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Thursday, September 20th


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We launch into an 83 minute run block right after the rise guys morning show you didn't you carry too well let's over an hour and I'm so proud Konami 3.3 the month. Polarized guys' soccer. The good guys. Okay. No. I'm Lauren and he. It's okay. Mumbai. So we're back and eight. It's. More now it is true free time and time didn't do good morning to you listening. It is. Thursday may twelfth Tony sixteen. That's right as your your correct that is then what's real humid outside right now is man I get the admiral Fargo that are accretive. Today isolated thunderstorms had 86 clear and 64 right now angrier. Thank god do you is Cindy that tech's last night about the road and Georgia. Well I didn't check the same I'll care but I think you for doing that very well. Was it. 385. What was that honestly once he said you might wanna take home right exit tomorrow morning and said this last night there'll. And you need click on the link to solve this said Dino. So this morning when assault home run is going now I need to take this exit may get all Saturday you could just in planet trick on the. Now thing was another guard closed up one under false 85 wounded in war. You know sir may reiterate to people well they probably have wrapped it up my six were very worried or some people last night. You're coming out. Plugged into an hour you've got to burn 885 southbound. It also would prefer. They are sitting here 35 drove from mountain road to go across the bridge in turn left back on the trees I'm going the other way in the dog would affirm that way. Seems fun yeah. SO. I appreciate that the world if it was real there was there was a real injury that link. Right how. It is. Okay what were to start. They're ready did you may find new movement than nothing bad going on them. I don't hear right were you good news if you are worried tense Monday Lehman skewed. It was today tungsten and don't get it Islam must see TV cause more Thursday so it is would you say life. Who's in sixth in the third surgery because you're thirsty. There you just come out of working woman so I don't like Wednesday but the but you can't be if you wanted to create heat and the the voice. Hold on. What would Monday does have a day news. Nobody ever notice in the eye when you're saying this sort of reverend minister. My service industries is real sending its old self immigrant you. Italy since. Oh and it must have a. Pay down a hole in say this I was singing about whole the whole break for later mess like. Tell us is really important to some people they would just be like okay why need to get a whole segment of the radio talk about it and that is a part of born. We. We have a pretty big. Meet you today at 2 o'clock our domain we must do today and how we got to get gold jammed. It brutalized. Then my personal trainer Tom scanned the whom we hear stuff there even after that you know. It seems that the the the whole thing about speaking of things into existence may just be real. Because today at 2 o'clock we have a meeting. That kid. I think make us all very happy and make it it's some of our listeners are very happy. And should be good stretch even gene sit. How orange anxious. There is a big mating ground revelation jinx it. I know but I felt like gay you know if if this was something like in my personal life not that I would I would share when you pins were very close. And I would share would everywhere in the room since friends and influence me. And that's why will bill win the we're getting all the offices can keep it and I'd spill they're firing everybody and giving us each five offices and you you know with Dell's long one for each hour that we're here. And six to seven now move from upstairs downstairs 78. Sales hit eight to nine and receptionist. And then nine to ten I'm an engineer and a ball like a match and a minimum Burma and I am appear I'm down there boom boom boom elevator back up top boom boom boom down the back steps out the door back the most for a and we Wear multiple hats right. No I. Well my negative TV Asia and all. Day. Remind me in a TV show. Local TV show but that's where S house starts then you know and that's the way of against. How stern store channel librarian who's in New York suit was how well. Nausea as New York but this great evil and this forum. You know most of us were born and I'm glad to still be here in employed and hanging out on the radio every morning we should be over regret it out down so. We've been saying it and I'm really it's been just lack of personal goals from made this year I was like man week. The city not to put ourselves government you know if if he did a TV show with another morning show. Because there's certainly some out there in the whole country that are good. It like TV. What do. We don't look like everybody else and now that sounds really weird and odd way to say a bit like all these other guys all dressed like each other like. I saw a Vienna today I was on a radio website