off of all I can. Officials and why additional warning to people about self ease that you wouldn't think they would needs that need to say. No sign Obama as elemental and are now that you liked my headlines are on the way one hour from now words the very. 36. So thoroughly to police are on how profile this is played a sure Dan miles of the civil game where we share with you a real lightning story. Something that's happened right here. I'm planet earth. Are and as you listen to score based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Lest you wouldn't do you think makes the story a story. Hello mark welcome to the men drew. Or. Our market margins than of the series game display. Shared a fantastic. A Minneapolis woman seriously injured one of her friends over the weekend when she drove off in the man's Hummer while he was hanging onto the roof rack. Basically the woman who ordered as they say shortly after president give them a ride to residents. The man told officers that he Saltzman number reached eighteen miles an hour as he hung on for a life. Not some voids his grip slipped and you later regained consciousness while lying next to Barbara alongside the road. He was taken to hospital by a friend started tailing dam and another vehicle. He was treated for multiple broken bones meanwhile. The woman was charged with theft of a motor vehicle two counts of criminal vehicular operation resulting in substantially. Substantial bodily harm Bob yeah. At any rate. Do you believe that this woman who drove off and by the way they did find items under the influence ago. As black whites Mickey or Asian. Forty Islam against Minneapolis. And unit blow. Tomorrow I have to go with us Ted NASA Kim what he thinks. You need racial console beat to its feet Yahoo! and Eurasia consultant. I would think that once story about the guy that played for the angles that fell out of the back of the pickup truck Chris in the first ten he writes that makes you think maybe black. And and also most people that I never knows that actually owned Obama. For over these white people. I can tell you now. Well worn but. As we're talking of the woman the wolf right. So little so he might be a white guy the that he could be a lot guys that did the drove us really you know which went with no woman woman knows hanging on to the top of the car and it was his house there's this commerce you drove often drunk and he's saying amounts of so I guess he gave her ride someplace is what president she was drug and he's giving a ride Russian need to go and then as he gets out of cars just you know things in Iraq and he jumps on top of the car because he wants it is because it's his car she's drunk for drunken driving a Hummer Yousef called a Hummer. I'm right I'm not a guard rather it's his job this. You know feels kind of white. What is an America first well no I'm on my industrial and I am black and I time arguing a black final answer. Funny little black really find out did she was black white Mexican or Asian next fat with his tee you're listening to the men's room radio networks. It's easy you. Profile SA good news Minneapolis where a woman is the driving off in a man's Hummer he was nice enough to give her a ride home she was intoxicated and now when he got there well. She decided to jump in and take the Hummer for a joy ride for whatever reason he got on top of the Hummer actually jumped on top of his vehicle. Thus these 380 miles an hour and the next thing he knows he wakes up in a ditch his buddies were following them try to write the still the woman so they were able to kind of wake him up and addiction got her guest went without. And a broken bone she's eventually arrested and charged and don't think she should be but we said. Mark did you believe she was black white makes your agent and a once in India will blanketed her gut is telling you black. Did you reach out to 81 racial consultant Ted that you sent whites again felt a kind of white trash on March. March. All. Pull out what I did well. Carrying around where Asian me. Yeah they're there they're O. It's. Well I really don't go away. We'll. You can fly expose inner half guard Derrick in other dumb stuff yes vigil as the weather's supposed to be fantastic how yeah live music all day and over twenty Beers available at red festival including men's room original red we will have the gold there as well and our friends from hell been brewing. Gig Harbor brewing lazy boy brewing and half lion brewing silver city brewing insider down cider house. Is brewing in posse and maritime brewing all there to help us help the C Bair foundation. And the Fisher house as will be bringing forth a good cause our friends the pitcher out to be stopping by to get your big fat check. Of all the beer that you helped bring to benefit two local Fisher houses three are areas that are not yet again in my number two will we started as a result you're drinking the beer. There are now three quick side note to do originals are housed there will be performing and we will be conducting our first full practice. Tonight that's that's correct we we edit yeah bedroom you know how things go we did like half the songs last week. We were all right. We have tonight and that's it you guys are you guys kind of Marty gets up pretty good. I'm sure on that there you go yeah yeah. Nobody right guys we'll hey we don't worry about the new originals though because