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Monday, June 19th

It's time once gain for the Random Question Question!


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Chase short growing Arafat during the last minute trip performance cheaters what do you miss so there's this island right I wanna say it's off the coast of Ireland the man who we were wrong all the time the Iowa Maine and I know miles south of the saints can't you wanna go to noted that he didn't feel like if I wanted to load the bootable I would and I knew if we look remembering this emotional material. Since I am. But basically the small island rightly that the nickname for really big do when the big blue for game of rooms when you're doing the women that he's making them. Think that's got a great need to you yeah I mean it's. I think is the mountain somehow game. But that is like chiseled Rick. Sizzled who break those the only thing you don't have the three dove mountain children. The golden those who do it. She's already ripped it is like a guy you know he is chiseled but even knowing riots in the brick and yeah like he shows up streets are your box you're right you flavored vodka. And then please go to watch what you're talking about later to yet won't cure the Rick was here I thought I had a chance for them than me. He's proven he's got to do stairs and I just don't react yet but he would screw it up still. He's much better looking than you I mean he's chisel promise he doesn't have much of stairs right or do. It does the bridges of it yet he still suck again Jager bomb fleets like ten years ago I mean brainy Dover over there an example of real Smart guys yes that'll drive but at Walker's. I don't know eight javelin direct. And here is wearing now is somebody gets. And I get it. But you almost would tell people are watching the news watch somebody else talk about the weekly. The good just like search to hash tag than the Farrakhan. I could and as I go I generally I wanna hear from like experts or something you like series of terrible you know. I don't know plane crash or something not too bad nobody died at that time dark. There's plate you know I would hear from a guy that might have flown planes or do something about planes did just like wolf. You know. Billy and Potomac says the bread dough while shot that went on down has tired couldn't believe my days. But Rivera I like thankfully thank Billie feels like most of that was shot and picking Joseph and Texas as. Hi drop myself off. I hope they do it that Barry White area are doing. Lancaster. Yeah I like the fact that all of them popped up and won easily and got into it that's been quite yet out I'm William black O'Malley because different trip. Because it's only you were up. That this regular behavior that they are no big deal. You can go to the club you really need them though I mean. Well yes I mean they say they like that. You know the black religious agreement that barricade to batter walk. Behalf about how the fighting like we'll go by the black women love awful. Would you rather never be able to pleasure yourself again or never eat pizza and never repeats did you give up pizza. As opposed to masturbation in a heart yeah yeah. Yes 48 this one has got a split 48% in the give a pizza 52% of regular self love and be real skinny does masturbating them. Perfect fit with just need to make you fat. Let's not like at that moment that I guarantee I'd drop weight man just messed you up I don't know if but we've got. This one is just far as looks go lick your of the fact that what you wanna be his real big master race ago more so now that they have decent guy and that's different though. I think GMAC would leave or later girl over for dinner. You some guys camped. That's FF FF FF I expect that I could master vapors you can go to and I thought that's a glad to have pregame. I've preformed and then when a player and played game in a warmed authority I think I got heat now god I don't know I like both alive and I like to combine them. An estimate was they've done yet right after you've done. If that if if if if if if good to Greece and hand literally tornadoes click that you take a shower with Michael that the Sunday trifecta at the epithets they've had six. We appreciate it very young dude constantly. We know. Think the focus of the bailout of the go to order he hit you eat pizza and these self love that you take a shower the repeat cycle three time the Mayo a good conduct hell yeah. And what goes with the yes 66%. Say yes I can enough. While they use of very decisive thing that you really don't like Mayo go one and on any Graflex Elantra are you simulate guys it's 48 may go right. He needed he hate mail he may motivate a bumper sticker you Rebecca that I do they matter this boy hey Matt. Putting up grabbed. They do it yeah a huge component of those crabs this Brad did up in Maine anything meetings little cream cheese. A high cut I've been a long time listener eight years of the men's room and it's a time to see if I can make one of my favorite dreams come true. I'm moving abroad with my don't post well where you take