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Tuesday, June 19th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. It's all the guards standing by I'll take color 9844999. All you'll play profile as in. We got your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check get a Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working. All right a woman and Michigan had her car still last week and he spotted the next day when she was driving in her rental car so she stole her car backs. For the McCarthy saw her and stole her rental car. OK. I can't. I flew the circle of life. That is an incident tracked him down and he was arrested I gotta like this dollar fine should they or else why me man why you know I always do this to me what they come out of the wrong. Probably does play right into rental car she saw that cartoon she can drive modes or she takes that won't call I call her car gar believes that car and he's still that it makes sense he is the fact they carve things. He had to ride she took a back sort of crime of opportunity again. A double and Oklahoma were busted for having sex in broad daylight by a busy intersection on Friday. And it turns out the woman was arrested for public sex back in October as well. The with a different man. Sound about right did you see the mug shot and not okay there arrest of Renault would not. The net net and just really had to think and I. How around. Apple. Just announced a new feature in its next iPhone update now let's 911 dispatchers use GPS this year exact location. That's a good idea and two ways one look at the legitimate emergency and also if you're comfortable calling just mcdonalds or another Fries. Correct. I hear the most condescending things they dads need to hear according to a new survey. When someone says to their lives quotes you've got him well trained. Hearing it you're doing it wrong you should do it like this. Yeah and hearing are you disappointed the baby wasn't a full life. Yeah I've heard necklace. I was supposed to answer that no unlawful physical very simple and I know we even know it's like you hope you have a boy if they're pregnant. Like man if my kid is healthy. I don't care what you think you can identify what is that that goes a long way it did is healthy I don't care without a doubt yeah even if it's just mind. The front and did you. I admit I met him and can pick it would take care. A new study ranked the states from the best place for a summer road trip to the war is based on everything from the quality of the rose to their shoreline and scenery. Armani and asked. And Amani and asked my son of god damn well you do look at anything else he's Italian boy when you are right about him and commitment made made debate that good for him but I was the last Saudi born Yahoo! now let's I had no idea throws right an hour and on and I don't care. Adrenaline pumping so it would have to be would you say seaboard to write short did you just say you hate traveling I'm not traveling. Will say there is something very nice about driving actually. It's. Beautiful it feels that year and a music video it's exactly how I won Vienna villiers driving by watching a little if you're an and you designated utilized impeachment and I hate to be highly drivers he's. I can't tell us what are they want to do maybe he gets hot it's sandy there's salt water everywhere instead the lead yeah it sucks. You largest us drilling to go to will be say well look up each and monitor and a walk away if don't futures were dead yet our guard Tim writes little watched from my house I'll guard what are you with the how much he still bitter about the full. Yes to the pool your mad about this yet and he gonna want what about a beats like on a lake or river for fresh water to seem to hate salt water well that's good for guys quick vacation because it's dirt it's not saint. He's not an ambulance and the beach is not that it says the feature at the lake you gotta go the right defense. I think guys you gotta go the right beat these huge danger change your mind over get a little leg up beat ginger zero beach in the Ocean City features like Huntington Beach got a little beach. It made total on the floor and everybody really. So you don't know how Miami durable figures wedding and every woman walked by you so gorgeous you don't care Mike Furrey and they get in there water. You won't care and it's I just look at the attractive women off the beach. Don't have to be a stupid breach according to study of the states with the highest percentage inside a fast. And your studio yeah. Then there's no correlation between any of those roads however we do have Washington DC as the number one overall role shores and good news miles West Virginia has police say a fast I outcry. I'm getting lazy lazy as I love things that we need more fit and she's there you know you still get women they've. I did not clean cool and I'm shocked by DC. Now mouthful psychopathic kind of a big term right it doesn't mean you're murdering people and media may be working for the federal government he right. The people don't have time in West Virginia to be cycle pastors are so busy Coleman. I love it if I