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Wednesday, February 21st

Mens Room Question: What did your parents try to protect you from growing up, but what dumb thing did you do anyway?​


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You would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program yeah. Trying to a let's send anymore. Invited to join the current. This means some. Other than secrecy. It is done. Thrill. They say. Or radio more than. No names. And your. So I go to Arizona for 2773. Mac. Along with Steve the throw hill. To Ted's death. Laden god and my car. Yeah all right a meant oh a. Okay you're sort of move dark slash us. The word has these slang words your states uses the most and get ready to play profile this that's exactly correct. Plus headlines a better job of the day fund will lose their emails and everyone's favorite TV time until it. Really do active in the very hard to go Georgia woman who loses all the divorce said towels on fire and burns down nineteen other homes as well. Meanwhile a Detroit man with stones in his home burned it down to rid of the people smell. Every airline could pull off a plane branding menstrual cramps coolest gaming these self checkout aisle 850 year old deal liver loving grams. And who and Amanda looks a lot like meat eaten in and out burger that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All around. Read his good days that you and yours are I was serious note. Most of us are very aware of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooting last week in Florida. Killed seventeen. People mad to leave the issue of gun control what comes off while. After last week's shooting was the 23. Mass shooting in this country this year. And it went several students and high school they attended a Florida State legislative such an. We'll go holds. That the state politicians might be compelled to do some things naturally as most of us know the politicians offer nothing at least not in regards to go out. But they did decide that they would legislate. About what they call a public health threat that's right. Pornography. Though they are no Margo but we will talk about Borman who doesn't remember all those lives lost the point. Yes we've determined that form a more dangerous guns and out for politicians have chosen above their energy but. It doesn't matter what side of the gun debate Iraq we do not care I think almost couldn't breathe. Guns probably more dangerous than porn but there's this weird thing that we do with the adults. And sadly carries over to adulthood. No more balls you put together in the room. The more counter intuitive Wii because if you ask an individual person one thing. Generally they make the right decision the more bushes put around on the safety in numbers like. For whatever reason we just get stupid in you see it in everyday life. Most of was free themselves sadly when were a kid go broke loose and into our parent to parents look we tried to do the best job camp. Some parents wanna protect against violence Sunday morning that it is racism you gonna protect you from born to and from from this that what. No matter what it is we try to protect them from some things slip through the cracks and our kids just get through and I'm something else entirely happen to me. Ask me about they've removed seeing the movie aliens a back. And explained himself so today we want and based on how adults choose to be. What did your parents try to protect you from growing up but what dumb thing did you do anyway. Big Brother Joseph caught a 44999. All elected and serve on FaceBook followers on Twitter and answer my fans and those emails to the men's room have mints are my doctor out. You are listening to the men's or radio network. True it's my. Home until then however no limits on number 2773. Barack guaranteed to be a future repay you hear this on vacation sometime down around fraternal Botox last. And all indications say that today's who sucks less really is going to suck. Harold lesson. Everybody gets mad at me from the segment but listen and I got appointed the story I do think that's part of that you bring us three stories that aren't in the news or does to us to determine which of those three story subtly and I don't want to do they happened in new I do not pay these people to. Make these things have loosened and let everyone in on the secret or seven billion of us on this plan. A lot of the suck his people and people who suck really bad make the news or go to do news of people that come suck so. The stories out there considerably. Worse than three that a lot today I brought these three because to me. Those summer middle of the road knowledge and understand when I came in this morning I felt good because opponent will. People won't freak out about who socialist because these are little room and Mike hawk walks like man these horrible. Okay and Robin gets an idea is that these crises or our feel bad nobody would goes everywhere you gonna do it again who sucks less going up the learned. I have found myself personally thanks to the fine folks of buzz feed these slang word this kind of more representative to every State's most based on up all the stats people like look. Make it in your state what words seems to be used more than others pray it's typically just for that geographical area colloquial words are going to stick in one particular location. So for example I'll look I'll give you little clue here coming up and now Robin I think because Steve knows this and you don't and I would ask my cock my cock. You've probably never determine your life. But have you ever the term. And it's the most popular slang term in a specific state but the term is. Jag off. Yes I ever that. GO