into the world we do and with the lakers someplace. Gravity of the Bagram a victim. How are human adults have how many bones nobody. We have that. Get a birthday party back door on the physical account in loans. Yeah I let my wife please groaning wanna blame golden about her hold on the account. Whoa and you go more bones and good job there. But I always just talk out loud when you're on the phone. Oh yeah you feel good. You won't buy any green in them I won't come down and don't look cabinet member Robert can you are at American you've proven to easily she knocked on the door like. UN there. Wardrobe important yes she does and as you did she allow you to have peace in the shower or do you have to have her talking to her. You know the doors open and you won't warm and welcoming you to the man alone. The man left and that leads. Who if he's that good is one universally. Understood moment that most people. Do not realize delegate numbers they will summon up. Including now. I worked on are great big Bertha over your home guys don't you John your the other crane. He had proposed the highest crane your feed off. 55500. To deal with the highest you've ever Putin about it. I have no idea yet identified myself or there ought to go let us know you've proven Bonderman on the high could. That's an important urge you dig a bucket of their would you just think this is their who bucket up there. That's doubly operator art fiber diet what about a ticket out of picked up by period and be Gatorade bottle and grab bag back into the Atlanta fans thank you walking your own dog. Yourself. So when you guys climb down from Ukraine and you've got to trash bag on these good through good kid movement there and cook it at. There's a good finish this that I. Bat they're about they're doing that you know I'm a human out there who don't remember I ordered Kobe doesn't drop that we bonded slip out there are you content on the street below that the more big surprise. Now. I've done men's room legacy continues. He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. And lord. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. It is now. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Okay. Fat. They go get a ton of our 2627. Now. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do Ted Smith and all of and in my car. Here are in the men's low a. Okay Rehnquist in question is back. Your guess is as good as. Mine categories celebrities and delicious donuts. Pass the men's room who display profiled as plus headlines about your job the day funneled listener emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take a class period arterial Alaska were sixteen year old was attacked and killed by a black bear. During a trail race. You all of the patients wakes up from surgery with his wrong testicle removed you should see the look on those guys base. A whole problem though hope that if I don't know if it if that's the Spanish bullfighter in his career with the present record of 27 and one. In Colorado new law will kill from her local smoking and then go fund. And a drunken New York man and jumps out of the back of a moving and what's that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I think his good days did you add yours aren't we all know this to be true but. Sometimes are close who called those more trouble than mission. I mean like sure. The viewers something intentionally provocative you'll get all the attention you're looking for but sometimes. There's just no explanation but Gerlach Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was booted from a mall after someone complained about her outfit and her outfit. Was caught off jeans and a finding Adori tank top. What are there rules one for heat wave of flight 95 degrees when. Someone complained I can't explain it that's Olson well but you got booted from the from the mall. Go I don't know how that was a problem but it was a problem. And if you think that's ridiculous there's a guy Modesto California now. I don't have a lot of details on the story and I cannot explain that Al give the facts as they've been presented to me. This guy was actually trouble getting his underwear all. When he was trying to use the bathroom at a Walgreens to use public restroom I do not understand this scenario. I do not know with a problem most but he could not get his underwear off so what did he do. Instead of underwear on fire. Now the good news is at work he got in on where all the bad and good fuel Clinton of giving arrest again I don't have clubs detail but that is the story that. He said his own underwear on fire. Because he can now removed now people do make poor decisions there is 71 year old man in Kansas City he's been making news because he robbed the bank that he did rob a bank for money. He robbed the bank specifically to be arrested anyone that could be arrested because he wanted to go to prison. To get away from his one I'm the guy like he robbed the bank and waited the cops showed up said man put me in prison after my wife. It backfired however he has been send someone say to six months home confinement with