04-19-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets The Munchies

Thursday, April 19th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. And I hello Carla search going on right now I'm lovely New Orleans on buy you 957 all so much we won five K five C south Bay's classic rock. In lovely San Jose California IA and our listeners on rock 100 buoyed by the cast. In Oklahoma City big show for you we've got a comedian Tom Green coming up as day four of we'd week rolls on. No I sure coming up and the game is big dummy 8449990. La hello Brian welcome to the men's room. Yeah well. Brian you sober now over. I'm not sure there's not so is O'Brien welcome to show our miserable Bryant. And it looked. So right. Brian. Our policy yankees. Cereal the kind of guy you're O'Brien. You know you wolf told everybody fooled corporate Pacific and I left in the Pacific a schedule is so intriguing to Austria you're really deep. A lone wolf everybody. OK I guess who do you go hundred on 3-D at all. Here is another question what is a female goat called. Action should I'd go. Phrase dress for good. You and. I'm glad you did you can get a lot earlier it's still love what Nelson's friend Richard I'm sure she's don't have. And I both know hey that's. All right what goes it's big moment I got to convince big moment now I'm under measure what does these big mama mama your mission. I. You're able. Big mama mama all of us every single person. As soon as that blood breath. Afternoon. Current events and then go even one little visit van Gogh caught off one of his ears this you know what it's weird because at all. You can let me. Because they're right handed out that in anywhere so that was my guess as to why you do ultimately could butcher here. So you're trying to wipe with your off hand. Yeah broke all RR. How I broke my left wrist and what they had a dinner within my right hand and I will say there's. Obvious though what writing sucks tie your shoes socks were Allison got wiping your ass to Jordan never convinced she did a great job he now. I don't know what I brush your teeth against given electronic to brush doesn't want it still sucks do on the pro beat Pennsylvania. Game's big dummy far far 999 a lot of those are next contestant ready to play the big game hello Jerry and welcome to the men's room. There were just going on hello Jared. We have better fire William Baghdad hello Jake welcome to the man drew. It was a great day to day period for overnight numbers. Not fluid. Heard she's. Keep bringing you guys thank you men's room poll Jake late night snack frozen pizza McEntee top marketers serial. Serial. Area Steve says beginners jumped on the guest material on the list it away man it late night he just wanted to quit he could need as much for a little you're watching campaign. And again if you get if you don't get a win for that delicious. I think you're not over we have another question from the team above question list your question do you think teachers are allowed to get home war. The homeless students. And it's. Moon. Now. Tiger tiger and on the person. OK here is your question how many single white projections. Doesn't African elephant hat at the end of its tour. It also or. How many finger like projections. As an African elephant had at the end of a stroke. I had no idea I'll say none. Well you gotta try this instead it was toast goes for the shot of Bailey or people who love. With that no human milk. James JJ. How bad it is male who had a boost your cereal yeah. Yeah very cute in the morning and then use the leftover zero mill creek golf and you know a man I don't shop and I'm not above the test and I like your line of thinking. I'd question the Delaware River flows into what bay. And you. Oh yeah. But no the Delaware. Does okay. Yeah. The mud for the baseball thing tomorrow. I don't know that we're supposed to get from Delaware River you have when you whatever that bridge you supposedly these two that getting out of the Delaware River orange looking clay and that was like what they rubbed all of also for the game. Based. Basically that's your question. Actor Jason state and he plays a character for a good start Frank Morgan and what movie franchise. In. Content corner. That's right children could very up. Game has really done a 449990. Lose our next contestant rated play the big game hello Josh welcome to the men's room. Well all right. Josh you sober not felt. I just retarded late night snack senator men's room pulled. I don't frozen pizza Mac and cheese in a box on unpopular serial. Hope also I'm going through food is on the how highly we. Hello there are many are Johnson needs money go over and take area. Snow okay good on good America go tease you like cereal component. No because I hit the army and food. Whatever. That's what I would do every night. We want