FF a jag off which means immediate Mora right what state you want Meyer heard of Jack golf more than any other state. Pennsylvania that is correct Pennsylvania how did you know that I. I'll tell you alive because one of my favorite comedians whose name is Billy guard Dell because he was on the show Mike and Molly and he is are any use that very same turn at all up into proud know what the hell the Jack about the Afghan terms are gonna talk about today on the were depending on what state you're from. You know a lot of these you go yeah I didn't realize I a said that if you're in the region and so it's regional but it's it's pretty interest and look at the slang words used. In each and every state coming up with the word and today we're gonna talk about growing up in your parents. And we know that in some instances of your parents really loving care about you they at least try to implement some of their personal rules. As far as their way of trying to protect you from what ever fears their are in society and it. That's how do they are as parents rights that is the difference maker here as far as what. They believed to truly be a threat do say I think parents perceived certain things are being threatened and things are actually threats sharks let her legislative form and nothing else out. Play my parents it was all about when I'm growing up anyway it was. T and you don't win of one arches of expose every team in movies and stuff like that it. And I get it and I'm not trying to dispose of my kids team named but there is gonna become a point where maybe it was one of two movies. You're going to want to do care and a fire does decide between life horror slash blogs last violence. Vs tea and ain't. I'm just goatee and actor so for me I was ten years old. And give my my parents had gone to the movies so all this movie determined to treat themselves you know. He'll be able to handle specifically because there's no boobs there's no sex not that I took emergency analyst. Com all excited while my mother took Lucio and Emery said save us. I'm junior's old and at the time this movie came out. There was just nothing like it does the level of isolation the level of carnage the fact the thing break spoiler alert breaks out of the sky stomach like. No Elisa BC so I'm ten years old Indian Mario world. Santa Claus domain around want to year. People were still good that you normally unicorn for rainbows in you take me to see this movie. And or the guy who's got the movie started to kinda creepy but not bad and our members got a McConnell liked the character. This avenue coughing fit nonwhite molecular sized I've had a golf and for. Owner feels cold to begin tender shoulder bump thanks while I can't believe if the hold down to the table this is a really bad cold. Almost broke out of his stomach and then killed everyone on the ship and at ten years old this. Senate profound impact on me because in my world. Again in my world brutal the red nosed reindeer in the peanuts African Halloween special also part of my normal. Watching routine yet. Alien is as far away from Matt asked as a gym and it doesn't matter what I want to narrow it's like look even be as stupid. Per Troy Brown his graphic detail in. 99%. Of all content dissimilar between as George should be Charlotte. So I was not okay right so. I've instead of my parents like two days later like. Were you mad at me into early momentum and why did you taken to the mood or can understand. Yeah I nightmares about how everything else I never had nightmares about a but I think this is what's worse writes I'd I'd never had a nightmare and a movie like that but. As a kid. Laying in bed in U football the lights right it's it's what you think about before it falsely marked greens were fine it's everything you thought about these and it didn't help. That after the movie. A mortgage got to figure my mother and I'm a little I'm a little rattled in a got to wrap my head around everything that I seek to Dan. Are seeing the bumble for Rudolph the red nose render the bumble has nothing on the epic alien rightly have been brutal flight. Rural quit bitching and don't you worry about that Fuzzy betrayed so but all we leave the theater and we opened the door are rumbles like maybe the recall hours left in the parking lot it's a very dark parking lot my mother my protector at the start she's free to collect. Even though she dirty seen the movie. It's still got to work. So this weighs under too like if you're kid a mutually apparently scared the new rules are rules right good lord out the person ever starter to think so. All the better caiso but data wanted to see teammates of the first time I see boobs and that's the Assam a sex scene in the movie unfortunately I was with him. Editorial would be yours come out my uncle had a VCR some of my cousins and we all gather around to watch whatever movie they get and they picked the movie howling. Which is a horrible horrible werewolf movie but at one point movie this couple has sex in a while just to make you even more uncomfortable ride so towards a Knoll. Both due due solely supported watching this seat in its weird. I'm sitting on the floor and apparently stood behind me and I just thought to myself what every you do. Do not turn your head around modem because frankly you Wallace whose people sacks aren't so they have sex. Other bolt turned into werewolves while we're having sex in this kind of awkward and weird and always remember my local tapped me on the shoulders of payment. When people do that that means it was truly. Thanks uncle John but all of that says so this is my point and it and it's a par within eight months to be jealousy mr. movie. I love scar borrow it did not matter of colossal