said. These are some of the stories we saw and it brings about many questions questions we'd like to ask you informed of the random question quest and you call us we as to a question a complete random and a few answers that question will serve the story with you that inspired said question. Roddick children question question call 8449. At nine at nine doll look like an intra month FaceBook follow us on Twitter. And men's room Yvenson those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. True what's. But don't forget this November 2647. Awhile ago at a huge huge show we have for you gotta love troops are categories on your guess is as good as mine celebrities in the amount of money that they make. And the world. Of donor sort of just an exotic world so those are your two categories donuts on your guess is as good as mine and today is a day that we do our random question question 84 Ford nine at nine at nine. Old love random random friend and who aren't welcome to the man drew. Grant them. Enough that's my bad nudity and I don't it's hello rob welcome to the men's room. Or are on wow. I'm Brock our U. You're you're an overview we are doing great how did you find did you say hello Brock speaking events no doubt for adapt my bad man dead there. Oh yeah all and logo are right. Analysts say here it goes this rock. You made a little Brock. What well no actually it's a unique and what to or who's the thing most famous Brock Brock Lesnar. Is that oh yeah I don't know the rock. They're like a famously. Guy named Brock it's not Brock Lesnar who know the money that you like a rock Brock something from somewhere. The exact Lamar just has yet but what a famous broccoli has a drop Jensen. Who should be like that sounds like they're really paying that water if your name is broccoli you've built nearly Puget Sound like usually look a bra. Now you are that's not a be all and our ally at all I love Brock how Waller. OK okay Garrett like I mean I imagine you either be shocked I imagine you being like you know you Rocca Mo Labonte and my trainer you know I mean like all right I do like Brockman and you go to. But explode debt OK or your like I am I'm stranded on not a camp four of us Everest and you gonna neglect. I'm Brock community they've already I don't rock in your North Face jacket taking down this bound to see for Lance. Bryant Miller Brock Huard now arrogant LeBron one last question is your middle name Lee by any chance. You know I would I would really broccoli and broccoli is technically could edit an attack at and I hate vegetables if if if the players even the broccoli. Barbara in Brooklyn who put them. Aren't as good as rock which you do have seen coming a mile away. These jokes. Wait what what did you have seen coming a mile away like he knew this was gonna happen. The writing was on the wall basically you snort it it's the equivalent of hindsight and all right so you should have seen all the signs you understood what it was and what was basically you thought was probably going to happen and you were right. And in my girlfriend. During what was your girlfriend. There are near and moving well you look at why is that so bad as your current girl they're not a bad thing into orbit quick they're softer and start but. And Brock look limit just one more device before you share on revenue one word. You've got to change intonation and her book because right now this I want gone some shoulder rests bullhorn there also. Bad that's like saying she's not. Ugly beer cookies that. Awful and don't say and just not good what's wrong brought did you lose your bathroom sink what he really upset about the strategies over the house meanwhile what's what's the problem. Probably the abroad are numbered I don't know I don't know what I mean you what morals aside what told you so you moved in with her or she moved in with you are you guys moved in together. We renewed it yet or are just as you say you should use all this coming like what was the indicated that just told you somehow this woman is she clinging. Are you calling me did you wanna be around that much what we deal over. They're elevated light ball out you know I I wish I remembered as she lever you use laying around yet the big numbers not Rex. Now nuts of the Douglas okay do you both equally share in the household duties. Fine how are how long that it's a fiesta movement via. That's why I was an elated train. Within a month. Tomorrow is why our man was laid back conversation like and a month. My doorman we should move in the gas X is that good as an abrupt. We were we ever going through some stuff been so we we offer my immediate ground and I need other yet each other's pants. Oden or what do you. What was born on the satellite payment like you were both in bad situations. Yeah basically yeah because Cannata relationships. Korea what do we getting out of relationships are rehab. Our go to taco situation related situation. What I did when I go to our roommates rehab. Relationship well brought the reason we asked what should you busing coming a mile away Blair Robertson recalls the moment. Then a white Lexus crashed