wide only and the wreckage will be there the blinking and a blues trio woodshed watched him black. Kill joy the clown is coming back by popular demand freestyle moto possibly expertise. Aerial list of belly dancers spend music's going to be great and I think the only games this year and and then we're the only confirmation on if you would know the big proponent of like like when you're drinking and Indra outdoors. Games are good. We'll take care the food for Italian food options as well lose world famous south of the they're given drug that you forgot about the big thing that's we could've done last year but we were ignorant to the fact that our very own Mike hawk. Can tie a balloon animals and evil being who I make you'll be dug balloon animals to people. And rep Wilson got to go get balloon animals further and hold it at all they circuits there's no kids there. I am Tony when you know you have that in my adult drink a beer and a lot of them aren't animals they're adults watch you can use bad words it's okay to have the video live could I have been rockabilly blues no kids love the road kids really you can cut him soon but it made me say this is the best effort balloon that I had gotten all the details on red festival events are live dot com all right now for all the TV news all the time it is time for TV time but did. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. I think this kind of a newer phenomenon but when you watched newscast now like you know they always go to people to get there. Reaction to light that fire down the street journal that. The big storm that's common thoughts as a sporting events due to talk to people make people organ a little bit smarter now a little fighting are about things you know. You're being interviewed. So if you don't know the college World Series is a the baseball World Series in Bali Bob in college students and visitors yet but this place its always an overhaul Nebraska. So they ask this one guy about the so the sacrifices he had to make that he could go c.'s team Mississippi State play you know law. Good and then this morning the college World Series game. The sacrifice that we personally I did hear her incredible my wife boyfriend told. I'll let it play on Craig's list afford me the opportunity here I had taken a lot of time. Am I get a chance to be an overhaul. We first this clap okay that the magic picked that date it's pretty funny and he doesn't UN watch a video because wouldn't he doesn't so nonchalant. But if first don't think he snow won't insure that someone just walked of his did you mind making a statement about like what it took three to get it is that sure I'm all of that. May and he poker face that it was brought to say his wife destroy Israelis boyfriend bras that people hey Greg Greg Greg list to afford be to be here and then they didn't spend time together and edited to be in Omaha. There's miles of person made do you think this guys on the level and even when you watch it everything about it. Seems like the guys on durable but Aniston meant I think it's a joke for one reason. At the end I know this sounds horrible but he ended with an idea to be an Omaha so I think that's what the least likely statement. Five but I was throughout grade his wife respondent was gay she had to be mortified want to know what ought to she kind of she was lack but I also think too part of it. Is he's got a plane on the stereotype of what a southerner so is your plates because he's there to hear how these days. Yeah I mean I think if things come with that but death watch a video I was about five times today is curiously absent today. The day and he he is pretty funny if I didn't agree if Carolina media World Series is that going out of. Yeah the report that was so cool about it should you know. Cut back to the sold out at that level now baseball's like you know pro baseball last forever less than Leno right rhetoric though you forget that college actually call of the day at a reasonable time right now you guys played enough. Is there a proper answer right Blakey she's that would sacrifice you make to be like his town probably sounds. And how down do you think I now I have a job where I feel like college my idea at all so much about it sold here household last Forte. To improve our own about a plane ticket now it was get my kid braces or fly here and I flew here a sacrifice the future of a smile. He's ugly anyway because probably eight it's a long drive but it's not another reason run drive from Mississippi State to get those Nebraska. Yeah I got a lot of sporting events I just don't know that. I'll use the term sacrifice fresh too because you debate most of the great sacrifice I hop on a plane in malpractice also did you want to use that caused a lot of location days but it's still right at. It's good for a word like it did get to rearrange your schedule anything that would sacrifice that you made to a vacation. Sacrifice five days' work. I think it's different if you talk of what the World Cup. You know I mean are traveling and have a country register her hate her or how to give him over a bit bidder doesn't border. But like I like the cultural theories I would that's years. Brad what sacrifice. Sacrifice she blasts that drew it can really remember it and six with baseball. Jack White we all know from music of the white strident so kind of interest in enough he owns part of a baseball