thought I really like other oldest coal mining beginning we are getting the common among children up she's on a part in the coal mines of. People on Twitter are sharing the dumbest lies they've ever told life quotes I was I told people I was the voice that said zoom zoom at the end of Mazda commercials. When the money came out on dvd had told everyone in my class that was the Egyptian descent size to appear interest and put a storm trooper and Star Wars need improving and Terry and I think that got off. Do they're the colonials took less than 20% at restaurants according to a new study I don't know whether or hate you less than one at less than 20% help. And that includes 10% of colonials to take it even further by usually not having an impact they should not be going out to dinner. They look back and if that's all you read if they go you know signal to them either. And that argument is back for years. But are you ready don't go I would threaten people always know what about throwing a for the dinner than you can't afford to go well and we're in Denver I mean that's him as Conan. The people workforce. The world now voter organization just classified video game addiction as a mental health conditions for the first time camera. Thought both did very few things I was still got that one might not good at all Ted it's stupid. But some psychologist aren't convinced they believe the addiction doesn't usually standalone and it's more of a side effect of anxiety or depression which I think is and that's the basis of most nations. Your these dates and probably been put on the same token it's like now I enjoyed playing video games and you enjoy incredibly horrible my you can put the stupid thing down for a few hours and not played go help outside even. The end to play the beach who played the briefs that's right. Yes it was a tough went to even do you or I think as like addiction thankful that's still rather knows but he plays a lot of video game that they like strung out and opiates. One of them might still something for my house one of them is not I just don't see people now works in May and I I can't focus on illegal plays for tonight. Fred you might stay and wait and do your that would drag both food art and yeah I need to go play as big into the bathroom play game boy. Yet for some people may like that that's how they relaxed right to play video games here at media is archaic I'm listening go home. Doubly (%expletive) I'll have some man in Jamaica was recently running from the concept for you rob someone. Seven to try to get away by dropping his pants and pretend it's pure and imprisoned defecated on public. You know in LA I really think this is the highlight of the good you know why that is why. The kids. You wouldn't think it could be in the position that you would be in a link but look I saw him run by midnight I'm not designed to dig and put me on days. Don't do something else that the concert would take note on white. Hey man. I think that they got them streets wanna started chasing me a sort of beaten another guy of the trash him later it is like there is still going to address you because we sure do we would. Don't know I'm all like engineers that is normal and wherever AM at Montego Bay to a drop shallow and not anybody on the Internet dug in public for help violent enemy like carrying a brother go over it and make installing the logs. Thought it. Police in Massachusetts and finally found the culprit stealing American flags from a cemetery does that tell about a one hour now think about rock headlines are no one hour from now first we're good. True precepts. This is prohibited please tell us how profile this is playing as short and miles of. Simple game where we showed you a real life news story something that happened right here employment program. So loud Rosie got them out of the way and I got peninsula six to easily comes I don't know what the right all the information and ran very little was a good thing let's got a different colors hackney read all new Baghdad I can now maybe even a lot of another thing great papers due you keep you trapper keeper. What I had when I wanted to come by velcro thing wrong. And as new news to the story. On the stereotype you believe that the group of people and the decisions that people make less you would it is you think makes the story. Story hello my welcome to the men's room. At eight I admire you understand others they're gamers play. Go to bill I just it's white Knight here is your story and you're not gonna believe this but a medical professional. Who took the right did you from the title of us snoop dog tracks from 2004. Might not be legitimate to. In this case there's a 39 year old woman in Winter Haven Florida. And you all the weight loss clinic we talked about this before called. Drop it or I'm sorry doctor drop it like a top end it. Doctor drug alike thought he performed minor cosmetic surgeries and prescribed weight loss drugs to patients etc. etc. The problem is chooses buzz about the DN AM the Florida department of health has turned out doctor drop it like to tie up. Doesn't have a medical license I know. I hope give a faith and counteract. I think