boobs in the nose woman and a guy she's acting turn into walls. I was find bad I understood like hey if you have session werewolf maybe this is what happens and frankly. I felt better for the movie go colossal boobs failed on them probably do just scared me. To my god and sold going to say the scary thing in my world have been the bubbles are from African rely parents make wrong mr. and I know I'm doing it now and I feel bad a lot because. The things are trying to protect my kids for a lot of assistant news. In other young and up from like you don't need to know still believe people would go right but. How much is it dot shall boobs first. Adored him carnage right so do what I'm a bad boy that's an elevator goes zero dilemma because as they get older the thing is I think it all those different movies I wanna see my son who's 512 dead pool who. He was three and a half we came out really really really really wants you dead ball he thinks that pulls cool so I demanded movie. And arms got to close at deny care about the new violence in that the very violent movie reminded of whatever you can figure that. It's a cease sucker is like every fifth word. I'll cut dynamite you know what this is stupid but the decision I've made you can't see the movie in even that too violent episode. And it's not I'm worried about what you might say at school right in it's not F bombs it's not it's not the student here and you say around my house on a stub my toe on me mrs. This is the lowdown dirty I really don't like you stuff but adults I think. My parents what they want chart of movies. So I know what because violence every procurement and tolerate us now for you aren't rules are just that's it. It is what it says on that it says on that's like in music was the same way the Caribbean kid wanting to get just get a kiss teachers even. And my parents would not let me get accused teacher is an evil really Rambo there satanic Carroll is typical Christian right process of thinking as far as what was. What they were protecting me from. But the same time you know like what you believe you're so I at. I've never I've never in my life thoughts at one moment that that affected me any wheel my kids could not watch Narita movie. Listen to whatever music they want to go to any shows that they want to I have some. Stipulations on shows depending on the artist and what I believe I guru who would you not. Our daughter was good amigos is no problem you know late but Arnold's gonna Chris Brown might look I'm not paying for a ticket for somebody who beat women but I'm you can by the Tatum and you wanna go I'm just something important like look I'm not gonna help you get the tickets and I mean hell I. Housing and about that I went to a concert last year got to as a gift is take it to go to C Jackson Browne and one of the dilemmas I. Jackson morality Jack's number of course you don't wanna see Jackson he's so wife beater and everyone about the tech but I and that's why I well I know I understand that I'm saying what the right new veteran guy I don't want to Fred Dyson well gonna pay for. And tomorrow and give some modicum of money to build up my camera and I want to understand. You but see in it but here's the argument right and that may be that that's just mine all the moral come I would not spend money on that either but it's one of those weird. They knew through become hypocrite because so oklahomans from money and bill got absolutely not. We give our reasons. And I am canceling my phone like how do you figure iphones made I don't wanna go to on the I don't wanna go animal talking about because you know I wouldn't pay for bad either if you knew I was getting and everything else rates will never stolen anything you know every single thing but but right so why word do we and that's why I'm here where every girl because it's your kids they call you wanna try it we all got out on the man dreads so we don't call it took a winter full of crap political until Broncos were guilty as you read to kids are the ones into the we have. If I can't go see huge increase brand unity iPhone and this kid drive the wheels so no do you say that. What are your cold child labor but you don't like to emphasize that it may be right. And Nate and a beer but I guess what I paid for that a paperless tickets right I'm not paying him on the phone right exactly I by the about that phone too by the way for almost self. Funny and super crew but I was on my kids watch or to movies exposing whatever music that helmet on rose fourteen there was some movie on and I wasn't really paying attention. And she turned her sister goes to cheat just go to him now I know my house like Jesus Christ and in had. Yeah I mean they're I'm I'm I'm happy that there. Socially aware and knowledgeable about things as well another adults you know then they're fine and they made great grades honor students are they also sell like. The parenting was a boost off as far as that being important I mean I wasn't really I didn't help a lot of kind of dumb but either way they're pretty broad. Do you also don't know they already know you told industry's years ago so they're considerably younger what are the movie was in jail hours around the stories of man. To me my daughter and what what are the mood right and it was not particularly explicit but. There's an implication of one Siebert. And you just see your start squatting in front of the sky and the toxicity yep. And he said her daughter turnaround when she was you don't have time I think she got to get mumbling job news like oh Jesus crappy well I doubt technical I think become aware of before that but yeah you're right. But she beat that together man and how was your first chandelier that's that's in there