06-20-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Keeps It Vanilla

Wednesday, June 20th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Likewise today given a good actor Reza good blank gave 44999. Cola one more quick comment I enjoy this one. I gave myself a black guy trying to pull up my tank top. Because my blue dragon out. My hands slipped an American muscle always ol' Ted speaking of boobs. Steve and I are just randomly walking down the street OK today otherwise there are insane okay so these two women are walking towards OK they're not paying any attention to us just don't do my own both of those that collectively are looking at them as they might have been attractive. Now this one moment she has a zipper jacket on and and she decides to sit down her jacket for whatever reason we don't know audio audio lot and then how Popper moves in she's at the right back up. But there was no rhyme or reason gave you the most bizarre thing I've we've these islands is ready and I'll let you know longtime aide downtown streets of the areas whole be a bit that people everywhere so many questions yes. Was anything under the jacket. No no no this what was that no time today and well up until now shale and so holidays and I were just hot sweaty women and I went on and it for the immoral well endowed now I know there are Berra Berra Berra Byrd you have bigger gap of and they demanded that I look yes they did so they are not. Large. Well we're very there are men and Taylor I don't manageable size I mean she was very attractive pictures fruit melon yet and it. Probably bigger they'd probably look. All right so garlic they look preventive health perfect and for no reason he just didn't request you sit down and that you it and we were all god he's at the right back up which you think she forgot you're never sure don't. I'm not sure. Great prints like what does a good seat tell me probably these were three were physically attractive they you pass on every year you does on zip your Jacqui knows he did Robin did they do they did their daily lottery winner is Rangers don't you have friendly neighbor and you know like the well thank you were booed him and isn't like the woman in the tank cover and hang and act like you know I'm gonna say she knew issue is doing. Maybe she liked the look you know. New weather today and I don't doubt there's only one you should have many questions as well as we Haywood again. It at that we didn't ask mr. blank whether I hate to minute but I had heard myself for doing Bayh gave 449990. Look how did I forget that that happened. You might do that trend hello dean welcome to the men's room. You oh yeah. What did you crash. Are so. I hit station and now we do I. And while I'm long listening as Sharon and I proponent actually every station backyard. After your boy and girl and when Howard's baker. I wish kicking off beat toe hook. McCain's talk on my Jeep Wrangler. A note and install an actual niche. So are you enterprise arc and eleven you're getting the ball loose and all of them make an opponent so I can actually get a check on there and cut all. Well in the process of eating that. I bark. Deprive our local leaders and argued wranglers beat boys and play. In honest credit card sticks out. And I went straight down and I get my case. The license plate copper hand urged all like well that really hurt. Don't. And I'd see blood pouring out of everywhere it. I quit my day I don't might turnaround and realize. I'm pitching T. A guy on I don't know all I know. I ended up. And it tears at a lower Turkey and breaking the next one number two left completely in half. Have to become why it's so bad that they penetrated in my bottom line up. I had to get. Eight stitches put. Eight stitches. Now. Well I hate it and I want to know how she yelled my wife and unlike. You need to call a young right now on this to not get. I actually what would you do or how much does hold my mouth and I broke my mouth and show orange goes oh my. And so she calls. The police and ambulance and because I was based security micro workers showed up. No good excuse to make it even worse so. I don't nickname short weeks and I like gore won't even I haven't achieved if not well result of the nicknames. Odd. Natural to want. Them and not how did you all. Know and I would imagine one day where you originally from. I hate. I got go vaults and jets fury here and actually I was here Leno and Aaron also wondered if he is from my failure of all I was not shared an area now. I don't matter but I nervous of doing blank gave 44999. Cola hello Michael welcome to the men driven. Lo piccolo Ottawa time. And it'll all long that look that all that negative net thanks our goal of all the doubt. And you're the goal at that Bill Perry and almost all love the game. It Beckett couldn't be laughing mild days and god you look at that are important. Goal is to descended like you know the bunny ranch. Now download the around it and he in my hair morale today no I don't not to let a guy there too much morale aren't. Big bucks they are so many things. I still. Look at the Lodi. You have a methodical and eight and I had we will do it being on that ultimately led. And done I don't I don't giggling on the field. My employee picnic alum who. Full full and on my ankle I will play a good pick it all electrical. And you might play. And they picked me up and go to Columbia on the being gay guy play. And the dog like that dug into that you're really pick and they all the old until you know I am I'm content through a lot on the