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FatBoy is the Producer of The Rise Guys Morning Show. Both born,1983, and raised in Easley S.C., Fat Boy is living proof that some of your dreams can still come true if you quit high school and get your G.E.D. because let's face it, there ain't a whole lot he sticks with for longer than five minutes anyway; well, except for his wife... and this job somehow. 

He's in his mid 30's, married, and has been known to say, quite a few times we might add, that he's counting on his thirteen year old son to be a famous athlete so he can quit work and retire early; so if you hear Fatty yelling at his kid during a basketball game just know that there is a method to the madness, HIS LAZINESS.

FatBoy has won ZERO industry awards, and feel free to put that in your magazine if you'd like, AND.. we don't see any in his future. He is responsible for all things audio on the show, except for Nine's Best Damn, as well as booking guests, and in his words.."running the BLANK out of the TRG office, with the biggest desk, and nicest telephone".

FatBoy has never been recognized for his Sports reporting abilities, though he does the sports segment on the show, but clings to the fact that one of his twitter followers is the great Aaron Rodgers himself, though they've only messaged briefly and have never met. Fatty is notorious for being seen around town in various fast food establishments and despite some reports he usually doesn't mind posing for pictures and talking with P1's... just make sure there's a bag of food in his hand first.

Though FatBoy claims that he WILL lose 100 pounds, he's still technically morbidly obese as of the time of this writing. Contact him today at fatboy@933theplanetrocks.com.


"I'm tellin ya, I gotta lose a hundred pounds.. I have to.. hurts to sit down at this point"

"I know you guys say it's full of yankees but Connecticut and Massachusetts are really nice states"

"I didn't go to Boston JUST to see U2.. I wanted to go to Wahlburgers too"

"Why are the few awards WE WON hanging up in the lobby and not our office?"

Fat Boy loves all the P1's and has been known to give studio tours once or twice before.

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