July dose of special reason Allen really ethernet zero is honest man I ain't gonna made a deep if it. Shoo in ozone and other listeners who called relying I don't believe that America and I found out my truth and a bowl with cinnamon toast crunch in little run Megan how plug it lies anymore but somehow your own thing about your team about question. If wounds are made from dried plums. Words proved Jews come from. Good answer all right here is your question what kind of stalls is served on eggs Benedict. Audit. Do we saw and I asked are you brunch at times we put on asparagus and salmon is on holidays is out there and it. You are asking the wrong person Oca once you have asparagus like you put nothing you've got to let mistake Oscar daddy AM what does that. That's exactly what I'm talking about is that holidays. Corporately that I'll pick it okay well what do you say look at bats. Just an easy because all you brunch people when you asked him and it's like they're there to prevent anti white guys haven't had a daughter waited and we'll talk about their. I don't value spirits biggest victory. The government is Farouk. Instead of the crowd on our island is variously used there's a what are all the different how many different names can he can stay caps again Oscar and that's what I'm sure they are crab crab grass areas are where spinach and there's and there's spinach. And crab ugly as a state secret state David beside AJ all is well done. Seeks. I can see the game is no doubt a 44999. Dolan who is our next contest and ready to play the big data that. I. Hello. Hello and welcome to the moon moon. Hey guys who are. Obama Geithner was today up thinking bogey on Twitter rant photo words fans tune up volume unto others. I don't think so no good didn't come without quality of them for the healthy I am against the bug didn't roughly. Yup and it with a team of adrenaline footer. You. It's demons. What is good what they feel their legs though Monmouth. Hey EC men or to me slate wiped. So a damn thing. CA YC eighteenth. Samoa and. OK tell what you're saying hey salmon. I'd be the case theme. But why would you go by Billy's name that's horrible. I'm doing really well and then ask don't mind either Monmouth. Stay the models that Jesus take the bond with their what you late nights that they're frozen pizza manatees are hot pocket for cereal market. Okay boy. All right here's a question. What nation borders Boca you're lying and Venezuela. So. Okay and when you're. Venezuela and your book. I guess Brazil fast here that is correct. Okay yeah I am very close to know you are both Morgan and salty at least not. When will those in Canada hi. I would celebrities launched a perfume line entitled him back in 2007. We don't Madonna. Mariah. As effective celebration mode right here on you know man I saw O'Donnell news and available through their. I guess Obama a real mentally strong and and I asked myself. Have you ever looked to Madonna and thought she might smoking. Does the mere three I don't know in English to all drive Mariah Carey I get annoyed the gas even trophy and I Modano Mike I just villages Volek armpits and and are glad we will have a smell the way they look Charlotte area. Player who loves you visibly thing with how terrible this is what started would we use my mother were watching football matier. It's it was planned by John Madden with the man I like John Madden I think he's interest. But the problem she said listen it's not gonna do with anything he says that she ruled me out and after she says never Thomas seems he just looks like he's outspent. It's. All along I'd never thought about it than ever jealousy does medalist. He does look like someone who smiles a little discipline and I don't know that true. But it's really believe this momentum and fear Danny DeVito looks like he smokes there you don't line. Oh yeah if I'd been more vague Danica you'd like to bacon doesn't. Paid four point 999 Paula still a gun comedian Tom Green joins us as day four of wheat wheat grown you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. A bond program will be joined by comedian Tom Green time green coming up right before ordering it to those. With the shots of the day are the means and the game is big dummy 449990. Let Steve goes our next contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Matthew welcome to the men drew. Hello Matthews. Hello hello it is just hard. Have you sobered up sober. Not so good Peres met fuel for the show. OK we got me I've been through Paul. And we're doing late nights next to your choices are frozen pizza a box American cheese on top marketers cereal which when he figured. But salute only people who Tony's what kind of Lou all. Folded in half you're doing is no way around. Oh I told them all you you little hole as safely I think he's fifty mile