now solid foods from Charlotte or on there you know the dudes. In Charlotte who's dudes. And you know they were. Now says Jeff there wearing jeans like Jay asked how bond no offense as it okay. But they were wearing you know like. 10 moments when a departure. You know where it was kind of like that's. These are tough piece Lee of sheriff Dan man I want lower bugler. I don't want editing category of senator Ted and and the way we just I don't know. Which is different and it would translate to TV so I have this today you watch compare her problem there are well. Knoll sultan does bill. Voted and approved spin all so. It's going to be an exercise show as. Out that's MEI HBO been in this email and local to me to do closely working on an argument. That's what about the health show where I would guess grandfather just grandfather was gonna have helped show their you know there's one particular disease that is. Causing problems for a lot of southerners and this one comes on at 8 o'clock and it's called. Right hosted by Paul O'Neill a no war World War II famous movie. If history is true maybe that with our senate change asked that tragic Alfred. Memories are there is twelve year old in the wars in any terms or anything is possible and so anyway. You know say a prayer send positive polyps are fees if you I don't like this in more instigated a local TV shows then have to get to voodoo dolls out then. And hopefully hopefully works are getting notes all notes on note rate again. North phone if you don't like musician wanna see you Tunisia and take pictures McFarland is Alia now we encourage that next. One of the things is a lot of work well also went into one of the things is we're gonna Paul's light word that you hit calls on the BBR. In you take a picture of it and then you know and turn until Maine in the first time every to take picture of the TV Internet domain. Only purpose. Like I'm I'm. All those terrible however a TV on in here and there interview in Carney you know because affair her. Amex gravesite he brushes his teeth with the Aron. Let's at all that I get out immediately all Kamal good. Oh my god. Love my man I didn't smile and the and two events it is targeted TV shows you comment today instead of just telling you what's going on you would join us in the conversation and say it turns him mystery science theater three girls down. And then you know one of the big things is oblique show version of the of the take there newscast this on the station. I don't know if they're gonna agree to that I think it would be awesome thank you face saying you know what. And everything has to be a whole lot. You know stern improper and then you know talk enlarges you know it it wouldn't make a bleak show at the weather or the sports or whatever while I think. It would this tie and I tell you what. Our listeners are hard core. The chairman when I was a kid I had a station I mean I don't know if you did that I had a TV station ran as a kid not only did but like I identified with one particular station vs the other toward the local storage media editor. Yeah so I think this seminal happened but anyway not gonna talk to us I don't want a toll jinx him but I. For those few that have been loyal to us for all these years I wanted to kind of bring you in two were were act is this just came down. Not too long ago and I'm side. It's really exciting the other way not to give it away are my favorite TV station when I was a kid who's the only place you can go of Arnold pollen going. Mine was the one that'd be only when they had their own softball team and they would give the results on the softball team and their own sports brought an error that they play the others were laws Casper a chance I don't know that I care Kolb who the wafers played. Thanks that it delivers. Yes that's got do want may have from the fifties. And Terry let it. Please Jerry Lee Lewis and said there is the whispers and Saturday be Jerry Lee Lewis and they'll. On the offense faced Clinton and do it hopefully in 24 hours since I don't know if it'll it'll you know the the decision everything will come down my past hopefully here a either in 24 hours or 48 are sending to or whatever. We can start off the show when they announced soon and this is is the show when it comes on and all that. This wanna bring in on the we got smacked down tickets WW east mag down hurting your rumor this morning from Jimmy Jack exactly that. Would be just the stuff I would love it if that RB also man does and wants fallen thing though girls and right now for your tea afterwards that I did and own sport for any anybody but just as he told me what happened when we do little. It may have been yet. And moved. And over where the Nostradamus is a rest and we are we don't know when things are okay and now. We've got a brand new FaceBook lesson today. But that's been several weeks. So we'll get into. Are acting prowess so we have to we were getting ready to be become television stars as well there were lesbians were says millions her. Verbal murder. Of legislation rom loyalist walk his same