who. But you know all parents try to protect from something but there's really something that's going to be more. They're missing that they're way off the mark you don't know what ever you think that's not. What the biggest problem is whether it's the bond tree or not. You know my parents are they were doing a good job keeping me away from music that they didn't think was appropriate. Or television or movies they they dropped me off that. Midget football from the time that those third grade I played football contact was from the sample and I'll have to twelfth grade yet Torre get hit in the head. In for four months out of the year. Your third grader a great. You know we you lived off having if you play football you don't talk about marks on your helmet from smack to somebody in the head as hard as you can't. And from the time I was in third grade the time a 1012 great release for months the year out of my life I smacked heads with other people as horrid as I possibly could. What is the real danger my child. Is it kids is that armored saint is it armories where it isn't afraid scan for focus Null there's a definitely not croquet just you know. Is it why ANC and Annika and peace but yet you get the idea is not that it's hey you're dropping me off every day the real the real the biggest danger in my life right is this sport conflict. And I mean in in hindsight you know that now all the time no one knew that then he's they're not making a bad decision. They're they're not mean like I think you good piece it all together of gradually. There's more information now but I if you owner I'm believing the evening warden at any point in the course of human history. Thought the people smashing their heads together it was enough some Betemit right look eggs I love the sports are not talking down about it but like. Moments like smoking you know people filed lawsuits and lasting years like. He didn't hit me was he did it well first of all to company makes money so we're not going to tell them but. How did you not. Know that I Don not know that can't. I tell you what as far as. As far as any that this is concerned. In my lifetime I've told my kids this is a look you're gonna smoke weed you're gonna drink I know which are gonna do a have been just promised and promised me. Share don't see yeah bring me some really sticky icky. From college but also don't smoke a cigarette but also please you know I can tell you this as hard as it is for me and I'm an addict to figure out what's going on with myself. I could go a day without a cup of coffee I can go multiple days without drinking or smoking weed them Tony twenty times a day can I reach for sicker. Twenty times and that's why it's art. I can I got out wanna be out for Beers in the afternoon two or three Beers that I'm on my way home that's not a big deal. Be a big deal by district to return here. Most people that's that's not a big deal would you go home and then you know that's what I'm putting cigarettes assorted twenty times a day tour. And I mean you know your reward yourself with one you wake up and crap little Banja finish your dinner and you have wanted to finish that. Good cleaning up the kid Qian and do all the dishes and straightening everything out to step outside and have one of where is Saddam a smoke a bowl and watch TV or whatever you do in Manhattan woman and Avalon and or you know many. Any and to mean that that is. That is the danger that is the danger obviously getting in the car was someone who's drinking all kinds of other data that's our address to get right but as far as say I'm is gonna have a casual cigarette at a party. Please don't do that. We'll certainly don't you think about it a while thinking that we could say I was a kid from experience like I I had such a hard time but it's only thing but I if they go off Tom Edwards are long term conservative. You know the other stuff they know they still might do out of luck really cute image you're right of pastor to be an idiot god wants to go duke but. But you know not to get to guard don't even drinking and driving because that might be the interview. That night you know Ole not played Russian roulette for Christ's sake begin to understand. This is an immediate counseling smoking looks like you're not gonna smoke a cigarette dropped it yet but Antonio long after I'm dead and gone I'm still gonna levees don't. Yeah it got a thank god there's. Just even for grown up men and that Hoover app on your kid's phone. And just just just in case thing you arrive home from somewhere at some point in time did you too drunk yet and sure well not a caller who happens that you don't feel like third party some and it's a fan. I don't want people driving drunk like you call me I will figured out we put the over Apple iPhone anyways if you can use it I think that's. I that's one of the drew the saving grace is I think of of anybody of any age getting a situation where they should not care I've imperial the flip side of that too and you're just saying in your right. The flip side it's just too easy. We have to be so freaking crafty and we have to walk a rap song and look at some progress but that was done like the price we always had all ya harm. That's that that lead you pay it off your karma bit just in your effort to get home. When remover it's like Nana that's too easy man don't like you just got to get it doesn't matter every match we've walk for miles just go to McDonald's. Today we uber you need to suffer let. I need to suffer little. What tell your parents try to protect you from going up but what dumb thing did you do anyway a four part 999 all your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Age is you. Our last down on the with a shot of the day our