Dele. He says Villa then I think he could be if he thought to operate your mouth and I did a good way to burn your mouth full map peace over we all doubled to eat I eat up different Fred. While nobody wanted to talk about people burn in math quicker folded up mount learn about where. Whatever yardage questioned on mount Rushmore which president is wearing a jacket. But no pants. And certain open. I go to Teddy. George watch. Yeah and then there's none. I believe so okay from extra fill in the blank here knows a dumb question but I still wanted to make sure that I. Had a lot to him again rotating Roosevelt Jackson and then can. When Israel originally. It was supposed to be the full school to have all of them but the random fundamental now to go ahead also they have a much rocket yeah I'm going to. Yeah me to your local genuine. Eddie Cooley car minutes now. They're real elation yet announced analyses got booted off that I actually had put in my eyes now on on a Russian mountains. It came down and stand now and I as the vehicle that they that's right which is really nice very roomy at a bus. Yeah. You say that that's the tribute yeah. We give you this suburban Diego if there yeah a general day you give us the mountain back we'll give you look. This large eight seat Chevrolet and thank you your. Deal. All right your question Bedford falls. The setting for what Christmas movie Bedford falls. It's got to be a Christmas story. Now who although. It's wonderful one you want in life. That is so on down below in the Christmas now at its failure to. Close though you are you know like you were Sar I don't. Two classics usually dancing agreed says. What's your favorite Christmas musing about movies Matthew. It is it is around yeah I got a events and every time out TGI out here. I. Your question the game you heard the target. That's why what two cards were included in the standard deck of playing cards and. It all so the card game you are scared and because of that game. What two cards were in the daughters Carla. Are you there another name for Spain eight. You gorge a different I've never played you growing up and my parents played or grandparent one of them at some point played you Kirk I know under the rules are what it's about. I always found out today that the Jerker were introduced to the deck because of that. Big Joker negligence in the news big dummy for 4999 alone who is our next contestant ready to play the game hello Kelly welcome to the men's room. LA go go go from Michigan. It was a crazy weather like there. I don't want to talk about it. I'm gonna have a horrible. Answer about what is really how it you know Atlanta the weekend like no it's actually a week at a fairly common almost nothing. Privileges but I feel very close with all of the road good time Kelly are you that Kelly's Sears Tower Kelly you're sober. Climatic with the thing it's not about us are nice. RE Kelley miserable here. Late night snack frozen pizza Mac and cheese top marketers serial. Hop like the other way but I would variety of my pocket. LA immediate threat so opposing your general and all right that's a new flavored you know your hot pockets. I built and how they're going to be a nickname. You can it used to be in your name. Anything coming up at a pentagon does not do the food are you Jack duke. And I'd like it so I knew I am a bold. I get hot hot Barak called the Michigan listeners does not think that yeah. Kelly's got a hot pocket I don't let that be okay. And she's hot shot is doing all right. Spicy and Morgan can centers so what was the last one of these questions from the team Bos questionnaire but why did they call it taking a dump. If you're leaving. Don't think you are about that here is your big dummy question. Which of the five senses. Is most commonly associated with memory. I'll spend. I make Galley. I don't actually go to Michigan there very big on the big brave enough parking you know do we try to get back to the guy we have home before the break I have no idea as the other similarity between guys that he still will follow as they lied sic I think all good and always welcome and I brewer the final question cruise America and hey thanks and I can't wait for the program. They're prepared really old daughter you guys clearly. Is that your player Greg I got a budget. That's an antenna. Wanted to talk to Cali Cali was hot you know she's drinking whiskey you know we all around the pocket that you've seen how I got tattoos and she's drinking whiskey in the afternoon. Think Kelly's got dead Jews are nobody's bride and that's an alert I guarantee it guarantee a Brunette or blonde. And yet I group she's blonde she's Burnett right now got cheated on amber like a red. An hour on our. Clear. Not an accommodation. All right Taylor back to qwest. In two. To number two dale Long Island