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Tuesday, May 15th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Just resulted are standing by caller ID 44999. A little clip profiled as CNN. There are your headlines on the way one hour from now first a quick check in a Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. All right American Airlines just released a list of its emotional support animal that will no longer be allowed on flights they determine what is emotionally acceptable cease compete. Good lord they won't let you fly with a emotional support reptiles rodents go to insects spiders and large birds. Don't I don't know I don't know birdies they'll march argue that's exactly right no more dirty people were using insect. This is financial my emotional sanity that again what is wrong with you that that's the thing you need. I'll take a double ma'am I've got comes inside this guy right. Yes all you need my little cage crash that that's never good you don't want either person sitting beside envy what in the hell is wrong with this person can't come down a flight with a with a good to have a rabbit on a plan. Short differential in the home grown man on man. Says the sounds like science fiction the researchers at UCLA recently took a memory from us mail and implanted it into another snail. Eighty memory how would you know right. It's doubtful I don't remember that's kind of hit and there's now like students is great thing. I don't want to got to thank I wanted to it has to do look at association sort of thing I does that memory that I exactly your girlfriend. Oh that's my I'm afraid not name our. Can't smell memories and no memory we need to trade memories. It's in question. You know it will be used for something awful yeah. So I don't want to get sick last night I'm taken as members and then maybe it says maybe it's a witness stand things. Put your memory unity in this brings the jurors. Yeah but some of the fun of going to court is fact that everybody's mind. I mean is that what makes you don't like competition tore through an adult lutherans would be the court in the first place. Got to prove it. Well Evan about due to remember my four little fun man yeah I don't. Enjoy his seven year old man in Florida was arrested for biting his dog to quote established dominance that I don't I want now is part he bit his dog bed pleas for help. Yea he gotta wonder because you've all heard the trigger biting the ear right. I have not heard this about Mike you know that is that is the thing that's that I've heard to fight here the dog now of course you're not gonna function that. Puncture the skin. Why my abiding by no easier because that's what they do to establish don't. I've never heard that felt. Man a man I do and the vendor maybe Ambac backwoods and no. The makers of Laffy taffy or holding a joke writing contest for an amateur comedians vote no flair gets to grant. Although that was the what was the bulls that he on the used to have like little jokes and bazooka Joseph none of them were funny very very debt. Basically like you could fight it every wanna do they thought it was funny. There was another. Popsicle company I swear that that you finished the popsicle and had they. That's good call man. Where he would need to hold possible we going to violence in us yeah you have you had the stick and it would have DV set up on the stick I'd finish your popsicle and he found the answer like get the flavor of the says and you look at. Venus yeah. A bouncy Els blew onto a highway in California with a nine year old boy inside that some scary stuff that is scary luckily he wasn't seriously hurt. Well I was an hour and a half. Did you learn nothing for Rudolph the red Flag Day why don't you you'd you do see those videos those bouncy houses gone down the old he knows it's in suburban cut out neighborhoods are called as accidents that it's scary looking video really ideal and the kids are there makes it it's seriously like. The rules Fisher Price things just pop balls to get pushed around it and pop pop out just the human hair flying manner that things turn it. Fullest up and knitting on the side is not to issue on the sides don't let genetics a man you can just do British and south of France and I mean you're just in their bouncing around and around Baghdad extended offers out on the family. They do they didn't give it to you I think we chalked up to enact you're not one of those you know party planning people who government and set that up with a backyard for party that's on them and you can buy one of those and so loving your backyard as well that's on you good no island good coming back again for a limited time this summer. Xena. Good. Laugh you'll like it reminded don't know anyone who they would put a lot of people in like in 500 or less than half a it was better and I remember that I remembered isms. The team needs right now the only things even man we're awfully young as far as our introductory alcohol that was a nosy tolerable young beverage plus. Well I don't know I don't remember is that we're being clear and I don't know a thing as it. Yes and there's a ton of late. All those kind of beverages now Venus which is the first one right now Smirnoff ice arena looks clear analytics. Church can't be too much their permanent. Yeah they're all the malt beverages. People who but does or what and how does this data might seem it was a massive tax. People who bought tickets for an all you can eat pizza festival in England