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Nine aka Jimmy aka Electric Jimmy has been here for a long time. He first started at the Planet when he was 17 and he's been here ever since. It remains the only job he's ever had in his life.

Nine grew up in Poe Mill, one block from Mattman's childhood home. On the mean streets of Poe Mill, they called him 2XL Pac because he chose to eat his way through the struggles of a bad neighborhood rather than fight.

Nine never even attempted to go to college, so at least he didn't drop out. He was sent to a private Christian school as a kid, then home schooled after elementary school. He claims to have taught himself. Haters doubt him, but anybody who ever met his mom believes him.

By the time he was 16, Nine weighed 432lbs and was basically fat as blank.

He's lost over 200lbs since he had back surgery a couple years ago and he is still losing weight because he got into all this natural hippie stuff and healthy food and home made soap.

Nine lives with his fiancée, the woman he ultimately credits with saving his life, and two dogs somewhere far, far away from Poe Mill. Well, Piedmont. Lateral move?

Nine loves German Shepherd dogs, Jason movies and cartoons as much as any man in his 30s ever should.

And, rasslin. To be on this show, you best like rasslin. Nine grew up going to Greenville Memorial Auditorium to watch rasslin and some people even think he could beat Jeff Lewis Neal in rasslin trivia.

Nine trashes movies weekly before anybody has seen them with Nine's Don't Go See This Movie Review, which he claims is an attempt to help people save their hard-earned money.

He also searches the Internet for funny stuff, which you can hear in Nine's Best Damn Audio.

He's a multiple time Rise Guys Karaoke Champion and multiple time Rise Guys Idol winner even though he's an average singer at best.

In 2009, Nine starred in an independent movie called Neato Mosquito and he has his own IMDB page! Woohoo!

He's also been featured on Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge, Wife Swap, and MTV's Pranked, and he's on every funny picture website because he dressed as Peter Griffin one Halloween like 12 years ago.

Besides opening comedy shows for Tommy Chong and Impractical Jokers, they've also previously hosted the Carolina Panthers pregame show, and they've proven they can do interviews better than even Larry King*

He's a Marconi Award nominee along with the rest of the show, and he even ran for Mayor of Greenville back in 2006 or so.

He has a Mason jar tattooed on the inside of one arm and a last place ribbon on the other. He also has 2 different Kurt Vonnegut-inspired tattoos because he likes books and crap. Loser.

He's sarcastic, sometimes dry, he's quick in his mind but not on his feet, and a few more people love him than hate him.

Nine doesn't believe in much of anything. He isn't living the Salt Life or the Lake Life, he says he's just living his life his way without TV and other people's bumper stickers telling him what to do.

Nine lays awake at night and sometimes makes small donations to Go Fund Me's and Kickstarters, so at least he tries to make up for himself.

Despite his prickly exterior and all the sarcasm and thinking every movie and all music sucks, Nine really likes to help people, especially those affected by suicide in their families, even moreso the young people affected by losing their parents because he's been in those shoes.

Snapchat: ninefromtrg

*because they don't need a fart fan.

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