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Tuesday, June 19th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Songs About Beer! We ask "Does it fart?" and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled my. Craig does this out of the daily got a drug and charge on the way as Wilson spent ten songs about beer in honor of red festival our question. What is the story behind the riskiest thing that you ever done it 44999. Cola hello baca welcome to the men's room. Do not cool. So I got a funny story create actually backed out of the hour now I want to share by eight between eighteen years old I wouldn't be cheered church wider preparation or your squad and we had practiced Elena Hargrove without. Well she did Bigelow trampoline at first I spew theory then all of us are ranging in ages seven to about fourteen. All of unseen and very shy didn't say we almost sixteen much what did you get on the trampoline and I had a lot of money at public you know I want you know took a shot and diapers come Tripoli. You know I rubbed amber hasn't soured during our protection. Next thing I know all I know about our public are higher than everyone else dead. And I eat she ground coming up gambling. And apparently he went right over to rise after that. My mom and standing me up and everyone's second this year I don't take that Eileen about my neck. How long were you. I don't know I'm probably a little double checked into a nice lady admit iron I'll remember Latin America and night. I am I gonna be perfectly fine X and pray that I know what the no big deal but no looking back I am like I. I'm early stick critic myself and not be you bet there. I was look man I was I had a bad trampoline accident well I'd. Not not as bad as it could have been separated shoulder true but the friends that I had to have a trample in our backyard growing up we know those always somebody getting. Very badly injured on the but but it was an except the motorists prepare to take quite AM Clinton Jacqueline and I went on and I'm still lives are still a lot of tripling I mean your our family my kids have won but it's it's like all enclosed with the nets and there's no exposed springs. The thing I remember all those old trampoline where growing owes these huge coils were put. There were visible they were kind of part of your children saw the warning that if parents Davis like hey man. Trying to win and let's bring in my repair handle all now wedeman now I but I will tell you this this is what a crazy sailors in until one of those your kid's birthday parties right. As was in Columbia Marilyn. And they had this big. Ass bouncy room. With pads and I mean like. You can leap from one giant trampoline to let another one like 1015 Alley way goes all padded up man. That thing like Abby Abby don't you do it now knows he is the kid off yet kids yet but I lice and it's my body does 100 C where he lives. The having an hour or something heroic adults out of its early in the morning everybody easily it's an amazing work it's crazy but always. Marry him. What solid the story by the rescue thing that you've ever done a 44999. Alive. Hello and you know welcome to the men's room. What are. Yeah. So old back in 2001 I graduated high school got a scholarship to play baseball and those southern state let's just start detectors and start for the oaks. Fair and I won't say Oklahoma. I won't know what damage and. Debuts this dude you've done it but I'm looking at third OK so you can get till I went down their my freshman year broke my leg. Right my first day my freshman year related Eudora. It was baseball player. Also your slide and kind little play at second base to the shortstop and also get our new united will run into my left drag my gold go to my right that Scott Martin to a pool tennis. But first dude first dale down there are you are sort of got to still unpacking. A lot sub not a majority goes every joke. There are Yahoo! can get site. Oh duels and wheat public. Sure I don't know I get to me you know what I'm sure you know quarter you're out of luck Smart policy on right fourth quarter amen I'm. Yeah yeah I think you know I got a sure how is like very public OK what about notes elected to buckle like final get out. It is best that just you know when he came back but exactly which it expects I was born and raised in Seattle I have no idea auto market and and so he used it to me and I'm holding my shake it normally what is it he goes. This week I don't know and remote. You can't stay on the radio. No brown words Joseph Miller around. Did he sell you a bogus bag of just just crap pretty decide you like an outdoor implant for the yes he did do it. The wolf it was the boat with the voters OK and so I go idle Barbara my leg at the end of your whatever and I go back to go Michael. And I decide commercially doesn't liberal thought. So I garden I get a half an ounce spray megabyte and I put him in the mud are great so this is 2001. Todd even some certain 2002 so this is the year after not a lot. And so acquired from Seattle. Two Salt Lake Dallas to Oklahoma City. I went without bounce onto one side of my don't in the pipe on the other certain what to back. How under our regime a man who as you're going to TSA even knew all this does point. I don't I am I'm nineteen at this point I don't know to bigger. And also. Until