doesn't even have a medical degree she might not even have a BHD. In which AG truly drop feel like it's not he's facing six counts of unlicensed practice of health care. My question is do you believe that doctor dropped like a time is blank white Maxine would you. I. Blue and I am white. I did not know white lady lake ilk. After dropping like detached drop it like it's not doctor drop it like miles mom. Full name acted to usually when that doctor dropped it wagons labs not a licensed medical practitioner who was the Snoop Dogg song. We're both black. That's correct. How long did she have her on the practice floor possessed I'm sure. I don't have been commissioners I don't know how long minimal with the procedures. She did what she would do minor cosmetic surgeries I don't maybe. I would call a vote on something like that and what your goals are first person who ride the weight loss drugs based. First not recommend it actually prescribed weight loss. Change got a way of describing dropped to eat like hey don't scripts. I have no difference in the long enough may have that this was an issue. I'm against Mexican on this. I don't black. You there my. End we you know with. Did they don't know quite get what do. It. I don't wanna beat hill. OK final answer. I would apply now to issue is why why it makes you are Jewish snags that it was a tease you are listening to the men's or audio networks. Joseph you know have turned the men's room. Other things the Florida medical professionals in Florida they called medical professional notebook. Michael and go. And I don't dropped it like it's hot yeah onto weight loss clinic acting like she's not a doctor no medical license or degree and on my UN would Mexican on this one. And you felt very confident that she was wife and Indians had dignity and says his nice in ninety miles is a massive black. Oh that's right never might not I was dead Mexican dances are good. Unlock code. European golf is dead in the history with a with a cataract. The Internet and they do wrong but I want overall until later how well do though tab tablet TV talent. Those hours in front of a talking. Presents. I can't lie that 37 years of age I don't watch much of TVs are used to serve. Involved. Out of there videos. Well we know we never go back play like one or two on the overnights are doing. They said they were gone to a point that I may know about whether the URL but right there they're not claimed idiots there. With the think they have a lot you know there are shows on the air but they also are MTV's pretty famous for their movie awards their TV awards in this event. Ron if they get back in the day the movie awards TV awards are separate. When an eight years of a loaded and and they did the video music awards and then they have to give the be amazed that you like their big thing. But I thought there was a TV awards in news and movies that maybe and maybe it's always been to both them together. Plus I three late. My MTV to me I remember being one of the first late. Nontraditional like nine Grammy now Oscar yeah as the easy way grammys Oscars Golden Globes and and then if you like MTV came out of their stuff that they loosened it up let's hold the Nickelodeon would do it kids' choice Miller now and it's joyous feeling think he has season the last movie doesn't since the two silliest once an award shows though. To nearly billboard is it's like. It's billboard you charted her you didn't break you know who who that the best that most popular pops artery air searcher. And then break with the ST sometimes too late. Outside of judging who's the best championship team without hard to do it Elizabeth that FL team like well who won the super. The best swimmer Michael both are gonna blow a hole and I got here. Oh or rather areas million romantic thing tendency in this government. I don't plenty of TV movie TV awards. But they happen there's some a couple of cool things are really liked. I will say right now. In forever I would well obviously forever but black panther is perhaps a little feet and I thought everybody likes it. If you don't know who I Chad of Bozeman is black panther usually he won for best hero and I thought this was pretty awesome did you when he got onstage. Even award for playing this superhero. He's amazing. Went easy immigrated to acknowledge the heroes do we have in real life. Okay now somebody is here today. James saw Julie. Well you stay. Don't know they saw a big key for an awful good men in any outfitted C. Yeah the whole video is up the man to face the patient and you could tell that dude. James shot he has no idea of course an Emmy nod to them by MI KOW part of this award ceremony. Yeah I don't value be my guest yeah I get the credit he has a very good seat close the stage but also like he's got a famous right now he stopped a good. Mass shooting at a Waffle House who was bare hands you know subtlety was that odd for NBC. Actually his hand from a bear heroes and you also on hand as pause yeah he now is Paul is also when he says his bare hands are really he replied yeah oh yeah overrule the but the. A but if you didn't also legislate as far as superhero movies go right