Illinois wants more. Com. So will we get that going on today we as a sits smack downs against the chance to one of thousand dollars coming up a little after 7 o'clock to. And hey chick there we get further than 9 o'clock OPP Simon okay Aaron give Brad DeLong last month or Iraqi. Did we get a as a kid that's got need some advice today and get. And I'm gonna say this is get the due date. Mean and animals. Yes there's a great piece is get she's not baiting animals. Now Dario just for Marion more hello are you dating where it's man man panther. Now you know who might help or hurt my eyes are many congratulations. Now it's it's and it involves dating an animal so. It's something that. That I think everybody will bill and have an opinion owner identifier will lose some Latin. So would that said thousand bugs Debbie Debbie smack down ticket's face that bus end. And a whole lot of years you can Texas 7341. Nest Carolina may promote tax on Carolina and vapor mail text line. 7341. You can call us come on the show any time remember you didn't have to we get opened the city. Who don't have an open phones today is some form we're trying to get that entirely as amended right after sports will be some open phones. About any topic. 180774. Double 093 Twitter Nancy Graham at the rise cats FaceBook dot com slash tries guy you can snap us. You can. Drop by and blood born into and Waldman years flipping off wanted to know how much time we have. I am will have what have some fun today page anything news wise what is the latest on friends I need to now on T still dead we had a serious leg. I'm buried it. What do they do morning and it is good more or do you more or less everybody together right after this. Hey thanks for downloading the podcast we definitely appreciate it and don't forget your Jews all over social media and the show never is. You also never ends this truth FaceBook dot com slash rise guys' Twitter at the rise guys it's a Graham arise guys you can find over individual social media handles there as well. Give us allies to share reached we've doubled staff. Get a sub spread the word and find this always always on line. Open your text podcast PO DC AE ST 7341. That's probably how you got this right now almost showed back to the shows. There are ranked and mornings yeah. He uses the rise guys morning show. I thought maybe 93 play great the planet in Iraq. Right guys headlines with the age. Entered beatle who. Right guys headlines live to negative but come at a state armory what happens if you'd give your alliance the wrong flowers on Mother's Day. This man made the mistake of doing that very thing you found that as a rhetorical question and answer. There's not wrong flowers it's as she appreciates the gesture in your kindness. That should happen is and it was and I Mayer's company. I'm not in this case. 842 year old woman named Virginia Stewart lives in Florida and apparently her husband gave the wrong kind of flowers and candy. On Mother's Day and according to the place reporter we're not sure what kind of flowers and candy he gamer. Or what specifically shore and if there's a wrong Ky and our you know just a crappy tying her sense and that if you give that so mom and she's NN just. Two furious and beats you did that. What what flowers would you give a woman unless they were not black roses despite what page are there any flowers that would just absolutely. Make you want had smacked Chris upside the head now there's one lesson learned I would love lakers'. Well I'm sure pretty make the taboo matches are beautiful taboo roses and they're like deep brand. Black and a gorgeous. But in this case you know we don't know what it is it may be heating give her. Really nice phrases or is she thinks that their Fran. The grocery store she might get a lot that and those are nice I like dance. My shooting and he is divine a new woman whoever this. Hypothetical person is or is this a real story is that real story on this woman went on a Rampage she threw a bunch cuffs around the room and started punching her husband and the veins and and then she had a little hanger. Anger we don't know if they are wire hangers on not that heavy hang with the big boot. And eventually the cops have been arrested her for domestic battery all over flowers and candy on Mother's Day broccoflower Ferrari don't do that again and they shouldn't. It should note. If I am what is this. Leave Virginia alone. Rose to. And it clicked today that taste in music and along. Yes the other day you're listening and a sound then owns that chat mates saying then meet loves to. There was and other mood guitar gently used in May have a religion of violence that was running. Many low favorable Dominica. And you have right. Many in any point nine in your brain Karl Rove tournament maybe one that it will form maybe one day. Well eight North Dakota woman says she was kicked out of that Garth Brooks concert that. Before the shares started for use in the men's room. And this happen and that of Fargo dome. And Samantha Samantha berg says that her husband ticker again CNN Garth