Linkin Park

Register To Win A Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition Digital Download


93.3 The Planet is teaming up with Linkin Park for a special celebration of their debut album Hybrid Theory's 20th anniversary! In honor of one of the bestselling albums of all-time, and the single biggest seller from the year 2000, all weekend, October 17 and 18, hear select tracks from Hybrid Theory, as well as music from the group's six other earthshaking records, PLUS register below for your chance to win a digital copy of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition which includes:

  1. Hybrid Theory -12 tracks
  2. Reanimation - 20 tracks
  3. Hybrid Theory EP – 6 tracks
  4. B-Side Rarities – 12 tracks
  5. LPU Rarities – 18 Tracks previously released to Linkin Park Underground Members only
  6. Forgotten Demos – 12 previously unreleased tracks