now but the big. I privileges gave his award that resulted bro I do much money are dismayed broke. And the gimme a double dip you can have there lord I'll I'll be all right a live review the make another one for me if also I should stay out Michael B Jordan and these. Kobe Jordan I feel it is pretty far up the IDF to keep the B forever because of Jordan joining us. And he's still can't be Michael Jordan and an author Michael Jordan junior right then eventually I was a Clay Matthews. When Adam junior Clay Matthews junior finally it's what clay Mathews you've established so. The problem is that my name's Mohammad Ali. Doesn't matter how good I am aid would ever is I'd did it connect mile Mohammed as Sully. Michael Jordan I don't mind guys know named his kid Jordan Michael. Luka yeah just based on straight from basketball players. Yeah yet you'd be human. I guess so I just feel like there's a whole generation of people when they hear Michael Jordan. Jordan I think it Michael B Jordan maybe maybe but until Michael Jordan that putting is that you know the white guys that know African American to breath he got the use of the actor. So Michael B Jordan won for best villains. I'm he was the villain and what you say who he got up there. I did in my war. Where I hate it yet how good and get the money Graco prevent. That maybe a guy like is that it hit me Chad Vickerson themed table right. So afterwards he shows. Hey Chad Rick Imus the say this for him. You have to say what kind of forever every time you see them suggest that the forever part really see your press suspect tank it. It's usually see those pictures of both and Avery looks a little tired of it. I'm sure mamet look better than it was so popular it it's like it's nice and black people white people any race of people thought we knew they got a that got a forever the dinner here for the rest of your life man. That's not me who like to trust me you won the award to great movie people liked it bought. Unintended side effect of this is for the rest of your life of comp for a yeah and he'll come back to like. Eventually that's the wake up this idea of lefties are just a bit if they don't bowl. I hit it I thought their wives ran over after the well like I always say aegis out all right he went late there is I've said this a hundred times there was is there was this period. We could not ask him about the wire or stringer bell he's didn't wanna hear it. And now we'll talk about all the tied to your establishes that an actor outside so sure once Bozeman gets another like massive character like that. Well if we play they've they make the same superhero movies eagle black and literally watch the ball really love about any of us. Facility until they go pretty cool and then they bring up these the young life out of it and play him in the younger version on the reboots. Chris Pratt also an award. Base he won an award. So then generational war it's been he had nine rules for the next generation Phillies a pretty good. There's a call nine rules from Chris Pratt. Generation award winner. Number 13. Number two. You have in Seoul. Be careful with that. Number three. Adults. Need a terror. When giving a dog medicine put in Madison ill he's a hamburger they won't even know there you medicine and I'm five. Doesn't matter what it is. Earnings. God is real. Number seven. It. After a group at a party. Locked the door sit down get all the peer out first and then once all the he's done bloop plus boom. Just try just trust me it's science. Number aids learned to break. Nobody's perfect but. There's a powerful force that designed that way and if you're willing to accept that you will have grace and grace is a gift. And like the freedom that we enjoy in this country that Greece was paid for with somebody else's blood. Powerful good message there but I really think they rules five. About the garden outside rule for you mad dog Madison put a little piece of hamburger. And then the thing about who Panetta party. No the ball solid and yet those are things you did take on for generations you also say. Again you say there is also receive a find the bathroom farthest away yes if you if you're in you don't ever go on the someone's bedroom. To use the bathroom unless you ask first but to be same as and it looks face. You know could you should ask you devolution that among the drubbing her brother own this place that I can I safely not to destroy your house in which he goes and into the neighbors and as soon as you as soon as it hits the water foolish courtesy flush right away yet currency flush just good ruined gently and were looked back yet found that a lot of people know what that is somebody had to tell me about it when I was in my early twenties there wasn't as you were legitimately stink you too bad the lot of the yeah the guy was accused shooter herb workers and fortunately now. Think well when you know watch real quick if it at bat yet these are out of Florida. Yeah I do to counties just flush everything quick. Are we talked a little bad about Jimmy Kimmel was gonna play Ted crews need blob fish test yeah basketball classic. So you know what first. And I did Jimmy obviously Jimmy