we're disappointed after the missed Donna they're eating pizza and England the main oven broke. I don't go around around anyway they eyebrow an hour to get any single slice. That is all you can eat pizza fast it was all you can eat all you Kenny Noe was probably one slice at a time so my guess is that you grab your slice went to the bottom line. And waited to get the next laws like Disney with pizza which you only go on site tonight. Until they get a place there now are again and listen and go on and they can't run Milan at any level and I don't feel like you know you like look at the pizza that's in the Trace. And you can see the really good piece there's one real crafty he's got like a half step program for Arafat's and it got a big bubble and that it took all your Solomon believes is gone now ma'am slid off the side likes and then they give you that one and he just look at and they just look at unions. If they can you know in game and I Ryan you know you have me I know you ask me we're look we made eye contact plus you have Hamad I saw you have to be right there. Probably the most shocking headline that I will ever read up and all this week courtesy of our own Steve the thrill hill. Clown and murdered his ex girlfriend and forced her three children to watch as he butchered her with the help of his Joseph the protege before rooftop stand up for police in Belgium. As a runner understand that's the headline that is the entire headline it is a core our own wow they killed his girlfriend made the kids wobbly 1217. But he had an assistant and his assistant is. It's Italy Italy protege and Addison and up on the Rick stand up on the rooftop of the police is a yellow blue plate he was consistently. In the actively you lose and he was that he loses support of the clap. So the yellow alert. Was supporting the clown who also have to be a murderer and on the cubs showed. I'm not sure if it was just a clown or the clown and you'll learn from clown and the roller down the. Almost half the people say they've screwed up on their first day in a new job according to a new survey. Know some of those common allege are forgetting people's names and going to the wrong place or being too over dressed or under dressed I was that's growing up it's your first day I don't know if this thing you can put. You know do your research. You okay. And it's just singing Dave you'll be able to get Amalia news go to Cuba. I usually get your first name I get a breakfast so I don't think any details as a molecule rightly if your focus today I think if there's a time to make these. Simple mistakes that that's the day apparently you don't you don't know. Yeah you know sometimes you get like you when you go and you come up someplace you realize you're the you're really over dressed. But in rarely but yeah FDA gets to forget that's what I did I got under threat that day and it's better but it's always better to be over dressed because these people poke fun. You still get compliment when you look sharp but when you're undressed nine dismantled. I can't believe that we just awareness I guess worse. A Tony tiger romantic Colorado recently passed out drunk and is living room in his room it's true phallic symbol on his face ice now. So he's retaliating by trunks that the garage on fire. OK tomorrow I Torres is. Don't. And yeah I mean. The thing is I'm appointed to try and your fate of the number of generations by Norman who will put those I was the only reason to have sharpest. It was I mean yeah I want you to men responsible finally tells me wanna lavish art and obviously I'm afraid that's that's all right let alone in my dear brilliant about liquor we're gonna buy Shark Shootout. I nobody get his ass shave one manifest it the CS SJF that's F I appreciate disaster partially they've they've what they've they've put it. Put a big F you on each time now Larry area. A woman that brought trees to a co workers going away party and ended up losing her job herself out that a cell about a one hour from now. You might not headlines are coming up one hour from now forward bodega. True precepts. So they're relatively several and how profile this is playing as sharp ten miles that the simple game more recent review real life news story. Something happened right here. I'll play and hurt her. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotype you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make it will last you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Dan welcome to the men's room. On on I then go out this year game's place. Then you understand how does your neighborhood. Oh yeah they'll find that that he's gone he's gone out here it's just north. We go to do boy. Two out of Florida have no idea and why were you 24 year old man. Broke into a house and stole some cell phones he stole some hearings one of the other things he's told the GPS because. Manny takes off running now the thing is he did this at night whose dark outside turns out he had in case the areas we did know that area very well. And he was pretty sure I'm Megan result there are some wild hogs chasing. Parents again and start he doesn't oriented pretty sure lose tomorrow on FaceBook and Florida and Florida Senator Obama has done they do backers. New Orleans Atlanta. Dude it's go there once it's and now the Disney trip I go somewhere that's not Disney go to Florida and tend to like fifty a barbecue grouper sandwich. And never yes our our map it out on okay the food is better than the