I get to the security checkpoint and being a man of a brown dark complexion. You don't naturally I get pulled over for a good security check. Brandon download 100% of the time and don't leave your randomly row home yes. I am new rain and please let me every time I'm a 100% well randomly brown. And saw they do the whole shoes off to pat down you know up one led the kind of patter on the don't bend down the other late. And I'd just like my heart beating I'm now it's just plant arm really realizing I'm facing a federal facility. Out for just heard I'm not even a drug dealer understood kid read your excellent so the real weeds all of that is the plane. I didn't I didn't go play until after I passed through security plate with. I would directly to the bathroom with my toe bitten the older a little cardboard cut out in the dryer sheet the fire went Salt Lake City fired up he went to Dallas fired up to the airport hired. You fired up about her. On the bathroom of the airport awaiting the all time and how the piece that stink. Wolf if he blows brand new and those they didn't maybe one or two at a time. Sort of back and plus the bag he reputable plastic bag or dryer sheets continue raping and even you know they're not talking about or hear because security. We've always got to go we will call opens that they smoked in some pretty risky areas before therefore man that's that's not what I would see that's the beauty venables. I don't go in there stone animator and me later recanted approved or. I'll gladly man has brownie and I can I enough yes well and I was gonna say drugs and I hate to admit that evidence drugs of course Jamaica I had all that we'd. And I regret my golf clubs saw I thought I had a pretty safe method of doing it you know I was just taking over as we've done much in the shaft of these golf clubs and on. The prepare for the top and put a grip on like this is in the early nineties dance like 199019. Somewhere and 91. But it's. I thought I got all that I was just I just know that I was sweating I was o's have a hard time come through security. It was different back then they had a ton of dogs you know it was Gloria VW I was just it was it was dogs metal door dogs everywhere more so than the X ray machines with questions and dogs. And I have my golf bag I'm like all right one think I'm pretty good on this but the dog was checking on my bag so I know sweating profusely. You know an IQ I was just nervous as element like I'm in trouble would easily if they if they find any of this week it's. Jamaican weed it's a lot of I think it's a lot of Wiig but anyway the best part about the outlaws is about. I don't know six or seven years go by. I am playing golf and I get the sand trap and had brain it was raining all day is hard hand sand trap and and a swing this club. And it just goes to look you know like really hard. And I feel that it is sounds Alec arranged it right in our realized it all just there's still big chunk weed there man. It's like five years old of course on all of their grip on power was started double bounce mind was already dead another room another of those wrong it is completely sealed up in the so when you open Durham and we didn't just reek of like fresh we know totally. Total we don't always good to Obama the dosage of dumb idea in Idaho ideally it seemed it seemed like a good idea at the time how old great being bit. Young exactly could still like him but that's like that's an international you know Dublin right. So I must say that's a good dad that's dividend buying weed in Mexico. Which is so risky behavior in grief it also depends of where you're from and where you live. But I have friends to me to take great risk in certain. Certain areas. Yeah played Europe in Washington DC leaders Washington DC cops the capitol police. Secret Service uniformed division Secret Service for our great half the population that are readily says they jurisdiction over the whole city TV it's insane how many cops that are yet. And I have buddies that to this day would just drive around ripples. This guy Hoffa the people of the legal now but you can't drive and I can't when you get the trek over to bigger and don't bombs are right how to explain it he truly believe that he's a city that just kind of what they do their drought role of the block these kids that don't care and I know. Obviously you can't pray you don't them party's race of like this seems really risky this appellate the north east the cup it's just the deferment. Melanie it's like if you're documenting an absolute act of violence. They almost don't care you know we did what you over Billick you stupid put back as a way meg got to let. No right to bring to your wheat administered under way right but were normal card from probably arrest. Run these go play if you're not actively beating someone to death this is gonna move along and are literally has to do so with violence they're telling look man if you you were not physically or multi someone or UC we'll give you would conversation conversation talking conversation conversation peaceful congress has slipped. No I don't think Ottawa what is that I let's let's just let's quit the gap then what they say yeah. What what is the story behind the risky thing you've ever done a more far 999 all I can say yes I think definitely want to think that it's