Kimmel he knows how to put on a show or whatever so here's some of the yes sounds for the bass walk classic and it it's not a pretty cool. Weight class maybe some good sound you can. Or this game between senator. Hello. Jamie. Great state. I. Of all of my good news. Okay now. I could be it's a wild one game and you lost you lost with the WBBM VP or else assistance and I have a matter though and I think it makes him pretty good buckets it took a while I mean they edited together as I don't know with the actual time was OK there is a good shots. So that is the edited down version right and you heard there was a couple buckets that went in right. Now Jimmy Kimmel actually talks about the game and he gives you a little more insight on how long this went in how bad it. Was for the and just like a blob finished the game was ugly sloppy and it within moments we are gasping for air. We played well why it took almost an authority get the six point. A lot of this is a World Cup soccer game. What we agreed to blade eleven I didn't realize that an 11 o'clock. Rough never nothing but fouls the whole game long. I have bruises all over my body kept poking me with the hopes. And console along by the time it was over Jay-Z and beyoncé had written and produced an entire new wow. Two things. Thank you the first of the citizen in my house you elected I heard it was awful yeah and do you match literally were 6000 people. That's a lot of people well I wasn't a problem would've showed up because. I can't imagine a one on one pick a game last in more than Mike. Minutes right like what I will they figure eighty. This time you go to a bar you get drunk you Rolen or half empty arena as well I think you watch you know couple guys that you were celebrities that you think it's going to be entertaining and in year old back out differences should not be a big stop. A bright and I have. If you look at you people when they're you know provide happen our did take it gives the money to charity giving it out. But you gotta be kidding me right at some point like Saturday via phone this to be fun it's the sun bathing and earning the concession stands Arnold does that and think at last that long. And the other question I have is that like I understand they missed the big candidate Jimmy Kimmel is obviously a busy man and sure Ted Cruz obviously it does he mean that they. Did either of them practice ever. Brightly ever. I don't know we have hit a terrible at basketball I just feel like within that timeframe. Just I don't know means backing down or something that. But now I'm playing in the world president does have fun but I don't think either of them thought they sucked as bad as they really do. Yeah and that's one of those things to the basketball you watch all the time you played it had to do the right and run shot some hoops whatever man Brady seems very sinful to you go back out there you've got to shoot with the a ball or sore you forget how far away the three point line actually yes that's that's a weird legs legs he used the legs. Senegal to jump shot there to add. Heather Locklear she's back in the news now for good stuff never is. She's never in the news forgets what he does it never happened but just an Evans were knickers. Yeah and I think at this point rate late she's been in and out of rehab before she's had some issues prevented people close their parents and how likely this is more than just her going to rehab. But obviously she has some. You know some mental. Illness that should be easily diagnose and treat because again. Teams he's important make the day concert tour how she. Got violent which choker mom hit their father mom calls the police. And I mean there's been a goalies have missiles and luckily there's a young person knows what it is fifty gets there fifty's I maturities would be the one amendment you. I'm a get together to the big star on TV where grow massive. How and and don't get me wrong at any each. You might be things you don't agree with your parents on this or that I talked to my furniture but as they say they. Drunken fights with your parents after late when unit don't just look awful. Yeah if you're getting physical age you're at it rate for Dell received as of but I was really give your under and thirty. I've got to supply short right but if I think practice. Kind of theatre fifty by tomorrow. But you get messed up got a mama deadly. And a but I mean that's the bee keeper saved two break she threaten to kill yourself she's gonna shooter shooter self but she did have a gun there. And you know she's been in and out. Doesn't look like it's a great scene for but hopefully you know friend the fan or Sam any more rehab innocent you know let's listen and obviously is wrong with clear. And by the way to an update on Michael B Jordan if you're saying look. Does get more lobby to get those great roles when Michael Michael Jordan this guy makes a good points a lot of Michael B Jordan has to keep his beat and to keep getting paid it's the same thing as space jam had not been made he would need TP. Now do you really think about that and amount of hosted by the way my kids just want space jam for the first though