people. Look this guy he decided that he needed help in spite of having a GPS with them. He couldn't figure out how to use that they call the cops and tell him that he was lost while Gupta about the health. But they random name found out that he had outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license so they searched his backpack. And that's when they found all the other stuff he'd stolen from my house like you've arrested police spokesman saying quote in his defense it doesn't give pretty dark out there in the middle of the night. I donated but do you believe this idiot is black and white makes the or Asian. A home. Definitely not a debt limit it only Asian thing that era. That's who they want to the statement. Sneaky right then and now all of let. I'm actually gonna have to go left. This audio thanks. He's just a little ran well I I think that's a rant about how you guys an opportunity he doesn't know the neighborhood but time when he uses the house that's from the get lost. Wild hogs may or may not have been out there. He's I think he's. My my money says he's white just based on the fact that he knows about wild hogs he knows how big they are he has a scary they potentially are his may be Hans. And the other thing is he's not afraid to call the cops. So to me I always lean white on that one like of its population wise. I agree generally the only thing I would say is. If it's dark and you felt the run wild hogs OK I don't know I don't know that I'm really want to lose and I didn't think I would change it to Mexican them. See I'm gonna go black and I think he's really scared of these talks okay. Or no help you damn we need a final answer. Yeah I'm gonna go apply I don't know it's all right we're in Thailand. Have you as black white makes Eurasian acts. That was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. I. Well filed a shot somewhere in Florida 44 year old Lee Brice and all and they still bunched up and electronics while things he gets a GPS. He does get lost legacy can't figure out how the GPS works or is on helping him out of the way. He thinks the wild hogs are chasing him so he calls the cops and they find his bag full of all the stuff but he stole from the house. He is arrested yes and did and then we ask you do you believe this guy was black white to match here Asian. One of the content of miles we are black we heard mixed the believe white new and white. At data over that final and that things quiet so. How broad do club out of Sabatini. Madrid. And now. Sure let's. Countless hours in front of the talking and the presents. So Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? me. Ranked it was a massive show was huge. Those are Regis thing I think frank back and there. Yeah gaelic I think it's one of those who shows it was on the UK and then they brought over here he was the first candidate hosted in the U on the US side right save up. I you don't have the I did not know that one is from there yes yeah originally laws seems like most of the big ones are. Most of those types of programs where it's kind of what was really mean British chain. Although you want the weakest link I you're probably thinking back I act. So writes this the British version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. Now one we need to get a guy hosts think Jeremy Clarkson. Used to beyond top skier over there right massive shortly massive show he's got a massive as they would say TV percent and many he's. He's a little. He's a little arrogant or cocky if you will so this is a perfect example where he thinks he knows the answer and he is wrong I'm all. Slightly. Yeah finalized. You know it's annoying little look at the screen. Must reconcile. Yeah did. CNN an African boy no long why did. Oh million. No scooter who. Shoulder. We don't always see like let's bullying along the middle like this and make you at least enough about the whole song not memory or speed and how genuinely cost Jesus didn't have an assistant dog you ask me about the putting. Although Allan I'm the mom sather sneakers on our financial unit. She Malone you know Roy Roy so melodic but you didn't sleep you do go home with a thousand pounds. A few thousand let's let's just talk here is a wild gun found in the Alps and Pyrenees. And I thought it was it did everything that lived in Africa. Well I am very sorry to you and Mexico are familiar with Bailey an optional full BS. Now ladies and gentlemen I'm holes wrapped. I am I knew throws a podshock the dude like all right he didn't know either but you do know. And now he's leaving it all barely enough out of you know gonna get peanuts because he's those words I stood a good thing about it is always sitting with a painted us as well that's amazing being. He just keeps talking about it. But let the poor guy off the sell oil and Africa. The video is pretty fun it's of them and your FaceBook page for a check that out for me yeah I it I don't know why he stretches that out for so long the end. I did being confident this is just fuel economy and have to look I know would it is information about it. Yeah I will say I in his defense I clearly thought I'd actually be related to a dear and out of it I would do but you know. But I want ultimate you know yeah and I'm not saying I would have that confidence. Yeah how we look at this dream of doing for Charlotte to discriminate and there is room. Even if he said something like you know man. That's a great answer I'm almost a 100% sure you're right but we gotta