sort of like every owning a deuce. All okay yeah. Our and it just really turned quickly that it just seems those civil all the only thing and a good dude you're on your ass on the tip that they'll be got to give it it yet but that yeah. I don't it's not funny but it not a disaster of Minnesota's done. I just think about what you're gonna say united. Yeah cruelty development dorm occurred you wouldn't Guba is gonna teacher to what a story behind the riskiest thing you've ever delegates emails coming up also the drug charge rank castle a little since been ten songs. About beer that's all coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Our question what has a story about the riskiest thing that you've ever done and here come those emails in the men's room events are live dot com yeah. Tied to our question now what's the story about either. His thing you've ever done I was in Australia on a trip during college one night where I camped on the beach. As the night goes on my class starts drinking and smoking and some of the girls suggest they may be skinny dipping and with a chance of that I am down. My teacher shows up and screens and just get out now that's but the big deal as he tells us there is a five meters saltwater croc. There's been cited in the area. Next day we find out three people are missing in the water near there that from how the biologists tell him man I'm not up on my metrics five meters are we talking twelve feet here on fifteenth I don't see incident okay all right man Jesus. Guys are probably have a better story I'm not thinking out but the rescue thing I've done would be. A single mom of six kids by two different guys. We dated for several years with more or less the understanding that we would stop once one of us found a more serious partner not the brightest idea especially since there was. More than one pregnancy scare cancer had recommended to others but can't say I would go back in time and change it either it was fun good news is that ended amicably. See you guys a red festival. That from bacon belly. I mean the sail thing about the risky behavior he ever on a hike it to say on the trail stem trail. Did you ever all of the journal onetime Mount Rainier across the snow field didn't realize that we saw people practice in like self arrest and stuff like we should not be. What we're all your armor what I call and you'll follow Lilly just like Aldous snow field what we'll cut throat ear since late. They've uploaded they call my own slightly they coldest no field on every year. Anywhere else on this planet in it's called the glacier now her other friend that's what it sounds a little jealous older we're and they pretty nice there it's you guys can take it slowly get out he record went and issued. Tensions shorts. No way. Cargo and my wife and I made it clear he didn't I gag demanded and got right through all we never seen again just an. Allies in Orlando Atlanta sorted out eleven and then the other alleged it had died equation I believe a dad and glaciers. Now all of my fellow dinosaurs and wild in 2008 family trip from Tokyo to Hong Kong. We land at night we weren't aware typhoon. Was heading straight for us. Hotel near the center of the harbor of the city. Dad's in the bar with in the window view of my little brother and I'm playing around outside in the wind when the strong enough that you could lean into let's and that kind of stuff. It was all lapse into a two by two piece of sheet metal tore off the building and flew between my brother and I had level. We ran across the street to the back kitchen doorway of the adjacent building closest to death we've ever been Lovie dinosaurs. That from brand the photographer got the little terror funds easiest by guys while this might not not be the riskiest thing I've ever done it's the most recent I've a thirteen year old rescue cat named Charlie or is all like to call on the round mound the Puget Sound. Anyway one night it's not like he was mixing it up of another get a backyard so I grab my flashlight I go out back. Turns out it was the chapter it was a raccoon a fighting with a possible. I tried yelling at them today get them out of my yard when the ugly ponson charged that may a screenplay you don't did you manage that stream like a fourteen year old girl. I drop my purse and ran back into the house feel free to make fun of me by dozens remain. That from mustard jolly. Joseph don't look man I get an Intel on the Disney has commences a defense even mildly tiny or cute it's for lake and I got the raccoon live. I think it neighbor's yard but they always traverse Mike so a man of outside smoking in usually re ignoring each other dollars a night I do most of our parents that are close roasted smoked. This thing hissed at me and before it registered to me. Bettors are recognizing that I realized I was already up in the air as ideal. And by the time it occurred to me don't know I'm a way back down. Other cigarette demo any comments section in the path is an extremist here the men's room at manager Bob back up yeah. I'm sure he's as my birthday and I like to hear the dirty Germans that from Doug. When name Obama to make it prison sentence and didn't. In the backs. And incomplete picture. Now as soon. Everybody loves. That was causing big blue depicted them. Bozos days my best friend and brother from