back company. I would have never guess that while a one million users trust me the other announcer had no idea either. He intends or by the way did I do to get this end he is using a bad bad bad that he uses right here. Just enough to use them as well but. He's one of the main owners of the company Cold War stick and the two main investors are Ian Kinsler and Jack White. From The White Stripes. The musician not familiar look at you know the song but he's most famous war. It's. Seven nation army. There you can go in veteran. It's yeah did I did didn't they Jack White that's right and The White Stripes. So one way they know each other yeah but he's a big tigers could have been there saluted me investors of possible reason that. We'll see your. Host Miguel Cabrera. Was when your own back. Cool we gotta we gotta get to work. It's. Jack White is a very interesting person now for the war. That's that different things beginning to. In I don't image as Lisa open fashion in a Mike that doesn't surprise me they took music students really are just goes beyond baseball bat. The young to get those ones in the office and handles. I now OK I will tell you this barrels I need your gonna ask don't where I looked up they do make fun goes to all good good good so I can go out and still. Coach Little League the eclectic. Fun go back to your good baseball he's we have iPhone go back you have to allow you still look like you know what you're doing. They're great out there. You know a lot of shows keep coming back we talk about it all the time we keep reviving and show after show right do you guys remember Frey and trash trash. The man that many learned she her voice is still annoyed but there's a chance she might be back. And I thought yeah and a very big contest that's. Going to be very exciting. For more than. Arsenault would be. The same characters twenty years later we can't just pick out what we lack. But in no way back into a rally ended the show animal friends an end to. What's our enemy in any of the kids in his twenties. Did a good point that was the whole thing always I can't I'm glad that liberty is it just as good they look we know you from one show. Right so would you say that most everyone kind of thing when people say. I refer kid your recovery would do is go live at MacWorld hard do you like to say Microsoft man got it. In banning nude women and I am I can't say when it as a Catholic who are your fans friend the man. I must say though wouldn't when I was a teenager and her but she's so hot and they're literally it is just the water source development yet but to her credit as annoying as her voice is slate. I think part of the reason she got their shows this issue soon. Deborah there's a character she pledged she knows that at my my parents are best friends in the world. The woman is lovely young lover to death like a second mother but she sounds like a black man. Every damn I think it is being managed at that it's the day and Steven them. Theme at Lilly she's the black Manning and recently when I saw her aren't the woman's dinner seventies and I'm not sure would come on come out of this conversation and I here's my lousy clock comes up right so again as like my mom. The woman known my entire life. And she thought she's like I mean that that we have a stake in some ways want to sit alcohol assume all know that. Now let's now that she's like what is it in the news of the weird moment remarked. Our man unit. It was a man. Now. Watching. The actively engaged with you and the other person as a best right thing to put it there's about a 22 positive response. Need a narrow. Like well. Shorten your life. And they do a disease food and others lamenting about that I know you guys go ahead I don't wanna bring it W brought it up would you were just they get Roy Uranus seven he's made it did you. That's about what to do you go ahead need is you let them. And out earlier it via rental moment rule book growth before I wasn't they Infrant Dresser. I cannot say and pressure pressure that back and he did you loop holes from the say his Dresser. Hang fresher. She was also on friends is like a small record were reassuring the funeral director of the showed up a couple times over and she was so annoyed. Sure I mean if your voices like that I think you just accept that would obviously rolled to get a debt should note thanks Sophia biggar on modern family. GM as you like that you had any candidate it like it she knows she's doing the most annoying voice but that's that's kind of character that don't for yet and they both do the same thing where lots are all I'm pretty sure she took a page out of friend pressures book as far as just her character and how she died are probably so yeah Africa. Yeah and this I'm really old there was that much nudity and her friend gestures which is where a lot of the pair showed O'Donnell and put them move and. The could be a Star Trek discovery spin off. They've decided that's going to be news shows are many series record one rumor that you show could feature Patrick Stewart. Re reprising his role as captain Joseph Lou apart maybe he'll take on space force retro space force. Space fortune based force that would be breaking did you imagine maybe space for third in these federal emergency and knew we just take out the Star Trek people. They went out to watch that anymore. The Star Wars lives on the storage right dies. Old sort