love you take a look like business that now that the luck and Illinois I'd seen them well. Yeah you saw the morning go to work if it picked eclectic it's fifty. Right fifteen an account that with. The deep south. All right. Wrestling. Here's the deal wrestling obviously is predetermined. I won't say it's fake I don't (%expletive) people. Right but there's the story lines and everything right when you watch still need to be equally which is World Wrestling Entertainment. And obviously things are preterm in their real athletes they're doing physical things but still it's frigid turn into preterm and you know those who don't you know that they know who's gonna win or lose. So everything to me with wrestling world you got to take a little bit with a grain of salt join up positive. John Sina is obviously one of the more successful wrestlers in a bunch of stuff he's seen in the movies you see him on TR TV movies that he's everywhere. So. John Sina and Mickey bella of the bella twins very attractive. But he wears those to get Mary they're gonna film inferred total team is which I think Terry didn't even just the total dollar series. And then there's a lot going on right so one of the big deals is that CNET and Nikki bellow that they split up. They're supposed to get married. You should also know that late when she moved in with John CNET he made her sign a one SAS 73 page document to him. If you've seen any of the total TV shows or whatever and see their interactions like dramatic sense. I breaking up was not really shocking to me but also it's wrestling. That are positive on salt but anyhow first Lewis and John Xena he recently was on The Today Show and south and Amanda let's girl back it's been and. Kremlin reflective which is amazing but it's very difficult I had my heart broken out of nowhere. Or for me it was out of nowhere but. I still love Nicole are still would love to marry Nicole until we're about to have a family with Nicole. I am in my house a moment. Is surrounded by cars emotionally strong memories and every day from six to nine. I get out of the host and talk to strangers as it. Do we love living your life you have to keep doing I don't want anybody else other lows in the cold and I'm really trying to support her and hardware. Or whatever it is that she wore that made this fall apart in the first but it's. But. I don't have any other hopes other than maybe one day that we can work it out uh oh boy right now got a bad brother and oh boy. You say that on The Today Show I also think it's kind of interest you guys started with a comic error we say completely out of the blue well as out of the blue to me for making sure they. All right so there's thousands of these gone I'll I'll reiterate she made her sunny 73 peat agreement to move into the that was they wanna get married yet just go and and also lately they die easily benefits one night a week or whatever. Everybody has the dress up brightly real fancy to have dinner in the home. And then the gentleman. That guys go to a separate room to drink alcohol and like have a cigar the women are supposed to go to another room to go do. There are rude and went and stuff. Oh my so much and racist correct dinner parties. Really weird man. Yeah I love kind of weird there's a point your life where you know your approach to and so on says that you don't you wanna. Maybe go while veco a now. No road no I don't know another verse know ally during a with a guy and I mean as. Escalate I will go in hang out with him independently if you like the situation at the end of tonight's great. Right you guys go this way. Will go this way we don't have to like eat together first that's not what I mean I've got dinner and this we know we're tipping interaction with the bills and all that crap like too many awkward situations. Why don't we just meet up several logo golf that you guys beyond that seal later. Since Vasily I spoke to open stuff you'll give us our time. So that's John C news' view water right cure sent out Niki Taylor Nicole if he's calling her she's going to an event she has not seen missions are red carpet at the guy from picture. And ask her about the comments that this is her reaction yeah. I'm seats us. Plan. And gas that's crazy. I didn't see the colts beat in all of that tech is seven existed bad. It says I have hope and I think it's this I amended. Point in my eyes I thank the kind of Bosnian I wanna I need to work on me and I just one shot and I bet so live you know happily ever after whether it's together is separated and I just Solana is. To go like down the road might have regrets unlike. You know I did this for you or you did this Indiana and the daisy my about it so I wanna say the mindset and I want to fully meet them and so. That's Armenia has its. I want to fully measles are up an island once twice or three times like Ireland now so that's out. I mean my I don't think anybody I want to stay out of the anybody gets married don't know total auto would move as a parent addresses on the losing in seven years but that's what everyone at the wedding is doing just so you know I know it's a terrible they really are threatened. I want these environs sir here's my final question. Does anybody believe it could be some of their friends are like oh man he's really desperate thirty back together but it's not a publicity stunt it's like. I I don't know I think it couldn't wrestle it could also be a start in the food bedroom right now nobody is he sounds all Robben fit within