another mother. Jeff rose 21 trip around the sun it. I travel forward in haven't seen him on his special day in several years but for the first time since high school we are both in the very booze friendly states. Of Missouri could you please give you may your penis is too small and a lovely line of those dirty Germans talking about should long. I love your guys show and doesn't do it every night rock on that from Ethan. So no attrition alone with. God through like this song comes from the friend. Now we see the issue on sun. Chung Chung show me those slow move and he didn't think he couldn't. Because slogans only red dress she are just log on to lose look into the song yeah drugs on. Joe's name is Victoria and today is my 27 Joseph brown and I love losing you guys are worked so gonna get a big old we're all. I did against. And Melbourne dead talking about that bottom she lets. I promise to get hammered after work you guys brighten my day thanks for always putting on a good show that from the lovely Victoria and Seattle. We. And it is commitment. To advanced keyless go drop events you would trumpet. His birthday shout out to Miami go. Mean being a gay now grow. Per till he is 39 years old I know he would love to suck it up cupcake followed by some dirty Germans talking about landscaping. Thanks love the show that from easy. It. Yeah even though it's nuns and threw my stick with the team. God is since I love best about landscaping and whacking. The industrial sized blow up. Despite the ways and that's what a fantastic amounts when you bring up the blow of the job he's done. It's guys my amazingly gorgeous husband Travis is 46 Trevor on the sunny. He would love an original face sand wedge and the dirty Germans talking about sexy bald man. I would really appreciated that from his grateful wife Jill. So yeah. Non nude through the true sensible miss me and the two. You have to go book club menacing about six. This place is great and I look at the official Christian to between my legs because you can strengthen. Support. When did we couldn't find Hudgens naked skin. Yeah. Is my all the brother in law amassed 47 Jerry Brown is a great husband and my sister and a fantastic father since he listens on 969 a box now able to was gods and I thought would you give them some turtle wax whether you like it in the applause maybe as a bonus dead could sound like a fox thanks guys that from grade. Vote until other. Duke which there was global fox on the fact that is just that he is that I'm telling you that's a bit she's definitely delve each other. Our. Find this proud animal rabid animal yapping he's got an Appleton burning your liners up there and I 69 just the thing you're doing everything off don't care he gets higher pitched it is my dad's 49 today and we give them a great big old father of legal bong rip and aside good up cupcake thanks guys out from Mitt just. Guys there's my husband Jim Cynthia birthday please push him a happy birthday he'd love to hear a traditional face sand wedge maybe some alum thing as well from his lovely wife Teresa sandwich that's fund won't pick guys here you go. It's. Yeah OK I'm behind and. I'd I'd had I can't be true but then. All he's done. Available through he's world sings on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. The shoreline fun. Couple extras the junta has us up fellows saw me in the lovely lady are driving up again to read festival from Salt Lake City Udall. She wasn't sure last year if it was worth thief. Thirteen hour drive wow after a little convincing she has agreed to come and we both had an awesome time anyway can't wait for the outdoor dragon and other fun stuff. Kill joy the clown with awesome and the new originals absolutely. Need to practice yeah. Well guess what we didn't do it there in my act just to let you know the draft choice of sports bar and grill and Auburn just after its first take a men's room gold tie salon. Now from the lovely Kristin let's see here a couple more one more we'll do a moron flying group. Oh why don't I used or ground crew in Vegas back in the eighties on all planes there is a door you open on the bottom of the plane by pushing a button and in that compartment as a host hook up for your portable water. And a foreign took up for your laps. There is a donut inside of that pipe as a safety next to that is a team are handled that you pull an open in her valve to let the the tanks dump out a common joke after everything was done was to put the donut back in loose inside the bar handle part way back then close the department door. That way when the plane landed the next airport in the ram crew opened the door. The group would come down all over them so wouldn't be that far believe the imagination to have some of their rained down on people I didn't say I did that the show is just a common token stuff the that was brands in Maplewood Minnesota. Did that that it donated dead man how did you map yes exactly I think era coming on the program we will bring it tells good job today but first. Yes friends it's time once again gonna lose six and is now in the men's gather around the old radio and listen to Arizona sweat. And for the. Shall bear all men's room read festival we will Wear the red we will do some outdoor drinking we've got over twenty Beers on tap. Live music all day. Freestyle moto