base and got the bat I had I believe you're on might lose. Those type edit cut typically cannot says it might split the people not the conducted gonna download again. And dumb after about Luke. I actually get it and I picked a second opinion and I want to don't know what do you expect it if you look at it barely true the next day that the woman that they've done. And do it lightly you know incredible Hulk and play without talking about and be light schedule late getting you for the can be completely bought the bought edit the. And a lot. At current. We'll how long it. And we'll connect. I did the same man they apparently it was broken that that many places I mean. Would you think the doctorates you one of the things you know just what I have over to what replaces the tendons off the moment you didn't notice it you know. Half of the plate decorum and rightly. They're not doctors there's like the medics. But if you don't know how that the next raid that don't might be able drills part of the thing that's almost radiologists are really I guess give me no matter telling armament. I mean even radiologist who are doctors can read an accurate so why they shoot until her opening awareness but at the same time. I do the same thing. They just assume that severely sprained my ankle so they they did makes reasoning they didn't see that depression there was an error the thing never healed. Turns out I was like block and I think for six weeks in nose broken that you don't interact unidentified outlet and it's taken a cast on like crap so they get sucks because it's double time for the helix. Miserable I question I hate to admit that but I hurt myself doing blank 8449990. Look hello clay welcome to the men's room. And. Okay. Well and admitted reluctantly conclude these shameful on. 80 look they're lit the night. Where you're helping. You can go all your things man. Although I love looking at it they'll studied all one aren't looking around all we can dump off on. Nice dark side of the college. Little known fact about nights all bundled met on on at the thumb. You'll want to go home and all it took an on it helped out. When I did all of that and it looked and looked down at global liquid onto my Olympic update plugs I won't go all. Larry that they've built an early look at Google although. Not my lip and looked out there it would let him all the luck and luck up. Hole to move easily interpret. Who found anyone find you or did you wake up before anyone realized what it. 000 local I don't know the Brigham and you can thumbed their ultimate man and adapting to let them like they belong to god intended addictive. Well done according to a couple hours it would it would lift it on. Yeah let them bad and I don't upload the lower lip. On that blood is a little does it all they know the law and all that Clinton doesn't noticeable. And command nobody else did not know that the ultimate god I don't I don't know him cornered at a local and the quick game kind of look and don't you know I'm gonna lift lines. All right now as someone did notice is an aspirin to tell look man I was I was confident. It actually. Got a little did you ever drive hoping again. No Luka and I know lesson learned yeah damn man I don't I didn't know anything I don't. I'm I'm not educated in that world. Which I mean I wanted to QB you buy their way of sorcerers and the format your stayed that way what's the not educated in the world of how often does the reluctantly I yeah. Healthy just added another big decision would mean he is how quickly I don't know what products were used in the process you know I I wouldn't isn't WID hornet like I work I know at the end of the candidate ready wet you know and I mean I can write with a bit past that I don't know much about any aerosol lifestyles (%expletive) And caused it to our man yeah merit mug shots and receive floating around in the guys' faces silver or gold albums are covenant on fumes and and we are hoping to got the silver falls totally unrelated local wasn't home man he was absolutely wasn't that enough that it goes in LA. It is okay to bum a cigarette. And then he started talking we're realize aren't that he'd be objective on something even when he returned his head a little bit influenced you realize is hoping for the benefit talent if you have a silver paint mail lady was on the street performers michalak like that tin man. He's turn yeah it wasn't like strip club letter right it's like when I put this guy conflict. Old old drew. He won't stop talking to there isn't a great move. Hotspots still look on the return of whose side glass and as the men's or mark question men's or lifestyle I need to minutes but I hurt myself doing like we've also got your emails on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. For a black glass tonight Hazel Mae as well I hurt myself doing blanket here come those emails the men's room mad men's or live dot com. Our guy guys I was on a folding ladder working with a hammer on the outside of the house. I finish what I was doing so the hammer on top of the latter then climb down. That I grabbed the latter to move it to the next spot I needed to work on and I forgot the camera is there until slammed down right on top of my head. I saw stars and tweeting birds for a few seconds and had the worst headache ever for the next few days but. That wasn't the worst of it for the following six months my girlfriend and private and public. Called me hate hammerhead. Now from days. Gonna do stories age limit but I injure myself walking up Poodle. I was taking