Brooks show for Mother's Day I think guests. And if there's thousands of fans waiting to see Yemen right before the show was to start she went to the bathroom. And the woman's blindness. And a hundred people on right now so according to her close in the valley news lives she says. It was and same mainline and there is no wait for the men's room so I just went in to the men. That's where she went from. And so McCain is that is this because them all this North Carolina bathroom transgender talker way. Well it didn't specifically say that that was the case but. When she got out of the bathrooms. That's when Fargo police officer was awaiting frank turner has been to come out and she says she was sober. And wasn't bridge the officer but she was still escorted out of the venue. Well I don't think I'll say to that is if it had been a man and the women's turn them. He would have been like. Crap what them. Fell apart I mean people would like lost there mines so it fits that way they monarch the other way. Still remains a gross had to repeat you know would they rather heard just. Passed her parents had a problem Williams. Go over it when that and beer cup in the corner what do you do when all also came found my. Context and no worries anybody be offended by this is what you'll see a little miss. That's the only reason anybody's lives are about this in the whole world joint news and urology page. It didn't specify I seriously doubt that any moment indeed in most cowgirl colonel DMZ says Ramesh yeah I've seen women brag about being able to use those who have as a writer Bernard all that's a talent that I don't bring burn repair and you've been road or should I went out and her whole hall. Well according to the Fargo jet farther down in general manager. Usually that the people get a warning right and beds. I don't just sit there anymore morning we'll sciences. And if they are seeing these in the men's room unless they incident escalated. Page Ares management and public and I probably have like you're not on women's room. Yeah our call really opened and it has been almost did yeah they got no green in the men's or with kids yeah. Babylon oh yeah Jeff yeah I asked him and I happens if you asked again it's not like you've got a problem. Looking man thing. Each and you had these humility. I think especially if it's a a restroom where there's only one like you know the time re going and lock the door kind of thing done it doesn't matter now. I don't care if it says it's a men's room are true women's room if there's somebody dropping a deuce in the men's room and I got to go to. If Powell locked the door there's no chance someone coming in only. Hagee or ever accidentally. Gone to Iran restroom to let him and man at the airport accidentally go on a women's channel lockdown as daily log into one several times actually letting you actually do that you come out and you're in trouble and it was just like this. Blame myself and hopefully they and I don't then I'll say okay let's take you all this crap and they need but in the press has been an honest mistake now let's say you're locked up over. Now team. Restaurants. Like these not corny corny bit like. Theme restaurants from Aaron may be restaurants that are just trying to be volatile over creative they won't put. Men or women on the door they'll put it. You know some there's there's one that I wanna mention that I don't wanna mentioned it. Okay room. Frigid night twin peaks I forget what it says on the doors but it doesn't say men and women are everywhere first Hamas ought to had a thing for like a couple seconds tell him make sure this is Iraq one matter what is called terrorists trusting that a lot of steak houses and their restaurants of that sort you there. So if that's so does god calls crap like this then I think you need to put like the old silhouette of the woman wearing the square skirt and no neck and no feet now marching music famous chicken places Susan's in her strokes. Yeah. Purchase. Now thanks. I've never been inside one actually happening and as a drug that's right America and MSI is very very very Smart man Jerome Orangeburg all I had little. I remember I was crew. Well he imagined going on he ends takes courage Cher and thinking that your jug is worth 50000 dollars. And you find out that it was actually made by high school student in 1970. Well actually happened here a guy who purchased a great test faced and had faces all over the front advance and then we're anybody's just those neo jug. He found the net angels. And a state sale now in a barn and he paid 300 dollars for. Well it turns announced it was on the show you sound on the show and then it was worth between 30050000. Based on the styled. And then it is likely created in the late nineteenth. Or twentieth century on the East Coast. But. The personal look at it was obviously wrong with their assessment. It was actually created in 1973 or seventy form. IAEA stand by the name and Betsy soul. At Churchill high school and Eugene Oregon. And a friend happened to see a show recognize the jag and Calder. And