can't you they like and I don't know can they started doing some bells like twenty minutes into the moon okay enough. Like it did not keep them I don't know that's a very hard thing for kids to write like your kids probably don't want like Shawn Bradley thanks Joseph he was a real basketball player but they don't know really Bill Murray. They don't brought you keep. There seven and a half and six so. Other than the animated cars there's nothing like for Muslim holy grabs as this has got. Visit his old men to them I mean absolutely nothing Demi might slip at Hedo. Ten at least ten years younger than I am I'm not sure Bill Murray means much to pull the Bill Murray mean anything to you might. He's not listening to feed probably just had total jive and and teachers read the child is kept right Bill Murray around but I mean now we know it I want caddie shack and stuff but I mean that. That's old school stuff this is not fresh his stories are legendary about him just showing up and doing fun things. Thai people wherever he has Selig minor round for a bar when he stops in the smoke sometimes and older French Fries story. I walked up some nice stable eight when it was French Fries and send the never believe you that dumber stuff. Thoroughbred vacant right Paul Douglas and you have went oh he's a great and follow up but I'd I like the idea if if if if it. Well I area thank you very appreciated Mike does that your headlines go to here is a few minutes you're listening to amend your radio network. And Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real. Area South Carolina or man with a gun tattooed on forehead is arrested on a weapons charge. We had India Anna for a stranger who decides to take a Celtic with a snake that was on usually 35 feet long and large. On the masters flare flags disappearing from cemetery caper is all but a Michigan serial killer has a barbecue recipe with friends that slowly evolved. And Ohio firefighters fired the pool bar in his time here headlines. It's Sunday. So here's Mike Koch. Aaron John Charlie got a Massachusetts where police have been baffled by the recent string of thefts at a local cemetery mainly the American flags that people place a military vet grapes. After some investigating police concluded that the cemetery was humbly groundhog that was using the flags for its thorough. Please patriotic moral the cemetery kept the faith. If that's great all the flags is disappearing in the holes. Exactly. There was there was like twelve to eighteen that have gone missing in total they put him out there in the district sweeps month. Diagram how. Thank you think it's great I'll take you first I feel like that is. Pete Best outcome of that story yes absolutely oh yeah you finally you can laugh at something that would normally be like all right this isn't the America they fired puller did you know people fired up about that homeland who wouldn't maybe they alerted the groundhog run. In other news a man in South Carolina with a stupid dad Joba has closed for added been arrested and you'll never guess what he's been arrested far but what an idiot weapons possession. He's not these are the brightest of the man is a convicted felon that is required by law not to possess a weapon. He was involved in an accident that required police to be held in what police arrived on the scene what you know they found him disposing of a Smith and less than 38 caliber revolver. I was in regard to the west and then the rest of the felon. We've got a play you know potential drugs in my head then ultimately does know though that ma'am we have the not too long ago. Delegates had to move I sell drugs are so might as as something like that man running a moron. And your story at eerie story at a Michigan the documentary is being made about a woman involved in a string of murderers in the area. She recently pled guilty to murdering her husband by giving them a lethal dose of heroin and choking him to death Eastman but this is not the first person that she's murdered. The pair of them had actually murdered her lover dismembered him and allegedly fed ended a family and friends and a barbecue yeah. This is a horrific story man. Indeed well while this is still imprisoned then to the family and the friends right family member actually told police that he remembered eating a murder that didn't taste right. And so it didn't chase why he's weak well it. Did you know I think at least you know they have when they get you go to Linda Fannie and and maybe was a skinny yet sees only Bryant he's currently imprisoned and believed to have killed an additional. And Bryant murders. Think that's another story from earlier today to firefighters and Akron Ohio have been suspended after they were cots making pornographic videos. Inside the fire out our guys benefit our. At differ headlined the event might not because I occasionally shows you an example the turn oppose socks plus the word is back profile as well bring adults once again with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all throughput in the meantime we'd be all about movement towards unless I'm please do what you do best and poorly this thing that's. Do I.