the standard Poodle out to its owner from the boarding area and events office that I worked at. A standard Poodle by the way is a larger dog but it makes it no less embarrassing that when the Poodle tugged as we were going on a freshly mopped concrete ramp. I slipped and comically flew a veneer. And landed hard on one butt cheek. I found at a BER that I didn't factor fractured my pelvis. And my husband raised a minute but he hurt himself shopping at Wal-Mart. I stopped by a Wal-Mart after taking my husband and his brother out to the bar so we could grab a few groceries for their dad well my husband was pushing the cart like a good drunk monkey. When his brother jumped on his back. They shocked my husband those knocking over the cards my brother in law than picked up the guards and hit my husband in the forehead. He left a bloody floor and overturned car while my brother in law is stripping off his shirt the put on the head blown. The next morning at the emergency room yes he would not let me take me that night. I had the pleasure of recounting this tale multiple times to professionals including a nurse who used to be my gym teacher. He got four stitches above his eyebrow the figure is six months later my son was in the ER with an injury. And I heard the nurse say the station hey that's a shopping cart guy's wife and kid. Rush Condit is that from Stephanie and almost killed myself any trampoline Jim once turns out I can do a back flip lucky to be alive that from met another traveling student who. Gentlemen a lob it over Memorial Day weekend I hurt myself by trying to cut a zip tie with a pair of kitchen shears. In an observing over the zip tie gals my hand and gave myself seven stitches. I wish I could say I was drunk but I was sober at the time plenty of drinking happen after that though. He bon rocket from Amanda. And guys my wife and I had just finished having sex. Don't ask me why but I thought it would be funny is held the fleeing the condom across a room like a rubber band shooter Aaron. I'm wrong hands slipped in and came back in hit me in the I started losing vision and that guy and had blood in my iris went to the ER everything must find the man knows a painful experience both in pride and embody. I'm economy your sperm of otherwise why go my guys that from corroding your eyeball that from Noah any any from the comments I managed Serb woman do you miles you said earlier and to your point there a lot of negative Tripoli stories and you said are there any positive to the says miles. I've been positive tripled in store for you I touched my first movie tolerance is either you go to nice stretch our viewers out there for the men's room amends remind our god. Ochoa my son Zach brown sting people who is fifty delegates in turtle wax with a second I've cupcake in the plaza thanks guys love the show that for America. Oh. College others Brian's birthday gala deserves every gas for four years he'll be 28 to love being here right here comes the dope pusher out penis is too small. Followed by a little Ray Willis I have Ebert they've made that from smooch. Don't. Alyssa I'm good 1563. Day alive Tony nine years. I would love to hear the dirty Germans getting excited for a hike thanks guys that from germ. Young independent hi can I get to certain foods taking up your script. Guy ceases hiking is going to be a lot for children to do they can't condemn. This is a regular dheisheh and add to my father in law Roberts who is sometimes an ass and that's okay. Good you know my European says there's too small followed by an original fish sandwich. Thanks from the best damn son in law he could ask for Ashton. I I just asked him for like a bad time sounds like a half hour lulls all right Jim is too it's too Smart good aspect that's how the best guys and mother my boyfriend Chris turns 52 glorious years old today he builds Hydro planes for a living. So you guys can give them a fish sandwich and some dirty Germans talking about being the first across the finish line. That would be awesome that from the lovely windy fresh sandwich and and. And it gets me when I'm always throws to crucifixion. He's thirty Germans are so we also selfish will be across that finish for us. Content on Syria oh. Happy I didn't I had been having a good card and I pat and I got it back dated videotape you bids. Yeah. Available through these world sings a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. And shrine club. There would get through come what is guys your current 2018. Dump button count midyear update here we go however are way way way around it deserves suddenly a little bit of ladies and gentlemen your 2018 dump button count mid year update. Gentlemen your current number no. Or 2008 dean excluding your show now is. 47. Great to be last year's total of 92 the total in FCC fine save this year are you ready for this has been. 151000275. An American guy. We could have gone humor fifty million dollars but we did want a savings. As always this excludes Ted vs the FCC. I know we'll drops out February 5. There were three total with waded deep public driving danger guy and a double from another caller from a double play. February 14 was who've won a slide it. A couple more instances. First caller from the San Diego affiliate. Miles dropping the as bomb march 20 I can work that there has certainly one drop during week to week and that was the monster. All and Ed and the monster has only been dropped once this year the monsters or show up once you on April 12. Enjoy your afternoon gentlemen that from Kyle the