cemented the Aspen and the evidence that she was the actual creator and she once considered and going into your career with the arts and became a horse trainer says she's. Since then the information and that she did create that nice also so why is it voted in Debian work thin. Mom now it's estimated between 3000 to 5000 knowledge based on the colony and the artistic merit of the jacket if you look at is critical attendance is faces on out planner yeah distort and. The southern mansions thing and some lunch on nine years ago decided instead of just put in this plane jugs so there he'd make ugly looking grotesque faces on them and then everybody started copying and and when those primitive stuff primitive things it's hard did. Baylor actually tale. When they were made it's really hard to based on Flag Day Israel is really give full buy stuff like that and then. And rigorously as good time and have fun they're frat stuff far end it there really all pottery is worth a lot of money now cannot play down there is big now Jan she consultants and make a lot of money to him finance. However show. It's pace perfectly. A charming star is the appraisers is go boom boom boom. Item on and hey when NATO into the museum of the local town their corn belt today we're joined us bull museum were gonna talk about so and so listen this one here's some 17100. It's worth about eight dollars. A big deal size of these things I need at least two I love a good pair of protest jugs hit us. When they're trying to play the one touchdown welcome page and as your eyes eyes and mind. That I. Jerry Rawlings. Rise guy's sports with back full. Uncommonly good towards the pins they'll know I've gotta have gotta have enormous flying a little bit stronger floating. Just my dad mother. Please lose the he was that second. Allman. Don't you want we got sultan well we got a story than it would definitely make you pay screens and probably less than U2 Madonna guy conscious. A sculptural. Probably this model who's on the motor. First all clintons are reinstated receiver do you maintain. Is back home so you Clemson fans all have until he's back on the thing brother destruction. Bonds. Not aiming Lleyton who's only been to it. In this is the whole. Drug induced. Time in Miami before the bowl game is Oklahoma this animal garnered there. Now he's back. One comes back another one leaves women NFL retirement I don't know our. For five seasons of Seahawks. Carter Lockett forced to retire because of his neck. It took a nasty hit was in the playoffs Lester it is in our rules of world for before libraries at all when it. I mean like closed obviously were so Juan Antonio Brown took out points going over how much and ended when the perfect tournament at what you do then. Yeah he's a he's done and I've season. How it's awful 0200 long term effects. As in us was going to be thinking about them. They hear how much money you make or five years site remain out. I'd look pearl was well donated exact number but I mean with seeing he may carry a good chunk of change. Are probably making all that much now. And red OK I don't care anymore don't like he did not tell me almost I don't know where now I don't care and now our party stratus name generously. We're Carter. Yes get a one year deal Lester. Allowed like. 400000666. Or 60000 the minimum. Why do reported dead. Vis a league minimum I don't know why that was even now I hear you here and nobody is a hit mammals infamous is still. Some. Warriors last night close LT blazers there in the Western Conference finals and human five games in me that urgent page is Warners and asked Palin now. They award and in doing game you forgot the last thirty years they exist to get an iron off ramp FF a. And Iran presidencies. Tonight go awesome ball yes spurs and Oklahoma City. It now. Oklahoma City to win in Arizona that could eliminate the spurs modest first I don't believe in Oakland to a problem on its cynical. Max Scherzer. Almost threw them Lima have competitive. The ferry to the point make sure loser struck out twenty batters Tony Detroit Tigers. I 190 pitches in nine innings. They want to reduced to retire the record. Last person deals cared wounded in. The Lal and that was Carrie was twenty strikeout game was the last when he strikeout game. Knowles. And unity it was a forever ago and remember everybody is like Kerry Wood Mark Pryor the cubbies are here we. This summit that in a mean Jimmy Jack decking moved back how they've got a cubs' pitching prospects. The late nineties early two thousands think they with the tigers will maroth in Bonn to limit all their. You know there and Hillary desert preserve and the hours Sam Brock is I am wrong you are maggert digital map. For our ground ball player from Matt Clementi was pretty good really get hit in the face with a ball and it was scared to play. And then I was in true justice chain Ayers and bottoms are an awful Waller. Zoos and it's driving us is to have around me I. Error. A football stadium in Texas just got approved for it to be a built start construction. It's on school