of patent and again they force the track he's are ready for rebirth. Well I think they give it does TV show at the start ours is always so big such a big deal. The reason it won't be sued because reporting and so many movies but part of the reason storage such a big deal doesn't happen to frequent. Star Trek ma'am what they did new generation withdrawal and Brokaw then to spend almost kept cup and so I mean they had their day maybe go back whether they had the moment it's it's a good show I think got five I think space force so. Dirk Benedict should probably in charge space for hours. I don't know man did the SARS to troop shopped and now I've got Ted disease starship. Troopers. I'm that's around we got to figure out our who's an amendment off right there with a bra. How. Yeah. As I was talking about Star Trek Star Wars which Benicio del Toro you know hymns and talk with Seth Meyers and asked about the secret C. Secrecy the Star Wars Scripps. I know and on public all these projects are scripts are like tightly guarded secrets. And for star words isn't sure they had to bring a tablet to your house and someone had to wait outside while you read it. Yeah they bring like an iPad would. Did code in the hole being in the script is right here and it was really. I'm a slow reader hello. Usually you can take media room. But you know Star Wars script it's it's got a lot of weird name sinned and evidently I didn't language yeah it's good to go a long time so I got a poor guy I was waiting for I think about eight out. Yeah. Actually saw what I walked Indian view was gone. Arabs talk about storage but at the boy but he says no learning new languages that's what I'm concerned right at discs quick side and want throughout the united. I like that. These will lose two straight late people's life pass Blake. I don't know if he's attractive regions cool and kinda he's just cool he's obviously and I'm so that kind of creepy cool. Ride but he mastered some. And like you know he made a joke about they drink in the air like when you watch his Heineken ads like. Oh it Liggett the feeling he'd be like you know like I'll do these ads that links and some product they're eliminated earlier it's a lot of new growth. It. What was the what was it he he had some famous person that he had sex in there and in an elevator. And I can never get over and the weird thing away and I wanna say that I wanna say that she was. You know. Very popular at that time was just in a lot of different movies. And she was on a late night talk show announcer like oh yeah I just bang beneath you on an elevator that I was crazy. Yes you have to Skype's unfortunately. You hear slate. But it definitely right you have to remember that about going to run him bragging about his picture okay. There pros Letterman. Specified named Satan is outscored Toronto. But he's was like britney's fueled the bull yes. A bull fumbled a Vegas but he issuable Benicio pulled me is one of his parents and we'll have sex in an element. At backpack bullish. Some ratings. You know wake up summertime America's Got Talent just dominates is frankly it's all is but I think it's the that it is not did you see that one girl the other night. Tuesday fifteen man. She sang a song it was just unbelievable legend for me I got I'm not a huge fan that show that sometimes you this thing over what was de America. That's out. The right ahead they look at the check. Is it a fifteen year old girl made it's like she got a got weird on stage Richardson. Yeah only showed it to you to put villages technically she's real to me you were ready and so. They're like yeah are do your thing just like she seemed terrified does music hits man I'm done she went to a different places like whole league yes the article pretty impressive. I beg Delhi British air I had my schedule headlines don't appear in minutes you are listening to amend your radio network timely and Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real Spartan cargo hole I come from the beaches get dictating itself pleased at the molten lava flows. Off to Ireland we go where a man named Spider-Man legend grows. New recorder a food dyes and hellfire was a model a rocket scientist and doctor to do with. Paid other story re dead snake maintain man's face turned blue and then pretend to be 83 star general and lands a helicopter and a woman's work. To impress her. This time your headline. It's time day. Here's might cause I know our top story in Hawaii authorities have issued. A warning to both residents and tourists about cell faith yes southeast. Turns out that around forty people have been arrested for loitering near lava flows taking self he's with the molten rock. Florida. Why don't I feel like we hear about this every other week. Not necessarily just Clinton lava flowing. But people taking self is that they just shouldn't be. Well some people in the didn't mold by animals on remove all of the lives that it's kind of been. This is statistic that keeps growing every year and yet and I'm increasingly concerned by a bit more and more people act. I think there's someone more people die from southeast and sharks every year I think sometimes just take a picture of the thing. Well we don't unit ahead. You know you think that picture of the view off the cliff don't stand on the edge of the to a break. They ask people to keep in mind that you don't have to test a lot of courage to tell you. Yeah beloved not running people over its you know the noxious gas that you whether incredible heat that's coming up at that uses out of new agreements guys come on. In other news we got to Memphis Tennessee where a man has been charged with burglary and vandalism have three broke into a restaurant supplies start. Please arrive on the scene of a the break in just before the man flat on the vehicle that allow him entry to the building a forklift. Wow Brody of the foreclosure and left report correct. It crashed the vehicle into the wall of the business to break inside and he was cut after a very short chase on the far left. You how would that sounds beautiful sport where they probably maybe. 