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FatBoy is the Producer of The Rise Guys Morning Show. Born in 1983 and raised in Easley S.C., FatBoy is living proof that some of your dreams can still come true if you quit high school and get your G.E.D.  

He's in his mid-thirties, married, and has ZERO industry awards, and we don't see any in his future. He is responsible for most audio on the show, the podcast, as well as running the board. If somebody slips up and says something REALLY bad, then FB has to make sure he pays attention so he can catch it and dump it, usually he does. FB also does the sports segment on the show though he has absolutely zero professional or collegiate sports experience but that seems to be all he watches on tv, besides the news, so he’s the “sports guy” on the show.

This is the fun part.. if FatBoy has directly aggravated you, angered you, or you just flat out wanna tell him off then you can do it at this address fatboy@933theplanetrocks.com. He loves feedback.


"I know you guys say it's full of yankees but Connecticut and Massachusetts are really nice states"

"Why are the few awards WE WON hanging up in the lobby and not our office?"

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