through the front rim a window of his restaurant in Canada. All right it's his restaurant he's there all the Sunday white Lexus rolls through the front of the store. Pitting him against the wall got an okay he said. I didn't I didn't foresee this happening. Really my as those don't doubt I'll go out and both he jokes about the accidents as he is still recovering from his injuries because he was slammed up against the wall when we get them you know he was having lunch. With a mentor and fellow psychic. Known when the car plowed through the window at silks country kitchen in Ontario Robertson and his friend mercy to the table by the window again. His mentor and fellow psychic the man like that he learned all of his psychic power from they're sitting at a table so non and his comment was I did not foresee it happening. I sound like a bomb going off it took place 12 in time the crash was captured on the restaurant's surveillance camera looks pretty violent causes so much I believe Lockhart. Yeah Abbott his mentor thank god you see my table flying up. My friend disappears behind the table next thing you know I'm flying in the air and an ally and the car grab my leg and pulled me back down at him a leg in the Carter weird position. Had he said he didn't see account. Psyche he's aside he should have seen it I'm just say low numbers like you would think if your psyche did you see nothing else you might foresee. A car crash against her window and pinning you against in the idea of being a psychic or being interested that is that you could perceive the future. To prevent bad things from potentially happen signal to get things in the future like getting hit by cholera. Random random random friend hello Derek welcome to lose. Random oh yeah oh yeah I don't know Derek. Check out there we have a question for you. They're what are you keep in your possession and a place. That you never ever use. You move it from place to place its there. You never use it you know you Monday at his. What is the one thing we educate not there you go one day you do use the by mountains and maybe it's the kayak that stick out once every three years maybe it's the backpack could use one. Know stuff like that is what you loan until the people parental guidance and detonated dental like I got a tough not to dumb values and it. I can't act Sony keep did you ever use. You know our. Assistant or try to throw away but it always does random stupid toy in the labor. They kids think they're still get a play where they're always stay on the shelf. Not all about the different scenario that the god you got its cat and mouse would that manual to make sure they've forgotten. Because otherwise the things we're sorry about you look you're guilty I would do. You know may like kids have not invented this act we are all guilty in this pick it. Oh yeah. They're rammed down your big tool that did always stay on the bench day. Move from location location you entered the garage and it is morally the civilized tools like if you don't have the specific brown yes you're not know that they're random cool the other side for the Dow project and again I don't need it anymore but it just ended that. You're the one guy there owns the weed wacker balloons on the eighth floor apartment building and sometimes you get summing it just requires one little tool that comes with it and in good dental and you go look what I've ever as a sport and years later I don't know are you yeah sure sure everybody I ever did not want to let let me ask you this record them I don't know home guilty of this were of this whatever what does bought between trips to IKEA. And random pieces of furniture mart over the years I did they give you Allen wrench and realised I've probably had no less than eight. Thousand Allen wrench star Jenny I just can't find him when you need DMZ keep yours. Now I know yeah I'll. Yeah yeah yeah and like you like that's the thing about either collect you can't do hair vinyl digital people my people my complete and in Allen wrench gummery irony range Gandhi museum giving exercise equipment dumb bells. Jump rope. We know we are they. Yellow croc bit fed up the leader out there but let it. You. We know. We know I don't know why people buy a home I should just go to the gym why do you know why don't you know when they're named Barack making you do match up that's who believe it or why you pay for cross that is because some guy named Brock is telling you have to do discriminate about it you're wrong or done or what Barack's job is based on the fact they know that you will not motivate yourself and who is grueling stuff and yeah. I thanks to a new survey. Reason we ask what DAQ did you never we've use we can compare your personal hoarding instinct everyone else here are your results. Let's see here by way for the record and he's moved recently moved and I got rid of me. It'll which the pizza for energy put your feet on and not on him yeah yeah I got rid of an Ottoman my body was like it's still in the box to your right. Think they hear from this for years. It was you go boxed. I'm on the moon would consider futile