unofficial Department of Homeland Security liaison to the men's room Kyle we appreciate you keeping all these amazing statistics. We're really does this every year it's fantastic cause and even the top cursor on the show from last few years I think so man I no problem I'm I'm proud to say believe so. Proud to say yes I'm saying convinced you know I have yet you guys residential jobs yet positive human life. Assuming ironically. Yesterday the first part of the show you guys brought up bears several times and I actually hit a bear on my way home from work while listening yes. I hit a barrel by car. I guess technically are we were talking about fares against namely the bear hit me. I was leaving McCord air force base and headed home on a road that is used pretty regularly but it's still considered somewhat of a background. The mayor was running on all fours and came barreling out of the woods full speed while I was traveling about 45 miles an hour. I slammed on the brakes and swerved but could not avoid the impact he had my front passenger fender with the either his head or shoulder and rolled down the rest of the car. I don't know what have a dome. Military police and wildlife guys were notified and are trying to find the wounded bear my car sustained heavy damage though I've never encountered there before but according to the wildlife guy. People have bear about three times a year mostly on that road America it was pretty scary not sure if that could be considered the riskiest thing I've done and is there driving home from work but it definitely showed me up love you guys thanks sent from Katie since the third time that same manner eighty. There's definitely I don't know why it's funny that the same Bayer keepsakes not let Darrel. Yeah they don't stop cross that road there what are you doing couple more and never lessens the US would foreign object goes out found inside your body humble about nine or ten on my buddy Arnie was breaking his nose and just pulled out of fishing with the size of the BB. He didn't call how it got there cheers and rock on that for American north Vancouver British Columbia candidate Ned do you still alarm just pulled out I did all the money goes I'll Canadians have a fishing weights that government knows just days ahead and be out need to look at wake officials to other security risk and I'm gonna assume he swallowed that. It right it's. They are yemen's in his nose and the key to a coffin back personnel maybe in there I just really maybe you remember that time you're reading you know efficiently. And and one more guys on a near and your question. Win the with a wife and our young had Paul or port had no medical insurance I found assist on my boys sack. So being that we had brand new razor blades and plenty of rubbing alcohol work editing taping cleaning the recorder heads I grabbed some blades from work. And a bottle of alcohol and went home. Went into the bathroom and slice the bad boy off. Real men do their own mind minor surgery that from draft in Baltimore. Yeah and they do one of our bosses and that's that connected math. Clear enough the the bush thick area are still going military again toast with a shout the day the return him as a manager mr. governor bought the. Now the men's room wants to know. Yeah John and yeah blue. Okay. Bring us up three stories from the news all of them sock. It is up to us to determine which of these three stories in facts of the least now if you like the men's room on FaceBook or you follow us on Twitter the debates add to evidence reply is already underway on who sucks less he has admitted they do every week yes I have three stories I display used to a coworker today he came across one of the stories and I said listen. Every week I do people get mad at me so I wanna I wanna make this clear. These are now stories about me and things I have done these are stories of people we shared the planet we have been in this case. We have some tourist in Newcastle United Kingdom they'll be taking on the paramedics and police officers of Chicago. And we have random man from the country of Turkey bullets start Newcastle. Where has the story reads in the absolutely unnecessary display of stupidity. A group of people were caught on video during rocks and seals. Forcing the seals don't golf course. Now the very OC movie assigned to Saint Mary's island nature reserve. And then build themselves a Little Rock so one of the civil causing great distress in panic as you would imagine it would. The children's way today into the cliffs jump began before the group then turned their attention to other animals at the sanctuary estimates limitation Lucille Ball. But a court battle let's go to the plywood big jump into. I bet it may have been water below I could have been rivals so I don't know I honestly do not know and it does not I don't jump the deadline so there's the picture I'm guessing they didn't want. But didn't get to the beach but I thought you know again you don't know what their government death. And I would go to Chicago were obviously gun violence is out of control. But the seventeen year old dude was shot multiple times in the head. When authorities arrived there were other dead people laying on the street as they do they throw blankets. Overall the bodies. The difference is when you do that didn't you check the scene of the rationally dead in this case and you can see it on video that they were blanket over this you know what to check that you see the blatant move. On camera on camera because guess what he's still alive. Well