its way boy he's gonna Israel went on Robin I think we're really bad album just gives desperate it's just pathetic it's like look. It's okay it hurt man. You need to keep some of it and now here's problem now you have Robin that credit he's got a new girlfriend does it and she's absolutely gorgeous and they just had a child together but that album. Is still there right no matter what well and right now it's still there is yet. Theme with brother picked to like and I think I don't know Johnson is personally both probably thinking it's fairly obvious that he had that. Don't when he thought with the extra mile with maybe he was in the wrong there when he wasn't wrong but it's still like I. I don't regulate sometimes some of that out porn is like all right we get it cheap lawn with Marvin gay. Can I heard it this. Yet but I need read the dude made a whole album about it. The Kremlin just hurts I just I mean does sodium merry. Who always enjoyed it is now. What you say I don't know what's in the best I put money on that right now because she's pissed by that Humana. We'll just a lot of stuff but I Visalia you can hear her voice that she sounds just like well. I that I got to figure out what a look at what it's a beginning of a break up whatever knows this couple they're told him I just wanna have some sex with some different people make sure that I'm Imus meant. Some kind of an interest in being here lethal weapon in the TV show every got renewed for a third season. But the guy who went to the stars of the show or tell us that he's gonna Medina they got fired. We do get fired up they only of his contract they picked up the shows all the just flat out fired possess them they care. Her. He does not amenities and persevere around campus that that was not the initial you'll want to stay in the main characters from something that's more palpable movie. I've ruled Somalia and the character and her new show but not you. Yeah I mean you ought to be slowing me cared so. They changed the terror targeting a different actor to play the same character. All right so Charlene Scott who maybe best known as stiff short right for America he's gonna be our mayor. But he's gonna be he's playing a new character the same maybe it's gonna be the brother of Martin Riggs whose Crawford character want to. Don't making his Broadway if you're gonna come home with a new character like this is just my belief like mad just make a clean break right so. Whatever reason you're going to writes that the other characters gone. It's fine this guy doesn't need these Brothers ages you have to know he just wasn't gonna no matter sound levels a time where Kayla and her parents go to bed far this thing you're doing a TV show called lethal weapon that was a movie that they had a bunch of them like. You could just swap and the new deal. I think he could tell me anymore are but still is probably Owens can carry out a new Spiderman or knew this or news that smells and they need to do regress did they do your and you're getting me it doesn't kill the French. Listen this is how worked okay that's about our lack about that. My first experience with the nerve kingdom as far as I goes on the original Batman movie came out Michael Keaton they saw the great thing I can't believe that Michael Keaton playing Batman. Understandably it seemed like a natural waste of time so those two movies I keep my nobody thought Michael Keaton should play them. It was madman to moves and whoever was next with us Val Kilmer maybe. Then our rules Vincent a bitch because bath Maine clearly as Michael Keaton and it's not anybody leave Adam west was different thing. So they Christian Bale is gonna blame me up data movies and I can't believe David Kirsch dreaded George Clooney he's just Arizona guy for everyone you forgot George Carlin known most happy about. Tikrit Tibet and general says Griffin bell should not play bad today and they have this enormously successful franchise. And then it goes to Ben Affleck intervals like while Christian bales a real bad man. You can have when they cast Robert Downey junior's Simon why would you Robert Downey junior Diana I can't believe you do. Just the idea that someone else might play an arm and a long will know. It now and I'm a junior but so listen. You're going to be upset no matter who they cast in any positions voters say I like Brothers and they would Daniel correct everything they did white an avenue blades and box. There's only one real James. My Doctor Who people get pissed off about that they probably did as well I don't I don't know I don't know that you don't want your daughter who friend Jack good call. Yeah I mean wreck but it. For the soul who she's got a topic others get a talents as document get a loan. And TV shows back in the day used to do this right isn't famous dirty which he which to whatever they brought in the different. Let me Mary Mary Taylor attorney Dennis two different there. Yeah I mean let's let's say a majority ripping off a movie that you made it to the TV like are there now the original Kerrigan that they feel that the the show's good enough in this there was much pain in the ass and could still be successful I'm sure it doesn't matter who should just put the show on that you give the same name and it's like Jack creature right. Jack re not secretary Jack Ryan. What and again until Jack Ryan move was a Jack Ryan Harrison Ford play them Ben Affleck and athletic and they've done and Alec Baldwin yeah how Paulus was in the first. Yeah