on the box. I'm going to change lounge and I got to coffee table well I don't put down a good one I don't know but this thing yeah act through and up do you guys still own. This is any stuffed animals are keepsakes from your childhood now. I'm not automatic gears don't Yasser yeah. A do you save or have you saved an old self up. I do I just like I was throughout four because I thought to myself maybe one day I'll transfer these pictures over which I never have no problems how many pair of jeans you guys have peace. Currently four that's what I've got I don't know if I receive time. Do you still have CDs. And I have boxes I have a boxes all eyes are urged not a lot of world go. No you didn't want to take a look at the thought went a lot of emerges burned to Dixie ought to know that don't go to the jacket. That's a terrible I tell us we can't sell those promotional loans back than when you take it back does it promote good for most record annual alibi and they don't tomorrow isn't more valuable as a result people who collect these things and like sweet and good man known as a whole bunch in their did nothing to decrease the value may see here's the thing that had a month until your CDs for your bring back the thing to record companies I. You're right because look you didn't bother to take your banking suitable to be flu loaded more burnt. Most of my I'm not burned and I still have not taken them back in twelve years yeah I just there are a few throw them away to guys and dvds. I got a few I do I have a bunch of dvds. I have no dvd play really good note CD player and I have CDs. I do not have except players that are there. A do you guys still have VHS tapes I have now won. Which I have what you noted it is our original source got that too I get a good idea that show you rooted so that's exactly yet about the trilogy I thought there are and I know I'm having an orgasm but have you given once records but you have no idea what they can actually yes sir that I still listening to. Back to the ground there till I got to take bees right back throughout everything else I think I need these court via multiple hammers screwdrivers nails and it fills you may have to go to rescind it. And finally 50% have looked in the closet and thought what is all of this in an another 75% of look at a full closets and I've nothing to Wear. He Weathers says that I don't know and their seam running down. Rendell Rendell on any kind of underwear brand and our other top clubs the bullet global brands that you bar and then did you rather if it. Their man it's got to wait there's nothing to eat I don't know unity cabinet did little blue. Cement its road in his head again we do overdue good loving when I open it does all the broken. I've been yelling at people tonight living in your perfect storm for the first time to yesterday. Really lousy yo to stop same is not right in this brings a provision physically after booting that I do and don't let me if I was. You'll find stuff new life I had nothing man you're bigger when I was lazy here's my go to the presence here. I'm massage this way I think the manner I cheaper than women aren't married so woman also the fact that we are that is just dollars just dollar and I'm told as the dollar and I got us vehicle shirt off to cool shirt umpire and now known or a lawman I gotta have those teams got everything like I needed Jeanne their jeans and a shirt. So woman she goes it's about an outfit. The pirates every six years old you guys get like one item in and hope to patch together with the other crap that they have the rolling to the whole thing and they'll grow Goodman my can't have this half that at this. Songs that. Get ourselves cheaper and better helps. Had a grandma we could break third quarter but friend the president turns one and runs on the board of color I am right now random friend I think are good shoes. But don't you think you how expensive they are like have itself hope when she walks and you can see the soul than you know it's like what I did and what's what is socialist you. A third souls. And what does that tell you gotta keep on sole of your personal page this. We're shoes my that's you did you saying my dog did remain hello Brian welcome to the men's room. All our own job. A member hour and get deep in person is okay we ask you deeply personal question run absolutely it. Assuming hard onto them I'm not getting. I guess in some older favored Al mobile Imus what do I got deep and personal losses mounted both of those are discovered I know is that it overcharged. What are your favorite type of French fry the cut specifically while yeah oh. The other bizarre ones aren't used got sucker punch room. Barack. For a boatload rebel Gordon I don't know anybody not bat I think you're gonna be surprising that they did raise a survey. On people's favorite type of trial large serve. We did a men's room poll probably my three months ago two months ago on just that but they it's nowhere close to this well I'll just say the results are completely different. Moon. I've been there I think I got to go to lawful track you're kidding me. Now