510 miles an OK that's boy get off civilian run I will say though air ever since I was a kid I wanted to drive four of course forklifts it yet. How to get into a back out. Men are insist you over the back up nights I got you you've got a Mac toga. I got a backup oh you have America center AMR I go to my dad plays he's got a backup I don't know Diggins has the health and I yelled back out. Oh. Fidesz is my pop the panic that. Qaeda it's another avid club members and recently go to Montgomery Alabama where a man shot a snake that he had found in his garden decapitated me animal. And our feet and power after the animal was guilty of post it with a grabber tool to dispose of the body and the headless snake actually lashed out at the man. Knocking the tool out of his hand. Did you see the video of this thing I saw the little bit of the video where was the right thing I didn't see the actual far more Atlanta now that. He shot the head golf with a shotgun. So the rest he didn't have ahead of the rest of the body so we're the head would be it's like pulled me in and threaten them that this kind of took the general statement that's that they nicknamed him. When where they had were being filtered in his direction the death. Is an hour after he blew the head off over with a shot there. I think we're still finding a good instinctively knew where it was they said he walked around the truck of a poker that they were flip round yes and this is his bloody. Paul thank him remember that it carries channel like zombies NATO it was like a half attempt that is at a strike but it was eleventh that I got an average human right. That's insane if I Daryn coming adds I don't know but that I heard him. But I'm still freaked out mess they you don't normally mild walk on I had to act are brought it up to Robinson seeing this as. As you said I'm not surprised you quoted intentions are looked surprised as were people. Yeah and I'm inclined to agree after the especially especially ones that that like. Woody common. It pipers who would ever want to like think rattlesnakes think if I get hosed you'll think it stricter but. Those things are you realize a lot of more stories about animals that once they're dead American try to bite you that's right it's I would give but it could be used to. Wanna miss a day. Around the world we go to Dublin Ireland where prison inmate makes his way onto the roof of the prison and found himself any ten hour standoff with police. Ten hours on the roof. Making his way across the rooftops the inmates earn himself the nickname Spiderman by authorities. Right before he fell off the roof breaking rebounds in the fall photo like all of them. If if if if I think the thing about Spider-Man does that lead did not have a group on the fall guys if it is I'll say it really would fill in the west. I think it's got in North Carolina man was arrested for the attempt to impress a woman. The man impersonate an a three star army general in order to charter a helicopter and had a lane at the woman's place of work and landed on the soccer field where she works. He claimed that he was there on president drums orders to take her to Fort Bragg. After a three hour helicopter writer basically just looking at the city the woman told authorities that it was an attempt to impress her he was arrested on job. Please ma'am so who yanked. Okay like come on it and has all that necessary to lead he had lived in in Raleigh for like a decade. Just finally got his citizenship the woman's married. But he knows that he doesn't take no for an answer to. He thought he knew that he was coming she thought that he which opened just like a regular cars don't understand what do tonight. And then all of a sudden this African military helicopter lands on the soccer field definitely lived in Rafa and the Baltimore wasn't on the wider bigger a new effort. And is that a lot of times Imus you did that cause I don't know medalist too much how long time in jail for players. Fontana yet vetted thing. He actually he had the uniform on get the badges here is I don't lunatic he actually is I think I don't know how but he broke into somewhere and he got himself a uniform and you added I think he used the same tactic that you know. Oh you are and we'll just knew how to read didn't fly a helicopter. He got the people who are doing and and debris headlines that might not is not I say united residency and except for the return of it done ahead Jones and how we did meet and details no I sure like children in those with a shot of the day he has indeed it is all true would have beat down we re all book about losing Jack. Don't next time please do what to do best and poorly this thing. Scale there.