cross freaks of all kinds beautiful weather walking on CBS yeah Manny and David aerials belly dancers it's it's a huge circus of drinking and eating sausage and listening to music and tasting delicious fears of people crushing cinder blocks with a testicle and everything all the fun stuff we're normal people do in the sunshine but everything right there beautiful mom or there isn't pretty what happened to the Beach Boys so we got a break foods in the book with a step puzzles and I'll let happening at breakfast it's a fifth. Thank you I used when on the body very red stylish or the occasional dinners I know what I was talking about this earlier I'm a little conflict that now because I notice that red power ranger costumes are on prime and I can have a for the weekend so I don't know I know and all of America reading a date I I can have an on Thursday Ari you're the latest we'll see at Demi they'll see your real parents and you don't feel guilty might make and model yeah. So today in honor of our red festival as I here's the here's what we've got we have got over twenty Beers on tap him. And we have a whole lot of reds so of course men's room original red will be there men's room gold from lesion number also the dirty German beer will be handed out pride that is ground deletion does nothing about it before Monday that a great IPA's so course will be bringing in a few of those down. Held in brewing company. They're gonna bring their funky red pitino red ale I love that Gig Harbor brewing the racing rooster red. Lazy boy bringing their red ale. Half lion brewing there Albert's amber will be on tap more. Multiple Beers and just only regret I just the just threats silver city brewery you have the rich stuff read a couple sliders from two towns cider house. And pine apple cider that I've never gotten them very intrigued by putting policies bringing the dawn of the red America member and governor for their dollar tree Maria maritime a flagship read some of the beer so today in thoroughbred festival rank castle the drug charges have brought us so well. Songs about B yeah and there's is a zillion Beers out there and there are zillions songs about beer but these are just ten of them. Andre is then. Italians who could do you go 100. I get to even residents replacements okay we played her films called here for breakfast. Some connection down and endorse and support. Thirty net. And if you're gonna prepare for breakfast you're definitely gonna happen now that I am the daughter of a red personal insult. The head of the the big fish back on the call are you ready for the death. Here. Well really the way I felt so apparently that would be a moron how we're not on the list. So there you go. About it a valid question Damon is talking about red festival got. And I would love to respond to you we terrible blah god go I can't I'm just saying it out loud now it's as. The red penciled out of the Phillies tickets to the door. Yes you can get to get to the gulf. Although I don't admit and we will have tickets and ovens or why does come away our friends on the footer there at the hornets sports sponsors of Brian castle. On this list does not include Reel Big Fish I'm going to be mighty upset. Bobby Knights have so little going on to pick it. I think I'm concern yourself with something this trivial that we have ten songs about beer in honor of red festival. Under hate. OK okay. Relief plane there. Surprisingly not all for your songs are happy thoughts. Yeah that's I didn't ever do a happy see sure ring of fire. Always full symposium resembling burn me burn burn that ring of fire Joseph I'm about love than songs about their content. And possible oh and I'll raise its. It's easy job does not get enough credit for just being bad has now then I think they get plenty credit the other thing maybe not enough and its president. Great yeah. Ten no bones about fear and remove the beard is also awesome I would after drew Movielink. Frank beard appeared to. This is so right here no problems. Me. Okay we owe more. Trying to. You really. And the list T. The song called I like to hear from a guy named Tom flat to. And the song you don't like it doesn't look good this list and does Sandra brown bear. Verify mom did. Cool layer mask. The last. Don't feel I mean we got into none of them. Stuff oh and then Manning. She is valid it is the Heisman dream. He had lunch. Today in Bogota Colombia what time and since then attend songs about beer in honor of bread basket. They're following. Supplemental hearing about it. After that miss alternatives alcoholic when Mir isn't tough enough mr. friendly George Thurgood oriented did talk about. Damn that game. And now. More big news. There are coming here and claims that allows my company. Because I feel like penguins who influences. Yeah she's. Told you. Just talk about here in honor. Pretend. The more I got my whole career he's. Right look like they're not within the segment. Good solid and out there we admitted that number. Well. Good result. Paul what professional golf career and I really feel grab yourself a better accommodate growth oriented Internet. I cannot figure out number one. Fred and I read festival glory days away those tickets are on sale now men's room live dot come if you'd like to doing this for a little outdoors during an over what appears available