was a kid no and Angela global product you don't and you're out there wolf I it's one of us every time. Overall number one of the overall number one the curly Fries strong with me man the curly Fries is strong doesn't have to be. But what overseas they may put on girl's brother look. And it seemed that things why won't they won't just dilatory chemistry prize about the fact that potatoes and coral formed the things like that right well there's a season fry. There is political season track and run early Friday slight eyebrow with the season. That's spices here you go. Top ten at different types of Fries I'm a lawyer guy as minor and number one the the waffle Fries all congratulations Bo Ryan do poorly our lower Brian you like your lawful prior season under just the way it should be regular. I am the I can overdo it you're Broder wrote the regular girl spoke at my favorite season and is the currently. Yeah they are good are we want Arby's is taking me to that at that land regardless Barnes. It's often prize waffle ball by Belgian. Teleconference here commentator talk to number three while out of nowhere regular Condit for garlic Fries believe it or not. The band's popularity at five it just sometimes are too soggy bullet is dumping garlic out of their own little ones man I still say they smell better than they teach they do measure. Curly Fries up next followed by shoe string Kringle cuts. Cheese Fries and then steak Fries I can't believe critical because even actually cheese Fries that level. I don't know as an option critical goes even beyond that list it turns out when you start putting stuff on your prize people don't like it because outside the top ten there are chili cheese Fries. Fueled a college Friday as. A cottage she I don't think about a thicker. Cut potato chip. So the all right Erica and I sometimes have little ridges and a little wave monitors regular you know ruffles and not been bigger. So they can have that look so does the tabletop and qualify as a friend friend it does as far as India concerned a number three broken man tater tots are. I mean we know other urban Tay don't product what's or mashed potatoes potato chips but I always thought tailored top produced the only thing and so they glorified launch hash brown so sweet potato Fries or wedges chili cheese Fries and Condit tries all are the least liked out of the the ratings of president. Please describe to us they can still build I don't think I'll say this I still think. And I don't think they get enough credit. That the French fry because five guys is known for their Amber's. Yeah that is their hope yeah do they serve a lot of them well but I think is I'm telling you that they're French Fries are probably in my mind the most spectacular prizes jubilant governor provisions they don't fresh and they don't skimp on how many they didn't and it's something in the way they Fryman that oil you're close to the thrasher fry on the on the five guys. Fry I think that the five guys Frye specifically I'm not doing that oil could they always show up on the list of likeness from. And late both fat stuff we're. Let's have some life. I think it's something to do with their oil but Fries are a lot like pizza if you get a deep dish pizza from Pizza Hut or whatever spectacular unit than pizza somewhere else is that it all depends elect Friday at McDonald's doesn't get Good Friday to agree he's a great prize jewel you'll get five guys like these are great prize you get in and on yet these Fries are okay more horrible no no Bono and out your tried a son that. The not OK the back into the independent where you are two losers think there's checkers and rally's and they just have to treat season fry. Yeah number phenomenal I just give it the critical cut frighten me that's item item as a kid don't like it that's what it is critical cut Fries is I'm getting hot lunch it. At school after theory this was dumped out of aback I know the all dumped out of the bag but understand that. I don't know I hate those that they are terrible often tries lawful Belgian tater tots regular cut garlic curly shoestring critical guts geez. And steak Fries not in the top ten sweet potato Fries wedges chili cheese Fries. And cottage Fries through reduced. Rove made front yard 999. LA it is our random question question you're listening to the men's or radio networks safe is your it's a mess true. President rove is back if you have a question for the manager Jim is an email to the men's room mad men's or live dot com estimates are gonna break before the shot of the day in the meantime is RN a question on Randolph I don't need to welcome to the children. I don't know I thought wow. It's. Cars are brand and there are you got within a few. We'll encore is committees who have. Why can't fire Keith. What got on fire. In my life you know what I don't know what works track. And your work truck look at that they've did you pay for it. The insert this what was the LY did it first in the points. Well actually. Long enough to make it short. I was dating this girl with slightly nuts and she just a look feel and that's it your guess and