strait separates Long Island from what state. New York. Connecticut they're at it through a floral. But then again. Gentlewoman from Connecticut Senator Kennedy is Kim also on on Florida and Cuba our. Yeah I just retired guys to be Connecticut's and responses I don't know there's more than one. And the nurses bullet will benefit from what you've annoy enough for a Greg ball more when you bring up the T. When I got some us since we know it's not and does not what you said oh yeah. Also are mark field who Zo is best known for what. And is made dilution. He didn't hear all that we've begun we're in the can always. Got other. Nice work there yeah I got dark it got much out. Thanks the colonized nothing overhang on the line their play and they definitely thank you guys are fighting millions absolutely no luck you do in order does not give you a regular you get to bring. Where is your biggest campus on the guy followers agree movie but honestly read that book it's phenomenal. I've now read the book they don't do sunny enough justice in the movie you always say you love sonnet that these men. Disney dummy far far 999 Alou is our next contestant ready play the game. Hello Kevin welcome to the men drew. Yeah I thought wow. Kevin you see the little guy. Hopefully you're doing there are few Brothers came from the building funny stories that I felt Lincoln's birth Soviet sort of still up bright and Dan. I hope the window one through and I bet. The window washers OK you you set out are you must over knots over. I am not so we're with you will meet. We had a miserable it's a late night snack frozen pizza man continues in the box top marketers cereal where you go on. Dario scenario material. Odd man out there go where other re. All right melanoma that kind of neither rhesus on the orient it. Are you kidding me. There aren't a guarantee bug me ask you a question from the team about what's in there. If you pinch yourself and in perks. Are you too strong or two week. You know if you pinch yourself and it hurts our U too strong or are you two week. Additional. Dancing to we put that motorcycle back. All right here is your question what animal than it did matter which answer I've been going around. And what animal is depicted on the flag of Wyoming. OK yeah those who thought they stand for only available if death benefit hadn't turned out to men have pretty heartfelt now. Based they've buffalo the teams had this year we'll save boxing quote. Also the fuel oil well a little unsettling to save lives buffalo. I'm idea maybe it is okay what if it's made a good advice about who I mean we're not in the west team. All right what sports. Is to kill a rude cold we got she's famous for. It. How long I'll. Do these. His name and predatory. You know I'd still be honest. More than three soldiers were connected to chat group young guys that are male. Democrat we actually came back and try to take it back from any like a light you don't like 150 against any bounds wall doesn't like disappear like for a long period of time I just goes away real problem he has is he Japanese when he doesn't restaurants there have been problems there no more from them. What you've got a dad but it was the rest of Japan could think that they into the shaft still like challenge him I'll see if they can make. Fill him up with more than due to put down let's not funny things that easily he enjoys or is it not go exactly itself. For him because everything goes our restaurant the checked this leg all were sent on everything you're not just one amounted David Cook I curriculum. Are your question how what how today would you fund makes river which is twenty miles long. And the longest river on Bangkok. There. Ordinary bowl on XO NY acts with the boys and little hole. I. And everything. John yeah it. Our nation's capital Washington DC has a higher population into the state of Vermont and what other state. Philadelphia. Philadelphia. The fate of Philadelphia they told do we defend why women here. But the city of Philadelphia and as more people love. Your question. And seventeen. And 75. The revolutionary war began the battles of Lexington income quarter. Both battles were and what state. Lou you. Take you really pissed the brits all. It. Very you can't. It is big dummy and paid for Ford 999 all of do we have a new contestant ready to play the game I'll ashore. Hello hello Bryce welcome to the men's room. Hello all I. He's sober now for over an overflow in the show Bryce thank you for being sober. Men's room pool or go for their late night snack frozen pizza McEntee top marketers serial. Serial definitely and what serial. I'll probably whatever you're covered in. Never it's just. Okay okay that let America down everybody does. Right here in question. More than half of all the motel in the United States are owned by people of