every year. Insider. And Sus. And good sense I tell us variants are they coming up profile has also on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network speeds and my. I've got a lot of good again tells read these shots of the day we have a. A minute journal Kirsten we could stop this up briefly. A book called V definitive. Field guide to animal flatulence. The book is called a dozen Smart. And what this book covers any very scientific way is every animal whether it is known to fart or not. According to side and the book is written by guy named by nick Caruso also when I'm gonna do is I'm gonna ask you guys the animal. And you tell me whether you believe the animal in fact parts or not it's Eric now it blows my mind that not every animal I just consumed every animal farm isn't one of the greatest folks I have ever read in my life because it has so much information and where that's hysterical about Harding in the animal kingdom octopus to octopus card. No no they do not far. That is correct. Are at at one for us the mongoose. Yes that's part of the mongoose is in fact any. Huge. Harder now that the mongoose commonly referred to as Monday's. I currently contain fifteen Janeiro and 34 species in their family. The mongoose specifically in the Indian great mom who was. Is well known for its ability to kill bitterness made such as cobra segment visit her agility in immunity to the finish. Monday loses at be the first in mostly corn diversity night. There are parts apparently. Are the stuff of legends believe it or not beekeepers in the area. Believe that the mongoose. Uses it's hard power to drive these away from their own nests. So that they can raid their hives for the honey I am. Nice. The mongoose believe it or not she there is a proper. Which concerns a dispute that creates an ear irreconcilable group. It translates into. The mongoose carded among them is the term and it is believed many mom who's far loses this is not a legend. Could disperse a large herd of camels. And it would be according to the camel handlers extremely difficult to bring her back today. Bad bad bad there mongoose guy who hide the gorilla does the guerrilla Garnett guerrilla absolutely part and after beastie currently. Home man had no idea the best part about the relative to squeeze is a real other recognize the eastern and western unreliable data. To the forested regions and tropical regions of Africa. On gorillas are in fact closes ruling royal living relative to us you mentioned. All right but zoo keepers who have worked with the guerrillas are well aware of the powerful body odor that these great age for news. Our researchers shelled the guerrillas used her body odor for communication. Wrote more potent owners are emitted during more intense interactions with other guerrillas that they don't like. Especially during threat displaced by body odor isn't the only smell emitted by these primates powered by their mostly herbal Boris diets. It was an insect supplements guerrilla far can be buried probably louder. And like other primates take calling card and aren't back released without jail appalling color. Basically their smell very very doubts. Loses always impressive stuff okay one more North Korea had to drink a toast here on the rabbit doesn't Clark yes. Note. Ravaged do impact fart at our unsurprisingly. Ravaged have a pretty disgusting diet. Of all well and she would say Steve a lot of lettuce and a lot of plants generated so the buildup of gases within their intestines he design is pretty nasty. While parts they say are often humorous this is no laughing matter for rafts. As this gas buildup is extremely painful and can become fatal very quickly and must properly released. You're not all of our partner it can't give them the part of the Bonnie hammer unparalleled from Poland and a rabbit room when in fact tonight doesn't far. How often noted during the attack. And deserves to be ready. Out there that is usually had to be Greg does give Stephen Drew hill upon a. Nortel's yes indeed sad story today today we chose forty year old and I'm gonna mess of his name say men Conroe will roll old. The blaze in Indonesia but also an opera house look. The guy was serving as a poll bearer and his own mother ship. And there's this elevated platform it's called I don't like him a late in at some point that at basically. It's an all neatly carved tower where the deceased is place for a live news briefing at the Serpa. I didn't put it up there and as the other Pall bearers attempted to set the call them on the platform the staircase leading up to the platform. It crumbled beneath the feet. And often fell ten feet. And landed on same. Who was crushed to death Ohno and his own mother's funeral man. By so this is this is right before their big. Kind of go to waste ceremony yet it not a big deal right your margin up to those platforms there's break everybody dropped to sing it falls ten feet. Hits is due itself. He is killed at a low mom's funeral essentially buys on my. At the Helm of the so for the blues and drink this booze because we think it's Yemeni flags over the tong and download the world to party and our tummies. Down now oh god there's no and I. If you are not alive right now again 844999. Only got profile this on the way. The show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.