that point. They eventually got over to try to help amounted to CPR all of this put on life support. But he died shortly there after they were doing a television report and someone said hey their bodies moving in the back to give them aren't they the authorities what their to investigate shoot. All right so they were recovered the bodies and other collecting got sued no one is seeing just got to move except for the cameraman saying like. Hey guys yeah. Now that's just seems wildly nobody noticed it online order you know life goes alive cut to death in the what are they just not check that anybody knows her or did he ran over live on television and started checking Emily hall got a lot of dignity album. On Don. Whose lives. But we're not done yet most go to Turkey. We're Amanda's been arrested after dog was found with its legs and heel chopped off and didn't dumped into the woods to die. Sadly the Bobby did died during surgery after rescued from a forest in the Soviet district in Turkey. This got the attention of the Turkish president. Whose name I can't put out. He said an election rally basement police said detain the construction machine operator. In relation to appease deck you Aaron and do no rhyme or reason for white bed and they offer picture that would be happy you don't. So again to reiterate we have a group of people that are visiting new guest of the reluctant deals with the throws for clues to get the double the question we do not know what is up about before. There was seventeen year old shooting victim in Chicago they just assumed he was dead there Blake about it. Presumably before our whole lives because of a live news telecast. That's our new noticed he was even mayor and a real demand Turkey. That chopped off the legs into a little puppy before dumping it in the world. He should have within that corner it's like. We diluted EPS before you throw a shield somebody they feel just to check their whole flight in theory in all and to barter democratically elected Chicago this happened so much history of the so over and and does not an excuse but it's. Some people were dead he was shot in the head they just make the assumption. That's not the way to do it but if you live in place like that in that particular area. Right Aggies still I do feel that you feel like you it was an hour long there's an hour long intimidated. Right could they have done some sadly enough Mike and I agreed earlier that we believe that they suck police. These people thronged the seals know mono then. The paramedic or police in Chicago using these Ali's. Yet know how much I think as such the most. May I don't know the protocol that I know that they can actually be subject I was a little later died at the hospital right. I don't understand it of the circumstances I just think that was the most unfortunate story. So make sure I guess that's the most important story of the law because maybe if they just would have paid attention in that time period however long was that kid's life could have been saved. The only reason I think they sought the lives scheduled to horrible story. Is that there were nine bodies. On the sideline to dupe. They had a bit of distraction from Iraq to seals express purpose is cutting the legs and felt awful about this. That was your intent. I don't know that my good it's horrible when Natalie Arnold may F I would are. Right yeah it but I look miles an hour there and I think he yeah that person who survived it but keep reminding Kidd had three bullet holes in his head. And there's nine bodies so I don't get how they OK and they take the first six that the mural that you know Poodle it's it's not excuse but it still in that situation tell. That seems more reasonable than to make the decision so it doesn't and can't see I mean that's why I asked about what was the seals jumping into because it doesn't say the seals died. Now obviously called it right maybe they did maybe they didn't vet I do not know the good and a five foot cliff it could have been fifty for. Greta model that's horrible was no reason or perhaps any animal like that and it. So he's a dramatic you have which you know man and really if you think about what orcas in great white sharks and their lives are like that might be the easiest thing than being in the water having one of those trailers go up on and I don't know. Who take a sealed. From there there won't be in Florida that beer won't end. Yeah I had it I think dominated the seals second released and I just isn't my theory. There you June I didn't hurt dole water frank what have you done I don't think lemon rocks review we do well they're flopping on rocks and we just don't know. We don't in your scenario the seals off from the right is their father good jump in the water and don't know stuff yeah. On FaceBook mark says all have to go with the seventy year old shooting victim sucking the least the other two were deliberate. Conscientious acts by people to hurt the seals in the pot. Yeah and that the other all right so basically there's a lot of people about that on the same tibbles. But the activity in the Chicago and I know what you say about the other bodies if you notice keeps legislate. He's the coroner. But he ran his first job is to decide whether these people Carlo I think we're dead after I agreed I didn't really was reminded that that I. Bad got a technical the coroner he he's side yard exhibit no luck and again John and I agree that it's awful I just they can. This sooner John. Hey man you are. The problem is that enabling these in the first