what national center. Our. What people. India and. 13. Of old hotel in the United States or almost so many of the last name. Paternal paternal paternal. One out of every through motels you know I hear her. Vision of Mattel points. Am I am you know sergeant and it'll only get a lot of three nights and and all the grandstand at a motel yeah. Has all of you have claimed aim I don't care resist Sarah and her marry after your last name and could tell I should get your adult lines hotel pool and they get a free nights endless conference of Raj yeah right ankle. Home all the Humphrey led to blaze the engulfed in 1999 otherwise. If that's why Taliban. Are there any reason why why. Don't run too easy Molly again he's an investment and not a lot of people dying to own motel. Yeah is basically what you've done is you've chosen to own employees were nothing good ever happens at both sites out there about sex happens but it's so weird sex now it's also one of the guys they knew that change the sheets and realized I don't understand what happened if you owned motel and you knew owning a business and civil we were nothing good. Amber and Kent all right here is your question moral running races are held on what day than any other day of the year. Our. First or so much. There's going to be Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day I'm gonna say don't thank you. Like our John Kerry drops all America right always wanted to rob immunity avenue and run without real food. In addition to an aptly that'd be tough. At the bestselling song in French history and essentially Christmas. The second best so linking song of all time in France. Is what wedding slash children's song. Oh he's not Seymour and. And you believe it. And they got on the fringe I only as good question for Ted. And play defense they have AFLAC my our click the check it and that's the second I have all selling all the time song when they're never had a bad timing and manner that's you know that's true. No one's crying into a legitimate now imagine doing it with a crew are acting as he had so much better before I did yeah. Detonated now the mother sauces. You. Lose and almost all the guys we can use the FBI follow ruffle core around for almost two years back in early 2000. They did this after they got a credible threat that group. Planned to kidnap him as a cultural. Yeah. And. And oh yeah. So. I don't you out to you you're so. Hello mobile data. Yeah. There they can forget a stroke. Pro US until early two thousands and has that kind of if you make money if Lanny blockbuster means America. I want you to receive Christ your you're on question number five. I'll get I don't feel bad. You're right out it's you that's it at all are you sitting. We talk to you for seventeen question the last time you go. Good guess I wish you had lymphoma and all right. Here is your question and 1865. The civil war ended. Confederate general Robert. And Virginia. But believe it about one more battles fought. And what state loses battle fought. Baghdad. Months later. They moved almost any need to mail yeah. All they left wing of the union forces and they syntax sum up most Dyson sort of take into that. RA in a game of just what is the only piece I'm sorry what peace can only move diagonally. Are. As John Bryson AOL now and then nearly as long as it did last time thank god. Good lord of the seventeenth. Is trying to punish himself week after week. This is big dummy 844999. Nolan all right. The shocking news from Twitter here thanks Cassidy. Apparently. Cinnamon toast raisin bran has like double the sugar cinnamon toast right yeah but as rays but it's not and the Kellogg's one. Also I should not be eating raisin bran I should be eating cinnamon toast crunch just based on the most junior and Kellogg street's important brand but you know that sun and yeah they he's thrown in Childress racing throughout already the post raisin brain this was to be healthier for our. As well it is like fast but here's the deal man or you can do with out raisins. Who ended raisins and cereal in the first woman is okay so what it was like Erin I'll know there was chair at a mall airmen. Karen over the raisins and metadata sound like stop putting raisins and everything character we don't need reasons I think it's a sign in without raised its not a secret ingredient it's annoying but Derek raising the stuff that's fine and your own like right as the answer. What epilogue. On the home. Look at the live monologue of that and I've raised a Benadryl and our businesses as well why don't these stuffs pieces celery with peanut butter and includes raisins on top. Cute isn't just my family help me out here Robin you do. See really I bet I bet the flavor to him. Oh wait a minute why can't I thought at all have you ever had an answer analogue. I never even handed