I think Jack reaches always Tom Cruise anything that's right the thinnest of like a domestic tankers you can't you know could replace him. Pretty fair you can't name a movie the Tom Cruise and we're someone else would have done his role better now. Because I don't know it's funny you make fun of him tonight he's not there at rag like if he played the role would you like a movie and happen. If he bled to rolls and rolls his through Bentley. I will make fun mom why do you know who would you cast. A loser and him and he made a loaded and no Wales it doesn't either. That's come out to what he does but right this is only Stallone it's just a thing right you know one out and yeah. I didn't think it's hard to go back and recast the right is that we're turning into the back the Batman people. Easily one. He is and and it's different. While surely thank you for that yeah I do fallows as a thank you notes of let's listen in them. Thank you one Mayweather. For being our yearly reminder that influence either grows. Thank you. Giving someone an apple as a gift for saying your teacher I respect and appreciate or your horse. We're. Right up. Thank you urinal cakes. You're really stretching the definition of cake. True times for letting me sleep an entire loaf of bread in the my salad. Okay. Another event which she's doesn't. Children you're showing your mom how much you love your led by your Mother's Day gift she doesn't want with their own money. Thank you canoeing. For being the most relaxing way to fall into alleged. John's a good call rank you're batting break your salad. What's it mean my cousin always joke around like tuna salad and chicken sound mean but that's very that you craziest ones out there. As far as our country and I was out at right you're anyway you eat chicken salad plate. I visited you sound might be meets variety sales salad right I mean fear and. The exam and around the Internet users are you really judge is that salad today allow good is that the other hand if our. Insurance now stretch and that Dan Abrams in Ireland got them my go to your headlines here in minutes your listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real. Very Ohio man strikes plea deal of the time that he was measuring his penis inside a school. Meanwhile a Michigan woman makes like the brownies that goes directly to her departing co workers who were. What is it dominoes is your captain and our profile and just got sucked out of the plane missed. Why is our restaurants banning children so incredibly insane and clown murders golfer and a front gets the help of yodeling broad. It's time. It's cares might call. Our job Charlie got to Michigan or a woman has been fired over the tree she brought to a co workers going away party and it's not for what to think. The woman's employer was informal forehand the woman would show up with laced brownies and had police on the scene to conference gave the desserts. She initially denied lacing the brownies and quickly amended the deed after hearing that they would be subject of forensic testing. Turns up and that the tip was good gee at least the brownies with lacks the depth sands said there was no malice what you did merely just a bad joke. Judah are right. First of all you can't be the one bringing the tray of brownies or because immediately even if you do get everybody say they're gonna they're. You know I have a note here men are innovating and you hate the woman's death is gonna come back to you lose. Around the world would take to the skies were shocking trend seems to be forming after reaching its cruising altitude a plane headed to debate from China experienced something from a horror film. The plane the pilot of the plane heard a loud crash them for the rides and the cockpit and turn to find that not only would the widow missing when his co pilot was halfway out the window himself. How Zagat Phelan. Bryce you know I mean I have. An aide Ayodele leave it. Tell me as much as they give you hell about the Siebel that he had is gone into the seat came out within right the F slowly and is he our body better of luckily the clothes wearing his seat belt kept him inside the plane and he was able to pull himself back yet now he's your manager is hanging out like right after I mean look you're strapped in you know that is like my worst nightmare that I don't die from man on my god yeah. Played minimizes it landing in the incident is being investigated cold out there to other. Can't breathe. He sees no down below yes it's freezing. Yeah and the wind is hitting you how many miles are 504 firearm I animals and our guys. Lawman in other news we got to IO forum I struck a plea deal for an end for indecent exposure the man was cut is out of it I'm like University of Iowa bathroom measuring is junk. Now all the sounds harmless albeit weird the middle report to show other bastard muses just how much he was backing complete with the card board room what he says hall wanted to say (%expletive) off. It's slowly and let them meaning measured it DA measured is proud of that. I'm going to get all of says it says that he made a read and comment regarding his size. It's a million that's tennis that's that's a great headlines that might argue that. I represented a template turner who's not last the word is back and profile lists yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we'd be although about who's managed so until tomorrow please do what you do best and more believe this thing. So there I had the.