three story that's the late twentieth and Lynn how good he knew more about the feline story. You guys did we get regular folk do you have more info out there are rocks object. All right so now we know they die. They're jumping on the army head. The day and cool all right now do you still holding out hope you think he's today's jump around the world are. Robert says this that is a circumstance is the shooting victims that's the least the other two are in time for the worst eight holes on this planet's and I'm really fast seventeen year old we got rationale. Ben writes if so aren't there was no more fluffy they got away would Disney stuff. They probably if I don't I just hit it over this guy there's a chance you gonna survive but they just did she go over how to get finished second least. And I'm open. It was a short drop this and play and on rod than that it was a good you have no idea the men's room on no FaceBook would be debate continues on though who's such a little smiles at Twitter admin surmise that's it's that's it's a lot of different things. We did the little lack of the church for. Italy with seventeen year old shooting victim is the most is far more about the tigers. Kind of weird I don't drink it does what his job today after men's tournaments coming up next you are listening to the men's or my young network secret. Coming up we will pray again those rumors out of their book birds. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Why is this guy. Passion STD. Oh yeah. Is my mom encore. Questions that need answers and yes. This is as good. No question apart as a men's room dishes they email here's the men's or amendments remind our comic the subject as a men's room and away we go. Start with a one from love the lovely Katie. There's guys I just started dating this guy and I asked him to go to the store TV's my treat the earth. So he comes back we'll play now Salmonella. Is is not the first time he has pulled something like this I fear I may be dating my talks double hanger is this the deal breaker. You've got to be specific look Manuel think of the guy and many guys I have this new relationship old relationship be the date the members of a very for 53 years of my father is still Smart enough to know. My mother say go pick up my street. He would ask what kind you want because if you don't and we make the wrong choice things go bad she just who've been no that's why did you got to let him know. My dad liked ice cream. You'll break right it won't fit right in the Andrea nice. Through ASA and I I didn't NL's best provision could do most different things really make milk shake things so the chosen one was late again if you're not to be specific I thought it was thoughtful. Others that do actually went after and I recommended refresh and daddy did you ever turnover in the will be doing the French and all better so yeah we got we. Other solos thrill guys of my girlfriend was wondering. How you got your nickname of thrill she thinks it's because you danced to thriller may get that from Sean. But she never that's exactly it that's on how you Richard Nixon actually my first day in radio they had be operating V board for. The kid Rosenthal should get Rosenthal now is. Fox networks de facto baseball guy he's worn out how's this for fun or more than that the fact oh. Fox baseball guy in my mind he is probably the guy when it comes to information a Major League but he's a very tired guy at front abort any sort of went into the show we face into and it helped. He had no idea what my name is sort of producer handed him a sheet of paper that's schools got to show. He's a loser and I don't think as Steve the the thorough hill right let's also. I wanna work the next day everyone was just what we go through that. So part of it I keep an as a tribute to the Fed began as a bird who guys burger. There because of brass amends or Jews and email here to men's or women's in my back on the make the subject as Simmons I'm all right Bob and it would manage and break it down. They are just so pure. I did as good as usual we had a great guest is Stephen Doyle find out nortel's stick yes indeed and today we dosed at 241 year old man from Council Bluffs I'm not sure what state that's and but that. I read your story as the as the paper printed it. Accountable to man whose pleading guilty to operating while intoxicated after police said they found an extra upside down car he'll be sentenced in July. The 21 year old man was arrested in March sadly about a month before his 21 birthday and according to police. Officers were this bad to certain street at 2:20 AM for vehicle reported to be resting on the top. After striking. Other vehicles. Well I'm on the scene investigators said they met the guy who immediately told them look that was brought in scholars aft up. He had several signs of intoxication smelled of alcohol. It dried blood on his face. From his nose but you still declined medical treatment on the way to county jail. He said he was drug to dogs are den and at the jail he did not pass several sobriety test. On his first defense he faces at his license suspended and might have to pay far but the reason we're toasting him his name has been German beer. Our own beer doesn't it lived up to remove the terrain. For a lose lose imagery does boost because we think its young main drag over the time no doubt that the road to party and our children. Down all garbage known. Could Doug Keller nine alive right now low profile those 844999. Old shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.