us a half you have this delicious it is. One idea isn't exactly in the personally I don't let them try to be all careful about what a meeting that's would you do we have because you. Little bit this week this yeah in my mind you know your mom never major when your kid known as an easy to loving. McDowell yeah I mean seriously. I don't know man horrible I still free stuff with subpoenas and think about your thing all have been reasons on tough cookies this rivalry smooth peanut iiroc. And no matter how many now hands. Saying it's needed now all right at the ban when I was trying to cut sugar whatever few months ago as I RA the reasons add though little does sweetness and trust me if you're cutting off sugar. It's like it is the amazing thing I wireless installations I don't have to consider a drill as a brazen and peanut butter and seller is delicious. It's ridiculous in my mother never made that for me but are you get to a friend's house relate mom would break that out. And and I wouldn't look at the slate enhance our local laws are you offering this yeah eats like there is no and I'll do it doubles on horseback. It out that the well you have it it's. I'm blog out of devils never have a choice between a bacon wrapped date with cheese in it you'll probably think that that's a high places. And so while talking about raisins had no place I'd bigamy is a game at 44999. Cola. More big belly coming up Ed comedian Tom Green on the program you're listening to the man's a radio network. Pitches you. John committee is John grange joins us on day number far. Wait wait and yes we will break and tells with a shot of the day in the meantime. Game is big Demi 84499911. And do they have any contested right up litigate hello Yousef welcome to the men's room. Order. I used to treat children up who were. I'd go after all what have and I'm not so there's like so. Not sober and I'm not so Rick I. What do we are they on the men's room Paul late night snack frozen pizza McEntee Tom popular serial. Oaks we're also slow Aaron. Clearly I want you know. Who. I don't know if your question from the team above question and yes you know our eyebrows considered facial hair. We'll call. Them death on your face and dare I agree and order a reserve. Though I mean they do if you really if you really matter how her faith I noted his hair and facial hair but if you don't have them the truly meant for years and if you shoot them really strange even looked surprised you good to. Air bullet and really Finland sometimes suck like I'm alive yeah. Just to get there don't want to go over those now vibrant in the new real audio of those when we make them expressed its like your dog regular meals underdogs confused like there's always the forehead to go yes. If your guys the older you get the more they just aren't getting all whacked out in the big pairs come out but it doesn't mean you can't throw him. Don't think that doesn't mean the talky with it's hard to keep up here is your quest also the subject of a tongue twister what animal is also known as the whistle page. The whistle to whistle page. And this objective or just certain. I would jacket I'll. Not a man well I rarely ever that it was a good question I've never whistled for eight. I only know and we are big guys and we are doing it would show can apostle. Although there would show tool would shocked and and gophers are kind of the same thing okay. We'll we'll spokesman that he ball all season would chancellor would chuck border belt. What is another nor is anyone in charge in the new supplemental would shut out he's a groundhog travel now isn't our conference really grown and where there's so many little Fuzzy mammals with brown hair you know I mean but there's just too many on the Cuba ground hogs who would of the things I don't right ones I'm shadows one makes later OK you know you're. And gently in his big dummy for 4999 all of to engage other contestant ready to play the game hello I'm waiting to welcome to the men's room. Celebrated celebrating a. Okay now Aubrey Hillary. Prayer you over or not over. Over and over Brady welcome to the show. Aren't really our men's room home it's so late night snack frozen pizza McEntee top popular serial. Known serial Golan Syria and Syria run away with it. Yeah how big old Baghdad in their sugar smacks. Like them banana it's. Okay that's the ticket. Occasionally you removing it never gone. Everything go wrong sliced up and manage your serial analyzer and feel special. Basil yeah you'll probably due to the right not all now know Billy is a good day from the American banana in my cereal. I tell more big gimmick Elena but you'd like to be contested 844999. Hole although still to come as we're on day for a holy week. Comedian Tom Green join us. And minutes. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.