that at 2 o'clock in the morning. She was stealing gas from your charge she was siphoning gas out of your did she ask you first. No no support and more analyses that are. So. Records are court and mourn. That's good your good dating. You're dead asleep in her slight and you damn you for your ass hot so basically she and her plan exists I'll go over and have sex with a and when he goes to sleep I'm gonna go out and suck on this on those instead and I a and just is that well I drop. All the other source knows second gone up a minute later the actress and her 2 o'clock you're she's beaten out. Color guard college but you know what's going on to their starters are siren outside. And what Einstein did the stuck in the cast of my work trucks intuit Siri can't get used to matched CO IG's. Yeah ice Ohno who are you kidding me. So art. So I think it's not so if that's okay so so what did you what else can do bid AMP me. Yes there right now let me ask you question. The guy's guy till man comes in my house the next day OK I've beat the pretty good in the insurance world and showing up immediately a no win situation yes they do when they're normally like look at this might be totaled go here whatever original Gekko in those are good about giving you would check that one at his eye and there's very few instances in this world where you pay for something and you actually get it back in insurance on auto when you have a problem seems to be one of the ones that comes through. No call him normal unless your girlfriend is sucking the gas out of your car with a whole look I'm not I am asking what covers isn't Farmers Insurance wanna go like we know as we've seen this rabbit jump on the stove turnover on our armor and turned us down to its own and we need that Lindsay not commercially yet going to be in a commercial power that's sucking more propriety. And I got some power. I what I did they say okay and write that down like and they said hey you know starts as he looked into lit imagine I mean can you explain the supermodels and let blood but my girlfriend or mother bring somewhat. Was so I got to my truck and then genius because Maine than they got invited though woman over negative into the lady and an end to do stupidity test right place you've got to entertain questions and if she gets like four of them found them wrong and they know determined that that yes that this is not a competent person to. To do anything so you know we'll we'll take care. Well actually that was the railroad worker a great sport to the railroad. And I got the double whammy to the got lit up that it Pallet trucks to go to work you know and lower but they still insert the teacher showed up you know. And and aside the can orient time and when I tried real. Guard post course that didn't work. And the first Internet vehicle. Well it is darn Jose gas and it from her siphoning out. Yeah there are still open to certain weird going on there now about your bloating gas on the fire and ice. Yeah quick circuit to what you ended up losing your job because you are a number truck to get to work. Of the craziest woman was sucking gas out of it's there are drugs in the news the match to check below. Her mouth how long did it take you to get another job and in a lot of times we knew what we're double as well you know why did you leave your last job. It lit are really I didn't get Ellen that I got to ask okay. Yeah machine at the time person they get they could nudge you and say hey baby do you have five bucks ten bucks in your in your wallet for gas for me. Where are your order that's not here but even if coordinating I'd still going your wallet knowing that I'm gonna pay you back and see you get a I know where your money is I'll borrow five dollars and you we just had sex I need to get home wherever she was gonna go go by drugs or whatever like. I need to get it whatever Javier I imagine by drug that she sounds the same here. You earn. We are currently. Boiler nurse and I heard what was your first and you know world thing and Tammy boats are first with. I don't get it. To Debbie I. I can see Denzel and a replica used to come on Mozy William widgets stations instinct was that that was your daddy's lap dance that night was at the last and hung out with the dumpster. Oh yeah are intact. I had just come back in the Middle East and got my just back in our associates fluid food and I just got my child actor railroads and it wasn't. Our Oakmont didn't do it this happened what was. Carrier being in the Middle Eastern oblivion would Debbie. There are got ahead well did I did did he steal anything else do you believe because this is Doug Flutie band don't steal one thing and get caught the first time generous deals on the so what are we are not very good from. Oh I don't know what she's six my rifles to the current sheriff and never got those Bennett should you after the chicken cannot I hear from. And she really cheaper yeah. And current efforts as to simulate a getaway married Debbie Mandel man. Pat Day and she's stupid. Brad a question question 844. 9990. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.