question what did you parents try to prevent you from growing up but what dumb thing did you do anyway 844999. Cola. Hello the saying welcome to the men's room and only topped all in Iraq. I would go right to retain our user. I'm not only that. So naturally a little. Drug and alcohol you know what did you parents trying to protect you from are the Jews did anyway. We're both. Well I mean I was I don't pay up until they let up and I think that was I was fourteen under par and felt. It didn't allow another few years employed Eric you know download and the drinking and drawn little help married you're marriage. By the time I graduated I was the only one locking you cannot cap and gown that was not intoxicated. Well. It went downhill pretty quick. How long did it affect you nabbed the brick and lumber we understand apparent re going to be gonna make different decisions but. You know boy that you started very currency for graduation how long was drinking problem and your life and. Until I guess over in 2012. Wow man how old are you now. 36 aren't so from eighteen to thirty basically you. The blues with your buddies of screen were you able to keep a job where you able to be a functioning alcoholic or did you do nothing. Now I would that was a functioning alcoholic and unite and work in you know maintenance department in retail and things like patents. I don't know it was clear that that was the kind of person that you know hangover was bad enough he is get out the new. Drinking not being challenged a lot of people don't go to that claimed that Michael goes away goes the way in Food Network so they have my liver that was my little guy and everything else ready by the end of its own. How is that why you is that why you sobered up I was a bad decision made herself to the doctors say man physically this is something you need to do. Oh now nobody can tell me anything I mean I got my body would recover and repaired held an allergy. I was very ignorant to deadly consequences up until. 2012 and I knew there was an. Anything that I know of either poor executions there you know merely an early grave silk. Many children to be on the other side mile tell the story and you know how Vatican get certain people that archer. And are you and her relationship now Europeans or anything like that. And looking out look at intent what would you what do you think you would try to warn your kids about that if you have to. Probably the same thing you know just jamming as far as alienate when he knew he and your mommy get a divorce in your eyes are on you want on an alcohol and drug fueled Bender for twelve years like I'd. Right right right immunity anything can happen anyway he can do leader baton dom avenue not street Helen out but it. Our agreement and look my parents tried the best they could and I did it you know at some level like but. All right the DNA without a doubt that's going to pass the your life and then the little things they did nose like look. At ten years old. Maldonado I don't drugs but I found my father of penthouse like outlook that's ship is already sailed. Don't worry about DNA man I am comments I enjoy it and I respected. Now and one of the nice things about the you keep that to yourself. And you don't walk around my guess sometimes embarrassment to different looks like you deny the two master made until 120 fire African you're absolutely it'll go to DNA is safe you might not like it. But it is it is the safest thing we have an update on the. All that on Jackson Browne John Amy just as an email that says a written apology has been at the beginning of a program. That I guess maybe fox wanna put on. The previous version of the program we incorrectly reported an alleged incident involving singer Jackson Browne an actress Daryl Hannah. Mr. Brown's always denied such incident occurred local authorities reported to the media based on investigation the instant. Previously. Reporting our program did not occur we had deleted immaterial for the program we apologize to mr. brown for its inclusion. So now's a rumor that I heard apparently that is not true so now I don't feel about. Nearly as bad an unborn Jesse Jackson Browne. And he's just throw. It looked as though the medal of these did that they caused the white B it's not worse but I need to I'm. I'm rats ate so well lag damper on all that I just basically not just not worth spending money on because he's neck and he announced that it not a personality is guilty about it picture should what's now he's apparently well you should you still split money. Does look maybe even given that we for tomorrow but you were there to hear his music and map point. You should feel bad that you spent money to hear what he does aren't that don't don't linger in my all the book. Think I am this one's knowledge of parents try to protect you from growing double a dumb thing did you do anyway 844999. Cola hello Scott welcome to the men's room. All top. You try to at least two. By blocking unit closet for the rest of your life WW. Almost nobody there nobody got like a Campbell Soup Canada string working on an action. I don't know. They're. Oh. Well besides like never a salesman was many gazelle iced eskimos you overspent but I will say this man looked and I don't know talk about Detroit. But I do know Baltimore where to drive in my ball would schooling. They did the right thing to try to keep your whole oversight in Canada are about this you know look whenever what evil my parents of some satellite we are so sorry. But you have your nose or not get there are relieved that yes. It was not the case he PP it's not in this seeming you'll get a team and double our ideas that is now would I be. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.