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Well, I was born under the moon of economic prosperity…it was called “The 80’s”; back when greed was good and Metallica was king.  I won’t take full responsibility for the downfall of modern civilization, but I have made a few small, yet notable contributions.  I grew up on classic rock like AC/DC, Boston, and Ram Jam, and like a Viking warrior discovering iron ore in a mystical cave and smelting it into a shining sword that shoots lightning bolts and thunder claps my musical tastes evolved into bands like Pantera, Black Sabbath, and Slayer at the wee age of 12.  I also drink mead for breakfast.  What can I say?  I rock.

So that covers the 90’s.  Now I’m into anything exceedingly manly, like 4-wheeling in Jeeps and collecting reptiles as pets (I have three snakes: a Dumeril’s boa named Siren and two ball pythons named Kaiser and Faust, and a bearded dragon named Oden).  In the summer find me mountain biking and in winter find me with a snowboard strapped to my feet.

Nights with Diesel is about poking fun at life. I do this through sarcastic commentary and ridiculous phone topics. I’m passionate about working out and being fit. I spend my recreational time building and babying my Jeep as well as playing classic video games. My other addiction is college football. Off seasons are terrible. I’ve been invited 4 times to speak to students graduating from Appalachian State University, The University of Georgia, and The University of Tennessee who are interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting.

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