football stadium in Texas just north of Dallas. And this was approved by away by the residents of the city without school bonds before. It's gonna call sixty million books. This 181000 seat stadium. Excuse me is 121000 seat 181000 seat stadium is in nearby Allen Texas which is the sync pass his Madison Square Garden. Holy mountain boy that ball in varsity blues that's real here for now our brother. Another school outside of fusing Katy Texas already has a 121000 seat stadium 62 million books. It was wears. Around here the voting broad build new schools now. Opponents of the bill are same of those school board act electorate an arms race. To suit me get the highest bid to put the then. Good to hide your lowest bid will get the most points battles we have with their kids can use that they're saying through our schools he uses a city. Wonder how much. I made pockets Tammany palms are being greased for that deal. Some older fiscal conservatives of Pickens County in one new schools left throughout the district they don't wanna pay elector. A smidgen more property taxes and then went to them as moral. I'm an wandering near schools are needed to and and burns is look at their dual new stadium while back it was or heroes like thirteen million dollars or Rory. I only take base of the booster slow probably to pay for. He walked a zillion bucks Leslie is really bad examiners sixteen million dollar high schools. This when I don't the end that the Milo center initially before it was the well. Believe it cost like 65 million dollars to build a whole arena. The says here that on the stadium they had was built in 1962 and only held 7000 people. People complaining park lost and small doll. Somalia's biggest fuels herein are Mehmet. Yeah love renderings. God man I mean how does like that's. It was like. Free didn't college football stadium not like a big one but like Furman and dormant got an eyesore in the firm owner of cell calls. General must. Lose the money off that there. I like appear on June IND and namesake event and as Megan is is school district made the money for Mac. Is this gold put it in the coffers like who makes the money from my. School football I don't know but it makes some money when you go to what big box retailer NC burnt apparel. As in money off that. Yeah born shirts pants and bill. Now obviously I thought about some the other day and I want to win in my kids' schools to had to get him out early had taken a Dell format. And they're they're big play music in the hallways now right and it's like you know it's nothing bad is your typical top forty it's probably very much sensor novice and and that's her commercial for the fair. And just like. The only two in the schools yeah yet in the hallways. Right subsite. A commercial for the fair gee I wonder. How this is happening. This gold district seven advertise and our kids that we pay for them to go to. Now. So all. I mean they'll just go and yeah. I don't know and colleges are some prices on some of stadiums around here now all you real strong asset Charleston post and courier gonna figure of ten our best high school football stadiums in South Carolina are still urging care cavaliers stadium McDormand. 101200 safe but the hill makes it 151200. Person stadium. Built in 2002 for four million dollars this isn't yet. Oh yeah then you got some the only is a real large school stadiums 101000 seat stadium in 1948 circles twenty grand and they're big program. Should pay the reservation 8000 or fifty people don't 20088 million dollar surged the most spends one Aziz the reservation against a cost more than the peach. You know as the Revere liberty stadium moment now. Is not quite I'm just parking lot cost more than their foe Boston and Sarah has. I school lacrosse players have they are pregame ritual. Team in Michigan. And the other under. Possible prosecution. Says here they allegedly killed a Guinea pig before the game is smeared his blood on their faces. Though. A school crossed and as a team bonding. It's so much which loads just first time they did Guinea pig was just Guinea pig for. Ha ha ha ha and such that's disturbing her new book I think you. I leaves or in our life of the NBA team players and investigations and well lost game two and as they get into a bullet. Dogs you fishery Guinea pig crystal ball Kuna had. It normally is like Sharon Tampa. But yeah. So what as the entertains. A mascot we didn't eggs and say it's most important list what we wanted to kill so they get really fired back I guess. It curled his view until something's not for the games moved longer for these delegates and seal warrior. Yes will. Does bus smog like in the right so mall. We go to getting very. I mean you're right to wolf for zone if you only bad ass. Yeah Joseph have far Enron officers from yesterday that the I cannot imagine the bottom this is the deadliest animal owner the Domingo that any other and smear some smaller Maria and 1000 bugs coming up he believed to live resident sports. JHU Iraq yeah. Really like just coming up again right after the rise guys morning it's. 3.3.